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  1. Ron's first script is tomorrow, that was Dena's mistake.
  2. Yeah, I hope Ron C. redirects Sonny's character back into Freddie's comfort zone as an actor, because the last few months of performances have been embarrassingly bad. It's obvious now that Freddie has very limited range and if they're going to keep him around -- which they must in order to effect a certain reunion -- they have to reconsider Sonny's arc.
  3. I always assumed Lemay's late '80s story bible was responsible for the introduction of Olivia Matthews, the return of Russ (in limited capacity) and the increased use of Aunt Liz. Rumor was that he also wanted to bring back Pat, but Donna Swajeski didn't follow that thread.
  4. I don't think either woman played the game of attending industry events, schmoozing with stars and execs from other shows and networks, and granting endless interviews to the soap press. They did their work and they went home. That's often misinterpreted as "putting on airs" and could very well have been held against them. It broke my heart that she didn't return to AW, but I think she made the right choice in the end -- the writing on GL during her reign was, for the most part, leagues better than AW's. I tuned in to GL as much as I could to see her, but that unfortunately wasn't very often. I thought she was spectacular as Alex, though, just as she had been as Iris.
  5. NBC was reportedly unhappy that Rachel and Carl drew more fan mail than any other couple on the show, interpreting it as a sign that AW's viewers were old, mostly holdovers from the AW glory days, and that there was little to no potential to grow the audience as long as that was the case. They got rid of Charles Keating in an attempt to reposition the show, and I'm sure they would have loved to dump Vicky Wyndham as well, but they didn't think the little audience they had left would stand for it.
  6. Molly Burnett (Melanie, DAYS) has a recurring role on Queen of the South this season.
  7. Jennifer Landon (Gwen-ATWT, Hillary-DAYS) showed up on Animal Kingdom this week, in what looks like a recurring role.
  8. Stephen Schnetzer was also in the most recent episode of Showtime's Billions. Glad he's still working a lot.
  9. I like the scene between Rachel and Jake, too -- I always enjoyed Wyndham and Eplin together.
  10. Speaking of May/December romances -- or perhaps August/December -- I've seen it claimed that Lemay's story projections for his 1988 return included bringing Pat Randolph back ... and pairing her with John Hudson. How anybody would know that, I have no idea, but I would have loved to see Beverly Penberthy on a regular basis again.
  11. I don't know, I think it would be cruel to ask a longtime cast member who's in the twilight of their lives to play their character's death out on screen. I understand that it might be dramatically more satisfying -- but I would be deeply offended (and extremely uncomfortable) if, for instance, they forced Bill Hayes to play his death and made Susan Hayes "act" the fallout.
  12. Except, of course, for the completely out-of-character Gwen Frame. It was as if Swajeski was writing Opal Gardner rather than the sophisticated architect Gwen had been in her initial Bay City run. Courtney and Wyndham also had a brief but very nice scene at Mac's funeral. There was so much history between them that every interaction was charged. But I guess that escaped new viewers, and that's who really mattered to TPTB.
  13. This has always been a mystery to me -- arguably the biggest star in the show's history returns to virtually no promotion and barely any storyline. I really wonder what was going on behind the scenes.
  14. Did this ever play out on screen? I don't recall it -- though I think there was some spy-type nonsense with Michael Hudson at one point.
  15. I don't recall Tom Eplin ever wearing his hair that long on AW.