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  1. YRBB added a post in a topic The Beyoncé Thread   

    All the tracks from Lemonade have hit the Hot 100.
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  2. YRBB added a post in a topic Daily Hotness   

    Hello, Monday, May 02, 2016! Enjoy the new week, lovelies, and make something out of it!

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  3. YRBB added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    Yes. Yes. Yes yes yes. YES. YEEEEES! Thank you, Melisandre. I have never liked you more (and I always have, you crone). We all knew it could happen but I'm so glad it actually did. AND she gave him a haircut in the process. This is everything. YES.
    Seeing Bran so grown up, the flashbacks to Ned's young days, Hodor... it was all fantastic. I have no idea where that weird creature woman came from (no recollection if she appeared before). The actor playing Bran is SO good. He's really grown into a fine young actor and it looks like he won't lag behind on the looks department either.
    The scene with the drunken guy at King's Landing (he was telling the truth about his dick!) getting his head smashed was so funny. I was so scared for Jaime for a moment, but he played it well. I hate the High Sparrow SO much. And Tommen's maturing! His line about what Cersei is capable of said so much about him. I like how they're positioning him and Jaime and Cersei for their fight, playing out all the beats.
    The scene with Tyrion and the dragons was so tense. My God.
    I'm glad Jaqen's back. Still interested in how they develop the storyline.
    I knew the fat lady and her baby were goners but I did not expect to see Roose Bolton murdered. My God. Ramsay is such a sick fυck, as he proves over and over again.
    I really love the group of Sansa/Pod/Theon/Brienne and glad that Sansa learned there was a sighting of Arya. But so short-lived, with Theon deciding to go back to the Iron Isles. The stuff with Balon on the bridge was fantastic and so well shot. I enjoyed the Kingsmoot in the book and hope it works well on the show too, although I'm not sure where, if anywhere, Theon fits in all of this.
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  4. YRBB added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    Exactly what happened there, @ChitHappens??
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  5. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R Actress Out   

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  6. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Oooooh! Very interesting. Thanks for the info. I guess someone at CBS still holds on to a sliver of logic & good taste.
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  7. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Sage was the human equivalent of dried puke on a good shirt. They finally wrote her the way the audience perceived her. Sage was a non-entity, horrifically played by a huge Broadway star, and she deserved nothing, let alone consideration. Bye c*nt!

    Wait, so the longest standing set on the show was to be changed and nobody bothered to check the ideas/plans/specs for it before it was done? And yet they micromanage every script, every story?
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  8. YRBB added a post in a topic Daily Hotness   

    It's Sunday Funday! Otherwise known as, Sunday, May 01, 2016! Enjoy your day!

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  9. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Daaaaaaaaamn! Calling them out like that in public?
    I just hope this doesn't mean getting rid of it altogether....
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  10. YRBB added a post in a topic Unpopular Soap Opinions 2016   

    Why are these unpopular? lol They should handle SORAS that way!
    As for newbies, lets not forget the horrible casting, too! If they're interesting, complex, and played well, why not?
    As for an unpopular opinion (perhaps), related to newbies, I don't get the whole "why aren't they related to so and so?" or "You GOTTA tie them into a family!" Um, no. You don't. Soaps often do that in desperation because they're not well received or in lieu of actually giving them a personality. It's so cheap and obvious. I welcome strangers who build relationships, good or bad, with our mainstays. Not everyone needs to be related.
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  11. YRBB added a post in a topic Daily Hotness   

    Hello, Saturday, April 30, 2016! Hope you weekend is great! 

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  12. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I really wish this ridiculous Daytime climate we're in didn't force people to have to explain they're not stans just because they object to out-of-character, severely destructive (to themselves) acts from characters. And it's not as if they couldn't slowly start to develop Sharon into something different, that eventually led to where she is today. No. They just started writing her unlike herself and the rest is history. 
    The only funny part is, even after 12 years of horrific writing, the fans STILL love Sharon & Sharon Case because they can SEE this is OOC and the actress really sells every.damn.moment. If Phyllis & Sage couldn't win is because no one ever will.
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  13. YRBB added a post in a topic Britney Spears Thread   

    According to reports, Britney's new single, Make Me (Oooh), will be released May 2016, with the album coming out four weeks later in June 2016.
    Can't wait and fingers crossed she's recovered from the previous sh!t
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  14. YRBB added a post in a topic DAYS: May sweeps spoilers   

    A life-threatening epidemic hits Salem and three people infected? A hospital quarantine? Wow.
    I swear, if they kill off Paul....
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  15. YRBB added a post in a topic Daily Hotness   

    It's Friday, April 29, 2016! Celebrate with hotness!!

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