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  1. So refreshing to see a teen character on a soap who's arrival was pleasant and wasn't cliche. I loved the dynamic between she and Althea and sadly spelling it out for mother that she'll no longer be able to see. That was heart-wrenching. When was listening to her parents talk, I was fearful that maybe Penny's secret would've been her being pregnant or on drugs. Glad that it is something so much more serious. Again, so refreshing as an introduction for the show's latest ingenue.
  2. Nicola Wheeler is very underrated. I hope this reveal with Rakesh leads to something larger. Now you know that gay characters on soaps can't be happy. They have to be miserable. Every. Single. Last. One. The Bob and Charity stuff had me cracking up too as they'd be such an odd, unexpected pairing. The Pierce story is just too painful for me. I can't get over them making this fine, strapping man into a rapist. He wouldn't have to force me down b/c I'd willingly lie down each time.
  3. God! Sharon is a f-cking embarrassment. I'm so sick of her being Phil's puppet. I loved Denise's attempt to reason with Phil. Honestly, neither of them can give this baby a good life. Especially, not Phil. I hope for once that the writers have Phil show some growth and have him make a sacrifice. I'm over Phil taking everything. Allow him to lose at times. I doubt that'll happen. I'm sure he'll stomp his foot and get his way.
  4. Uh oh! Looks like Rakesh is about to be exposed. This is about to be interesting. @DRW50, I think you were the one to compare Finn to Emma. Yeah, I am totally seeing it now. He persistence to win back Kasim is going along the lines of what Emma would do. I've totally checked out when it comes to Rhona & Pierce. That story/pairing are ruined for me once they made him a rapist. Again, such a total waste.
  5. Not an air mattress! We did see the living room part of her apartment/condo when Kairo & Kali were reintroduced to us. I doubt Sheree wants us to see all of that though. But with Marlo, I get what you're saying now. I do have to give Sheree props though b/c she is at least stirring the pot (along with Kenya) this season. Her stories with Bob are fake though. That's why they are coma inducing. Those 2 aren't back together or even attracted to each other. I've heard that Bob has another woman and is only helping Sheree, so she'll keep this check and stay off his back for money.
  6. I think Lena goes on the camping trip. I hate how they didn't give her & RL a real shot. She might've been the shot of new energy this show needed. Sheree was coming back regardless. Production just used Marlo to reintroduce Sheree, so it wouldn't seem so jarring to the audience.
  7. They went to Hawaii as their cast trip I think.
  8. Well Mark Schwahn screwed up on One Tree Hill early on, so I am not surprised he did it with The Royals too.
  9. I tried watching the first episode this season and quit. When I saw Liam go to 'fight club,' I was done. Why do all soaps do this or the boxing story for young males when they don't have sh-t else for them to do? It is so stupid. What happened to Ophelia? I thought she was supposed to be Liam's true love and they built her up all first season to get rid of her. Elinor and Jasper is just stupid at this point. IMO, this show f-cked up after season one.
  10. I don't pity Matt at all b/c if he knew he was unstable, he should've opted to not do the show. He knew that Kenya was gonna use him as a storyline, and his thirsty ass was all for it. Just like Walter back in s5. Can't moan and groan when you're a willing participant in the shenanigans. That aside, ALL the housewives use their spouses/beaus for story good or bad. It ain't just Kenya. They all fake stories. It ain't just Kenya. It is not Kenya's fault that her cast is so dumb and falls for her antics, thus keeping her relevant. It is not her fault that she is crafty enough to be the most polarizing housewife out of all of the cities that she keeps being brought back season after season.
  11. Aww. Funky Crackhead is still bitter and pissed that Kenya took that ass to court all those years ago. Kenya is still relevant on RHOA while Miss. Thing is barely staying afloat and trying to hawk furniture on his Twitter when that blog & videos aren't providing a profit. RHOA: Marlo is stupid. Love her but she's stupid. Does she not realize that Kenya (at the time) was rebuilding her friendship with Nene. Why would she invite Marlo knowing Nene was going? It didn't kill Marlo to sit out that once. If it did, she should've said something THEN. Not now. That's what friends do too. If Marlo was smart too, she would've realized that Kenya getting close with Nene again is a power move. It is obvious that Nene will return, and it is better to be with Nene than against her. Marlo should've nudged Kenya into helping her get back in good with Nene once their relationship was stable again. But no. Marlo has officially burned her last bridge on the show. Sheree has no pull to bring her back next season if Nene is to return b/c she's trying to reclaim clout she used to have. Marlo played herself into a corner tonight. After this season, she is done if Nene returns. Speaking of someone else, who has played herself into a corner, Porsha that is, she was not too happy about Kenya/Phaedra's growing bond. I am interested to see where this goes. If she caught the hint, she'd realize that Phaedra is playing her like a fiddle and isolating her from the group even more by having her be her flunky. Even Sheree subtly pointed it out in her talking head about 2 episodes ago. Kenya just needs to leave Matt alone. I've been said that Kenya needs to stop dating on this show whether it is fake or real. She needs to pull a Bethenny and use this platform to promote her haircare line and other future businesses. Nothing more, nothing less. Cynthia's final scenes in her house were sad. I thought the scenes were well done. Kandi threw some good shade tonight. I'm glad she let the ladies know that her business is excelling. Kandi is far from struggling. She has a empire--something they are all trying to obtain. Say what you want about Kandi, but she is always business savvy and getting her coins. Sheree is a messy broad. I thought it was so tacky that she brought Marlo there to fight with Kenya. So glad that Kenya disengaged from the battle that Marlo wanted. And who the hell would pay $20 for a shirt from Sheree?! Child plz. I'm ready for Kandi v. Porsha next week. It's gonna be good. I think this is the episode that sets things off going forward.
  12. Brand new trailer!
  13. Oh joy. Yet another reason for Sharon to be blamed and become the town pariah.
  14. Thank you for summing it up perfectly. @Edward Skylover, what Tony did with Whitney is no different than what Michelle is doing now. She preyed on a minor. What's worse is that Michelle is a legacy character we have ties too. Tony wasn't. Furthermore, as @DRW50 pointed out, it is out of character for Michelle and it doesn't help that the writers don't seem to make the situation seem serious. They are making light out of the situation and isn't even cute. This story is horrid. IMO, Michelle didn't need a secret to return to the Square. She had one on Mark. They should've just had her return to receive grief from the Mitchell family from keeping Mark from them. He practically seduced/groomed her like any other old chap would with an underaged girl. Michelle was never a self destructive character. Sharon occupied that role.