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  1. Ellen Winters returns!!
  2. Not if they dont get paid,,,How does that work?
  3. I wonder if the writers were planning on re-introducing Nancy at some point to create a Joe/Nancy/Paulina triangle?
  4. Just saw that Anthony Herrera's stint as Mike Kaslo (Steves brother) was 3 day thing. Thanks Carl!
  5. Definitely would love more old magazine material. I had a bunch of Afternoon TVs from the late 70s that i threw out!!
  6. I think Henry Slesar managed to keep things interesting at Edge over his long run. In terms of writers coming on to an established show,apart from the above examples and Lemay at AW,Bill Bell at Days,I cant think of anyone who stayed longer than 3-4 years.
  7. I think I posted this photo somewhwere earlier in the thread. Off the top of my head I think the girl in blue next to Ro is Sybil Collier, who played Judy English, Claire's British niece. The boys in the front row are Dan and Paul Stewart and the girl is Connie Scott as Susan Burke. The woman in front is Toni Darnay (Franny Brennnan) The man next to Bob is Fred Collins played by George Sampson
  8. Nancy dated Joe???
  9. This is what comes of moving the same characters from story to story and conveniently rewriting or forgetting past events. Isn't Phyllis supposed to be Laurens age? So roughly 20 years older than Scott? And doesn't Lauren's husband have a sexual past with Phyllis?
  10. All Y&R had to do with Mary was mention that she moved out of town to live with Steve. What would be better is to have Todd arrive to tell Paul that Mary has passed.He and Chris go out of town for the funeral. Mention that Heather,Lynne etc will be there but later hold a memorial service in GC. All we need is the vestibule of a church,a few extras to nod at Paul,a lovely photo of Mary and Chris and Lauren to have some flashbacks while looking at it.An onscreen dedication to Carolyn Conwell.
  11. Add Jim Grainger, Mary Williams and Doris Collins to the MIA parents list.
  12. Yes, it was odd that the Brooks sisters were at the wedding but not their father...
  13. I dont think Greg ever got an exit. He was gone by the time Jill married John. I can see Bill's logic in ditching the Brooks after JLB left. She was still strong in her relationship with Victor, but Leslie's story with Robert was a flop. Lynne Topping never clicked as Chris. But I think Greg and Liz should have stayed around. Greg had only been married once and could have later filled the John Silva role on the show. Why Julianna was dropped was a mystery. Stu could have been killed off or been kept aroundmostly offscreen. Would Robert Colbert be happy with turning up a few times a year?
  14. I think there was a gap between Hauser and McGillan.I only recall McGillan on the show when Jill was trying to sell the Foster home (despite not owning it) in 82.