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  1. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic 2016 British Soap Awards   

    I hope Rakhee or Alison win Best Actress even though I think Charlotte Bellamy was robbed. I am shocked that John Middleton isn't on the list too. 
    I agree that Lacey doesn't deserve it but she'll most likely win b/c she's the soap media darling. 
    I hope ED gets the recognition they deserve though. Even though they've been crap as of late, they were stellar all last year. 
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  2. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic 2016 British Soap Awards   

    Short list has been released: 
    Coronation Street
    Coronation Street: Jack P Shepherd 
    Hollyoaks: Charlie Clapham  
    EastEnders: Danny Dyer    
    Emmerdale: Danny Miller         
    Hollyoaks: Kieron Richardson   
    Coronation Street: Alison King 
    EastEnders: Lacey Turner
    EastEnders: Rakhee Thakrar
    Emmerdale: Lucy Pargeter
    Hollyoaks:  Jennifer Metcalfe
    Coronation Street: Connor McIntyre
    Doctors: Adam Astill
    EastEnders: Ellen Thomas
    Emmerdale: Ryan Hawley
    Hollyoaks: Sophie Austin
    Coronation Street: Patti Clare
    Doctors: Sarah Moyle
    EastEnders: Tameka Empson
    Emmerdale: Matthew Wolfenden
    Hollyoaks: Ross Adams 
    Coronation Street: Shayne Ward
    Doctors: Bharti Patel 
    EastEnders: Bonnie Langford
    Emmerdale: Isobel Steele  
    Hollyoaks: Duayne Boachie  
    Coronation Street: Callum's Reign of Terror & Sarah's Baby  
    Doctors: Treehouse
    EastEnders: Stacey's Postpartum Psychosis
    Emmerdale: Aaron's Abuse
    Hollyoaks: The McQueen's Cycle of Abuse
    Coronation Street: Live Episode
    Doctors: The Heart of England
    EastEnders: Shabnam's stillbirth
    Emmerdale: Aftermath of Village Hall explosion
    Hollyoaks: Patrick Blake's right to die decision
    Coronation Street: Jack P Shepherd 
    Doctors: Adrian Lewis Morgan
    EastEnders: Steve McFadden 
    Emmerdale: Danny Miller  
    Hollyoaks:  Jeremy Sheffield
    Coronation Street: Tina O'Brien 
    Doctors: Sarah Moyle
    EastEnders: Lacey Turner 
    Emmerdale: Charlotte Bellamy 
    Hollyoaks: Zoe Lucker   
    Coronation Street: Sally Dynevor & Joe Duttine
    Doctors: Dido Miles & Ian Kelsey
    EastEnders: Danny Dyer & Kellie Bright
    Emmerdale: Danny Miller & Ryan Hawley
    Hollyoaks: Ashley Taylor Dawson & Jessica Fox
    Coronation Street: Elle Mulvaney
    EastEnders: Grace
    Emmerdale: Amelia Flanagan 
    Hollyoaks: Ruby O'Donnell
    Coronation Street: Callum's death      
    Doctors: Valerie leaves Barry at the altar
    EastEnders: Mick and Linda finally get married
    Emmerdale: Val's death
    Hollyoaks: Nico kills Patrick                 
    *sighs heavily*
    I pray that Danny Dyer doesn't win anything.
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  3. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    Does every single issue in the Carter clan have to revolve around Mick?! 
    Kyle bitching and moaning about his situation is so stupid. Did he honestly expect no one to find out? 
    Sonia and Tina ...  Two irrelevant bitches and their woes, which I really don't care for. 
    Sophie is psycho. Why does she expect Tina to have feelings for her when Tina said point blank she loved someone else before they screwed? Sophie even OK'd it and proceeded to get busy with her. So stupid. 
    Oh Masood. Can this man catch a break? I swear DTC hates him along with Jay and Denise. 
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  4. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    I enjoyed today's episode and how it highlighted father/son relationships. 
    I thought the scenes with Ashley and Jacob were cute but heartbreaking. Once again, I am reminded that the clock is ticking with Ashley. I just hope that they don't do the climax at Christmas this upcoming year. I'd actually like if they strayed from the cliche. 
    Oh Jacob! I love his relationship with David and understood why he was frustrated. I just love the Pollard family unit. They are the ONLY bright spot about this show as of late. 
    I really didn't care about Gabby v. Liv. I knew that was coming a mile away. I just hope this doesn't result in one of them bedding Jacob and getting pregnant to stick it to the other. I know it's not real nowadays, but I'd actually like to see a group of wholesome young adolescents in soaps. I don't need everyone having sex. 
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  5. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   


    Too funny but I am all for it. Plus, I (too) hate how Steven was demonized so Jane could be a victim. 
    Again, I do hope that he calls her out on her sh-t if he does return. She can't peg Steven as demented any longer when she's housed a killer and didn't turn him in. I think it'd be poetic justice if Steven was the one to turn Jane, Ian, and Bobby in. 
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  6. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    Oh @DRW50...

    Looks like the other psycho Beale son is returning. I hope he know the truth about Bobby and hopefully, Peter was the one to tell him. I hope Steven tosses it all in Jane's face. Jane or Ian can't say sh-t about Steven given that they've turned a blind eye to Bobby actually killing someone. 
    Boy do I wish Steven would've actually killed Jane all those years ago...
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  7. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    RHOMelbourne season finale: 
    I loved how low-key Gina was in the finale. For once, it was not about all the women piling up on her. She actually got to sit back and watch the festivities of the other women fighting. Glad she got the final line by telling everyone "to get f-cked." Gina, much like LVP, doesn't have to do much and she's still the star. 
    Oh boy. Lydia ... man is she guilty as sin. She couldn't even conjure up a half-assed apology, and it is bad when Pettifleur (of all people) is calling you out on your sh-t. I think the reunion next week is gonna be rough for her. 
    I do believe that Jackie is a sh-t-stirrer and I am glad she came off as just as petty and Lydia last night. I grinned from ear to ear when Gina and her dear friend, Chyka said in their talking heads that she is no better than Lydia when she implied Lydia was having affairs. Do I believe Jackie? Nope. 
    Lydia did drop some funny ass lines that were a bit ironic last night. For instance, when she said she couldn't remember Suzie's wedding at all. Funny b/c many people say they can't remember Suzie at all this season. I personally enjoyed Suzie and the dynamic of these eight women. I hope they all return, but I have a feeling that Lydia is about edged out whether the show likes it or not. It is obvious that Jackie, Janet, and possibly Chyka will never want anything to do with her. 
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  8. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Today is also the day that the great Helen Wagner passed. Cannot believe it has been six years. Still too raw for me.
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  9. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    I liked her as Sierra too and she is long overdue an EMMY, but I did want Kassie to win as I picture this is her last shot of getting one. 
    With GH, I am stunned they won. This past year was sh-tty ... so sh-tty I just threw in the towel early on. 
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  10. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    Damn. The Talk ain't gonna have anybody on their EMMY winners show b/c CBS hardly won anything. It's gonna be Obba, Jessica, and True at the most. 
    GH just won Outstanding Drama Series. 
    Tony Geary
    Justin Hartley
    Kristoff St. John
    Christian LeBlanc
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  11. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    Lead Actress goes to ... Mary Beth Evans!
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  12. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    I think Tyler Christopher just won Best Actor.
    ETA: He did. 
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  13. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    Glad to hear they paid homage to David Canary and Nathaniel Marston. 
    I hope they acknowledged James Douglas and other actors too.
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  14. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Unpopular Soap Opinions 2016   

    All of this. Just the perfect way to summarize what many of us feel. 
    I don't want them to be cancel, but I'd prefer them to be taken off life support than to suffer any longer. As you stated, if they aren't gonna do what it takes to salvage these shows then taken them off the air. No use in letting them stagger into nothingness.
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  15. Nothin'ButAttitude added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    Good for him. I am glad he won as the Avants are the ONLY good thing about B&B. 
    If Brad had a brain, he'd put all the Avants on contract.

    I was a category in the 80s. I think they brought it back last year. 
    Exactly. I felt like that story could've provided so many people so much material for years to come if Brad would've pushed the envelope and played all the proper beats. 
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