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  1. I think they also want him be a low key defender of Trump. He says this about Ivanka Trump being booed: You can hate Donald Trump's views on and treatment of women -- and lots of people do! But, to expect Ivanka Trump to publicly condemn her father or his record on women's issues is a bridge too far. It's impossible for us to know what Ivanka Trump does (or doesn't do) to influence her father's views behind the scenes. And, because of that -- and the fact that she is his daughter! -- booing her for defending her dad is poor form. But I think he's missing that defending her father is not the same as claiming that his record is something it isn't. Nobody told her to lie about her father's "accomplishments." I don't expect her or anyone else to go out and bash their parents. She can surely make a speech or statement without referencing her father's non-existent advocacy of women's issues. This makes Chris Cilizza contemptible.
  2. It's odd that they suddenly want him and are using 2010 as a possible reason. He's been quite loyal to TrumPutin but that probably means little to them and he's already served his purpose or at least WikiLeaks has. But it's also possible that the IC might hope to use this to get him to talk. More of Trump selling the health and welfare of the majority of the nation for cash in his pockets:
  3. Don Lemon's just playing his role. They manufacture all of this to get social media buzz which they think will in turn lead to higher ratings. Apparently there's nothing like twitter outrage these days. I don't get why scoring points on twitter means so much to people when it changes nothing in reality. All this nonsense about "owning" people and "winning" and the rest of the hyperbole is not for me. I'm in the Jack Webb just the facts ma'am lane. None of those people screeching and carrying on with the back pats on CNN's panels are solving anything at all. They may as well kick it up a notch and have a CNN panelists awards show with such categories as who scored the most points on twitter, who got owned, and who starred in the most posted gif image. Meanwhile the stress of the job requires more Mar-a-Lago downtime for the "winning-est" laziest President in U.S. history.
  4. So far up to 36 ISIS members were killed by the big bomb and U.S. forces accidentally killed 18 friendly soldiers a couple of days or so ago. Is it me or does it seem excessive to use a major bomb to kill 36 people?
  5. I don't think it matters. We've had members of Congress and the Senate saying that Trump was going to be impeached or resign which is a much bigger deal. They know that evidence exists, no matter how carefully some of them try to word it. The issue is how to get this done. My mother, who lives in Italy, has called me two days in a row over Trump. Today she told me that included in the dossier they were given on Trump, are pictures that Obama saw. Trump knows that Obama saw the pictures and yet he made those accusations because he must be confident that Obama won't say anything, but he's of course, not the only one who saw them so Trump is just... I'm glad that Mike Pompeo called out WikiLeaks for what it is. Democracy Now! chose to have Julian Assange on when they should have known that he would play the why on earth would Russia want Trump to win game, by making out as if Trump Towers needs to be plastered all over Russia in order for Putin to favor Trump in the election. I don't know if he ever gets asked why they don't leak Kremlin information and why they didn't leak anything on the GOP, because he couldn't possibly sit there and say that Russia does nothing evil and the GOP is devoid of corruption.
  6. One of these days CNN is going to wake up and find out how late they are to the impeachment party. While the most of the media gets distracted by Trump's war games, the investigation marches on. I'm pretty sure now that they have evidence of the TrumPutin election collusion and it's now a question of how many are caught in this thing.
  7. From TrumPutin's wonderful world of treason: Mar-a-Lago membership has its privileges (poor refrigeration):
  8. Not only that but when they think you should take the tweet of someone who does not get that the object of his hatred actually requested something she had a right to request, seriously. If they think her actions should be considered criminal then they should request policy modifications to exclude the NSA from being able to request and obtain access to that type of information. But instead they want to pretend that it's illegal to support the fabrications of their ignorant leader. CNN needs to re-brand and own up to just having a little news on the side. They can just have an anchor read some news at the top of the hour and devote the rest to their insipid panel discussions yapping.
  9. Well since he put his great negotiating plan on record for the media to broadcast, there shouldn't be that much public confusion about who is responsible for it. Part of the media narrative on Bannon is how he threatened GOP Congress members and they didn't like it and how it backfired and has now contributed to his being on the outs. Now you have the main idiot making more severe threats in order to "force" Democrats into doing themselves in by trying to hold vital healthcare hostage in order to make them complicit in gutting it. He's yet again showing how desperate the media are to normalize him because to pin everything on Bannon as though Trump is some innocent puppet reeks.
  10. He makes Clueless look like a film about geniuses. I can't imagine why he thinks no one in other nations can read about the stupid things he says--especially the foreign leaders with which he's met. That whole dessert bombing fiasco was seen as an insult to President XI and their traditions and the only way he'll ever know is if Fox mentions it during his viewing hours. His best recent lie has to be the Bannon I hardly know one: I don't know if it's better than the old I know Putin well/I don't know him lies though: Yay, he thinks Tillerson is doing a great job. Wait until he finds out what Tillerson said about election meddling and more sanctions. At this point, I think some of his people are just freelancing and making it so that he has to go along with whatever they say.
  11. Whenever Trump has to put up he crumbles like the idiot he is. You pointed out how he backtracked on the currency--a hard deadline will get him every time. Did you read about him practically bragging that he told President XI about his Syrian strike over their dessert of "beautiful" chocolate cake. Simpleton is way too kind of an adjective for that pea brain.
  12. I may be the only one who feels this way but, imo, Obama had a tendency to comment on too many trivial matters (such as Kanye West re Taylor Swift) which basically set the stage for him being expected to have an opinion on many things. There's no doubt that the bar is set low for Trump as all he has to do is be able to stay focused on a teleprompter to appear "Presidential." Unfortunately due to racial and other biases, Obama was under a microscope in ways that his predecessors and the current idiot will never be. Even the self-professed "color blind" people don't get that there is a difference between accepting a person as being totally equal to them as a human and being able to "overlook" race (which is more or less like saying that I am generously overlooking what I subconsciously perceive to be your inferiority). I remember Chris Matthews saying that people in that Appalachians were against Obama and that posed a voting problem for him, and then asking what Obama was going to do about. This because when white people hate you because you're black, you have to find a way to make those white people change their minds. But isn't this the kind of ignorance and stupidity about racism that has prevailed for over a century? Obama got it from all sides. And honestly he was in a no-win situation when it comes to that because you can't please everyone in America happy when it comes to race. But for some reason, there were people who expected him to be the answer. OTOH, Trump is not expected to be the answer to anything. Even his Trumpbots know all they wanted was someone as simple minded as them in charge. Pretty much. I see that Carter Page is chatting with Jake Tapper and Manafort wants to register as a foreign agent to retro-fix his Ukraine issue.
  13. The bigger story is that Russia blocked the UN from investigating Syria's chemical attack so all that Assad must go won't mean a thing without Russia agreeing. Oh look which idiot is now saying NATO is no longer obsolete.
  14. I'm in a different column when it comes to the three named. If it were just that and not a bigger picture to me, but April Ryan is the only one who has the Omarosa/Trump/Spicer thing going. Susan Rice, imo, falls into a category with Obama and HRC as far as Trump and the blame diversion game goes. I may have missed Trump and/or Spicer targeting Maxine Waters so all I know about is Bill O'Reilly's ignorant James Brown hair comments which seems to have elevated her status. I am totally biased against her and hair drama is never going to get me on her or anyone's side. It's too trivial of an issue for me. I respect that it's a big deal for other people. All I can say is that when I was younger I was often criticized over my hair. My scalp was wrecked over a bad perm and I was forced to go to a hairdresser, during my elementary school days, who loved sizzling presses. I was put down for not having "good" hair and I will still never get worked up over hair. For years I've asked my friends what Maxine Waters has done for the people since she's been in office and none of them can tell me but then again, it's probably the same for a lot of those lifers. A friend of mine worked for her and I met her and her son and being nice etc., doesn't make up for inaction. She ticked me off when she decided to hold a prayer vigil over a community hospital closure, when they were warned about violations and that it would be closed if they were not addressed. Also she and Diane Watson were bent over Obama not holding them in high esteem (especially Diane Watson who must have thought he should worship her just because) but that's a whole other issue. That whole 70+ club benefits from their constituents repeatedly voting in them due to their level of comfort with them. Now they're the anti-Trump crusaders empowered by protesters and I'm not impressed. Any expectations came from Obama's willingness to show compassion. Trump doesn't seem like a compassionate person so why should anyone want his fake condolences? There's no point to his expressing sorrow just for us to question his sincerity. The best thing he can do in these situations is to say nothing. He can't use this to score points since the killer wasn't undocumented and hasn't been linked to Islam.
  15. It seems that the evidence against Trump is all classified so they need someone to flip in order to move this along more quickly. He should ask Comey to resign because that won't at all raise more suspicions.