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  1. You need to brace yourself for season 3, just grin and bear it and get to the season finale where it finally comes together. Dame Joan is in at least two episodes of the upcoming season. I'm hoping for more than that.
  2. She's baaaaaack...
  3. I totally agree about Bethenny. She drained the life out of this episode. And I don't doubt that she's suffered and I don't doubt that she was sincere when she thanked the ladies for not talking about the "things in the shadows"...that's the most vulnerable she's been in a long time. Ramona definitely voted for Trump, Sonja probably voted for Trump and Luann might have voted for Trump. Of the three of them, Luann is the least likely to have voted for Trump and given that she's as private as she is I can see her keeping her vote to herself, regardless of who she voted for. Sonja being a friend of Ivana I LOVE...Ivana doing a cameo in the show would be amazing. We know Ramona voted for Trump. Whatever. At least they voted. The bigger offence is Tinsley for not voting at all - that's a failure in democracy! She is such a child.
  4. I tend to agree. Shannon is the one who will never make up with Vicki, despite her reason for hating Vicki being the hollowest. Shannon can't carry RHOC like Vicki (or even Tamra) can, so if she can't play ball with Vicki then I don't see how she can stay. If Vicki left it would be one of the four horseman of the apocalypse for the Housewives franchises.
  5. I'd much rather watch Vicki than Tamra. Vicki's family scenes still entertain me, even after the whole mess with Brooks. I can't say the same for Tamra. Her storyline with her absent daughter and Ryan's white trash conflicts are a major downer that I don't care about. Shannon is still in this joke of a marriage where she openly makes passive aggressive comments to David while he openly appears to mock her. Shannon is mad that Vicki told the truth about an issue that is of public record. Shannon is someone who never should have been on reality television and she cannot carry this franchise on her own. Ultimately, Bravo has a hard choice to make. Either start over or fire Shannon and Tamra. Much as people claim to (and actually) hate Vicki she remains compelling to watch, can still be fun and is the last original left. At the same time, she handled Brooks atrociously. Some of the audience will never forgive that. I don't have such an issue with it because I think Brooks scammed her and she was way too over her head and embarrassed and humiliated and none of the women were there for her so she became complicit. Regardless, this is definitely someone's last season. The question is who?
  6. Whaaaaat?! LVP should have really made that more well known because it explains a lot about Brandi's resentment of LVP. Brandi wanted to ride LVP's coat tails. Can you imagine the nightmare that would have been? LVP was smart on that decision.
  7. I am loving Dallas this season. Stephanie v. Brandi works on several levels. Superficially, it's probably a stupid fight that they're both too immature to deal with - all that (literal) sh*t talk from last season was never going to be the foundation of mature communication. On a deeper level, they're both very flawed. I do prefer Stephanie to Brandi because Stephanie is obviously smarter and more cunning, and she reminds me of a young Morgan Fairchild. Brandi is like one of those 80s prime time soap starlets who lasted a season and were forgotten (like Dynasty's Karen Cellini) with too much makeup. D'Andra is likeable and smart. She's also burdened by that Blanche Dubois/Tammy Faye Bakker wannabe mother of hers who is both a trip and total nightmare. She shaded D'Andra something fierce with that "we'll pick up this conversation when YOU'VE got time..." Kameron is irrelevant to me. Her husband and children are more interesting. She should get over the pink obsession. The only housewife who makes pink chic is LVP and the rest of them should just give up. I do enjoy Cary because she is who she is. She's a surgical nurse who married the boss and made him over. Mark amuses me too because he does his fashion stuff and his plastic surgery and has a great life and seems to be laughing all the way to the bank. Leanne is absolutely insane. In a great TV way. If you do a little research on Leanne she's appeared in a number of reality shows and has dabbled in acting. She knows what she's doing. And she's doing it very well. She's compelling to watch. She can deliver her monologues while dressed as a hot dog with a ferocity that would make Nene or Brandi or Rinna shake in their knockoff Blahniks.
  8. I can't express how fabulous those two GIFS are. Impeccable choices.
  9. I'm loving the return of Camille IF she's there to make either Kyle or Rinna's life a living hell. If she's there to tangle with LVP, then sit down, Camille. But I did enjoy season 2 Camille when she confronted Taylor so memorably with the "We didn't want to say it, BUT NOW WE'VE SAID IT!" John Mellencamp's daughter is only 36, so I'm lukewarm about her. She could be another One And Done. We do not need another Eden Sasloon. I agree in that I enjoy NYC the most out of the American franchises because it is the least toxic, by far, and I don't hate any of the housewives. Though I still think Tinsley is a dud. She was non-existent this episode of the reunion. Ramona has clearly struggled to mourn her divorce. Which is tragic. She loved being married to Mario. She loved her family. And he destroyed it. It's going to take her a long time to get past it. I enjoyed the segment on Dorinda being gangsta. She should not be crossed, she is fabulous and fierce. Jill Zarin is dead to Bethenny. She'll never be back. Bethenny's ire has seen to that. I would LOVE if Sonja would move into that three bedroom apartment. Do it Sonja, get rid of that damn townhouse! I felt sad for Luann. She clearly knew something was going on during the filming of the reunion and Tom was clearly on thin ice, if not worse. Luann did not want to admit it was over at the reunion. I don't think she could bear that. The most telling thing was when she mentioned her son, Noel, being protective of her. Luann is obviously close to her children, so it was never going to end well for Tom thanks to Luann's kids. Luann said she'd leave him, and so many of them didn't believe her, yet what did she damn well do but leave his ass! Good for Lu!
  10. Goodness...
  11. Stumbled across this clip from Season 9. Beyond adorable. Joan Collins and Michael Nader had chemistry off the charts and a certain sweetness, charm, and romance that few others had.
  12. Restaurants are well known to be one of the hardest businesses to make successful. You'd think Shannon would be more interested in owning a home, as opposed to renting, rather than a restaurant. In NYC news: Entertainment Tonight confirms Carole and Adam have broken up.
  13. The documentary was a fine tribute to their mother. However, it would have been far more interesting, to me, had they involved people like Prince Andrew, Sarah, Duchess of York, Prince Edward, Lady Helen Taylor, Earl Snowden - everyone from Diana's age bracket who weren't involved in the Charles v. Diana divorce and knew her in a way that her sons would not.
  14. THIS. Exactly. I give Sussman credit for copping to her failures and falling on her sword. I wonder if Kay Alden was there as a favour to her, rather than out of real passion. Jonnysbro and Jerry675 - who are one in the same, obviously, though Jerry's spelling is poorer than cannot be serious about Janice Ferri Esser and Natalie Minardi Slater receiving TRAINING from those hacks Passanante and Altman? Janice has been a member of the Y&R writing team since 1989 and Natalie since 1998 (having been with Y&R in production since 1991). Any training they received was under William J. Bell. You are such a troll. Get the hell off this board.