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    I don't see where Bill or Hillary are doing anything wrong.   As in 2008, the media is ever out to get them and once again have anointed the latest savior.   I like Bernie but has the media even asked him how much free tuition for all will cost or what the economic implications of his tax hike will be--or even how he intends on getting his programs passed through congress?  No, they just like anyone who is opposed to the Clintons.   SNL made fun of this back in 2008 and their dead on sendups of the Barack-Hillary debates.   They are doing it again.  Bill attacks Bernie?   Why is that so terrible in a year when the very same media loves it when Trump attacks everyone or Rubio claims Obama is an agent of evil intentionally out to destroy America?  They just want to find something to attack Bill or Hillary with. 
    I am also not sure the Republican will be tougher than Bernie.   Maybe Chris Christie because he is so coarse and mean, but other than that who is going to give Hillary a hard time in debates, Trump?  And which issue is it that the majority of Americans will side with Ted Cruz on?  Gun control?  Gay Marriage?  What do the republicans have to say that the country agrees with?  That gas prices are at $2 a gallon and it sucks?   That the stock market is double what it was in 2008 and it sucks? 
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  2. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH Actress' Contract Negotiations Hit Snag; Rival Soap Eyeing to Hire   

    This doesn't sound like real news.  "Actress in negotiations still negotiating" is what it sounds like to me.   DC has always been this big Rebecca Herbst fan domain so it makes sense they would headline anything about her.    She is a decent soap actress who can adequately deliver crying and other soap fare, but the Liz role was wrecked years ago when they turned her into this brood mare and now all that is left for this character are scenes discussing children.   Compound that with the character destruction that always ensues when a female falls for Jason, and there you go. 
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  3. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Hopefully this is the end of Marco Rubio.   No one even brings up his talking point is paranoid and deranged.   Even if you think he is right on every issue, how does no one ask him why he thinks Obama intentionally is out to destroy America.   At least The Donald says Obama just doesn't know what he is doing,  Rubio has turned Obama into Dr Evil.    Christie did a good job and I am sure he was a very good prosecutor, but he can't win.   I thought the Donald had a very good night with the way he was explaining to these people eminent domain.   He is completely right, although Bush was right about the old lady in Atlantic City.    Also, Trump missed an opportunity early on when the discussion was temperament and nukes to remind everyone he is the only one who was against the war, and meanwhile Cruz has discussed about nuking the mideast to see if sand glows.  Trump dismissed Jeb there at the end and Jeb just doesn't know how to stand up for himself.  He tries, but what adult man accepts another shushing him on live TV--and then shutting up?
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  4. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Cruel Intentions: Discussion Thread   

    NBC?  The show about corrupting people through sex will have no sex.   With NBC in charge it is safe to say not a single envelope with be pushed.
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  5. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I feel a little sorry for him, his politics aside he is probably under great personal pressure to win. 
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  6. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Arrow: Discussion Thread   

    I am a little confused who that woman in the cell was that Ollie claimed he killed her brother.  
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  7. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Frank's GH ANNOUNCEMENT Revealed! Actor Returning   

    Are you sure he doesn't come cheap?   In the what is it now, five years, since OLTL went off the air has this guy gotten a single job offer that wasn't from FV? 
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  8. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Maybe Bob Dole campaigned on behalf of Libby, but there aren't too many husband and wife teams.   It does give Hillary an advantage because with them it is always two against one.   I think though that makes up for the media obsession in trying to bring down the Clintons.  Bill should just go all out, although his voice is a little weak these days.  He makes up for her weaknesses and they've never denied it is by one Clinton get one free.
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  9. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I actually play a board game about the cuban revolution.  I do remember when Castro let all his prisons and asylums out and they flooded Miami Beach with people nobody would want.   That was bad and Miami went downhill before South Beach was created.   In any case, Rubio just comes across to me as this complete fake who is incapable of discussing policy honestly because he is always angling for how it will appeal to his tea party followers.   And it is downright bizarre that suddenly Rubio is considered part of the establishment.   He is too far on the fringe to be mainstream.  Mainstream republican yes, but that is because the nutcases have moved that party so far from reason.   It isn't even a left/right thing anymore when it comes to republicans:  they're just nuts.
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  10. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    He sucks.  Why is he against opening relations with Cuba?  No one knows other than Obama is the one who opened them.  We can talk to the soviet union for 70 years, we can negotiate with North Korea, but we can't talk to powerless little Cuba who can't hurt a fly?   Isn't this guy Cuban?  Doesn't he want to see Starbucks and McDonalds slowly insinuate themselves into Havana and corrupt their hermetically sealed communist environment?   What did 50 years of sanctions accomplish?
    Then there is his immigration flip floppery.  Then there is his abortion zealotry.  Then there is his naive warmongering.  He looks 12, who is he going to impress on the world stage?  He is also an awkward speaker with his desperate water gulping.   Yes, I'd sooner this guy than Cruz, but I would take psycho Trump before either.  At least he doesn't believe that Jesus BS these two spout nonstop.   I love this is the year of the New Yorker, and between Trump, Hillary and Bernie it is time for some New York values and these fundies and gun toting hicks can hit the road on their way to their next abortion clinic bombing or gun massacre.
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  11. quartermainefan added a post in a topic RIP Mike Minor   

    When I started watching AMC he was on as Brandon, and I remember him and his family so vividly.   He headed the cosmetics company Sensuelle (I don't know why I remember that) and his wife Pamela I always thought was so interesting.   Or the actress was interesting anyway.     Their annoying daughter was taking piano lessons from Mark and got a crush on him.   I forget though how they got written out, other than Kent came on the show as a rival cosmetics owner and won over Erica.   Pity he died, 75 is not so old anymore.
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  12. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: January 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I wonder if this means the end of the nurses ball.   It should if she doesn't do it.  Without Lucy it just wouldn't be the same.
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  13. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Arrow: Discussion Thread   

    I haven't seen this week's yet, but that is a good guess.
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  14. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: Laura Wright/Maurice Benard Interview   

    These two can make you sick.   The worst family, maybe.  That is assigning them too much importance I think.  
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  15. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: Juliexis interview praising Jelly   

    They did?  I can't think which, certainly not weepy Anna, housewife Carly, or back to 2006 Sam or Liz.
    I also find it just flat out wrong that a soap written by women is something inherently more desirable.    If there was ever a writer who wrote a smart soap it was Henry Slesar.   Henry doesn't sound like a girl's name to me.      deVry is trying to imply that women write female characters better.   There is nothing in writing anywhere to indicate that is true or that the reverse is true.   He is just pandering to superficial faux-feminism saying something that sounds like something you should say to sound enlightened.    There is sexism in this quote, just not the way deVry or the interviewer is intending.  
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