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  1. Interestingly, both of the actors who played Ken George Jones and Barry Ryan later became soap opera writers.
  2. I preferred Blair #1 also. I wonder how Blair #2 would have been as Tina?
  3. Scrapple, you are correct.
  4. Of course, Toni Kalem (a favorite actress of mine) appeared on Another World.
  5. Prior to writing The Doctors, Rick Edelstein was the producer of The Edge of Night, on which Margaret DePriest appeared as Abby and later became one of the show's writers. She later appeared on The Doctors.
  6. I do not remember the name of the character that Jennifer Bassey played, but she was the ex-wife (and insanely jealous) of James O'Sullivan's character.
  7. I was thinking this morning (as I was listening to harpist Carol McClure): On All My Children, what was Melanie Sawyer's storyline? I know that she did not have much of a storyline because she was not on the show for very long. I know that she was a first cousin of Pamela Kingsley. She was a music student and a pupil of Mark Dalton. Pamela seemed to have an attraction for Mark, which, I am sure if the storyline had proceeded, would have led to more problems between Pamela and Erica. Was Melanie to be a new love interest for Dr. Chuck Tyler? Why had Chuck and his second third wife, Carrie Sanders Tyler, broken up? Rick Pharr (or Farr) was a character who was a gardener. Someone fell in love with him? Was it Betsy Kinnecott? Or, did Betsy fall in love with Wally McFadden? Someone fell in love with Rick. Who was it? Did anyone else like Sam other than Opal?
  8. I was thinking that he (Gregory Chakiris) played a married man with whom Didi had been in love or with whom she had had an affair. However, I suddenly remembered that the role that I was thinking of (and described) was played by Ed Power. So, now, I cannot remember his role - only that it was involved in Didi's storyline and the storyline about the factory where Harry and Didi worked.
  9. George Chakiris (West Side Story) was involved in the Didi O'Neill/Brad Vernon storyline.
  10. Today (May 1) is the birthday of Penny Hughes...! On the May 1 episode each year, Chris would send Penny flowers for her birthday.
  11. I believe that it is Julie Montgomery (Samantha #2) of One Life to Live. She does resemble Randall Edwards at times in the commercial.
  12. The person holding the child appears to be Kathy Kalmi as Pamela Kingsley #1. My guess about the child is that it could be Laura Cudahy. The daughter of Lorainne Broderick, I believe, played the role. I cannot remember her name right now.
  13. This is a picture of Jeffrey Rowland with the mayor of New York. Is that the First Lady on the left? The list of actresses who played Dr. Susan Burke Stewart are: Connie Scott (1966–1967) Diana Walker (1967) Jada Rowland (1967–1968) Leslie Perkins (1968) Marie Masters (1968–1979, 1986–2010) The years that Marie Masters played Susan seem to be incorrect. She was fired when Irna Phillips returned to writer the show. She returned later after Robert Soderberg and Edith Sommer became the writers. I read that Mary Harris created the character. Is this correct?
  14. Also in The Royal Hunt of the Sun were Thayer David (Dark Shadows), Gregory Rozakis (The Best of Everything and One Life to Live), Michael Levin (Ryan's Hope, As the World Turns), Tony LoBianco (Hidden Faces), Robert Burr (Love of Life, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, other soap operas), Ben Hammer (numerous soap operas), George Rose and David Carradine.
  15. On the front row of that group photograph are Jeffrey Rowland (Dan Stewart) and probably Edmund Guynes as Paul. The women are Franny Brennan (Toni Darnay) and Susan Burke (Connie Scott). This was evidently taken before Gloria de Haven joined the cast as Sarah Fuller. I cannot remember, for the life of me, Fred Collins (George Sampson). Was he someone who was attracted to Amanda (Deborah Steinberg Simon)? Sometime after Connie Scott left as Susan, Jada Rowland had the role. That was after her brother, Jeffrey Rowland, had left as Dan. I have learned that actor George Sampson appeared on Broadway in The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1966).