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  1. Yes, there were rumors years before their cancellations that they were under orders to dismantle the shows so that no one was watching and no one cared anymore so there would be no backlash. P & G wanted CBS to be the bad guys so they wittled the shows down until they made no money, or at least an alternative would make more, and CBS said goodbye. As for Lisa, I always thought her happy ending should have been her just being happy with her businesses, her family and her friends. I would love to have had some guy pursue her and she would be "I'm in it for the friendship and sex, but I have had my fill or romance..thanks!" I think Lisa (and Fulton) was at her best when she was on her own being a buttinsky out of her big heart, when she had the McColl kids and all the other young people she took under her wing. She was the anti-Kim, and earth mother in sparkly clothes who wasnt above lying and subterfuge to get a positive outcome for hers. I HATED when Fulton played the dewy eyed romantic and threw back her had swooing..UGH. She was always best bitching at someone or taking care of someone. I thought way back during the Dobsons time that they had brought back Don as Ellen's love interest, back when David came back with amnesia. They brought in a boring non entity doctor for Ellen and it went no where. It would have been fun to see a widowed Don come back with Mary's son and Lisa and Ellen, who were both engaged to him, form a triangle, but the Dobson's HATED the Hughes so there was no way they were going there.
  2. With that could we tell the difference between dead and alive? Bob taking Luke sputtering head off of Noah's chest..."Son, Noah is dead, he is gone, he lives no more!" Luke "NOOOOO, Noah cant be DEAD..I am going to have SUCH a hissy on this its going to take up SO much screen time of me sputtering and tossing my head around" Chris" Yes Luke, Noah is DEAD, he breathes no more, or has any facial, he breathes no more."" Lily, "Oh my God, my poor baby, I just heard Noah is DEAD..dead..dead..dead..not asleep mind you but dead." Kim to Luke..."Kiddo, Noah is DEAD! Listen Bub, you need to get out there and get some more action, as Noah has been DEAD for 10 minutes which is a LONG time in Oakdale...Noah is DEAD!"
  3. Chappell would have made a great Amanda. I loved Poser and her Amanda (Thought Cullen was as dull as dishwater. ) but she should have been cast as Vicky Spaulding instead. That list did not include one name...Wheeler herself was considered.
  4. Regarding Chelsea and Johnny Fake Bauer....Good God..where was Ray Rooney when you needed her!!! What was up with Weber...why was he doing a bit part and why was he acting like it was a bad skit?? That promo ....Raines acting...what...the....hell....and again, I love Marj..but it was not fair to her to have to try and match Bev. They should have written Alex off and brought in Marj as an ex "show girl"(soaps love them) who married H.B. (I would have killed him off before this...) and through him got a TON of Spaulding stock and was a perpetual thorn in the side of EVERYONE particularly Alan and Reva.
  5. Great pic!!! While they don't have the ATWT vets aging genes...Grant/RN looked great, and PS always looks the same age, 30 or 60, and Hammer looks the same also. MOL looks good with the grey (they should have let him go like that instead of that black ink they put in his hair) and JVD just always looks like a nice guy. I don' t know who the baldies are but most likely behind the scenes? LOL..I hated the Santos but I never minded the Danny actor...despite his..petite frame he never came off as super silly when he acted tough...(I always thought Underwear Model Tony was more ridiculous...) its just too bad they made Danny and Carmen cartoon mobsters..they would have been so good as foils to the law and order suburban Bauers..and if I did write a gay storyline for Danny it would not involve any character played by Brad Cole....UGGGH!
  6. LOL..the frame that comes up on that shows Danny as the Big Spoon and Richie as the Little Spoon. Now THAT would have been a more realistic storyline!
  7. LOL....What da hell???? No one took a look at this and at any point, said..this is really stupid!!! I do love that the tint on this is orange, to match SC's skin tone! Agree, Mike gets much, much, hotter as the years go by, though no less gay, (though in more quiet, sexier way.)
  8. I thought Beth and Matt were hot but the Mattessa FREAKS had a fit (of course, E & B never knew how to write a traingle unless there was a bad person so Beth had to be a bitch to Van, I never liked Van and Matt together and thought she would have quickly gotten bored by his tight, uh body and wanted to move on with someone who challenged her more. It would be much better if Van cooled her feelings for Matt, he was drawn to Beth, and she him..but they fought there feelings as Van also felt quilty that her feelings for Matt have changed...and everyone in SF thought of them as the golden couple..etc. Kyle coulda/shoulda taken over as the Big Bad once Alan was retired....Alan dies (or actually goes to prison again..) and Phillip takes over. Kyle aborbs Lewis..and targets Kyle, the Spauldings and Josh/Reva are all dukeing it out.. Instead of the fairy prince crap I would have had Kyle unhappily married to social climbing Olivia...who sets her sights on Phillip, while Kyle falls in love with Cassie, and Reva battles her jealousy AND we find out Marah is really Kyle's kid AND Reva knew several years ago the truth but decided to bury it. I remember Zimmer, who got her back up when they brought Cassie on..saying they were turning her into Bert Bauer as she had a line like "Now Cassie...really tsk, tsk." While Zimmer and Newman had their huge egos...and TPTB fed into them...they also had a point. Soaps "used" to be about the generations and Grandpa Hughes, Nancy Hughes, Bert, etc were not front burner but vital parts of the show, and all the changed. As soon as characters were back burnerd they were in danger of being cut, especially people seen as old and boring. Look at Maureen. So I don' t blame them as much as that is how the "industry" worked.
  9. I don't know, Matt and Reva had a real quick scene in the Bauer Kitchen during a BBQ..she was drying off her tank top after a water balloon contest...(lol) and Matt walks in with a innuendo and it was kind of natural and sexy for a brief moment. I never understood why they didn't bring Kyle back to go after Reva and also take over for Alan who had run his course right after the Annie thing. I think the problem was really with the actors who, if they werent in a front burning storyline for two minutes would BOTH bitch to the soap press. Its too bad too as RN had great dad chemistry with the younger actors,,(my fave imaginary storyline would be that Shayne was a flaming no apologies man chaser and like ATWT, it was Josh that accepted it but not Reva until she became the most obnoxious PFLAG mom on earth.) Not that much for a soap character... she was went from being a nurse aid to a photographer during her first run..then she worked in the Diner when she was with Buzzard, she was on the Lewis board and then she was a talk show not that much really.
  10. If they wanted to get rid of Steve, and believe me, Runyon's ego did him in...they should have just had Steve sacrifice his life to save Betsy. After a mourning period she could move on, or yes, write them off together. I HATED the Rod storyline, I really can't believe Marland was so tone deaf as to make a rapist a "hero" and have him go under the name..."Rod." Freaky [!@#$%^&*] all around and was really the time that Marland himself was wearing out as a writer and became more morbidly self indulgent...(Oakdale just got more depressing the more he stayed on.) I agree also that Marland, who everyone raves about his respect for history...sacrificed Betsy and Kim's relationship for Frannie and Kim....when you coulda had both.
  11. I think at that time viewers, like myself, were just happy to see an "old" face after JFP decimated the show, with killing Mo, moving the focus on the Coopers, and with Buzz eating the show alive. Unfortunately McLabby screwed us all over by paring with Reva with Buzz...( I think Logan called it "Two dogs trying to chew the same bone.") and having Reva actually beg that little troll for sex!..I would take the clone anyday over that. Reva could have made a great addition to GL if she had stayed part of the ensemble...(I actually think McTavish did better with that then any other writer) and if they could have just put Jeva to rest once and for all....) I would have had them kind of like Bob and Lisa, always in each others lives, maybe occassionally hitting the sack in between others. I actually think Reva and Matt would have been kind of hot...(and send both the Jeva nuts and the Mattessa nuts in a head spin..)
  12. They look great, even O'leary looks kind of normal there. Regrading Sniveling Lily..there are just some characters you hate, and there are some characters you love to hate, and there are some characters that you still have a sentimental attachment too through that hate. Lily was one of those especially when they let people dis her finally, (I actually liked it when Rose didn't like her.) When they recast her it was just pure boredom hate. No one could be as annoying as MB as Lily. I don't understand the diss on MH's looks. Sure he is not soap opera..he looks like a normal cute guy who could keep you warm all through the winter. I was working out at the gym and they had GH on one of the TV"S and I just thought..."There is no one who looks "Real" on that show anymore...and all the middle aged there are no old people anymore...they all had horrible plastic surgery...that guy with the big nostrils...looked almost as terrifying as poor Jackie Zeman! Regrading Lemay and Marland...Marland gave an interview about his time working on AW and the execs proposed a murder mystery. Lemay in his queeny snobby outrage got up and said..."WE don't do murder mysteries...." and walked off to the elevator making his staff follow. Marland said he wanted to run back and say..."I DO murder mysteries...I DO!"
  13. I heard that also, but what I meant was..why did TPTB keep him around??? He was "old," not particularly attractive (disclaimer I thought his Tom Hughes was hot..) and his character was annoying as hell, and he was a big pout (he told a story about the director telling him to "tone it down," and he just really read the lines after that...) PS was "My" Ed but he was so cold...Hulswit was the Ed when I was a kid and "my Moms" Ed and he was much closer to Charita Bauer interpretation of Bert...warm, a bit chubby, normal, a calmness where you would see why people would look up to them but a back bone when it was needed. He also looked more like he could have been O'leary's dad...(at his best O'leary had the same thing that Charita and Hulwist brought to their roles, but he insisted on his "comedy" and his mugging, when Rick should have taken over from Bert as being the go to Bauer.) Van Fleet always came off as too weak. Also, he came on during a HUGE change (when I think the show hit bottom...until Peapack came..) with Charitas's death, the decimation of the Bauers..(Hillary killed off, Mike written off..) the obscuration of the Reardons, the rise of the Lewis as the 'core" family and Reva ate the show alive. He might have worked at another time but GL just became a totally different show overnight and it did not work at all. It was just typical Rauch and E & B bullshitting that they were going to focus on the core with all the complaints. They were boasting they were going to show flashbacks of him and Bert which would impact the story but never did. They actually had a good story built in there with him...Ed was the doctor for Jesses' Mom and his dad blamed Ed for killing her (hence getting Mo's heart to Jesse...) It was a good "GL" story with the dad coming between Chele and Jesse and the economic disparity. But it wasnt "cartoony" enough for them so they got bored. I always wanted Nola to get involved with Jesse's dad as she buttinskied her way into trying to help Chele, and have her caught in between Ed (in a sisterly way) and the dad too, and if they gave Jess a bad girl social climbing sister to go after Bill Lewis, so there would be Jesse/Chele/Bill/Bad Girl thing going. With the adults having problems, the kids having problems, and it all tied together, with Aunt Meta drinking a bourbon and handing out sassy advice, it would have been good. The most frustrating part of Rauch and E & B tenure was the "What coulda.shoulda been" they demonstrated they had some good ideas and could actually write some interesting stuff. And then it would go back to being a shallow cartoon.
  14. I hated her by the end but by that time she was so tied to Buzz that I was ready to get rid of her. I did think she was funny when she was mixing it up with the rest of SF....(Frank of all characters had one of my favorite lines..."Nadine's idea of a family meal was letting us stay up late to watch Johnny Carson and eat Fried Chicken out of the bucket!") I think they didn't know what to do with her with Nola on the scene..but the two of them would be wacky Lucy and Ethel fun or competing with each other for a man (in a comedic triangle...) I don't like the violent way she was killed..that was deserved for Buzzard..(God I would have loved to have Brent say. ..."Have some diner food he threw his body in a dumpster.) Speaking of which I know Deas was a FOJ but how in God's name did he hang on all those years after she was gone? Pics of MADD in a Chinese brothel? Through McLaiby to Rauchie on down to Peapack, he clung on and was given material.
  15. I didnt think about Long and Lucinda! While Lucinda was polar opposite of Bev/Alex( one was quiet, but could cut you to pieces with a stare..the other was flamboyant and could cut you to pieces with her zingers) they both were powerful, conflicted women who were not the cartoon soap opera rich bitch they turned MarjAlex into.