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  1. Praise Jesus! I just heard the news that Candace is booted! So glad her ass is going. We've finally gotten rid of the deadweight on this show. I can deal with the remaining women even Paula's annoying ass.
  2. Oh joy. Another TV channel filled that'll be filled w/ lies.
  3. Remember now that Kyle was the one that started the LVP puppet master/Bobby Fischer crap back in s2. I've always felt Kyle was the most manipulative of them all. People just get pissed that Lisa gets away with stuff (with the audience) b/c her accent.
  4. @Cheap21, I caught that too. Kyle stays saying slick sh-t on the sly. That's why I never took to her ass. I still feel like she of all people gets away with murder. The one season she got called to the carpet was s3 and rightfully so.
  5. I tuned back in and was pleased. Today did feel like old school Y&R in a LONG time. Only thing that bothered me was that Billy, Traci, or Ashley didn't toss Jack's transgressions in his face. Jack screwed Jill when she was married to John, and him looking down on Billy is so damn hypocritical. I can't stand Jack so I just wanted him called out on his sh-t. The scenes with Nick whining... I'm over this grown ass child. I hope SSM eventually moves Sharon off the ranch. I just want her detached from anything involving the Newmans with the exception of her kids.
  6. This administration is gonna be filled with scandal. I'm sorry but Trump picking Linda is not smart at all (even though I've never taken Trump to be smart at all). The McMahons are filled with scandal. One scandal I think of was Vince McMahon using his clout to basically get Jimmy Snuka off from those murder charges years ago, which were brought back up this past year until it was announced about a week ago Snuka has got 6 months to live.
  7. She won't. The McMahons are all about using and abusing people to get ahead themselves.
  8. Really? Linda McMahon as head of the Small Business Administration? Isn't this pick a bit oxymoronic? This reign of terror is gonna be a straight sideshow.
  9. OMG. The HBIC, New York, might be returning to CBB again!!! 

  10. All I have to say is that I LOVED watching LVP pay Eileen and Rinna dust. They were adamant in tearing her down last season, so I am all for her making their lives a living hell.
  11. I agree with @Ponds. Leave OLTL & AMC dead. They need to clean house on GH, get back to their roots, and get rid of people onscreen/behind the scenes. I've been saying that if the people at ABC were smart, they'd use The Doctors for inspiration as the episodes are available.
  12. Yes. I remember reading that in Lemay's book. Didn't he kill Walter off and fans revolted? I never got that. Lenore should've clocked his ass for allowing her to sit in jail all that time. Didn't Val DuFour soon go to Search for Tomorrow after this?
  13. Wasn't Walter the reason why Lenore was locked up anyways?
  14. True. Plus it had been her first real romance (as Barbara) she'd have in almost a decade too. Barbara didn't really have a romance at all in the last decade of the show. She was either manipulating her kids or doing off the wall bullsh-t.
  15. Leave OLTL & AMC dead. As others pointed out, Agnes is gone and I doubt anyone will be able to grasp her vision of both shows. Also, need I remind those who want a crossover how the Delia (of Ryan's Hope) crossover flopped?