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  1. The obtuse working on healthcare saying such things as "I wouldn't want to lose my mammogram." I don't know how to embed tweets but Sally Field has one about Trump Truckster that made me laugh.
  2. The media helps to "condition" people into not caring about average people suffering. Donald Sterling, former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, was a slum lord for years and engaged in discriminatory practices. He didn't get labeled a racist until he told his "friend" not to bring black guys to games with her and not to take pictures with Magic Johnson. All of a sudden a sports media person started referring to him as the most hated man in the country and the media carried on as though they were providing some public service to the public in blowing up the story, despite his track record (which led to Gloria Allred being able to snatch her piece of the spotlight). Anderson Cooper/CNN even got in on the act with an interview of this old man who was so dangerous to society. His treatment of his tenants was not enough of a reason to find him despicable, but he said something about a former basketball player and they all went after him as the nation's greatest evil. All those players and the coach pretended to not know what he was and pretended to have some moral dilemma about whether or not they could continue to play for someone like that. They knew all along what he was but the money spoke louder. At least there are people who genuinely care but the media is just out to make life seem like one big show.
  3. I read about him yesterday and thought maybe Trump can call him up and say whatever the man wants to hear and things will be fine again. I remember watching an interview in which three women spoke about voting for Trump hoping he would make their work lives better. When asked what they'd do if Trump didn't deliver, one of them jokingly said that she'd write him an angry letter. Some people are looking for a savior and they want him to be their savior.
  4. A translator would be a waste of time because his words are like things floating in the air and he still doesn't get the concept of NATO and how it works and how payment works. He and Palin could have some deep mind-blowing conversations. It's hard to know whether he suffers from an inability to accept the truth or whether he knows he's lying and maybe both can be true. Elijah Cummings is calling for Devin Nunes to be investigated and I hope that happens. @Roman yes, I live in California where there's crazy Nunes and Issa. No one will ever be able to explain electing them. But now I've seen quite a bit of Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell which balances things out for now.
  5. Methinks he wanted barbecue, was out of meat, and threw himself on the grill. John McCain wants to run this now so at the very least Nunes should have stayed in the sandbox. I have no idea why he thinks trying to help Bigly is going to do him any good, but I guess loyalty has its rewards. Trump associates may have coordinated with Russia is CNN's latest breaking news. Before it was that he was making phone calls to try to put the squeeze on House conservatives. I wonder how many of them are ignoring his calls now. Some humor for someone in need of it:
  6. I thought Issa was a case but now here's Nunes reminding me that I can't shake my head enough over how the people in this state get elected. At least there's Adam Schiff. I am glad he at least is asking whether Nunes wants to be a Trump surrogate but I don't see how there avoid any kind of move to get him ousted. He started out trying to provide cover for Trump before they even decided to investigate. The thing is he now put himself out there to say something that was already floated regarding information being collected as part of surveillance on a foreign national or multiple foreign nationals, which is a bad look for Trumpsters regardless of whether it was direct or indirect. The fact that Trump feels vindicated in any way shows how completely ignorant he is. Plus Nunes doesn't even know whether Trump Towers was involved which is a major part of the lie leveled by Trump. Now all those people who scoffed at the idea of an independent investigation might buy a clue as to why some called for one.
  7. It may get out of the House depending on how much Trump's threats scare some of them. He threatened the Freedom Caucus leader which is now being downplayed as joke. Tom Cotton is still insisting they slow down and that it won't pass in the Senate. I don't know whether they care about Trump's threats but I can't imagine any of them being moved by anything Mitch McConnell says. I know that people may not like to question someone's faith but his complete contempt for the poor is so obvious that I can't see why anyone wouldn't at least ask him what being a devout Catholic means to him.
  8. I watched the first two episodes and called it a day. Maybe over time the main characters will be developed better but the one Carl Weathers plays is almost less than one dimensional and the assistant was useless (especially in the second episode). They telegraph in the worst way. Both episodes used CPD characters as a draw and in both instances the plots would have worked better on CPD. In the three hour oneChicago event, everything fell flat for me in the CJ portion. They should have at least had some of the CPD cast have courtroom cameos in support of Olinsky. And in the second episode they should have had all the CPD working to try to clear Atwood. It made no sense that he would have taken a plea so a miraculous resolution was apparent. It was also very sloppy and is why the assistant seems useless. They showed her in the beginning visiting the jail and she was made aware that the guy had thrown up, yet she said nothing about a tox screen. The fact that (except for Antonio), that team saw nothing wrong with sending a man to prison just to satisfy an activist minister makes them all hard to like. The SA pretty much shows up, makes veiled threats about his job and the ASA's job and goes MIA until it's press conference time is a waste of a character. They might as well hand out cases over the phone.
  9. So Comey put it back out there that the Republicans (the ones who claimed their security was top-notch) were also hacked but that nothing was leaked on them.
  10. I saw that yesterday. I also saw Susan Collins skirt around taking a stance on that by pretending that they needed to get to the bottom of it before she could say whether he should apologize. Adam Schiff showed up after and said he disagreed with her because they'd already gotten to the bottom of it. Some of those Republicans are playing a potentially costly game with their own credibility by trying to pass Trump off as having an "unconventional style" because they don't want to be seen acknowledging that he is a liar who makes things up and gets away with it, and they're complicit. I kind of want to see him carted off in a strait jacket. So now that they finally let James Comey publicly refute Trump's tweets, how long before the hearing is labeled fake news? Devin Nunes is doing his best to throw Trump a lifeboat by low key promoting a general surveillance possibility and by trying to draw attention to the real criminals: whoever leaked info. Meanwhile conspiring with Russia is still not a big deal.
  11. Good point. I was too busy trying to understand how her neighbors have ruined her life. She got married when she was 19, had two kids and was divorced at 26. She says she should have gone to college, understands that globalization and automation played a part, but it's still their fault. I don't even get these people who think their tax dollars somehow fund the lifestyles of hundreds of people (whether it be the "illegals" or the lazy black people). Is she equally as upset that she may be also helping to take care of lazy white people? I wonder whether she even realizes that she's also feeding hungry white children. And none of this has anything to do with how she ended up where she is. It's a good thing that Trump is going to get rid of that problem for her because then she'll be able to get more money and she'll be able to afford health insurance and her life will be so much better...oh wait...
  12. Here's one of the best examples of a person who uses filtered logic that allows her to see life in that special way that justifies her contempt for a group of people: She says her opposition to “illegals” isn’t personal. She says that when she needs help around the house, her Hispanic neighbors offer before “my white neighbors do.” She says she doesn’t want the kids on her bus to think she is heartless for supporting deportation raids. But she says something has to change.
  13. The most genuine moment, imo, came when he said company instead of country. He thinks he's in charge of one big company. Those mics were messed up so I don't know what Halperin asked to send him down the familiar road of republican utopia and tiresome droning on and on about Obamacare is failing and lies about how he said the best thing to do is to let it fail as if no one heard him say he had a better plan and he was going to replace and repeal on day one. His reading style is horrific. The fact that he does not get that he's not standing in front of his admirers and carries on as if the world's been victimizing America and he's going to fix everything is very depressing. I can't even say what the most embarrassing part of all that was but when he responded to the reporter who asked him about his use of fake news and made out as if that was the reporter's term, the awkward reference to Angela Merkel being wiretapped, and the ask Fox News rubbish, it just seemed as if this is never going to end. This game of quoting conspiracy theorists as evidence and pretending that they were merely using them as examples of what is being reported in the news, claiming to have evidence that can only be delivered in two weeks or some other time down the road, and being blameless is something I don't think I can stand anymore. I might watch the PBS Newshour later but I think I need to filter out the repetition because I know this isn't a really bad episode of the Twilight Zone.
  14. More evidence that the less people the better is a policy and this one includes complicit democrats. I watched Amy Goodwin talk with Ralph Nader (who plugged his book) about various issues and he said that the democrats need to speak in simpler terms. It made me realize how they are missing opportunities by not being proactive instead of sticking to being reactive all the time. I wonder if they are not just doing what the republicans were doing in opposing and criticizing everything Obama suggested without ever working out their own plan. We see how their outrage over the AHCA for seven years was a bunch of talk while they squandered opportunities to come up with something better. I wish they'd use PACs to run short anti-Trump ads referencing the harmful actions against the people that he has either taken or proposed.
  15. I read about that while going through this morning's stories. Fox News tried to help validate Trump's claims by saying Obama used the British Intelligence instead of American. Now it's time for Congress to take a hard line against Trump on this because using foreign allies to try to justify his lies could cause a lot of damage in foreign relations. Then there's the usual silliness from this lot: Yesterday when I read that the Obamas were in Hawaii, I wondered why I hadn't heard a conspiracy theory about the blocked ban and this morning I came across this: