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  1. Judith McGilligan took over for Louise Shaffer on Ryan's Hope as Rae Woodard when Shaffer had laryngitis. McGilligan wasn't all that bad, but she wasn't Rae. They looked totally different also and she seemed to have British accent come and go. Another Ryan's Hope temporary recast was Faith Coleridge. Katherine Justice temporary replaced Karen Morris Gowdy in 1979. Katherine Justice wasn't a bad actress but seemed muched older than Gowdy. Robyn Millan took over for Illene Kristen in early 1979 on Ryan's Hope as Delia. I am not sure whether Millan was intended as a temporary recast between Illene Kristen and Randall Edwards as I have seen her listed as a temp. and a full recast. Not sure on this one. Either way, she was about 20 years to old. Sofia Landon Geier was a good temp replacement for Anna Stuart as Donna on Another World. I thought Emily Montague did a great job as a temporary Abby Devereaux on Days Of our Lives. I thought she had chemistry with Darin Brooks and Matt Ashford. Wish the show would have considered her for a real recast as the character of Abby is needed. I liked Kam Heskin as Sheridan Crane on Passions also.