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  1. Thanks. I've been wondering what they called Cooper's doppelganger and I'm glad it's Cooper's doppelganger lol. I forgot about the "change their hearts or die" part. I can take or leave Denise but that was one of my favorite parts of episode 4. At the same time touching and funny -- the way Lynch delivered that, so sincerely yet over the top, was hilarious.
  2. Exciting. I think we'll be checking in with all the various characters more and more as the episodes progress. I have faith he'll tie it all in together (he and Mark Frost, of course, since they co-wrote everything). Ah! I've been known to do that lol In this case, I have no choice but to wait until June 04 lol
  3. Ariana Grande will return to Manchester for attack benefit concert. I was wondering how she would respond, and this is an excellent idea.
  4. For this Friday, May 26, 2017, the start of Memorial weekend, only military hotness will do!
  5. Jared Martin, the 7-egg omelette cowboy named Dusty Farlow, has passed away. For some reason, I would have never thought he'd be 75. My God, he was nearly 40 when he started on DALLAS! I always thought he was in his 20s, maybe early 30s on the show.
  6. Gal Gadot is really sweet and charming. Love her. I've got a good feeling about the movie.
  7. They're also on Hulu, if you have the Showtime add-on.
  8. The final season will officially be six episodes EW reunited the Starks This one's very nice:
  9. I'm glad to hear people have been enjoying these. The thread didn't have any replies, so I thought y'all were over it! No worries, September is coming within the next week or so. And it's a very interesting one, the type of thing you'd never see today. Haha It may look like it in the screencap, but nope. They built a new set for Leanna's talk show and filmed backstage as well. The backdrop for the set does look like a setting for B&B, though, lol
  10. Ooooh yaaaas!
  11. Episode 4: (so, spoilers) Of course Michael Cena is the result of Andy & Lucy. Makes perfect sense! Such a nice little shock to see Bobby as a police officer. I am stunned no one's mentioned that beautiful moment when he walks into the conference room and sees Laura's picture. And the music swelled. Such an iconic moment and wonderfully played by DA. The doppelganger being mistaken for Cooper and then doing an impersonation of Cooper is so soapy. I absolutely love it. And Cooper assuming Dougie's identity is both teeth-itchingly frustrating and so very interesting. It's becoming even more clear how "Cooper's odyssey" of a return to Twin Peaks will take shape. Fine, as long as they pay it off. I immediately thought Albert was referring to Audrey. I don't know if I'd like the other character mentioned being made into a drunk -- -- but Lynch will Lynch and I'm here to see where he takes it.
  12. What the blazing hell. No one really knows what happened or indeed how many explosions there were but they're treating it as an act of terror for now (rumors of a suicide bomber).
  13. For this cold Monday, May 22, 2017, some hotness to warm us all up!
  14. That is truly horrific. I find his initial desire to throw himself into work touching, if misguided. I'm glad they're taking the time off that they need. What a horrible tragedy.
  15. Heh-LLOOOOOOOOO. A third look-alike? That journey out of the Black Lodge was never going to be easy. Cooper in that casino was amusing and at the same time harrowing. I laughed a lot at the Lucy/Andy/Hawk scene. And what fun to see Gordon and Albert. For a second I thought Cooper would be trapped in the Black Lodge for episodes on end but I'm glad he's out and returning, although it (probably) isn't over yet. I wonder if the show will return to some of the more traditional Twin Peaks once Cooper makes his way back to town. Now let's see how long I can hold off before episode 4.