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  1. Exactly. It kills me that people online are claiming that Heavenly was dragging Mariah with them weak baby reads she was giving. I was like, "Bitch where? B/c I didn't not see it." Mariah was skull-dragging Heavenly like it was nobody's business.
  2. What annoyed me about Rinna's table dance was just last year she was moaning and groaning about Erika's video. Rinna's problem IS that she plays up the the audience, but it has backfired the past 2 seasons. It worked her original season b/c she had Brandi and Kim to cover her vileness. Now she holds that position. I give Rinna possibly one more season before the audience wants her gone. IMO, she's practically decimated her career thanks to this show. Eileen should be showing us her work at Y&R. LVP's primary story starts next week about Yulin. Dorit should spend more time educating the audience with her son, Jagger and his condition. Erika's story is her 'music career,' which I've been over since last year. She exemplifies how anyone can be a music superstar thanks to autotune. I just miss the fabulosity this show had the first season. Exactly. I don't know when this whole 'storyline' craze began, but I wish it never did. Long do I miss the early days when it was more about the simple things in the ladies lives PLUS their ensemble interaction.
  3. Which isn't shocking for me. I doubt Jehmu or Sally win it. My gut is telling me that it'll be Keith. Jaime, Tom, and Sam might possibly get it.
  4. ^ She needs to do something b/c I am over Kim being the topic of discussion on this show. IDK what is going on as of late, but Beverly Hills needs to retire Kim from the show. IMO, there ought to be a mandatory clause on the show demanding they not talk about Kim b/c the excessive talking about Kim is killing the show much like Brooks' schemes almost killed the OC and how Tre's legal issues have killed NJ. I think that BH needs another overhaul next season. IMO, I'd get rid of everyone at this point. LVP should just focus on Vanderpump Rules as she prefers that show anyways. Kyle is a gateway to Kim being brought up, so get rid of her. Rinna and Eileen have long overstayed their welcome. I've never cared for Erika as much as Andy/Bravo have force fed her to us. Dorit is OK, but she is expendable. I say bring back Camille and cast 5-6 fabulous women around her.
  5. Well you have to remember too that many Latinos are White and somewhat rich (i.e. the Cubans). Latinos have a huge problem with accepting their mestizo and African roots or counterparts. I do think that we (African Americans that is) stick together politically, but we have our issues in other facets of life though. The mods pissed me off on how they wouldn't allow Jehmu or Sally explain their points, but allowed the men to somewhat go overtime a lot. It wasn't lost on me.
  6. I thought Perez was stronger on an earlier debate this season. He was not so strong tonight. But again, I feel like the Dems need to steer away from the establishment going forward if they plan on making ground w/ grass root voters. Yeah, Pete annoyed me. I like him, but I hate when politicians repeat the same points over and over again. It becomes waning overtime. I do think he'll become a force in the party down the line. I just don't see it now.
  7. I like Perez but I feel like he is too much involved in the establishment. Pete was doing too many talking points, and I grew tired of him bringing up Indiana. I feel like Jehmu, Sam, Keith, and Jaime were the stars. Overall, I am glad that everyone is on the same and willing to work together regardless who wins it all.
  8. I thought they were very insightful and some good people could possibly emerge as the new chair head.
  9. What are everyone's thoughts/opinion on the DNC debates?
  10. I don't think Karen's husband was that wealthy to begin with. I think they were doing well but not as Karen portrayed first season.
  11. I don't blame her at all about not wanting to return to daytime. Why should she? Brad sh*tted on Stephanie the last decade she was on. Towards the end, she practically became a talk-to/background to the Hope/Steffy/Liam triangle. I'm glad she's directing as she's very talented. I think she can shape and mold some of young actors on the Freeform shows into something decent if not great.