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  1. It's been really unfortunate to not have Jill in town for Dina's storyline. Jess and Marla had great hateful chemistry.
  2. Is it? Well then, they actually have done nothing original in this pilot.
  3. NYC An episode laying some groundwork it seems. Say what we may about Ramona but Avery turned out to be such a smart, decent human being that Ramona had to have done something right. It's interesting to see Ramona listen and take (good) advice from her daughter. The rehabilitation of Bethenny continues. And they're doing a good job. I love Dress For Success. Such an admirable charity and in line with Bethenny's whole vibe. Sonja is a hilarious wing woman. She can definitely keep her eyes on the prize better than Tinsley. It was interesting to see how badly Tinsley wanted that 23 year old. And she got him. Sonja needs to offload that townhouse. It is an albatross. She will be so much better off without it. I can't believe Carole. What a bitch talking about LuAnn and Tom with that "friend" of LuAnn's at Dorinda's auction. It's so mean at this point. She is simply being catty about LuAnn sticking things out with Tom. She isn't concerned. She just wants to laugh at her.
  4. That trailer and pilot scene were terrible. As others have said, all the production values of porn with the same acting talent. Rafael de La Fuente is the only actor on this show with any charisma. Writing Krystle as a gold digger is so wrong...terrible actress. So unlikeable. I do enjoy Fallon biting the head off the cake topper (I've never seen that done, surprised daytime hasn't done that one)...but overall none of these characters can be rooted for. Dame Joan should only touch this thing if they offer her a fortune. But I suspect they won't be contacting her. The CW's president made a statement about "if schedules and story work out" then they'd look at having some original actors on. About as non-committal as it gets. If she does appear I hope she insists on a fortune. Dame Joan should stick to The Royals - now that is a character worthy of her.
  5. There is not going to be a Toronto reunion because (according to Kara) the women refused to share a couch with her. I would say while I agree with your critical assessment of Roxy, who I couldn't be friends with IRL because she's such a bigmouth, I definitely preferred her to Kara who showed some really ugly angles to her personality. The kind of ugliness that's intrinsic to a person and can't be undone. Ann and Joan are absolutely model Housewives. Ann is fabulous and your comparison to LVP is spot on. Joan is a very classy woman. I thought it was moving at the end of the show when the individual freeze frames noted it was Ann who arranged for Jana to be flown back and hospitalized in Toronto. I enjoyed Grego and Jana. They're the B story Housewives but both had a purpose. I especially enjoyed Jana saying "We don't give a sh*t!" when Kara banged on about her Italian dinner party and Grego's family life was cute. Toronto was a really well done franchise. I so appreciated how light it could be - like Season 1 Vancouver and much of Melbourne. If you can be bothered to endure Sydney I look forward to your thoughts. They were the nastiest cast I've ever seen. Not one of them was truly likeable.
  6. Agreed about Ann. She is my favourite too. Joan is also my second favourite. Both of these women are so calm, collected, and sensible. And fun! The other blond is Jana - the yoga teacher. I think she and Grego definitely had a more supporting role for Joan, but you will see more from both of them as the season progresses. Roxy and Kara...sigh. My opinions on both waxed and waned as the season went on. Stay tuned. Toronto was filmed to its absolute best, just as Vancouver was. Lisa Rinna owns a cottage in Muskoka like several of the Housewives so a crossover would have been entertaining.
  7. RH of Toronto What a great franchise. Like the first season of Vancouver, the show's bitch got her comeuppance in the finale. Deeply satisfying. RH of Cheshire I KNEW something was going on with Ester. Ampika and Lauren remain hilarious. Dawn's insecurity is showing. RH of Sydney Thank goodness this season is over. What a horrible show filled with truly awful women. I'll never waste my time with this franchise again. Bring on Melbourne!
  8. I'm sorry I'm so late to miss this news. Good! Kevin hasn't been relevant for 10 years.
  9. +1
  10. Because they didn't and ratings were going down when he was fired too. Why try to perpetuate this lie about Pratt?
  11. Sally's days are numbered. Brad's lucky he and his family owns the show he writes.
  12. Love Jennifer - happy see her getting work on any show.
  13. The Conrad Hilton fiasco really gives one pause about how Kim always says Kathy is the "good sister"...well you don't see Kyle's kids in court or getting arrested. I dislike Kyle and all her crap, but she's definitely been loaded up with a serious burden with her family.
  14. I really hope Dame Joan is somehow involved in this. This is a reboot - why not make Alexis the mother of Blake?
  15. Minnis is Co-HW...I don't think he's the problem because I think B&B's story problems are rooted in Brad's bad habits, not anyone else's.