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  1. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Who is this we and us you keep yammering on about?   Is there some know-nothing cabal you are the spokesperson for?   You do them credit.
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  2. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Production Begins on Victoria Rowell's 'The Rich and The Ruthless'   

    Is he (or she for that matter) even allowed to write for something to appear on network TV?  Isn't there a union?     Good luck to them but honestly, that name has to go.   It sounds so derivative and amateurish.
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  3. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    His theme song should be "Razzle Dazzle" from Chicago:  Give em a fake and a finagle...Trump knows what he is doing.   If he was debating Obama I would say Obama would win easily.  If he was debating Bill I would say Bill would win easily.   I think even Bernie would win.  But Hillary isn't in that league.    She is not a compelling speaker at all.   I tried to watch her speech today at the military whatever, I turned it off it was awful.  Trump knows you gotta sell it.   I give him credit for that because that is an important thing to know.   I do find it funny that how she has been married to Bill something like 35, 40 years, and none of his slickness has rubbed off on her.    She could use a little slickness.
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  4. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I'll say the same thing I said back when this forum was saying he was going to lose the republican debates:   The guy is a professional TV personality, a flim flam man in the PT Barnum vein.   He is not the underdog in televised appearances.  I do agree I live in a vastly different world than a lot of people here:   I don't get my information from the echo chamber.   I just use common sense.   But thanks for your concern about my current address.
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  5. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Elizabeth Warren has been bashing Trump non-stop and with far stronger words than anyone has to date.     Trump has a leg up on all televised debates.   He is a TV personality and knows the camera.   Hillary will have a hard time I think because he is so good on TV and she is so not. 
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  6. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread   

    Maybe it is because I am too old, but Chandler Rigg's hair gets more ridiculous each passing year.   I don't see anyone else with that atrocious hair, not in the media and not walking on the street.   It gets my vote for worst hair on TV male or female.
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  7. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    No, the blonde girl was not Natalie Dormer.   Watching it, it eventually dawned on me the girl sitting next to the actor who plays Bran was whoever she is that played the waif.  The woman with the big black hair plays the freed slave who serves Dany and likes the guy from the unsullied.    This is hardly Jon Snow and Tyrion here.   Sansa was pretty much the only A lister there.
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  8. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Wonder Woman Movie   

    There was nothing random about the comparison.   They set out to turn Superman into Batman and it just doesn't work.   Superman smiles.  He doesn't stand around moping.   He wears bright colors.   The sun shines.    To give him a proper relaunch would require a new director, a new writer and a new actor.  
    This WW looks movie looks better but once again they are going with this awful color filter.   Also, WW doesn't need a shield and sword, she has her bracelets and lasso.  It's ok and in line with modern WW comics, but modern WW comics are not in like with WW in the first place.   At least she smiled...that's a step up from Man Of Steel.
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  9. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I don;t understand how everyone isn't outraged.   "yes the sysrem is rigged, that isn't news".   And it wasn't news to Bernie either, and just because that is the way the system is rigged doesn't make him wrong for speaking out against it or his supporters for declining to go along with the rigging.  If the democrats want to rig the system against a guy who got just 1 million votes less than Hillary, maybe two, then they are basically telling over 40% of their voters to shut up, they don't count, the primaries are meaningless, and vote all you want but the nominee is Hillary.
    Now I know some people don't care because they want Trump to lose, but for the less cynical, for the honest Bernie supporters for whom his religion is not an issue and who don't have NBC hosts shilling for their candidate, they would be perfectly in the right to sit the election out if they wanted.  Maybe that guy who wrote the religion email and Chuck Todd can cast 10 million votes in their absence, since they are all about rigging things.   "He's right but I don't care" is not an adequate response to Bernie's accusations of rigging.    Wikileaks is shady?   So what, they didn't tell a single lie.  "This helps Putin and Trump"...that's right it does, so why do it in the first place?   Was she not able to secure the nomination without shenanigans?  
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  10. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Wkileaks likes to go for maximum effect.     Why was the DNC playing favorites?   In another news outlet I read how they were in discussions with Meet The Press host Chuck Todd on how to shape the narrative.  That's just bullshit and what the hell is wrong with him and them?    If they were to lose the election and it was revealed because liberal Sanders voters stayed home, they would have no one to blame but themselves.    I applaud wikileaks and the work they do on bringing truth to power.    Clearly Chuck Todd and his chums at NBC had no interest in reporting this news, so someone had to.   If the democrats had only been neutral, and not try to rig the system just the way Bernie said they did all along, then these emails wouldn't exist.  
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  11. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    The quality of panel guests deteriorates with each year.   I am not even sure who the blonde girl and the girl with the big black hair even is.
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  12. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    lame pick.  She isn't seen as a liberal so she should have picked a liberal, not some anti-abortion democrat who is for TPP.   This just reinforces everything the Sanders bloc was saying. 
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  13. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    This was Trump's worst speech, I am really surprised how stiff he sounded.   In contrast Ivanka is like a perfect human.   Besides being beautiful, she has poise, good taste and able to talk in coherent sentences.   Trump's children are the pieces of the puzzle that just don't fit with the rest of the story:   They're borderline perfect, Ivanka and Don Jr both, so he must be doing something right somewhere. 
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  14. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    She looks great, time has been very good to KB and AS Jr both.  She claims she is out of acting, but he has been on the fringes of Z level stardom all these years.  I wonder if he has damaged his career here.   Scot Baio?   I just have to wonder if that was the last thing Garry Marshall saw and it pushed him over the edge,     I do find seeing these has beens fun.
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  15. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    That isn't quite the same.   Borrowing with the author's permission is allowed.  I don't think any speech is written without inspiration from somewhere, borrowing a thought or being inspired by something.   What the wife did was completely different in that she was basically giving whole parts of someone else's speech.  He seems to have just found a phrase catchy so he worked it in.
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