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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ ???
  2. Great. Now I will have to stay away from FB & Twitter until Sunday cos bitches can't stop posting GOT spoilers. Goddamn!!!

  3. ABC is bringing The Jetsons to life! This could be... interesting....
  4. They got their biggest audience ever for the third time this season.
  5. It's Monday, August 14, 2017.... some goofy hotness!
  6. I'd say that perhaps this song is a bit of a chance, even if I don't believe they're expecting it to be some big chart topper. I like Try This, or at least most of it, but I think she went too far with it musically. I agree M!ssundaztood is her most brilliant work, and I don't think she can top it. On the other hand, she would not still have a career if not for I'm Not Dead, and I think she kept fine-tunning it with Funhouse and The Truth about Love, the latter of which I found great. I'm hoping she's continue that with Beautiful Trauma. I didn't know about her and Linda Perry. What was that all about?
  7. The fast pace (people traveling back and forth to the ends of the world at the blink of an eye, when it would usually take episodes, if not seasons) is such a huge reward and payoff for the years of loyal viewing to their slow, deliberate pace. I am just so excited!!
  8. So many tense moments! I'm glad Jaime and Bronn are alive. The dragon on top of the rock and everyone beneath was such a powerful shot. Such complexity in Daenerys' actions. I don't like what happened with Randyll and Dickon, but I understand it. I had completely forgotten they were Sam's father and brother! Speaking of Sam, his exit from the citadel was surprising but makes sense. Jaime & Tyrion together again! And Cersei knew! Cersei's pregnant! Whoa, was that a shocker! Imagine if she gives birth to a dwarf just like Tyrion? And that warning to Jaime not to betray her again.... Gendry! My God, another shocker! My, what a fine, king-like man he's grown up to be. Him walking up to Jon and straight out telling him who he is, and their bonding over being bastards, and sons of best friends was perfect. Beyond perfect. Of course I cried when Jorah and Dany reunited. Shut up. That scene where Drogon let Jon pet him was so goddamn beautiful. My heart. And so massively important. Notice how they sneaked in a little bit of history to set it up and then it was interrupted.... It (seems) we finally have the answer!! Littlefinger, that little piece of sh!t, looked so evil as he observed Arya, his plan having worked. Arya and Sansa will have a tough time beating him. Never in a million years would I have predicted Jon, Davos, Gendry, Hound, Jorah (yay, mention of Commander Mormont!), Tormund (he asked about Brienne!) and Brotherhood all working together. Ever. There's something very right, poetic about Jon back beyond the wall. It feels like it's coming full circle again. It will surely not go well, but boy I can't wait to see it! Only 2 episodes left.
  9. Part 10: So many stunning moments. Not showing the Miriam attack, and yet still horrifying. And she was still alive when he was done! So that's why we had to endure the [!@#$%^&*] cop -- he's working for Richard. Richard attacking Sylvia and Johnny added to it was nightmarish -- the classical music playing while the bear light-bulb kept repeating the same thing over and over... Janey seeing Cooper half-naked and being turned on, that hilarious expression on his face while they had sex. And Candie made me laugh soooo hard when she freaked out about hitting the Mitchum brother. Albert and the morgue lady were very sweet. Laura! Ben still an ass. And the chilling words from The Log Lady. A real sense of things coalescing. Just wonderful. OK, I'm done.
  10. Part 9: "Your father never lost faith in you." Aaaaand, I lost it.
  11. The first single surprised me. It's very in-tune with the times, politically, which I think is probably one of the reasons she wanted it released, and it grows on you. Mostly, I think she's using it as an appetizer. It's been 5 years since her last album, this feels like a warmup before they bring out the big guns (Martin, Kurstin, Antonoff, etc.).
  12. For this hot Sunday, August 13, 2017, hotness and their balls!