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  1. We won't really know for sure whether or not Lisa was going to bring up "the lie." If you recall, Lisa was about to start talking to Brandi about what she was hurt about, and Brandi conveniently interrupted Lisa and stated that it wasn't about Lisa, but about Brandi and her hurt feelings. On the subject of the lie, I don't know if anyone noticed, but when Brandi was talking to Carlton, she turned extra red in the face when she brought up the fact of Lisa attempting to bring the tabloids. IMO, that is really telling that Brandi was full of it.
  2. Does anyone know when the housewives submit the blogs to be posted? Both Carlton and Joyce have their blogs up; however, Nene is claiming that today was a holiday for their "web people." I just find that very suspect...
  3. I don't see it as Liz blaming Sam for her child's death; she was explaining to Jason the emotions that Sam is most likely feeling--how Sam feels responsible for her baby's death and hating Jason keeps her mind off of it. The way I perceived it, Liz was explaining her thought process to Jason as she experienced losing a child herself.
  4. I may be way off here, but does anyone think that it's possible that Marty is Victor's killer? I just keep going back to his "Oh my God, what the hell are you doing here?" and the only people that could really make sense with is either Marty or Irene. Of course, they could always change the story multiple times so it doesn't make sense in the end!
  5. After watching Jessica, Brody, and Clint today I got to thinking, and I hope I'm wrong. I have a feeling Jessica's baby is Ford's; however, Clint will mess around with the paternity test to make it so everyone believes the baby is Brody's to "protect his family." I hope I'm wrong.
  6. The moment Inez walked in on Ford at the police station, I KNEW she would be contacting Eli! Why does it feel like whenever OLTL has a villian, he or she is just so powerful? Everything is always falling right into their laps. Spencer, Mitch, and even Stacy too. I would just like to see the villian sweat a little for once, and not be able to easily manipulate every little situation to their advantage.
  7. Is it me, or does OLTL constantly have the characters remind us of everything that is going on in the stories? It feels like they are always summarizing EVERYTHING that just happened days ago, or reminding us of what happened with constant flashbacks?
  8. Jessica and Cristian First Meet (May 11, 1995)