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  1. My primary issue with this is that Lee Daniel, Danny Strong, and Ilene Chaiken will be enamored with the DuBois clan at first, but will toss them aside to create 35 other side characters in the process, so they can have more cameos on the show. This show needs to get back to being tightly knit like it was in season 1. It skidded off the tracks quickly these past 2 seasons. This is the time to fix matters.
  2. Ok. I am a bit nervous. What was he trying to pass through this secret communication network?
  3. ^ Wow. Just when I think they've hit rock bottom, they stoop even lower...
  4. So Daniel was the 'shocking' culprit behind Ken's fall? I would've never guessed that... And I am also guessing that from today's preview of next week that Nick will leave in a blaze of glory (hopefully not killed), and that Daniel killed his mom and buried her in the backyard (a la Knots Landing & Brookside). I love Kate Oates when she gets it right but when she gets it wrong, boy does she get it wrong.
  5. Did Clay know that Trisha was raising her brother? Or was Abril the only one who knew the truth?
  6. So I am guessing that another person becomes a victim of Victor's schemes? I'm sorry but they can't continue to have people die at this man's feet and he goes unpunished. Victor needs to be killed off or sent to prison for life. It is getting old, hence why I watch mildly. I am interested to see what Juliet does to Cane. I hope she takes Hilary's advice and nails Cane's ass to the cross. He basked too much in Billy's misfortune today. I need to see him lose it all. Interested to see where this Dina arc goes. Honestly, the Abbots are the only people being written well as of late...
  7. I think as many have pointed out over the years to me is that Loving had a serious identity problem. It's like each regime changed the show from Marland/Nixon's original image in an attempt to piggyback off of other soaps that were flourishing at the time. Sad now b/c all soaps would go on to suffer the same fates by forgetting what made each show different and special. With the 1991 set, I was wondering the same thing too. Was it a mall or strip mall? Otherwise, I am interested to see how Burnell all came to be with Ava. I'm with @DRW50 in that I didn't care for Abril/Trisha's scenes that episode. It boggles my mind how Trisha instantly wanted a baby after marrying fine ass Trucker. Had I been her, a baby would be the LAST thing on my mind. We'd still be in honeymoon stage and babies would happen by accident. I hate how soaps marry these young twenty-somethings off so fast and make them yearn for kids so quickly. It'd be endearing to just see a couple adamant in building a future and establishing themselves professionally before reproducing. Then again, I guess since most of these characters came from wealthy families and grew up quickly that it only makes sense to have then yearn for kids quickly.
  8. Comey acted on Russian intelligence he knew was fake...
  9. You live in Montana, @JaneAusten? If so, right about now, I wanna nuke that state from the union just based off tonight. Well I hope that the GOP knows too that everyone isn't Ben Jacobs either. Many of us will fight back and whoop their asses if need be. They better tread lightly.
  10. Not surprised that Gianforte won. I guess everyone on Capitol Hill better be trained to go when it comes to this a**hole. If I were a reporter, I'd carry a damn gun (as most of them favor stand your ground and open carry anyways).