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  1. Laura was a victim of sexual abuse by BOB/her father. She's a tragic figure if anything.
  2. Fallon had ambition (more so than Steven) but as she says in the pilot "No blacks, no jews, no eskimos and no women". Originally, it was implied she was more like Blake and had ambition and I'm sure if they had followed the original character projections for season one she would've stepped up at some point.
  3. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if it the producers/showrunners told him to shape up or ship out, especially as his "90 day cure" seems to have coincided with Ron taking over...
  4. Well, everyone who is complaining about Freddie Smith's weight will be happy to know he's lost the chunk: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTcVM0DDcJC/?taken-by=fmsmith319&hl=sv
  5. Actually, that's a throwback to the original pilot - Fallon grabs the cake topper there and bites the head off. No one knows it was her in the original pilot.
  6. I just tend to be me - but yes, a lot of gay guys tend to put up a facade - either by being mega-gay or mega-masculine. It's sort of endearing to me though.
  7. I guess having a dick in your mouth will impare your speech.
  8. I'm quite the chubster fan but lisp... No I can't. I actually went to a speech therapist to fix my "problem" so why these Queens haven't is beyond me.
  9. Oh, the token chubby one is my hot potato, but then he opens his mouth and its...
  10. Have you read about Tori Spelling's finances lately? That Donna Martin money won't pay for her lifestyle.
  11. I'm just amazed how they all have a lisp.
  12. Fire Island is my new hate watch show. It's awful.
  13. If you're going to have a stalker, at least make sure they're hot! I'd love Chad to stalk me, although not with any sharp objects. Robby was in the pit crew for an episode of Drag Race. Anyway - have you all seen the trash that is Fire Island? Everyone has a lisp!