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  1. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic The Young and The Restless - Heating Up   

    Exactly. It doesn't. 
    Glad that they are finally investing in Noah after almost five years and two actors. Hopefully, his romance does not end like it did with Eden. 
    And why is Victor all of a sudden obsessed with getting custody of Chelsea's son? What happened to the Marco arc and Victor getting some sort of comeuppance? See ... this is why I've given up on the show. If characters (except for Sharon) are going to get away with their crimes and not suffer for their sins then I refuse to watch. Victor is character that needs to be killed at this point though. He's done so much reprehensible stuff since MAB's reign that he's at the point of no return. 
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  2. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic B&B Promo - Who Will She Choose?   

    His best pairing was with Dayzee, but they sadly scrapped that once Caroline came in the picture and he and Rick fought over her. Poor Dayzee had to be put with Marcus and exiled. All the story potential that the Dayzee pairing could've produced for Thomas was endless.
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  3. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Celebrity Big Brother UK v. US   

    I'm not a big fan of the concept b/c it caters to just the British contestants and no matter how repulsive the British contestants are, one of them is ensured a win regardless. That aside, I'm only watching b/c I know this cast is going to be explosive. They are filling the void that BBUSA has left once again. 
    When it comes to the US contestants, I actually like Farah and Jenna, who I didn't think I'd like. Jenna is actually one of the more levelheaded contestants, and she's already peeped Austin's card. I applauded her too when she called him out on being hard on Farrah when he too has a past of being an ass on reality TV. 
    Scoop and Janice are surely to be fan favorites with the British contestants and audience b/c they are naturally big personalities. I'm liking that Janice is onto Austin a bit too. I see those two butting heads in the near future as well.
    With Daniel, I am on the fence. I remember him being a hot ass mess on Celebrity Fitness Club and Celebrity Rehab, so I'm skeptical when it comes to him. Now that he is supposedly sober, I hope he does not become a smug, religious nut like his brother, Stephen, or an erratic mess like Alec. 
    Out of the Brits, I only like Sherrie, James, and Bobby. Chris gives me vibes like he thinks he's above all of this. Stevi, Chloe, and Gail give me nothing really. And I don't care for Natasha at all. 
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  4. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Thirteen UK/AUS Stories That Were Scrapped   

    Eww. Peggy/Alfie would be vomit-worthy. 
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  5. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Thirteen UK/AUS Stories That Were Scrapped   

    I didn't even realize that John Altman was an ass back then, but then again, he was young so it's reasonable. I did enjoy June Brown recollecting that Julia Smith swiftly fired his ass after he disputed her storyline choice. I wish writers nowadays still maintained that chutzpah. 
    Peggy and Dennis.... Yuck! 
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  6. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Kristen and Bethenny were the only ones that looked decent. ATL & BH (sometimes) are the only reunions were the women are snatched and fierce all across the board. 
    But I enjoyed how all the women came together at the end. I am praying that ATL follows suit this upcoming season, and we have a light-hearted, fun season. 
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  7. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Married to Medicine   

    Damn. One of Lisa Nicole's allies, Toya, has even turned on her (from that tweet). She better pray there is no reunion b/c I see Lisa being in the hot seat more than Quad, who is the most deserving. 
    I do hope that Mariah is invited so she can drag the f-ck out of everyone and call out all six of them hypocrites. 
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  8. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Love and Hip Hop Thread   

    Joseline is a hoot. 
    But I don't see how the ATL show is going to go on if they don't have Stevie and Joseline pull double-duty. There was already that gap that K. Michelle left, but these two would put a nail in the show. 
    And I still don't know why they keep renewing NYC. I don't care for anybody on that show. 
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  9. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Thirteen UK/AUS Stories That Were Scrapped   

    Thanks. I'll gladly read up on that. 
    But I am glad that many of these stories that EE was potentially green-light were scrapped. Had most of them hit the screen, I don't think EE would still be on today. Most of them were absurd. I do wish that they would've gone ahead with the Feirreras story. 
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  10. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Celebrity Big Brother UK v. US   

    That's what I didn't get. Tila's tweets were well-known. Like you had to be living under a rock to not know about them. But I think they should've just let her stayed. She would've brought more drama and press had they allowed her to stay until her eviction. 
    But what is boggling my mind is how I am rooting for Farrah of all people. She stands for everything I don't like but I didn't appreciate how Austin and Natasha have already started a witch hunt for her. Hopefully, Austin and Natasha are early boots b/c they are already getting on  my nerves. 
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  11. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Thirteen UK/AUS Stories That Were Scrapped   

    Wait a sec ... Phil was supposed to be involved in the gang-rape too? Even though I don't care for Phil, I don't see him doing something that heinous.  I do wonder how they would've handled it though. I think it would've been far more gritty than what OLTL did with Marty. 
    And bombings in the Square?! 
    Nice to know that even UK writers think up some absurd mess and it's not just US writers.
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  12. Nothin'ButAttitude added a topic in PrimetimeOxides   

    Celebrity Big Brother UK v. US

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  13. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Ladies of London   

    Oh wow. Sorry for her loss. That's crazy. Glad she didn't pull a 'Tay-Shana' and stayed on the show to pimp her loss. 
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  14. Nothin'ButAttitude added a topic in DTS: Foreign Soaps   

    Thirteen UK/AUS Stories That Were Scrapped
    DigitalSpy revealed thirteen shocking stories that were supposed to occur on UK/AUS soaps that were scrapped. Gladly, all of them were b/c they all sounded absurd. 

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  15. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    Who? Kirin? Well of course he does. He is young.
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