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  1. Oh I disagree, Season Two was incredible. So much better than Season One. This show f-cked up after Season Two. Ophelia was a dead weight Mary Sue type character played by an inferior actress. Getting rid of Ophelia made all the sense in the world and it freed up Liam for Season Two's random hookups and intense mystery about the Stuarts vs. the Henstridges. I was surprised that someone had the guts to admit Ophelia was a dismal failure of a character and to drop her. Eleanor and Jasper are stupid. After Season Two's gripping conclusion with the soccer riot killing Ted, thanks to Eleanor and Jasper playing the footage of him killing the king, what we should have seen in Season Three was the planning of a Royal Wedding between them. It isn't to say it all had to go smoothly for them, but having absolutely no progress over three seasons is just pathetic. Robert's return has been decent because the actor is capable and the writing for Robert hasn't been totally sympathetic. He is a grey character. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have a clue what to do with Liam as a result and thus we have the Fight Club scenes. Ridiculous. What we should have seen in Season Three was an intense rivalry between Liam and Robert (which they've attempted) that threatened the monarchy with the interaction of the Prime Minister (why hire the fabulous Laila Rouass in Season Two if you aren't going to use her again?!) Cyrus and Helena have been utterly wasted this season. What we should have seen was Cyrus, dying, desperate, withering away, but hell bent on exacting revenge on Helena for the death of Violet and Helena's role in getting Prudence and his son out of the country. He would threaten the monarchy and Helena, who would be in search of love for herself after Alistair left her, only to be vanquished at the end of the season by The Grand Duchess of Oxford who had meddled throughout the season in Eleanor's royal wedding preparations, thereby repairing The Grand Duchess's relationship with the family. Not having Dame Joan Collins return for Season Three after she made Season Two is the greatest offence of all. Cyrus had to be written out after the third season - but you would be left with the natural conflict between Robert and Liam as the way to continue conflict in the show. I am so disappointed for how Season Three has come together. Mark Schwahn should be ashamed of himself.
  2. It's official: the show has jumped the shark. The only good good thing is Hurley and she is still magic in every scene she's in, but the tone of the show this season has changed so much. Gone is the mystery and in is the stupidity. I'm going to stick out the last episodes because I am devoted to Hurley. No word on a renewal so far, but if it does return there are a number of major changes required.
  3. ATL I don't buy it with Kenya. She is a performer and I don't buy any of what she's selling, including that budget hair care. Loved seeing Marlo, her outfit was fabulous. When did Kandi get this bitter? There is a real sense of bitterness to how she is. I would have bought one of Sheree's t shirts...I don't know why anyone thought to mock her, she donated money!
  4. Stacy is a Scientologist...she admitted it in the most recent episode when discussing Tom Cruise. Well...she's just lost me.
  5. Chelsea did come under MAB, Hogan Sheffer and Scott Hamner. 2011. Nothing to do with Kay Alden and Jack Smith.
  6. Loved this episode...despise Juliet. What a bitch. That venal cow needs to never be on television again - the commentary about Adela's suicide attempt was just disgusting. Talk about a total lack of empathy, common sense and manners. I was so happy to see Sophie gun for Juliet at breakfast at the end of the episode. Juliet is incredibly unaware of how awful a person she is. Everyone at that table was against her and she got defensive like a crazy person. This is one of the funniest Bravo franchises, mind you. The discussion about what colour Caroline Fleming's bikini line is was hilarious. Sophie gives me life. She is so fun! Same with Adela, what a great addition. Marissa handled all those "rumour" discussions like a pro even though she's clearly utterly exhausted and blown out. It was interesting how Caroline Stanbury's attempt to trash Marissa at breakfast fell apart as everyone (sans Juliet) cooed how much they like their Marissa chats and Caroline Stanbury basically threw in the towel on trying to get to her.
  7. Did anyone else catch that Camille seemed to be regifting the orchid to Kyle that Eileen gave her last week? I'm less team Doritos than @Nothin'ButAttitude but I do agree she handled herself at the table a lot better than most first year Housewives. Kim Richards doesn't appear sober to me, something still seems way off and her horrible taunting of Lips about Harry Hamlin shows her defective personality hasn't changed. I can't blame Lips for getting angry and yeah, she threw a low blow, but it wasn't dishonest. It's not like she fabricated that Kim was arrested - she was! Kyle, as an enabler, just wants to sweep it under the rug. Eden seems to live the AA tenants a lot more seriously than Kim and was straight up. Eileen didn't like getting called out for her interactions with Lips, but they're hard pressed to deny they don't bounce off each other. Not much from LVP and Erika, who seem to enjoy each other's company when they were quietly hanging by the pool.
  8. Watching a GH clip from October '16 - Jackie Zeman's face hasn't looked that natural in a decade.

  9. No, there aren't. When you compare the last few seasons with the Stephanie Beacham/Ivana Trump/Vinnie Jones/Heidi Fleiss season in 2010 it's startling how negative and confrontational it got. Some of that has to be on Channel 5, who've gone for sensational, whereas Channel 4 seemed to go for more of a look into the personalities. That said, it was really the last season with Steven Bear which showed just how badly the show had fallen apart. The same goes for the Farrah Abraham/Janice Dickinson/Jenna Jameson season. It was entertaining, sure, but also very nasty. The Tiffany/Gemma season was much lighter hearted by comparison.
  10. They're definitely finding it hard to fill up the house. I think the house got too negative in the last few years that a lot of celebrities are worried about how it will affect their image.
  11. I actually love Angie Best. I like the dynamic with Calum and his mother, it shows a different side of him. And I like Angie's attitude and good natured chiding of all the smokers in the house!
  12. I loved the tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. That's the first time the Globes have ever done a memoriam tribute of any was just lovely. All I wanted was for Claire Foy of The Crown to win. And she did. And she thanked Her Majesty The Queen. So I'm satisfied.
  13. How are we feeling about this season? I don't find myself enjoying it as much this year as I did season 2. Here are my major gripes with it: 1. No Dame Joan 2. James Hill's annoying daughter 3. Liam's love life is a storyline priority 4. Eleanor and Jasper are still at first stage and haven't progressed at all 5. The reasons for Robert's disappearance hasn't been dealt with at all 6. Helena hasn't been at the centre of everything like she was last season 7. Cyrus' comic relief daughters have disappeared Ultimately, this season is so much weaker than season 2 which was great. Gone is the dark mystery and back is the teenage One Tree Hill style angst.
  14. I think they did All Stars because they couldn't find enough 'fresh' celebs to make a go of a full house. I would have loved to see Tiffany in the house...there's a lot of great people who could have (should have) been in the house.
  15. Anyone else watching this season? It's the mix of All Stars and 'new' stars and so far it's a much 'nicer' house than last series.