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  1. Yeah I saw Balo interview and what a scumbag.
  2. Now he wants us to make down payment on the wall if he wants a wall he can just pay for it himself.
  3. RIP Erin.
  4. RIP Don from a hockey puck.
  5. Something on a Stick Day is observed on March 28, 2017. The holiday celebrates things on a stick like popsicles, corndogs and marshmallows.
  6. Preview: A Massive Explosion | Season 12 Ep. 12 | BONES ttps://youtu.be/SACdsNQLzkc
  7. Last Bones this Tue 3.28.
  8. 2017 marks the 101st anniversary of Daylight Saving Time so change your clocks hour ahead b4 you go to bed tonight.
  9. Nathan Chen | Exhibition | 2017 US Figure Skating Championships https://youtu.be/8IWrJOhUVl0
  10. I hated everything Jeffery.
  11. What can you expect from Bonnie and Clyde.
  12. RIP Bill.
  13. 2017 World Figure Skating Championships will start on Wednesday, March 29 and will end on Sunday, April 2
  14. Had family that suffered from alzheimer's and dementia and hated to watch what happened to them.