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  1. lol Robin.
  2. Oh no. Sorry to hear this.
  3. Great show today. No complaints.
  4. One more thing I'm not going to watch because of Trump. Who's left to perform Ted Nigent.
  5. Oh geez. To much.
  6. Crap. End 2016 Just end.
  7. So sad I admit I had a crush on him when Wham came out. Careless Whisper was a favorite of mine. I thought he was cute with the blond hair. He had such a good voice. Sang with everybody, the big muscical events like Live Aid, Freddie Mercury Tribute. 2016 can end now.
  8. GH can never have any shocking secrets. Viewers already thought of this. And having 2 Olivia's on won't be confusing.
  9. If it's VI, then the rumors of him coming to Port Cuckles will start. I wouldn't mind.
  10. I don't remember him....lolI was hoping it would be Cass or Jake from AW.
  11. Rebel Rebel David Bowie Tribute
  12. The year keeps getting sucky.
  13. Shame Days. No In Memoriam for Joseph Stefano.