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  1. Stephen Schnetzer was also in the most recent episode of Showtime's Billions. Glad he's still working a lot.
  2. I like the scene between Rachel and Jake, too -- I always enjoyed Wyndham and Eplin together.
  3. Speaking of May/December romances -- or perhaps August/December -- I've seen it claimed that Lemay's story projections for his 1988 return included bringing Pat Randolph back ... and pairing her with John Hudson. How anybody would know that, I have no idea, but I would have loved to see Beverly Penberthy on a regular basis again.
  4. I don't know, I think it would be cruel to ask a longtime cast member who's in the twilight of their lives to play their character's death out on screen. I understand that it might be dramatically more satisfying -- but I would be deeply offended (and extremely uncomfortable) if, for instance, they forced Bill Hayes to play his death and made Susan Hayes "act" the fallout.
  5. Except, of course, for the completely out-of-character Gwen Frame. It was as if Swajeski was writing Opal Gardner rather than the sophisticated architect Gwen had been in her initial Bay City run. Courtney and Wyndham also had a brief but very nice scene at Mac's funeral. There was so much history between them that every interaction was charged. But I guess that escaped new viewers, and that's who really mattered to TPTB.
  6. This has always been a mystery to me -- arguably the biggest star in the show's history returns to virtually no promotion and barely any storyline. I really wonder what was going on behind the scenes.
  7. Did this ever play out on screen? I don't recall it -- though I think there was some spy-type nonsense with Michael Hudson at one point.
  8. I don't recall Tom Eplin ever wearing his hair that long on AW.
  9. The story was ridiculous and I didn't buy for a second that the John, Felicia and Sharlene I knew would behave the way they were being written. The only saving grace was that Holbrook and Dano got some meaty material to play -- out of character, for sure, but I was happy the actresses got to strut their stuff. The transformation from earth mother to scorned woman irrevocably damaged the Sharlene character, though. I liked the opening when it debuted, still do actually, but it didn't match the spirit of the show, no matter how much JFP tried to morph it into something else. And yes, it was terribly impractical.
  10. Anna Holbrook was so good. I know she won an Emmy, but I still think she was underrated. Though that's true of a lot of AW actors and actresses ... always the red-headed stepchildren of the soap world.
  11. Love that promo. I haven't watched GH in ages but I'll tune in for Nora. (And Hillary looks great.)
  12. Good Heavens!
  13. You and me both. But I pretty much gave up on that with the advent of Reilly -- his campy, comic booky approach forever altered the trajectory of the show. And today's creatives and audiences don't seem interested in a sophisticated soap -- at least, not on daytime. I think the success of Queen Sugar on OWN shows that it can still work really well today, though. I'm glad Carlivati is coming on because I do think his stuff is more entertaining than anything I've seen on this show in years and years ... but I'm under no illusions that we'll get '70s-era goodness.
  14. I'm thrilled. Carlivati's OLTL was the last time I actually enjoyed a soap for an extended period rather than just an episode or two. I didn't like everything he did, but I was pretty consistently entertained. Hopefully, Shari is there to rein in his more extreme impulses and ground the story in a little more history and romance. I just wish we didn't have to endure another six months of blah from Higley.
  15. He got married (again) last year: http://imgur.com/AmxkD4b