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  1. Abby: Horrid Lily: Horrid Together in scenes? Unbearable. Victor & Nick jumping to conclusions: Horrid. But I liked that Nick was nervous about being a single father. I like Travis. Also, is this reality TV? The fυck? Why even do a close-up if you have to blur the image? LMAO!
  2. Season 3 starts April 2017!
  3. OK, that broke my heart.
  4. I'm going to try to go unspoiled on Y&R from now on! Maybe the trouble will be worth it. Please be considerate with spoilers outside the spoiler forum, lovelies!

  5. Today, Tuesday, December 06, 2016, is Daily Hotness' 1 Year Anniversary! Here's some Double Hotness to celebrate!
  6. You 'should' be nothing! Fans don't owe their shows anything, including loyalty -- it's the shows that owe good writing & entertainment to the fans, a fact the soaps have forgotten for a while now while they capitalized on loyalty.
  7. Hilary edited an interview to make Mariah's MOTHER's position, a mentally ill woman, even worse than ever before. At that moment, and with Mariah's shady past, it was a totally justified move. You can say that again! I'm actually appreciating Dylan for this!
  8. Ugh, Nick. UGH. Acting like a caveman again, instantly blaming Sharon. Of course, Morrow came alive with the baby and he really is trying to have a connection with MCE. But what was that sh!t about him changing his mind about Dylan and Sharon (for no reason) and then because of the video he suddenly decides to hate them again? Utter crap! Not to mention that he didn't seem to give two fυcks about Leah going to GC Buzz! Kevin. As always, ew. And now he fully looks like a walking corpse, like an extra from The Vampire Diaries gone wrong. I like Chloe a lot currently. YES for Mariah and Hilary drama. I do wonder if she'll convince Devon to let her keep her job.
  9. Rory showing up was such a surprise. John must be cumming left and right. He was weird, as always, and so hilarious with his pharmaceutical rep line of work and the munchies. Also, KA and DH were having some fun! The tough prison talk dialogue is all just SO bad, not to mention Deimos just walking in simply because he's a Kiriakis, but all together typical DAYS fun. Claire and Ciara were tolerable. Valerie the airhead surgeon. Ugh. ONLY on DAYS. Only.
  10. They really were a glimpse of what a return to glory could look like for the US soaps, despite their occasional faults. The aforementioned Cassandra kidnapping story is easily one of my favorites.
  11. Yes, it really did wonders for gag reflexes and bowel movements, not to mention insomnia!
  12. It's Monday, December 05, 2016! Have a great week, lovelies!
  13. I found it hilarious when he said at least it's not DYNASTY. So true. I had no idea there was ever a possibility for Hagman to be on DW. That would have been interesting.
  14. Oh, wow. That's something!
  15. They were there when the ventilator was turned off and he passed. The reason is he died onscreen and would be a major suspension of belief to undo it. Look at Phillip. Doing something like this could easily turn into a hack worthy of LML, MAB, or Chuckie. It could work but then it opens up a whole other set of problems.