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  1. @Cat @alwaysAMC @DaytimeFan @Cheap21 Bravo released this late yesterday. More will be revealed today as to who the other main cast members are for s7. I'm guessing Erika (b/c Andy is obsessed with her goofy ass), Eden [Sassoon] (as she's brought a lot of drama this season from what I've heard), and I am waffling back and forth between either Eileen or Camille as the last one. I'm leaning towards Camille at the moment just based off this photo. I don't think that LVP's friend Dorit made the cut.
  2. I agree that others have done worse than Emma, but I think she won't be able to recover after this. If she messes with Ashley, I'll want her to sent off or killed too even though the actress and character are great. I just can't get behind her messing with my Ashley. They just need to leave Pierce alone. It's already a shortage of men on this show in his age range. He is needed. I can see him with Charity, Chas, Megan... I hope they fix Charity but I doubt. Quite frankly, I am OVER her obsession with Cain. They need to nix that pairing after this recent breakup and just have them learn to coexist as Debbie's parents/cousins.
  3. @DRW50 I too wish that they've give Lisa material outside of Zak. I wish they'd make her a stronger woman, who doesn't mope and groan b/c Zak is no longer with her. I feel like early after her break from Zak they were gonna have her move on but I doubt it. These past few episodes have not been made me like Charity a lot. I find her to be a real sh-tty mother. It's getting to the point where I wish Noah would go stay with Moira full-time and Ross keep Moses from her. Charity is a train wreck and they need to fix her. I did find her scenes with Ross good as we saw some growth and paternal instincts from him. I hope if anything, they keep up Ross being a good father. God I hope they don't make Pierce nutty. I know I say it all the time but dammit, I see potential in the character. We already have Emma running around acting crazy. We don't need another character.
  4. Good! Praying that Candice is next.
  5. Putin is declaring war if HRC wins. Well he better get over b/c she's winning if sane ppl have a say.
  6. That's exactly what I think on everything you said. Minnie will use the Gremlins as pawns until Juicy, who is way smarter than Minnie, pulls them on her side. I also see the twins coming for Monie's friend if she's added b/c she cuter than them and can twerk just as hard.
  7. @Cheap21Oh I saw the reunion. I thought Minnie's mom was an embarrassment. I grew tired of Minnie slinging 'bitch' around like it was nothing either. I'm also glad that Monie has demoted Minnie's ass as co-maid of honor along with seeing that Minnie and her mom aren't sh-t. From the dynamics last night, I can see that it is gonna be Minnie/the twins v. Monie/Juicy next season. You can tell that Emily and Brie are glad to be off the show and tired of Minnie's antics too. I loved Kevin Fraizer hosting as he is one of the few hosts that calls everyone on their sh-t and make them own it. I don't think we've seen the last of the Gremlin twins either. I wouldn't be surprised if they were part of the lineup next season along with Monie's two other friends that were at the bridal shower.
  8. More SFT episodes uploaded:
  9. I think he probably came up with the outline of Rosanna's past, which would have meant Carly. He also came up with the outline of the Kasnoffs, although I think they were darker (wasn't there supposed to be child abuse?). I don't know if he came up with any of the stronger details about Carly. Oh OK. I do remember hearing about him outlining the Kasnoff clan. Wasn't he trying to pitch a new soap centered around them?
  10. @DRW50 are rumors true though that Carly was one of Marland's final creations?
  11. That's what I am wondering too. While the McClearly and Kendalls ate up the show the last 4 years, it's still good. From watching and reading recaps on the show around this time, I think the only thing wrong was Jo, Stephanie, & Stu being pushed to supporting characters instead of driving story.
  12. @Cat, Heather was pure trash on that bus ride. She stayed trying to diagnose Kelly & tell her to shut up. Just b/c Heather humps a doctor doesn't mean she knows how to diagnose. I was just glad that Kelly shot Heather's ass down, and Meghan saw Heather for the manipulator she is. Heather's a** got exposed last night. No longer is she fancy pants. She's just as vile and trashy as Trailer Sue. @alwaysAMC, I think we'll get an RHOBH trailer in about 2-3 weeks. Possibly earlier as fans have been nagging Andy on Twitter about it regularly.
  13. RHOC: Did anyone catch Heather tell Vicki "Don't move" in the preview next week? See this is why a Black woman needs to be on this show b/c she'd bust Heather in her sh-t real quick. Her mouth is too reckless for my liking. Also, on WWHL, Trailer Sue revealed that she can lard a** Brianna are real close. See that's why I don't f-ck with that fat a** wench [Briana]. Vicki needs to disown that disloyal wh*re. Ain't no way no child of mine (if I had any) would be buddy buddy with a b*tch that stays trying to bring me down. Ain't no way. And the rumors about Eddie being gay have been here since day one. Tamra needs to cut the bullsh-t. We've all said Eddie was gay for years. Vicki got that rumor from the fans! Shannon denying that David's family has not met the mistress on WWHL is bulls--t. Heather even confirmed they've met her and preferred her over Shannon. Shannon is such a fake a**, lying a**, booze swilling b*tch. Him beating her a** is true too as it is public knowledge. The receipts are all over Twitter. She's such a f-cking liar. Pleather face... ugh! I can't stand that whoville looking broad. Kelly should've reached back there and strangled her on that bus. Plus, Heather made me do the unthinkable ... like giraffe neck a** Meghan! I am so glad that Meghan has been clocking Heather as of late. She has not been here for Heather since Heather berated her about the Glamis accident. I hope she snatched a plug out her a** at the reunion. I am just glad that next week is the finale. Let's get on to the reunion so I can see sh-t popping!
  14. @Cat (re: Miami) That cast should've been the entire cast for s3. They should've never trimmed the cast down like they did. Season 2 was so good b/c of all 8 of those women. According to Wiki, the reunion is only 2 parts. If true, thank God. This season does not deserve 3 parts. Hell, it barely deserves 2. They could do a 90 min reunion and call it a day. No one will be paying attention to either parts b/c they supposedly air after the long awaited RHOA & M2M. Both reunions be blips on people's radar as their entire focus will be on the 2 shows aforementioned.