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  1. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Proposed Soaps Over The Years   

    Variety October 1968
    Proposed daytime soaper 'The Women Behind the Men'.
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  2. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Ratings from the 70's   

    October 72
    NBC Somerset 7.1
    ABC Love American Style 6.0
    CBS Family Affair 4.3
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  3. Paul Raven added a post in a topic The Doctors   

    Yes ,sometime in 1970,The Pollocks begin their stint as headwriters.
    Here's how the ratings looked around the time of TD eps we are seeing on Retro.
    Nielsen Ratings: Week of November 3-November 7, 1969

    1. As the World Turns CBS 12.9/44
    2. The Edge of Night CBS 10.3/37
    3. Another World NBC 9.7/34
    *. Search for Tomorrow CBS 9.7/39
    5. The Guiding Light CBS 9.3/34
    6. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing CBS 8.9/31
    7. The Secret Storm CBS 8.5/30
    8. Days of Our Lives NBC 8.4/29
    *. The Doctors NBC 8.4/31
    10. Love of Life CBS 8.2/37
    11. General Hospital ABC 8.1/28
    12. Dark Shadows ABC 7.3/25
    13. Where the Heart Is CBS 6.9/29
    14. One Life to Live ABC 6.7/24
    15. Bright Promise NBC 4.9/18

    At this point the afternoon  schedule was 
    1.30 ATWT/Lets Make A Deal/You're Putting Me On
    2.00 LIAMST/Dating Game/DOOL
    2,30 TGL/Newlywed Game/DRS
    3.00 SS/OLTL/AW
    3.30 EON/GH/BP
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  4. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists combed through The Doctors lists but haven't seen Roger Woodson listed,Variety has him joining the cast in Dec 72.
    Also,Betsy Von Furstenburg appeared on LIAMST in July 1972
    May 72 Variety reported Robert Symonds for WTHI
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  5. Paul Raven added a post in a topic The Doctors   

    Edelstein was co headwriter with Rita Lakin for about a year and then solo for afew more months.I wonder what the circumstances were that saw him leave? The ratings did dip slightly in 69 so that may have been a motivation or a myriad of other possibilities.
    Ira Avery with wife Jane had written Secret Storm for several years and the LIAMST until mid 68.They then divorced I think so this was Ira's first stint working alone.We'll see when Stanley Silverman joins him and how long into 1970 they last before the Pollocks arrive.
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  6. Paul Raven added a post in a topic AMC: Fear The Walking Dead   

    Sure it was slow going but they needed to set things up.There was enough there to keep me tuned in.
    Liked the decaying LA feel.
    None of the characters were particularly interesting at this point.
    The whole angsty teen thing was grating.The son is a drug addict and the daughter had that bitchy'I'm better than this' vibe,yet the adults were worshipping at their altar.
    That scene where the mom was listening in the corridor  as Travis really connected with his students...
    Why is he driving that crappy truck with the cracked windscreen?
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  7. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Another World   

    Those summaries really flesh out the storyline,detailing things like Rachel v the Matthews over the trust fund etc.
    One thing that often goes unmentioned is Robert Cenedella's contribution.Although Agnes created the characters of Steve and Rachel and fleshed out Alice as well as setting up the triangle,Cenedella wrote the show from 68 to 71 so most of what has been detailed is his work.I've seen comments that say he was merely working from outlines Agnes left behind but I find it hard to believe that he did not make a major contribution to the success of the story.
    Reading over it,I think that with a few tweaks this story could be told today.
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  8. Paul Raven added a topic in Discuss The Soaps   

    John Aniston 40 Years on Soaps
    In 1975, John Aniston took on his first contract role on a soap with the role of Eddie Aleata on Love of Life. (He had previously played Eric Richards on Days in the late 60's)During that time he married his co-star Sherry Rooney (Dory Patten) After 3 years,he moved onto the role of Martin Tourneur on Search for Tomorrow working with daytime legend Mary Stuart,which he played until 1984.In 85,came the role of Victor Kiriakis,which he has played ever since.
    Any thoughts or comments on the actor?
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  9. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Y&R: Old Articles   

    We Love Soaps has Forest Whitaker listed as one of the actors that played Nathan Hastings.I assume this was early in the piece when Nathan was just 'Kong' the henchman. Can anyone verify this?
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  10. Paul Raven added a post in a topic DAYS: Countdown to the new "Days" updated teaser   

    Hoping Maree Cheatham is one of the returnees!
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  11. Paul Raven added a post in a topic The Doctors   

    I think that by the time Jada took over the character of Carolee had changed.It will be interesting to see how CC plays all the trauma coming up courtesy of the Pollocks.
    I was thinking how it would have ben a good move for Soap Opera Digest to provide summaries of the show and run a few features on the show.It would be great publicity for Retro TV and increase viewership as well as giving SOD something else to offer.
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  12. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Proposed Soaps Over The Years   

  13. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Daytime Firsts   

    First Canadian soap on network TV Moment of Truth NBC 1965

    First soap to be based on a movie/book The Egg and I CBS 1952

    First soap to broadcast a primetime episode Return to Peyton Place NBC January 1973

    First time all 3 networks ran a soap in the same time period 1968 AW (NBC) Secret Storm (CBS) and OLTL (ABC) all aired at 3.00 pm
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  14. Paul Raven added a post in a topic Soap actors and the Academy Awards   

    Best Actor

    1950 Jose Ferrer Cyrano De Bergarac*
    1952 Moulin Rouge
    Reuben Marino AW 1983

    1970 James Earl Jones The Great White Hope
    Jim Frazier GL,Jerry Turner ATWT 1966

    1979 Roy Scheider All That Jazz
    Bob Hill Secret Storm 1967

    1984 F Murray Abraham Amadeus *
    Joshua Browne How To Survive a Marriage 1974

    1989 Morgan Freeman Driving Miss Daisy
    1994 The Shawshank Redemption
    2009 Invictus
    Roy Bingham AW 1983

    1993 Laurence Fishbourne What's Love Got to Do With It
    Joshua Hall OLTL 1974

    2005 David Strathairn Good Night and Good Luck
    Dave Wilcox AW 1987

    2007 Tommy Lee Jones In The Valley of Elah
    Mark Toland OLTL 1974
    Viggo Mortenson Eastern Promises
    Bragg SFT 1984

    2008 Brad Pitt The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Chris AW 1987

    2010 James Franco 127 Hours
    Franco GH
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  15. Paul Raven added a post in a topic GH: Carlivati OUT! Passanante/Altman IN!!   

    What current headwriter is??
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