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  1. They look great, even O'leary looks kind of normal there. Regrading Sniveling Lily..there are just some characters you hate, and there are some characters you love to hate, and there are some characters that you still have a sentimental attachment too through that hate. Lily was one of those especially when they let people dis her finally, (I actually liked it when Rose didn't like her.) When they recast her it was just pure boredom hate. No one could be as annoying as MB as Lily. I don't understand the diss on MH's looks. Sure he is not soap opera..he looks like a normal cute guy who could keep you warm all through the winter. I was working out at the gym and they had GH on one of the TV"S and I just thought..."There is no one who looks "Real" on that show anymore...and all the middle aged there are no old people anymore...they all had horrible plastic surgery...that guy with the big nostrils...looked almost as terrifying as poor Jackie Zeman! Regrading Lemay and Marland...Marland gave an interview about his time working on AW and the execs proposed a murder mystery. Lemay in his queeny snobby outrage got up and said..."WE don't do murder mysteries...." and walked off to the elevator making his staff follow. Marland said he wanted to run back and say..."I DO murder mysteries...I DO!"
  2. I heard that also, but what I meant was..why did TPTB keep him around??? He was "old," not particularly attractive (disclaimer I thought his Tom Hughes was hot..) and his character was annoying as hell, and he was a big pout (he told a story about the director telling him to "tone it down," and he just really read the lines after that...) PS was "My" Ed but he was so cold...Hulswit was the Ed when I was a kid and "my Moms" Ed and he was much closer to Charita Bauer interpretation of Bert...warm, a bit chubby, normal, a calmness where you would see why people would look up to them but a back bone when it was needed. He also looked more like he could have been O'leary's dad...(at his best O'leary had the same thing that Charita and Hulwist brought to their roles, but he insisted on his "comedy" and his mugging, when Rick should have taken over from Bert as being the go to Bauer.) Van Fleet always came off as too weak. Also, he came on during a HUGE change (when I think the show hit bottom...until Peapack came..) with Charitas's death, the decimation of the Bauers..(Hillary killed off, Mike written off..) the obscuration of the Reardons, the rise of the Lewis as the 'core" family and Reva ate the show alive. He might have worked at another time but GL just became a totally different show overnight and it did not work at all. It was just typical Rauch and E & B bullshitting that they were going to focus on the core with all the complaints. They were boasting they were going to show flashbacks of him and Bert which would impact the story but never did. They actually had a good story built in there with him...Ed was the doctor for Jesses' Mom and his dad blamed Ed for killing her (hence getting Mo's heart to Jesse...) It was a good "GL" story with the dad coming between Chele and Jesse and the economic disparity. But it wasnt "cartoony" enough for them so they got bored. I always wanted Nola to get involved with Jesse's dad as she buttinskied her way into trying to help Chele, and have her caught in between Ed (in a sisterly way) and the dad too, and if they gave Jess a bad girl social climbing sister to go after Bill Lewis, so there would be Jesse/Chele/Bill/Bad Girl thing going. With the adults having problems, the kids having problems, and it all tied together, with Aunt Meta drinking a bourbon and handing out sassy advice, it would have been good. The most frustrating part of Rauch and E & B tenure was the "What coulda.shoulda been" they demonstrated they had some good ideas and could actually write some interesting stuff. And then it would go back to being a shallow cartoon.
  3. I hated her by the end but by that time she was so tied to Buzz that I was ready to get rid of her. I did think she was funny when she was mixing it up with the rest of SF....(Frank of all characters had one of my favorite lines..."Nadine's idea of a family meal was letting us stay up late to watch Johnny Carson and eat Fried Chicken out of the bucket!") I think they didn't know what to do with her with Nola on the scene..but the two of them would be wacky Lucy and Ethel fun or competing with each other for a man (in a comedic triangle...) I don't like the violent way she was killed..that was deserved for Buzzard..(God I would have loved to have Brent say. ..."Have some diner food he threw his body in a dumpster.) Speaking of which I know Deas was a FOJ but how in God's name did he hang on all those years after she was gone? Pics of MADD in a Chinese brothel? Through McLaiby to Rauchie on down to Peapack, he clung on and was given material.
  4. I didnt think about Long and Lucinda! While Lucinda was polar opposite of Bev/Alex( one was quiet, but could cut you to pieces with a stare..the other was flamboyant and could cut you to pieces with her zingers) they both were powerful, conflicted women who were not the cartoon soap opera rich bitch they turned MarjAlex into.
  5. I disagree, I think Long was a terrible fit for both SB and OLTL as neither one of them were "family" shows per se.. the first two years of her GL term were great as the Bauers were the center with the other families having their wasn,t until TPTB interfered that it came apart...and her second tenure on GL she got to straighten some of that out. I think she would have respected the Hughes and would have been really good with Nancy (I thought her writing of Bert was great..matriarch of SF but human and fallible too.) I just would fear she would bring Zimmer ...(imagine Zimmer as a Diana McColl recast....her and Fulton together on screen....either great or diva disaster....) Co head writing with Curlee would have been great...( I always loved Curlees quote that a poster here uses but she also ammended for soaps in general..."You can scare the hell out of the viewer, throw anything you want at them, as long as they can run out of that dark backyard, run up the porch steps and bang through the screen door and Nancy Hughes is in the kitchen baking cookies."
  6. Some of his stuff was good and Nancy asking where the serving spoon was and I liked that people actually used their kitchens and made dinner (in today's soaps its as if no one does anything "normal") and worried about who was going to watch their kids...(in between kidnappings and murder trials..) but when it came down to people having a conversation that moved plot along it was stiff and unnatural and contrary to what someone posted above...everyone sounded the they just stepped out of a touchy feeling group therapy session ("honesty..feelings) GL at the time ..while their plots were sloppier, made their characters sound like real people talking..and sometimes, even the "good" people didn't like other "good" people and made bitchy gossip about them...(Marland's characters were too earnest to do that...)
  7. He split them apart for the same reason I feel he split John and Lucinda up..they were too sarcastic, bantering and fun to be in his wheelhouse. Everyone had to be morose, dour and earnest. I mean, he split up John and Lucinda for John and Emma????? Kirk became Marland' typical bland "hero" who was ever so sorry he was good in business and placed that above...."honesty." I HATED Ellie just because the writers had to work overtime to tell us how "funny" she was, but they failed to ever show us she actually was?? Poor Iva, marrying that Jason guy, leave it to Iva to finally find a guy to marry her and he was a flaming queen!
  8. Iva started out strong, kind of like how Marland wrote the original Maureen with Dolan, smart, tough, oldest daughter from a big family who had some trouble in the "big city" (obviously Iva had more trouble then Mo did, who just GASP...lived with a man!) She was able to match Lucinda...etc. Then as years went by she became a depressed, depressing dormat...who was just obsessed with Lily. When she came back to intro Rose as Lily's twin I thought it was so weird that they never had any other scenes...and Lily never had scenes or reallly mentioned Iva ever.
  9. Good idea about Block as Craig...I was never interested in the Montgomery family besides Margo, and after Dolan was cast I couldn't care less about her. Rick would have been a good antagonist within the Hughes family, much as Babs was, and really what Sabrina should have been. Bob, the patriarch of Oakdale, ironically was in Rick's eyes a "failed father" etc. Bryce was a better actor but sometimes that does not count..Craig, I felt was always a wimpy character..when he was evil it was all about Betsy, when he was good it was all about Sierra (God I hated them) Iva (really Craig...dull, plain Iva???) and I lost count of who else he was quivering his puckered lips over and having tears well in his eyes. That is why Block never worked as Craig..he was so dismissive of women..I felt a good storyline was for him to be gay or bi..and Craig was nothing if not obsessed with the latest woman in his life. But I think I am the wrong audience..maybe women love the weak sensitive bad boy?
  10. I thought Block was hot...(I remember the scene where he and Carly were sitting in a car and she had to duck down when a car drove by and he said, "Well, Carly, while your down there..." Marland was in heaven, clutching his pearls on that one! I never like Bryce that well. I know he is a better actor but thought his Craig was always kind of a wuss. He was a wimp when he was evil and married to Betsy and he REALLY was a wuss when Marland took over (even his "romance" with Lucinda was about her being the dominant person...) So in that respect I didn't think Block was right for the role...cause deep down, good or bad, Craig was always a wimp who turned his life around for the woman in his life. So yes, I could see him more as a Rick Ryan or my favorite would have been Marland's original idea, to have what became Scott Eldridge to be Lisa's son by Michael Shea..they should have saved the dumb Sabrina plot for having John and Rick Ryan switch babies to help a not really dead Shea get revenge on Lisa.
  11. LOL..I would have loved that...she, Lisa, and Chelsea Reardon all getting that treatment (as soon as I would see Lisa crawling up on that damn piano I prayed for James to set off a bomb in the Mona Lisa... God I HATED Lyla's signing. and when they actually had the nerve to act like her lite pop crap song was a "hit" and the kids on the show were actually liking it...UGGGH. But I think Lyla was useless after her original storyline of dating Bob and secretly having John's baby.
  12. I seriously think that Frankie D was paying THEM to be on the show. He was not talented, he was no longer the hottie, his character was boring, etc. Deas, I think his "reputation" as an "actor" in the goofy soap industry kept him around. I always thought Clarissa should be fat and plain and a book worm and resentful of her sex pot Mom and more friends with Grandma Holly. About Mrs. Lemay, you were expecting E & B and then later Kreizman to remember she was preggers? Hell, Kriezman and Wheeler sent her back in the same time machine that Amanda Spauldiing took to de age her to be a teenager...(presumably so BE could still be the "young" romantic heroine.)
  13. This was the first time I watched that scene of Babs jumping out the window...there was so much wrong with it that the jump was actually the logical conclusion of the scene. That came off as if it was a comical dream Babs had of what would happen or a skit on how stupid soaps can be. First of all, you can tell that the 80s and even 90s were long gone. Marland would write, and they would have a budget for...having tons of characters in that courtroom...(Bob, Kim and Lisa looking concerned, etc, Margo rolling her eyes...) and why is everyone orangeish? Second, a judge would never allow that in his courtroom, third, Barbara may have been a bitch somtimes..and I can buy her jumping into pschosis...but a dumb bitch/psycho? Babs was anything but dumb, and that whole speech was something an idiot would do. Then the overacting from Zenk and the ultimately..why did she jump out the window..was she Wonder Woman all of a sudden and would not be hurt by the glass and can run super fast away...instead of a middle aged woman who was never an athlete. Fat Ass Hogie is to blame but there is a lot of blame to go around, from MADD to Gautman to the directors, to the other writers to even the actors. No one said, "This [!@#$%^&*] is stupid and makes no sense!" !!!
  14. But there it is, why was Blake (and Ross) off contract but they would keep Frank and Buzz? Switch that off and have your longest running vet and his wife head up a new young family. I think Holly, at this point worked best on recurring, coming in and out of stories as needed. Just say she is a globe hopping journalist writing a book (and maybe looking for Roger) and she comes into the story when needed. Don't remind me of Gus. Why they didn't fix that paternity problem I will never know..that manscara wearing twit was in no way a Spaulding...I loved when he died everyone was like..."Oh...hey what's for lunch???" The mental unraveling of Phillip and his "death" could have been a great story (and gotten GA an emmy) if it wasnt written so crappy. It touched everyone on the canvas and could have realigned and fixed a lot of things..(i.e during the trial Gus "real" paternity came out, the "real" reason Alex was involved in the drug ring..brought Beth back to being herself,..etc.) and they revealed he was alive in the summer...with GA back in the role.
  15. I will never figure out who Deas was balling to keep that job! God (and this is sick stuff I know) I would love to have had Buzz die in that car crash and give him a chance to do his usual over acting in his death scenes at the hospital...sputtering, arms waving, spitting, snot flying out of his nose..and have Rick or Ed say...."The patient would pull through if he would just stay still, but he wont..." and then in the middle of a massive arms flaying like windmills attack, he bites it, with his big maw wide open so he can kick it like he lived it. Actually I would have had Buzz get killed by Brent instead of I would love Brent to say that infamous line to him instead..."How bout some diner food Buzz??" as he throws his body in the dumpster... But yea, Rauchie and MADD got rid of her because of her sticking up for Zaz, but also, she was a bit of a diva herself, complaining if she didn't have a storyline...."There is only so much you can do in the background of the Bauer BBQ blowing up balloons." so I guess Rauch already had his hands full with Zimmer.