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  1. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread   

    Oh, I have no idea who Ezekiel is but the idea of a pet tiger seems silly, and comic booky in a bad way.  Everything up til now was realistic except for the weird factor that there are zombies.   No one had super powers or magic (except Glenn able to escape death) and you could almost believe that if that world existed this is what it would look like.  Pet tigers?   Not so much, and the image released for the tiger is awful and doesn't look real at all.
    I guess this raises a mundane point:   Where are everyone's dogs and cats?   There are no zombie dogs and cats roaming around and you would think somewhere someone they have run into would have had a dog.    Nobody has a pet dog but the first person they run into with a pet has a tiger?
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  2. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread   

    I liked Aaron, he spoke in full sentences and had command over conjugation, he didn't sound like a hick, and he was a nice guy.   Of course the show barely uses him.  I really think it will be Abraham.   I have watched too many soaps to not recognize the bad writing signs:  Character with no purpose, no story, and little screentime suddenly gets a love interest, story and screen time:  here comes death.
    The 2 hour recap show was ok.   They brought back the actors who played Andrea, T Dog, Herschel, The Governor, Deanna, and I think maybe Noah too, possibly Beth, Sam's mother,  the head cannibal,  and maybe even Andrea's sister for a second.   The guy who got his leg bit I think was on for a second.    Can't remember if they brought Lori back, but definitely Shane did not participate, nor did Dale or Merle.
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  3. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread   

    I gave up Fear The Walking Dead early in season 2.   There was barely any walking dead, and they just assumed I cared about these characters.   The first seasons of the original show were zombie heavy.  Zombies were the hook to get you to watch the characters.   Fear decided that they didn't need many zombies and their characters were just all fascinating.  I disagreed.
    As to who dies here.   If it is Abraham or Eugene I think it will be a jump the shark moment for the show similar to the way on Dynasty only Ali McGraw died at the massacre.   To warrant a 5 month cliffhanger they better kill someone major.   Glen is the obvious suspect but that seems like trying to go to the well one time too many after that nonsense fake death last year.   Maggie I think it would be too cruel to bash a pregnant woman's skull in.  I just don't see that happening.    Daryl I doubt they would ever kill since he is the face of the show.  Carl and Rick no way.  Not really sure who that leaves.   It's probably Abraham because he has no function and they spent so much time out of nowhere showing how he fell in love with whatever her name is.   Now they can kill him and people are around to mope and care.    I guess they could kill Michonne since anyone who loves Rick must die, but she is a popular character too and really works well on the show.   The gay guy?  I don't even remember his name so is that someone worth killing?   Is the priest with them, because he is someone who I truly don't need to see anymore.
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  4. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Of course he is guilty.   His own video admits to what they are accusing him of, but this ex-reality show star I am a little skeptical of.   Her perfectly timed tears, the fact she decided to have a press conference, the celebrity attorney...its all a little much.   Call me biased, but the moment someone is a reality star means that fame and press is always their number one concern. 
    Trump's character witness for the airplane story is pretty funny.  Apparently he has a history of being in the fringes of sex scandals.
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  5. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Rush Limbaugh should have won an Oscar for Worst Human years ago.   He may literally be the worst person in media for the last 50 years.   I honestly don't know what point he was even attempting to make.   "If there is consent then it is ok".   Yes, and?   If two people want to dress up in tutus and have sex in a bowl of chocolate syrup while one sings opera and the other yodels, let them knock themselves out.   Not sure what point he is making here. 
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  6. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    The latest accuser sounds like a phony to me.  As far as I can tell she went up to his hotel room and then was shocked when he assumed she went up there for sex.  Maybe I'm cynical but are there many other reasons you would visit a guy in his hotel room?   Then she turned him down and had the nerve to stay for dinner.    And it is not like she was this naive church goer, she was a reality show person, no doubt familiar with Hollywood and life in the big city.    I can believe all that happened, but in this case nothing happened.    Her tears sounded phony too, she was a bad actress once upon a time and that's how she got on a reality show.
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  7. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I don't think any of the politicians say what they think because if they did Hillary would have told Donald before he starts grading people on looks he might want to look in the mirror.   And if she didn't say it someone somewhere would have because it is the most obvious 1st reaction to the idea that Donald and his haircut wants to be the judge of who is and isn't attractive.   No one does even though it has to be something half the population almost must be thinking.     Lets be honest:  someone with that haircut and that orange make-up has no business worrying about how other people look.   I really wish someone would but I am not sure who would be the best vehicle for that particular putdown. 
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  8. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I love that that is his response because it is so him.  Trump is a great example of the human condition and all its downsides and that being his defense makes his denial semi-believable at least in this particular case.   We know Donald bases everything on looks, from his wives to his pageants and all points in between.  
    This all goes hand in hand with his Carly Fiorina putdown from earlier in the year.   I will say one thing about Donald that I think we need more of:   candidates like him and Bernie who act and talk like real people for good or bad.   He's a person, insanity and all, but at least he is showing himself because he can't help not to.  
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  9. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Michelle Obama is a very articulate speaker with a good personality.   I doubt she is interested but she would make a great ambassador to the UN.
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  10. quartermainefan added a post in a topic GH: October Discussion   

    If you go back and watch her last appearance and I guess the one before that it is not clear that at this point she is even physically able to appear.   She seemed to be showing symptoms of something on the order of Parkinsons or something like that.   She shakes and in the scene where she was at the hospital breaking into the hospital computers it was obvious she was not able to stand for long periods of time without holding onto the nurse's station counter.   I honestly don't think she is capable of working on any type of regular basis, but I could be mistaken.
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  11. quartermainefan added a post in a topic Classic GH Thread   

    I really enjoyed that story where the Commandante came to GH for surgery and then the rebels (or whoever they were) took over the entire hospital.   It was a pretty silly story but it was fun.
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  12. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    The moderators sucked.   Every time these two were about to go at it about who did what when, that brainless moderator would say "sorry, we have to move on".   But why do you have to move on?   If they want to get into a ten minute discussion on taxes or Syria, let them.   That's better than these 2 minute content free bullet point formats.  He wanted to really get into her emails, and she wanted to really get into a bunch of stuff.  So let them.   His taxes or lack thereof and her emails have been two of the major themes of the election.   Who really needs to hear Hillary says Trump has lovely children?   Save that crap for a hallmark card.
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  13. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    The main thrust of the conservative movement of the last 80 years has been this deep resentment to social security and thus all so-called socialized programs.  This goes back to FDR.  They have been trying to destroy these programs since the 30s and the way they have gone about it the last 30 years is to cut taxes.   Then  with taxes cut they don't have the money they used to so then they say "we can't afford food stamps and whatnot".   Well of course they can't, they just cut taxes.  By starving government they hope to one day do away with all the social programs.   
    Make America Great Again.
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  14. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Except for Sasse, are any of these people truly anti-Trump or rats fleeing from a sinking ship?  McCain should be ashamed of himself more than anyone.   Mitt Romney and Sasse deserve some respect for being true never-trumpers.  The rest of these people would endorse their mother's killer if they thought it could help get them elected.
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  15. quartermainefan added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    The most famous soap star in America, and perhaps the most consequential ever?

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