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  1. The story was ridiculous and I didn't buy for a second that the John, Felicia and Sharlene I knew would behave the way they were being written. The only saving grace was that Holbrook and Dano got some meaty material to play -- out of character, for sure, but I was happy the actresses got to strut their stuff. The transformation from earth mother to scorned woman irrevocably damaged the Sharlene character, though. I liked the opening when it debuted, still do actually, but it didn't match the spirit of the show, no matter how much JFP tried to morph it into something else. And yes, it was terribly impractical.
  2. Anna Holbrook was so good. I know she won an Emmy, but I still think she was underrated. Though that's true of a lot of AW actors and actresses ... always the red-headed stepchildren of the soap world.
  3. Love that promo. I haven't watched GH in ages but I'll tune in for Nora. (And Hillary looks great.)
  4. Good Heavens!
  5. You and me both. But I pretty much gave up on that with the advent of Reilly -- his campy, comic booky approach forever altered the trajectory of the show. And today's creatives and audiences don't seem interested in a sophisticated soap -- at least, not on daytime. I think the success of Queen Sugar on OWN shows that it can still work really well today, though. I'm glad Carlivati is coming on because I do think his stuff is more entertaining than anything I've seen on this show in years and years ... but I'm under no illusions that we'll get '70s-era goodness.
  6. I'm thrilled. Carlivati's OLTL was the last time I actually enjoyed a soap for an extended period rather than just an episode or two. I didn't like everything he did, but I was pretty consistently entertained. Hopefully, Shari is there to rein in his more extreme impulses and ground the story in a little more history and romance. I just wish we didn't have to endure another six months of blah from Higley.
  7. He got married (again) last year: http://imgur.com/AmxkD4b
  8. Here's a possible new threat to DAYS: Megyn Kelly is leaving FOX News for NBC, where she will anchor a Sunday night news show, take part in the network's special programming and "host her own daytime news and discussion program." From the New York Times: "It was unclear at what time the daytime program would run, or how NBC News would ensure that all of its affiliates would carry it, given that daytime television is often filled with syndicated programs. But people familiar with the discussions said NBC was confident that it would not be a problem."
  9. That would make sense -- introduced and quickly dropped!
  10. I was watching sporadically at this point, but a quick run-through of the above videos reveals a host of characters I don't remember at all -- John's girlfriend Chris? Kevin and his family? Detective Rick? Were these characters introduced by Harding Lemay in his short return stint? I look forward to watching them all!
  11. Today's writers are hired for their verifiable ability to handle the workload and accommodate network"suggestions" without rocking the boat and/or causing production delays. Talent, vision and a love of the medium are not requirements.
  12. The article says she's back for only six or seven episodes -- so yes, long done.
  13. I don't know why Fitzpatrick left, it doesn't seem to me that he was there for very long ... but I much preferred him to Russom's Willis. He was brash, cocky, sexual. I would never have bought Gwen with Fitzpatrick's Willis, it just wouldn't have worked visually. Russom, as someone pointed out above, was much softer in his portrayal -- though he was probably a better actor. He certainly built a long acting career. I never saw Fitzpatrick again. As to Jacqueline Courtney: I pretty much worship at Harding Lemay's feet, but I have always thought he was way off on her.
  14. I hope that some day there's a way to revisit the entertainment that is her legacy -- at least, as much of that entertainment as still exists.
  15. “After coming toward the completion of Queen Sugar, I had the opportunity to speak with the executives and head writers at Days of our Lives,” said Vaughan in a statement. Does this mean Vaughan's character will be killed off Queen Sugar? The series itself isn't coming toward a completion -- it's been renewed for a second season. Anyway, I'm glad he's back -- I just hope the writing is a lot better for him this time around. (Though truth to tell, I doubt it.)