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  1. meh. Wish it was Tristan Rogers.
  2. I must have been the only daytime viewer who didn't watch. I wanted soaps not reality tv. Soaps were never the same after that. I did see the car chase and the vedict. Networks are fascinated by him but I'm not.
  3. Come on Ron, 2 left.
  4. Whats one more dead person when we can't have a live Robert Scorpio!!
  5. 32 years ago Live Aid: Queen Mick and Tina: David Bowie:
  6. It looks like GH is cutting cast members to make room for SB. I was kinda liking Hayden now.
  7. What a rip off from AMC!
  8. Figures.
  9. They are still not giving out JDP characters' name, only that he's a doctor. Doubt he's a Webber.
  10. 50 years ago was the summer of love...
  11. In this day and age of media, it's nice that soap can pull off a major surprise.
  12. ooooh......
  13. GH is just going to get another writer who is worst than the last one.Dena Higley is available....
  14. 50th ann. of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper.
  15. If EJ and Will can come from the dead, so can Bart!