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  1. If by "managing" you mean plowing, and by "career" you mean flappy female meat curtains. Then yes, he is managing it. Managing it raw.
  2. That sneak-peak clip was really well done. I can only imagine how terrible it would have been under the previous regime. The flashbacks under Scott are infinitely better than under Wyman and Co.
  3. Farah really should only be a supporting character and funny friend because she can't do emotional scenes very well. I only started hating her hardcore when JER moved her from Belle's friends to front-burner, let's-get-her-a-mom-and-two-brothers character.
  4. That was a funny rundown of just a handful of the absolutely ridiculous plot turns in that infamous storyline.
  5. Well, I for one am starting to tape the show this week because of this story. Here's hoping Ed Scott makes this upcoming sweeps one to remember. I have disliked Drake's acting style and disliked John since I started watching, but I'm sure he will do a good job with this turn of events. It is quite sad when a longtime actor loses his or her job.
  6. EJ raped Sami. Sami raped Austin. They are both hideous, and therefore, in my mind, the slate is wiped clean. Also, people keep saying he held a gun to her. EJ owns a gun, and it was likely in the car with him, but I never remembered him holding one to her until I was told he did. Is that a rewrite? Is there a link online where I can rewatch it?
  7. I an not a Nadia fan, but if KH did inherit her body I think she would be able to act. In fact, it may be the only way: through possession.
  8. I totally agree. I just don't get it! There are people whose lives and professions are Days of our Lives and they can't see what everyone else can. I want desperately to be able to watch this show, but I can't. Apparently Roman was buried alive last week, and I tuned in for two days straight and had no idea. Who does that? How does that happen? The storylines are dreadful, and the ones that are decents skip numerous beats that make them worthless. They are getting the number they deserve for the material they're airing.
  9. With consumer goods ordered from the U.S., I have had to pay cross-border premiums. Meaning it is delivered to the post office, they leave a note at your door, and you pay GST, PST and a handling fee ($5 for me). What cost me $40 ended up totaling more than $50. So beware.
  10. You talk about how it's "very sad" how we're not allowed to have opposite political views, yet in the same breath you bash Rosie, those who disagree with Elizabeth and their "lack of information." According to you. I don't like Barry's stance at all, but I'm not going to judge it. Both sides have made reprehensible comments about the war and 9/11, such as Rosie and Ann Coulter. I don't think they are the poster children for Dems and Reps, so I think it's time to stop using them as such. And I agree... it's all so very sad.
  11. After roughly 7 years in power, that excuse gets lamer and lamer.
  12. Zach did something. He gave every HoH his vote, played under the radar, and had now matched Dick in HoH and veto wins. And won the endurance comp for F3. That, in my book, is SOMETHING.
  13. I haven't seen DAYS in a month. I'm going to start on Monday to see some of the subtle changes Ed Scott will implement.
  14. Dick is indeed one of my faves, but I am with Daniele... he was a little power-mad and pissing people off. It is going to come around to bite him in the ass come elimination time, especially if either Mike or Kail win HoH after one of them is sent home. I dislike Kail politics, but I was starting to feel for her this week. She is just playing the game, but Dick was relentless. She was wonder she lost the challenge!!
  15. C. Very disappointing. Could be much better.