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  1. The finale was good - where was this show all season? Telling the episode through flashbacks tells me that towards the end of the season the creative team realized that they'd gone and made a mess of the show and that they hadn't accomplished anything and that they needed to put some major action into gear. And boy, did they ever inject some drama. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it - but essentially they showed that *nothing* was as it seemed when it came to Robert's disappearance. Elizabeth Hurley tweeted that she loves Joan Collins and has her fingers crossed that she returns for Season 4. Elizabeth, from your lips to God's ears. This show badly needs Joan Collins back as the Grand Duchess!
  2. Apologies Cat, I thought it was you who came with the additional receipts on Dawn! It must have been @Cheap21 if it wasn't you! It's true - the Wards money never made sense given Ashley's career prospects after he retired as a footballer. Unless you're Beckham or Lineker it's a cold world out there.
  3. @Cat and I both linked to several stories about the Wards alleged finances. They seem to live large...without much to back it up. Could you imagine lending friends nearly 1 million dollars?
  4. I think the ship has sailed for Magali - if she didn't return this season I don't see them ever having her back. I read about the loan issue between Leanne and Dawn - sounds terrible. A five hundred thousand pound loan is an awful lot of money and if the Wards needed it that sure speaks to their financial situation.
  5. I think Seema's still there because she has a glamorous business - you can't top fashion.
  6. A new Real Housewives of Sydney promo: And in Real Housewives of Cheshire news the show returns March 27 and .
  7. I missed this totally and I would love for all of it to be true. Especially the one about Ivana, the behind the scenes power broker. I don't doubt that the eldest Trump hates his father, he apparently did as a child.
  8. Renewed for season 4! Boy do I hope this show gets fixed! Bring back Joan!
  9. BH Last night was a terrible one for Rinna. That was the worst acting of her career and she couldn't keep her performance up for even 15 minutes. Anyone watching this episode could see she was lying - even without the flashbacks courtesy of Bravo which prove she was lying - she had all the tells of looking into the distance, fumbling her words and then backtracking all within minutes. I find it strange that Affairleen and Rinna thought it wise to comment about LVP being glad of Rinna's gossiping coming out - OF COURSE SHE WOULD BE! I was thrilled for LVP that Rinna was exposed this episode. It doesn't mean LVP is an angel, but it does mean Rinna is a liar. LVP described it perfectly - Rinna has rage and regret. She was so furious and tearful by the pool (as Doritos amusingly said "You're not going to end it all here are you?") but it's all her own doing. I really liked Erika this episode. The compassion she showed to Rinna was admirable and I loved her robot style dress. It could only work on her. Kyle is clearly exhausted from all the Kim talk - who could blame her? Eden is a nutcase who shouldn't be on TV. I enjoyed Eileen basically admitting she has horrible diarrhea on television. And she looked AMAZING in that white dress. Soap Opera Perfection. I'm liking Eileen a lot more this season. Doritos and PK seem to actually like each other. And Doritos relationship with her kids is endearing.
  10. No Dame Joan as Alexis? No show worth watching.
  11. Sophie is not to be messed with. She is much tougher than anyone gives her credit for. The eldest Trump child, Don Jr., has said that he didn't speak to his father for a year after he separated from Ivana. Then there is apparent consensus among the three eldest that Ivana raised them, Ivana's parents were instrumental in their childhoods (the oldest son speaks fluent Czech) and that their contact with Donald was limited. Once they were done university, Ivana has said she basically gave the children to Donald saying 'Here is the finished product' and that he built his relationships with them working together. The youngest, Eric Trump, seems the most like his mother - a gentler spirit than his two siblings. Ivana was a very strong woman for a very long time. In some ways I think she has crumbled a little bit as she approaches her 70th birthday. I don't think she has any fight left in her. She and her mother attended the inauguration and had front row centre seats, but had to move because Ivana's mother used a wheelchair. When Ivana heard that Marla Maples was attending an inauguration party she immediately left DC and flew back to Manhattan en route to Paris. I don't think she's got it in her to fight one more second.
  12. I would be so gutted if that was my child. What a disgusting creature.
  13. What is this trash?
  14. It is a much needed update that looks good. I wish they'd gotten rid of the Headless Woman Walking, but overall it's a nice throwback to the 1990s opening which I loved.
  15. I have to disagree, with the utmost respect. There is little issue with Trudeau speaking French in Quebec. The issue he had a month or two ago was at a town hall meeting where he was in a bilingual audience and a citizen asked a question about English language medical service access (she lives in a Francophone area) and Trudeau answered her back in French - it was a simple mistake and the controversy was short lived. Canada is a bilingual country. My French isn't great, but I'm glad the bilingualism is forced on us in school. The far right in Canada is fringe and not respectable. They hate Trudeau with a passion, but they generally hate every politician who isn't from Alberta. The good news is they're an old demographic, so they won't be with us for long. I'm happy with the press conference went. We are stuck with Trump so it's good to see him calm with the likes of Trudeau and Theresa May.