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  1. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Meghan is a huge piece of crap. She's the nastiest, dumbest, vilest housewife we've seen who has not had a single redeeming moment on this show. Honestly, Danielle Staub at least had her daughters and Jody Claman appeared to love her son, but this bitch is soulless. She way she fake cried illogically about Leanne and Jim Edmonds (yawn) and then moaned about Vicki being mean. Bitch please. 
    The thing that I love about Vicki, the OG of the OC, is that she comes out guns blazing every. single. time. She is never sitting back with any of these women. Nobody is going to intimidate her and she simply isn't going to deal with someone like Meghan. She is too seasoned to let Meghan's crap bother her in any meaningful way - she just explodes and moves on. It looks like Vicki's going to nuke Jim and Meghan next week with very ballsy, honest commentary about their marriage. Can't wait. 
    Heather's house is vulgar. There's a reason she needs to have 14 toilets in that place: she's so full of sh*t. 
    Tamra and Eddie. Hmm. I just don't see how this relationship makes it to the 10 year mark. The way she is with Ryan, while understandable since she's his mother, undermines her relationship with Eddie, who is clearly a good guy. 
    Shannon and David's marriage is over. Is it just me who sees that? I don't know why Shannon has him on television other than to publicly shame and humiliate him. But David seems up for it and he almost had a look of glee on his face when they went to that dive bar for her birthday and she so clearly hated it. It's like he's into making Shannon crazy about the affair. She clearly resents him. She's clearly nowhere near over it. She clearly hasn't forgiven him. Their children should not be on television for this - they all seem unhinged. 
    Overall this was a very, very, enjoyable season. Drama - but not sick and dark or nasty. 
    Team LuAnn all the way. I'm glad LuAnn didn't give in with her rage at Carole and Heather - particularly when Heather admitted to coming into LuAnn's room with a camera on her phone - and the cameraman on top. Carole is a snake. I don't think people quite understand that Carole dating Adam is sleazy because he was with LuAnn's niece, who Carole knew and talked to about the her relationship with Adam, and she's young and Carole's far more mature and swooped in and took advantage of the situation falling apart between Adam and LuAnn's niece. And if the guy LuAnn took home from the bar told her he was separated from his wife how is she in the wrong? If he lied that's on him, not on her. 
    I'm glad Bethenny rightly articulated how Heather was Scarlett O'Hara with her theatrics. 
    Kristen was so thirsty and basic with her "You broke Girl Code!" to Ramona. Give me a break. She is so desperate to have a moment at that reunion. She fell as flat as a pancake.
    Sonja...oh that Madonna comment was painful to hear. Madonna was going to appear at the Sonja Morgan New York international heritage fashion lifestyle brand launch? Really? And she showed up (while simultaneously in LONDON) and was turned away by security while her manager sat behind Sonja's daughter? I like Sonja, she's scrappy and she's a fighter - but that comment was batshit crazy. 
    Ramona and LuAnn's renewed friendship was nice to see and I'd like to see more of it next season.
    Dorinda was GREAT. She is such a cool addition to the franchise. Great pick. 
    Overall, I couldn't care less if Heather leaves after this season. But for the Ashley Madison affair I'm sure Kristen would have been first to be axed, what a useless cast member. Ramona, Bethenny and LuAnn were all great to watch, Dorinda and Sonja were relevant and Carole will keep her job because Andy is her friend. 
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  2. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Celebrity Big Brother UK v. US   

    Loving this season, lots of varied personalities.
    Farah is awful. I can't stand how she pronounces the word "feel"...she pronounces it "fill". She is ridiculous with how she's getting into arguments with everyone. She's 24 but looks about 35, in this oddly frozen in time look first innovated by Tori Spelling. She is 100% despicable white trash. And she's not bright: once your American reality TV career has to go to Channel 5 in the UK (which is NOT prestigious) you're circling the toilet bowl of relevancy and acting like a total bitch isn't going to get you any more work going forward. She'd be wise to save this paycheque, go to community colleges and end up one of those bitchy women who work in offices across the Midwest. 
    Jenna Jameson is, so far, extremely well spoken and level headed. As is Janice, who seems so sober and centred as well. She certainly butted heads with Austin, but he's an idiot and thinks very highly of himself for 27.
    I'm also liking Sherrie (of course, she is lovely), Bobby, Scoop and James. 
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  3. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic News Anchor & Her Camera Man Shot, Killed.   

    God dammit how many more people need to die before the United States restricts weapons?
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  4. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Ladies of London   

    Honestly, I tried with the first season but this show sucks. I found it shocking how poorly it showcased London, one of the world's greatest cities and a personal favourite of mine. 
    The women are not likeable and their faux pretension is wearing. They're not the real ladies of London - Caroline Stanbury might think she matters, but she doesn't. 
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  5. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic John Aniston 40 Years on Soaps   

    John Aniston has done great work with Lauren Koslow too - very believable exes with lingering respect, if not romantic feelings.
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  6. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Well, NYC's Kristen just had an unpleasant surprise. Her husband, awful Josh, was outed as a user of the Ashley Madison affair site. At first, he denied it, then he released a statement admitting it but brushing it off. Liar, liar pants on fire. If she's smart, this is her next season storyline and she'll liberate herself with a divorce. 

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  7. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Yes! I'm so glad it's back in September. NYC is over this week, OC, while entertaining, is dragging on a bit now, and The Royals doesn't start back on E! till November, so leave it to the Cheshire wives to fill that glamour gap. It looks like it'll be a great season. 
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  8. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic E!'s The Royals   

    Dame Joan was back filming - should be a few episodes this season for her!

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  9. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Y&R September Spoilers   

    So when the hell is Jill back onscreen?
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  10. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Josh Duggar Cheated on his wife   

    They're all getting EXACTLY what they deserve. Hypocrites, liars and cheats - the lot of them!
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  11. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic TV's POP Station To Air Same-Day Eps Of Days Of Our Lives   

    Any extra money helps DAYS and it's good to see CBS owned POP! throw it a bone, financially. 
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  12. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Oh, my hatred of Meghan has reached new highs. That was disgusting of her to tell Shannon that the psychic said Brooks is faking cancer. Are these women really that dumb? You just have to look at him - the man has lost an incredible amount of weight and looks gaunt and is going to chemo. Vicki flipped out at Shannon unnecessarily, heck, Brooks was calm and told her to not shoot the messenger, yet she did anyway. 
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  13. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic BLIND ITEM: Emmy Winner Joins Days   

    Vincent Irrizzary as a Kiriakis?
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  14. DaytimeFan added a post in a topic The Joan Collins Fan Club   

    I most certainly have. Ruby Wax Meets...Joan Collins from 2003 was a really excellent interview. Ruby and Joan are friends behind the cameras and Joan, at 70 then, seemed to really be into letting it fly, I think that's what's enhanced her lore in the last decade: it's as if she lowered the curtain at Oz, except she's still as fabulous and glamorous as ever. 
    Speaking of Dame Joan, this was taken on Sunday, as she had breakfast at her St. Tropez villa with her friend Nigel Havers:

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  15. DaytimeFan added a topic in DTS: Spoiler Island   

    DAYS New Years Eve sneak peak photo
    Deidre Hall and Lauren Koslow both posted this on their respective social media accounts, noting they'd been authorized to share this preview shot from the NYE episodes the show shot in July. Errol said DAYS looks pretty 'Wow' based on what he's seen...this photo seems to confirm that Corday's pumped some money into things, at least wardrobe and lighting has gotten an upgrade:

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