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  1. The character of Reed, Victorias son has been cast The actor is 17 years old
  2. Just because previous regimes went in the wrong directions eg nazi chipmunks, shouldn't give SSM carte blanche to continue in that vein. They would have to go to a lot of trouble just to bring John back and then what? He would sit around chiding Jack and tut tutting over Ashley's love life (or lack thereof) There are so many more pressing issues the show needs to deal with.
  3. I have to disagree about a back from the dead story for John. Bill Bell dropped the character at one point (not killed off).It would be nice to have John around but there is no way he could return with any semblance of reality. And the man is 84 years old...
  4. When Althea returned,the writers at the time decided to kill off Penny. A bizarre decision...Althea had already lost one child,it cut off a whole area of story for her and got rid of a young female character with heaps of story potential that was tied to a legacy character..
  5. Hi Eric,So nice to see you posting again! BTW I finally got to read All Her Children - very enjoyable read.
  6. I don't know why they didn't just recast Penny,if she was so important to the story. I remember Afternoon TV reviewing Marland's stint and saying that as interesting as the stories were,they were not connected to the hospital and the show was not living up to its title.
  7. Fritz Weaver, who played Hugo Marick, has died at the age of 90.
  8. Geraldine Court debuts Feb 73. That was not long after she was dropped from ATWT in favor of Gillian Spencer as Jennifer Ryan.
  9. At the ABC affiliate meeting in May 78,Jacqueline Smith vp for daytime talked about programs in development 1.A 'living serial' starring George and Alana Hamilton 2. Game show Name Your Game'with Monty hall 3. A 'serial form combined with short story' from Spelling/Cramer. That first concept seems a forerunner of all the reality stuff we are seeing now.
  10. Dorothy Lyman played Sarah Jessica Parker's mom in a recent episode of HBOs 'Divorce'.
  11. Thanks so much for posting those ratings.Some very interesting stuff there.Hope you have more to post. So Y&R did hit #1 at that time.Now, I wonder if that was the first time? GH climbing to #2 EON in the top 10. And SFT doing so well, while ATWT was sinking.
  12. Beautiful location and great architectural details,but those fussy, cluttered interiors...
  13. Good question. I never knew GL hit #1 in the late 70s until it was shown in this thread. I wonder when Y&R first hit #1 in the weekly ratings? Was it not until the late 80's when it became #1 overall, or were there isolated weeks before that?
  14. So basically just an ad for homepolish. It's a nice look, very of the moment, but nothing there that anyone with a bit of time and interest couldn't do themselves.
  15. Broadcasting Magazine March 1975 Comedy soaps may be the next trend in daytime. For CBS, Norman Lear has already taped two episodes of Mary Hartman, satire on daytime drama.Sullivan Productions has also delivered 10 scripts, also to CBS. of ethnic daytime comedy Change at 125th Street. And NBC is developing Love and Kisses, another send up of soap operas, with Mel and Ethel Brez as headwriters, for Sullivan Productions. The networks chickened out on this concept.Guess they were scared of a backlash from P&G for ridiculing their product and a nervousness that traditional viewers wouldnt get the satire?