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  1. Exactly. Loved Cassandra to bits. Also loved Mari Jo. Both were fascinating women with their flaws, complex and totally intriguing.
  2. Oh really ? Damn, i don't remember her being so dull. Childhood memories as they say.
  3. Oh I loved Cassandra when I was a kid. Didn't mind Faren either but then I was very young ...
  4. Diane was Jabot main model and she hired Andy to help her negotiate her contract in 1983. That's when she became friends with him, Paul and Paul's then girlfriend, Cindy Lake. Diane and Andy were married in September 1983 but she kept fighting her feelings for her ex, Jack Abbott. After Jack's divorce from Patty Williams, he tried to woo Diane again. Andy moved out to let Diane think about what she really wanted. Diane and Andy divorced in August 1984 because Diane wanted to be with Jack. However, Jack was being blackmailed by Lindsey Wells who had photos proving Jack slept with his mother-in-law Jill. She forced Jack to dump Diane who left town in September 1984. She came back in March 1986 when Ashley asked her to model again for Jabot but Andy was in a relationship with Faren and she failed to seduce him again.
  5. Julia left with her daughter Jamie to Paris in December 1984. She admitted to Eric she was her daughter just before leaving. She came back for a business visit in September 1986 and urged Ashley to tell Victor she was pregnant with his baby. She helped Ashley cope with her abortion decision and she left in December. Nikki made Julia come for another visit in March 1987 because Nikki was sick and Julia suggested Ashley would take care of Victor after Nikki's passing. She tried to convince Nikki before going back to Paris. On March 2002, Victor visited Julia in California before he was to marry Nikki for a second time. He had seen in a newspaper that Julia's company was in jeopardy from an hostile takeover from Maxwell Hollister. He succeeded in securing Julia's company and got back to Genoa City. Julia was last seen in September 2002 when she called Victor to wish him the best before his wedding ceremony.
  6. Here what I have about Marc Played by: Frank. M. BENARD (January 1984 – December 1984, September 1987 – August 1988) Marc Mergeron was first seen in Rome in January 1984. He saved Ashley Abbott, who was on a business trip, from a masher. They flirted without knowing who they were. Marc arrived in Genoa City in February 1984. His late father, Marcel, was married to Dina Abbott, Ashley’s mother. She was very unhappy to see him in town. He immediately flirted with Julia Newman, who was looking for a candidate to be her baby’s father. Ashley was shocked to learn who Marc was but felt attracted to him despite being engaged to Eric Garrison. Dina arranged for Eric to see Ashley and Marc kissing. Getting drunk to overcome his betrayal, Eric slept with Julia who became pregnant. Ashley and Eric ended up back together and Julia kept mum about the one-night-stand. Marc admitted to Ashley he thought Dina had forced his dying father to give her control of the family company, Mergeron Corp. He was also sure Dina and John Abbott were not legally divorced thus making Dina and Marcel’s marriage invalid. When he realized Dina’s son, Jack Abbott wanted to take over Mergeron Corp., he blackmailed Dina. She would give him her shares of the company if she wanted him to keep secret she was still legally married to John. Meanwhile, Ashley realized she was too attracted to Marc and broke her engagement to Eric. Jack told Ashley that Marc could destroy the Abbott family if he revealed the truth about Dina and John being legally married and Ashley was torn between her attraction to Marc and her loyalty to the Abbott family. As her marriage to John became rocky, his new wife, Jill, became sexually frustrated and tried to charm Marc. They eventually slept together but Marc kept on trying to dig dirt and wanted to know why Dina deserted her family years ago. He was unawared that Victor Newman also had an interest in Mergeron Corp. Dina was shocked when she saw a man from her past, Brent Davis, in Genoa City. He assured her he would not stay but she spent money to track him once he left. Marc learned about it. He was suspcious and questioned Ashley about it. Meanwhile, he decided to go to court against Dina to control of Mergeron Corp. Victor questioned Marcel’s former maid, Monique Morrel, who was sure Dina didn’t force Marcel to give up his company. Marc learned Dina had an affair with Brent years ago. When Monique told Marc that Dina didn’t force Marcel to give her the shares, he decided to respect his father’s wished and sold Victor his few shares of the company. He left for Paris just before Christmas 1984. Ashley was shocked when three years later, Marc visited her. He told her he hadn’t forgotten about her but Ashley was clearly no longer interested in the French playboy who caught the attention of JoAnna Manning. He used his charm on JoAnna who convinced John Abbott to fund Marc’s new suntan project for Jabot. Soon after, Marc and JoAnna became lovers. Marc admitted to JoAnna he was financially strapped and she loaned him money. Lauren Fenmore, JoAnna’s daughter, didn’t trust Marc and was sure he was only using her mother for money but JoAnna wouldn’t listen. While JoAnna bought a flat for Marc in her building, he tried to charm Nikki hoping she would sell him her Mergeron stock she got from Victor. Marc tried to ally with Jack and both began looking for money to buy Nikki’s shares. Victor gloated when he revealed to Marc and Jack that Nikki didn’t own the stock legally. Marc sold his suntan formula to Jack and tried to doublecross him. JoAnna was shocked when she learned. Marc then offered to Jill to market her new Male Line to Europe without John’s knowledge. He left for Europe for a professional tour and when he came back, he asked for a raise but Jill refused. JoAnna proposed to Marc who didn’t want to get married. Jack then fired Marc who left for Europe never to be seen or heard again.
  7. Was he still married to Liz ? I know they had marital trouble in 1982 because of Chris/Snapper/Sally/Greg drama but never knew if it was resolved or if they got separated.
  8. People mentionned Jack/Patty scenes but I am quite sure they were on the episode before this one. Years ago, uploaded the wedding episode and the previous one: we saw Julia and Lorie visiting Victor at his pad before the wedding, and I'm quite sure Jack and Patty were on this particular episode. That's one of the question about the show history I never had a sure answer. Robert Colbert was axed in September/October 1983 but he seemed to have vanished with no explanation while Liz remained on the show until late 1984/early 1985. Julianna McCarthy was mentionned to been let go of the show in the SOD issue from 10/09/84.
  9. Oh okay. With Caroline and Sasha gone and with him away for some weeks, I was sure he would be written out too.
  10. Now waiting for Pierson Fodé. Didn't notice her being removed. Sheilaforever, you have counts from 1994 onwards ? I am very interested in them.
  11. I think I haven't forgotten anyone Jaime Lyn BAUER (Lorie Brooks), Frank M. BENARD (Marc Mergeron), Meg BENNETT (Julia Newman), Eric BRAEDEN (Victor Newman), Tracey BREGMAN (Lauren Fenmore Williams), Karl BRUCK (Maestro Fausch), Carolyn CONWELL (Mary Williams), Jeanne COOPER (Katherine Chancellor), Doug DAVIDSON (Paul Williams), Eileen DAVIDSON (Ashley Abbott), Brenda DICKSON (Jill Foster Abbott), Alex DONNELLEY (Diane Jenkins Richards), Jerry DOUGLAS (John Abbott), Michael EVANS (Douglas Austin), Steven FORD (Andy Richards), Brett HADLEY (Carl Williams), Beau KAYZER (Brock Reynolds), Joe LaDUE (Derek Thurston), Roberta LEIGHTON (Dr. Casey Reed), Victoria MALLORY (Leslie Brooks), Margaret MASON (Eve Howard), Brian MATTHEWS (Eric Garrison), Juliana McCARTHY (Liz Foster Brooks), Ashley Nicole MILLAN (Victoria Newman), Brock PETERS (Frank Lewis), Pamela PETERS SOLOW (Peggy Brooks), Trish STEWART (Chris Brooks Foster), Melody THOMAS (Nikki Reed Neman), Patty WEAVER (Gina Roma) and Stephanie WILLIAMS (Amy Lewis).
  12. Thanks ! I noticed on your website that you mentionned Charles Shaughnessy as being on contract. I thought he was only there for a guest stint to usher Theresa out.
  13. Thanks for the info ! I only read about her infamous death. I need to check up for more.
  14. The show is good with Katy's kidnapping reveal. The tone is closer to Corrie if I had to pick another UK show. Some storylines are dragging way to long as Damien/Caoimhe. Many characters disappear for weeks. It's very upsetting. Paul/Niamh/Dermot/Oisin were great but they all vanished. Rose O'Brien is my new favorite. Granny is tough !