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  1. Agreed. The Erica Kane character was just too larger than life to be 1/2 of a ''supercouple"; she's a ''super-character'' (solo). I liked her best paired with Dimitri, though.
  2. I've never seen this photo before..... Kate Collins (Natalie) and Jean LeClerc (Jeremy)
  3. I don't watch it, but I know of her thru her dance club hits.
  4. Don't watch it, but.....
  5. Erica is found 'Not Guilty" for attempted murder.
  7. All My Children : Natalie Janet Erica Brooke Phoebe Adam Palmer Annie
  8. At least Erica grew up modestly and made a name for herself by WERKin' it and hustling. Greenlee was a snooty trust-fund baby. I still remember how she wore that kerchief on her head for months to remind us she was poor-but-proud. Looked like something from USSR propaganda. And the first scene of Scott seeing her on a picnic blanket in the woods and looking enthralled...or constipated. LMAO! But wasn't that a trend back then? I remember those kerchiefs being popular w/ teen girls about 1998-2000.