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  1. They trying to make Lame into something they are not. They will never have that rooting factor. They are not Victor/Nikki or even Victor/Ashley. They not Nick/Sharon.
  2. Because they don't want her to be free to date, I'm not talking about the writers. I'm talking about the viewers, she got two type of viewers worried about two types of things.
  3. I don't think they want Lily to be free, if this was any other female character, they would be dating somebody else now. You'll think that Lily would be the main candidate to be free with other people since she can't have kids anymore.
  4. & that's why I can't feel sorry for Lily. Any bad thing this guy does to her, she will accept him back.
  5. Once again Candy looking for love & can't see she's getting played.
  6. I wonder why that man set her up. This probably one time Candy should have listen to the white dude.
  7. HBO needs to balance this out & get the rights to Underground.
  8. I think I said this about Hilary & Nick. & I think JM probably wouldn't mind. The show wanted Chelsea to be the next big thing. But it's really MM/Hilary. & if she can keep him interesting. JM in a win/win situation.
  9. It's weird!! What they like, aren't bringing in the viewers.
  10. MM bring out the best in her male co stars.
  11. For Some reason I could see Hilary & Nick.
  12. They created a new guy who she doesn't have chemistry with so she won't cheat. This what I would accept, they create another new guy just for a one time thing. All we have to do is see his black back as she gets up out of the bed. She can confess to Jordan about her having a one night stand with somebody. I think CK would go for that, she didn't really touch him & the reviews finally think she did a black guy.
  13. I'm tired of Victoria & her asexual self. They need to stop trying with her & guys. I bet she ends up pregnant. Why can't Marsino have a daughter too?
  14. Tess could be Bobby Marsino daughter.