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  1. I loved this season. Although I can't stand Katie, I love both of the Toms and their love and everyone's love for Tom and Katie and the chance to see their real friendships was great. The bachelor and bachelorette party episodes in New Orleans were really fun. The scene of Tom seeing his brothers was really special. Lisa's role in their wedding was special. And then for Scheana and Shay's marriage to implode in the last episode...she had it coming. It was doomed from the start.
  2. Real Housewives of Sydney: In case anyone cares it hasn't changed since the premiere and these women remain the nastiest group I've ever seen. Athena X is the worst of them, followed closely behind by Krissy and Victoria.
  3. Jess Walton had Lead Actress worthy scenes when Billy was hospitalized. She had a big breakdown against Jack, Ashley and (I think) Tracey - Gina Tognoni was in those episodes too. If thats what she submitted, she had the scenes (rather than storyline) to get nominated. Will she win? Who knows. I'd love to see her win because she is a phenomenal actress whose never taken her job for granted. Plus, she's 70 and still in the game after enduring MAB and Paul Rauch treating her like crap.
  4. Seriously? That's sad. Eileen did nothing wrong and even LVP, Kyle and Dorit sprang to her defence at the dinner table. The fact that all three of them were emphatically defending Eileen's statement should say a lot to Eileen. Erika lost any hope of being queen of BH last night. She cracked from side to side and LVP never would do that.
  5. I just watched it. I am in shock about what I saw. They all earned their paycheques tonight, that's for sure. Rinna is despicable. Her behaviour this episode was a jump the shark for me. She threw exactly the same dig at Dorit that Kim threw at her which she's dined off on for years. Kyle got in a few good hits on Rinna's position and she was 100% right (when have I ever said that about Kyle?) Rinna inserted herself into the conflict between Erika and Dorit without any reason, whatsoever, and her venom was palpable. Then she throws out a cocaine allegation which doesn't make any sense. Erika lost me tonight when she turned on Eileen. That was the most irrational, insane reaction since NYC's Scary Island. Eileen made a harmless comparison trying to diffuse the situation and Erika just snapped and went over the deep end. It was obvious to most of us that Erika was never going to let Pantygate go and while it's a waste of her time it's her grudge to bear. But it became clear that Dorit could never adequately make amends, so Erika brought it up only to castigate Dorit and make a big fight about it. Make no mistake, Erika went looking for that fight. When Eileen, Kyle and LVP are all on the same rational side, trying to bring an end to conflict, you know an argument is insane.
  6. Pacific Palisades was easy to watch. What's interesting about it and Models Inc. is that the finale episodes do serve as actual finales. I think it helped both get sold really easily overseas because they were basically miniseries. I particularly enjoy the Pacific Palisades ending as Joan Collins and her gold digging daughter accidentally encounter a gullible billionaire and his son at a charity lunch, call a truce and work on landing the two of them. Joan gets the last line in the finale: "Oooooh, I just loooooove happy endings!" as 1990s prime time soap opera jazz music blares.
  7. This has been a terrible season for Lisa Rinna. It's undermined everything about her credibility. I still like Lisa Rinna because she has a sense of humour about herself and always has. But within the confines of Real Housewives, she's a lying liar who lies and then exaggerates her mea culpas and bullshit. It's a really bad look and however things went down last year with her and LVP, it certainly undermines Rinna's position as she's a proven liar who won't take responsibility for herself. Erika didn't come off well with her statements about Dorit implying Rinna has a drug problem. That isn't what Dorit said and Erika had to retreat on that statement and she did it awfully quick. Dorit is harmless and would have been a useful ally to Erika. Erika is paranoid about LVP and Dorit - to me, LVP actually likes Erika and isn't interested in coming for her. LVP actually said "I like Erika" to Dorit in the last episode or two and didn't seem sly in the least about it. Eileen was smart to extend an olive branch to LVP and LVP was smart to take it. Those two never should have had a feud - it didn't do either of them any favours. Eden is a nutjob to meet up with this online date. Wendy Williams made a comment that Eden is an entitled rich girl who doesn't see the world realistically and Eden blew up on Twitter to her about it. Eden's an idiot. An absolute dud. I'm loving the Hong Kong trip. BH always takes the best trips. Easily the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated. The tea about the Atlanta reunion sounds explosive. I've tuned into this season because there's been some serious heat. I look forward to it!
  8. Toronto is only 10 episodes, so I'm all in, particularly given I have family and friends who live there and know the city very well.
  9. Real Housewives of Toronto It's a good franchise! I'm so relieved. Like Vancouver, the producers did a good job of finding legitimately wealthy, connected women. Toronto films beautifully in this show and it looks like we're going to get to see a lot of cottage country, downtown and a trip to Barcelona! Kara: the best part about Kara is her husband. He seems logical, nice and sensible. Her whining about the 2002 "face hickey" when she didn't tell Roxy that Dr. Mulholland fixed it started her off on the wrong foot with me right away. Kara is overwhelming and a blowhard. She is a joke to state that she doesn't judge people. She's judgmental as hell. Can't stand her. Roxy: I like her more than I expected to. I'm so glad she subtly threw Kara under the bus. She seems more sensible than I'd first thought. Joan: she is RICH. Her husband is the longtime CEO of Magna International, a Canadian corporate Goliath. It's so interesting to see how humble and nervous she was about meeting Ann again. I really like Joan. Ann: she is definitely a Type A personality but she has created a huge company with Medicard (it's a company that finances cosmetic procedures). Her husband, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, is an esteemed plastic surgeon. Ann strikes me as a smooth operator with a good sense of humour and a bulletproof sense of self worth. Grego: sweet, French Canadian joie de vivre and fabulous. Jana: a good addition to the cast because she's sporty and divorced. Seems really loyal to Grego, which I like.
  10. I cannot wait for NYC! I need more LuAnn in my life to kick 2017 into high gear.
  11. You keep trying to perpetuate the lie that JFP had great ratings. No, she did not. Stop lying.
  12. Totally agree. These women are giving Australia a bad name. Aside from Melissa they're all nasty trash. It's very reminiscent of Vancouver S2 - toxic and nasty right off the bat.
  13. Sydney These women are vicious bitches. This franchise is a flop. Aside from Melissa they are way too unlikeable. Lisa is so strange. She is such a nasty woman to her kids. They'll write memoirs about her. Calling her child a 'dickead' and then being upset when he calls her an idiot? The joke about Krissy's IQ being "room temperature" was sharp though. Krissy. Nasty bitch. Vulgar. Crass. Nicole is harmless, if a bit dim about her children not being spoilt. Victoria is damaged goods Athena X has a lot of false piety going on. Melissa is nice. Matty I don't mind. She's got big balls and a big mouth but she says it how she sees it. I like the immigrant fighting spirit.
  14. Thank you for posting in that format and it looks AMAZING!
  15. Linda Grey looks really good, Linda Evans looks terrible. Donna > DJC > LG > Michele > JVA + LE