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  1. Very true. There's speculation on other boards that this was a response to Y&R debuting earlier that year and showing a lot more skin and sexy scenes than previously on daytime. Well, we were treated to several scenes of Matt in a singlet and bare chested...Does that count??
  2. Ooooh, creepy nightmare sequence... That was when Van's first husband came back from the dead. Thanks for posting.
  3. Jared Martin, who played Donald Lamarr in the late 80's has passed away aged 75.
  4. Gil Gerard is now appearing as Dr Alan Stewart (Nov 73) His first appearances were showing off his bod in a form fitting red swimsuit. He certainly upped the hunk factor on the show.
  5. Thanks! Mystery solved...
  6. Cole marrying Ashley was a major mistake.Zilch chemistry and very little conflict. And a 4th marriage in 10 years??
  7. Yes, and anyone under 50 seems lumped together in the same age range.
  8. No I meant Matt Miller. He needs to be killed off and his child become a defacto daughter to V&N.She can still have issues with the Newmans and go back and forth with her feelings. I envision that Matt and his daughter were very close as they criss crossed the world (wherever his work took him) Her mother died when she was young (or so she believes) In some ways, she is very worldy,but in other ways quite innocent. She got involved with an older guy that Matt despised and the last time he was alive they argued over this, Victor and Nikki insist she come to GC and she agrees.The boyfriend follows and he sees $$ signs.They agree to keep their relationship under wraps until he can be introduced as a new boyfriend. In the meantime,he meets Mariah and they connect. Nikki plays matchmaker and introduces her to a suitable young man (Paul's nephew? ) A quadrangle emerges. Matt's daughter and the boyfriend could be new Latino characters.
  9. Just by virtue of the fact that Days has a new headwriter with some sort of track record will be enough to score Days some attention. Ron will no doubt divide the fans but will execute some attention worthy stories at first. If he can sustain it is another story but the first 6-12 months should be interesting.
  10. We Love Soaps has Jennifer Bassey as Anna Crane on Somerset
  11. If Morgan's Anjelica is written as a proper character and not just her doing her bitchy schtick, then it could be fine. At the time, it was decided to not follow the usual supercouple angst for J&A, with all the obstacles to surmount before getting together, but rather go with a different formula of them dealing with problems within the marriage.
  12. Thanks for that. The reruns of The Doctors currently playing on Retro are from around this time period.
  13. This would have worked better had Victor and Nikki taken in the daughter of a now deceased Matt Miller.
  14. According to a poster on DR,quoting from Soaps In Depth,Y&R has cut rehearsal time and they will be pretty much hitting the stage and taping straight away. How that translates to onscreen,remains to be seen...
  15. Like the idea of Scott involved with someone Lauren doesnt like. Instead of the ridiculous hostage story, Scott comes back to town to take a break from his relationship with this woman. Lets call her Rachel. So we get to know Scott,who helps Lauren with her business issues and the two become very close. Then Rachel comes to town to check the status of her relationship with Scott.He wants to get back together and she agrees on Scotts proviso they stay in GC. Lauren takes a dislike to Rachel. Some of the old vindictive Lauren returns. Michael however likes Rachel,which sets up some conflict. Lauren does some digging and finds out that Rachel was a suspect in the disappearance of a wealthy man. She drops that bomb but Rachel turns it around and makes Lauren look bad. Lauren has to pretend to like Rachel but continues to plot against her. Love the idea of Jack and Jill becoming frenemies. What do posters think of this? Traci decides to write a Jabot business history and in her digging through old files comes across an unopened letter to John from a woman telling him shes pregnant with his child.This is from the time that John left GC when he found out Jill and Jack were involved. Traci tells Ashley and they do some investigating.The woman Andea had a son and raised him alone, believing John wanted nothing to do with her.Traci learns this from the Andrea's sister as Andrea has passed away. She named her son Jonathan. Andrea's sister never knew John Abbott's identity. Jonathan has a daughter. Traci and Ashley know that John would have acknowledged his son had he known. Jack feels they owe this man nothing. But Jonathan is told, comes to GC with his daughter and the story goes from there. A rivalry with Jack,Traci growing fond of the daughter as she reminds her of Colleen and Jonathan is attracted to Ashley,not knowing that they are not actually step siblings.