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  1. Besides our skin, I believe our survival skills was another reason why they thought we wasn't human.
  2. Yeah but it's different, & plus it would also give CKLily option with a black guy.
  3. A good story line would have been for Victor to foster Devon then find out that Catherine was his grandmother. He'll be a better define character at this point.
  4. Back in the days our ancestry had to be strong minded. I'm too weak!!
  5. Snake bit Roselee, she still going to make it back to Noah. I don't know who getting it worse Stine or Roselee. The reporter, is he down for the cause.
  6. Everybody at war except for Hakeem & Jamal. Just like in the begin. I think white boy likes Becky. Well at least in my head.
  7. The streets are right!! It reminds me of when it first came on.
  8. Tilda or whatever Quan mother name is, know dam well her son was a thug.
  9. I always picture Eddy character on Underground.
  10. I rather have Chloe with Billy kid then Victoria.
  11. How War had all them guys against two guys & still lost? Anyway, I hope Erica gets hers.
  12. Billy too worry about Reed.
  13. People who shouldn't be in a story line will be in it. Sally going to forget that Belle have living relatives.
  14. If Kevin is left with the baby, I got a feeling they going to have Bella raise by two dads.
  15. I like to know what Cato going to do? He's always a question mark.