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  1. quartermainefan added a post in a topic DAYS: Fan Fave Returns for 5 Episodes   

    When last seen, didn't Jack fall down an elevator shaft?  I forget who it was that placed bombs all over that building, or maybe it was some underground sparkler that Melanie and someone else found.  Anyway, I like MA and I like Jack, so whatever works is fine with me.
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  2. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Shawn looks like he should be dating Claire, not her father.  
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  3. quartermainefan added a post in a topic DAYS: Stefano vs Victor   

    I liked the Stefano-Victor feud from the 2000s where Victor had Stefano hostage and was denying his medication unless EJ did something or other.  I think that started with Philip accidentally killing Tony?   I forget what that story was all about but I liked it.
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  4. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread   

    Carol should have killed Morgan weeks ago.  And where was her gun?  He is too stupid to live unfortunately.  That first scene with the bugs was creepy.   I felt bad about losing Deanna, as I liked her and liked that there was one cultured urban character on the show (and possibly jewish?)  Everyone else is so rural and suburban. 
    Anyway, that doctor was an idiot for helping Morgan.  Ron, or whatever his name is, is an idiot for his whole gun tantrum.   Sam is an idiot for talking. 
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  5. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I don't mind the actors who play Morgan and Dillon.   Dillon comes across as pleasant enough and aside from the attempts at manic, I find Bryan Craig perfectly acceptable by soap acting standards.  I'd day both are better actors than Billy Miller.  Bryan Craig at least knows there are points where you want to raise your voice for intensity or slow or speed up your words.  He also knows that stressing words can change the emphasis of what you are saying.   Billy Miller seems to have missed these basic english lessons back in grammar school and nobody at acting class ever informed him that he is trying to portray human beings in dramatic situations.   He's probably be good on commercials discussing the side effects of medication.  
    Valerie perhaps they should have just let her sit there for six months at various Spencer events being sweet and friendly to everybody from Carly to Rocco, and then after the audience got used to her throw her in a story. 
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  6. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    The baby switch on Days was good, so if he wrote that he wrote well.  I am not sure that I would call the current GH something to savor.  The new writing has a lot of FF material for those who don't find Jason or Sonny even remotely interesting, and lately we have been assaulted by Kiki sightings.  These new writers have put all their eggs in the Sonny/Jason basket and that is odd considering how a few years back GH admitted enough was enough with the Sason fetish.   Now it is back and if you don't care about Jason, Sam and Liz, or Sonny and Carly, you have absolutely nothing.   I give RC a lot of credit--he gave a lot of play to Luke, Anna, and many things completely unrelated to Jason.   Pity he foolishly reversed course and these new writers have vision of their own other than returning GH to the failed characters and story lines of 2006--clearly what they see as the glory days.
    The reveal was a dud, nothing happened.  They went to talk to Helena and once again nothing happened.  Morgan's mental issues became just him showing the effects of too much coffee while holding a gun.   Anna spends all her time crying about killing a guy even though as a spy she has killed before.  Dillon had a movie and then for some reason they channeled Emily Litella and said "nevermind".  Dante and Lulu are having marriage difficulties but as a couple who hadn't had even a single story in six years why is this considered a bad thing?  Break them up already.  Then there is the onslaught of babies.  Why is Sabrina pregnant?  Did anyone cry when she lost the last baby, and when the actress was off the show for six months did anyone in the audience even notice?
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  7. quartermainefan added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    No of course not.  The woman who was saying Palmer made her feel like he liked her.  Babe's mother I guess because there is literally no one else on the show who had such an annoying accent.   
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  8. quartermainefan added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    I don't think I would want the  2015 AMC doing a tribute.   All the people Adam interacted with would be long gone by now except for Erica, Tad and Dixie.  I remember the Palmer tribute and they had that woman crashing the wake to talk about what a great dancer Palmer was.   Did they even know each other, why was she there?   I don't think I need to watch mystery people I am not familiar with discussing their retconned closeness with Adam.    This is a a job for Youtube.
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  9. quartermainefan added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    Alzheimers is a truly horrible way to go.  I am glad he has escaped it, and this is a gift to him and his family.  DC was simply the best, and I loved his scenes with Susan Lucci and James Mitchell.   They were his best co-stars I think.  Really sorry to hear this and such a shock too.
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  10. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I don't think it is, but it is true without Luke there really isn't much for Helena to do.   She should and could come back to torment Laura.   That all looked like a fake death to me, probably they'll say so Helena could escape from Nikolas's banishment.   I forget why he confined her to the house, or why she even agreed to abide by the silly notion that she is a prisoner.
    I love Helena and not sure how I would want to see her gone, now that Luke is gone.   I guess Laura killing her works.  She is being wasted interacting with these lesser actors and silly characters.   She would not be wasting her time on Jason.
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  11. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread   

    Lame cop out.   Why would the walkers just ignore him and his moving?  It doesn't make sense and years from now when they pick the series shark jump moment, it will be this.
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  12. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Where were you 11.22.1963?   

    How interesting, almost no one on this forum is 52 years old, and yet the average soap viewer is in their mid 50s or older.
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  13. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Dallas: Top Ten Moments   

    34 years ago, and I remember the experience of watching that episode as if it was yesterday.   It truly was the biggest moment in soap opera history, and easy top five of all nighttime history.   I don't think there ever was or ever will be a better soap.
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  14. quartermainefan added a topic in PrimetimeOxides   

    Amazon Prime : The Man In The High Castle
    Anyone going to watch this?  It debuted on Amazon Prime Nov 20th and I watched the first episode and it seems interesting.   It is based on a Phillip K Dick novel about what if America lost WW II and life under fascist rule and the intrigues that go on.  The first episode was dense with plot, and the ending had a surprising twist I didn't see coming. 
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  15. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I had no idea Bo was dying today.   He was given weeks to live I thought, and I assumed there would be a long, slow goodbye.  No wedding, no bittersweet holidays, it was just "Hello, I must be going".   That said, I thought KA and PR did nice work today and I am glad the other stories were dropped for the day.  I am just trying to picture myself if I were Shawn, Hope or Ciara, and it was "Hi, I'm home!" and then tomorrow they were dead.  And poor Caroline.  I also am a bit flummoxed that it has only been one day since he got home, and all these things, hospitalizing Hope, released, then he got sick, then he got tests and the results back, he had time to visit Victor, Jennifer managed to visit not once but twice, Kayla's son got drugged and released, Chad got a visit from Andre, released, went to Abigail's, went to Marlena, went to Rafe 2x, got hypnotized...and it all happened in a day.
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