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  1. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Oregon school shooting - at least 7-10 dead, 20 injured   

    Dear America,
    You're fucked.
    The Rest of the Western World. 
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  2. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I'm so glad next week is the finale. This has been a heavy season to watch at times. I really don't need to see Meghan's lame, stupid ass ever return to this series. Andy, for God's sake, fire her, don't ever look back, she's awful and she has no storyline of her own. She's a whiney mess and if I have to see her pretend to be a mother with a teenager that she, literally, could not have birthed herself, I'm going to stop watching this show. 
    Tamra and her baptism. Whatever. It's all for show. I wish Eddie luck with that joint bank account.
    Heather was totally irrelevant this episode, as she has been for much of this season. She's lucky that mansion of hers isn't finished, the reveal for it has guaranteed her a spot next season.
    Shannon and the enema/colonic. Oh my. That was reality. I don't think her marriage to David has recovered at all. I think she's seething.
    Vicki and Brooks and Brianna. What a mess. I understand all points of view. And I don't think any of them are being fair to the others - Brooks is a douchebag, so is Ryan. Vicki is a drama queen, so is Brianna. If Brooks is lying about his cancer, he'll be crucified for it, but he's also been persecuted by half the cast in an extremely unhealthy way. 
    Dawn vs. Magali. I didn't think that lunch was such a win/lose for either of them. Dawn kept her cool and made some cogent points, Magali lost her cool and stormed off and blathered on. Like Camille Grammar said, whoever keeps their cool, wins...but Magali was wise and came back to the table and heard Dawn out and Dawn appeared to just let down the barricades a bit. The problem with Magali and Dawn isn't either of them, it's that bloody lapdog Leanne. Magali clearly has a really good home life with her husband and sons, and Dawn as the same with her husband and daughters. I think those two have a lot more in common than they'd like to let on. 
    Speaking of which, Leanne just bores me to death. She's an idiot. She's just a stripper who made good with a footballer. Nothing more. I hope she's making sure that husband of hers is saving major money and paying off their mortgage. Football careers in the UK can end in a flash and then they'll be screwed if they don't plan for the future like Magali and Dawn obviously did. 
    Ampika didn't have much to do this episode. But I like how she didn't hesitate to get soaked to save her dog and then flip when she momentarily lost her bracelet. And then she just went in with Dawn and laid out how everything needs to get sorted so the group has some cohesiveness. That's a good ol' Cheshire gal for you.
    Tanya is useless. This episode demonstrated she has nothing going on in her life worth filming. However, she's harmless and an airhead, so she isn't grating to watch.
    The same cannot be said for fabulous Lauren and Paul! I adore these two as a couple, I hope they stay together forever and ever. Like BH's Lisa and Ken, they do seem to 'get' each other and have a good banter going on and they appear to make each other genuinely happy, as if they like being around each other. It's really nice. And they're fun and rich and clearly believe in having a good time. 
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  3. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic E!'s The Royals
    Another trailer is out!
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  4. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    It was a good episode and it calmed down in pace. 
    But Lyon Dynasty? Oh Lee Daniels, just give Dame Joan Collins a cameo wearing a big mink coat (maybe as a tabloid editor?) and let she and Cookie nod at each other and acknowledge the tribute. 
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  5. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic RIP Jackie Collins   

    Dame Joan wrote a very moving eulogy indeed. I hope she can come to peace with her grief and move forward with her life.
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  6. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    I didn't enjoy the premier as much as I wanted to. The problem of too much happening in one episode is still there and in some ways is worse than ever. Mimi's double cross could have been so much more effective had it been done over several episodes. 
    Why isn't Rhonda looking pregnant? Did I miss seeing a baby bump? 
    The Cookie/Luscious prison scenes were definitely the best and Cookie's 'Tammy Faye' line to a hysterical Carol was also very good. 
    They've made Jamal unlikeable and unrealistic. I know he's Lee Daniels' alter ego, but c'mon, they've gutted him like a fish. I didn't like seeing how he was with Michael - it was just mean and cruel. 
    Finally, I did like that the credits have been changed so that Taraji is now credited identically to how Joan Collins was in Dynasty..."and Taraji P. Henson as Cookie"
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  7. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic DAYS: Running tab of Cast Changes   

    Judi Evans leaving? Really? That's pretty lousy of DAYS to do to her since she just got back on contract after being a solid recurring player for years. If anything, she has been one of the few bright spots in the last year (ie her fight with Lauren Koslow's Kate)...
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  8. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic RIP Jackie Collins   

    Dame Joan penned a beautiful tribute to Jackie, it's been widely circulated in the UK papers, with each of them making a donation to the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre at Dame Joan (and Jackie's) request. The last line took my breath away.

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  9. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Ladies of London   

    I'm finally caught up, for whatever reason this season is working for me in ways that last season did not. 
    Caroline Stanbury is an odd one. On one hand, she's bitingly funny in a way only English people can be, on the other hand, she can be really mean and it's an ugly quality to have. On one hand she can deflate Juliet's pomposity with one withering line ("Wherever we go I usually know the owner, Juliet knows the busboy."), on the other hand she is extremely high on herself and deluded about how a lot what she has has been handed to her (she was born into wealth). I really dig her sister in law, she seems to be a total hot mess/riot. 
    Caroline Fleming bothers me for some reason. She just seems dumb or bitchy or both. Something about her doesn't rub me the right way. 
    Love Annabelle. She is very calm and seems very fair. 
    Julie lost me with the crazy tears about Caroline's little yoga dig. That was crazy. I also don't care about her balls. Ploughing that money into the family home is admirable - and it's a damn shame that all those aristocratic families in England didn't plan well enough to afford to keep those homes going forward so their youngest generations have to get really creative and it's a struggle. 
    Marissa and her husband are really striving to build a big life. And as Annabelle said, that's classic upper middle class for you. 
    Juliet just annoys the piss outta me. She's such a loud, dumb, obnoxious wretch.
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  10. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    I just watched the episode and she was GREAT. Very fun role for her to play. I'd never seen the show's a shame it's on CW because it's actually very good. 
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  11. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Celebrity Big Brother UK v. US   

    What a GREAT season. I enjoyed every single episode and I'm totally satisfied with the conclusion.
    I'm glad James won. He was charming and played the game with the viewing public. He couldn't lose. The casting people got very lucky with the James/Austin bromance, that was television gold. 
    Bobby sure got a lot of mileage out of his epic face to face nomination speech against awful Farrah. He scripted that incredibly. 
    And best of all, Vicki Michelle MBE is pressing charges against Farrah. Ms. Michelle confirmed that Janice threw a chair at Farrah to stop Farrah from hurling more glasses. Apparently Janice was a good shot. 
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  12. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic E!'s The Royals   

    Dame Joan is confirmed to appear in 'at least four episodes' this season per Entertainment Weekly

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  13. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Tamra's loser son, Ryan, irritates the hell out of me. He is such a damn loser - gets a woman knocked up who already has a litter of kids, can't afford a damn thing, has to have his mother pay his rent, which also means freeloading off his stepdad. He's just a flat out idiot. He doesn't have a single useful skill in life and he's set himself up to be a huge failure, as he always has been. Pathetic!
    Heather lost me as well. I can't believe she insisted that Brooks furnish his records. And Jesus H. Christ...going on about the f--kin' house, again...she is such a prick. She has a fleet of contractors building her dream home at her beck and call. Sure, picking marble tiles can be a head scratcher, but dammit why does she act like it's a life or death decision? 
    I'm sick of watching Meghan pretending to be Julia Roberts in Stepmom. She's a psycho. She is the worst housewife ever cast in the franchise history. An absolute dud who makes me want to never watch this show again.
    Shannon was a real idiot dealing with Vicki. All of these women are badgering her and she thinks it's wise to join the dog pile? Idiot. Shannon can look like she's been dragged along 20 miles of bad road sometimes, it's odd how her mouth drops. Just a mean observation. It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday.
    All of these women are disgusting. Even if Brooks is lying about the whole thing - why can't they just respect Vicki's space. Her mother is dead, her daughter is in Oklahoma, she has constant conflict with the Brooks relationship, she's paid out a hefty divorce (rightly) to Donn and Brooks has told her he has cancer. Let's say that Brooks is lying about cancer - how is that Vicki's fault and what good does it do to badger the poor woman? It's really disgusting and this storyline is so dark and has destroyed this season. 
    The only good thing about this episode was Lisa Rinna's brief cameo. Lisa Rinna is so fabulous. She is so correct about selling on television. Joan Rivers mastered it and so has she. Lisa Rinna is very, very skilled at being herself. 
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  14. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    "I noticed that Tanya's shoes didn't get ruined, that's because they're plastic, not leather" - Lauren. ZING! SNAP! Well played, Lauren.
    Drunk Ampika - perfect. She didn't make any sense at all with that HUGE hat. She really screwed up by not locking Mark back down. He's a solid man who could tolerate her flamboyance.
    I love how Magali came gunning with all barrels blazing against that bitch Leanne and Dawn. Leanne is such a pathetic lapdog who can't take the heat that's been put on her when everyone around them said her behaviour has been terrible recording Magali and then passing it along like a viral video. 
    I love Lauren. She is my favourite. She's very logical and fair. And that cryo lipo she had does actually work - she must have a good pain threshold because it hurts!
    Dawn ran away like a scared cat when Magali came for her. Good! Goes to show she can't take confrontation at all. It will be interesting to see what Ashley's intervention has on Dawn. Ashley clearly wears the pants in that marriage, and I think if he tells Dawn to make amends with Magali, she bloody well will.
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  15. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Celebrity Big Brother UK v. US   

    Frankly, I'm sorry to see Jenna and Janice go, but I'm not surprised they didn't last to the final. Jenna rubbed too many viewers the wrong way with her links to Farrah and her breezy manipulation of Austin. Janice's star has dimmed considerably and she's aged and less sharp than she used to be, so as a result she could be very dull. 
    Chloe-Jasmine continues to be an annoying she and Stevie have lasted so long is beyond me. They're a circus act at this point.
    I think James has the best shot to win it, but I'd really like to see Sherrie win. 
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