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  1. $70,000 is not the same thing in all places. You want to move to NYC for your career and you don't want three roommates because you are no longer 19? $70,000 will be tough.
  2. Hairspray was pretty good.  It's always going to be a solid show and Harvey Fierstein at this point can do it in his sleep effortlessly.  Jennifer Hudson was very good.   The rest of the leads were not as good for the most part although whoever played Traci did a good job.  Link, Seaweed and Corny were a little weak.  Martin Short is a decent singer.

  3. I came back for the crossover (Arrow just became too boring) and I enjoyed seeing all the characters together. It was also great to see Oliver's mother back. Grant Gustin has filled out a little, becoming more of a man. All in all it was a good story.
  4. I hope Linda governs in character. Vince can be her evil husband.
  5. Hi adr, welcome to the board. Yeah, I am not a fan of the final season. Even the credits look chintzy. My favorite will forever be season 2, then season 3.
  6. Why didn't they just make him Surgeon General? Maybe you have to actually be military? He is a crackpot quack, but at least he theoretically has a medical background so why not use that?
  7. If he actually stopped them from relocating then good for him.
  8. It was the best episode this season so far. And this episode was different than all the others in that a certain monotonous villain and his cookie cutter evil henchmen weren't on. Perhaps there is a connection. I had forgotten all about Tara, but this episode did a good job of fleshing her out and now I think she can be a going concern as a major member of the cast. I wish she pointed out to that group that if they kill every man they come in contact with that the long term prospects of the group surviving more than a generation is pretty nil. That notion was mentioned on Battlestar Galactica: after almost the entire population is wiped out the president tells the admiral he needs to forget about war and think about that the people left need to start making babies, and later the admiral jokes that it eventually might come to a military order that people start making babies. Those women tonight will have a tough time replacing people when the oldest start to die out if they intend on killing everyone they meet.
  9. I am heartbroken. Wasn't she on Dancing With The Stars just a few weeks ago? This is so sudden and a shock. I love all things Brady and my alltime favorite scene was when Bobby was going to run away because he thought step-children weren't wanted, so Carol does the Brady thing and decides to run away with him, telling him the only steps in their house were the ones leading up to his bedroom. It could put a lump in your throat and I wish the Brady Bunch was on YT now so i could watch it, but they police it. It's sad now, all three adults are gone, and it really brings home how time flies. RIP to a lovely lady.
  10. But was there anyone even suspecting Franco? And what happened to the attacks mirrored a series of death's at the previous hospital of Michael Easton? Wasn't that why Olbrecht suspected him?
  11. Heather was the person who attacked Lucas and Bobbie this past spring? What was her motive?
  12. There is no denying that the Trump favored industries have seen their stocks rise, and I imagine if he keeps his adminstration halfway sane everyone else on wall street will be soothed and stocks might even hit 20,000. What makes me laugh though is Obama took wall street from 8000 to 18000 and no republican wants to admit that.
  13. Still not feeling it. This was just more of the same only now we watched newbies contending with mini-Negan. One was enough. I liked Jesus last year, but integrate him into the main dynamic, not devote an episode to "The Jesus and whatever the other guy's name is Show" I can't honestly say I care about Hilltop and how and if it survives. Why did we spend an hour on their politics? And then there is Carl and Enid. The course of young love never runs easy, but haven't these two been acting out the same scene for a year? Mini-Negan: Why? Was the original Negan so fascinating the show decided what was needed was a clone? The scenes between mini-negan and whatever his name is was total FF material. Newbie meets even newbier. And when did Jesus become so close with Maggie and Sasha? I don't recall them even meeting. About the only thing the show did right was at the bookends: Carl being unable to play darts is a nice touch, and then pairing Carl with Jesus. That's how you are supposed to integrate characters into the show, not the army of newbies the show has assaulted us with all season. We've seen five episodes so far. By my count the Saviors and their one-dimensional broken record cruelty has been on in some fashion each and every one. Now the show wants to make going concerns of the blond guy with the burned face, Negan, the wife they share, the guy who runs Hilltop, Jesus, and who the heck knows who is coming next. Whatever happened to Carol? What about the wolves, did the show just drop them? And when 40 Saviors and Negan came knocking on the door last week just standing there waiting to be ambushed, why didn't Alexandria just shoot them and end this tedious and goes nowhere storyline?
  14. I am not really sure what Hillary's message was. She said Trump didn't have the temperament, but she didn't really address anything that was on the voters minds, clearly, Where was she on Obamacare or the economy. It has been consistent for years that a good half of the country didn't like Obamacare, and some with good reason. She ignored that. She wasn't interested in discussing that subject and that seems to have been the one of the key issues. The sad irony for Hillary was of all people it was a Clinton who forgot "the economy, stupid". Miss Universe, the Gold Star family....they seemed like such great topics at the time but it was just smoke and mirrors for the real issue, which because of her ties to Obama was an issue she really couldn't address. And maybe she should have since jobs have been picking up and wall street is booming and made her pitch. We know what she will do for gay rights, abortion rights, civil rights, muslim refugees seeking asylum, latinos here illegally looking to come out of hiding, all very nice, but what was her plan for the guy making $50,000 a year struggling to pay his premiums?