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  1. FrenchFan added a post in a topic DAYS: August 2015 Episode Rankings & Stats   

    Thanks Jason !
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  2. FrenchFan added a post in a topic DAYS: August 2015 Episode Rankings & Stats   

    Peter Reckell was not credited among the contract cast on Monday's episode (Mary Beth Evans, Judi Evans, Wally Kurth, Stephen Nichols and James Lastovic were added). Was he playing Bo on Friday's last scene as we didn't see his face?
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  3. FrenchFan added a post in a topic B&B Episode Counts: August and Year-to-Date 2015   

    When did Aly air? This was a new flashback?
    AP is still listed among the contract cast...
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  4. FrenchFan added a post in a topic GH: August 2015 Discussion Thread   

  5. FrenchFan added a post in a topic GH: August 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I'm a bit late but watching last Friday episode, I noticed in the credits that Vinessa Antoine and Billy Miller were not listed with the contract players. A mistake ?
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  6. FrenchFan added a post in a topic BLIND ITEM: Emmy Winner Joins Days   

    He won for Tony Santos on GL in 2003 I think.
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  7. FrenchFan added a post in a topic B&B July 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I checked and Kristen, Tony and Zende were not at the funeral.
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  8. FrenchFan added a post in a topic B&B Episode Counts: May and Year-to-date 2015   

    Dmarex, when did Jake appear? I clearly missed him. Didn't know he was still recurring on the show. Do you know the last time he was on?
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  9. FrenchFan added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    According to the credits on 05/27, Ashlyn Pearce is no longer a contract cast member. Unless she goes recurring, her last airdate was April 22nd.
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  10. FrenchFan added a post in a topic DAYS: April 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I enjoyed both Y&R Lindsay Wells and B&B Margo Lynley Spencer but I think LK is perfect as Kate. She's the embodiement of fierceness. There are not enough real powerful women in daytime.
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  11. FrenchFan added a post in a topic GH: April 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Thanks Can't say it makes sense but it's Carlivati right? But why did Duke want to kill Jordan? Isn't he working for Sonny anymore. I remember Jordan was working undercover to trap the Jeromes last time I check.
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  12. FrenchFan added a post in a topic GH: April 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I had a break from the show and I'm a bit lost with the Anna/Duke/Julian/Carlos/Shawn/Jordan/Kyle storyline. Could someone help me?
    Kyle is an agent right? What is he doing with Jason/Jake?
    Anna and Duke broke off because of his mob ties? Who wants to kill who and why?
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  13. FrenchFan added a post in a topic Y&R: While Jack's Away...   

    But Austin is not dead... Matthew Atkinson is still listed among the contract players. I'm unsure Courtney is dead too....
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  14. FrenchFan added a post in a topic 40 years ago in soaps...   

    Thanks Paul. I will try to update it as much as I can.
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  15. FrenchFan added a post in a topic 40 years ago in soaps...   

    One Life to Live

    The morning after baby Megan had an attack, Steve came by and asked why Cathy didn’t give it to Joe’s demands that she hospitalize Megan until her operation. Kathy refused because she needed to mother Megan. Joe, having heard of the attack from Julie, arrived to find Steve holding the baby and again demanded Cathy send Megan to the hospital. She refused and threw Joe out. Joe wandered over to Eileen’s to try to calm down, covering his family had a history of congenital heart problems like Megan’s. Inadvertently, he missed a business dinner with Victor and Viki, adding to Victor’s bad feelings about him. Joe arranged a meeting with Larry telling him of the family medical history. Larry tried to reassure him but Joe was sure he was to blame and said Megan meant even more to him which Viki overheard.

    Susan talked to Larry volunteering to spend evenings with Megan to relieve Cathy. Larry refused but Susan needed to feel part of a family and felt rejected so she went back to her apartment and began drinking. Larry sensed something was wrong and found her drunk. Larry sobered her up and promised to help but she rejected him when she found Danny and Larry were still devoted to Meredith’s memory. Larry finally reassured her.

    The Woleks’ cousin, Jenny, a nun, arrived for Vinnie and Wanda’s wedding. Vinnie was sure she was no nun because she was young, attractive and “out of uniform.” Cathy was concerned about Jenny’s reaction when she learned about Megan’s illegitimacy. Jenny told Cathy that despite her faith, she thought she was a good mother. Wanda received a telegram from her brother Paul saying he couldn’t give her away. Jim agreed to fill in. At the time of the ceremony, Vinnie was nowhere to find. Wanda started into hysterics but Vinnie arrived with Paul as a surprise. Wanda and Vinnie were married and Susan caught the bouquet. Speechless, she ran out of the front door.

    Eileen and Julie continued to be at odds over Eileen’s relationship with Ben causing Eileen to back off from Ben a bit. Ben took Julie to lunch to help ease her mind but blew it all by blaming Julie for the breakup of her own marriage to Mark. Eileen finally told Julie to mind her own business. Eileen’s son, Timmy, arrived home from college. He was disillusioned about lawyers and didn’t intend to return but couldn’t bring to tell Eileen. Ben was anxious to begin his own business but had no money so Eileen volunteered it but had to get Joe’s permission since he was the executor of Dave’s estate. Julie was livid and decided to move out. Timmy was surprised that Ben was younger than Eileen.

    A rift began between Joe and Viki when she overheard him tell Julie that the first child is always special. Viki’s fertility tests showed she was normal but more tests would be taken. Victor chided Joe for paying more attention to Cathy than to Viki but Joe let Victor know he was aware that Victor was still angry because Viki chose him over Steve. To try to recement their love, Viki and Joe moved into their home. Meanwhile, Victor was upset with Matt for seeing Dorian, claiming Dorian was no good because of her actions during the trial. Matt stated his intentions of moving out of Llanfair to an apartment then let Victor “persuade” him to stay, his plan all along. A larger breach opened between Joe and Victor when Joe disappeared for many hours instead of attending a business dinner.

    John refused Steve’s offer of the editorship of the Sunday supplement, but Victor was determined not to give up so easily. Dorian crashed in a life insurance policy to pay John back because she didn’t intend to be indebted to anyone. John asked her not to cut him out of her life but she asked to be able to run her life the way she saw fit. Matt tried to press Victor for the editorship but Victor warned him not to aspire to things beyond his talent and experience. Matt made love to Dorian but she refused to a continuing relationship. Found guilty of perjury she was given a $3,000 fine, which she didn’t have. She also received notice of a rate increase at Melinda’s sanitarium, necessitating her sister’s transfer to a state institution. Dorian received permission to practice in another hospital but had no patients yet. To stay close to Dorian, John accepted the editorship. Upset to learn that Matt was seeing Dorian, Victor stormed to her home where he experienced a pain in his arm and breathlessness.

    Search For Tomorrow

    Jennifer’s father threatened to ruin Scott professionally if didn’t give up her case. Scott weighed everything and decided he belonged to his wife Kathy and told her he would stand by his promise to break off with Jennifer if she’d hold off taking a lease on the Whiting house. Jennifer was not adjusting to prison life even though psychologist Mrs. Jackson had tried to show her that she could get out sooner. Jennifer confided to her mate Marie she was hiding the tranquilizers. In the kitchen, Jennifer fainted and she ended up in the infirmary where she was told she was pregnant. She assured Mrs. Jackson that Scott would be thrilled and she broke the news to him when he visited her. She became hysterical when Scott suggested an abortion. Scott told Kathy but she said it was too late. She sublet the Whiting house and moved in with John’s help and support. Meanwhile, Jennifer told Mrs. Jackson that Scott was delighted and would divorce his wife so they could get married. Scott hit bottom when Kathy filed for divorce. Deciding he ruined enough lives, Scott told Jennifer he wanted her to have the baby but failed to mention the divorce was Kathy’s idea, not his. When Scott asked her about the tranquilizers she was furious and claimed he pretended to want the baby to get her pills.

    Amy gave a party for Liza and Bruce’s engagement and to celebrate the return of her roving brother Steve. Liza grew less and less sure of her feelings for Bruce when something kept her from letting Bruce make love to her. The night of the party, she told him something was wrong with her. She was instantly attracted to Steve but Amy assured Bruce they had nothing in common. Liza arrived at Amy’s for dinner and found herself attracted to Steve enough to let him kiss her. When Bruce and Amy arrived she feigned illness but daydreamed about the kiss.

    Jo felt she wouldn’t return home until she had completely thought through her situation. As Jo sat in a motel room, Stephanie figured a way to tell Wendy that Tony was her father without putting herself in disfavor. She told Dave that if he wanted a down payment on the $1,500 she had agreed to pay him for lying about Wendy’s parentage, he had to tell Wendy he was not her father. Dave took Wendy out intending to tell her but remembered Jo asking him how he could disown anyone as wonderful as Wendy. He went to Tony instead and told him the whole plot Stephanie devised to break up his marriage. Tony realized how unfair he had been to Jo and asked Dr. Rogers a few days off. When Tony told Stephanie that Dave confessed the truth, she tried to lie but finally admitted she loved him. He ordered her out and Stephanie threatened to send Dave to jail for nonsupport since he double-crosser her. Jo decided it was silly to worry everyone and went home and waited for Tony to come to her much to Eunice’s dismay. After pleading with Bob to no avail to transfer Stephanie to another hospital, Tony went to see her but she used Wendy’s love to try to get around him. He flew into a rage and had a heart attack. Jo stood by during the crises and assured she loved him. When Jo ran into Stephanie’s outside Tony’s room she admitted she would always love Tony even though he chose Jo. She added that the night of his heart attack he was trying to get her to leave Henderson.


    Eve told Ned she was she was glad she returned and spent the night with him. When he asked if he was able to make her forget about Julian, she told him that she and Julian were never lovers.

    Scott McKenzie told Jill, his new secretary, how much her being around meant to him. She showed she was attracted to him too. Scott’s son, Skipper went out to Indian Point, met Jerry and helped him do chores resulting in pain. Jerry persuaded Skipper to rest, and Skip explained about his heart condition. Ellen noticed the growing closeness between Scott and Jill and was hurt because she was falling for Scott. Jill and Scott returned from a date to find Skipper unconscious on the floor. Scott called Stan who was having dinner with Terri at Ellen’s. Stan called Jerry and told him he was the only one who could help Skipper. Jerry tried to get another doctor to fly in but the weather was too bad. He hesitated but Heather encouraged him to go on. Jerry stopped the heart failure and realized Skipped had to have a heart valve replacement but it was the same surgery he performed on Wendy who died in the OR in New York. Scott agreed to the operation which lasted 6 hours. Skipper survived and Jerry refused to leave until he was out of danger.

    Unaware of the crisis, Ned persuaded Eve to spend another night with him and the next morning, Ned told her he was falling in love. But Scott called with news about Skipper’s operation upsetting Ned. Eve told him she would drive him to the hospital. She didn’t think she was still wearing her evening gown until Julian arrived at the hospital for the story. Eve confided her embarrassment to Ellen and admitted she was still having feelings for Julian but she couldn’t let it run her life. After a business meeting, Eve told Julian of her embarrassment. He was disappointed that she and Ned were lovers and brought up Ned’s reputation. Angry, she told him she would sleep with whomever she wanted. Julian asked Kate if she wanted to have a baby. She did but Julian asked her to think about the impact on her life. Kate was not worried about her professional career.

    Meanwhile, Julian sent Greg for a follow up story on Skipper. Skipper finally opened his eyes and talked. He was puzzled about why Jill and not Ellen was with Scott. Greg arrived to follow up on Julian’s story and was hurt to see Jill in Scott’s arms. Heather finally persuaded Jerry to go home to sleep and Eve congratulated him. Jerry was finally opened to answer Eve’s questions but had to rest first. When he woke up, he told Greg the whole story against Heather’s wished: he explained he knew he was not responsible for Wendy’s death. Kate wanted to run the story but Julian would not print this kind of sensationalism. Kate was angry. Ellen went to visit Skipper but was hurt thinking about how much Scott is attracted to Jill. Jill admitted to Eve she was fond of Scott but not ready for love.

    Heather was mystified when she received a not saying “Those who live in sin die in sin.” It upset her enough that Jerry destroyed it. Subsequently, Ellen and Stan were eavesdropped upon in their offices at the hospital. Jerry decided to return to medicine and demanded Heather and he healed the breach with Eve. Heather went to dress for bed and returned hysterical because she found another note – in her bathrobe pocket !

    The Young and The Restless

    Brad and Leslie had gone to Palm Springs for their honeymoon where Maestro Fausch was in concert. Leslie felt very unsecure on her wedding night but enjoyed being a wife. Brad arranged the newspaper so Leslie saw the ad for the symphony but was unsure she would want to attend the concert. Brad tried to tell her that if she wanted to be a concert pianist it would not interfere with their marriage. As they sat down to dinner in their room, the Maestro’s wedding present arrived – three strolling violinists – and Leslie promised to attend the concert the next day. The Maestro had them stand in the wings and drew Leslie onto the stage where he made her promise to give one more concert. But when he visited them before they left for home she claimed she promised under duress but he replied he wanted to hear from her soon. Brad and Leslie stopped to see Brad’s parents on the way home to Genoa City.

    After overhearing Phillip telling Jill that if she was suspicious, his wife would confront him and he could ask for a divorce, Katherine had listening devices installed in the house under the pretense that the staff was stealing. Brock found Kay reading the Bible and Kay admitted she was jealous of Brock because his father loved him more than her and Brock was glad that Kay had finally felt a need for him. Phillip bought Jill a new dress and took her to dinner in a private dining room. He didn’t realize that Lorie saw him kiss Jill until Lorie explained the premise of her new book using Phillip’s situation. Kay decided she would fight for Phillip by courting him again. She had Jill fix her hair and dressed in a striking evening gown. Kay asked Jill to serve the dinner and Jill cried for Kay because she was trying so hard but Phillip loved her. Kay overheard Phillip telling Jill that she had nothing to feel guilty about because he approached her with his love. Katherine felt that she had wronged Jill but had to try to win Phillip back. Kay decided to play on Jill’s conscience by asking Liz to lunch and using the close relationship between mother and daughter to bring out her guilt.

    Lorie had a rough time after Brad and Leslie’s marriage but Brock tried to show her it was futile to go on rivaling her sister and very futile to go on loving Brad.

    Jennifer had a feeling of discontentment and was seriously considering going to Chicago to see her former lover, Dr. Bruce Henderson, who was also her husband’s bet friend when Bruce’s son, Mark, told Jennifer that his father was considering a divorce. Ironically, Mark told Jennifer that his father was still in love with her. Bruce came to town under the pretense of seeing Mark but told Jennifer that he knew what she needed but Jennifer felt a duty to her husband and children. Stuart realized something was wrong with Jennifer but she refused to tell him her problem. Against her better judgment, Jennifer had lunch with Bruce at an out of town inn where she was seen by Lorie. At home, Lorie confronted her mother and Jen said she might be in love with Bruce. Leslie also noticed something was wrong but when Brad asked questions, Jennifer threw him out. Stuart realized the situation and admitted he never took time to tell her how much he loved her. She decided to go to Miami and at the airport, Leslie told her she wanted her mother to remember they loved her.

    Chris was upset when Snapper went to check out a hospital in Chicago where his illegitimate son was living. She didn’t want him to promise he wouldn’t see Chuckie in case he couldn’t keep his promise. While he is gone, she got involved with a tenant-landlord situation which brought to light a small boy whose mother claimed had bruises due to a fall but Chris accused the mother of abusing the child. Meanwhile, Snapper had been persuading Liz to declare his father dead but Greg was against it. But Liz asked Greg to draw up the forms which she signed and decided it was better this way. Liz explained to Greg that Snapper’s hatred toward his father came from loving him so much that when he left he felt betrayed. A very alive Bill Foster was given the word that he had 3 to 6 months to live and should contact his family. He couldn’t bring himself to call but finally wrote a letter to Snapper asking if he might come home for a few days. Snapper, seeing Liz’s peace of mind, said nothing.

    Please comment and I will try to post March next month if you're interested.
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