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  1. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I watched the nurses ball, who was trying to kill Bobbie?   I thought the show was fun.   I could do without nauseatingly precious Emma and Jake, but seeing Bobbie and Lucy was nice.   Is Lucas dying?     There are a lot of characters I don't really know:  the heavyset blonde, the slim black haired stripper guy, I don't think I have ever seen ME for more than 10 seconds in this role, just a lot of new faces.    I must say I don't understand the show's logic of having a great singer and performer in Kathleen Gati, having them acknowledge on the show she does sing, and then not having her sing.    She is better than everyone else who sang, and frankly, they didn't have that many acts and could have used her.
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  2. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    Exactly.   Sansa is what she is, not some fantasy figure from some utopian strong women on TV symposium.   She seems pretty strong to me, far stronger than Cersei is, and has been that way all the way back since the battle of blackwater. 
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  3. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    I think this entire thread is watching a different show.  Sansa not only is having a good year, but she has had a good year every year.    Since day one she has been hip deep in plot, so much so the show changed her story to keep her front and center all this time.   We know she drives story because the show insists on following her to see what the story is.   So, no matter who her co-stars are in any given year or what the location is if that is where Sansa is then that is what the the show will put on the air.    Just look at how dramatically Littlefinger's screentime has gone down since he and Sansa parted ways--and how much Ramsey's had gone up.   Is she a woman warrior with a sword?  No.   Does she have dragons?  No, but nowhere is it written you have to be those things to be the one who is the story.    Follow  Sansa and you get the story.   Follow Arya and you get a bunch of nothing.
    It just seems this forum has since the beginning given Sansa special scrutiny on her story when she has always been a character the writers and producers clearly love to write for.    It isn't Sansa who has story problems, people should look at how far into the background Jaime has faded.    Now there is a character that does not drive story anymore.
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  4. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    That has to be the worst photo Lynn Herring has ever taken.   She looks like some cousin of Carol Channing somehow.
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  5. quartermainefan added a post in a topic John Carpenter Returns To Halloween Franchise   

    I hope he can rein the gore and slasher stuff in and return some suspense.   The reboot was dull as dirt.
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  6. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    Having been a comic book nerd, time travel is something I can deal with no problem.   This reminds me of the finale of LOST in that time is not so straightforward.   Bran went back into the past but simultaneously he and Hodor were in the present.   It was Bran's actions in the past which allowed Hodor to be what he is in the present, thus triggering Bran's need to warg into Hodor in the first place which is what caused the events that caused Hodor to become Hodor in the past.   Theoretically, if Bran traveled further into the past and prevents his own birth somehow, that would cause a time paradox and signal the end of the universe
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  7. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    Poor Hodor, he was the most good, most innocent character of the entire show.   Bran just had to go sticking his nose in where he was told not to--dumb Bran!  I first felt sad Bran's wolf got it, but this was maybe the saddest moment of the entire show to date.   There was something a little unethical about the whole thing, in that it almost seems like Bran warged Hodor to sacrifice his own life instead of running.   I guess there would be no running if Hodor hadn't done what he done, but it was a touch self serving.     And now that girl is going to have to wheel Bran around on her own, she weighs four pounds.
    Out of curiosity, is this the way it looks like it will play out in the books?   How far astray do book readers think this whole thing has gotten?
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  8. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I think Bernie came to honestly believe he could win, and it is tough to realize you can't.   Also, he is not a true democrat and the party did do some nonsense against him to make sure Hillary would win (the debates airing on saturday nights opposite sports so nobody would see them, the questionable results in Ohio, the whole superdelegate thing where he would win states yet come out with less delegates).   If not for the specter of Trump I could see and partially understand him saying "screw you" and running a third party campaign.   Add that to Hillary's lifelong penchant for appearing sneaky and unethical, and there you go.
    Trump, well, there have been a lot of ugly cases where people gravitate to a so-called Strongman, and people are people no matter what country.   Despite his bleached hair and puffed combover, he somehow plays as being macho and manly--just what angry disenfranchised people would be looking for as they seek to blame everyone else for their lot in life.   He has a cult of personality that no amount of reasoned discussion can seem to cut through.   Whatever the problem is, he'll fix it--just don't ask him how.    To be honest I am surprised Trump hasn't sought out Bernie to be his VP, as that would be an unstoppable ticket.
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  9. quartermainefan added a post in a topic AMC: Fear The Walking Dead   

    To me this show is borderline ok.   It's better than last year but I haven't even bothered to watch last sunday's episode on my DVR yet, that's how excited I am for this show.  I don't find the cast all that interesting except for the drug son, and the problems the cast face seem like pale imitations of what happens on the real show.   I guess for the summer it is ok since TWD isn't on, but it should be noted that ratings fell for TWD when this show debuted.   I don't think that the show is so bad people are just refusing to watch the other, I think that with this show giving zombies all year long, come October the excitement is dissipated for the regular show.
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  10. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    It seems to me we've heard her song before--more frequently than a #1 song on a top 40 radio station.   She literally talks the talk but after five years she has yet to walk the walk.   Now more people are bowing to her?   We saw this same exact scene in year 1, year 2, I think year 3 and again in year 4.       I guess it comes down to whether you like Danerys or not.   I think I realized she was FF material season 3.    I used to love Arya but her entire story in the city of the faceless church is another waste of time.    
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  11. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    This episode...for years Danerys has been the most boring waste of time character on the show, and look what the show did:  after spending four years wasting time freeing slave cities we never see again...the show resets her back to season one and now she is back winning over the dothraki regurgitating her tired old desires about going west.   She is a complete waste of time and you could almost edit out her every scene from season 2 til now and you wouldn't miss a single plot point germane to the story of her going west.   Now it isn't even her who is spinning wheels in boringtown, they have poor Tyrion wasting his time dealing with this dramatic dead end. 
    A bunch of people I have spoken to all say the same thing:  the quality has dropped this year as the show enters uncharted territory.   It's too typical, too full of tropes and so on.   If Jon Snow was killed in season three he probably would have stayed dead, I'll agree with that, and now the show has settled on the more conventional view of the dashing hero who will not be stopped until the last chapter.   Once upon a time the dashing hero was Robb, and he died.   The show, I think we can all agree, could literally drop a meteor on Castle Black at this point and Jon will emerge alive because he has to get to the big fight at the end.   I guess I can deal with the slightly more predictability of it all, but for me what has changed is the writing has become so abrupt.   Everything happens now wham bam, thank you ma'am.  "Here is Sansa" "Oh hi Brienne"  "And here is Jon!" and here is a 30 second reunion and now let's go to war!     Maybe time is running out for the series and there is a lot to cover, but it all seems so hurried now.   Theon's father is back, oh wait, he is dead!  And here is the brother we never heard of! 
    And then at King's Landing Cersei brought up a good point to Uncle !@#$%^&*]:   they got Lancel, why hasn't he done anything about it?   The answer is of course because they wanted to get a season out the faith militant but it is just odd how in one meeting everything comes together and now the militant must be destroyed.    And maybe the speed of that decision wouldn't have been so 1-2-3 if the Sansa and Jon stuff wasn't moving even faster.   In the time Arya has been sweeping up that room Sansa managed to travel a thousand miles.
    I am with the show til the end and love it, but I think it is starting to become more of a pageturner than a serious drama.
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  12. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    1990 he was famous because his fame is what made his divorce so famous, but famous where and why?  In NY he was very famous, but there was no TV show in those days and he needed to continue to be in the news to continue being famous.  It's no different then when Pamela Anderson had her sex tape "leaked" or random C lister has nude shots leaked.   If his nightlife wasn't covered regularly, why would the NY Post cover him in 1990?   I think history will show whenever he ran out of things to be famous for he did something else, like trying to start a football team or whatever that was, or creating businesses he didn't need just to get headlines about how he created a new business.     He wanted gossip columns to report he was with various beauties?  So what.
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  13. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Captain America: Civil War (2016)   

    Henry Cavill doesn't even succeed at breathing as Superman.   He I would say is literally the worst Superman ever.  Kirk Alyn was better than him.   Brandon Routh and John Haymes Newton were better than him.  The guy who was the voice on The Superfriends was better.  Chris Evans would have been better had he looked the part.
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  14. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    The fake publicist thing doesn't bother me.   That was the heyday of the NY Post and he was trying to build his fame for being famous.   In Hollywood publicists promoted stars all the time, but not being a star he had to be his own publicist.    Chutzpah is a virtue not a fault. 
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  15. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    I don't remember that at all.   Jon left the Starks in the second or third episode (chasing after his missing uncle..who is still missing?).    You have me thinking about the season one cast and how much now the show has changed. 
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