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  1. I remember Eden's mom was on The Guilt, 90's American telenovela which was a remake of Mexican La culpa. She played the matriarch of the family.
  2. That chick who got cast as Cristal (?) was on this season of The Vampire Diaries and she was horrible, especially terrible with her American accent which was all over the place, mixed with Australian.
  3. Adrian Bellani (ex Miguel - Passions) guest-starred on last week's "Bones", however he was credited as Gerard Celasco, which is his birth name, I guess.
  4. Any news on Dallas?
  5. BH: God, I thought Dorito was the worst addition to BH this season, but Eden is even more terrible. She makes me miss Yolanduh, for crying out loud.
  6. Rick Hearst (General Hospital) guest starred on last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries.
  7. It still continues to amaze me that Jesse Metcalfe (one of the worst actors on Passions) still has an acting career today.
  8. Colin Egglesfield (ex Josh - AMC) was on FOX's Lucifer last night.
  9. He was such a fantastic actor, he was really great in Sete Vidas (Seven Lives) last year. The viewership is down in some time-slots, especially the main one where Domingas' telenovela still airs. On the other hand, the 6 o'clock and 7 o'clock soaps that finished this year (Eta Mundo Bom - What a Wonderful Life and Totalmente Demais - Totally Awesome) broke rating records.
  10. +1 at all the Nicolle love. She was great last season and I was sad she was axed and then replaced with Candace (how many shows did she appear on this season, 10?) and/or Paula (not a big fan, she just irks me the wrong way). I love the current panel. Keep Whoopi, Joy, Sarah, Sunny and Jedidah, kick Raven and replace her with anyone else. Literally. Anyone. Else.
  11. Sabine Singh on AMC. Maybe not the actual firing, but what came after... remember THE REAL GREENLEE returns promo?
  12. Dylan Bruce barely appeared on CBS's American Gothic last night and Elizabeth Hendrickson just started recurring on Hulu's Casual.
  13. She was actually really good and funny on LIP.
  14. That Tuesday will be rough, all flops. Baffled they brought back Scream Queens.