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  1. Oh, no. Sad to see her go. She must be done with the sh!t she's constantly given. At least she will air all through 2032!
  2. Beauty & the Beast will feature Disney's first openly gay character! 

  3. After watching a clip of the "Gaston" song I wondered, but it's now confirmed: LeFou will be openly gay! How exciting!
  4. It's a rainy Wednesday, March 01, 2017, but the hotness continues!
  5. Kay Alden wrote such wonderful, organic comedy for Kay, Jill, and Esther. A lot of the moments were laugh-out-loud.
  6. Another month of Pissy and Smelly Storytelling!
  7. Oh, what a lovely Tuesday, February 28, 2017 it is! Well! Are they hired based on how much they look like porn actors?!
  8. It's a chilly but sunny Monday, February 27, 2017! Enjoy your week! Thank you boo!
  9. Nicole Simpson was such a TRASH character with a TRASH story, it's impossible to tell if she could have done Fallon justice IF the writing was good. Nobody said that. The consensus is that the writing for Fallon, for the most part, was bad. It was a whole different character.
  10. She was no complex character, I'll give you that, but if you asked me to describe ES' Fallon it'd be terribly easy: an eternal victim, weak kind of woman, who managed to occasionally stand up for herself but mostly whined about everything as she allowed men to use her as a trophy. She was written specifically and with purpose. You ask me to describe Bliss and I'm just like ... um, she was the youngest? A daddy's girl? Dumb? Not sure.
  11. Alden executed a fictional takeover once. Come on, boo, take over in real life too! Exactly. And the answer to a co-HW is so obvious, it's painful!
  12. It's a beautiful Saturday, February 25, 2017, and a big amount of Hotness is required!
  13. Ian McShane to some GOT fans: "Get a fυcking life!"