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  1. Paul Raven added a post in a topic The Motion Picture & Television Fund Retirement Home   

    Surprised to see Michael Callan have OLTL listed as first credit. Maybe that was his last role. Callan was married to Patricia Harty (Patti SFT).
    Callan is 80 and Damon 79.
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  2. Paul Raven added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Just looking at a Cleveland TV listing for Thannksgiving Thursday Nov 28 1957 and the CBS affiliate WJW has ATWT on delay at 5pm!
    I wonder if that's the latest it was ever shown? A lot of viewers might be seeing it for the first time...
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  3. Paul Raven added a post in a topic AMC Tribute Thread   

    Khan.what do you think comparing these shots of both actors?
    This is a 1965 shot of James Karen.Some similarity to the photo above. The smaller shot is the best I can find of Paul Dumont 5 years later on SFT
     Maybe Getty has it mislabelled. James Karen was out (for whatever reason) by March 1970 as he was in the original cast of Best of Everything.
    Paul Dumont took over until Nicholas Pryor was cast. Linc was written out and then Peter White took over in 74.

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  4. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    Obviously,the writers love writing for Jill and La Walton delivers!
    She should be front and center of today's Y&R.
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  5. Paul Raven added a post in a topic AMC Tribute Thread   

    Paul Dumont (Linc Tyler #2) with Rosemary Prinz (Amy)
    This was sometime between March and June of 1970.

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  6. Paul Raven added a post in a topic GH: May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Terrible. Michelle Stafford is abysmal.The whole thing looked like the budget was $1.98.
    A live TV red carpet for a hospital ball? A guest list of 20 (including waiters)?
    And that rap song ... who was responsible?
    Everyone involved should be ashamed.
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  7. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Classic GH Thread   

    1981 -  GH brings back Audrey's sister Lucille for one episode. Lucille Wall had been on from the first year until the mid 70's.

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  8. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Dynasty Discussion Thread   

    An iconic Dynasty moment...

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  9. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    Billy Magnussen (Casey ATWT) has a featured role in the new Susan Sarandon (Patrice AWA) movie 'The Meddler' which BTW is well worth seeing. Also features Laura San Giacomo (Louisa ATWT)
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  10. Paul Raven added a post in a topic DAYS: May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    So let me get this straight?
    As a young girl on the farm Maggie is seduced/raped by Noah and gives the child up. Was she crippled at the time?
    So that child has to be at least mid 40's.
    In all that time,through adoption (Melissa) surrogate birthing(Sarah) and egg baby (Daniel) as well as Mickey's infertlity and being raped (Ian) and babies and long lost children turning up regularly with close family and friends, Maggie never once mentioned this???
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  11. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Watch Deidre Hall get her star on Hollywood Walk of fame   

    Fun to watch.I guess Drake was unavailable for whatever reason?
    Wayne Northrop looks unwell to me...As for Josh Taylor,maybe gardening clothes were not the best choice?
    Love seeing Susan and Bill.He is amazing for 90 and should be on more often.
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  12. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread   

    Interesting (and odd!)
    I can't see why Search would air a 30 min ep and then revert to 15 min for 2 days. Hopefully someone has an explanation.
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  13. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Another World   

    I like the idea of a Mac/Rachel/Alice story. It would have added an extra twist to the drab amnesia story.
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  14. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Unpopular Soap Opinions 2016   

    The Supercouples were built up so much as destiny pairings that once they were married any conflicts had fans up in arms. They had been through so much to get together that it didn't ring true that the next problem would tear them apart.
    That problem always existed though.
    Bill Bell set up Bill and Laura and Doug and Julie as supercouples and once they finally were together it was hard to find more long term story for them.Bell was gone by then so who knows what he would have done but subsequent writers went with an unpopular interloper (Kate Winograd ) for Bill and rape/murder trial for Doug and Julie before splitting them up as a result of Julie's disfigurement and Doug's sudden marriage to Lee.
    On AW once Steve and Alice were together he was killed off.
    On Y&R Victor & Nikki were a hot couple but Bill Bell split them up successfully with the Jack/Ashley story.Although viewers were upset Nikki and Victor were being split,the quality of the writing kept us enthralled.It was character based.Victor was intrigued by Ashley,the business woman quite the opposite of flighty Nikki,who enjoyed the attention of Jack a charmer who offered her what Victor couldn't  or wouldn't.
    I think Agnes Nixon was successful in splitting up Cliff and Nina by introducing Steve Jacobi and putting Nina in the workplace.It acknowledged that Nina was still young and inexperienced and challenged by a man completely different to Cliff.
    The difference with these couples was the character flaws were used successfully so the break ups played out convincingley (while still leaving hope for reconciliation)
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  15. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Secrets of Midland Heights   

     Secrets of Midland Heights. (Series; Drama; CBS; 1980–1981). A prime-time serial that explores the dreams, frustrations, hidden secrets and shames of the people who live and work in Midland Heights, a small Midwestern college town. Margaret Millington is a descendant of the town’s founder; Dorothy Wheeler is her friend; Guy Millington is Margaret’s son; Holly Wheeler is Dorothy’s daughter; Ann Dulles is Margaret’s niece; Professor Nathan Welsh is Dorothy’s romantic interest; Teddy and Danny Welsh are Nathan’s sons; Burt Carroll is the football star; Lisa Rogers is Burt’s girlfriend; Micki Carroll is Burt’s sister; John Grey is Burt’s friend; Calvin Richardson is a teacher at Midland Heights College; Sue is Ann’s friend; Lucy Dexter is the diner owner; Mrs. Grey is John’s mother.
    Cast: Martha Scott (Margaret Millington), Bibi Besch (Dorothy Wheeler), Jordan Christopher (Guy Millington), Linda Grover (Holly Wheeler), Doran Clark (Ann Dulles), Robert Hogan (Nathan Welsh), Daniel Zippi (Teddy Welsh), Stephen Manley (Danny Welsh), Lorenzo Lamas (Burt Carroll), Linda Hamilton (Lisa Rogers), Melora Hardin (Micki Carroll), Jim Youngs (John Grey), Mark Pinter (Calvin Richardson),Irene Arranga (Sue), Jenny O’Hara (Lucy Dexter), Arlene Golonka (Mrs. Grey).
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