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  1. You know what, I always said I wouldn't support Y&R as long as CK is on there but I can't miss this storyline plot. I have to see CKLily being mother to kids that look like they could be her actual siblings.
  2. Hakeem & Titana going to break up again. She too young to be somebody stepmom.
  3. Problems with soaps is that they are writing like it's late 1800s woman & blacks should know their places.
  4. Yeah, but VR looked like she could be a mother of a teenage. CK not so much! The lady that plays Nick mother look enough to be Nick mother. CK Lily not so much!
  5. Let's hope that's why they aged those kids!
  6. Especially somebody that have nothing going for her.
  7. I was telling another reviewer, I can't wait to see CKLily tell her daughter who she can date or can't date. Mattie, " But mom, wasn't dad a con man"?!
  8. I would lmao if Lily becomes grandmother next year.
  9. They could have brought back teen Daniel Daughter. So, how old she's going to be since they aged CkLily kids. & this girl look the same age CK.
  10. Where the hell you finding this stuff? I guess CKLily children can't be better actors then her. & everybody knows they aren't in front of a real audience.
  11. They writing the black out of the Barbers & Winter Clan. So, that's what an Halfcian is? People don't like CK, I can't wait to see what people got to say about her. Plus I'm sure CK bonding with this actress.
  12. What the hell is an Halfrican? If this doesn't go well, do they have to deage them.
  13. Thanks!! for replying. I thought I already put it into words.
  14. Somehow I feel he's really for Dina vs Gloria. While Ashley slipping in.
  15. Well, the ages are all mess up on this soap. She can just be with Reed. Aging the twins to build the young part up isn't the way to go.