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  1. I have suspected this. Beverlee McKinsey did GH so that she qualified for the insurance coverage. At the same time, Morgan served on the boards of both SAG and AFTRA for many years, so I would hope that time would have assured her health insurance coverage she could rely on. I think it's obvious Morgan is dealing with something other than the dermatologist. She's gained quite a bit of weight and is compensating with big hair and bright clothes. She has always seemed like a nice, good humoured lady - I hope she enjoyed her time on DAYS and gets back to her usual self.
  2. Morgan's looks are shocking. I can't help but think it's not just too much filler but rather, serious health concerns have that resulted in how she's looking. In 2007 at the Daytime Emmy Awards: In 2011 at the White House Correspondents Dinner: In 2014: She looks dramatically different now.
  3. So does this mean Y&R is going to fire Jason Thompson and replace him with an outgoing from GH Billy Miller?
  4. I concur about Anna Stuart - I will always love watching her in absolutely anything. She is a natural talent. She would have been a wonderful Anjelica recast. God bless Morgan, but this is not her part. DAYS has such messy history about Dr. Kate Winograd and Kate Roberts. The show has said they're one in the same. But that would be a great scene. I disagree about Koslow's chemistry with Austin Peck. They were wonderful together. When it comes to Lisa Rinna, she simply looked too old compared to Koslow, who looks a good decade younger than she actually is. Koslow also has superior chemistry with Bryan Dattillo - and she got to play all the great scenes with Alison Sweeney - so for me it's Koslow who is the real Kate Roberts. She's been in the role 21 years, the character is hers, Deb Adair was with the show three years, and she certainly made an impression to have devoted fans all these years later, but the writing changed drastically between her run and Koslow's run and I have no doubt Adair's Kate would have been written off 16 years ago, she couldn't have soldiered through the villainess years like Koslow has so admirably.
  5. +1 to this. I didn't mind Y&R's isolation of storylines and characters at all. If anything, it was more realistic and true to life. I always had the impression we were watching events in Genoa City, not following a group of people all intertwined. The UK soaps, to an extent, maintain this separation.
  6. Jess has said herself that she's interested in doing the show when she is given work worth I think she's against being filler and popping in and out. A three week arc, for instance, can provide her with good scenes and impact. She also lives in Oregon, so her ability to fly in and out for a few episodes, financially, probably doesn't make sense since she's on recurring and is only paid per episode.
  7. I think it's about Des staying in control of the situation. She knows that she's the most capable of handling anything and everything, so she controls the situation.
  8. Absolutely. Diane and Brad were both well developed characters, portrayed by charismatic performers (with the exception of Maura West, woefully miscast as Diane #3) who had legs insofar as their longevity went.
  9. As always, an impeccable review that I always enjoy and almost always agree with. The only issue we differ on is Sonja. I still enjoy washed up Sonja because she has a vulnerability to her that reminds me that most of Sonja's problems start with her desire to please others. It drove me crazy watching her with Rocco - a man who *gets* her and is clearly smitten - plus age appropriate and has a few bucks! Sonja - THERE is love, sitting right there and he seems to like you and your international fashion lifestyle brand and Nigerian football team and toaster oven bullshit! I so want Sonja to get an intervention from a financial guru like Gail Vaz Oxlade (my fellow Canadians will know of whom I'm speaking) who could help her restructure her life. That townhouse is her albatross - once she rids herself of that place and buys herself a cute 2 bedroom condo her life will improve enormously.
  10. What NY needs is an authentic, larger than life, character...which means they need to bring back Jill. Bringing on Kenya or another HW transplant will not work because it will make the show even less organic than it already is...what made these shows great is the actual relationships between some cast members that preceded the show. The reason Jules and Tinsley have failed is they're a solid generation, mentally, younger than the rest of the cast. They're not in the same time of life and therefore can't relate to the other women.
  11. I watched the premiere last night and loooooved it. Niecy Nash has been due a career defining part for a long time. She is a great actress - loved her in Getting On - and this is her "Alexis" or "JR Ewing" moment. The part seems tailor made for her. The show reminds me of British ITV television series like Daylight Robbery or Bad Girls or Footballer's Wives - it has this interesting mix of darkness and sharpness with lots of colour and humour and dingy glamour.
  12. It's doomed.
  13. Charrisse irritates me to no end. She has as much class and style as a cold sore. Her makeup and hair systems are just tragic. But it's her voice that really breaks my spirit. That strange nasal whine with the slightest tinge of a faux classy accent - like something Lauren Hutton would have conjured up for a 1980s miniseries. I want to see Karen nuke each of these women at the reunion. She has the Burger King cashier street cred to get it done.
  14. I prefer Kenya by a country mile to Gizelle. She is bitter and very conceited.
  15. Exactly! Not one of those women has survived a sexual assault, raised a family, and stayed in a happy marriage for 20+ years, except Karen. Every last one of those women should be taking notes and asking for tips. Let's catalogue the rest of these women's failings since they seem to delight in ripping Karen: Robyn: living with her lying, cheating, ex-husband who lost all their money, while she's still in love with him and he can't be bothered with her. Charrisse: seemingly permanently buzzed on champagne, crooked weave, and desperate. Living off her soon to be ex-husband's money that she's blowing on stupid crap when she should be paying a good divorce lawyer since she'll never land a wealthy man again. Ashley: naive, in a marriage with a dinosaur more interested in her sex acts than her ability to run a business, zero control over finances. Gizelle: living off her cheating ex-husband while pretending that she could have any man in the room when the fact of the matter is she's an ageing wannabe video vixen with poor diction and a jealous streak as wide as the Grand Canyon. Monique: living off her husband, mother in law hates her, no aspirations of her own. Yeah, a bunch of success stories right there. And if that isn't an accurate depiction then these Potomac ladies better get really self aware because that's how they all come across. How dare they think they're any better than Karen. If she's in bad financial shape they should be sympathetic, not spiteful.