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  1. If EJ and Will can come from the dead, so can Bart!
  2. So instead of seeing Robert and Frisco on Cassadibne Island, we got to see Nathan and Amy.. Whatever. I liked the Ava, Carly and Sonny scenes.
  3. So Sonny can fly a plane. Can they get LOST on an
  4. I almost want TrumpGate. Just to see the republicans reactions to it.
  5. Yay Marion.
  6. UGH. ABC can have money for AI but not for their soaps. AI must be really cheap. It won't last.
  7. I'm just glad they didn't kill Tracy off. This Amy person is a waste. .
  8. Bye-Bye Michael was better when he had no family.
  9. ET is on at 7pm, what does it have to do with
  10. So the winners so far are the one's who left their
  11. Isn't this his mother? Or maybe his never mention son Keemo.
  12. This is disgusting. What if they pulled a baby from their parent? Anyone who was invovled should be fired and sued.
  13. The news networks don't report shootings anymore. they only talk about 1 thing.
  14. Well crap. I adore A but not Eddie.
  15. Best wishes to JE. Hope we get some Tracy flashbacks before she leaves.