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  1. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    It was such a good impression. Janet clearly put some time into that one. She WAS Pettifleur in that moment and even Pettifleur couldn't say much in response to it.
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  2. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    This reunion was all about "I asked you a question you dumb, fat bitch!" YAAAAAAAS JANET! I couldn't believe Lydia had the gall to talk about 'the sisterhood' when she talked trashed about each and every one of those ladies...and then couldn't even convincingly lie about it. Janet brings it at the reunions because she's the oldest, she's lived a real life, she's a classic Australian sheila and she doesn't give a damn. My heart belongs to Janet. 
    Chyka seemed seriously over the show the whole reunion. Totally checked out.
    I like Jackie. I think she's a straight shooter.
    Gina got to sit back and observe for the most part and it's obviously her favourite position to be in.
    I liked Gamble this season and she did herself credit during the reunion by talking about Lydia's casual racism. That's exactly what it is.
    Pettifleur is demented and has demonstrated zero growth. None. If anything she's gotten worse. 
    Suzy was pretty irrelevant all season - but the factual shade she could throw at Lydia was delicious and she served her purpose and earned her cheque.
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  3. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Leeanne IS crazy...but I was also sort of rooting for her with the Dallas worthy line "I'm not having a nervous breakdown! I'm PISSED as HELL!"
    I don't find Marie sweet at all. She's talking crap behind someone's back who she apparently has known socially for 20 years and didn't bat at an eye lying right to her face while Bravo provided us with handy flashbacks.
    Cary is an outsider but she's also a straight up gold digger and ice cold to the core if anyone crossed her.
    I still think Tiffany would make a great fit on OC.
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  4. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    I loved Peggy's last scene. Back straight, head held a queen. 
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  5. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    @Nothin'ButAttitude I totally agree with your assessment except Misse has easily surpassed Dawn in the 'bitch' department - if there's one kinda bitch I don't like it's a humourless bitch and one thing we can say for 'ol Dawn is she can laugh at herself and has a degree of self awareness. The same cannot be said for Misse. I didn't like her from day one and I've been proven correct. She's a nasty, stupid, insecure cow. And what a snob - for no good reason.
    Stacey is dull and pointless. She can go with Misse next season. I agree she's busy in other people's lives because she has nothing going on in her own. 
    Lauren is a tough cookie. She sticks to Princess Margaret's adage: never complain, never explain, never apologize. She just keeps on moving forward. It'll serve her well. 
    Tanya is pointless this season. The baby weight gain has exaggerated her filler injections bizarrely. 
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  6. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I need to see the Melbourne girl Janet called Lydia a "dumb fat bitch"...Finally someone said it!
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  7. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    These Peggy episodes are incredible. I do hope Dame Barbara puts herself in contention for the awards season, she's done some really beautiful work worthy of praise.
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  8. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Dallas has improved a lot from its boring start, yet the ratings continue to slide (downward trajectory from episode one...) so I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't renewed. 
    A problem with the show is much of the cast isn't likeable. Between Leeanne and Brandi I can't root for either of them. Stephanie isn't very interesting, though she's nice. Cari is a pistol but I don't find her likeable either given that she basically said she stalked her (then married) boss, got him into shape and then married him. 
    Tiffany is the most likeable and I think would have been a great choice on another franchise - like OC, because she can throw down but has a sense of humour. 
    With OC of course Vicki is back with the group - those women know the pecking order and while it must drive Tamra nuts, Vicki is the top dog and she always will be. I wondet what this season holds for Shannon - she did just sell her house for way under the asking price. I just wish they'd get Jeana Keough back! 
    NYC this week was a lot of what we saw last week...Bethenny is there solely for Skinny Girl Product Placement. Dorinda is a mess and needs to dump John immediately. Ramona is likeable. Carole shouldn't be on the show and brings nothing to the table. Jules is a bore. LuAnn is like a pot on the stove simmering away - you know her conflict with Bethenny is coming...and then there is Sonja and her Tipsy Girl crap. I don't blame Bethenny for cutting her off at the knees, even though it isn't really Sonja's product, she's just repping it (it's really that Peter dude)...Sonja is a nice woman, she just has no sense. She needs to simplify her life and take a personal finance course.
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  9. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    LVP bought Pandora and Jason a house:

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  10. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I disliked Stacey and Misse from the very beginning so I'm glad we're all in agreement now. They're terribly basic and terribly bitchy for no reason at all. There are few things worse than people who insert themselves into drama for no reason at all.
    I like Dawn this season for the most part because she's a big mouthed Northerner and doesn't really pretend otherwise.
    I feel sorry for Lauren. She and Paul seemed a very good match so it's sad to see it fall apart with dignity. 
    Tanya continues to annoy me to no end. Instead of blowing up her lips with injections she could have gone to Paris years ago and not been such a tacky tourist about it. 
    That's an issue with these ladies: a good deal of money but no taste or culture. And yes that sounds very snobby, but it's a truth about the footballers wives. 
    And the reason they all took jets is it would have been a long day from Manchester down to London to catch the Eurostar instead of an hour and a half flight to Paris.
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  11. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    RH of Dallas
    I LOVED Tiffany flipping out at Leeanne and then Leeanne broke the holiest of Housewives commandments and broke the 4th wall and acknowledged the cameras and her discomfort with them catching her crazy.
    Cary has a great life. She lucked out with the husband she stalked and styled into what she wanted.
    Brandi's marriage is imploding...right?
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  12. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Sharon and Ozzy getting divorced?   

    The rumour is that Ozzy cheated on Sharon in an ongoing affair with a Los Angeles based hair stylist. Sharon and Ozzy may reconcile - I wouldn't rule anything out with those two.
    However, she tolerated a lot in their marriage, this isn't his first affair...and she's supported him through drug and alcohol abuse and multiple relapses, rebuilt his career from ashes multiple times and gave him three children who have turned out surprisingly well...if this is 'it' for Sharon I don't see how anyone can blame her. 
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  13. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    You're right! I forgot all about it!
    Caught up:
    Lauren: she was hilarious on the shopping channel - she is unfiltered. I'm so glad she told Misse she was stupid for thinking Ampika wasn't right to speak to Ashley. 
    Tanya: I don't like this broad anymore. She is so annoying this season.
    Leanne is a stripper made good and there's not much else to say about her. She was so dumb to talk about the flight to Paris that she isn't invited on and then greedily eyed up the ring Wes gave her. 
    Dawn is fun to watch and in some ways she makes the show. Her "Everyone Shut Your Gob!" made me laugh because she knew how awful it sounded and has some level of self awareness.
    Seema is a great addition but I can see her becoming a classic Season 2 syndrome housewife.
    Stacy and Misse are both boring duds. Misse is a hater and thinks she has taste and style - yet she looks like a high end hooker. Stacy is irrelevant and boring. She brings nothing to the show.
    Ampika was a showstopper and she really made me laugh with "This can go one of two ways. They'll either hate it or they'll really hate it!"
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  14. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    In Melbourne news...Chyka has quit and will not be returning next season per her Instagram!
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  15. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    So it's been a busy week, so here are my thoughts on all the franchises...
    What a spectacular season and an absolutely perfect finale. The final dinner, where Lydia's lying ass was exposed by every single one of the housewives, was a thing of beauty. And the editing was hilarious. The classical music playing over their fighting was funny and self aware. The ending with Gina swearing and Gamble looking around in disbelief with her mouth gaped open was perfect. Melbourne is the best RH franchise ever. Can't wait for the reunion!
    Beverly Hills
    That was a hideous reunion. LVP was trashed by the lot of them and LemonLyme was only too smug sitting there, with her sh*t eating grin. Eileen has been ruined for me. Lips wants to pretend everything this season didn't happen (nope!)...the Brandi video was really awful and incoherent and I'm glad LVP checked Andy on his bulls*t. It's plain and obvious that Andy is no longer able to be in any way impartial and neutral. He is so involved in these franchises on a personal level and it's destroying them. I do hope LVP quits. Then I can dump this franchise which was otherwise excruciating to endure all season long.
    There was no accountability for LemonLyme at all and as a viewer that was infuriating. She got away with everything. Everything! It's truly bizarre to watch.
    New York
    Ramona's lunch was the perfect storm for conflict. Dorinda's speech was elegant and heartfelt - and demonstrated that she is totally not beyond Richard's death at all.
    It was interesting to see LuAnn cry because it seemed genuine. She does sound lonely. 
    I really enjoy having Sonja on the show because she keeps things light. Even Sonja's conflicts are light hearted.
    Carole is so worthless on the show. She needs to get those horse teeth filed down and be put out to pasture.
    Leanne is a legend in her own mind. She is one of those women that actual socialites are only too happy to have around to serve them and do the grunt work...but make no mistake, she's a nobody and will never be part of the Dallas social set. If she thinks she is then she has truly drank the Kool-Aid. Her temper just explodes - it's amazing how easily she's rattled. And her use of blush is crazy. 
    I love Cary. She's vicious and I love it.
    Tiffany is very nice and has good energy and looks like Lauren Koslow's second cousin. I do think she should move back to Los Angeles...or Orange County, she'd fit in great in the OC franchise. I am going to love next week's episode where she pushes Leanne while telling her she has her back. Yaaaaaas!
    Stephanie and Brandi's little road trip was boring. I recognize that Taylor guy from the A List Dallas - he was a prick then and he's a prick now.
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