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  1. Your appreciation makes it worthwhile, Petunia.
  2. That's quite a stunt in the name of distraction, given that Carly and Holden are never in the same hemisphere. I thought Jon Hensley would be useless in the post-Byrne/pre-Beck transition period.
  3. Finally Margo expressed the emotions we should have seen at least a week before she scrubbed Gray's blood out of her rug. Just the idea that she had put the rape out of her mind like a bad dream, she didn't even say that during the hepatitis scare. She was so human on Friday that I was unsure of what show I had been watching.
  4. Hopefully Janet can join her big sister Madonna on tour when her storyline starts to suck.
  5. Pinson isn't going to singlehandedly perform miracles that heavyweights like Cady McClain, Maura West nor Martha Byrne were able to with Passanante's writing. It's good that she has a female counterpart from Port Charles in the cast, because she and Marie Wilson are about even in the talent department.
  6. Yeah, he's a piece of work.
  7. Funny, Casey's body has gotten a reaction in total opposition to the one his face received.
  8. So basically Noelle Beck and Julie Pinson put together are cheaper than Martha Byrne, eh? I guess a few extra dollars are available with Sofer and Landon leaving.
  9. Passanante at ATWT probably had just as much to do with P&G enlisting the devil they knew, despite the nails she drove into Another World's coffin.
  10. That alone makes Will and Gwen's upcoming plans completely senseless. It's a little late to be strengthening Barbara's family ties.
  11. How nice that the Hughes clan could prop the CBS lineup by watching CSI after a bomb scare in their home. WTF??? I hope Tom pops a cap in Gray's ass like he did to his brother. Great security system they have too. She only had a rapist break in and try to kill her once, nothing big.
  12. Famke Janssen should be the Baroness. She may be burnt out on fan boy franchises, though. Channing Tatum is indeed way too young for Duke. That's a Brad Pitt role. I appreciate that Snake Eyes kept the look of an 80's action figure.
  13. The days of Courtney, Andy, Rosanna, Tess and Hutch were FAR too brief.
  14. If she picks Obama as a running mate, it could make for your toughest decision yet.
  15. You might as well vote for McCain. Electing a war monger who admits he knows zero about the economy and can't see its connection to the war he wants to prolong can't be any worse than voting for a racist.