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  1. LeClerc added a post in a topic 2015: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    She said once that Pratt was her favorite HW to work for.
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  2. LeClerc added a post in a topic 2015: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Inevitably Lucky Gold will be out at Y&R and in at GH.
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  3. LeClerc added a post in a topic GH: Carlivati OUT! Passanante/Altman IN!!   

    McPherson and Snyder even have history with GH. McPherson was GH's continuity person and Snyder was a breakdown writer in the late 80s - early 90s.
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  4. LeClerc added a post in a topic GH: Carlivati OUT! Passanante/Altman IN!!   

    I'm actually kind of surprised Passanante agreed to this given how tight she and Ron are. Guess that friendship is over and Ron will never talk to her again.

    As has been mentioned Altman was better during her brief solo period at Y&R before Passanante joined her. I am a bit curious what Altman's writing style is like away from JFP.

    It was going to be Passanante or Tomlin because Valentini doesn't have many writer connections.

    Anyways Altman & Passanante aren't going to make the necessary changes because 1) They are too tight with Ron and probably think what he has done is brilliant and 2) These two don't make big moves.

    I think the change with these two will be akin to when Garin Wolf (later joined by Altman) replaced Bob Guza. eg. They will use Monica a tiny bit more at first and make a few other symbolic efforts around the edges but there won't be that much difference.
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  5. LeClerc added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: GH Hits New Low in Women 18-49 Demo   

    I don't think it will happen but I want to see RC fired just to see how his apologists in the soap media cover it: "GH HERO Forced Out!"
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  6. LeClerc added a post in a topic Michael Logan interview with Pratt and JFP   

    A doppelgänger story is the last thing I wanted to do

    ummmm okay. This reminds me of his "Nobody loved Stuart more than I did" comment after killing him off AMC.
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  7. LeClerc added a post in a topic Name Changes   

    On AMC everyone called Juan Pablo...Juan Pablo. Then one day the "Juan" was suddenly dropped and everyone called him just "Pablo", as if everyone in Pine Valley had gotten a memo in their email about the change.

    There must have been some legal issue with the name or focus groups has a major issue with it for some reason.
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  8. LeClerc added a post in a topic Days actor out??   

    Dena promising big story for Justin/Adrienne makes me lean towards Sonny dying.
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  9. LeClerc added a post in a topic DAYS: More BTS shakeups   

    Dena looks like she is already plotting to get rid of JG. I give him 6 months.
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  10. LeClerc added a post in a topic Stunts that Chuck Pratt Pulled that you will never forgive him or made you hate him   

    In a recent SOD interview Pratt was adamant that Adam killing Stuart was a great story. And I actually do think it could have been had it been executed a whole lot better. But the various motives for people wanting to kill Adam were developed over the course of like five episodes instead of many many months and -the biggie for me- Stuart's death really had no impact on Adam. Pratt just gave Adam a line every now and then about how devastated he was that Stuart was gone but, other than the morgue scenes, we never really saw this devastation. He was having a good ol' time with Annie.

    Agnes Nixon and (gasp!) Jean Passanante did a much better job when Stuart "died" in 2000. There was some incredible material in the aftermath of that, including some Adam/Liza scenes I wish were on Youtube because they were some of the best acting I had ever seen. AN/JP didn't tell us once a month that Adam was devastated, they showed us every day. They also delved a bit into Adam and Stuart's childhood in Pigeon Hollow via flashbacks.
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  11. LeClerc added a post in a topic 2015: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    I'm guessing Victor Gialanella will be back. Maybe Marlene McPherson? She and Dena seem to be good friends. And what about Dena's hubby?
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  12. LeClerc added a post in a topic GH: AMC actress joining show   

    Yes and I thought she had chemistry with Christian Campbell's Bobby as well...and I am of the belief that contributed to CC being let go.
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  13. LeClerc added a post in a topic Character Catchphrases?   

    I loved her "Stay tuned daahlings for scenes from the next All My Children"

    Brooke English: "Listen....."
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  14. LeClerc added a post in a topic 2015: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    From what I have observed of Tomlin's work over the years he is not really one to adapt according to viewer response (even moreso than most of TPTB); he does the stories and couples and characters he wants until he is fired. Also when the soap magazines used to do their "how much input do the viewers have?" articles Tomlin was always pretty blunt about it not having much/any sway with him. So I don't think lessening how far ahead the show is written/taped would help much.

    And yeah there's no way Pratt has any interest in doing the work involved in actually producing Y&R. From what I have heard he doesn't exactly over-exert himself as a HW either. He sets down mandates re tone ("More guns and physical violence when characters confront each other!" ) and tosses out broad story arcs and leaves it to the associate headwriters to make it work. eg: "We need something for May sweeps so why don't we have a bunch of characters gunning for Adam... but he has that twin, right? - Stan?- and Stan gets killed by someone who mistakes him for Adam. Just come up with some motives you can work in really quickly; those aren't important. Make it a big mystery that gets us to November. Oh and we're switching up Erica/Adam and Ryan/Annie for Erica/Ryan and Adam/Annie because those pairings will get people talking. So get them together somehow. If you need me I'll be on the on the golf course with Bri-Bri!"
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  15. LeClerc added a post in a topic Craig Ferguson Stepping Down As "Late Late Show" Host   

    I have to say I am so glad Craig didn't just treat his final show as any other one (which I feared would be the case).

    I loved the musical number at the beginning, the monologue, and the Newhart/Sopranos/St. Elsewhere bit at the end. I did skip the Leno interview though...and in the little bit I did catch Jay was of course working in a whine about how unfair everyone was to him.

    All the other late night hosts could go off the air Monday and I wouldn't care. But I'm going to miss Craig.
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