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  1. quartermainefan added a post in a topic DAYS/GH May 9 is the day...   

    I think it is fitting that somehow it is Robin who gets Jason to remember.   She should be the one to save him, and it was bad writing that it wasn't he who saved her last year.
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  2. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Good riddance to the most unlikable candidate ever.   Richard Nixon was more likable than this guy.  I'd vote for a hundred Trumps before I would give Cruz a single vote.   He never had a shot because he is so odious.   No one wants that crap.
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  3. quartermainefan added a post in a topic More blind items   

    That's true, but again here we see the people who GH deems as having little worth and not able to carry story are underused, while the emmy winners--the so called good actors--they tend to be terrible.   I forget, who was Nadine again?
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  4. quartermainefan added a post in a topic More blind items   

    The first Ethan managed to make a living as an actor, not a star but he got work.   Justin Hartley was for many years in primetime, not sure why he went back to Y&R.    Even if it is only three, that is three more than the emmy winning acting sensations of GH.  
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  5. quartermainefan added a post in a topic More blind items   

    I think he is doing just fine and he should leave daytime and let his body land him the jobs.     For years daytime has decided group A are good actors (despite the fact they can't get arrested) and meanwhile it is the guys from Passions who got work.
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  6. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    I hope one day the show explains what traumatized Hodor so that he is the way he is.  After watching yesterday I felt sorry for him.   Jaime I don't get.   Why did he waste time even talking to that religious lunatic?   He should have just run him through before he was even aware there were goons around.    And Jaime needs goons himself.    And why hasn't Cersei just burned their church down, what is she waiting for?
    By the end of the series I bet it is Arya who kills Cersei and/or Jaime.   I just can't see why the show is making us watch Arya being trained to become this assassin unless she is going back to Kings Landing to settle all family scores the final episode.  Unlike Jon, Bran and Sansa, Arya has no connection to the actual main stories on the show.   It's as if she just comes with the show regardless of whether she is actually needed for the stories, and now she has her own spin off that was never actually spun off.  It is more of a spin on.
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  7. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    I really liked this episode, all of it except Ramsey.   I don't get what the show sees in him, as he isn't even a fun villain you love to hate.  Just get him off the screen already.  I guess the show wants to make the Greyjoys a thing all of a sudden.  
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  8. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Arrow: Discussion Thread   

    Five new episodes in two months---that is asking for viewers to give up a show.  A habit is only a habit as long as it happens habitually.   If you get me into the routine where I know ever Wed is Arrow night, then I am ready.   Spotty scheduling and the habit is broken.
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  9. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Arrow: Discussion Thread   

    Due to the erratic programming scheduling, my Arrow habit is broken.  I never saw the episode where Felicity got her legs back, or the episode with Amanda Waller.  It airs in such a haphazard hit and run schedule, that the gloomy stories don't make me miss it.   I watched (FFed through parts) of last night.   Did they give Detective Lance a fake head of young hair for Tommy's funeral circa season 1?    I don't think Laurel is dead at all.  
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  10. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Star Trek returns with streaming series   

    That Star Trek history thing was interesting, if brief.   I found the most interesting thing that BJo Trimble, who is a noted name considered the mother of all Star Trek fandom, liked "Turnabout Intruder"--an episode fun for all the wrong reasons and generally considered a low point for the series perhaps only beaten by "Spock's Brain".    "Turnabout Intruder" is a hoot and a half, well worth repeated viewing, but quality drama it is not.   The third season had some clunkers like "The Empath" starring the mute woman who was played by some P&G soap star, and "Elaan Of Troyus", but I love "The Tholian Web", and the episode where everyone gets old.   "The Enterprise Incident" is a classic.
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  11. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    Watching the YT clip of her return speech I immediately was reminded of the classic golden age of Kathie Lee looking into the camera hijacking the show with her own personal drama.   That above clip where he said he was willing to come back and she had this expression of "thanks but never gonna happen" said it all.   His love for her is fake, her being proud of him is fake, the standing ovation was ridiculous, and I read now he is out not in September, but May.   I don't think they can get away from each other fast enough.
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  12. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Lapsed Viewers: What Would Lure You Back In?   

    We were asked what it would take to get people back, I said what I thought.   I don't know how what Irma Phillips intended in 1937 has any bearing on tastes of the TV public in 2017.    On the one hand you pick mega popular shows and say there is a huge audience of people who don't want to watch them (these, the most watched shows) and then turn right around and say there is a huge audience for domestic dramas despite then noting there are very few on the air, and it goes without saying that the ones that are on the air are not setting any ratings records on fire.   Murder is just an angle that has stood the test of time when it comes to fiction, and I would bet money any random murder show will do better than a random adultery and miscarriage show. 
    I don't know if murder mysteries on soaps are played out, but if the one every two or three years has made it played out, then by your very definition stories where women get pregnant and don't know who the father is must have been played out circa 1962.    And yet they are still here.
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  13. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Lapsed Viewers: What Would Lure You Back In?   

    If you want to offer up a cozy mystery as an example of a show about people getting pregnant and having affairs fine, but I would offer that up as an example of a show that is not about that and is instead about murder or what have you.   If you go back to my first post I think I said I think a mystery soap could work.   Shows about people having babies?  not so much.
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  14. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Lapsed Viewers: What Would Lure You Back In?   

    Being ABC's highest rated show isn't that high a bar to shoot for.    It has about 8 million viewers.    But it is a show which is basically a comfy sweater at this point.   It has zero pop culture pull,  and hasn't been a water cooler type show in eons.    I am not aware of what buzz you see it getting.    Recently Patrick Dempsey left the show and that got a slight bump of media attention, but other than that I when has anyone been talking about it? 
    If you don't like the term domestic drama, pull one of your own that covers unending love triangles, pregnancies, illnesses and divorces all in a little town where everyone sleeps with everyone and nobody goes to work.     I don't believe there is any scenario where even one's dream writer and dream cast could sell that these days.   If they could then one of them would.      
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  15. quartermainefan added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    I always felt she was the weak link for the show, the most boring part bar none, but Arya has stolen her crown.   Yes the burned fleets means five years of dialogue was pointless going nowhere, time killing nothing, but I fear we are about to watch 8 weeks of Arya getting hit with a broomstick learning to fight like a ninja monk assassin.
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