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  1. Since Ms LeBlanc is getting so ballsy they should reboot that cancer story and make it lethal this time. Seems like they are about to use Hilary/GC Buzz to get the Newman storyline some juice. Braeden was very complimentary of Mishael Morgan during his book press tour so I'm not surprised they found a way to get her in that orbit. I don't get the way they've written the Juliet and Hilary's relationship. All of this sudden antagonism was not needed and ruined what could be a great friendship Cane is trash for trying to back out of the baby's life. Those last scenes with Lily telling him he couldn't abandon his child were probably the best acting work CK & DG have done the entire story Gina Tognoni is being so wasted but that backside was looking delectable in the bathing suit Abby is my favorite Newman child now .I loved her going in on Vicki and Nick remains an annoying bum piece of garbage
  2. Kevin and Chloe are on again, wtf?!
  3. This Nikki story is so bad, I can't believe the best this regime has been able to come up with for her and Victor is boring dinner parties, faux grandstanding over TGVN going too far and never being forgiven, propping TPTB's latest homely looking pet, and another MS flare up. Older characters having illnesses is something I never want to see unless their family members are about to start fighting for control of business and wealth, otherwise its a complete snooze fest. I'll be so glad when this Gala is over so we can move on (I can't wait for more Hilary and Victor scenes tomorrow though ) Is Kevin gone for good now? I mean my goodness the guy has gotten 15 exit scenes, freaking ridiculous. I won't miss him at all and they've made an excellent decision to dump his tired ass Kristoff St John has gotta be throwing a bitchfit over being sidelined like this again Its what he deserves for pushing for Hilary and Neil and not supporting you know who when she needed it DG and CK remain terrible actors who should lead absolutely nothing but I'm still enjoying the Brash and Sassy crew though and I'm glad Vicki fired Cane and Lily's still keeping her job and got to go in on him today. The B&S stuff + Hilary is really the where the money is at with this regime. Nothing else works anywhere near as well for me and where they're not on I tend to zone out.
  4. at you actually having receipts this time I'm with @AllMyDaysatGH and @ChitHappens bring her on back. I could never finish a full episode of GH once Frank took over, mainly because of Frank's terrible production values and casting. I'd take JFP AND Guza back in a heart beat.
  5. Is this just a pop up visit? She should have been brought back years ago.
  6. Hopefully they cast a decent actress this time, I don't know how that last girl wasn't immediately Charity Rahmer'd
  7. The lack of good stories for people like Lauren, Paul, Neil and Jill is probably my biggest pet peeve with this regime. They know these characters well but have thrown them to the side, I don't get it. I could maybe excuse Jill because of Jess spending time with her grandkids but they had her for weeks and gave her that music box garbage. The Lauren sidelining is especially criminal because of how Sally promised to revitalize her yet gave all her goods to trash ass Gloria. The Juliet reveal fell real flat to me at its climax. CK and DG reminded us in Thursdays episode that despite their tenure they're horrible actors who should never be given leading material no matter how hard their little stans campaign. She was crying like a hairdresser permed off her edges and he mopped around kicking an imaginary can with his hands in his pocket as if he just lost a game of rugby. Terrible! Its obvious why they gave all the manipulative meat to Angel Conwell (my baby I say give her a teenage step kid via Terrell Tifford and bring her on permanently!) and Mishael Morgan too after seeing how weak the Juliet actress is when she has to play antagonist (that scene when she clunked her heels over to Michael and Lauren and told him to keep his client away from her was embarrassing. Much like DK, and other new hires she just ain't got it). I did not like that Hevon scene last week. All the work they've done positioning Hilary in this great, independent pot stirrer role was undone in five minutes and now its going to be back to Devon just lecturing her to be a good person but enabling her bad behavior and her having to beef with Mariah over him? No thank you, I like my girl better away from that simp and his bs. Sorry Bryton but she's just way more valuable out of that pairing. Cold business bitch is the only thing Amelia Heinle ever plays well so she's been much easier to take lately. Still not digging the Philly/Snoretoria triangle because of how desperate its making Phyllis. This has reminded me why I always prefer Red with Jack because even when they had to deal with a third party interloper you always bought Jack's love for her and she didn't come across so pathetic. I don't give one flying damn about any of this Newman drama. Nikki and her MS, piano playing, and Tessa propping is a complete snooze and Nick is too old to be so directionless (I hope this becomes a point of contention for he and Chelsea, that was the only interesting angle they've had so far) and throwing temper tantrums at daddy. I said a couple of weeks back that a triangle with him, Sharon, and Scott could work though so I hope that is where we're headed. Scott should still be recast though. I can't get into this guy at all, his love scenes with SC were actually gross to me, and the stuff with Abby could work if he weren't so charmless and blech. I think I'm a broken record when it comes to this lol but I just don't know what they were thinking when they cast this guy. He does not sell the material they're giving and he's not believable as Lauren's kid at all I guess I'm in the minority finding this Dina story hard to care about? Its mainly the Graham/grifting elder abuse angle that is dragging for me because its all so predictable and paint by numbers. For a while I wanted their secret to be that he helped her kill her husband and steal the Mergeron business from her step kids or something but instead we're getting this boring generic play. Its so repetitive too that I'm just over the whole shebang honestly especially with the Gloworm inserted, ugh. Dina's relationship with Ashley is the only thing that still interests me. Last few quick hit thoughts: the Phyllis and Nick scenes this past week were pretty good but GT and JM have no romantic chemistry. I think it might just be untapped though because they do have a spark of something Tessa still sucks and I don't care about her and dating app guys history. Also agree with whoever said her and Reed's singing needs to stop immediately. I cringe every time I hear "juuz a maaater a tiiiime" I want to see more of Charlie and I want him to be a reckless screw up douche instead of a boring boy scout or rico suave black dudes are always stuck playing. I expect Maddie will continue getting more screentime though because she's more white passing and easily paired off Speaking of generic black archetypes DK is still floundering a bit but they should keep him in scenes with MCE because she's bringing some ease out of him that the other screen partners are not. I feel bad for the guy playing Ravi. They stripped the character of all his uniqueness and now he's just Ashley generic buddha talk to. The pairing never worked for me but he should be getting played with Abby, Mariah, Noah, etc not stuck with the 50+ crew. I hope he can stick around but time is ticking.
  8. Good damn riddance to Kevin/GR. I hope he never returns, a terrible character and over hyped actor who never should have stayed past his first year. I'm glad Chloe is alive at least But poor Doug Davidson. They've written off all of his direct co stars. I don't understand this regimes aversion to using vets like him, Tracy/Beth Maitland, etc but I hope he gets a story soon. Those Cane and Hilary scenes were great. MM is so delicious plottin and schemin I hope Juliet takes Brash and Sassy to the cleaners @MoTheGreat IDK why you think DG wants a new love interest. He's always the one throwing a bitch fit whenever writers try and split Lane up. He'd be more than happy if every scene was just him disrobing CK in the GCAC or their ugly living room set but I agree with @DeeeDee , this is the best material he's had in 10 years. Dingo should stop looking the gift horse in the mouth and let it rip They should have cast an actual 15 year old to play Mattie. I can't get past this girl looking like CK's college buddy. Not a fan of the sugary sweet nerdy portrayal either but I do like her with Reed Tracey Bregman looks banging Lauren not wanting Scott with Sharon makes sense but does seem dumb considering she tried to sick Red on him. You guys know he's seething lol. Every pairing he's had outside of Shick since I started watching again has been a failure (although he and Jessica Collins has decent chemistry, the writing was just a snooze fest). He and Jennifer Gareis still had it both times she briefly returned so I wouldn't mind TPTB bringing her back and trying that again. But they need to give it up already on Chick, its done nothing but weaken both characters.
  9. I love when she catches PB off guard with stuff like this and you can tell he loves it too. Since Sally & co showed up characterization wise she's now much more in line with Stafford's version and Gina's finally allowed to have more fun, I just don't care for the return of Phyllis' desperation to please and keep a man who's more committed elsewhere.
  10. I do find it hilarious that Sally's material didn't start clicking for most until she got some obvious upper level meddling. Hopefully the current upswing lasts more than a few weeks.
  11. I feel the exact opposite lol. Chelsea finding out Chloe "killed" Adam has actually been really great material when they weren't using it to shoehorn this horrible pairing with Nick and having him play Matlock Jr or pretend to have ever cared about his brother just so he could be the hero. I'd like to see them end this fail couple, throw him in the middle of Scott and Sharon and have Chelsea shake it up with the Brash and Sassy crew. She has good untapped chemistry with Jordan, JT's Billy, and Cane and those pairings would come with less contrived baggage.
  12. Exactly.This reminds me of the early MAB bias where any criticism got dismissed or downplayed just because of the Bell at the end of her name. You can say Sally's not as bad as Pratt, Pissy & Shelly, etc but that doesn't absolve her from critique when she's got plenty of her own glaring issues.
  13. Yeah Scott is a complete [!@#$%^&*] now. I've never liked him but now I groan extra loud any time he pops up. For Lauren to be one of SSM's favorite characters she's given her and her legacy child nothing but floppage. Hilary vs Lily >>>>>>>> Hilary vs Mariah. I'm loving this feud especially now that Devon and Neil aren't at the center. Victoria's a miserable hag and Phyllis is definitely just being used here in attempt 525,000 to make Villy 4.0 work. Her desperation and neediness isn't out of character but its still obvious what the agenda here is, I'm guessing thats the only reason SSM even put Philly back together. Billy's line about him and Red being different people during the Restless Style days was funny though, ICWTDT lol I actually feel bad for Juliet and hope she takes Cane & B&S to the cleaners Chloe was such a controlled nutcase before so the switch is kind of jarring. I guess getting exposed and forced to be away from Bella is what did it but its still odd. Chick is still the most boring, chemistry less pairing currently on canvas.
  14. He definitely gets the same archetype every time. Edgy, mysterious brunette with a secret! Ooooooooo! Abby gets the same kind of love interests too (scruffy douche bag who works a hero job and always tries to put her in her princess place) So damn tired. However good RA was on previous shows he's never presented it here (Marisa shined everywhere else on canvas but was a complete dud with him). Doesn't help he looks like Nick and Sharon's bloated younger brother, not their son. His lack of presence is why Noah is a firm supporting player and not the young lead he should be. I'm just hoping Tessa's former "friend" isn't Jordan but I feel like thats where they're headed for some reason Hillary luring Juliet to her lair to get the goods on her and Cane was delicious I can't wait for her to throw this in Valley Mom's face Eileen Davidson has been acting her ass off, I agree @ranger1rg
  15. OMG at Christel Khalil having to play mom to this grown ass girl