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  1. Hateful, Gollum bitch!
  2. On this rainy Tuesday, January 17, 2017, we turn to some sunny hotness!
  3. I am currently enjoying him on DALLAS 2.0 Season 3 so much...
  4. Oh Lord, what are you trying to do to me?
  5. It's a cold but sunny Monday, January 16, 2017! Have a great week, everyone!
  6. Ew. Barf. I'd never watch it again. TRASH.
  7. I feel the same way. The Lechowicks (so far, for me) have done some of the WORST I've even seen on KL and some of the absolute best. That sort of describes exactly how I feel about them. Mostly, it took me a while to adjust to the sudden change in tone the series took (which might have been a wise move, though, post mid-80s), as well as how they seemed to focus exponentially on some characters and forget others for episodes. Season 10 has been doing this thing where several episodes have featured almost exclusively a huge amount of developments in just one story, to the point where you can pinpoint the central story. An almost self-contained episode. In a continuing drama. It's genius and horrible at the same time (at this point in the season, how soon before they run out of story climaxes to focus on?). But I still love every second of it. They've done particularly well with Greg and Paige, who went from meh in her first season to being one of my absolute favorite things.
  8. She looked radiant. When she, Mack and Karen were all standing outside the office building, it felt she'd been around forever. I think the change was noticeable immediately, certainly by Season 9, where it seemed they could hardly give Val more than one scene an episode (and kept treating her and Lilimae like silly little girls). But I agree, although I think Val's gaslighting and murder attempt is a brilliant story (and certainly gave Van Ark incredible material to play), it felt like Jill was often standing in for The Lechowicks the way she mocked Val, or when people started calling Val crazy and cooky when they had never before been so flippant and 'funny' about Val's serious psychological issues. I haven't seen past the first half of Season 10, though, so I don't know how much worse it gets (except for random episodes). Contempt is a good word for it. They didn't seem to get her at all and I have the feeling, had she not been so popular/beloved (both actress and character) and had Jacobs not been around, that they would have gotten rid of her. That being said, it's not like Gary (who was an afterthought almost for a while) and especially Abby did any better in Seasons 8 and 9. Somebody must have stepped in at some point in regards to those three characters. Meanwhile, they just couldn't stop writing for Karen lol
  9. In the thrilling episode in which Gary finally pieces together the truth about Jill's murder attempt of Val (which features some interesting directing by John Pleshette and is hilariously titled, "Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Lead Pipe"), Jaime Lyn Bauer appears as a real estate agent, which was a great surprise. I think she probably would have fit in well with the show (and could have even played Anne!)
  10. That really was some fantastic, professional shade.
  11. I don't think either one has to try a lot to make anything seem sexy!
  12. On such a beautiful, sunny Sunday, January 15, 2017, why not 4x the Hotness?
  13. This was a snowy Saturday, January 14, 2017... but this warms us up!