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  1. John McCain has a brain tumor.
  2. Yes they will. In fact I expect our trolls to do exactly that any minute now. *looks at watch*
  3. Which is ridiculous because Republicans always vote Republican no matter what.
  4. I am utterly fascinated by the Special Counsel's office. The hammer has got to come down soon because they've brought on top notch prosecutors. Those aren't people who left their jobs just to spin their wheels for months. Now they've moved into permanent offices just down the street from the DOJ complete with a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). This is going to pop off soon one way or another either with indictments or Donnie trying to fire Mueller.
  5. Jimmy Carter got released from the hospital and went right back to building houses.
  6. He's not capable. He's so cognitively compromised that it's harder and harder for him to maintain any self control. I keep wondering when he's finally going to do something in public so obviously impaired that even his cult can't spin it.
  7. It was never about legal vs. illegal immigration. It's always been about white supremacy.
  8. Endgame
  9. This healthcare ad is running in states with vulnerable senators (AK, CO, OH, NV, & WV)
  10. Translation: he's falling apart physically and mentally and his caretakers want to get him out of Washington and back to someplace he feels comfortable to slow down the decline. Hey Khan, we got some good news from your neck of the woods.
  11. I've lived in Ohio most of my life and presidential elections are usually madness but they are kindergarten nap time compared to a Sherrod Brown Senate race. The money that gets dumped into this state is mind-boggling.
  12. The truth is it will never be dead unless the GOP is out of power. Repubs are nothing if not focused on the long game. They are still trying to destroy Medicare and Social Security which have been around for decades.
  13. "One of the listed donations, for example, was a $1 million gift from Corinne Bove Maietta, a member of a well-known Burlington family. In fact, trustees learned, the $1 million had been intended as a bequest upon her death." Oh that's a no-no.
  14. Watch how fast those two interpreters meet with "accidents."
  15. I feel for the families getting threats but I have no sympathy for CNN as an organization. They worked harder than anybody to elevate Donnie. I kind of enjoy watching them hoisted on their own petard. I do hope Zucker gets kicked to the curb.
  16. Poland's First Lady ain't here for Snatchgrabber.
  17. No.
  18. This is just like the Trumpers who made death threats against various theatre companies because of that whole Julius Caesar nonsense. As Jesse Hubbard would say, these folks are stuck on stupid.
  19. This is exactly what I needed today. A trip back to Pine Valley.
  20. They are. The Dems are focused on healthcare. The press is focused on his tweets. Screw them. They brought us here. Donnie's lost his damn mind. This isn't even about policy anymore. He's obviously in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Even his supporters have to admit that. I hope those coal miners and Carrier workers enjoy seeing what he's really all about.
  21. Allow me to quote Paula Abdul... Forever my girl.
  22. I'd hate it. Hatehatehate it. Sherrod is such an amazing advocate for the people of Ohio that I simply refuse to give him up. I've often said that if Sherrod decided to run, I would chain myself to his front porch and sing "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going." But that's my selfishness talking. Do I think he would win? Probably. His cred as being an champion of the working class is unassailable and minority voters here love him. He's basically Joe Biden 2.0. There would be some real problems with his wife though. She's an outspoken, pro-choice, feminist journalist who kept her maiden name. It would be the same attacks we saw against Hillary 30 years ago but on Fox News/Twitter steroids. Also the lefty purity ponies would turn on him after looking at his voting record. Just like they attack Cory Booker for his vote against Bernie's drug bill, Sherrod has made votes in the past that won't pass their high standards. He also was one of the first to endorse Hillary and the Berniacs still throw shade at him for that.
  23. Any state that complies would essentially be admitting that their election was possibly compromised. No Sec. of State is going to want to say that they fucked up. On another topic, the #GoAwayBernie movement seems to be slowly picking up steam.
  24. The person they really need to get rid of is Andrew Lack. He keeps making programming decisions based on ideology and not ratings: Greta, Megyn, Hugh Hewitt... none of these people belong on a mainstream media outlet.
  25. Yeah, it's hard to get worked up over his misogyny when that's what people voted for. I'd go for the narrative that this is what he's doing while Carrier moves jobs to Mexico. As for Russia, that freight train will keep moving no matter what. One of the things I like is that Mueller is just doing the work. No public statements. No grabbing at the spotlight. Meanwhile everyone lawyers up, Page spends ten hours talking to the FBI, Manafort registers as a foreign agent which is an indication he violated FARA. Donnie was going to file a complain against Comey and backed down and he had to admit he didn't have any "tapes." I really believe the noose is tightening. Donnie's unhinged behavior is practically a cry to be removed from office.