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  1. Ryan Bittle, who played (the last) JR Chandler on All My Children, guest-starred on FOX's Lucifer two weeks ago.
  2. I really liked him as Cooper on General Hospital (when I was still watching that show). Since Hartley isn't coming back any time soon, he would be a good fit for Adam.
  3. RHOP: Robin is such a bore. She just keeps repeating the same old "you should mind your own business and talk about something else", when her situation with Juan is BASICALLY HER WHOLE STORYLINE. Ashley needs to fix her own messy life before fixing Charisse's or even Giselle's. Monique is growing on me with each new episode.
  4. This season is SO much better than s1. Sadly, ratings are still down the toilet.
  5. This is not more of a "where are they now?" because, well, we know where they are, but Deidre Hall (Marlena - DAYS), Martha Madison (e Belle - DAYS) and Lauren Koslow (Kate - DAYS) did a quick cameo-spoof on NBC's sitcom "Great News" this week.
  6. Francisco San Martin, who played Dario Hernandez on DOOL in 2010-2011, is recurring as a telenovela star on CW's Jane the Virgin.
  7. Darius McCrary (ex Eddie Winslow - Family Matters; ex Malcolm - Young & Restless) was on last week's episode of ABC's "The Catch".
  8. Trent Garrett, who played Asher Pike on Ally My Children's continuation, was on this week's THE MIDDLE.
  9. RHOP: I don't miss Katie and her dreadful storyline(s), yet I loved her fights with Gizelle. Karen on the other hand... I "love" how she keeps stirring the pot between Gizelle and Charrise yet it's all under "we need to clear this up and move along". LOL. Gizelle is nuts but she's fun to watch. Robin is such a bore. When is RHODallas coming back?
  10. OMG his accent is atrocious.
  11. Kim Matula was on TV Land's 'Teachers' season finale as Hot Dad's (ex) wife, so I think she will be back next season also. Genesis Rodriguez, who was huge in the Telemundo telenovela world in the mid 2000's, is the main cast member on ABC's (failed) TV show "Time After Time", along with Jennifer Ferrin (ATWT).
  12. David. A Gregory was in The Good Fight's episode last Sunday.
  13. Oh my, they're going to drag Rinna so much on the reunion and I'll be all like: