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  1. Soap actors are a weird breed. That's what I am discovering. They sh-t on phenomenal, character driven stories--the meat and potatoes , but love campy stories--the scraps. Oh plz. I doubt this was the issue at all. If it was, then he should've built a bridge and got over that b-tch. He's an actor, not a writer. See this is why I am glad I am not the head writer of a show b/c I'd be firing people left and right. I HATE actors that feel they can dictate what the write, who is the visionary of the show, can tell. Do I think they should have concerns at times? Yes. But a story about Jack producing a child during Vietnam isn't one of them. Especially, when it is possible that Jack could've done it. Hell, Tom did it on ATWT, and it was a beautiful story. The actors on Y&R are quick to bitch about not getting camera time, but when someone truly tosses them a bone, they moan like babies. That's why I love Sharon Case b/c she takes whatever she is given and is gracious.
  2. I said that I just heard the Angie/Cliff rumor like everyone else. I didn't say it was factual; however, I do believe that where there's smoke, there could be fire. I don't know why he hated the Keemo story so much as many American men did sire kids during Vietnam.
  3. I don't know either. I've just heard it from trusting posters on various soap boards that he didn't care for the pairing. I've heard he didn't like Angie/Cliff being paired together on AMC either. Don't wanna peg the man as a bigot, but where there's smoke...
  4. I thought that Lachlan, Blake, and Hartley were all competent in the role of Kyle. Sadly, all of them got no story or character development at all. It still boggles my mind how this show currently fails to not produce a new set of young characters when they are who the show should be focused on. I feel like Sharon, Victoria, Nick, Phyllis, Jack, Nikki, Lauren, Michael, and Victor have given all the story they could give if I am being frank. The likes of Billy, Noah, Summer, Reed, Lily, Mariah, Devon, and Mariah should be the driving force on this show.
  5. I think he's talking about Marla Adams (Dina) return, and I think he's simply pimping SSM's story. That or Kyle is about to return for the 100th time.
  6. Well Luan was killed off the show, so I doubt we'd ever see her again. But it is Keemo and his half-sister, Mai, we'll never see again thanks to Peter Bergman. That one thing I hate about Y&R is that they allow Bergman and Braeden too much say in their stories.
  7. I doubt we'll ever see Keemo again as long as Peter Bergman is on the canvas.
  8. I can't stand Zak most of the time, but God I hate that little f-cker, Lachlan. I wish Zak would've pounced on his a** like a piñata tonight. Ugh! Also, I cannot get into this Rhona/Pierce story. I still feel it is criminal how vile they've turned this fine ass man.
  9. I'm glad to hear that Janice Lynde saw the error of her ways. If only she knew that she was sitting on a gold mine when she was at Y&R. Sadly, now her character and all its familial connections have been stripped from the Y&R canon.
  10. RHOP sneak peek: