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  1. Thanks for sharing that. I had no idea that Catherine had married Todd Fisher.
  2. Thank you for posting. Several characters mentioned that I was not aware of.Love uncovering this stuff!
  3. Jeffery Hayden,who worked as a director on SB,as part of a long career died December 24 2015.He was married to Eva Marie Saint.
  4. Lincoln Kilpatrick as Joe Bond in 69
  5. Polly Childs (Kate Lodge) backstage at Secret Storm studio 1963
  6. Kings Crossing debuted with a 17.1 /27 share on ABC .Following that a 90 min Fantasy Island score 16.3/27. NBC had a disaster with the lowest rated shows for the season 'Alice at the Palace' 5.0/8 and 'Caruso Remembered 3.3/5 CBS took the night with Disney 'Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang' 23.6/37 and TV movie 'Help Wanted:Male' 28.8/47
  7. Jeanne Lange and John Getz as Carol and Neil. Pretty much forgotten now but I think Carol was quite a major character at the time?
  8. Thanks Jason. I recall reports of affiliate meetings where NBC management were pleading with local stations to clear the network shows. How come nothing is 100% cleared? I recall SOD reporting at some stage that DOOL now had 100% network clearance
  9. I wonder if there was any thought given to having Peter Burnell return as Mike in the late 70's. Or were the execs at that time unaware of him? Of course he may not have wanted to return. But with the continued recasting of the character, it was probably worth considering.
  10. Love Eileen's attitude. Never complain,never explain!
  11. Chuckling at that clip... I'm pretty sure they weren't expecting it to look like an ad for Bay City's hottest gay club.
  12. Unless Bergman chooses to retire or does a 'Muhney' he ain't going nowhere. The problem is the misguided belief that unless he is front and center in a 'love' story or some business nonsense,viewers will tune out in droves. Sensible long term writing would have set up the next generation and Jack would now be solid supporting as a father,grandfather and mentor.
  13. Francine York, who played Lorraine Temple in the late 70s, has died aged 80. She was the mother of Donna (Tracey Bergman) whose father was Don Craig (Jed Allan).
  14. Check out the radio soaps discussion in the Cancelled Soaps thread. Some great stuff there