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  1. Oh, boy! How exciting!! I've never posted lyrics before!! Fall Out Boy - "Thanks for the Memories." I'm gonna make you bend and break (It sends you to me without wait) Say a prayer but let the good times roll In case God doesn't show (Let the good times roll, let the good times roll) And I want these words to make things right But it's the wrongs that make the words come to life "Who does he think he is?" If that's the worst you got Better put your fingers back to the keys One night and one more time Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great "He tastes like you only sweeter" One night, yeah, and one more time Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories "He, he tastes like you only sweeter" Been looking forward to the future But my eyesight is going bad And this crystal ball It's always cloudy except for When you look into the past (look into the past) One night stand (one night stand off) Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great "He tastes like you only sweeter" One night, yeah, and one more time Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories "He, he tastes like you only sweeter" They say I only think in the form of crunching numbers In hotel rooms collecting page six lovers Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes I'm a liner away from getting you into the mood, whoa One night and one more time Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great "He tastes like you only sweeter" One night, yeah, and one more time Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories "He, he tastes like you only sweeter" One night and one more time (One more night, one more time) Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great "He tastes like you only sweeter" One night, yeah, and one more time (One more night, one more time) Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories "He, he tastes like you only sweeter"
  2. I don't do it. I come out and say things. And then I get PM-ed and whatnot and banned and threatened with a banning.
  3. Apparently, we're not allowed to talk about how SON is dead. I just got a threatening PM from an ADMIN. (Well, he sent it a few days ago, but since I haven't logged in in five days...) No doubt, I'll be banned in like two minutes for replying to it, posting this, and speaking my mind.
  4. Can someone who believes the "soaps suck right now" argument as to why SON is dead right now explain two things: - why are all other soap message boards HOPPIN' right now? - point out another time when soaps sucking prevented people from posting and talking to each other?
  5. SEVEN HUNDRED people were on this morning AT THE SAME TIME, and there are this FEW posts????? WOW.
  6. It is not the fact that it's summer. That's silly. SON existed fine other summers. In fact, summer is the busiest time for summer message boards because we're all home. And it's not the fact that soaps suck because they have for the better part of ten years. And, regardless, we still have the OTLounge and ten other forums that are dead. Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm not around because I have given up on SON, have cut all my ties to it, and have peaced out. Slowly weaning myself off! I'm down to one or two posts a day! YAY!
  7. Hi Mike...How's it going?

  8. It's not a website. But thank you! LOL.
  9. Big news in my blog!
  10. THE BLOG IS OUTTA HERE! The blog will be taking its 400 plus episode blog elsewhere EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, according to creator and headwriter, King Reilly. "It's true! I am moving the blog to a different location for MANY reasons! I'm just not happy here!"...confesses King. "The blog will benefit from being elsewhere. Fans can email me at [email protected] for exclusive details on its new location, and it's NOT where you think! "...teases King. The blog isn't going to another message board promises least not yet. "It's bigger than that. I'm taking the blog to a whole new level. I don't want to reveal too many details! If I post them, a certain other blog will probably steal them!”…King says with a laugh referring to the lack of integrity, originality of another SONBC Blog. “If they want to prove to all of SON they have no originality and are in the field of piracy, that is fine by me.”…King says with a smile. But that is not the reason for the big move. "Oh heck no! I wouldn't give people the satisfaction. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess! But I have been threatened with a potential banning so I cannot say anymore. I am moving the blog because SONBC doesn't appear to have much traffic or viewership anymore." As for the future, it's very bright. "The cruise ship storyline was one of the most exciting I've done, and it isn't even over yet! The smoke must clear, those that survived still have to get out alive. There are still so many secrets and lies to come out. It will be a multi-week adventure that will leave lives in its wake! And there is a huge new storyline coming up concerning Victor's inheritance and his fortune. He is dying so he knows he needs to set something up to take care of his loved ones. Stefano's impact on Salem will be one of those most heavily felt forces on ever on the history of the show. Brady Black will be returning. The blog will finally tackle a gay love story with Will/Oscar. The Brady/Dimera feud will be amazing and ignited on a whole new level. Stefano never really had a reason to hate the Brady's before. It was simply that Roman was attacking him and trying to nail him to the wall, they kept him from Maggie, and Megan's death, which, turns out, she didn't die until recently. Now, Stefano will REALLY have a reason to hate the Brady's, and it won't be pretty!" With over 600 entries, an 26,862 views, and 1,100 comments, the blog and SON are parting. "Over 25,000 views? That's so amazing! And 1,100 comments is ridiculous! I am so happy the blog's fans have read and commented and supported it like this. It will continue on to greater heights and better things...just not here!" Once again, fans can send an email to [email protected] on how they can follow the blog in its future! Here's to 400 more! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EXPRESS!! Now, email me! LOL!
  11. EPISODE #400 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to me! LOL.
  12. EPISODE #400 IS HERE! The episode we've all been waiting for his here! Not everyone will survive this one. *TEAR.* Bo rushes to get the shores of Lake Michigan.Steve puts all the bombs in place and joins Kayla, Shane, Kim, Addie, and Andy On the balcony.Jenna continues to do whatever she can to keep Mike, Billie, Kate, and Victor by the indoor pool. She is unsure what is going to happen, but she knows it can’t be good. They are all confused and ask Jenna what the hell is going on. Jenna recalls being blackmailed by Stefano into growing close to Mike Horton and coming back into the life of her sister, Kate.Nicole joins Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, Miguel, Eric, and Greta in Cabin 43. They are all very confused and wonder why they are here when the party is up on deck. Greta begs Eric to talk to her, but he says he can’t. He says they can never be together because of the guilt he feels over the death of his baby.Sarah and Miguel square off in their own corner of the cabin. She accuses him of trying to rape her, and he gets violent once again. She says she is going to expose him for EVERYTHING!Peter and Nicole both realize if Stefano wanted them to meet him on the top deck to get off the ship then he must be planning something really bad. They both realize they need to stop whatever Stefano is planning!Will, Austin, Carrie, and Sami ask Peter why they are on the lowest level of the ship. Austin has a bad feeling about this. Peter realizes he could never hurt Sami like this. Kayla, Shane, Kim, Addie, and Andy wonder where Steve is and why they are on the balcony. Evil Steve joins them and tells them they are not going anywhere.Bo finally reaches the docks of Lake Michigan where he sees Alice, Mickey, and the children getting off a boat and onto the dock! He asks them what is going on…they say they are confused because he is the one who just put him on the boat to leave the ship! Bo doesn’t understand. Alice and Mickey are equally confused.Jenna fears Stefano is planning something horrible and worries for her sister, Kate’s, life, as well as Mike and her niece, Billie, whom she’s grown to enjoy thoroughly.Victor and Kate bond. Victor contemplates telling Kate about his heart condition and the fact that he is dying. Mike urges Victor to do so. Nicole tells Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, Miguel, and Eric that she is a horrible person! Eric tells Nicole that isn’t true. He says she’s been through a lot in her life and that she is just misguided and confused. She’s been a victim more times than the predator. Nicole says not this time…Nicole tells them all she is working for her father, Stefano Dimera!Steve informs his group that they cannot go anywhere without getting their surprise!Bo boards a life boat and heads for the ship! While he is thinking about how Mickey and Alice could have encountered him on the ship, he realizes Stefano must have replaced him with an imposter! Bo hurries to save his Fancy Face.Nicole warns the people in Cabin 43 they need to get out of the cabin immediately and alert the authorities. Eric is confused. Greta lashes out at Nicole saying she is the same manipulative bitch she’s always been! Nicole says she is trying to redeem herself and to hurry!Aidan pulls a gun on John, Marlena, Tony, and Kristen and tells them they aren’t going anywhere. John knows exactly what is happening. John says he knew something was fishy about Aidan despite the similarities he has to John and Marlena! Aidan says Stefano has been his father figure, visiting him at the orphanage for as long as he can remember…and how Stefano contracted him to come to Salem to destroy John and Marlena! Marlena cries and begs Aidan not to do this! She says they let Aidan come into their home and be the Godfather to their child. Aidan puts the gun in her face and says it was all part of the plan. Marlena cries out in agony. Aidan begins to freak out and break down. John says he can see Aidan has come to love them in some way and doesn’t want to do this. Aidan cries. Shawn, Belle, and Philip are all baffled by why Chloe has asked them to come down to the luggage room. She recalls Stefano blackmailing her.Jeremy, Georgia, and Hope all wonder why “Bo” is being so adamant about keeping them where they are. Stefano waits for Nicole and Peter to join him on the life boat. Kristen and Tony point out to Aidan that they are Stefano’s children and that Stefano wouldn’t want them hurt! Aidan breaks down saying he doesn’t want to hurt John and Marlena…but he has no choice. He says they need to stay here in the dining room.Stefano reveals how he tracked Aidan down at the orphanage and began acting like a father figure to him. He goes on to reveal his plan to bring Aidan to town to pose as John and Marlena’s child and get the ultimate revenge on them. He laughs to himself. He says that little does Aidan know…he actually *IS* John and Marlena’s son. Stefano laughs uproariously! He says the irony that John and Marlena will be KILLED by their own son whom they have grown to love only to think he is actually NOT their son. “Pure genius, if I do say so myself!”…Stefano says with a laugh. Belle demands Chloe tell them what the hell is going on! She says she knows this has to do with whatever she is keeping from them!Peter confesses to Sami, Austin, Carrie, and Will that he is working for Stefano! Austin tries to attack Peter. Peter tells them they need to get out of here NOW! He says something bad is going to happen. Stefano watches in the control room as Nicole leads Eric, Greta, Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, and Miguel away from Cabin 43. He also watches as Peter tries to sneak Austin, Carrie, Sami, and Will away. He realizes his children have betrayed them.Duncan does not reveal the scam to Hope, Jeremy, and Georgia…but instead he tells them he is one of Stefano’s pawns now…and he will make sure they all die! Hope is horrified. She says this can’t be happening and begs “Brady” to let them go.”Victor and Kate’s closeness and Victor’s almost-confession is interrupted by Jenna who tells them she’s done something awful. She confesses she’s working for Stefano Dimera. Kate asks her what she means. Jenna says she’s been blackmailed to lure them all here! Kate slaps Jenna across the face. Aidan’s hand grows more unsteady on his gun. John holds a devastated Marlena who sobs uncontrollably. Austin tells Carrie, Sami, and Will they shouldn’t trust Peter, but Peter swears he is taking them to freedom!Steve tells Kayla EVERYTHING about how the surgery was a fake…and how is Stefano’s pawn here to kill them!Greta tells Frankie, Melissa, Eric, Greta, Miguel, and Sarah they should not trust Nicole, but Nicole lures them to safety to the upper deck where they come face to face with Austin, Cassie, Sami, Will, and Peter!Peter and Nicole agree their father is up to something terrible and that they have to get off this boat. Sami says there is no way they will get all the Brady’s and Horton’s off in time! They run into Oscar, the waiter Will met. Sami realizes she knows him from somewhere but she doesn’t think of it in the moment. Oscar says he can get them all of the ship so they follow him. Stefano realizes his children have betrayed him! He realizes he must detonate the bomb right now. Chloe breaks down and tells Belle, Shawn, and Philip that she is being blackmailed into helping Stefano Dimera! Shawn and Philip realize they have to get off this ship right now. Andy and Addie comfort one another. Andy says he’ll never let anything happen to Addie. Kayla is devastated. She says this cannot be happening! Steve tells her to get used to it, Sweetness, because this boat is going down, and so is she!Miguel makes a comment to Austin about their past together, and Austin grabs him by the throat, threatening to kill him. Peter and Nicole say to save it for when they get off this boat! Sarah says to let Miguel have it! She says she can’t take this anymore! Melissa asks Sarah what is going on. Sarah says Miguel tried to rape here earlier that day. Frankie and Austin lash out at Miguel and deck him across the face. She says Billie told her he raped her years ago when she and Austin were growing up with him. Austin punches Miguel and knocks him to the ground. Nicole screams they all need to get off the boat!Stefano sets the bombs into detonation. They begin to count down from 60 seconds. Miguel tells Sarah if she’s making confessions she better start with hers! Melissa is confused. Miguel asks Melissa if she wants to know the identity of the woman he cheated on her with…Sarah screams out, crying for Miguel to shut his mouth! Melissa realizes. “No”…she says over and over. Sarah begs for a chance to explain. She slaps Sarah across the face. Miguel then tells Carrie she should ask Austin about Forty-Fourth Street. Austin attacks Miguel once again. Carrie wants to know what is going on! Sarah holds her face in pain and then exposes Miguel as Kristen’s shooter! Sarah says Miguel was trying to kill Frankie and shot Kristen instead, killing her baby! Eric tackles Miguel to the floor and begins beating his face in until it is bloody and beaten. Kayla watches Steve in tears. Bo boards the boat vowing to save everyone from the bombs. Jenna breaks down while Victor tries to tell Kate the truth about his condition. Mike realizes he needs to get them all out of there.Shawn, Belle, and Philip try to get out of the luggage room in time. Hope and Georgia watch in horror as “Bo” stands before them blocking the entrance. John and Marlena watch in terror as Aidan holds them at gunpoint. He drops the gun, crying. He says he cannot do this. He does not have it in him!Stefano takes off in his life boat. He looks back at the ship. He grieves his children, crying and saying it didn’t have to be like this. Bo reaches the deck of the ship. One by one, the six bombs detonate, sending the beloved Salemites flying in all directions. Kayla, Steve, Shane, Kim, Addie, and Andy are pummeled by water oozing into the ship at a very high speed.Jenna, Victor, Kate, Billie, and Mike are blown into the pool by a blast. Fiery luggage falls upon Shawn, Chloe, Belle, and Philip as they each scream out. Bo makes it on deck just in time to be clobbered by a blast. The fiery ceiling caves in on Hope, Georgia, Jeremy, and "Bo."Aidan, John, Marlena, Kristen, and Tony are all buried by the dining room tables and chairs that have been thrown up by blasts. Greta, Frankie, Eric, Melissa, Miguel, Austin, Carrie, Sami, Peter, Nicole, Will and Oscar are all buried in the main dining hall where the biggest bombs is. All of the girls cry out in pain and horror. Austin, Eric, Frankie, and Miguel are buried by fire. Horrible screams and guttural moans are heard by both the women and children of Salem. Everyone cries out as debris flies everywhere, and fires erupt!Stefano looks back at the ship as it is now engulfed in flames. A tear falls down Stefano’s cheek and glows orange from the reflection. “Goodbye, Salem.”…he says to himself.The boat continues to burn and crackle through the night. Agonizing screams can be heard from the boat. *FREEZE FRAME.* Congratulations to meeeee (LOL!) and all my readers for 400 wonderful episodes! Thank you all so much for your support and dedication! Who will live and who will die? Say goodbye to five of your beloved Salemites!
  13. SON does suck without its vets, but it's been a long time coming so who's surprised? Not I.
  14. LOL! I saw that. Sucks.