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  1. We left on a huge hiatus but now it's time to come back to the light. Finding the Light only has one season left, and the first chapter is almost over. I will soon be posting the second half of Tumbling Down which consists of 8 more episodes and ends on the date of February 29th 2012 at the Masquerade Ball where everything will come Tumbling Down! Previously on Finding the Light: Tumbling Down Annie has been manipulating everyone around her. Reva is being pulled away from her relationship with Noah. Josh is struggling to battle his cancer. Marah is being forced into a marriage with Edmund that is pulling her from her family. Ava and Shayne are expecting a baby. Now Dinah and Mallet's happiness is going to be compromised. A jail cell won't keep Annie out of Springfield. Dylan and Bridget have adopted Clarissa's son. But now they are struggling with the money issues. Susan and Stephanie went from being enemies to besties. Stephanie is pregnant with Guillespie's baby but the two are still keeping their secret about murdering him. Susan has put Stephanie with her charming step-brother Peter who wants to help raise her baby. Spencer has fallen into the addiction/depression that comes along with self injury. But has her cry for help done enough to save her from herself. Amanda tried to overcome her manipulative ways but now she is determined to steal David away from her niece Vicky. Gus and Harley have been reunited but worry Springfield will keep them from being happy. Aubrey cross is back in Liz's life. She is the woman who drove Jonathan and Sarah out of Springfield after she shot Liz. Now she must decide Aubrey's fate after she saved Liz and her son Clay from a fire. Rafe is now caught between a rock and a hard place, since Aubrey can easily spill that he was her evil side kick back in the day. Marti was the victim of sexual assualt while she was in New York but is keeping it a secret which has ended her relationship with Zach. Michelle is starting a new romance with her old fling (and cousin via adoption) Dr. J Chamberlain. But her non-Danny Santos relationships have been less successful in the past. She worries if this one will be different. Ashlee is struggling with her eating disorder which was triggered again by her controlling boyfriend Dalton. She has been leaning on her ex Coop but that is messing up his marriage with Eden whose evil side is being brought back out by the triangle. Coop has also discovered that one of the roommates at the Museum Apartment is HIV positive. Kevin has been flying off the handle and no one seems to know why. Blake, Ross, Rocky, and everyone else are worried about him. But they have not seen anything yet and have no idea he has been stumbling around Springfield and living homeless. We are about to get an answer as to what is going on with Kevin. Jason is dating Vi but head over heels for Maureen. Will he dump he be loyal to his slighlty mean girlfriend or leave her for the girl next door Maureen? Belinda has just found out that Cyrus Foley is her biological father. Which also means that her uncle is Guillespie, the man who murdered her boyfriend's sister Tammy Winslow. She has already dealt with her mother killing RJ's father. Her fears of ending up a psycho like her mother are overwhelming now. Just when you think all of this drama has built up enough... EVERYTHING COMES TUMBLING DOWN!
  2. OMFG! This is all the pics they would let me put in here!?!?!?!
  3. Life changing moments happen in Springfield... Mallet and Dinah's House: The whole family is now together. Mallet and Dinah stand in the living room. Belinda and RJ stand in the middle. Cyrus and Marina are walking inside. Belinda looks at her mother, "No. Stop it. This isn't funny." Dinah sighs, "I know." Cyrus looks at Belinda, "I've waited so long to talk to you about this Belinda. I promise you not a day has gone by where I didn't miss you." Belinda stares, "You barely know me." Dinah looks at her, "I know this isn't what you wanted-" Belinda shakes her head, "Cyrus Foley is my father?" Mallet looks at her, "It has no reflection on who you are Belinda." Marina stares, "Guys stop it. Belinda, Cyrus has changed. He's a great guy and I trust him with my son because I know what a great guy he is." Dinah looks at her, "This isn't about Cyrus. This is about my daughter." They continue arguing back and forth. Belinda turns around to see RJ pale. Belinda stares, "Oh my God." RJ sighs, "I..." She nods, "Cyrus is Guillespie's brother isn't he? Guillespie is my uncle?" Cyrus sighs, "Yes Belinda." Belinda looks down, "So you're saying that not only is my mother the woman who killed RJ's father... but my uncle is the hit man who terrorized everyone in this town and killed RJ's sister Tammy on her wedding night?" RJ tries to hold himself together. An emotional Belinda feels sick. Lighthouse: Bill parks outside the lighthouse. The men are all in their coats. Bill hollers, "Spencer!?!" Phillip shouts, "Spencer?" Robbie looks up, "Oh my God." The men look up at the top. Spencer is walking around the edge of the lighthouse. She is leaning on the railing. Spencer has taken a lot of pills. She is almost numb all over, but now is eager to feel something painful. She keeps tearing at her arm but can't feel anything. Bill, Phillip and Robbie run as close as they can. Spencer looks down past them at the freezing water beneath her. Bill and Phillip look at each other. Robbie sighs, "I'm going to try to get to her. Just talk to her." Phillip hollers, "Spencer. Please get down." Spencer is muttering to herself but they can't hear her. She slowly starts to climb on top of the railing. She can hear the water beneath her now. She faces the lighthouse. Spencer smiles, "I'm not like everyone else. My head doesn't work the same way. I feel everything. I feel love, I feel hate. I feel..." Robbie finally gets to the top, "Spencer no!!!" He watches in horror as a smiling Spencer lets herself fall backwards off the lighthouse and crashing down into the freezing water below. Road: Liz has crashed her car. She's trapped inside and her baby boy is in the back seat. Aubrey Cross stares into her window, "Hey Lizzie. Long time no see." Liz stares in shock, "Aubrey... you're back in Springfield. My baby is stuck in the back seat and I can't get him out!" Aubrey stares, "He certainly doesn't look like you." Liz shakes her head, "He's my son with Remy." Aubrey nods, "The cop who tried to put me away?" Liz sighs, "Aubrey you tried to kill me before, I know you hate me. But my son has never done anything to anyone. He's Sarah's brother. Please Aubrey get me out!" Aubrey shakes her head, "No time." Aubrey walks away. Liz screams, "No!!! Aubrey help me!!!!" Liz hears the back window break. Liz looks in the mirror. Aubrey reaches in, "Hey little guy." Baby Clay screams and cries. Liz looks at him, "It's okay Baby. Mommy won't let anything happen to you." Aubrey struggles to get his car seat. Liz shakes her head, "Just take him out of it!" Aubrey undoes the seatbelt. Smoke starts filling into the car. Liz cries, "Please, we've already lost Remy please don't let this happen." Aubrey picks up the baby, "Yes! Oh you're okay!" Aubrey pulls him out and holds him close. She rocks him, "Hush little baby..." Liz stares at Aubrey holding her son, "Aubrey... Aubrey let me out now!" Aubrey holds Baby Clay close as she looks back at Liz who's coughing from the smoke. She looks at Baby Clay and then back at Liz, Aubrey runs away. Liz screams, "No!!! No!! My baby!!!!!!!" Museum Apartment: Maureen and Jason are making out in the bedroom. Maureen looks at him, "I've wanted this for so long." Jason smiles, "You have no idea how much I've wanted this." The two continue kissing. Their loud music is playing in the room. Outside in the living room, Vi is pacing. Vi shakes her head, "No... Jason wouldn't do this to me... No." Vi starts throwing things around in the room. She breaks down in tears. Vi holds her hands over her face. All she wants to do is run in and attack them. But she holds herself back. Vi quickly picks up the mess she made. She is being very quiet. She grabs her bags and walks back towards the door. But first she goes over by the candles that Jason put out for her. Vi shakes her head, "You could have had me Jason. I would have done anything to make you happy. I was the best girlfriend you ever had. I was finally going to be honest and open up to you. But I will never trust someone again because of you and because of her..." Vi runs her hand on the candle stick. Vi sighs, "If I can't have you..." Vi knocks the candle into the pillows. She watches as the flames grow larger next to Jason's room. Vi quietly walks out. Bauer Home: Coop is with Ashlee in the garage apartment. She sighs, "You don't know what it's like to wake up everyday and feel like you're the most disgusting person who was ever born. To feel like you just let yourself down." Coop stares, "Ashlee..." She sighs, "Anytime I'm anywhere with Dalton I feel like people are staring. Wondering why he would be with someone who looks like me." Coop stares, "I can't believe you see yourself the way you do." Ashlee nods, "I don't think I could ever lose enough weight. I will always hate myself. Before at least I could pretend that if I lost weight things would change. But now... I'm still me." He looks at her, "You're still you. You're still funny, sweet, creative, caring, energetic, thoughtful, smart, amazing, romantic, brave..." Ashlee laughs, "That's a long list." He looks at her, "I think very highly of you." Ashlee stares, "You're good at this." He stares, "At what?" She nods, "Making me feel beautiful and important." He takes her hand, "You're both Ashlee." She looks down, "I know it sounds terrible but... I mean Dalton compliments me all the time. But it just doesn't feel the same way as when you say things." Coop stares, "Maybe you should think about taking things slower with Dalton while you figure things out Ashlee. I don't want to see you put yourself in too many stressful situations." Ashlee rubs his hand, "You still care about me." He smiles, "Of course. I always do." Ashlee stares into Coop's eyes. He looks down to see she's still touching his hand. Towers: Ross is in his suite. Blake is there with him. She gets off her phone, "I think they're starting to get annoyed with me." Ross stares, "You call them a lot Blake." She looks at him, "What am I supposed to do? Kevin is still out there somewhere!" Ross stands, "How can we expect them to find someone who does not want to be found? As much as I wish everyone could care about Kevin as much as we do, I know the reality." Blake sighs, "Why is this happening?" Ross stares, "Kevin is lost right now, emotionally. We have to trust that somehow he'll find his way back to us. Just trust your heart Blake." An emotional Blake looks at him, "Why are you so strong right now?" He nods, "I've been through this before remember?" Blake wipes her tears, "Dinah killing Hart is not the same as anything Kevin has done. He's not a murderer Ross. He's just... he's..." Ross nods, "Our son?" She nods, "Yeah." He looks at her, "And no one can love him the way that we do. It's frustrating watching people write him off as some sort of monster." She shakes her head, "He's not, is he? He's just our son, and he needs our help." Ross looks at her, "He has a great mother who loves him, it's only a matter of time before he comes back to you for help. You're amazing Blake." Blake sighs, "He wouldn't even come out to me. He's made it clear that he 'doesn't need' me. I feel like I failed him Ross. I really did." Ross takes her hand, "Never say that Blake. You are an incredible human being and I'm so happy that I can call you the mother of three of my children." Ross kisses her hand. The two stare at each other. They lean closer and kiss. PART TWO: Mallet and Dinah's House: Belinda stands with RJ. She can't look him in the eye. RJ doesn't know what to say. He understand why Annie came to him with this information. Dinah looks at Cyrus, "Do you see? Do you see now why I didn't want you in her life?" Cyrus stares, "I'm sorry." Marina shakes her head, "No! Dinah get off your high horse. Cyrus loves Belinda. Tammy was my best friend and I don't hold Cyrus responsible for what happened." Dinah nods, "Funny because I recall you dumping him when you found out who his brother was." Mallet looks at them, "Would you two stop?" Dinah shakes her head, "Marina started it, now didn't she?" Marina stares, "You've never liked me Dinah." Dinah nods, "Well you've always liked to go after my sloppy seconds. We both know you've always had a fascination with Mallet as well." Mallet looks at her, "Stop it Dinah." Marina laughs, "Did you tell your daughter that you blackmailed Cyrus into staying out of Belinda's life? That you forced him to sign papers saying he would never tell her who he was." Belinda turns to her, "What?" Dinah nods, "Yes I did. And now you see why." Belinda shakes her head, "That wasn't your choice to make!" Dinah walks towards her, "Belinda I did it because I love you!" Belinda pulls away, "No! Stay away from me!" Cyrus sighs, "Belinda I never meant-" She shakes her head, "No! I don't want anything to do with any of you. I'm tired of people keeping secrets from me! You can all go to hell." Belinda storms out. Everyone stands around looking at each other with anger. Cedars: Spencer is rushed into the ER with the EMTs. Bill, Phillip and Robbie follow in. Michelle runs over, "Oh my God! Emma? What happened?" The EMT's look at her, "She's showing signs of hypothermia." Bill runs over, "Michelle please help her." Phillip nods, "She fell into the lake. I think she's taken some pills." Michelle stares at her son, "Robbie what are you doing here?" A horrified Robbie stares at an unconscious Spencer. They roll her away, Michelle follows. Bill and Phillip look at each other. They are both soaking wet from jumping in after her. Bill looks at Robbie, "You should go home. But thank you Robbie. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't led us to her in time." Bill hugs Robbie. Robbie nods, "Okay... bye." Robbie slowly walks out of the hospital. An emotional Bill paces, "I can't believe I let this happen." Phillip shakes his head, "It's my fault. I did this to her." Bill looks at him, "I'm done fighting Phillip. We need to focus on her and doing everything we can to help her get through this. Okay?" Phillip nods, "I agree." Bill nods, "I don't care about our past Olivia, our past with our fathers, or anything else between the Lewis and Spaulding families." Bill reaches his hand out. Phillip reaches back. Spencer's fathers shake hands. Bauer Home: Coop sits with Ashlee. He pulls away. She looks at him, "Are you okay?" He stands up, "No actually." She stares. Coop looks at her, "Eden is upset for other reasons too. She seems to think that there might be something going on between the two of us?" Ashlee laughs, "Us? You and me?" Coop smiles, "I didn't think it was that funny." She keeps laughing, "I'm sorry. It's just silly. We're just friends now." He nods, "Exactly. We already tried the dating thing. It didn't work out between us." She nods, "I know right? I mean if it didn't work the first time around then wouldn't we be crazy to think it would work this time? Nothing's changed has it?" Coop stares, "Ashlee, you need to promise me that you're going to get help okay?" Ashlee nods, "Okay. I'll talk to my Mom later. I'll go back to counseling." He smiles, "I'm going to check in on you. Okay?" She nods, "Okay." He looks at her, "I got to get going." Ashlee grabs an apple, "I'm going to start eating now. I just need to get back into my healthy diet." Ashlee takes a bite. Coop smiles, "I'm proud of you Ashlee." Coop walks out. The second the door closes Ashlee spits the bite out. She drops the apple into the trash. Ashlee gets ready to go for a jog. Road: Liz is beginning to pass out from the smoke. She can see sparks starting to come from the hood of her car. Liz cries, "Remy..." She begins to pass out. As Liz closes her eyes she feels her door getting torn open. Aubrey reaches in and tears Liz out of her seat. Aubrey pulls a limp Liz out. She grabs her from under her arms. Flames begin to fill around the car. Aubrey hurries as she drags Liz away. They car explodes, knocking Aubrey and Liz down. They hear an ambulance coming down the road. Liz looks up to see Aubrey shielding her. Liz looks around. Aubrey nods, "I put Clay down over there. He's okay. I had to get him a few yards away from the car." Liz stares at her in confusion. Cop cars and an ambulance park next to them. EMT's rush out. David Grant hurries over, "Hey. I heard what happened. What's going on?" Liz stares, "Aubrey Cross saved my life." David stares, "Aubrey Cross?" Aubrey looks up at him. David stares. The EMT's bring Baby Clay over. David grabs his handcuffs, "Aubrey Cross you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Sarah Randall, the shooting of Elizabeth Spaulding, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law..." Liz stares as Aubrey is taken to the cop car. Museum Apartment: Maureen and Jason are making out on the bed. She is on top of him. Jason feels her body. Maureen looks at him, "Those candles are so beautiful." He smiles, "You like it?" She nods, "They smell really strong." Jason stops kissing. The two sit up. Jason sees smoking coming from under the door. Maureen stares, "Oh my God!" The two run into the bathroom. Jason looks at her, "Call 911." Suddenly they hear a spraying noise. Jason rushes over. Vi opens the door to his room. She holds the fire extinguisher in her hands. Jason stares, "Vi." She smiles, "Thank God you're all right!" She throws her arms around him. Vi smiles, "I came home and saw the fire." Jason sighs, "I was trying to surprise you." She nods, "I'm so glad you're okay. I was so worried about you." Jason and Vi hold each other. Maureen stares at them from the bathroom. Vi pretends to not know what was going on. She smiles to herself. Towers: Ross and Blake are kissing. Ross stops it. Blake looks down, "This isn't right is it?" He sighs, "It feels right..." She nods, "But?" He looks at her, "Not like this. Not while we're emotional and worried about our son. We need to focus on Kevin and the rest of our family before we do anything." She nods, "Who knows if we'll really do anything?" He sighs, "You're right." Blake grabs her bag, "I need to go check on Clarissa. Adam is 5 months old today and this has been tough on her you know? So I need to go." He sighs, "Okay." Blake quickly walks out. Ross sits in his chair. He begins to wonder if he should have got her to stay. There is a knock at his door. Ross jumps up and rushes over. He opens the door. Belinda stands outside his room, "Ross." He looks at her, "Belinda. What's wrong?" Belinda looks at him, "You're my grandfather right?" He nods, "Yes I am." She sighs, "Then you'll help me out. I can't go home, I can't be around all of those people right now. I just need to lie down and clear my head." Ross puts his arm around her, "Come inside." Ross walks his granddaughter into his home. Police Station: Aubrey is taken into the jail cell. They lock her in by herself. She sighs, "Oh my God." Annie Dutton is in the cell next to her, "Aubrey Cross right?" Aubrey turns and looks at her, "Yeah. You're Annie Dutton?" Annie smiles, "Looks like I'll have some company." Aubrey nods, "For a while anyway." Annie grins, "You're the one who kidnapped Sarah Randall, faked a pregnancy, stole Marina Cooper's baby, shot Lizzie Spaulding, went on the run." Aubrey stares, "I don't have time to list your crimes." Annie grins, "You should try. You could learn a lot from me." The two crazy women of Springfield smile at each other. PREVIEWS: Aubrey's victims await confrontation Gus and Harley declare their feelings Mallet and Dinah make a decision Spencer begins recovery Marti stays with Zach Kevin makes a violent return!
  4. I am actually loving the new layout for the site. It's so easy and nice looking. I hope they don't change it again for a while. I really struggle writing Belinda's story. It feels so cliche. But I really want to hit the real emotions instead of just the big shockers! But still revelations are fun Though this will most likely be hte last time we see a story quite like this on FTL. Ashlee is very fragile. I wanted her to go back to her original personality of being a fun, self-concious but still a little dark. This is the girl who shot Alan Spaulding for being mean to her Mom. Ashlee's story is only going to get more twisted and lead to a big love square! The Vi/Jason/Maureen story is a fun love triangle with a huge twist that compleltely changes EVERYTHING!!!! I'm so excited for it to happen. It'll be so confusing until then. Amanda wants David and she will do ANYTHING to get him. Spencer has a long emotional recovery ahead. LOL I love shocking people! That scene with Liz was so much fun to write all the way up to Aubrey walking over. I miss watching scenes like that, only soaps can really give you that feeling. Aubrey's story is going to be so surprising in the next chapter. Belinda was a rebellious child already, but now they might as well put a loaded gun in one hand and a bottle of jack in the other hahaha And murder? Hmmm... guess you'll have to wait and see. All I can say is that the chapter finale is getting closer and just when everything builds up as high as it can go, it all comes TUMBLING DOWN. Thanks ML and Matt for the comments. And thanks about MP. I'm loving writing t.
  5. Winding Way Everything is fast paced in LA People are on edge And for some it's life or... ULA: Lauren is talking with the nurses at the front desk. She is relieved that Michael is going easier on her. Suddenly the next patient is rushed in. The hospital staff gasp when they recognize him. Drew is being rolled in. Lauren turns, "Drew? Oh my God." She rushes over to check him out. The EMT's update her on Drew's status. They rush him into a room. Lauren follows. Apartment 7: Riley walks inside. She just got home from work. She hollers, "Drew? Drew?" She looks around. Riley walks into the bedroom. She then steps into the bathroom. Riley paces around. She walks over and looks out the window. Her cell phone rings. Riley answers, "Hey Laur..." Riley's face goes pale. She has tears in her eyes, "Oh God... I'm on my way!" An emotional Riley grabs her purse and runs out the door. Courtyard: Jonah walks up to the courtyard. Tricia steps outside her apartment. Riley rushes through. Jonah looks at her, "Riley are you okay?" She shakes her head, "Not now Jonah." Riley hurries past Jonah. Tricia walks over, "What was that about?" He shakes his head, "I'm not sure. I used to talk to Riley about everything and now she can barely even look at me. I just hope everything is okay." Tricia nods, "You're a good ex boyfriend. Most guys would be banging on her door, swearing, and telling everyone her dirty little secrets." Jonah shakes his head, "Riley doesn't have any. Besides, we're still friends, or at least I hope that we are. She's really caught up with her new fiance." Tricia sighs, "Well maybe it's time you started focusing on yourself." He nods, "I guess I've let myself go a bit lately." He rubs his stomach. She laughs, "Well I can help you with that." He shakes his head, "I can't do gyms. I get nervous in front of all those big buff guys." Tricia nods, "How about you and I go to a park tomorrow? There is a great trail on Winding Way in Santa Monica. It'd be free of charge." He smiles, "Really?" She nods, "Sure. You're one of the few down to Earth people here." He grins, "I appreciate that. Thank you." Tricia smiles, "No problem." Tricia walks away. Jonah has a smile on his face. WPK: Ella returns from a business meeting. She walks up the steps towards her office. The second Ella gets up, she sees her office is trashed. Ella takes off her sunglasses and walks inside. She hollers for her assistants. Ella looks around at the mess. One of her male assistants walks in, "Ms. Simms?" Ella turns, "What the hell happened in here?" He shakes his head, "I have no idea." She scoffs, "No idea? My office is glass and see-through. How the hell could you possibly miss someone coming in and trashing the place?" He sighs, "I'm sorry, I was working so hard." She stops him, "Any idea who could have done this?" He stares, "Maybe one of the employees you let go?" Ella shakes her head, "I didn't let them go. I fired their asses for failing to keep up on their work with their clients." He nods, "I'll call the police if you'd like." Ella notices that nothing is missing. She takes a deep breath, "I'll handle this. Get back to work." Her assistant walks out quietly. Ella sighs, "Amanda you clever bitch." Courtyard: Violet is walking to the laundry room with a basket. Chase walks over, "Hey Red." She smiles, "Hi. You're the actor right?" He nods, "Indeed I am." She grins, "That's so cool. Are you dating Ella?" He laughs, "Uh... not quite." She nods, "Oh sorry. Probably none of my business. And honestly you could do better, I mean look at you." Chase laughs, "Okay." She holds the basket close to her side. He stares, "Doing a boyfriend's laundry?" She sighs, "He's not my boyfriend yet." He nods, "Yet? Sounds like a work in progress." Violet nods, "Jonah is amazing. Any girl would be lucky to have him. But only some girls out there actually deserve him. And if you ask me, I do." Chase grins, "You seem to have a high opinion about yourself." She shakes her head, "I just know Jonah. I've been living with him for a while now and he just gets me. And I get him in a way that other women can't." Chase nods, "Have you told him this?" She shakes her head, "I'm sure he already knows." Chase sighs, "Looks like everyone is coupling out around here." She smiles, "Before you know it, Jonah will be slapping a ring on my finger. Bigger than Riley's." He stares, "You don't think you're getting ahead of yourself?" She smiles, "You'll see." Violet heads to the laundry room. Chase watches as his crazy neighbor walks away. ULA: Riley is walking around the waiting room. She can't sit down for a moment. Lauren walks over. Riley sees her and runs over, "Lauren. What's going on? Where is he? When can I see him?" Lauren shushes her, "Take a deep breath Riley." Riley shakes her head, "Just tell me he's okay." Lauren nods, "He's stable now. Riley we knew this could happen." She shakes her head, "I didn't." Lauren stares, "Drew said he talked to you about this." Riley sighs, "I thought he was preparing me for the worst. I never thought that this would happen within the next couple of days. He's seemed fine." Lauren stares, "He's strong and good at putting up a front. But Drew is getting very weak Riley." Riley cries. Lauren takes her hand, "He's sleeping, but you can come see him." Riley and Lauren hold hands as they walk down the hall. Lauren leads Riley to his room. They open the door. Riley cries as she sees Drew sleeping and hooked up to machines. Lauren nods, "We can take everything off him tomorrow. We just want to observe him overnight and we'll let you guys know in the morning." Riley walks over and sits next to him. She takes his hand and kisses it. She sighs, "I love you Drew." Lauren looks at them and wonders how life can be like this for them. The LA residents settle down as the night begins. Apartment 9: David sits in his apartment. The door opens. Lauren walks in, "Hey." He looks at her, "Hi. How's Drew?" Lauren nods, "He's okay. I finally got Riley to come home. We're going back first thing in the morning. She wanted to stay but I knew Drew would hate having her watch him all night." David stares, "I'm glad he's going to be okay." Lauren shakes her head, "For now. David, he's dying. I mean I don't think Riley has accepted that yet. Drew is not going to be there for her in the long run. It's going to destroy her." Lauren has tears in her eyes. David puts his arm around her. She sighs, "I hate being cold. But I want to shake her and tell her that he is going to die and she needs to prepare herself. Is that heartless?" David kisses her, "No. You're amazing Laur." Lauren holds him close. David looks at her, "I'm going to get out of our meeting with McKellan." Lauren shakes her head, "No. I haven't changed my mind about that." He sighs, "Lauren." She nods, "We can't let him run our lives. I know we have a lot going on right now but I really need to get our life back on track. Please David?" He nods, "Okay." David and Lauren hold each other close. The next morning at Melrose Place. Apartment 6: Violet wakes up. She slowly gets out of bed. She rushes over to the kitchen to make Jonah breakfast. On her way she stops to watch him sleep. Violet is surprised to see that Jonah is gone. She hollers, "Jonah?" Violet looks around and checks in the bathroom. Violet is getting concerned. Santa Monica Park: Jonah and Tricia are together. She looks at him, "Okay we're going to try and jog a mile or two to warm up." He laughs, "Funny." She nods, "Do I look like I'm kidding?" He shakes his head, "Tricia... I can't even walk a mile. I get tired walking up tall flights of stairs." She laughs, "Come on Jonah. Don't wuss out on me." He laughs, "Ouch." Tricia smiles, "Jonah, you are only limited as much as you limit yourself." He stares, "That sounds like an inspirational poster." Tricia nods, "Come on. You're smart, funny, and you're in okay shape. If you believe in yourself you can accomplish a lot more Jonah." He nods, "Okay." She takes off her jacket, "Let's do some stretches." Jonah notices her fit tight body. She nods, "Let's stretch your leg muscles. Get on the ground." Jonah laughs, "You sure like to boss me around." Jonah sits down. Tricia starts showing him some good stretches to start with. Jonah stares at her body, "You got be kidding me." She looks at him, "What?" He shakes his head, "Nothing." Jonah tries to ignore her sexy body as he stretches. He constantly tries to think of something else to calm himself down. Coal: David stands behind the bar at Coal. He looks at the clock. Mr. McKellan arrives on the dot. He walks inside and heads towards David. He smiles, "A meeting today huh? I hope you are not about to do something stupid David. Because that would be a real shame for you and your pretty girlfriend." David stares, "Is that so?" McKellan nods, "I always have people tracking her David. Trust me." Lauren walks over, "Is that so?" McKellan stares, "What the hell is this?" David stares, "Sorry." Lauren nods, "I don't like to be left out of the loop. Especially when it concerns me. Do you understand?" McKellan laughs, "You are in over your head little girl." Lauren stares, "First off don't condescend me." David laughs. McKellan looks at him, "This is funny?" Lauren shakes her head, "No it's not. But I'm tired of being used. You want to blackmail David? Fine. But I'm in on this too now. I'm joining your little team." McKellan looks at both of them. David looks at Lauren. McKellan smiles, "You have no idea what you're getting into." Lauren stares back at him. ULA: Riley walks down the hall. She heads over to Drew's room. He is sitting up a little. Riley smiles, "I'm so happy to see your eyes open." He stares, "Riley I'm so sorry. I hate that I scared you like that." Riley smiles, "Don't apologize. You're okay now and that is all I care about." Drew nods, "You're amazing you know that?" She sits next to him, "I missed you. I hate not having you next to me when I sleep." He grins, "I missed you too." Drew takes her hand and kisses it. He sighs, "I wanted to put a diamond on your finger." She nods, "You mean like this?" Riley pulls out the ring that Drew was looking at the day before." Drew stares, "Oh my God. How?" She smiles, "I went and asked which ring you were looking at. And the owner actually gave us a great deal on it. I told him our story and he asked if you were okay." He smiles, "I can't believe it." She nods, "People believe in us Drew. Do you feel it?" He grins, "I'm starting to." Riley hands him the ring. Drew looks at him, "I'm tired of wasting time. Riley Richmond, when I get out of this hospital, will you make me the happiest man in the world by making me your husband?" Riley smiles, "Yes. I don't want to wait any longer to be your wife." Drew puts the ring on Riley's finger. The two kiss. Apartment 4: Ella is getting ready for work. Chase looks at her, "Did you find out who trashed your office?" Ella sighs, "Someone working for Amanda. Probably Tricia, or Violet, or... I don't know. At this point all I care about is getting back at Amanda. And whoever is working for her is going to pay." Chase nods, "Just relax El. Go to work and forget about everything. Amanda is in prison and there is nothing she can do to you from in there." Ella smiles, "You're probably right. I got to go. I'll text you later." Ella heads out the door. Chase is now alone in the apartment. His phone rings. Chase answers it, "Good timing I guess... she just left... I did what you asked okay? I trashed her office and scared the crap out of her... I hired Ciara, I did a million other things. What else do you want?... I have been working for you and doing everything you say can you please let me off the hook.... hello? Are you still there? Amanda!"
  6. Glad you enjoyed that lol
  7. Just the title gets me excited!!! Still mad at Lauren for ruining that moment! It's nice to see Lauren interacting with everyone. When people have stories where they are isolated from the others, it's easy to forget how interesting they can be. I love how Ria can let her walls down a bit with Jasmine. It's nice to see that side of her, as well as the tough exterior. (BTW everytime I see Jasmine I think of A Different World lol). WOW! Sister Pat's scene was intense!!! I have no idea where her character is going now! This was crazy! What made you decide to take her this route? And I really thought that was going to be the last scene, so the DC scene surprised me even more! OMG! So many huge surprises. When will you post the next one? Lol Great job!
  8. OMG! That was probably one of the best opening scenes you've ever had! So much good stuff! Once again I love big revelations that affect the whole town. And I love when stories tie into each other. Wow such a romantic scene with Daniel and Sharan! That scene was written very well. I hope to see even more romance on STEAM I loved the poem too. The whole scene was romantic. Of course up until Lauren came over! Lol she had to ruin the moment. But it was still sweet. AH!!!! Another courtroom story!!! I love these! Anything that brings all the characters together, brings up history from the show, along with everything else. This is going to be so much fun to read. I know you'll do a great job with it. All of your stories are flowing nicely. And they keep me wanting to read the next one. And breaking some up into two parts has been great for your series!
  9. Your opening scenes are good, they always set the mood for the episode. I love Miss Rue taking down Alexis! Such a great triumph! Damn DC doesn't mess around. I'm getting more interested in his story and relationship with Karim. OMG! Such a good scene with Ria and Kiko. Must have been hard for her to refuse but she is strong and stubborn! Lol. Very nicely written. Ah! Such a good ending! I love the mystery. I don't even want to guess! Lol. I really thought we were about to find out! Good cliff hanger!
  10. HUGE shocks and surprises are in store for Springfield... Mallet and Dinah's House: RJ and Belinda walk up to the front door. Belinda looks at him, "It's so sweet of you to walk me to the door." He sighs, "Actually is it okay if I come in?" She stares, "Okay... sure." She can tell he's acting weird. Belinda opens the door. The two walk inside. Dinah and Mallet are sitting in the living room. Belinda looks at them, "What's up?" Mallet stands, "Hey. Can we talk now?" She shakes her head, "What's going on? Where's Anthony?" Dinah sighs, "With your Grandmother. We really need to talk to you. And we debated a lot and realized that you would want RJ here to support you." Belinda looks at him, "What the hell is going on?" Mallet looks at her, "It's not some sort of conspiracy." Belinda scoffs, "What is this? Some intervention? I'm out of here." Dinah looks at her, "It's about your father." Belinda stops and looks at her. Dinah nods, "You want to know? Fine." Belinda looks at her, "What's the catch?" Dinah shakes her head, "There is no catch. But I don't want you to find out from a stranger. I want it to come from me. I'm the one who needs to explain it." Belinda nods, "How do I know you're being honest?" Dinah stares, "You'll just know. This is what you wanted since we met Belinda. You want me to tell you who your biological father is. Right?" Belinda stares at her mother. Cross Creek: Bill is in the living room. There is a knock at the door. Bill rushes over, "Hold on." He opens the door. Phillip stands outside, "Is she here?" Bill scoffs, "Hello to you too." Phillip sighs, "Cut the crap Bill. Just tell me where she is." Bill shakes his head, "No idea what you're talking about." Phillip nods, "Emma... or Spencer She still hasn't come home and she's supposed to be staying with me right now. I know she's gotta be staying with you." Bill stares, "What the hell are you talking about? She's been at your place the past week. Right?" Phillip shakes his head. Bill looks at him, "What? Where is she?" Phillip looks at him, "I wasn't trying to pressure her to spend time with me. I thought she was sneaking back over here to be with you." Bill stares, "I'm calling her right now." Phillip looks at him, "I've tried. She's not answering." Bill sighs, "She'll answer for me." Bill calls her phone. He listens as it keeps ringing. He gets frustrated when it goes to voicemail. He hangs up. Phillip stares, "Where could she be staying?" Bill looks at him, "I don't know." Phillip looks at him, "Who are her friends now?" Bill sighs, "I don't know!" Phillip scoffs, "You don't know?" Bill nods, "You don't know either!" Phillip nods, "I have 5 kids and she's the most distant. I can't watch her 24/7." Bill looks around, "I'm going to find her." Bill heads for the door. Phillip follows, "I'm coming with you." The two fathers head out the door. Road: Liz is driving down the road. Baby Clay is in the back seat. Liz smiles at him through the mirror, "Look at my big boy, with a big smile on his face. Do you know who you look like? Do you know?" Her phone rings. She looks at it and grunts. Liz answers, "Hey. I'm busy." Her producer is on the phone. Liz sighs, "I know.... I told you I was taking the day off. The cameras follow me everywhere I go and I'm sick and tired of it... I don't care about the stupid show anymore... fire me if you want to. I don't care.... fine I'll see what I can do. You're making me get lost in my own town. I'm getting off." Liz's hears Baby Clay start to cry. She looks at him, "It's okay Baby.... not you." She drops her phone in her lap. Liz reaches down. She yells into it, "I'll call you later." Liz hangs up and focuses back on the road. She sighs, "Sorry Baby. I gotta figure out where we are...." Liz looks at the road ahead of her. She has flashbacks as she recognizes it. Remy kisses her, "Buckle up." He sticks his head and arms through the partition. The driver turns, "What do you think you're doing?" Remy pulls out his badge, "I'm a cop! Pull over now!" The driver speeds up. Remy grabs the driver by the collar, "No! I will not let Alan Spaulding hurt any more of the people I love. Not Liz, not Clay, not Mel, no one!" Liz cries, "Stop!!!" Down the road a taxi is coming towards them. The limo is swerving all over the road. The driver sees the taxi coming towards them. He swerves out of the way and goes off the road. Liz screams. Liz's eyes fill with tears and her heart races. She begins to lose control of the car. Liz screams, "Oh no, oh no!" Baby Clay cries louder. Liz's car swerves off the road. Spaulding Mansion: Amanda walks into the Spaulding living room. She sees David standing in there. She smiles, "Is my niece Vicky making you wait again?" He laughs, "I arrived earlier than we had planned. So it's not her fault. Besides I get to stick around and keep you company don't I?" She laughs, "You assume I'm always here... I guess you're right." He shakes his head, "It's cool. Plus I know there are certain people I won't run into here." Amanda stares, "David Grant? Do you have mutual enemies with the Spaulding family? This is something that surprises me. And interest me." David sighs, "Nah. I wouldn't call them enemies. At least not on my end." She stares, "How could someone hate you?" He looks at her, "I guess you haven't heard the rumors. Or the truth." Amanda stares, "Dish." He sighs, "Cyrus Foley and Marina Cooper are back in Springfield." She looks at him, "You didn't sleep with that girl did you?" He shakes his head, "Of course not. I was married to her Aunt Lucy." Amanda stares, "I'm still confused." David sighs, "A couple of years ago. A woman named Aubrey stole Marina's baby and let her think it was dead. Lucy and I found out and tried to get the baby back. But we couldn't tell Marina because we weren't sure if it was true. We got him back. But Marina had fallen into drugs and was living a dangerous life. So we decided to take care of the baby as our own until the time was right. The time never came and we fell in love with the little guy. Eventually the truth came out, everyone hated us, and our son was taken away. Our marriage ended shortly after." Amanda stares, "Oh my God." David looks down, "So now you know. David isn't as perfect as you thought?" She takes his hand, "No. I was going to say I'm so sorry. It sounds like you were all victims in that scenario." David stares at Amanda. Bauer Home: Ashlee is in the garage apartment. She stares at herself in the mirror. She fears her eating disorder is becoming more obvious. There is a knock at her door. She walks over, "Coming." Ashlee opens the door. Coop stands there, "Can I come in?" Ashlee nods, "Of course." Coop walks inside, "I'm sorry I just didn't know who else to talk to right now. You've always been one of my best friends. And I need someone." She looks at him, "Of course. You can tell me anything Coop." He stares, "I stopped by the hospital. I heard you took time off. Can you afford to do that?" She looks around, "Uh... I just needed a break. I can't handle so much stress at once." He nods, "That's good. Your therapist always told you to never bite off more than you could chew. Pardon the pun." She stares, "Yeah." He walks towards her, "You okay?" Ashlee nods, "Of course. What's your problem?" He sighs, "I confronted Eden and Rocky about the medication. They blew up at me. Rocky will get over it, we're brothers we have to. But Eden... I've never had her so angry at me." Ashlee looks at him, "You're awesome Coop. If Eden can't see that then it's her problem. Maybe you should take a break. How long have you two been dating anyway?" Coop stares, "We're married, you know that." Ashlee shakes her head, "Yeah. Sorry I forgot. Congratulations." Coop nods, "You're acting weird. You don't drink and you're afraid to every try drugs so what's going on with you?" She looks at him, "Nothing." He stares, "I know you better than anyone..." He stares at her face. Ashlee looks back at him. Coop scoffs, "Oh my God... you're doing it again aren't you?" Ashlee and Coop stare at each other. Museum Apartment: Jason is decorating his bedroom. It's his anniversary with Vi. He mutters to himself, "Where is a romantic place to stash the condoms?" He hears the door open. Jason hollers, "One second." He sprays cologne on himself. Jason rushes to the living room. Maureen stands holding shopping bags. Jason stares, "Oh..." She looks at him, "Wow. Someone dressed up." Jason sighs, "It's my anniversary today." Maureen stares, "Oh. I'm sorry." Jason looks at her, "I sent a text to all of the roommates. Except for Vi." Maureen looks at her phone, "I didn't get it." He looks at her, "I swear I sent it. It said 4 recipients, I didn't send one to Kevin because he doesn't live here anymore." Maureen looks at him, "Maybe you sent one to the wrong person." He looks at her, "Maybe..." She looks around, "Do you want me to leave?" He stares "I wouldn't say that but..." She looks at him, "Just ask me to leave and I'll go." Jason walks towards her, "It's your apartment too I can't just ask you to leave Maureen. But you might not like what you hear so... it's up to you." Maureen looks at him, "Am I crazy Jason? Seriously? Do you really feel nothing for me? Or are you just rushing into a relationship with Vi to avoid your feelings for me?" Jason and Maureen look at each other. PART TWO: Bauer Home: Coop and Ashlee stand together. She shakes her head, "I don't know what you're talking about." He nods, "Okay. You gonna do that? Really?" She looks away. He sighs, "You can't hide from me. You can't cover things up. I've been through this with you before and I know what you're like when you're starving yourself. When you're purging and over exercising." She shakes her head, "Stop." He stares, "Come on." She has tears in her eyes as she nods her response. He shakes his head, "Damn it Ashlee." She cries, "I'm sorry." He looks at her, "Don't apologize to me. This is not about me, it's about you! You are letting yourself down Ashlee. Why are you doing this?" She stares, "I know more than I did then Coop trust me. I know what I'm doing and I know where my limits are." He scoffs, "You think there is a healthy way to have an eating disorder? Do you even hear yourself!?!" She sighs, "You don't understand." He looks at her, "Ashlee you're becoming a doctor. Why are you doing this to yourself?" Ashlee looks at him, "Coop I didn't mean for this to happen. I was sticking to a healthy routine and everything was great but Dalton wanted me to relax and stop counting calories." Coop looks at her, "Does Dalton know what's going on?" Ashlee shakes her head, "No." He stares, "How could he not know there is something wrong with you?" Ashlee cries, "I don't know! He doesn't want to see it! He wants me to be happy and healthy. I don't even think he realizes how much weight I've lost. But I know he'll notice if I gain any." Coop stares, "Nothing is worth what you're doing to yourself." Ashlee cries, "Dalton is different. I can't lose him. He's not... he's not you Coop." Coop and Ashlee stare into each other's eyes. Spaulding Mansion: Amanda and David sit together on the couch. She looks at him, "I'm so sorry David." He looks at her, "I'm no victim." She sighs, "Are you kidding me? You fell in love with this little boy. You were protecting him and rescuing him from a horrible life and in the end you lose him." He sighs, "Wasn't mine to lose." Amanda shakes her head, "Is he back in town with his parents?" David sits back, "That's what I hear... I just can't imagine seeing him. I don't know if he would remember me. And I can't face Marina." Amanda rubs his back, "You're a good guy David. Don't beat yourself up." He sighs, "I will never forgive myself for what I did to that family. Or to mine." Amanda looks at him, "Does Vicky know this?" David nods, "Yeah. We don't talk about it much. I think she doesn't like to think of me as some guy who could do something like that ya know?" Amanda stares, "Why would anyone try to make you feel bad for that?" David looks at her, "Stop telling me what you think I want to hear." She shakes her head, "I'm not. I mean it." He smiles, "You're a good woman you know that? It's only a matter of time before some guy comes in on his horse and takes you away." Amanda smiles, "Any idea who that might be?" He shakes his head, "No. But I bet you can't wait to find out." She grins, "You're right about that." David gets up, "I need to use the bathroom. If you'll excuse me." David walks away. Amanda sighs, "Vicky doesn't deserve you David.... but I know I do." She smiles. Bauer Home: Bill and Phillip walks up to the door. Bill sighs, "You didn't have to come with me." Phillip nods, "This is my best friend's home." Bill nods, "Funny me too." They knock on the door. Robbie answers it, "Uh... hi." Bill nods, "Hey Robbie. Wow I haven't seen you in a while. Is your cousin Leah home by any chance? We really need to talk to her about something." Robbie shakes his head, "She has student council." Phillip sighs, "Damn." Robbie stares, "What's going on?" Bill sighs, "Spencer is missing. And I know Leah used to be friends with her so I was hoping she would be able to tell me something. I don't know." Phillip looks at Robbie, "Do you know who she's hanging out with?" Robbie shakes his head, "No one. She's a loner." Bill sighs, "Great." Robbie grabs his phone, "I can try and call her... we've talked a few times." The two fathers look at him. Robbie dials her number. He holds the phone up to his ear. The phone picks up. Robbie speaks, "Spencer?" There is no answer. All he can hear are the sound of water in the distance. The phone finally clicks off. Robbie turns around, "I don't know she didn't say anything..." Phillip stares, "Could you tell where she was?" Robbie sighs, "Uh... I have a pretty good idea." They all look at each other. Museum Apartment: Maureen and Jason stand together. Maureen looks at him, "Tell me I'm crazy." He shakes his head, "Why are you doing this?" Maureen sighs, "Is it just an accident that you didn't text me a warning? That you forgot to tell me that you were planning this? Come on." He nods, "What are you suggesting?" She sighs, "I don't know. Maybe you wanted me to catch you or maybe you just wanted to show me that you are moving on from me. Since you can't just come out and say it." He takes her hand, "Come on." He walks her into his bedroom. She looks at all of the flowers. He sighs, "Does this look like a set up to you? It's my anniversary. This is all for Vi." Maureen looks at him, "Why are you doing this? I know you. You have fun with Vi but you could never marry someone like Vi or have kids with her." Jason stares, "Why?" Maureen laughs, "She's cold. She's mean. Vi is one of the most cruel people I've ever met in my life." He stares, "Vi was there for me when the whole house turned on my brother." She shakes her head, "You don't owe Vi anything. Less than a year ago you told me to go with my heart. You told me it was wrong to fake a relationship with someone I didn't love. You should be with someone you love." Jason shouts, "Stop it!" She shakes her head, "I love you Jason." Jason stares at Maureen. He pulls her close and kisses her. The two begin to pull at each other's clothes. Jason sits on the remote and accidentally turns on the music that plays loudly. Over in the living room Vi walks inside. She stares at the text that Jason accidentally sent her, warning about the surprise. Vi walks in with a smile, "Jason?" She walks over to his room and pushes the door. She peaks and sees Maureen and Jason together. Vi stares in shock. She quietly shuts the door. Her face is beat red as she walks into the living room. She shakes her head, "Jason and Maureen? We're supposed to be sipping champagne and laying on rose pedals, instead they're screwing on my anniversary!" Vi's face shows her rage. Road: Liz's eyes are closed. She begins to feel pain coming from her forehead. She sits up as she hears Clay crying. Liz sighs, "I'm okay. Baby are you okay?" The baby keeps crying. Liz sits back, "I'm coming." She tries to take off her seatbelt but it's stuck. Liz realizes her seat is smashed into the wheel. She is stuck. Liz panics, "Oh God. Oh God no. No not here." Liz has crashed in the same place where she and Remy crashed less than a year ago. The baby's cry is getting louder. Liz sobs, "Oh my God. It's okay I'm coming Baby. Oh my God!" Liz screams. She punches the wheel. The glass from her windshield begins to crack. Liz grabs the blanket and throws it over the Clay's car seat. The window shatters on top of her. Liz tries to shield herself and Clay. She sees the smoke begin to fill the car. From the back she hears footsteps approaching. Liz shouts, "Oh God! Help! Help me!" The person walks up next to her. She sees the person's torso, "Oh please! Help me! Save my baby! Please!" Aubrey Cross leans down and looks into the car. Liz's eyes widen. Aubrey smiles at her. Liz's heart drops, "No. No. No!" Aubrey stares at Liz who is trapped with her baby in the back seat. Mallet and Dinah's: Belinda and RJ stand in the living room with Mallet and Dinah. RJ looks at Belinda, "Do you want me here? I'll leave if you want to be alone." She takes his hand, "Don't go anywhere." Mallet and Dinah look at each other. Belinda stares, "What is it? If he's dead I don't care. I just want to know his name. But if he's alive I want to know him and maybe meet him." Mallet sighs, "We know." Dinah sighs, "You already have Belinda." Belinda shakes her head, "What?" RJ stares in confusion. Dinah sighs, "You've known him for a long time." She looks at her mother, "I know Mallet isn't my father." He nods, "I know. We aren't saying that." Dinah looks at her, "After I... murdered RJ's father Hart I was on the run and later Jeffrey found me and gave me the opportunity to take the identity of Princess Cassie, that's what you know. But before that I fell into a life of crime. I met a man who taught me the con and we got into a lot of trouble together. But when he got me pregnant I sold him down the river to get free and later ended up in prison myself." Belinda stares, "What happened?" Dinah nods, "He didn't know about you until he returned to Springfield years later." Belinda stares, "What was his name?" Dinah sighs, "You met him before you even knew I was your mother." Belinda has tears in her eyes, "Who is he?" Dinah nods, "Cyrus Foley." Belinda stares, "What?" She hears footsteps behind her. Cyrus and Marina walks into the room. Belinda stares in shock. Cyrus looks at his daughter. PREVIEWS: Belinda is outraged Aubrey does the unthinkable Spencer is in danger Vi plots revenge Ashlee confides in Coop Ross and Blake lean on each other Fires, drowning, explosions!
  11. The stories move faster because they conclude at the end of the chapter. It's harder but keeps me from forgetting things and letting things drag out too long. Ashlee shoves her finger down her throat to throw up. That does some damge to your fingers. I'm glad you're enjoying it. The young people living together has given me so much juicy drama! I can't wait for the revelation towards the end of Tumbling Down. Reva is part of the Annie storyline. So in Tumbling Down she is grouped with her whole family for that one. But it's only a matter of time before Reva has something big. I just didn't want to keep it "The Reva Show", like it was sometimes on GL. I'm glad you liked me using more younger characters. And I make sure they all have ties to the old GL characters, and I keep the older ones around too. But I think it's time for the next generation to take over the drama. Oh yes, Annie has a lot of time to be sober and really plot good revenge. Everything comes to a climax in the Tumbling Down finale and you'll see what Annie's HUGE plan is that may or may not keep her out of prison. But I PROMISE Springfield will be changed after she is done. I can't wait for you to read the rest of Tumbling Down!!! The next episodes will begin the month of February, and as we all know that's a sweeps month where soaps bring the BIG stuff I can't wait to finish Tumbling Down and announce the next chatper!!!
  12. We're halfway through Tumbling Down!!! Belinda gets what's she's been waiting for! Dinah stares, "You'll just know. This is what you wanted since we met Belinda. You want me to tell you who your biological father is. Right?" Belinda stares at her mother. Liz could lose it all! Liz screams, "Oh no, oh no!" Baby Clay cries louder. Liz's car swerves off the road. And Vi won't give up without a fight. Vi sighs, "If I can't have you..." Don't miss and episode of Finding the Light: Tumbling Down!!!!
  13. Mission The Sun has risen in LA People are beginning their day And everyone has plans at 4616 Melrose Place Apartment 6: Jonah is sleeping on his couch. He begins waking up to the smell of bacon and french toast. He opens his eyes. He can see Violet standing in his kitchen wearing nothing but a T-shirt. She is making breakfast. He stares, "What's this?" She turns, "Oh I'm sorry! Did I wake you? He smiles, "No better way to wake up." She laughs, "I'm sure there is at least one better way." Jonah stares at her. She brings his breakfast over to him. He sits up, "Violet this is too much." She stares, "Oh I'm sorry, I can put some back." He laughs, "No. I mean, you don't need to do all of this." She nods, "Yes I do. Jonah you've done so much for me. This is the least I can do." Jonah eats his food, "This is amazing Violet." She laughs, "And not 'poison' I promise." He looks at her, "I'm really sorry about the way I treated you when you first moved in. I'm skeptical of new people I guess. I don't know why I'm like that." She shakes her head, "It's okay." He sighs, "No it isn't. And I'm making it up to you. Later I'm taking you out for a nice meal at this french restaurant Julienne, it's on Mission." She smiles, "Okay. That would be awesome." Jonah gets up, "I need to get dressed." Jonah walks away. Violet smiles as she watches him. Coal: David is behind the bar. He is checking things out for his employees. One of McKellan's men walks inside. He walks to David. David looks at him, "What are you doing here?" He smiles, "Just dropping off directions. McKellan has a new job for you today." He hands David an address. David looks at him, "This is a bad part of town, what could it possibly have that McKellan would be interested in?" He nods, "A warehouse. Just pick up the shipment." David walks from behind the bar and over to him, "You mean drugs?" He nods, "It's not flowers. But you can sniff it." David shakes his head, "No way. I gotta draw the line somewhere." The man smirks, "Oh I would think again. The guys are already arguing over who gets to take care of that cute little doctor girlfriend of yours." David gets angry, "I'm sick of you guys threatening Lauren!" He pats David on the shoulder, "Then don't piss off McKellan. Or those threats will be put into action." David watches as the man walks out of his club. Jewelry Store: Lauren and Drew are walking around. Drew looks at her, "Thanks again for helping me out." She nods, "Well Riley is important to me. I want to make sure you don't pick out some tacky ring to surprise her with. I've seen enough forced smiles from girlfriends who have boyfriends with bad taste." Drew stares, "Ooh harsh. What makes you think I have bad taste? I picked Riley." Lauren nods, "That's true. But your taste for loud music is still blaring in my head from your first day at Melrose." He laughs, "We've come a long way since then." She smiles, "Yeah we have." He stares, "Does that mean you approve of me marrying Riley?" She nods, "You were honest with her, Riley knows what she is getting herself into. And she seems to think you're worth it. So you must be." Drew grins, "Are you trying to compliment me?" Lauren laughs, "Just pick out a ring." He looks around, "You know it's only a matter of time before Riley is here with David. If you know what I mean." Lauren shakes her head, "David and I are enjoying the way things are now." Drew nods, "You're lucky to have each other." She smiles, "Yeah we are." Drew sees a ring, "Speaking of lucky." Lauren stares, "Wow. That's beautiful. Maybe you don't have bad taste after all." He smiles, "That's the ring. That's Riley's ring." Lauren sighs, "I think you're overlooking the price." Drew's smile fades when he notices the ring is out of his price range. 360 Health Club: Tricia is in the middle of a workout with a club member. She gives him a break and heads over to get a water bottle. She walks to the front desk, "Hey Maya." The front desk clerk Maya looks at her, "Hey I've been wanting to talk to you." Tricia looks at her, "What's up?" Maya sighs, "I don't want to freak you out, but there was a chick in here asking about you a while ago." Tricia stares, "Who?" Maya nods, "That's what I was wondering. She wanted to know about your schedule and stuff. She even asked to talk with the manager. Anyway, one of the club members recognized her." Tricia nods, "From where?" Maya shakes her head, "I guess she is an assistant at some publicity firm. W-something." Tricia stares, "WPK?" Maya nods, "Yeah! Why would they be interested in you?" Tricia sighs, "I have a pretty good idea." A furious Tricia gets back to the work out. WPK: Ella is sitting in her office. She has been focused on finding Amanda's moles she has planted around her. Her assistant walks in, "Ms. Simms? It's time for your video conference." Ella nods, "I'm just about ready." She turns on Ella's screen on the wall. Ella's video conference begins. An older man comes up on the screen, "Ms. Simms." She smiles, "Hello. How are things in the New York offices?" He nods, "Quite well actually. It's the LA offices I'm more concerned with." Ella shakes her head, "Excuse me but I don't see why. Our success has not gone down a bit since I took over the reigns, I assure you." He nods, "I'm aware. But I'm also aware that nothing is getting better either." Ella stares, "Oh." He sighs, "We really hoped you would be more than just a fill in. You had promises of getting bigger clients, better employees, and overall better workmanship." Ella stares, "It's going to take time-" He nods, "You have your deadline. As we told you before, your title can be taken away as quickly as it was given. If things do not show improvement by our next major meeting, you will be demoted, and if things decline you could be terminated." Ella stares, "Sir... I promise you that I will not rest until WPK is recognized as the number one firm in all of LA. By the time we have the meeting, New York will be trying to keep up with us." He sighs, "I hear a lot of promises. Show me results. Take care Ms. Simms." The video conference ends. Ella sits back in her chair. She worries that her dreams are about to be taken away. Warehouse: David walks inside and looks around. The place almost looks abandoned. An older heavyset man walks over, "Who are you?" David nods, "I'm with McKellan." The man laughs, "Is he hiring high school kids?" David sighs, "I'm not a kid. Now do you have the shipment or not?" The man nods, "I'm Rick. Follow me." David walks with him. Rick looks at him, "Between you and me, McKellan doesn't hire his guys to come do this stuff. That's what my guys are for. You know that right?" David stares, "So why would he send me?" Rick nods, "To prove your loyalty." The two walk into a back room. Rick grabs a briefcase, "Only the finest for Mr. McKellan." David opens it and checks everything out. Rick sighs, "Kid I gotta be honest, you're getting in too deep. If there is any way you can get out of this guy's world, then I suggest you do it." David shakes his head, "Don't you think I would have done that if I could?" Rick nods, "I suppose so." David closes the briefcase. Rick sighs, "Give my love to the big guy." David walks off to his car. He wonders how long he can keep answering to McKellan. Julienne: Jonah and Violet are out eating. Violet looks at the menu, "Wow. I have no idea what to order. This stuff is really expensive too." Jonah stares, "Don't worry about that. It's on me." She shakes her head, "I can't let you pay for something crazy expensive." Jonah smiles, "Come on Violet. Just live a little." Violet stares, "Do you know what you're getting?" He nods, "Why do you want to copy me?" She laughs, "Shut up." Jonah smiles, "I've never seen this side of you before. It's nice." Violet smiles, "You're the daughter of Sydney Andrews and people make up their minds about you quick around here. But I'm not that much like my mother." Jonah stares, "I thought you didn't know Sydney well?" Violet shakes her head, "Not in person. But I've heard so many things about her... I hate hearing people bad mouth her. And I really hope some of the stuff isn't true." He sighs, "Sydney had a catty side. But she was a sweetheart. All she wanted was to have a family and friends. Every month she would take me and Riley out to dinner. I think she did it with all the tenants." Violet smiles, "I didn't know that. Did you guys ever come here?" Jonah nods, "Yes actually. Sydney was the one who introduced me to this place." Violet grins, "That makes me happy." Jonah nods, "Violet, just don't listen to what other people had to say about Sydney. She was your mother and you loved her, that's all that matters." She nods, "I think so too. You're a great guy Jonah." Jonah laughs, "Pick out your food." The two look back at their menus. Apartment 9: David is showering in his place. He is taking the briefcase over to McKellan tonight. David is trying to clear his head. David turns off the water and grabs his towel. He wraps it around his waist and walks into his room. David sees Lauren sitting on his bed. He is surprised, "Lauren." She nods, "Hey." He looks at her, "I thought you had work." She shakes her head, "No I had to help Drew with something. I am going into work later." David nods, "Oh. Great." David stares as Lauren sits so closely to the briefcase. She stares, "You okay?" He nods, "Of course. Why do you ask?" Lauren reaches over and opens the briefcase. She stares back at him acknowledging that she's already seen it. David sighs, "Lauren... I don't do drugs." She nods, "I know. I would be able to tell if you did. So what the hell is going on? Why would you be selling this stuff? Last I heard Coal was doing great." David sighs, "It is. I'm not doing this for the money... I'm doing this for you." Lauren stands up, "Explain that quickly." He sighs, "You know that girl Morgan? She was blackmailing me into dating her. When we got back together she ratted me out to her father. And so he hired me to work for him, in exchange... he leaves you alone." Lauren sits back down, "Damn it David." David sits with her, "Lauren I'm so sorry. If you want out of this relationship I don't blame you." Lauren looks at him, "Why would you keep this from me?" He sighs, "We had so many problems last year. I just wanted this to be different." Lauren takes his hand, "Then be honest with me. Never lie to me again." He smiles, "Again?" She looks into his eyes, "I'm in this for the long haul." David kisses her. She looks at him, "We're going to figure something out. McKellan can't ruin our lives." David and Lauren hold each other. The Sun goes down The night sets in for LA Apartment 7: Riley walks inside, "I'm home." Drew sits on the couch, "Hey. How was your day?" Riley nods, "It was good. I told everyone I was engaged. My students kept asking me questions about you all day. They're already calling me Mrs. Pragin." Drew nods, "How many asked you about your lack of ring?" Riley sits with him, "Hey. I don't need a ring to know that I love you and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Do you understand that?" He nods, "You still deserve one. I went ring shopping with Lauren earlier." She smiles, "Oh my God. That's so sweet." He sighs, "Don't get too excited. I saw the perfect ring... but it was crazy expensive." She shakes her head, "I don't need a 'perfect' ring." He looks at her, "All the other rings looked like crap after that one." She rubs his back, "Stop beating yourself up over every little thing." He sighs, "There are so many things I can't give you. I wanted this to be different. But it's just another brick wall." Riley leans closer to him, "I love you Drew. I don't care if I get a stupid ring or not. You're going to be my husband, and I can't imagine asking for anything more." Drew smiles at her, "You're amazing Riley Richmond." She grins, "You can't call me that for long." He nods, "Well I can for tonight. And I think tonight we should celebrate our engagement some more." Drew starts kissing her. She smiles, "What does your doctor have to say about having such a crazy sex life?" He laughs, "I'm a doctor. Let me worry about it." Drew picks Riley up. She laughs, "Drew!" He takes her to the bedroom. Courtyard: Ella is frustrated from her day at work. She grabs her mail and walks around the pool over towards her apartment. Tricia sees her from the window. Tricia walks outside, "Hey Barbie." Ella stops and turns around, "What can I do for you?" Tricia walks towards her, "You can tell me why you're so obsessed with me." Ella laughs, "I will never understand your east coast sense of humor." Tricia looks at her, "I know you've been stalking me." Ella stares, "I have better things to do with my life than to follow you around on your jogs to what I suspect is a sports gear store that you buy your clothes from." Tricia nods, "What the hell does that mean?" Ella laughs, "Come on. You're one of those girls who always dresses like she's going to a softball game. You have absolutely no pride in your appearance." Tricia stares, "Because I don't dress like a whore?" Ella walks closer, "You better watch who you're talking to. You do not want to get on my bad side. I've had a long day and you're only making it worse." Tricia smiles, "You don't intimidate me." Ella nods, "You better back up now, I swear I'll ruin your life." Tricia smirks, "That's the difference between you and me. You make threats and promises. I just knock bitches on their asses." Tricia shoves Ella who falls backwards into the pool. Ella pops up, "You disgusting bitch!" Tricia waves, "See you around. Stay out of my life Ella." Tricia goes back to her apartment. A furious Ella climbs out of the pool. Jonah and Violet are walking by. Violet looks at her, "Hey Ella." Jonah stares, "What was that about?" Ella doesn't say anything as she storms to her apartment. Apartment 6: Jonah and Violet walk inside. Jonah looks at her, "It's nice to eat with a girl who actually eats her food. You have no idea how many these LA chicks order a water and salad every time." Violet shakes her head, "Oh no. I need a real meal to satisfy." Jonah nods, "Nothing wrong with that." Violet smiles at him. He smiles back, "What?" She walks towards him, "I think you drank a little too much." He laughs, "I hardly did." She looks at him, "Okay sure." He laughs, "I didn't." The two stare at each other. Violet sighs, "I owe you so much Jonah." Jonah shakes his head, "No you don't. To be honest, I've loved having your company. You're a pretty great person to have around Violet." Violet smiles, "I'm glad." The two stare into each other's eyes. Violet closes her eyes and leans closer. The two kiss. Jonah pulls away, "Umm.... goodnight Violet." Jonah walks away. Violet smiles to herself. Apartment 4: Ella is drying off. Chase looks at her, "Did she really knock you into the pool?" Ella stares, "What does it look like?" Chase stares, "Why would she do that?" Ella nods, "She knows I'm onto her and she's getting nervous. I have her exactly where I want her. I'm getting her fired from her job and sent back where she came from." Chase stares, "Does she know you've been looking up on her?" Ella sighs, "I don't know." He looks at her, "Maybe she has a reason to be paranoid." Ella stares, "You are not taking her side." He shakes his head, "I'm not. But if you're trying to ruin her life, it would explain why she would feel the need to attack you like that." She looks at him, "She's trying to help Amanda ruin my life!" He nods, "Do you know that for a fact? Do you have any proof?" Ella walks towards him, "What's your point?" Chase sighs, "What if you have the wrong person El?" Ella looks at him, "I don't think I do." He nods, "What if you do? Do you know what that means? You're ruining an innocent woman's life." Ella stares, "I don't care. She crossed me now. I'm not letting go of this." Ella walks to her room. Chase is getting worried. The residents sleep through the night. A new day begins at Melrose Place. Apartment 9: David wakes up. He rolls around to cuddle with Lauren. He sees that she's gone. David worries. Lauren walks in, "Good morning." He looks at her, "You're up." She nods, "Yes. I didn't sleep much." He sighs, "Why didn't you wake me to keep you company?" Lauren nods, "I needed to think about things David. On my own." David sits up, "Are you leaving me?" Lauren walks towards him, "No. I love you David. I meant what I said yesterday. I'm not giving up on us because of some jerk out there. Your father doesn't scare me and neither does McKellan." David sighs, "McKellan is dangerous." She nods, "I know. Which is why we need to talk to him. Together." David stares, "What?" Lauren nods, "If I'm in this with you then I'll be safer. We can get though this as a team." He shakes his head, "No way." She looks at him, "What choice do we have?" David sighs, "I can't let you do this." She nods, "You can't control me. If we're going to be together then we have to do this." David takes her hand, "I'm scared Laur." She nods, "I know." The two hug. Jewelry Store: Drew walks inside as soon as the place opens. The salesman recognizes him, "Hello. Good to see you back." Drew smiles, "Hey. Do you still have the ring I was looking at yesterday?" The salesman nods, "Of course. Have you reconsidered?" Drew nods, "I'd like to look into payment plans. I know now that life is way to short to be worried about money. In the end all that matters is I have the best woman in the world." The salesman smiles as he goes to get the paperwork. Drew wipes the cold sweat off his head. He zips up his jacket, "It's freezing in here." The salesman shakes his head, "It's quite warm actually." Drew is getting dizzy. The salesman looks at him, "Do you need to lie down?" Drew shakes his head, "No... I..." Drew starts to run short of breath. He leans on the counter. He starts to panic, "I need... I need to go to the hospital-" Drew collapses.
  14. The fourth episode has been posted a little later than planned. The fifth is still expected to be posted on Tuesday. Enjoy more threats, deception, crime, wrath, love, and obsession. And hopefully we'll C U Next Tuesday
  15. Carmelina It's the afternoon in LA. Traffic is backed up. The beaches are filled. Courtyard: Drew is out in the courtyard. Lauren is walking out of her apartment. She looks down, "Hey." He looks up at her, "Hi." She walks down the steps, "What's up?" He sighs, "Just waiting for Riley to come home. It's more relaxing to wait out here then inside our apartment." Lauren nods, "I see. So are you having the talk?" Drew laughs, "I think she already knows where babies come from." Lauren stares, "You know what I mean. Are you telling Riley about how serious your condition is?" He nods, "Yeah I am." She hugs him, "I'll be thinking of you okay. Even though I'll be working another shift." Drew stares, "At least you're getting a lot of work." Lauren shakes her head, "Dr. Mancini has me doing basics, and lots of it. Basically using every ounce of energy I have against me." Drew sighs, "I'm sorry Lauren." Lauren sighs, "He wants me to quit. But I'm not going out without a fight." Riley walks up, "Hey you two. Laur you just now going to work?" Lauren nods, "Yep. So I'll see you two later." Lauren walks off. Riley kisses Drew. Drew smiles at her, "Let's go inside." The two walk into their apartment. WPK: Ella is having a late lunch with her roommate Chase in her office. Chase looks at her, "Aren't you lucky to have a roommate who can accommodate his schedule to fit your needs?" She nods, "I'm so used to Lauren, who I barely saw. It's kind of nice." He drinks his bottle of water, "So what's the news on Sweat pants?" Ella nods, "She works at that health club. I've got a few moles on her." He grins, "What about the redhead?" Ella stares, "Violet? I thought that too. Violet is Sydney's daughter. It would make perfect sense for her to be the one working for Amanda..." Chase stares, "But?" Ella sighs, "But Violet isn't clever enough. She's fresh out of high school. She thinks wearing mall clothes is a nice look. You know the type." He laughs, "She has a few T-shirts with surfboards and random dates on them?" Ella smirks, "Not to mention shorts with writing on the behind." Chase laughs, "Oh God." Ella sits back, "Amanda wouldn't send someone in who's so oblivious." He nods, "What about Tricia? Sweat pants." Ella stares, "See her fashion sense is too pathetic. It's like she's trying to look like a guy. I'd put good money that it's all an act." Chase nods, "Okay well why don't se go in to the hail of gunfire ourselves?" Ella shakes her head, "You lost me." He sits forward, "Let's go pay Sweat pants a visit." Ella smiles. She messages her assistant to forward her calls. ULA: Lauren is carrying a load of files down the hall. She watches as her peers are preparing to scrub in on surgeries. She continues in frustration. Dr. Michael Mancini purposely runs into her. She falls and drops the files. He stares, "Yung!" She sighs, "Dr. Mancini-" He looks down at her, "These are important files, can you be this careless with them?" Lauren shakes her head, "I'm sorry Dr. Mancini." He shakes his head, "This is why you couldn't cut it on my team. You don't have enough patience, attention to detail, steady hand, or loyalty for that matter." Lauren looks around as the rest of the staff stares at her getting berated. She looks up. Dr. Mancini gives off a smug grin. He walks away. Lauren picks up her stuff and continues to the desk. Carmelina Mansion: The residents are away from their home in the wealthy neighborhood. David is walking around the hallways. He texts his boss to let him know he's in. David sees the miniature vase. He grabs the case from his bag. He gently picks up the vase and puts it inside. David quietly zips up his bag. Just as he relaxes, he hears the door open. David's eyes widen and his heart races. The man hollers at his wife from a distance, "I told you to grab the tickets! I told you a million times!" She hollers back, "Don't yell at me in front of our son!" He scoffs, "Just have a drink and shut your mouth for a minute. David hears the man go upstairs. He hides behind the wall as the wife heads into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. David tries to slowly back out. The little boy walks out into the hallway. He stares directly at David. He doesn't make a sound. David shushes him as he backs up. David accidentally knocks over a lamp. The husband shouts, "What the hell was that?" The little boy runs into the kitchen. David makes a run for it. He can hear the family shuffling around behind him. David smacks his head into a wall on his way out. Apartment 7: Drew and Riley sit together. He looks at her, "I'm glad you had a good day." She smiles, "Me too. So what should we do with the rest of it?" He sighs, "I was hoping we could talk." She stares, "Are you okay?" He shakes his head, "No." She stares, "Have you gotten worse? What's wrong?" He stares, "I have gotten worse. I'm always getting worse Riley." Riley stares at him in confusion. He takes her hand, "I know we don't like to talk about it. But I need to know that you understand what is happening. At this point some of the damage that is being done, is irreversible." She nods, "Okay." He sighs, "I know we want so badly to stop Dr. Mancini from giving anymore patients that heart valve. But we need to accept that it won't change what's happening to me." Riley nods, "Okay but once we make him aware of it, we can get research on how to reverse the damage." Drew shakes his head, "You're not listening. I know you're not a doctor, but you have to understand what is going to happen. Riley I meant it when I told you I didn't know how long I had to live." Riley shakes her head, "Let's not do this now." He nods, "We have to." She has tears in her eyes. Drew holds both of her hands, "My condition is not going to get better. It's only getting worse. And we can't just take the valve out at this point. That would only make things worse. We have to ride it out." Riley nods, "Then what?" Drew runs his hand through her hair, "I wish I could marry you, give you children, play with grandchildren, buy a house, take vacations...." Riley starts to cry. He has tears in his eyes, "But I don't think that will ever happen. Time is precious, but it's not a friend of mine. I'll never be able to give you those things. All I can really give you... is eventually and inevitably a broken heart." Riley sobs. Drew holds her. She gets up, "I need to use the bathroom." Riley rushes out of the room. Drew cries as he watches Riley walk away. 360 Health Club: Chase and Ella walk around in their gym wear. She looks at him, "Aren't gyms like church for gay guys?" Chase looks around, "I don't know but it sure feels like heaven." Ella laughs, "Indeed." The two get on treadmills next to each other. Tricia spots them and walks over. Ella and Chase pretend not to notice her. Tricia stares, "What's up?" Ella looks at her, "Oh Tasha. Hi!" Tricia nods, "It's Tricia." Chase laughs, "Sorry." Tricia looks at them, "Why are you here?" Ella stares, "Well believe it or not, I don't wake up looking like this. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to keep myself in shape." Tricia looks at her, "You don't say." Chase nods, "I'm an actor. So I'm nothing without a six pack." Tricia laughs, "You're not going to get one on there." Ella looks at Chase, "Listen to her. She knows what she's talking about." Tricia stares, "What is this? Why are you suddenly being so polite? I was under the impression that I had at least another round of your cattiness." Ella laughs, "That? That was just hazing." Chase nods, "Yeah newbie. You should have seen what she did to me." Tricia nods, "I'm sure." Ella smiles, "Don't take it personally." Tricia looks around, "I gotta get back to work. Let me know if you need anything." Ella waves, "Okay." Tricia walks away. Ella scoffs, "What a bitch." Chase laughs. Apartment 6: Violet sits in Jonah's apartment. She is watching TV. She sees him walking up through the window. She turns it off and grabs the newspaper. Jonah walks in, "Hey." She looks at him, "Hey. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a job or an apartment in LA?" Jonah laughs, "I didn't know people still used newspapers for that." She stares, "Oh... yeah." He smiles, "Violet if you wanted to watch TV it's okay. I didn't expect you to find a job on the first day. I'm just glad that you're trying." She sits up, "I guess it would be easier if I was like you." He laughs, "I'd love to hear you explain that one. Because I could go on all night about how hard it is to be an aspiring filmmaker in LA." She sighs, "You have a passion. You know what you want to do with your life. You probably can't imagine yourself doing anything else can you?" Jonah shakes his head, "No I can't." Violet smiles, "You're amazing Jonah. I'm so glad to see your dreams coming true." He smiles, "You're a little ego booster aren't you?" Violet smirks, "You act all flattered now. But once your movie comes out you'll have a big mansion and a million models chasing you around." Jonah laughs, "That is every nerd's dream. But I just want to make my films." She stares, "You're incredible." He stands up, "Enough compliments. You're giving me a big head." Jonah walks to the kitchen. Violet stands up, "Let me make you something for dinner. I've got pretty good at cooking. I watched the food network and saw some stuff I wanted to try." Jonah smiles, "How can I say no to that?" Violet grins, "I love trying new things." Jonah stares at her. Violet walks past him into the kitchen. Jonah nods, "How about we meet the gang at Coal later?" She nods, "Sounds good." Violet bends over to get a pan. Jonah stares at her. The night life begins in LA. The clubs are filling up. Everyone who's anyone is getting in. Coal: Another packed night at Coal. It's quickly becoming one of LA's hottest spots. Some of young Hollywood is mingling. Chase sits in the VIP section. David walks over, "Hey man. Where's El? I thought you two were joined at the hip?" Chase laughs, "She's keeping an eye on some of her clients. Rumor has it, someone didn't wear panties tonight. Ella is laying down the law." David laughs, "That's El." Lauren walks over, "Hey. I finally got off." The two stare at her. She scoffs, "Work." David laughs, "Glad you're here." The two kiss. She looks at his head, "What happened?" He shakes his head, "I just bumped into a wall." Lauren stares, "David..." He shakes his head, "It's nothing." Lauren sighs, "Okay." David can tell she's not happy with him. Tricia walks over, "Hey everyone." David grins, "Welcome. Remember, my neighbors are always welcome in VIP." Chase looks around, "Where are Riley and Drew?" Lauren sighs, "I think they're busy." David looks at Lauren. Over by the entrance. Violet and Jonah walk in together. He looks at her, "Want to go over to VIP?" Violet nods, "Later. For now... I really want to dance. Let's work off that dinner." Violet takes Jonah's hand. The two walk out to the dance floor. Over back in VIP, Ella joins her friends. David laughs, "You just missed it-" Ella shakes her head, "No you just missed it. Look over there." The gang looks to see Jonah grinding with Violet. Lauren stares, "Wow." Ella smiles, "This will be interesting." Chase hollers, "Let's do shots!" The neighbors all gather around. Apartment 7: Riley and Drew stay home. They lay in bed together. She looks at him, "Drew. I'm so sorry." He stares, "Why are you sorry?" She looks at him, "I was making it about myself. All I could think was how I was going to have to get through life without having you by my side." He nods, "You've done it most of your life." She shakes her head, "My life was confusing. I had no idea who I was back then. I don't even want to think about my life without you in it Drew." He nods, "But you have to." She stares, "No. What we need to do is live like every moment might be our last. Because it might." Drew stares, "Okay." She sighs, "What would you want to do if it was the end of the world?" He laughs, "I don't know... go sky diving, mountain climbing..." She laughs, "Something safer." He stares, "Marry the woman I love." Riley smiles. Drew looks into her eyes. Riley takes his hands, "Drew, I love you. A year and half ago I got married because I felt pressured. I was living a lie. I wasn't feeling what I'm feeling now. Do you feel it too?" He grins, "Of course." She puts her hands on his face, "Drew Pragin, will you marry me?" Drew smiles, "Yes." Riley smiles back. The two lean in and kiss. Apartment 9: Lauren sits in the living room. David walks inside, "Hey. You left early. Why didn't you talk to me?" She sighs, "I just have a lot on my mind." David walks to her, "What's wrong? Is it my Dad?" Lauren looks down, "He's making my life hell at work. He's embarrassing me in front of the other doctors, he's treating me like scum. And there's nothing I can do." David stares, "He can't get away with that." She sighs, "I've never wanted to quit anything in my life but..." David holds her, "Listen to me. You're not a quitter. That's not you." She stares, "David I feel like the whole world is against me sometimes." He shakes his head, "No it's not. Trust me okay?" David holds Lauren close. He knows he has to do something. The sunny morning begins in LA. Courtyard: Drew and Riley stand out by the bar. Lauren and David stand with them. Ella and Chase are walking over. Tricia walks out of her apartment. Riley holler at her, "Tricia come here. It's announcement time." Tricia walks over to the neighbors. Jonah and Violet walk out after receiving text messages. All the neighbors gather around. Ella stares, "Some of us have to get to work Riley, and we don't all have school bells to let us know when we're running late." Riley smiles, "Not even your attitude could ruin my day." Drew kisses her. Lauren looks at them, "What's the surprise?" Drew smiles, "It's spontaneous so we haven't gotten everything together. But we're engaged." Riley nods, "We're getting married." Lauren smiles, "Oh my God!" Lauren and Riley hug. David pats Drew on the back, "Congratulations man." Tricia smiles, "Congrats." Ella whispers to Jonah, "Deja vu huh?" Violet looks at Jonah's face. He watches as his ex fiance announces her new engagement. Violet rubs his back. She smiles. David looks around, "I'd love to stick around but I need to go to the club. See you guys later." Riley takes Lauren's hand, "I have so much to plan." Jonah looks at Drew. Drew nods at him. Jonah turns around and walks away. ULA: Dr. Michael Mancini sits at his desk. He is looking down. He hears his door open up. He scoffs, "You'll be sorry for forgetting to knock." David walks in, "No I think you're the one who's about to be sorry Dad." Michael looks up, "What the hell are you doing here?" David smiles, "Just felt like seeing how you were doing." David walks around the office." Michael stands, "You listen to me. Either you leave, or I will have you thrown out and then I'll take my anger out on that little girlfriend of yours." David stares, "As if you could make it worse." Michael laughs, "Oh believe me I could. Just ask the last people who used to live in your building." David walks towards him, "I could make things a lot worse for you. Knock off your crap with Lauren, or you'll be hearing from my lawyer." Michael scoffs, "About what?" David looks at him, "Getting custody of my son. We both know that Noah is biologically mine from when I slept with Vanessa. So not only would I get custody of your son, but you would have to explain to the entire medical community that your wife slept with your other son and got knocked up with your grandson." Michael stares at David.