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  1. The person holding the child appears to be Kathy Kalmi as Pamela Kingsley #1. My guess about the child is that it could be Laura Cudahy. The daughter of Lorainne Broderick, I believe, played the role. I cannot remember her name right now.
  2. This is a picture of Jeffrey Rowland with the mayor of New York. Is that the First Lady on the left? The list of actresses who played Dr. Susan Burke Stewart are: Connie Scott (1966–1967) Diana Walker (1967) Jada Rowland (1967–1968) Leslie Perkins (1968) Marie Masters (1968–1979, 1986–2010) The years that Marie Masters played Susan seem to be incorrect. She was fired when Irna Phillips returned to writer the show. She returned later after Robert Soderberg and Edith Sommer became the writers. I read that Mary Harris created the character. Is this correct?
  3. Also in The Royal Hunt of the Sun were Thayer David (Dark Shadows), Gregory Rozakis (The Best of Everything and One Life to Live), Michael Levin (Ryan's Hope, As the World Turns), Tony LoBianco (Hidden Faces), Robert Burr (Love of Life, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, other soap operas), Ben Hammer (numerous soap operas), George Rose and David Carradine.
  4. On the front row of that group photograph are Jeffrey Rowland (Dan Stewart) and probably Edmund Guynes as Paul. The women are Franny Brennan (Toni Darnay) and Susan Burke (Connie Scott). This was evidently taken before Gloria de Haven joined the cast as Sarah Fuller. I cannot remember, for the life of me, Fred Collins (George Sampson). Was he someone who was attracted to Amanda (Deborah Steinberg Simon)? Sometime after Connie Scott left as Susan, Jada Rowland had the role. That was after her brother, Jeffrey Rowland, had left as Dan. I have learned that actor George Sampson appeared on Broadway in The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1966).
  5. Sadly, the performer known as Yahoo (who played Star Wilson Stoner on The Edge of Night) passed away earlier in 2017. Obituary: The sweet voice of Yahee Fernandes-Baxter, of New York, NY and LaSalle, ON, left us on Thursday, March 30, 2017, at Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit, MI, after a brief battle with a rare cancer. Yahee was born in Wareham, MA. She was the fifth of ten daughters of Arthur and Rose Fernandes of Marion, MA. In 1984, she married Gregory Baxter in Marion, MA, and had two sons, Whitney and Ryan. In 1969, Yahee earned an Associate of Arts degree in Theatre and Voice, from Colby Junior College (now Colby-Sawyer College) in New London, NH. She then matriculated to Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH as one of the first 70 women admitted. While at Dartmouth, Yahee was the first female, African-American cheerleader and first woman to pledge a fraternity, Phoenix. When her area of study was discontinued, she transferred to Smith College in Northampton, MA, where, in 1972, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Voice. Yahee later changed her major to English and Education and in 1973, Smith, granted her a Master of Arts in Teaching. Show business was Yahee's vocational calling and so, she moved to New York, NY, to pursue her craft. She became an Entertainer – singing, dancing, and acting – and a member of all the performers unions – Screen Actors Guild (SAG), American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), and Actors Equity Association (AEA). Yahee fell in love with Broadway, performing both "on" and "off" for many years in numerous shows, including: The Skin of our Teeth, Scapino, Salute to Broadway, Rockaway Boulevard, Gotta Dance, Divine Comedy, Myths of America Smith, Silver Queen, Ragtime Blues, Three Musketeers, La Gente, South Pacific, Storyville, Othello, Hollywood Heartbreak, The Brixton Recovery, and Starting Over Again. Yahee appeared in more than 150 television commercials and radio voiceovers, for brands such as: Budweiser, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Luvs Diapers, Ford, I Love New. Yahee originated, and played, for almost five years, the role of Star Stoner/Wilson on the long-running ABC network soap opera, The Edge of Night. Yahee would leave the boards to become a full-time mom to her sons and to pursue her volunteerism and community activity. For over 20 years, she was deeply involved with Hunter College Campus Schools, where Whitney and Ryan both attended and graduated. She is a member of Jack & Jill of America., Inc. She was active in St. Andrews Anglican church, the Praise Band, LaSalle Community and the Oasis Women's choirs, Harbour Lights singers and community theatre with Theater Alive. Yahee has now brought her sweet voice to the Lord's choir. Yahee is survived by her husband, Gregory, and her sons, Whitney and Ryan, all of New York, NY. She is also survived by her nine sisters and many, many cousins, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, largely in MA, FL, and CA. In lieu of a funeral, the family is planning a celebration of Yahee's life that will reflect the bubbling, vivacious, full-of-life person that she was, and that all those who came in contact with her remember. A memorial fund in Yahee's name at St. Andrews Anglican Church (519-734-7682), 205 Laurier Drive, LaSalle, ON N9J 1L5, has been established for those who wish to make a donation. What though the radiance which was once so bright Be now for ever taken from my sight, Though nothing can bring back the hour Of Splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower; We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind… - William Wordsworth (1804)
  6. Actor Clifton James, who played Red/Santa Claus on All My Children (and was involved with Eileen Hurlie as Myrtil's new leading man) has passed away. He passed away in Oregon, where he had been reared as a child.
  7. I remember that! Unfortunately, I had forgotten about it. I believe that it was during the Prince Albert storyline.
  8. Slick, I remember Marco St. John from As the World Turns as Paul. I have also read that he appeared in Search for Tomorrow. I also remember him on All My Children. Do you know of other soap opera roles that he played?
  9. Slick, are you able to confirm that Michael Margotta appeared on Search for Tomorrow?
  10. The story of Ms. Crawford's appearance is that her daughter (who played the contract role of Joan Boreman Kane) was unable to play the role due to unplanned surgery. The show hired Joan Crawford to play the role for two episodes. This casting was front-page news (at least in my town), and the show was probably happy with the amount of publicity that the show received.
  11. And when I mentioned his acting, I was referring to The Secret Storm. Later, the show wrote in Ursula Blackwell's son. I am not sure who played this role.
  12. to amybrickwallace, I believe that Clarice Blackburn and Joel Crothers may have also appeared on both The Doctors and (certainly) Dark Shadows. Robert Colbert and Ramsey Mosteller worked on both shows. Robert Costello produced both of them.
  13. Ms. Lyman said that she based the character of Opal on All My Children on Elly Jo from The Edge of Night. I don't know what you would consider the first "big" role for Ms. Lyman. She appeared on A World Apart prior to being on The Edge of Night. I think that she had possibly been on Search for Tomorrow or Love of Life (I forget which) prior to that. She was also on One Life to Live on which she may have played a nun.
  14. It was before he was on either The Doctors or had appeared in Capote's A Christmas Memory. After all of that, he joined the cast of The Secret Storm. He was nice in appearance, but his acting was not all that great to me. After leaving The Secret Storm, I never saw him or heard of him again.
  15. Donnie Melvin also played Johnny Fletcher as a child on The Guiding Light.