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  1. Just remember that this is a country where most people don't even know who their elected representatives are. Bernie isn't "popular." He's simply a name that people recognize.
  2. That makes me happier than you will ever know. This country needs more voters like you.
  3. From HuffPo/Rewire "Mello is a sponsor of the final version of a 20-week abortion ban approved by the governor in 2010, and cast anti-choice votes in favor of requiring physicians to be physically present for an abortion in order to impede access to telemedicine abortion care, and a law banning insurance plans in the state from covering abortions. He was endorsed in 2010 by anti-choice group Nebraska Right to Life." That's not anti-abortion in his personal life. That's someone who has a hard time seeing women as people. Tim Kaine and Joe Biden are both personally against abortion but they vote pro-choice. Mello tried to force women to have ultrasounds. He may say he wouldn't do anything to get in the way of a woman's reproductive choices but his history says that's a lie. I get that he might be the best one can do as far as a Democrat in Omaha and I hope he gets elected because almost any Democrat is better than a Republican. My anger isn't at Mello (although I could never vote for an anti-choice Dem) it's at Bernie's hypocrisy and purity politics.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree. Downballot races are everything. My point was that if Bernie really cares about stopping Trump then attacking Ossoff while inserting himself into a race that has no effect on Trump, is a pretty lousy way to do that. But the truth is Bernie hates the Democrats. He did before but he hates us even more now because we didn't give him the White House.
  5. I thought of you when I read it and yes, this makes it even more maddening that Bernie decides to take swipes at Ossoff who is running for the [!@#$%^&*] HOUSE and can actually help oppose Trump while Bernie humps the leg of of an anti-choice Dem running for mayor. (For the record, I believe all races matter but if opposition to Trump is the priority then Mayor of Omaha isn't exactly the leader of the Rebellion. Congress > mayoral race. ) However, it does look like some of the shine is coming off Bernie. I'd love it if that was Perez's plan all along. Parade Sanders out and just let his natural hypocrisy show itself. Unfortunately this is Ohio so it would probably end with me getting killed by cops in a hail of gunfire while they scream "Stop resisting!"
  6. In a move that will be shocking to absolutely no one, Georgia is trying to suppress the vote for the special election.
  7. I'm tempted to hop on I-71, drive south and scream "Told ya so!" out the window.
  8. Lewis said that he never saw Sanders during the Civil Rights Movement. Since "Bernie marched with MLK" was a big talking point for the Berniacs that was considered an "attack" and Bernie's cult said that Lewis was calling him a liar.
  9. I couldn't figure out why Sanders didn't like Ossoff but then someone on another board explained it. Jon Ossoff's mentor is John Lewis and Bernie hates John Lewis.
  10. I predict he's going to take a stab at an internet presences like Palin and Beck did.
  11. Whoa if true. Something big must be about to drop.
  12. I continue to hope that someone will corner Bernie about his Russia connections.
  13. Even the gig economy will be a mess once self-driving cars become a thing, truck drivers and taxi drivers will become the new coal miner.
  14. From here on out I'm done watching election results in real time. When I started looking at Georgia's returns Ossoff had 60 percent. Now everybody better strap in because the right wing is about to deploy every underhanded tactic they can in this race. There were already voting machines stolen a few days ago. As for Bernie, I just hope he follows in the footsteps of Ron Paul into well deserved irrelevance.
  15. He has absolutely no idea what normal behavior is.
  16. Remember, Trump stated during the campaign that he believes in taking out the families of terrorists. Civilian deaths don't mean anything to him.
  17. At this point everything is so unstable I can't even imagine 2018. We've got the Russia investigation, the ever increasing threat of new wars, plus the inevitable recession. Rob Portman was so afraid to come back to Ohio, he left the country. He's in China "meeting with business leaders." The last recess he was so stalked that he basically spent the whole time hiding out. I wouldn't be surprised if he took to wearing disguises.
  18. Yeah, I was thinking that too. Although I've seen discussion that might be because they are trying to get people to flip. "Comey faces a particular problem, little understood by the public or even by most journalists covering KremlinGate. That’s the fact that classified evidence is inadmissible in court, and top-secret information will never be shown to a jury. FBI agents therefore face the uncomfortable difficulty of knowing (from highly classified reports) what was going on—and finding unclassified corroboration if they want to prosecute anybody. Hence the pressing need to get co-conspirators to “flip” on each other and, even better, coercing confessions from those facing possible prison time. This is the usual FBI modus operandi, and it’s most effective against smaller fish who aren’t eager to take the rap for bigger ones."
  19. Twitter seems to be buzzing a bit.
  20. It doesn't help that so many members of the media patted him on the back for bombing Syria. That rewarded him and he'll keep trying to get that back.
  21. The foolishness seems to come in waves.
  22. I agree that Bamz commented to early and often on a lot of things but Kanye/Swift was him getting caught on a hot mic. It's not like he made a statement from the Rose Garden. I agree that the double standard for Trump is glaring. Anytime Obama commented on anything like the death of a celebrity, the Foxbots would always come back with "Why didn't he comment on the death of this other celebrity?" He'd comment on a crime and they would find another crime to say "Why didn't he mention Kate Schindle?" They moved goalposts all over creation for him but Trump gets applause for not pissing himself on stage. The whole administration is a celebration of old white male mediocrity.
  23. I feel like it's going to be a race between Page and Flynn to see who makes a deal first. Of course, depending on what the FBI has on them, a deal might be off the table.
  24. Scrambling Trump is my favorite kind. He'll knows all the best people. Until he doesn't. I love how he mentions Hillary. Dude, you made Bannon cheif strategist after you won. You weren't facing Hillary anymore.
  25. I always gently push back on Kucinich shade. Yes, he was a disaster as mayor but one thing he was good at, in my experience, was understanding that all politics was local. When he was mayor he would eat breakfast at Tony's Diner in Lakewood several times a week and he'd basically use it like office hours. If you wanted to talk to the mayor, you could go to Tony's and do just that over an omelet and coffee. When he was in the House he still managed to be pretty responsive, you could call him about something like a broken railroad crossing and get a response. He got drunk on his own hype at the end but you can still find people who will - grudgingly in some cases - admit that he did right by constituents.