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  1. @Cat, plz no! Don't speak that into existence. I can't with Brandi returning. Let her a** stay doing second rate reality shows on E! and in the UK to consume her time. Yes, she brought great drama, but I can't fathom to see her again. I'm already loathing her on Celebrity Big Brother as she's up to her old antics. I didn't need to see YoLemon return either. I feel like we all knew she was full of crap. No use of watching her come undone onscreen. I just wanna forget everything about her. I do wish that LVP would walk away from BH though; she just needs to focus on PumpRules and its spinoffs. I grow tired of everyone using her as a punching bag when all is wrong. Dare I say it but I think they might need to bring TayShanna back. She'd at least stir the pot the right way, and go in on Rinna. BH is a hard show to cast b/c the women have to provide us with glitz and glamor along with drama, but I do agree that the show is somewhat past its sell-date or in a slump. Hopefully, this season recaptures what the show had its first 3 seasons. I also agree that production force feeds up Bethenny. Like they try forcing us to side with her and it isn't right. A lot of times, Bethenny's reaction is right; however, her delivery is just as sucky as Ramona's, thus making both of them wrong and unlikeable. I'm beginning to think that after s10 of NYC, Bethenny needs to go again. Let her focus on that upcoming spinoff with Fredrik (of Million Dollar Listing NY) of them flipping apartments instead. And when she goes, bring back Jill AND Aviva to fill the void. Those 2 alone with give us tons of drama. But when it comes to Aviva, Bravo needs to put a mandate on her where her dad cannot be filmed, and make her go on cast trips; she better go to a doctor and seek some therapy to get over the phobia of traveling.
  2. Exactly. They wanna eradicate us minorities for the world one second and then be victims the next. Sorry but some White people wanna be oppressed so badly. It is annoying.
  3. @DaytimeFan, I don't mind Tinsley. I like her. But everyone was non-existent this entire reunion b/c Bethenny's big a** mouth was running the entire time. I wish someone would tell her to shut the f-ck up and sit back. This is coming from someone who actually like her too. Bethenny has too much say so on this show. Andy needs to either rein her in or get rid of her. I can't with the show being centered around her. NYC works best as an ensemble. Part one was too centered around her even when it wasn't about her. I agree that Sonja needs to get rid of that raggedy a** townhouse. It's a burden. Enough is enough. I also agree with you that if Camille (one of my faves) is returning that I want her to set her fangs on either Kyle or Rinna. If she's back to pile up on LVP then she can stay gone. I do wish that the show would've brought back either Kathryn or Joyce (or both if you ask me) and given them fair shots.
  4. This video exemplifies everything that is wrong with these neo-nazi/White nationalist f-ckers. They are all a bunch of p-ssies! He does the crime but then whines like a little b-tch? Oh please. I hope they find a legit reason to send his ass up the river.
  5. NY: I feel like I don't have much to say about this show b/c it isn't so toxic, and I don't hate any of the women on the cast. I find NYC to be the most enjoyable show of the US franchises. I did find it cringeworthy though at the end when they were focused on Luann and her flop marriage to Tom. Luann obviously prefers to be blind to his antics but whatever.
  6. You might be onto something. Maybe they should've diversified it a bit more. But I was always under the impression that Houston was more diversified than Dallas. I like the show as it is harmless and interesting, but I do think that Bravo should've just rebooted Miami again. I don't think that Dallas will ever get above 1 million viewers. I do find it odd that this show doesn't attract viewers given that it has OC giving them a strong lead in. Maybe b/c it is in the 10:00 EST slot that people aren't tuning in. Hopefully, Bravo will move OC to 8 and Dallas to 9 to possibly gain more viewers. I don't want this show to be cancelled as I see it has potential.
  7. @Cat, I knew you'd like Dallas' premiere. I had a hard time with it last year, but they actually shocked me last night. I think they are gonna bring it like Potomac did. I just find it refreshing with the new shows b/c it isn't all that toxicity like the other shows. But back to the show, I think that this season is gonna pan out to be good compared to last year. I think last year flopped (much like Potomac) b/c the show was not intended to be a housewives show. The Dallas show was actually rumored to be a spinoff of Ladies of London. I think rebranding the show at the 11th hour didn't help. I was trying to figure out who D'Andra's mother reminded me of and it sure is Tammy Faye Bakker! And D'Andra's hubby is hot. I think Kameron's husband (in a weird) way is handsome too. Might be b/c he's worth so much money why I think that. But you can tell in the preview next week that she exhausts him with this dog food mess. Brandi nor Stephanie's marriage don't convince me either. Both of their husbands seem disinterested in them (to me). They only seem to light up when they are together away from their wives. Chillllldddd... Cary's husband seems to be the only one out of the originals that truly loves her. We aren't even gonna get on Leanne and her beau. It's obvious he wishes he could flee in the opposite direction of her.
  8. OC: Tamra is one sneaky broad. It is apparent that she is only playing nice with Kelly b/c she wants to weaponize her later against Vicki. Nice that Vicki already sees this and called it out tonight. Hopefully, Kelly is privy and savvy enough to not allow Tamra to play her. Moving on, I am over MegaNeck. She flip flops too much for me. One second, she is nice to Vicki, and the next she is dogging her behind her back. Meghan is the worst; her obsession with Vicki is stupid, old, & tired. So what if Vicki was in cahoots with Brooks? Who are you to judge? I find it odd too that she can judge Vicki, BUT does she call Shannon or Tamra out about their shenanigans? Why is she friends with them? Shannon tried to get Kelly to drink last season against her wishes. Tamra tried pushing her skeevy son on poor Gretchen without her consent while trying getting Gretchen drunk... None of these three women (Vicki/Shannon/TamRat) are saints. Lastly, Tamra talking about Vicki being a disgusting human being for bringing up folks families is hilarious. Ain't this the same b-tch that tried bringing Slade's ex on the show? Ain't this the same b-tch that brought up Slade's child support on the show? Ain't this the same b-tch that brought up Alexis' child almost falling in the pool in a stroller? Ain't this the same b-tch that brought up Lizzie's son, who was mere child having a tantrum, punching her? It is OK for Tamra to bring up folks families, but when someone does it to her, they are gross. Tamra is full of crap. DALLAS: Good premiere. A nice nod to old school housewives where we had a nice blend of drama and meeting/reacquainting ourselves with their families. I love Leanne. She might be nutty as squirrel sh-t, but she owns who she is. For that, I can't hate her. I do think that my two gripe with her tonight were: 1. Repeating what Brandi told her in confidence after Brandi asked her not too, and 2. acting like a guard dog for Brandi. It wasn't necessary. Brandi is a big girl with tons of mouth. Moving on to Cary, I think she's sneaky and projecting her own flaws on Leanne. The meddling that she accused Leanne of doing is something that she is doing herself. Cary, much like Leanne, is wedged between Stephanie and Brandi. I also think that she is looking for anything (like Stephanie) to discredit and take Leanne down. Stephanie... her pristine facade is gonna be shattered this year. I can see it coming. I've never bought her innocence, but I think the general audience is gonna grow to see it too. I believe everything that Brandi said about Stephanie and can see her doing it. Stephanie does have this air about her where she does feel superiority to everyone. Brandi is OK, thus far. I am on her side, but I do feel like it is obvious she is using Leanne to fill the void of Stephanie until otherwise. I hope I am wrong and that she genuinely has grown to like Leanne. I think if she doesn't, she is gonna break Leanne's heart, as Leanne is obviously one that loves hard. Kameron and D'Andra are good additions. They totally bring wealth to the show, and elevate it a lot. With Kameron though, I am gonna need her to drop the Elle Woods shtick. It was cute tonight. Come episode 4, I am gonna be over it. D'Andra, on the other hand, give me a Scarlett O'Hara, southern belle/socialite aura that I am here for. I think she is gonna be the most interesting one of the two rookies. I like (too) that she is the one with money and not her husband. It is somewhat refreshing. I also like that she wants to work to maintain her fortune, and that her mom keeps her grounded. I hope more of that dynamic is explored more throughout the season. I do miss Tiffany though. Her presence is missed. I know she is gonna pop up during the season, but I hope she returns full-time next season. I enjoyed her fiery friendship and undying loyalty to Leanne. This might pan out to be a good 2nd season for Dallas like Potomac and Miami had. Hopefully, if the show gets a 3rd season, Bravo doesn't dismantle the show by retooling the show too much.
  9. Not shocked at all. It always came off that Adam was more into Carole than she was into him. I still think she got with him to f-ck with Luann a bit. They are on 2 different wavelengths of life though. As Carole always pointed out, Adam is young and wants kids & marriage. Carole, on the other hand, is past all of that and just wants life w/o restrictions.
  10. She is? Damn. She wasn't really gone that long, but welcome back. As long as Carla isn't returning a depressed drip that she became the last few years she was on the show then I am thrilled for her return. Also, they better NOT toss her back into Peter's orbit. Even though I like Chris Gascoyne as an actor, Peter sucks the life out of all his female counterparts. Is it bad that I do wish that Carla would come back with a baby (or babies--twins) that were Nick's? I loved Nick/Carla and wish that she'd pop up with a seed or two of his with Gail breathing down her neck about it.