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  1. I knew this was going to happen because of RC. He's going to save Anna on GH.
  2. This is going to be a waste. Nora is a out of towner and is going to loose to Diane.
  3. Susan Lucci mentioned Netflix on Hallmark and I knew the rumors would start flying.
  4. Good for her!!
  5. I'm sick of this. Why can't use GH actors who aren't being used.
  6. This might be fun.
  7. My condolences to Days. It's another attempt to save it.
  8. For a second I thought AMC was coming back on the Hallmark Channel.
  9. lol Robin.
  10. Oh no. Sorry to hear this.
  11. Great show today. No complaints.
  12. One more thing I'm not going to watch because of Trump. Who's left to perform Ted Nigent.
  13. Oh geez. To much.
  14. Crap. End 2016 Just end.