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  1. OK. Enough is enough. Can you stay on topic with the show? If you wanna go on a wild a** tangent about Marcy Walker or whoever else was on Santa Barbara then do that in the SB thread. It isn't necessary for you to ask the same questions in every thread. Or start a Marcy Walker thread and ask the questions there. OK?
  2. I wish they'd phase out the entire Hernandez clan. This family has never won me over. Only time I cared for Rafe was when he was with Sami, and overtime that grew old.
  3. Ramona is f-cking unbearable in this clip:
  4. That I don't know. Wouldn't be surprised. Looks like this is the last episode of Kassie DePaiva as Chelsea.
  5. Not really. Just TamRat playing the calm the one. She has Shannon doing her crazy. Much like Vicki has Kelly doing her crazy (for now).
  6. The story keeps picking up steam:
  7. The intro of Nick McHenry in this episode. I am sure that my buddy, @DRW50, won't care for this clip too much.
  8. Did you see the clip of next episode shown on WWHL last night? When Kelly told Shannon to eat a bit more, and Shannon slammed that plate on the table saying, "It's not even my plate! You f-cking bitch!" Mind you, the plate was sitting right in front of her and obviously had to be hears. The restaurant they were at was called "The Quiet Woman." Guess it wasn't quiet that night.
  9. Seeing as I know better know and have seen the original arc of Nola, I totally agree. I think that having Nola back could've actually stopped the bleeding missing from the void of Maureen, and they should've somewhat pushed Nola to be the next Springfield matriarch as she was connected to the Bauers by Ed/Maureen. Watching Nola obsess over basic, yokel Buzz wasn't cute either looking back at it. It was totally out of character for her. I doubt that Nola would go from rich, worldly Quint to loud-mouthed, scenery chewing Buzz. I just don't. I'd imagine that Nola would still want to live high and mighty seeing as that was a primary characteristic of Nola's.
  10. RHOC: Peggy seems like a knockoff, older version of Lizzie. Does anyone else see that? I do like the potential wealth that Peggy and a returning Lydia are gonna bring to this show. They are totally able to do so w/o being haughty and aloof about their money unlike some (Heather). Lydia gets major points from me for putting Shannon in her place. Lydia made a valid point last night that Shannon, Vicki, and Trailer Sue are all alike--they've all hurt each other. I'd continue to coattail off that point and add that they are all liars too. Vicki lied about Brooks, Tamra stays lying, and Shannon's marriage is farce. That's why the 3 of them can't get along. They are too much alike. Shannon taking offense to that just further supports all that I said. Shannon walking off in a huff is growing old. She needs to find a new gimmick. I am ready for Shannon v. Kelly next week, as I crack up at how Kelly can rattle Shannon over the smallest things.