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  1. He's getting a lot of heat from his voters on Twitter (via Politico) over this admission. I hope this is the end of his political career.
  2. Marco Rubio fears town halls b/c activists will heckle and scream at him on camera...
  3. This is why I cannot commit to DAYS like I used to. I swear the show does the same stories for Nicole time and time again. Can they give this bitch her baby, so she never has to mention wanting kids or kidnapping kids again? It is sad when I am almost eager for Carlivati's material to air. I keep saying that SONY should just dump all of Higley's trash in the garbage and start fresh.
  4. Was there even a huge backlash over the Margo/Hal affair with the audience? Do you think there would've been a huge backlash had GM remained in the role and Marland still had Margo have an affair?
  5. Episode when a very pregnant Margo (with Adam) departs and goes into hiding:
  6. Yes, he attracted a lot of people who were originally for Bernie. The assumed that he was gonna shake up Capitol Hill like Bernie was, but now they see that isn't the case. I know that there are tons of GOP voters, who hate Trump, but I remain adamant that they will vote as a block to ensure the power at least remains on their side while fixing the in-fighting while in power. Regardless if they are 'liberals' or 'progressives,' they are stupid. Straying from the party will put us all right where we all are now... in f-cking limbo.
  7. Yeah but Trumpanzees at least remain loyal somewhat to the Republicans, hence why the GOP stays winning. Regardless of their position on the political spectrum, they all at least have the sense to remain as a voting block. I'm starting to see that liberals are too stupid and selfish to even do that.
  8. We won't. Like I've already said, many of these morons are on Twitter now talking about they are about to defect from the party. Good. We see where that got us all last time. Your asses are out in the streets fighting for our rights b/c the GOP holds all the power. I'm sick of my fellow liberals not willing to bend on every situation. I'm over my fellow millennials assuming that we are to just go all the way left in a day. It takes progression... time! If people would give Perez (and Ellison too) a chance, these 2 might help mold a more progressive, new hybrid of the Democratic party. Just give the man a chance! F-ck!! If they join the Greens, they are idiots. Did they not see how much of a dolt Jill Stein was? People just need to grow a pair and learn to compromise. That's what adults do. Sadly, we live in an environment where everyone is selfish and all about, "me, me, me!"
  9. Congrats to Tom Perez. I'm glad he realizes that this party needs to go back to reaching out to everyone, and it was nice that he suggested Keith Ellison for Deputy Chair. However, I see the Bernie or bust folks are coming out again talking about straying from the party once again (via Twitter). These dumba**es are the primary reason why Trump is in office now. I hate that people can't compromise and learn to accept a lesser evil.
  10. ^ An clip of Jackie v. Mariah that was left on the cutting room floor. I am so glad that Mariah ate Jackie's a** up.
  11. Heavenly continued her nasty streak tonight. She can't take Mariah, hence why she brings up Mama Lucy. She better tread lightly b/c she must've forgotten what Mama Lucy will do. She'll be eating her purse. Darren undressed all those women perfectly with his tongue tonight. I loved that segment too b/c it unveiled to the audience how vile Toya and Quad truly are. Quad taunting Darren was sheer disgusting; she was subtly calling him gay and I am glad everyone caught on to it. Her thirst for the spotlight backfired tonight. Tonight further solidified my disdain for Jackie's praying-mantis looking ass too. She was so nasty with how she called subtly suggested Mariah wasn't intelligent. Does she need to be reminded that it was that so-called unintelligent woman that cast her flat ass on M2M? I only like Mariah, Genise, and have grown to somewhat like Lisa. The other 4 are just utter trash. Here's Mariah's FB live tonight and Mama Lucy went off!
  12. I saw it, and I thought I was going crazy. Just no... Bravo's rebranding/new design has not impressed me much at all.
  13. Exactly. It kills me that people online are claiming that Heavenly was dragging Mariah with them weak baby reads she was giving. I was like, "Bitch where? B/c I didn't not see it." Mariah was skull-dragging Heavenly like it was nobody's business.
  14. What annoyed me about Rinna's table dance was just last year she was moaning and groaning about Erika's video. Rinna's problem IS that she plays up the the audience, but it has backfired the past 2 seasons. It worked her original season b/c she had Brandi and Kim to cover her vileness. Now she holds that position. I give Rinna possibly one more season before the audience wants her gone. IMO, she's practically decimated her career thanks to this show. Eileen should be showing us her work at Y&R. LVP's primary story starts next week about Yulin. Dorit should spend more time educating the audience with her son, Jagger and his condition. Erika's story is her 'music career,' which I've been over since last year. She exemplifies how anyone can be a music superstar thanks to autotune. I just miss the fabulosity this show had the first season. Exactly. I don't know when this whole 'storyline' craze began, but I wish it never did. Long do I miss the early days when it was more about the simple things in the ladies lives PLUS their ensemble interaction.
  15. Which isn't shocking for me. I doubt Jehmu or Sally win it. My gut is telling me that it'll be Keith. Jaime, Tom, and Sam might possibly get it.