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  1. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Winners   

    Very pleased for Mary Beth Evans and Judge Judy. 
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  2. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    The thing is LVP is in a good position with Bravo - VPR had a great season and their ratings were strong - and LVP has a rabid fan base (as Rinna and Davidson have discovered) that would have an impact on RHBH ratings...but posting her blog on her Facebook shows that there is conflict and Bravo doesn't like when people go rogue, but I'm sure LVP is pissed with Andy et al. 
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  3. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Couldn't have said it better myself. You NAILED it. 
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  4. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    It's good that Gina and LVP cleared it up really quickly. Gamble says she got caught up in the rumour mill thanks to Lydiot (surprise surprise)...
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  5. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I really don't like what I'm seeing in the John and Dorinda relationship. She seems very dependent on him and he seems very dependent on whatever gets him lit up with a Snoopy Scarf as Bethenny put it. It seems that Dorinda isn't past Richard's death - that she could instantly recall that Ramona was sitting in the second row at Richard's funeral spoke volumes about how vivid and close his memory is to her own. John distracts her from her pain - but he needs to go.
    Although the LuAnn and Sonja apartment hunting scene was manufactured as heck (I'm quite sure LuAnn bought her apartment post divorce from the Count) they are still really fun to watch. It's light hearted and provides balance.
    Speaking of LuAnn - Carole is obsessed with her! I realize Carole has ZERO storyline so she needs to crank out something, but a pointless feud with LuAnn - who really couldn't give less of a damn if she tried - is not going anywhere. 
    Bethenny and Ramona made the episode. Bethenny coaching Ramona on how to apologize was hilarious if you noticed Bethenny saying "Don't start off with 'I Adore You!'" because Ramona really does start every non apology like that. I do think Ramona was very sincere with Dorinda when they were in the Hamptons. That's the sorriest I've seen Ramona and goes to show she does value some relationships more than her own pride (it isn't as if she's wrong that John is a gross pig). Bethenny going head to head with John was great as she is a very formidable opponent. 
    Finally - Jules. She is the new Kristen. Very dumb. That's all.
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  6. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    This reunion is going to suck. The tone was set right off the bat with LVP's dress. Andy can be so nasty. It's interesting that Erika simply said she has the top and LVP has the dress. Not catty at all. 
    LemonLyme's "journey" is the focal point - yawn. I'm glad LVP asked if she was blindsided because that's the question I wanted asked and it seemed Andy wasn't going to do it. It's clear she is going to get a pass this entire reunion and isn't going to be called out on anything. 
    Rinna came to the reunion well rehearsed with her nonsensical story ready to go. She has a bad habit of not listening to anyone - she whipped out her phone records like it was a smoking gun - yet if she'd bothered to turn her hearing aids up she would have heard LVP say she doesn't call her all the time - not never as Rinna misunderstood.
    Eileen came in full Kristen mode. It's useful armour for a reunion. 
    Kathryn and OJ - who cares? I don't.
    Kyle is a very loyal friend to Faye and that is admirable. And truth be told I sort of like Faye despite her moral corruption. However, she has never shown that loyalty to LVP and I hope LVP notes that.
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  7. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Whatever Lydiot said about Bruce, she's an arsehole. Bruce is the best husband in any RH franchise. He is so kind and so nice. If he's a bit flamboyant for someone's taste that's their problem because Bruce is himself and he's raised a great son (sorry Chessie but you're a spoiled brat) and is a great husband whose his wife's biggest fan. Anyone who doesn't see the beauty in that can drop dead.
    Why would Lydiot even bother saying Janet had affairs if it isn't projecting? We all know what Janet's ex is like - even if she did have an affair it isn't as if he didn't have it coming. Who knows what Lydiot is up to with Shane Warne, but he's certainly a lady's man.
    The reunion is going to be a huge disaster but I think it'll be enjoyable as hell because Pettifleur and Lydiot will get what's coming to them. Judgment day has been looming for those two for years.
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  8. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Potomac Reunion 2
    Katie and Ashley were the stars of the reunion, everything was about them. They demolished the rest of those heifers. And Michael, Ashley's husband, demolished Karen and Uncle Ben - he slaughtered them as only an Australian can. 
    Gizelle is a huge hater and she is so freaked out about ageing and not being considered hot and relevant. I'm glad everyone came for her gossipy ass. 
    Charyse is a couch stain and her stank attitude was evident but she was also quite fair with most of the women. That said, her failure to grasp the definition of narcissism demonstrated what a failure she is. 
    Robyn...whatever. Glamorous hair system.
    I don't give a crap about this show because Leanne sucks the air out of the room. 
    Tiffany would have made a good contribution to RHOC - she would have been great in that franchise. 
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  9. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic CBS Not Safe for Daytime   

    Good lord. The Tiffany network to THIS?! Babe Paley would roll over in her grave.
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  10. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Pettifleur is PSYCHO! This is a lunatic who cannot handle the truth. The permanent victim. What a loser. She thinks of herself as strong? Please! She is the weakest of the weak. She is a nobody. She is out to lunch. Despite Lydiot being a total wanker (copyright Ken Todd) she showed how bizarre she is when she couldn't believe that Lydiot came and talked about herself - that's all Pettifleur does! She is the worst housewife I've ever seen. She needs to go after this season. 
    Gina was AMAZING with Pettifleur "If you make people feel like sh*t you won't have friendship" and then she went in on Gamble at the second dinner. Gina was so, so frustrated on this trip and I loved her. The make came off and she annihilated everyone in her path. "Who cares if he was checking out her ass? I'd check her ass out, f-ckin' huge! Probably thinking 'what the f-ck is that?!'"
    "Go Gina! Go Gina! Yaaaaaay Gina!" - Janet. LOL. It was so cute to see her flirting with the Sheikh (who was hilarious in his own right)..."Nobody wants you here so get up and f-ck off!"...but UGH, why bother forgiving Pettifleur's ridiculous ass. Her united front with Gina, Chyka and Jackie against Lydiot was a thing of beauty. 
    Chyka had the giggles at the table during Gina's incredible tirade. Her family is so cute. She and Bruce did great with BJ...pity about Chessie...but 1/2 ain't bad. Her business is fascinating, the style and extravagance. Her outfit at the second dinner was classic mafia princess: black feathers and Akoya pearls for the win. I LOVED the anger of Chyka: "Hate her." That was WRATH at its best. She zeroed in for the kill, articulated herself perfectly and annihilated Lydiot. 
    Gamble's theme song was hilarious and she's right to say so much behaviour was not genuine. Gamble's face during Chyka's tirade on Lydiot was awesome - it had to be what all of our faces were, it was a whole new side of Chyka and Gamble's right, she's frightening when angry. 
    Lydiot is such a hater. She calls herself a "quiet achiever"? Good lord. Interrupting Chyka's toast was so tacky and vile. She's been caught, caught out as a massive liar and a bitch and I am so glad that it's all caught up to her. She's had this coming for years. Once she tried to implicate Jackie and change the subject it was evident she'd been caught with her pants down.
    I like Jackie. I really don't understand the dislike for Jackie and have always enjoyed her bourgeois and brash she is. She brought the receipts ("You want to keep this real? We are going to keep this REAL") against Lydiot as Chyka, Janet and Gina all backed her...Gina and Jackie have never gotten along, and yet this season they seemed cool with each other - and now we know why. 
    Susie - irrelevant for the most part, but this episode was her vindication. She was right about Lydiot all along.
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  11. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Yes - that reunion was ugly and it set the course for the ouster of Adrienne and Taylor. Adrienne slit her wrists with LVP (that lunch of theirs will go down as memorable in its awkwardness as Adrienne flailed like a dead fish before The Queen). Kyle got her first taste of backlash and she seems to have been acutely aware of it since, always trying to avoid being the one to visibly antagonize anyone.
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  12. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    In Andy's book Most Talkative he said that the production company and Bravo worked like crazy to convince LVP to sign on and that when she agreed they knew the show was set and that they "had found [their] Joan Collins" that has to irk Kyle, as many of us have always suspected that despite her role in the casting of the show (and as Camille said, Kyle has profit participation in the show...) she's never, ever, been the star of it. 
    Despite TT's analysis that everything boils down to LVP vs. Yolanda, I think Kyle's role in the evolution (and devolution) of the show has mattered an awful lot as well. 
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  13. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Exactly. LVP's old house sold for $19 million and was 17,000 square feet while her current house was purchased for $10 million and is 8,800 square feet - half the price and half the size, so TT misjudged that one. 
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  14. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I found it fascinating...but easily disputable. TT definitely has a strong take on everything she writes about and the one downside of her site is that she runs it with an iron fist. If people don't agree with her then they are immediately called a litany of unflattering names that belittle their logic and bolster hers. 
    I think she underestimates Kyle's role in a lot of things and gives LVP and LemonLyme too much credit for themselves. I also think she misjudges season 1 - LVP was the breakout star from the first episode, she was never grasping to be the centre of attention: she was always the focal point. She also misjudges LVP moving houses - TT says LVP needed to move into a "better house" - yet LVP's current home is substantially less expensive and smaller than her old house and not in a gated community. Finally, she definitely seems sympathetic to Dim Richards when it isn't warranted. 
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  15. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I'm sure it hurts to end a 20 year friendship - but it may also be a welcome relief to LVP because it seemed to be the source of a lot of personal turmoil.
    Give LVP 10 years - she won't be living in California full time. She will go back to England.
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