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  1. It's a shame she didn't have any scenes with Shane.
  2. She can kill off the Herndanez family.
  3. Another good one gone. I liked him in Firefly too.
  4. This year can not end soon enough.
  5. Avery is adorable.
  6. 2016 Medal of Freedom. I don't think I can watch this again beause of Trump.
  7. Condlences to her family and friends. One of GH's best writers.
  8. I was just thinking about him the other day. There goes any hope of him being reunited with Ducky on NCIS.
  9. November sweeps for GH zzzzzzzzzzzzz Sweeps used to mean secrets come out, nothing in Port Chuckles.
  10. World War Three is coming. Just remember Trump supporters, YOU voted so don't complain when something happens. I hope congress treats him the same way they treated Obama. I blame the media coverage.
  11. Blah.
  12. New album by the Stones. Desert Trip starts tonight.
  13. Oh good. Dylan will leave town once he finds out that Sully isn't his.