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  1. I loved his portrayals of Stefano and Massimo. He had such chemistry with his scene partners - from Deidre Hall to Drake Hogesty to Lauren Koslow to Darlene Conley to Louise Sorel to Tanya Boyd to Eileen Davidson to Susan Flannery to Renee Jones and so many others. My favourite scene of his was during the Coronation Massacre when Greta was shot and he muttered "By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes." When Lexie asked "What?" Stefano replied "I wish I knew" before using himself as a human shield to protect Lexie - that was Stefano's humanity. He made whatever absurd writing thrown at Stefano work. He mattered. He was one of the greats and truly one of the last in a generation. RIP Phoenix.
  2. The second episode was just as satisfying as yesterday's. Eric Braeden seems to be downright relishing his scenes with Victor's softer personality - after years of villainy bordering on Stefano Dimera levels of ridiculous invincibility (which works for DAYS but not Y&R) the writing has transformed him overnight. All the beats where there with Lauren's scenes and I am so glad they've jumped into Fenmore's problems right away. Gina Tognoni finally had the friend chemistry with Christian Leblanc that I always enjoyed from Michelle Stafford - it goes to show the writing just wasn't there for her previously. If they're smart they'll keep Beth Maitland around indefinitely. Her scenes with Billy were great. I also really enjoyed Jack and Ashley retreading Ashley's paternity and the nicest part was Jack admitting Ashley was John Abbott's favourite.
  3. "Hard to believe Dad's been gone 10 years now..." "Oh, it's surreal." Am I the only one who found this low key shady? Well done to whoever wrote that. The Abbott family scenes were obviously highlighted by Beth Maitland's performance as Traci, she is a superb actress. This is the first episode in a decade that Jess Walton got to play the real Jill. Just get some shoulder pads and a fabulous necklace on her and with a good script she flies. It was so good to see Jill's passion and fire. Victor and Nikki's scenes were really good too because they highlighted Victor's soft side. And MTS got to play the Nikki I enjoy - the imperfect one who is a sensitive mother. It was so right to see Kay Alden's name the credits. Sally McDonald directing? Natalie Minardi Slater and Janice Ferri Esser writing the breakdown and script? We were spoiled. Thanks SSM - great start to a new era, I hope.
  4. James whimpering as Ken thundered "You little f*cker! I'll knock you spark out!" when James showed Lisa disrespect is one of my favourite reality television moments. Ken may be 70 but he'll never give up his old East End style.
  5. RHOBH It's good to be back! LVP: uneasy lies the head that wears a crown...LVP clearly started this season uneasy about half the cast and how she was going to deal with them. From the looks of next week she found her nerve and is going to be aggressive and alpha dog in reasserting her authority over the rest of the women. And she will triumph. Kyle: within the first 10 minutes of the show she took a swipe at LVP ("she's going to make up with Rinna sooner because she's easier to manipulate") but we all know who and what Kyle is. The discussion of Mauricio buying a plane is cute - start with a house that's gated. Then you can look at planes. Rinna: she does need to eat some bread and her comment about her daughter's modelling career being "organic" made me laugh because that girl's career is about as organic as Rinna's silicone lips. Having said that she had a different energy to her when discussing her father's passing and her scene with "Harry Hamlin" was cute. Eileen: she came off weird in discussing her mother's death and how she didn't feel bad about it. And the thing is, I get it, I've had grandparents die and I didn't feel bad about it (a merciful release and all that)'s Eileen's delivery. Everything is slightly off kilter. It's probably why Kristen Blake is such a compelling character to watch. Kyle, Rinna and Eileen were all very pressed about LVP and their talking heads reflect that she is the only thing that's interesting about any of them. Erika: she's still likeable and fun and interesting. And the thing is, she seems the most relaxed with LVP which reaffirms many people's theory that she and Yolanda weren't exactly best friends. Her birthday party was off the hook and I love that her mother named her after Erica Kane. Doritos: I don't really like this chick already. I've lived in several countries and regions that spoke foreign languages over my lifetime and my accent hasn't changed one iota from when I was a child. Doritos is kidding herself with all that staff - that alienates viewers like crazy! Her husband seems likeable. It's interesting that LVP knew Doritos husband, PK, before her. Just like LVP did with Mohamed and Yolanda. The nightclub business in London was/is a very male dominated field (Ken's East End boy style is standard there) so it's not really a surprise that many of Lisa's friends are men. She probably finds them easier to deal with.
  6. If they EVER change the OC's finale guitar music I will lead a protest outside Bravo. That music is iconic - I would hate to see an OC finale without it.
  7. Undoing Phillip's death is the worst - how could MAB undo the bedside death scene where Jill, in gold lame, looks up at Kay, with disbelief at all the horror etched in her face, and groans "This is your fault. It's always been your fault. First the father and now the son" as she weeps over his lifeless body. How could MAB do that? Just awful.
  8. Didn't John flatline with Gloria, Jack and Ashley in the room?
  9. Interesting premiere...lots of storylines set up for the next 9 episodes. It's interesting to see how much location shooting they did in this episode - Helena's bedroom and the dining room, for instance, were definitely not sets, and Liam's post fight bar and the beach were locations's good to see that Dame Joan's "I DID IT!" scene is getting repeat airplay, but I really want to see her back this season, though I have my doubts she will be.
  10. The only plausible way to bring John back is by pulling a 'Dallas' and having the last 10 years all be a dream...the only thing that would have to be incorporated into the 'new' reality is Katherine's death (which would allow for Kay's will to be a major issue, bringing back Nina and Chance and Philip staying dead).
  11. Considering Jess Walton is recurring, her 50 episodes is comparatively good - look at poor Kristoff St. John (on contract!), Lauralee Bell and Tracey Bregman...I hope all of them, including Walton, see a resurgence in 2017.
  12. I would love to see Mamie return (and for the record I'd have Mamie have breakfast with the Abbotts) - it's just a shame that LML killed off John because he SHOULD have ended up marrying Mamie in the end. Veronica Redd was fantastic with Jess Walton and Jerry Douglas.
  13. Anyone who disagrees with MTS's comments about the JFP era sets needs a reality check. They are hideous and bland and her GH aesthetic to a T. And of course she kept mum about it - JFP would have fired her in a second for such dissension because she can't handle criticism at all.
  14. Yes - whoever thought up that tag line for Kyle is a genius - as is the GIF maker. She is so pathetically contrived.