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  1. Just to remind everyone whos watching the show that a NEW episode is coming on tonight at 10:30PM! It looks like an awesome one too! Looking forward to talking about it with the rest of you.
  2. Well said. The thing that does it for me is the whole hype surrounding it...I mean even I bought it. I seriously was anticipating the performance and I had Sunday Evening marked down in the back of my head as an important day. I truly was looking forward to seeing what Britney would do. And most of all I was sorta HOPING that she would make a comeback. I mean I remember the hits she put out there. I mean I still listen to "Toxic, "Im a Save 4 U", Oops I Did It Again, etc...who would have thought that the smiling girl who made those songs would turn out like this? So when I saw the performance it was both disgusting and annoying. I mean in all seriousness very FEW people get oppurtunities like this to stage a comeback right? I mean this is probably the best oppurtunity she could have ever asked for. Adding to the fact that she was opening...I mean what more could an artist/singer ask for in her situation. Yet she has the audacity and the gall to mess it up. And not just in small ways. In a major, in your face, out of control, idiotic way. I would feel sorry for her if it werent for several factors (some of which I mentioned above). I find the whole thing both funny and sad at the same time. Shocking really. If she has any true friends they need to reach out to her asap before its too late.
  3. Lol if you enjoyed yesterday you MUST see today's episode...LMAO is all I can say. The ending with Sam and Jason? PRICELESS. Hes like, "If thats supposed to hurt doesn't" to Sam while shes standing on her ugly hot tub trying to "twist the knife into Jason" according to the TV Guide. God Sam is pathetic. And Lucky too...his whining today was beyond pathetic. "OMG I'm not getting any sexy back from my wife who I've been shouting at for months". Dude chill out and take a moment to relax. If you're really serious about rebuilding your relationship you'd realize that Rome wasn't built in a day. Elizabeth is not a ho. Shes not just gonna jump into bed with you now that you've toned down the anger. And Alexis and Jerry! HOT! God I so want them together...but the whole Alexis having two kids by Sonny and Ric really does complicate things. Part of me was agreeing with Nikolas today. Even though he seems to be going insane. Does anyone have any information about whats going on with him? I mean tomorrow he blantatly tells Lucky to have an affair with Sam! WTF!? Logan/Lulu/The Q's were sweet and funny. I hope Logan truly is Scotts son. If only to wipe the smirk off Baldwin's face and make him shut up. Lol at the comment about Jason's lawyer...
  4. Oh so I don't have a heart now because I don't think all drunk drivers are assholes? Great logic there. Sorry but if someone kills someone that doesn't automatically mean they're going to hell or that they're the worst person on the Earth. As for the people in this thread who have lost someone to drunk driving I don't know who they are and what the circumstances are. Nor do I wish to know (unless they feel like they have to tell me). However suffice to say that I do feel sorry for the victims of accidents caused by drunk driving. I guess I'm just able to separate the two things. Drunk Driving is one thing. The things that it MAY lead to are another. Thats just my personal opinion. Theres no need to fight about it. I've said my part and thats it. KS is not the person that killed all the previous people in all drunk driving incidents in the past and to treat her like such just because of this one accident seems a lil unfair to me. To call her to lose her livelyhood seems a bit unfair as well. Thats all I was saying.
  5. Lol where was this three ton truck? As for as I know she was driving a small car. And until this truck or w/e vehicle you're talking about HITS someone and kills them where exactly is this heinous crime you guys keep accusing me of being blase about? Its a DUI. IF she hit someone then its manslaughter. But she didn't hit someone. Hence its not that serious. Don't see whats warped about it. You're just intent on making this a huge deal when it really isn't in the grand scheme of things. Thats all I'm gonna say about it. I never said drinking and driving was a great activity. Nor did I say I want people to get killed. Try to remember that while you're handing your judgements out like God. If you really think its THAT serious then petition GH or Disney. Or even better go march on Washington to get the punishment for DUI to the death penalty or something. Cuz if they do that then it will actually change something. If they do that then it becomes a serious matter because the punishment would be severe enough to warrant attention.
  6. I don't know why...I just wrote it a few hours ago I believe. Look you have your feelings on the subject I have mine. If someone got drunk and killed someone I was close to I'd have them punished to the full extent of the law. However I do think if a person hasn't commited a really heinous crime (such as murder) that it shouldn't be this big news thing (on AOL or anywhere else). I don't think she should lose her job over it and I hope she doesn't.
  7. See China Lee is one character that I think everyone can agree on is useless. Just the name itself is hurting me to think about it. A newbie like shouldn't be on for more than a week. The fact that they've given her kids and now Nick and Chelsea are stuck in this dumb storyline is beyond sad. Just give me more of EJami and the whole feud storyline.
  8. I laughed so hard during that scene. You could see Liz visibly cringe at the thought of Lucky making love to her...and it was glorious as a Liason fan! By the way did Lucky sleep with Sam when she was in the hot tub the other day? I completely missed what happened. I'm guessing not since he came home (probably feeling guilty and stupid) to try and make up with Liz.
  9. I can't speak for others of course but if that happened I would support her facing the maximum penalty and going to jail (I assume its automatic that they're going to jail). As for how long I really don't know how what the law states in regards to this but I'm sure whatever it is will be suitable. Heaven forbid though that she does kill someone. And I don't know what the stats are for that really happening.
  10. Everything. Although some things do interest me more than others I truly do find the show enjoyable for the most part. Its just too bad that most people in this thread don't feel the same way. It seems like day after the day the same stuff is said over and over again. And oh yeah I already mentioned all the horrible things Katie did to Carly and Simon last year. Yes they were wrong. Yes Carly had every right to get back at her. But of course she showed restraint. Thats what someone who destroys her family by running away like that (although I think she had good reason to and wasn't upset by it) would do. Sorry but she has/had no right to get an attitude with Katie over last fall. She broke the law (even though to me the crime wasn't that serious) and she got caught because of Katie. She can be mad all she wants but I don't see where she has any excuse to attack Katie. And then more recently shes magically fallen back in love with Jack. Has done everything short of getting him drunk and raping him...and Kate is supposed to just sit idly by and smile for the camera!? I think not. If the roles were reversed Carly would have reacted a long time ago if Katie were doing all these pathetic things just to be near Jack such as showing up at a cool/ relaxed engagement party dressed like you're going out to a ball. I like Carly but I'm not gonna say that shes entitled to do whatever she wants when it comes to Jack just because CarJack is the be all end all for some ATWT viewers.
  11. As if I couldn't feel more disgusted with her and the whole hype surrounding her "performance". I feel so bad for the backups....they did seem to be trying to so hard for her. I don't know...I jus think at one point I would have just said "f*ck it if the MAIN STAR isn't going to even give even the tiniest bit of effor then why the hell am I here!?" and just walked out on Britney. That AOL video just looks so awful. I missed the VH1 special on her tonight though due to work. If anyone saw it please let me know if it was interesting or good.
  12. However I just don't support putting people in jail based on the "probablity of something" happening. Whether it be this scenario or that. Anyways its just my opinion. And yeah I Know KS is a recast but to me shes been the ONLY Maxie and I lover her in the role. I don't know who played Maxie b4 and to be honest I don't care since I don't think they can hold a candle to KS. As for my comments regarding KM's nudity I just think it would be more of a distraction at the workplace and more of a scandal as opposed to a DUI. But again thats just my personal opinion. People get drunk all the time and do stupid things. That includes people at all levels of work. However in some environments a person might not be taken seriously if they have nude photos of themselves floating around the place. I'm not saying its right but thats the reality of the situation.
  13. It doesn't make any sense...thus the whole point of them being drunk right? I mean am I supposed to believe that after drinking all that alcohol that shes supposed to make a RATIONAL decision and hail a cab when shes clearly not in her right mind? And no shes not a role model. Shes just an actress on a show. And its the media and other people who have decided for her what and who she should be. Her behavior is not your responsiblity and its not up to us to judge her. Sorry but if a child makes his whole life about Storms then he or she has serious issues and if a parent can't correct that then its their issue. Growing up I was exposed just as much as anyone to JT, Brtiney, Christina, and the whole Mickey Mouse Club, etc....but you don't see me mooning people on the side of the street like Brit. Nor am I copying any of their attitudes or behaviors. I've never once seen a study that suggests that the majority of kids who claim to "idolize" or make celebs their "role models" follow in their footsteps exactly or even remotely close. Until that happens I just don't see how her behavoir that night is truly going to have an impact on society or the kids who you claim probably idolize her. A DUI is not that serious. Thats just my opinion. It should not cost her job. Its not a big deal to me because she didn't kill anyone. Nor did she run over a dog or a cat. Nor did she kill herself or a van carrying her biggest fans. Nor did she crash into ABC Daytime's studios. She just got drunk...made a dumb decision to drive drunk and got caught (thankfully). It should be a BIG DEAL to her because she made a dumb decision which could have cost her her life or the life of someone else. However it didn't. She should thank God, learn from it, and move on. As for Maxie and the teen scene I agree that you could recast her but rarely do I find recasts a good move. Sorry but it just wouldn't work in this case. KS has brought FIERCE to the role of Maxie and I just can't see anyone pulling THAT off. Plus the chemistry she has with the girl playing Lulu as well as the other characters on the show is very natural and awesome. Yes the character of Maxie isn't important in the grand scheme of things but I do think shes part of the charm of GH for me. Shes the character you love to hate and yet you can't help but love her at some times. P.S. As for your gun analogy I highly doubt you'd get very far with a gun if you were drunk. Most likely you'd kill yourself out of stupidity and being drunk. Not you personally Ryan just the general person. However for the sake of argument if someone did get a gun and went to the mall drunk waving it around then I would also support a punishment there as well. Although the threat of danger is definitely more HIGHER in your scenario IMO. I don't have facts or stats to back that up but I do think a gun in a crowded place like the mall is more serious than a DUI.
  14. This whole role model thing is bs in general. PARENTS are supposed to be "role models". Its your fault if you let your childs future be determined by Storms or some other person who just happens to be in the news. Storms did NOT sign up to be a role model. Shes just a young adult who is trying to life HER LIFE. Not anyone elses and for us to expect her to be all perfect is sorta wrong I think. As for her job(s) she should NOT be fired for a DUI. Thats completely ridiculous and way too excessive. Posing nude is not a crime but surely that would bring a whole lot more issues and drama than a simple DUI in which NO ONE was hurt. As for KM I would have still hired her cuz shes a great actress. And Maxie is a great character and I can't see anyone but Storms playing the role. I mean without her the whole teen scene loses a very important element and a central figure. Sorry but I hope her losing her job is not even on the table cuz as far as Im' concerned this isn't even news.
  15. Wow its amazing...truly amazing.