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  1. I forgot to watch today. Did they show the teens today?
  2. I like their interaction too, I was smiling all thought their scene. Even though it was cheesy.
  3. Her career isn't going anywhere like last time. Once it comes out about Cane. That's going to be the end of her modeling.
  4. Mattie & CkLily conversation is going to be about Mattie praising CkLily ever chance she get. How many ways can Mattie call CKLily beautiful?
  5. Who's writing for Mattie? Needs to get fired. The way they writing her first time going to get her pregnant.
  6. I'm trying to figure out why Reed in a public school when he's worth more then the Ashby put together.
  7. What school Zoey go to?
  8. But we already know that these writers are stuck in a time frame & its not in 21st century. We going to act like CKLily & Cane the villain isn't their parents. But, I still like them better then CK. Another thing CK is average at best in her looks. I bet Mattie is better looking.
  9. I think Mattie got that hard drive & she going to be watching it while Reed in the same area. Maybe they will bond over that. They both seems sensitive.
  10. I thought Billy told Reed that, him and Bortoria broke up. One of the twins got it. I bet it's Maddie.
  11. Yesterday they debut, I watch yesterday episode on Demand today.
  12. I like the twins
  13. Watching yesterday show on Demand I feel like CKLily is a big sister to Maddie. I just can't see CKLily going toe to toe with another mother over her children dating somebody she doesn't like. I really think they should have brought back Ana & left Maddie as a little girl. That being said, I see the set up with Reed & Maddie hooking up. Reed getting back at Charlie for stealing Zoey, so Reed dates Maddie. So, this would leave out the traditional Romeo & Juliet with the parents. This would save CKLily going head to head with a parent. Is Tess or whoever that girl talking to Noah talking about Jordan???
  14. Wait Charlie speck slang! That's weird!!
  15. Lily had scenes with Maddie & Charlie?