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  1. The latest SOD has an excerpt from Agnes book dealing with how CBS almost put AMC on the air in 1965.
  2. Didn't Agnes at one point have it written into her contract that AMC tapes would be saved? I think Texas and Capitol would exist. I always wonder whether 20th Century Fox has Best of Everything and Return to Peyton Place in a dungeon somewhere.Also read that early GH was saved. Maybe How To Survive a Marriage? Soaps that played in Australia may not have been destroyed. Again,could be sitting in a warehouse somewhere.
  3. Chancellor Industries as an entity never played into the story apart from that brief time in 1980 when Derek went to work there so I cant see Bill Bell ever using it as a story point. Jill was much more interested/attached to Jabot. I took it that when Kay drove off the cliff it was to kill herself and Phillip,so although the result could have been seen as murder, that was not her intent.
  4. Going by SOD synopses of the time Jill was backburnered after Bonds initial appearances. The whole Jill at Jabot story was sidelined and Brett Halsey as John was dropped. There was so much going on at that time with the transition to 60 mins. Here are Jill mentions in summaries of that time FEB 80 Liz forced Jill to do housework. Jill turned purple when Liz offered her the house since Liz will marry Stuart. Despite Jill’s warning her no one will think she’s good enough for Stuart, Liz intends to marry him. Jill asked Derek to prove his love by giving up Kay and her money. MARCH Derek told Jill he couldn't leave Kay yet. Jill spitefully told Liz that she (Jill) was pregnant when Stu married her. Liz went into a tailspin after believing Jill's story about being pregnant by Stu before their marriage. Steve was smitten with Jill Jill told Kay that Derek is only interested in her money. APRIL Jill freely confessed her lies to Stu and Liz, who agreed to marry. Peggy admitted she can’t stand the sight of Jill. MAY John Abbott of Jabot Cosmetics hired Jill. JUNE Peggy was upset that Steve has been seeing Jill. Peggy set out to "save" Steve from Jill. Jill scored points with her boss, John. John was immpressed by Jill's new product suggestions JULY John's son, Jack, took an interest in Jill. Jack took an interest in John’s company to get closer to Jill. Jill used John and Jack to get ideas to advance her career. AUGUST Jill told Liz she plans to be second in command at John's company. SEPTEMBER (Deborah Adair takes over) Jill and Eve became roommates. Steve stuck by Jill's side, even after Stu fired him and blamed him for Peggy's condition. OCTOBER John fired Jill for her mistreatment of Julia's modeling, but Jack insisted the layout was his idea. NOVEMBER Jill played "musical beds" with John and Jack by feigning illness to bust a date with Jack, then rendezvousing with John. Jill advised Eve not to accept Victor’s bribe to leave town with Charles Obviously those summaries don't give every detail but it points to the fact that Jill was only getting a few appearances per month even after Deb took over. There was rivalry with Peggy Brooks going as they were both involved with Steve Williams and then Jack Abbott.Bill chose to drop Peggy, but had she stayed around that could have really come into play. Maybe down the track Peggy could have taken the pics of Jack and Jill in the cabin and played a variation of the Lindsay Wells story?
  5. And Judith Chapman
  6. Marcia McCabe tested for Carolyn and Laine on SFT before landing the role of Sunny.
  7. To Tim - did Geraldine ever speak about her stint as the first Jennifer on ATWT? The Adams Chronic les is a must see for those interested in NY soap actors of the 70s. Among those appearing Kathryn Walker Leora Dana Nancy Marchand Tom Tammi David Birney Pamela Payton Wright Richard Cox Maureen Anderman John Beal Peter Brandon charles Siebert Nicholas Pryor Patricia Eliot Albert Stratton Curt Dawson James Congdon Karl Light Ken Kercheval David O'Brien Wesley Addy John Tillinger James Noble Patrick Horgan etc
  8. Boxer Gerry Cooney guest starred
  9. The thing with Jack was that he was emotionally immature,for all his playboy ways.Patty was so genuinely enamored of him and so innocent that he couldnt help be drawn to her and wanted to be the man she thought he was. But then there was the cynicism that drew him to someone like Jill. Of course it all stemmed back to his mom deserting the family years before. It was a combination of Bill Bell's writing and Terry Lester playing it so well.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the book. Sounds like a missed oppurtunity. Im sure Agnes private life is worthy of detail,but she was hardly a celebrity whose private life would be of great interest. Most fans would like details of behind the scenes challenges and anecdotes. I recall Doug Marland relating when he and Agnes were about to go onto an ABC exec meeting and he was pumped about GH zooming in the ratings and was anticipating the positive response.Agnes set him straight and sure enough there was drama from the execs about how they could sustain this success. There are so many interesting stories out there that will be lost forever unless someone commits them to print.
  11. Hope you Loving fans enjoy these... L-R: CHRISTINE L. TUDOR;JAMES HORAN;LISA PELUSO;RANDOLPH MANTOOTH;LINDA COOK By: ABC Photo Archives View similar images
  12. Brenda is a one off. Love the pic claiming to be aged 17. Apparently, the book is an incoherent jumble,full of inaccuracies and contradictions,rather like La Dickson herself.
  13. From Miss Dickson's website This book takes you through my life in Hollywood from the age of 17. How I was first discovered as Miss California. It covers my home life, with my parents as a young girl as well as my love affairs with some of the most powerful men in Hollywood. This story is funny, sexy, hot and full of drama. This book is a movie. No one could have dreamed up the bigger than life characters and story. But it is real! It tells you what happened to Brenda Dickson’s “Jill Abbott”. There is a romantic interest in almost every chapter. These are men you all know and love … they are famous, powerful and sexy. There are pictures of the people I worked with prior to “The Young and Restless” and until now. The book has fabulous and stunning Hollywood color photographs taken by top photographers throughout my career, including my bestselling posters and glamorous, over the top, head and fashion shots, and the gowns I wore and parties I attended in Europe. It also covers my multi-million dollar lifestyle with my two husbands. Me with the teddy bear at age 19, starring the play,”Send me no Flowers” with Francis Fisher(Titanic.) and star of Hogan’s Heroes, Bob Crane. It describes in detail the “Blacklisting” in Hollywood by Producer, William J. Bell, (the breach of contract and illegal firing), and the $11 million dollar fixed trial. (How all my trials where fixed) It tells how the “Mafia” cartel judges and attorneys were enlisted to launder $15.5 million, my one-half of my two divorce settlements, and how they ruined my multi-million career and left me homeless, TWICE! Why they kept me out of Hollywood because I brought in more ratings than the entire show! Some of the story is about the behind the scenes games the producers created on the set of “The Young and the Restless”. The set was subjected to Bill Bell keeping an actress who came to work drunk, had blackouts and burst into manic fits of rage. This actor needed professional help. Bill Bell’s storylines about an alcoholic, who was struggling with an addiction, were derived from her real life! So real!!! The problem was… it wasn’t acting and it wasn’t good writing and, as a result, the ratings dropped lower and lower. Me at age 17, as miss california. I met congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. and fell in love. It is a shocking story of power, greed and the tactics used to get ownership of the show and how all the actors dealt with it. How harassment tactics were used to drive talented actors out of their roles to make room for “Nepotism City”. It addresses the sexual harassment and the cunning way Bill Bell got hold of me at a young age. My internet film, “Welcome to My Home”, which I directed, wrote and produced after I left the show, was taken off the internet in an illegal copyright claim by Sony Pictures (the Bells) in 2009. In a short period of time it garnered 3 million viewers, and had they not taken it down it would have had more viewers than the entire show and was subsequently taken down illegally!!! And they knew it! The Bell Family thought they owned me! News Flash! This wasn’t Nazi Germany, or was it? My Lovers, relationships with Mike Nader, (Dex Dexter on Dynasty and Dimitri Marrick on All My Children). Richard Thomas (while filming The Walton’s). Ernest Thompson, we dated when he wrote the Academy Award winning picture On Golden Pond; The famous upscale clothing retailer, Fredy Segal, now a publicly traded company. Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., my first real love. It describes my two ex-husbands, who were directly connected to Bill Bell and how they kept me out of Hollywood. For those of you who watch “The Young and the Restless”, you will discover what really went on behind the scenes. It’s all in this book, including the on the set love affairs. The Bill Bell Hype Train is about to crash and the truth is about to come out! Fasten your seatbelts, as you ride with me on the “Bell Family Roller Coaster”.
  14. Craig Huebing and Valerie Starrett (Peter and Diana Taylor) When Tom Donovan became producer he clashed with Valerie and she left.