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  1. He definitely gets the same archetype every time. Edgy, mysterious brunette with a secret! Ooooooooo! Abby gets the same kind of love interests too (scruffy douche bag who works a hero job and always tries to put her in her princess place) So damn tired. However good RA was on previous shows he's never presented it here (Marisa shined everywhere else on canvas but was a complete dud with him). Doesn't help he looks like Nick and Sharon's bloated younger brother, not their son. His lack of presence is why Noah is a firm supporting player and not the young lead he should be. I'm just hoping Tessa's former "friend" isn't Jordan but I feel like thats where they're headed for some reason Hillary luring Juliet to her lair to get the goods on her and Cane was delicious I can't wait for her to throw this in Valley Mom's face Eileen Davidson has been acting her ass off, I agree @ranger1rg
  2. OMG at Christel Khalil having to play mom to this grown ass girl
  3. Instead of winding up the Lane nuts he should be welcoming this material, its kept him and Khalil frontburner and actually playing something interesting. If he wants to keep bitching and stirring stans up he needs to get shown the door. I loved the Victor & Ashley scenes Tuesday Mishael Morgan in red I also liked the slight hint of jealousy coming from Nick over Sharon and Scott from Monday's episode. I'd be game for a Nick & Sharon triangle where he has to fight for her instead of the usual play
  4. I think the show has been a lot better these last few weeks. Finally has some movement I'm loving the LA material. Cane a destructive shark and I'm digging it. They need to end the marriage to Lilly so he can really let loose. Kind of sad they've reverted Phyllis back to a desperate floozy trying to hold on to a man more devoted to someone else but I can't say she's not in character and Gina T is clearly having fun with it. The fact that she's doing all these hijinks over bum ass Billy makes it a little ridiculous though, but I can't lie I'm on the edge of my seat every time Victoria almost catches them so mission accomplished. I don't get the complaints about Phyllis' scenes with Hilary, they weren't played as contemporaries and damn sure not friends. Hilary in LA has been so much fun (minus Chenbot) and proves GC Buzz would work just fine without being used as a tool to prop Mariah to high heaven. Move Mariah out of that orbit (and at this point I don't care where she goes) and keep Al Bundy's boy on recurring and use it to stir up other stories. Jordan/DK is finally showing potential. I liked his scenes with Chelsea and Hillary last week. I'm liking Chelsea going after Chloe. The Nick pairing still isn't working and never will. Even the material with Old Man Billy was better than this. I might be alone in this but I HATE Tessa. Her ugly hair, her guitar, this chemistry free pairing with Noah, Nikki fawning all over her (I guess they think Nikki picking up a stray makes her the new Katherine but no) HATE HATE HATE. Get her off my screen. I love that Neil and Devon have their own business and are actually making moves and being taken seriously. Also I like how Dina's return has shaken Ashley and Jack. We definitely need Traci to anchor things though. They turned Scott into a sexist douche and moved him from secret agent journalist to the business stories in one episode. This guy has had 4 personalities, 3 careers, and 3 love interest attempts in what 2, 3 months and none of it has worked. Time to cut their losses there. I'm actually loving Abby's perspective in the story though and Victor's makes sense to me as well. He knows she lied about where those new funds came from, plus she's been taking advice from Auntie Jack so of course the mustache doesn't trust her. @Fevuh I didn't like Rylan at all, her type of early 00s Legally Blonde bag of acting tricks did not suit this show IMO. MO proved herself for me with the miscarriage and end of marriage to Stitch, I adore her in the role she just needs a really good love interest to anchor her and Scott definitely won't be it (cough maybe Devon though cough).
  5. I love that Hillary is the one who gets to deliver the bomb to Lily, should be good They've had at least three scenes like that, including one this week when Juliet, Jordan, and Hillary were lounging at the hotel bar in LA and Hillary wanted to know more about Juliet and Cane's bonding in Japan.
  6. Scott has been a complete fail in all aspects IMO. I've said it before but I expect him to be gone in a year or so. The Mariah & Hillary material flopped the moment they had Hillary trip her and the story became "Mariah is so great and Hillary is just evil so Mariah deserves everything she has" I've always shown love for CG here but they've done her a huge disservice with this heavy handed garbage. Barely been able to keep up with the show this week so I'll share my thoughts later.
  7. I didn't know her and Jon spilt.
  8. I really think this last go around with Chloe was the final straw for TPTB. You could tell they were attempting to sell them as a fun supporting anchor couple but the lack of any romantic chemistry killed all potential. Once Liz Hendrickson got the hell out of dodge they were left with no options. GR can't sell any other pairing (2016 more than proved that), plus he's 40+ and looks it so they can't exactly play the young crazy boy angle anymore. His typical bag of Emmy winning acting tricks came off rather stale during Chloe's exit story too so it not like he was delivering riveting tv either. The fan response so far has me worried they'll end up reconsidering but I hope they stick to their guns. This shows biggest problem is its filled with useless actors and chemistry-less pairings just stinking up the joint for no reasons other than rabid stans and actors that have a bit of tenure and are well liked BTS. Its time to clean house and prepare the show for the next decade so that free train ride needs to end.
  9. This is miraculous, never thought I'd see the day. Now bring back Fen in his place please Edit: They chose to get rid of him too? I hope this is the beginning of some real house cleaning
  10. I know people kept commenting on the resemblance
  11. Muhney is not coming back so long as Angelica McD and EB are around. He's a nut riling up the last 13 people who care.
  12. This was actually a pretty good episode minus Chelsea and Nick boring the crap outta me. Loved everybody mixing it up at the top of the Tower (the idea of that set is still so dumb to me though....isn't it just the top of the Athletic Club with no pool?) That bathroom scene with Hillary, Vicki, Juliet vs Ashley was gold More B&S vs Jabot, specifically Ashley vs Vicki drama please Philly are the only couple on the show with sexual chemistry. Cane sneaking up on them was good, he works best as a sneaky grifter not whining and being paranoid over accidental betrayals Must Mariah and Jordan ruin every Hevon scene with their misery & blah? Still a good scene Speaking of misery Lily is annoying. Glad Hillary's finally going to call her out for how she acts with Jordan Too bad Ravi ignored Juliet because I'd actually be here for that pairing Jack/Nikki/Victor redux is 1000x more interesting than watching Auntie slober on Gloria or Nikki whine about being fed up with Victor all day but doing nothing different
  13. @DeeeDee @ajsp35801 I think DK would be better if they let him play Jordan more like a goofball. He definitely can't sell the generic suave black guy archetype they're trying to push which makes me question why he was even hired for the role in the first place. The Hevon divorce scenes were great today minus Neil, Mariah, and Jordan stinking up the joint. I like the Jack/Phyllis/Billy stuff too even though the parking lot/elevator scenes were clunky Juliet needs some fire lit under her. There is potential but everything is written so dryly and the set up is so repetitive. Lastly, Villy sucks
  14. Suddenly Jack is going after Victor again, Philly are reunited, Chloe reveal, etc...yeah there has obviously been some higher up meddling these last 4 or so weeks to get back to the stories that had ratings up. The bad pacing and continued pushing of fail pairings and bland newbies still has Sally and Mal's stamp all over though. Whoever said this reminds them of JFP/Jean & Shelly's reign is right on the money, just better characterization. I'm a couple of episodes behind so excuse the late thoughts but I am enjoying the Philly reunion solely thanks to the chemistry of GT and JT. I also liked the Sharon Phyllis and Jack scenes at Crimson Lights and the Phack scenes at her apartment where they were planning revenge on Victor. Finally GT is getting something interesting to do after months of trash This Ravi & Ashley New York material = a complete and utter snoozefest. They need to hang it up and get him with the younger cast So far I'm not seeing it for Noah and Tessa at all. Character wise Tessa and her ugly haircut seem redundant with Mariah already on the show. They're clearly committed to turning Mariah into some forced heroine/victim and using Hillary to do it though, so whatever. I like Juliet but the story set up with Cane is so boring and her character has 0 bite. I don't care if they actually screwed or if she's just lying or if Lilly even finds out. The movie set was nice but kind of Guiding Light Peapack esque lighting wise. I've generally liked Reed but that meltdown scene over the car was rough. This little triangle they have brewing with him is zzzzz but I do like the girl playing Kendall, she's got potential. Scott is a dud for me. Like I said they're using him as an unnecessary Dylan fill in (the informant backstory makes sense but I still ) and testing him with every woman to see what sticks. Again, don't see him lasting too long because so far nothing is working Zzzz at the Newmans turning on Victor. Do we know how long EB is gone for? I'm more interested in Abby vs Victoria than any of that bs.
  15. They've been using Scott as a by proxy Dylan replacement which is completely unnecessary. I expect him not to last too long, Sally claims to love TEB/Lauren but she delivers her nothing but failure.