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  1. Kim & Rinna are never gonna heal regardless if LVP played a role in it. Kim utterly loathes Rinna. I don't think LVP has to manipulate anything concerning those 2. I didn't mind LVP basking in the downfall of Rinna, as Rinna was proven to be a liar once again. She may've 'owned it,' but it is once again she is using someone's ailment as her story and it is sickening. I took Eileen's facial expression as her knowing she's f-cked. She's been adamantly defending Rinna and now she can't. Eileen better just back away and allow Rinna to be eaten by the wolves come reunion time b/c Kyle, LVP, Eden, and even Dorit are gonna eat her alive.
  2. We all knew it was coming but damn. Farewell old Corrie set.
  3. I haven't really cared for Van Jones either. Especially, since he made that nasty comment about Michelle Obama awhile back too.
  4. Oh OK. Now I get what you are saying; however, AW in crisis was still better than DAYS now. Even Loving and GL in crisis mode still gave us great stories. I don't even feel like they've tried at DAYS. The last year I probably enjoyed the show the slightest bit was about 2004. DAYS has not been good in my eyes for a LONG time.
  5. RHOT taglines revealed: How dare they try and emulate the legendary Queen Christina & her epic tagline?!
  6. ^ I'm honestly fearful that if he does address North Korea, it won't be pretty. I think he'll wanna go to war with them, which is exactly what he and North Korea wants.
  7. But AW in crisis was still lightyears better than DAYS in story and production.
  8. Thanks @DRW50 & @slick jones for giving some insight on that story. I (too) wish that someone would post episodes from that arc up now too. I'm interested to see what it was about and how it played out.
  9. I'm not worried about Trump b/c I expect something else to p*ss him off within the next 48hrs via Twitter. When it comes to Van, I am over him. I was over him before for the nasty, sly dig he made at Michelle awhile back, but tonight further solidified it. But I am gonna keep it cute and remain on mute when it comes to him b/c I really wanna dig into his a** right now.
  10. His character was a woman beater? So what was the premise of the crossover? Was he escaping a crime or was he a serial woman beater?
  11. Exactly. He's the problem at DAYS and has been for the longest. The faster he sells the show and relinquishes his rights, the better.
  12. I'm sorry, but I am NOT here for CNN (mainly Van Jones), selling this falsehood that Trump sounded the least bit presidential tonight b/c he didn't. He sounded like his usual self--lying and twisting facts. This speech won't mean sh-t in 24hrs anyways b/c he'll do something stupid much like he did after his inaugural speech.
  13. John Wesley Shipp was on Loving and AMC? What was the premise of his character?