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  1. Thanks ! I noticed on your website that you mentionned Charles Shaughnessy as being on contract. I thought he was only there for a guest stint to usher Theresa out.
  2. Thanks for the info ! I only read about her infamous death. I need to check up for more.
  3. The show is good with Katy's kidnapping reveal. The tone is closer to Corrie if I had to pick another UK show. Some storylines are dragging way to long as Damien/Caoimhe. Many characters disappear for weeks. It's very upsetting. Paul/Niamh/Dermot/Oisin were great but they all vanished. Rose O'Brien is my new favorite. Granny is tough !
  4. Oh okay. So Sarah was Victoria's mother ?
  5. Hunter and Olivia's breakup was great. The kids are really good actors and I like all they interact with older characters like Irene, John, Marilyn. Wish US soaps would do that too. I'm surprised Zac turned down Sam's offer for sex in exchange for help for his book. Hope they won't change it. I'm still not very invested in the Morgan family.
  6. Why is Brad paying for Jacka's mother's rent? He probably burnt down the house after Doug and Josh's deaths... Will Ned keep going and coming? Xanthe is good when she doesn't trust Brooke. Gary and Sheila should too. Hope David will turn out to be bisexual. It would open more possibilities than him just being out and in the closet.
  7. I don't buy TK with Trina really seriously. Kylie wants him back for sure now she's off with Cam. Mo/Kate/Chris could be a very good triangle with Blue, Harry and Jack reacting to it. Don't really care about Lucy's father who is a pain. Wish Lucy would at least try to listen to Ali.
  8. Anyone watching the BBC mid-day soap? It is very different as part of it is more an anthology series but I gave it a try and it really grew on me. Characters have depth and the interaction between them are well written. Like Mrs Tembe, Zara, Daniel, Valerie, Karen the most and have a soft spot for the new policeman Tyler. This guy is just love.
  9. Glad to see Linda Grey on the show. Marnie really grew up to me. Lysette Anthony is so fab. Very over the top but I love it. Myra's new family members sound already irritating. Goldie will bother me soon I think. Glad Nico is finally dead. Think Cameron will be gone next after the deaths he caused and the threats he made to Celine.
  10. Sarah was Robert's mother who died in the barn fire Andy started? Love Diane ! Diane VS the Whites is great. I agree, I want a full rage war between them.
  11. We all saw this coming but I'll miss Emily. The show lost so many icons in ten years: Mike, Vera, Jack, Blanche, Betty, Deirdre, now Emily. Only Ken and Rita left. Sad. So I guess either Ken's illegitimate son or his grandson is visiting him at the hospital. I'm not common with them very much. Like Gary/Sarah/Bethany, it is classic good soap. Wish Phelan would already be out the show. He was there for too long. Do you think Yasmin will be given something to do now that Sharif left? Don't see much purpose left for her in the street. It's a shame so many characters are not given much. Would love Erica to have something meaty to do other than cuddle with Dev.
  12. Oh he is really pathetic, isn't he? So the old man Kathy attacked is an old friend of Pauline's? Wonder why they brought him back. Really like Jay but the storyline is not good for him. Would like Lee not to be painted as so weak ...
  13. I agree with you about Paddy/Zak but when Ashley is gone, the show will definitely have not many vets left especially as Eric is so isolated. I know this is not common opinion but I don't mind the Whites. I enjoy hating them in a way. Rebecca is a great addition to the family. Kerry is so pathetic... I really don't want to see Jimmy turn to Bernice ...
  14. I don't care at all for Victoria even if I like Travis. He is a good addition and quite a solid actor. His cheating will bring Victoria back to Billy quite soon enough... Dunno if we are supposed to feel sympathy for Sharon. Can't wait for SB to leave. Dylan will not be missed at all. I agree that Adam being Christian's father doesn't need to be adressed in the same way Lily's real paternity was revealed years later. Mariah / Hilary are gold ! Hope SSM will keep their rivalry going.