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  1. YRBB added a post in a topic This Is Us: Discussion Thread   

    Creator Dan Fogelman talks about the reception for the trailer and about the show in general. God, how I hope this show actually has decent ratings.
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  2. YRBB added a post in a topic Daily Hotness   

    Hello Tuesday, May 24, 2016! Here's your hotness for the day!

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  3. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    Absolutely yucky and disgusting. It's like watching Pycelle pawing Cersei or Sansa. It's horrific.
    Billy is SO smart: "What do woman want?" LMAO!
    Gina did amazing work and, although a stupid idea to kiss in public, that ending was nice. 
    Lily, die.
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  4. YRBB added a post in a topic Beauty and the Beast: Live Action Film   

    BATB is definitely my favorite Disney movie (along with SLEEPING BEAUTY), so I'm dying to see this.
    And I had no idea how great the cast is! Other than the leads, it includes Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Kline, Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci... just marvelous! And the music is done by Alan Menken!
    The film was shot in London and I assume any exteriors were done around there. 
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  5. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R Promo - Spring Fever   

    Spring fever? It's damn near June!

    Every time she opens her mouth, I get a rush of irrational anger. But Lily will NEVER work, no matter the writing. The casting will never allow it. I don't think I've ever wanted a legacy character dead but CK has ensured that.
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  6. YRBB added a post in a topic Daily Hotness   

    It's Monday, May 23, 2016, so double hotness to start off the week! 

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  7. YRBB added a topic in Music & Movies   

    Beauty and the Beast: Live Action Film
    Finally, the first teaser is out!
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  8. YRBB added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    Yes, the Hodor explanation came straight from Martin. 

    Hodor's eyes weren't white when he was holding the door.
    How did he not change the present, though? Because he warged into Hodor in the past, Hodor in the present was completely mentally incapacitated. We don't know the extent of the ability (there are theories) but he can certainly have a certain... influence.
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  9. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    The show has been trying to pair Victor with much younger women for DECADES now and it always fails and they always have to give it up because of negative fan reaction. Why do they keep insisting? 
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  10. YRBB added a post in a topic Adele Thread   

    Oooooo, fun!
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  11. YRBB added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    Devastating. I loved everything. How fun was the play within the show? The Kingmoot was everything I wanted it to be. How interesting that Sansa lied to Jon and that Littlefinger introduced the possibility that Jon may betray her? Brienne and Tormund made me laugh so hard. That little moment of Jon smiling at Sansa's gift. I thought Jorrah & Dany were heartbreaking but that ending scene... it just tore me apart. What an awesome explanation and what a sad end.
    It was so wonderful that we got an explanation on the Children and the creation of the Night Walkers, not to mention the origins of Hodor... but at what a price! And the fact that Bran was behind the start of Hodor and the end of Hodor. Absolutely gutting. Also, the fact that Bran has the ability to change the past in some way is of humongous importance. One can't even imagine how that will play out!
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  12. YRBB added a post in a topic Wayward Pines: Discussion Thread   

    Wow, this is much better than I could have ever hoped for. The TWIN PEAKS and X-FILES influences are clear. I'm not thrilled, not yet (two episodes in), but it's not manic, twists are fun and make sense, and I definitely did not expect them to kill off Beverly. Will be watching more tonight.
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  13. YRBB added a post in a topic HBO: The Leftovers   

    Lindelof on the decision to end the show after its third season. While I'm sure low ratings played a part in it, he's right -- it feels like the story of these characters is coming to an end.
    The second season was phenomenal (some of the best acting on any show out there), managed to bring things together in a spectacular way, and I have never seen a show that makes its characters suffer so much be able to end both its seasons on a positive note and make it feel organic as well!
    Whatever they have for Season 3, I am ready.
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  14. YRBB added a post in a topic Daily Hotness   

    And it's Sunday, May 22, 2016! Enjoy your day!

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  15. YRBB added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    OMFG at Victoria needing the advice of a man on how to do business.  She's been an ON-SCREEN business executive for 21 years now but it is Luca who knows better how to deal with the issue. GMAFB. And GTF off somebody else's chair, Luca. Jesus Christ. Making himself so comfortable in another person's office. The smaller Victor office makes it feel really claustrophobic. Why do they have to f uck with the classic sets? LEAVE IT ALONE. It was the only recognizable part of the show left.
    Travis is so good, he manages to squeeze a little bit of life and chemistry out of Amelia Heinle.
    Sharon/Sully/baby switch/paternity... so, so so so so so SO bad. What an epic, disastrous mess.
    Kevin, die.
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