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  1. In honor of AW's 45th anniversary,I thought I'd start this thread and perhaps all future posts concerning this show could be in one present there are several threads. Here's a description from Irna Phillips at the time of debut. "What I want to say is that none of us can face reality 24 hours a day. We must have private 'worlds', made up of our down dreams and pleasures and emotions, into which to retreat. Otherwise, it would be simply too much!" The story follows the lives of the families of two brothers, William and James Matthews, in a suburban university town. It opens with the death of William, then shows how the sad events affects the widow and their children and the other brother and his family. Grandma Matthews gets into the action, to. The writer promises to relate to contemporary problems; two of them she mentioned are school dropouts and illegitimacy.
  2. NBC September 65 - July 66 “Morning Star,” NBCTV’s new daytime soap opera, debuting Sept. 13, will feature musical themes by the husband and wife songwriting team, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. Composer Mann, whose first TV assignment two years ago was the theme of “The Farmer’s Daughter,” has also created a new theme this season for that program. The couple are currently represented on the best-selling charts with such releases as Gene Pitney’s “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” (Musicor Records), The Animals’ “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” (MGM Records), and two versions of “Home of the Brave” in recordings by Jody Miller (Capitol Records) and Bonnie and the Treasures (Philles Records). Just released on Imperial Records is a new single by Joel Christie that features two Mann/Weil tunes: “See That Girl” and “It’s All Right Now.” In addition to these hits on the singles charts, two new LP’s have been released featuring as title songs current Mann/Weil hits: Musicor’s “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” and MGM’s “We Gotta Get Out of This Place.” Already high on the album charts is an LP by The Righteous Brothers on Philles featuring the Mann/Weil hit, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ ” as its title.
  3. Ellen Winters returns!!
  4. Not if they dont get paid,,,How does that work?
  5. In honor of Search debuting this week 58 years ago,I thought I'd start an official thread for this sometime neglected soap, Search seems to have a reputation as a failed soap based on the ratings and stories of the NBC years,but during it's CBS run was amazingly successful - throughout the 50's and 60's,always placing in the top 5 shows. Let the memories and questions begin....
  6. Daytime TV had an article in 75 dealing with the fact that back in 71, for the first time since 1960 (according to them), ATWT was beaten in the weekly ratings. They published the ratings for that momentous week of Nov 12th and followed up with the same weeks rating for the next 4 years. Thought posters might be interested.I wonder what show (s) beat ATWT in 1960? Does anyone know what was happening on DOOl and GH the weeks that they hit #1? 1971 1. DOOL 10.0 2.ATWT 9.8 3.TD 9.6 4. GH 9.5 5.AW 9.4 6.SFT 7.9 7.LOL 7.6 8.LIAMST 7.6 9.SS 7.1 10.OLTL 6.7 Interesting to see the dominance of NBC with 3 of the top 5 shows yet Bright Promise and Somerset failing to follow through, and GH doing so well as the lone hit ABC show. It must have been hard for CBS to have ATWT dethroned and no other soap in the top 5.Also,shows traditionally perceived as weaker (LOL,SS etc outdoing GL and EON) I'll post the next ratings later.
  7. GL now joins some illustrious company in the cancelled soap thread. Let's share memories and ask questions here.
  8. I wonder if the writers were planning on re-introducing Nancy at some point to create a Joe/Nancy/Paulina triangle?
  9. Just saw that Anthony Herrera's stint as Mike Kaslo (Steves brother) was 3 day thing. Thanks Carl!
  10. Definitely would love more old magazine material. I had a bunch of Afternoon TVs from the late 70s that i threw out!!
  11. I think Henry Slesar managed to keep things interesting at Edge over his long run. In terms of writers coming on to an established show,apart from the above examples and Lemay at AW,Bill Bell at Days,I cant think of anyone who stayed longer than 3-4 years.
  12. I think I posted this photo somewhwere earlier in the thread. Off the top of my head I think the girl in blue next to Ro is Sybil Collier, who played Judy English, Claire's British niece. The boys in the front row are Dan and Paul Stewart and the girl is Connie Scott as Susan Burke. The woman in front is Toni Darnay (Franny Brennnan) The man next to Bob is Fred Collins played by George Sampson
  13. Nancy dated Joe???
  14. This is what comes of moving the same characters from story to story and conveniently rewriting or forgetting past events. Isn't Phyllis supposed to be Laurens age? So roughly 20 years older than Scott? And doesn't Lauren's husband have a sexual past with Phyllis?
  15. All Y&R had to do with Mary was mention that she moved out of town to live with Steve. What would be better is to have Todd arrive to tell Paul that Mary has passed.He and Chris go out of town for the funeral. Mention that Heather,Lynne etc will be there but later hold a memorial service in GC. All we need is the vestibule of a church,a few extras to nod at Paul,a lovely photo of Mary and Chris and Lauren to have some flashbacks while looking at it.An onscreen dedication to Carolyn Conwell.
  16. Add Jim Grainger, Mary Williams and Doris Collins to the MIA parents list.
  17. Yes, it was odd that the Brooks sisters were at the wedding but not their father...
  18. I dont think Greg ever got an exit. He was gone by the time Jill married John. I can see Bill's logic in ditching the Brooks after JLB left. She was still strong in her relationship with Victor, but Leslie's story with Robert was a flop. Lynne Topping never clicked as Chris. But I think Greg and Liz should have stayed around. Greg had only been married once and could have later filled the John Silva role on the show. Why Julianna was dropped was a mystery. Stu could have been killed off or been kept aroundmostly offscreen. Would Robert Colbert be happy with turning up a few times a year?
  19. I think there was a gap between Hauser and McGillan.I only recall McGillan on the show when Jill was trying to sell the Foster home (despite not owning it) in 82.
  20. I wouldn't blame Mary Stuart for feeling a little threatened as the 70s rolled on. She had been 'The Queen of Soaps' but Jo was getting older and less viable as a romantic heroine. Her daughter and 'son' were written off. I'm sure she was concerned that Jo would end up as minor player in Henderson's stories.
  21. I see the need for new younger characters to come on and spice things up,but constant SORASING is not the answer. They tend to cast older actors to play teens and after a few years are playing their own real age and timelines are destroyed. Look at Adam. First of all he was aged way too quickly. Born in 95 came back in 2008,already late 20s. If he was going to be aged it would be more believable if he was in his late teens. We could have seen his personality to develop.But the dreadful writing meant that in less than 10 years the character was no longer viable.
  22. Well, as someone who has been a part of soap operas for over 50 years,she definitely should receive a Lifetime Acheivement Award. She also has scores of primetime credits as well. Some sort of Hall of Fame situation needs to happen to recognize those performers who hung on in there for years.
  23. Some background on Morning Star. It replaced Concentration at 11.00 am. Concentration moved to 10.30, a timeslot it held for the next 8 years. When Morning Star was cancelled it was replaced by Chain Letter which lasted only 3 months. CBS obviously ruled the roost with Andy Griffith reruns, which played at 11.00am from 64-70. Another nail in the coffin may have been Supermarket Sweep on ABC which debuted Dec 65 and lasted till April 67 so most likely outrated Morning Star.
  24. When Alice and Steve both returned for the 25th there should have been a scene with them.Maybe Alice imagining Steve returning to her and professing his love.