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  1. He was essentially the only one who realised he was on a reality show, not somewhere to find love. He was great! Chad was also hot on Finding Prince Charming, but he was also completely batshit crazy. It's a bit if his hotness outweighs the fact that he's so crazy and risk having a stalker for the rest of your life.
  2. The only funny thing about Prince Charming was finding out that the "Prince" had a past as a hooker, who also did a lot of nasty things for his clients online + was Marc Jacobs hired "escort" for a while. Oh, and Robby.
  3. I think people forget, or just don't know, that Aaron Spelling originally wanted Angie Dickinson (age 49/50 at the time) for the role of Krystle. It was never supposed to be about the age issue, of course, getting Linda Evans meant that they could have a pregnancy in season two and later have her be pregnant with Krystina. That probably wouldn't have happened if Angie had taken the part.
  4. Add that the original Dynasty actually never made a huge deal about Krystle and Blake's age difference. That wasn't really portrayed as an issue on the original show.
  5. Santa Barbara exists in tact. They even reran it where I live in the early 2000s.
  6. DAMN COOKIE (also, did she say she had a miscarriage? Uh-oh...)
  7. Actually - as much as I like to rant about Aaron Spelling (and I rant a lot) he was decent with giving his 90s shows what could serve as series finales - even with 2000 Malibu Road he got Lisa Hartman back to do an ending narration of what happened next for the European airings. Hell, even Savannah mostly wrapped itself up, even if you can see plot threads that could be picked up for season three. Joan's part in Pacific Palisades is very weird - she first appears, then disappears and then reappears a few episodes later. It makes me think that when the show bombed (and it bombed hard) they were far into production, so they went back and re-filmed parts of the first episode where Joan appears and then didn't really add her to the scripts until later episodes. I almost want to rewatch her first episode to see if this is noticeable as it's my suspicion.
  8. Pacific Palisades have been uploaded on YouTube and "hot mess" doesn't even begin to desribe it. I feel like me and I feel like me and @Melroser would rant about this good because... yeah. Hot ass mess. Fiona Hughes character is literally just flower arranging. Cuz that's important. What are dem flowers gonna do else? I'm rolling my eyes and this is episode six!
  9. Let me rest on that chest.
  10. Woah, I said in the prime time soap thread that I finally got my VHS tapes from my parents and just found a tape with an Aremid episode - Austin promises to be there for Sami during her pregnancy (RIP Will), Carrie confides in Marlena that Sami went to the abortion clinic, Stefano has amnesia and Jennifer is saved from a smoke-filled house by Jack (Mark Valley) and look, there's Peter. Why on earth haven't he made a (recasted) comeback? Remember when we thought these episodes were low-budget? It basically looks like a Hollywood production now...
  11. I just watched the series finale of Hyperion Bay and it pretty much wrapped up the show. There's some plot threads that could've been picked up in a potential season 2. I also notice that Bart Johnson (who died in episode 14) is listed as being in all episodes on every episode guide despite not appearing since then but I guess that shows how popular this show actually was when it first aired. The thing that struck me when I watched episodes 14 through 17 it's how weak the casting was. Even Mark-Paul Gosselaar is weak on this show.
  12. I've just gotten a whole bunch of VHS tapes from my parents (FINALLY) and I'm impress myself a bit with how much god-damn crap I recorded during the late-90s/early-00s. I'm currently trying to find stuff that's worthy to attempt to transfer from VHS to my 'puter once I get the technology to do so. I'm currently watching the Frank Southified Hyperion Bay and it's really lame. Carmen Electra is trying her best to La Locklear it up, but the Go-Go Dancer doesn't work at all in the role. She's absolutely laughable! Add that the show itself is so zzzz. And Cassidy Rae, despite her special billing, is still as interesting as cardboard as she was on Models, Inc. Oh, a guy fell from a building now and I. Don't. Care. Screw you Nelson (Bart Johnson), football star. I guess he was a casualty of the "retooling". I also found the CPW episodes 13/14 - apparently the European version of these episodes are different than the ones aired in the US (even as they eventually aired on a small station in New York in the early 00s) as they cut out the Nicki storyline (they were phasing the character out) and added some scenes from episode 13 to episode 14 in an attempt to make the transition smoother from "Central Park West" to the last 8 episodes as "CPW".
  13. Emma and Julia are characters that would work today. I love how Emma ends up as the more stable daughter. Plot twist!
  14. If I were her, I would've kept cashing that paycheck until the bitter end. It's not like she's going to get major roles outside soaps at this point in her career.