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  1. Jessica was such a Mary Sue that the story lost impact. Earnest,noble John,brave simpering Jess and plucky sweet Cricket all in one family was pretty hard to take..
  2. Maybe if Marcy Walker appears on the remaining shows?
  3. Ron's first day and his major move is to go with doppelgangers... The only way is up!
  4. We Love Soaps has just posted a summary of the July 17th ep of HIH 1946: On syndicated radio soap opera Hearts in Harmony, Steve Parker and his fiancee Penny took a drive through the countryside around Rossville just a few days before their wedding. Meanwhile, Jed told Johnny the FBI may be investigating Parker Industries. Hearts in Harmony premiered in 1941, and was sponsored by the Kroger grocery store chain.
  5. Would Dena have specifically put that reference in her outline? Or would the mistake be from a scriptwiter responsible for that episode? Nonetheless, it should have been picked up somewhere along the line.
  6. Taras return on AMC to introduce Kelsey. Karen Lynn Gorney was frumpily dressed and aged up. No real connection to the heroine of the 70's. And Lisa Brown returning as Nola on GL. Wayne Northrup on Days.
  7. The Bobby return mentioned in the July thread would definitely fire up Nikki..
  8. Another positive move from Ron. Does that list mean they are on contract?
  9. I recall that Deborah Adair played Jill at this point as having been damaged by the disastrous relationships with Stuart,Derek,Jack and John and seeing Andy as steady,responsible man who could give her stability. Of course when John Abbott returned and showed interest,Andy then seemed a little safe and dull. Did the revamping of the show occur when Wes Kenney arrived? I wonder what relationship he had with Bill in terms of input on story and character? Bill wrote out April,Barbara and the Stevens as well as Leslie and the Laurences, Jonas,Lucas, Karen etc By 83 the show was really firing again.
  10. Billboard review July 1957 Living on borrowed time from extension to extension, "Valiant Lady" is making valiant attempts to wind up and then extend its story line with each reprieve. Author Robert J. Shaw is currently heavily dependent on significant looks from the actors to imply suspense and conflict. The excellent cast continues to feature Flora Campbell in the title role, with Robert Webber and Joy Hodges especially good as a mismatched couple shadowing her life. Herb Kenwith's direction is inventive and lends a different air from the average soap opera, a theater quality in the movement and gestures. This pleasant approach is echoed in the sets and costumes of the Leonard Blair production.
  11. Marguerite's Mamie didn't get to interact with Olivia and Drucilla etc so the character didn't really grow until Veronica was cast.
  12. Kings Row 26 Feb 1951 - 29 Feb 1952 CBS/NBC. The NBC run began 22 Oct 1951 Kings Row had been a book,a movie with Ronald Reagan and later a primetime series. Billboard review Kings Row RADIO -Reviewed Friday (2), 3:15 -3:30 p.m., EST. Sponsored by Colgate -Palmolive -Peet Company, Monday thru Friday, thru William Esty via Columbia Broadcasting System. Producer, Arlene Lunny. Writer, Welbourn Kelley. Director, Edward Downs. Music, Bert Buhr - man, organ. Announcer, John Mac - Dougalt. Narrator, Lee Vines. Cast: Francia DeSales, Doris Dalton, Charlotte Manson, Charlotte Holland and Jim Boles. Scrtpter Welbourn Kelley has effectively utilized the characters from Henry Bellamann's best selling novel for soap opera. That the sentimental and neurotic Kings Row characters always had potentialities for the necessary endless trouble is undeniable. And Kelley has included all the proved soap opera elements. Francis DeSales, as Parris Mitchell, psychiatrist, gave his lines a consistently calm reading on the segment caught Doris Dalton skillfully provided the hysterics in the role of the sick in the head gal out for Mitchell's scalp. A clue to her trouble was her husband, an unmitigated scoundrel, who may be insidiously trying to drive her to the nut house. Life Ebbing The stanza caught involved a tense interview ' between Miss Dalton and DeSales. Whether the .latter would live to appear on the next installment seemed to be in doubt at the program's end. A legion of other complex characters were referred to in the dialog, indicating more than ample material to extend the serial as long as necessary. The commercial for Fab employed testimonials in a woman's voice to back up the announcer's claims. The Luster Cream Shampoo jingle was used at the end. Kings Row is soap opera at its most typical. Gene Plotnik.
  13. Billboard March 1955 The pop song market was very much in evidence this week, both on the best -selling pop single chart and the top EP listings. The "Ballad of Davy Crockett," which was plugged into hit proportions by several airings over Walt Disney's ABC -TV program, shows up on the top 30 retail chart in three different places this week, while Columbia's EP "Joanne Sings," featuring TV soap opera queen Mary Stuart, jumped into 12th place on the EP chart in its first appearance. The case of "Joanne Sings" offers even more conclusive proof of TV's potential power in the record market, since Mary Stuart is unknown to the disk buying public as a recording artist. However, she obviously is known to them as the star of one of CBS -TV's top daytime soap operas, because they have bought enough copies of her album to land her in the No. 12 spot on the EP chart this week.
  14. Terry Davis tested for the role of Delilah on OLTL after playing April on EON for 4 years.She said in an old SOD interview she really wanted that role,but they went with someone completely different (Shelly Burch) She then went on to land the role of Stacey on AW.