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  1. marceline added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

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  2. marceline added a post in a topic Captain America: Civil War (2016)   

    It does feel very soapy.
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  3. marceline added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    This warmed my heart. 
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  4. marceline added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    I know this is going to come across as petulant but I really hate the fact that the show is gone and that means neither the actor nor the characters will get the farewell and tributes he/they deserved. There should be a whole week of flashbacks and memories. There should be people returning to the show to say goodbye: Skye, JR, Haley, and Marian. There should be scenes of Brooke and Erica and Dixie and Marcy Walker's Liza talking about him even as they gently snipe at each other. I want flashbacks of scenes with Phoebe and Myrtle and Palmer. 
    He was such a big part of what made AMC great and I hate that the show isn't here to acknowledge and celebrate that.
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  5. marceline added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    I remember how many times I had to remind myself that Adam and Stuart were in fact played by one person. He made it look so easy. And when he would play one twin pretending to be the other, that's when you could see just how much he put into both of them.
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  6. marceline added a topic in Discuss The Soaps   

    R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)
    He was one of my absolute favorites. No matter what kind of dreck he was handed, Canary made it work.
    "Actor, David Hoyt Canary, beloved husband of Maureen Canary for over 33 years, passed away of natural causes on November 16, 2015, at The Greens at Cannondale in Wilton, Conn."

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  7. marceline added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    I think it's both. I feel like Clara's end should've come at the Christmas special. At the same time, one of the issues inherent with time travel as a plot device is the possibility that anything that happens can be undone. It's gotten harder and harder for me to invest in any character but it's especially hard for to invest in Clara because she's gone from being Oswin to the Impossible Girl (which they don't even mention at her death scene?) to this attempted bootleg Doctor. I don't hate Clara the way a lot of people do but I've rarely been able to invest in her. Not with the Doctor(s) or with Danny. In fact, the only times I've ever really liked Clara has been when she's interacted with her students.
    But if I'm honest I have to say that something about this season just isn't working for me. I love Capaldi something about this season just feels off. Like I'm waiting for something to happen that will make this all cohesive and real.
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  8. marceline added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    I knew Jenna was leaving this season but I didn't know it would be this episode. As Clara was saying her goodbye, I kept expecting a last minute save which shows just how low the stakes are for me and this show. Nothing feels like it matters anymore.
    I couldn't have cared less about Clara's death.
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  9. marceline added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    I just finished watching and I agree. I think this might be one of the best episodes of the series. It was filled with character beats that actually made sense.
    As much as I hated seeing Cookie all sprung for Laz this ep reminded me that she'd only been with two men in her life. It makes sense that she would have a blind spot. Also, everything about Cookie and Jamal in this episode was perfection. I'm sure there's a lot that can be said about Jamal running from the loft like a booty call but the whole thing was just so much fun.
    Lucious and Mimi are a really interesting pair. I was surprised at how engaging I found them.
    This is also the first episode of the season where I liked songs enough to want to buy them.
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  10. marceline added a post in a topic Victoria Rowell Retaliation suit dissmissed by federal judge   

    This whole thing is so self-defeating and sad. I feel like there should've been a way to fix this but nobody was willing or able to be the grownup and it cost the show and the genre a truly iconic character.
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  11. marceline added a post in a topic OLTL actor Nathaniel Marston in critical condition after car accident   

    For all the gossip and trash talk we do on the boards, we never truly understand these backstage relationships. I can only imagine how much love and concern Fiona had for him in order to do that.
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  12. marceline added a post in a topic OLTL actor Nathaniel Marston in critical condition after car accident   

    This is just heartbreaking. I liked him as an actor and as a person. He was kind, funny and way more open about his struggles than most people would be in his position especially if he thought it would help somebody else. He didn't seem to know much peace in life. I'm glad his suffering is over.
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  13. marceline added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: Good Week For DAYS/Y&R/B&B   

    Pratt's Y&R is still doing it's thing. I'll be interested to see if can sustain this or if the bubble bursts the way it did at AMC.
    I also see that SmartTV is pulling in droves of viewers.
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  14. marceline added a post in a topic B&B - November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Lawd when you hate, you hate with the heat of a thousand suns. 
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  15. marceline added a post in a topic OLTL actor Nathaniel Marston in critical condition after car accident   

    There's a press release:
    "Actor Nathaniel Marston, best known for his work on daytime television (ex-Al Holden, ex-Michael McBain, One Life to Live; ex-Eddie Silva, As The World Turns) was critically injured in a single-car crash on Friday, October 30 in rural Nevada. According to local highway patrol and tribal police, no drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident.
    A preliminary investigation has lead police to believe that Marston was fatigued and fell asleep while driving. The vehicle drifted into the opposite lane and it is believed that when Marston awoke he over-corrected, causing his pickup truck to flip several times. He was ejected from the vehicle through the windshield and upon landing crushed several vertebrae in his neck and back. Remarkably, he suffered no head trauma.
    Doctors initially believed that, should Marston survive, he would be paralyzed from the neck down and need a ventilator to breathe. But following surgery the prognosis has brightened considerably. Marston regained consciousness for a short while, understood the situation and was clear-headed enough to make medical decisions for himself. There will be more surgeries in the near future, but it is now believed that with significant physical therapy the actor should be able to regain function of his upper body, although it is too soon to tell when, or if, he will be able to walk again.
    Marston’s mother, Elizabeth Jackson, has been at his bedside ever since being notified of the crash, and has since been joined by other family members. She has attempted to keep friends and fans updated through her Facebook page, asking for prayers and healing thoughts to be sent up for her son. She is encouraging people to check her page or the official Nathaniel Marston Facebook for news of his progress. She also requests that people continue to send out prayers of comfort and healing for Nathaniel."
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