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  1. All the soaps are bleeding out and quite honestly I don't blame the viewers. There is nothing to grip you. Some (many?) may be watching out of loyalty. Contrast that with a mini-series like Big Little Lies. Yes, I know its HBO and huge budgets and Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon etc., but the crux of the stories was simple and easily adapatable to a soap framework. The way the show talked about secrets in marriages and families is something soaps used to do really well. It was as gripping as any suspense thriller.
  2. I've read up on the history of Roy Winsor's "Love of Life" (1951-1980) via Wikipedia and ols WoST. The premise of the two sisters -- Vanessa and Meg -- and the people around them really appealed. Especially since one was "the good one" and the other, the scheming manipulator! I am most interested in 1970s LoL, in particular when Paul Avila Mayer and Claire Labine reinvigorated the show. They brought back manipulative Meg (played by the stunningly intense and queen-like Tudi Wiggins) along with her emotionally fragile daughter Cal and son Ben (played by a young Christopher Reeve). I've only ever seen one episode of the show (on YouTube) from this period, but I have fallen in love with its stunning opening credits (featuring roses -- referring to the fictional town of Rosehill, NY, where it was set) and theme tune. And the show seemed imbued with sweetness and tension and suspense and longing. It was only a half-hour program! I also read up some SOD recaps which recreated the atmosphere of the show alongside recounting "what happened." Anyhoo... thoughts, commentary, information. I'd be grateful to hear any of your stories with regards to Love of Life.
  3. Yeah, it was a depressing and stressful time and it's not fun to relive. I guess Andy is hearing this criticism because he basically said last week that the election would be dealt with early on in the season, and then we can get back to HW drama. But given that this episode was the last weekend before the election, it does seem dragged out into next week's episode. lol and yeah Carole's got nothing. Not even that unwashed chef who should have "30 Years Younger" tatooed on his forehead because that's all Carole talks about when she mentions him.
  4. @Antoyne @DaytimeFan Bethenny is growing on me too. She totally didn't let Ramona's 'porn' assertions get to her. Ramona is perfect for reality tv, but she is -- and always has been -- an awful person. She had the nerve to get mad, too, when Bethenny didn't react the way she wanted. What got Bethenny riled up was seeing the Ramona-Luann alliance in motion. In fact, the whole lunch smelled of a set-up between LuMona. Bethenny had it coming after the way she trashed Luann last season, but at the same time, Ramona and Luann are just too thirsty with this fake-ass fight. Sonja needs a wake-up call. She has been clinging to this resentment of Dorinda like a life-raft. IMO a lot of it is displaced anger at the others for shutting her out last year. The fact is that Sonja's delusions have chased everybody away. No-one wants to hear anymore about partying with John-John on the Yacht and the lifestyle brand projects that don't exist. Tinsley looks 1000% over it, too. Sonja is going to get eviscerated by Dorinda next week. Don't get me wrong, I could never vote for Trump or his ilk. However, Carole reminds of her candidate who didn't really like mixing with Rust Belt proles and preferred coastal elite types who blew smoke up her ass. Carole's VT when she snooted: "Ramona, like most people, is uninformed about politics" was kind of ugh. I am so dumb. All this time I thought Tamra & Eddie were a great marriage because he finally got her, supported her, and wasn't a Perry Wright in the making like Simon was. I feel bad for Eddie if he wasn't in the know. And wow production must REALLY despise Tamra if they want to publicly expose her like this. You know the co-star Tamra was accusing of leaking this has got to be Vicki.
  5. CavalryEileen riding in to Rinna's defense! Telling Kim "You don't know what you saw" smacked a little of "You're crazy, Kim." At least she admitted that what Rinna said was "messed-up wrong" but quickly deflected the blame onto Kim. Glad Kim pointed out that Rinna and Eileen stick together like a little gang. Looks like us two are not the only ones to have taken against 'Queen' Erika. The fake Lee Radziwill Twitter account doesn't love her either! She also had this one about Rinna:
  6. LOL Eileen following Rinna out to blow smoke up her ass was "Whine whine that was SO MEAN." As mean as Rinna telling Eden that Kim was on the brink of death and her family knows it? IA that Dorit has been great. She knows she's a newbie and takes the lumps, but neither is she a pushover. She also doesn't resort to tears when people gang up on her. One of the best moments was everybody (including Left Couch) complimenting her on her swimwear line and urging her to get back into designing. Dorit's face lit up like a child. Also loved Andy name-dropping Erika Kane, and Susan Lucci getting a few seconds on the show lol. I'm sure Erika is laying low and licking her wounds rn but whether she will take her experiences this year constructively is anybody's guess, especially as she is surrounded by servile Yes men (the Glam Squad, Eileen, Rinna). I'm hoping Rinna gets dragged next week. Otherwise she is going to keep throwing out any old harmful allegation that putters into her pea-brain. The coke allegation is the meanest thus far, and the fact that Eileen still defends her for saying that... She's gotten a free pass and, up until bunnygate, still hadn't bought a clue when it comes to Kim. There is absolutely no reason to mention Kim for two years straight -- she is OFF the show. Now Rinna has virtually guaranteed Kim's return to BH in 2018.
  7. I am surprised at how good that LVP clip is. I thought she spoke meaningfully about Max looking for his birth-parents and how she supports him, and you could see the left couch struggling to remain hard-hearted towards LVP -- and failing. Even Eileen and Rinna looked grudgingly moved. I didn't find LVP's tears for show either. The left couch is really winding me up with their smugness. Especially when Kyle and LVP were arguing. Erika's brain was ticking over how they can get Kyle over to their side next season. I don't know if you've been keeping up with Tamara Tattles, NBA, but she has been pro-left couch for a long time (I enjoy her blog a lot regardless ). She really loves Erika and, indeed, has been watching DWTS for her. Interestingly, she talked about spending time with family at Easter and watching DWTS with them, and the almost universal opinion was that nobody liked Erika on DWTS. They found her arrogant. I'm not surprised. Erika believed the hype and forgot that DWTS viewers may not necessarily have watched her and fallen in love with her personality on RHoBH. She thought -- on both shows -- that she had it in the bag. She certainly is making the most of pantygate. I cannot with her expecting an apology from PK to Tom. He should apologise for his gross jokes (which he did), but not for catching a glimpse in the first place. I also am having trouble delineating where Erika Girardi ends and Erika Jayne begins. When she's EG, the HWs must kowtow to her husband's wealth, but when she's EJ they can joke about c***s and ladyparts with her? It is all very arbitrary. This 'two people' persona is very contrived. Last year she was more relaxed about melding the two and laughing things off. This year she seems so uptight and uppity. I felt a bit sorry for Rinna when Kim was all forgiving and positive and then, at Andy's urging, whipped out the bunny. But lawd she milked that solitary tear and walk-off for all it was worth. I love how Bravo had that weird little table with the flowers set up so that Rinna could drop the effing bunny there -- in order for Kim to pick it up again. Then the camera follows Kooky Kim down the halls of the studio carrying the bunny to 'explain.' What kind of staged ridiculousness....? Rinna should be THANKING Kim for giving her an excuse to play the poor attacked victim. Because up until that point, the questioning was about why she was making up malicious stories about people! I hope we never see Eden again. She is literally the human manifestation of wallpaint. And she's not all there.
  8. RHoA: They couldn't do a two-hour Reunion this week and another two-hour Reunion next week? I want to see Phrick & Phrack get their beatdown NOW! I can't believe the hubris we are seeing with those two -- the smug triumphalism, the high-fiving. They must feel mighty secure on the show if these liars are blatantly accusing Kenya of all the nasty-ass things they get away with. I was lowkey mad when Phaedra told Kenya that she, the fragrant, delicate southern belle and responsible attorney that she is, would NEVER get fucked in the back of a truck. Kenya should have fired back "Yeah, you like to screw felons with ankle bracelets on a dirty mattress in the projects!" Watching Kandi's face, I can see she is biding her time, waiting for the right moment to expose these two. Kenya seems to be in the know and playing along. So now we should 'celebrate' Porsha for getting off her back and being dragged to anger management by Bravo? How about she take some accountability for beating up her assistant/trying to smack Kenya with her own megaphone/forcing her knee into Cynthia's chest?? Porsha is in no way sorry about violently attacking people, and this AM story is a crock. She clearly has switched from physical abuse to verbal, and was blaming Kenya for 'provoking' her, like every wife-beater on earth. She is an awful person. Couldn't care less about Chateau SheBroke vs Moore Manor. We've had two seasons of this! Enough. I will say that everybody is looking stunning. I **LOVE** Kenya's hair with a passion, and Porsha's short hair looks good on her. Cynthia is living proof that this woman can wear ANYTHING. Even that hair.
  9. RHONY: "The whole crusty vagina crowd is up here at 3 o'clock in the afternoon dressed in pastels and florals." Apparently, we're going to be seeing a nicer, happier Bethenny on our screens this season. Not after that comment! Yes, Bethenny has a biting wit, but she clearly thinks she is sooooooo above these women. Because she has a "business empire." But not so far above them that she can't bring along a basket of Skinny Girl promotional sh*t and stick it in front of the camera at Sonja's! Sales must be flagging. I like Tinsley! I like that we have a newbie who isn't batshit crazy. *side-eyes Kelly Dodd and Eden Sassoon* I heard of Tinsley Mortimer way back in the early 2000s when NY socialites were the New Supermodel, and Anna Wintour kept featuring them in Vogue. Her fall from grace was pretty spectacular. After she had an affair in NY and asked Topper Mortimer for a divorce, she was shunned by the NY social world. She went back south to start again, and in Miami hooked up with a Fanjul scion (the Fanjuls are Cuban sugar money -- Papa Fanjul has mega bucks and mega power in Florida, and was not happy that one of his offspring was tangled up with an older scandalous divorcée). He was on drugs and violent, and she was probably on some of the hard stuff, too. There were arrests for domestic violence (him) and stalking (her), and I guess after the mugshot mess, her mom stepped in and got her sober. And now she's back in NYC, apparently on good terms with her ex-husband Topper and wanting to get back in with her old social circle, but I don't know how easy that is going to be if she hangs with real housewives at Boutique. We'll see; in the meantime, I wish her well and hope she shows us her 'authentic self' [(c) every Real Housewife in history] on this show. She was a young girl who get famous too quickly, and now she is older and wiser, and that is always interesting. I see Bethenny is giving Tinsley the cold shoulder and it doesn't surprise me. Last year B was jealous of Jules because she was skinnier than her, and jealous of Luann for getting a marriage proposal. Tinsley's social connections are probably a source of additional petty jealousy on Bethenny's part, as she feels she is slumming it in the reality tv pond. Not sure if Luann's marriage to Tom is really one for the ages like she pretends, but I can't fault her for wanting her friends to at least wish her well.
  10. Omg Antoyne that's spooky. I am rewatching that very season at the moment, and it is completely GLORIOUS. Bethenny is fab, LuAnn is all "Don't be like UNCOOL" and Ramona, chastened by the end of her marriage, has NEVER been better! @Nothin'ButAttitude I almost felt bad for Rinna until Eden piped up about her [!@#$%^&*] crystals and Eileen decided to make it all dramatic. I smell a new RinLeen SL for next season! And did you catch Kyle making like a frightened little rabbit and chewing on her finger? @Cheap21 "I don't believe smearing cream on your face after a face-lift is a cure for wrinkles." OMG KENYA MOORE I LOVE YOU!! That, ladies and gentlemen, was a read and a half!
  11. Last time I checked, I was real. aka the moment when I realised Yolanda was a lying hussy who lied that Ken 'laid hands on her' and then had to backtrack when she realized the camera footage said otherwise.
  12. @Taoboi , @DaytimeFan, @Nothin'ButAttitude, in the most recent episode's previews for part two, Rinna runs out of there 'in tears' after Kim gives her back the bunny.
  13. You know I've struggled with my LVP love last year and this. I was ready for Erika to snatch the crown, even though I feel ongoing loyalty to LVP. But you know what? LVP has been direct and owned everything in this Reunion thus far. She has owned wanting to see Rinna get in trouble with the others, and provoking Eileen. And she did it with charm, humor (yes, humor, that even Rinna, Eileen and Erika laughed at) and a fine understanding that you need to enjoy this business of being a reality tv star. And you need to not take it so seriously. And that what goes up inevitably comes down. Erika and Rinna want their cake and to eat it, too. They fear the bumps and hard landings and loss of popularity. LVP has been through all that and back. And I think this is what makes LVP the HW I still, somehow, ride or die for, 7 years later.
  14. Great assessment! Erika has flashes of coolness and I want to love her so! But she is milking pantygate for all it is worth. I get that PK and Dorit ran with this joke for fuckin EVER and look like absolute idiots. I get that PK is a gross, sweaty blob of perving flesh. I even get that Erika may feel victimized by his gross gaze. However, before PK rolled on set, she was acting like Jane in Big Little Lies coming face to face with her assaulter. And not to sound like those awful people who think that women wearing short skirts are 'asking for it,' but... she shouldn't have left the house without Spanx on. The no-knickers thing was tacky when Paris Hilton (you must be so proud of your niece, Kyle) and Britney Spears did it, and it is tacky now. There is no reason for it, not with aircon and breathable shapewear available. Anyway, I wish the whole issue would die a death, mainly because Erika is taking herself sooooo seriously as a result. She lacks a sense of humor -- not necessarily about pantygate, but about herself. She cannot laugh at herself. ITA, she thinks she's better than the other women and top of the heap at Bravo now. And her disdain for others is obvious, not least on DWTS when she couldn't believe she was in the Bottom Two this week. People pick up on unspoken tells, and it is those tells (rather than anything Erika has actually said and done) that stop me from embracing her as her Official Fan Club Chairman and Secretary Lisa Rinna and Eileen have done. Dorit got hard done by by Andy. I feel like Andy loves PK more than Dorit. You may think Whineleen 'can't bitch about LVP anymore,' @Nothin'ButAttitude, but by God, that didn't stop her in this episode! LVP admitted she was being provocative and Eileen barfed up her 'this is why I don't trust you. Nasty, nasty' trope from last season. Sigh. Just when I had hoped you'd rediscovered your sense of humor, Eileen! Rinna is so [!@#$%^&*] annoying. God forbid we ever forget she is on this show! Everytime she pipes up, I am reminded of this Yes gurl, just like you wanted to Pat The Puss at last year's Reunion and Yolanda shut your thirsty ass down. We know you want to follow in Yolanda's footsteps and be a model momager for your two snotty crotchfruit. We know you want to be Erika with the no-panties announcement at Reunion. Does this woman ever have an original idea? Everything she does is always one year after everybody else did it. Stop trying to do the most! You are exhausting to watch, and you know who else was exhausting? Brandi Glanville. I have to say that vid you posted of Kim giving back the baby gift and one Katherine Kelly Lang-esque tear rolling down Rinna's face was B&B-at-its-worst perfection!
  15. Amen! I never liked that lazy-ass two-cent hooker who only ever did a day's work on her back. She is a liar (implying she wore wigs because of cancer) and user of people (Nene, Kandi included -- she did Kandi SO wrong). If you are in doubt about the kind of ratchet she is, check out her Twitter/IG, where she has turned Brielle into her rubber-faced mini-me. Or catch up on her and her crotchfruit running around Italy complaining about the food until they hit up the local McDonald's. ThirstLo and Kim Thirstyac were doing the most this episode to try and be relevant -- they looked [!@#$%^&*] ridiculous. I was pleased to see Dwight though! I feel like this season of RHOA has been a LONG, HARD slog, and I can't believe there will be 4 parts to Reunion when nothing really happened this season apart from the Kandi vs Porsha stuff. Yeah, I know, Cynthia's divorce, Matt smashing Kenya's windows, Sheree & Bob's marriage... All these things could have been condensed into a season of under 10 episodes imo.
  16. Honestly though... I don't see what's wrong with it? It's big and wavy and Mahogany-esque and brings out Cynthia's bone structure. Her hair in this upcoming Reunion looks like a rat chewed through it. This is funny tho: This is what ultimately undermines Eileen. I believe she is a straight shooter who values truthfulness to a degree. But she constantly excuses Rinna and brushes her unacceptable behavior under the carpet. Rinna whaled on Kim this season just for a SL and made up the most shocking rumor against Dorit AND belittled Eden horribly last episode. And Eileen backed her the entire time. It's like Yolanda saying "That's just Brandi being Brandi" in seasons past. It makes her look like a complete hypocrite. As for Eileen's crush on Erika, I think Eileen is slowly getting her heart broken by the Ice Queen, who just wants her as a minion, not a friend.
  17. ...which I loved lol
  18. @Nothin'ButAttitude thanks! Kandi literally looks like she has been sobbing her eyes out 5 minutes before this was filmed. She also looks completely DONE with everyone, Andy included. Perhaps most shocking of all is Cynthia"s hair. I literally have no words. And I usually live for Cynthia's Reunion hair, even when she goes full editorial.
  19. Nice BH preview, @Nothin'ButAttitude ! Ugh, Rinna's bothers the f out of me with her faux outrage. You're the one who joked about taking Xanax smoothies in the first place! Dorit merely repeated what you said on camera verbatim! Erika is clearly still unoble to let go of that anger. And OMG PHAEDRA AND CARLOS WERE BOTH PHIRED????? I am literally in shock rn. Once Kandi got her lawyer involved, it must have been all over for them. I kind of wanted Porsha fired and Phaedra back, like @Cheap21 said, for one last season of being epically dragged and exposed. IMO she is also a crook, but now we.may never know.
  20. RHoNY: Watching RHoNY is like slipping under a freshly laundered comforter and sipping on some wine (Pinot ofc). It feels good to see the ladies again, and the marked rise in production values which this franchise -- and this city -- so richly deserves. While the ratings for this opening episode may not be exceptional, I blame it on the quirkiness and NY humor of the show which, like Ramona, is an acquired taste. Speaking of Ramona and her freshly upholstered face, this insane drunk is always fun to watch but remains the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Going after Luann for putting up with Tom's supposed infidelities -- projection much?? Every thing Ramona has always hated about Luann are actually her own worst traits. I would say that she is projecting what she hates about herself onto Luann, but I don't think Ramona is that self-aware. She actually believes she has zero flaws. Bethenny obvs got sat down by her marketing people and told to put on her happy face, because last season was not a good look on her or Skinny Girl. I like Bethenny, but then we saw flashbacks of Reunion last season and I'm reminded of how nasty and jealous she was, hounding Luann because she was angry that Luann got engaged first (let's not forget she lobbied to get Sonja fired from the show last year, too). And probably because Luann is fundamentally a person who reaches for happiness and LIKES to be happy. I see Carole's still with that hipster chef who looks unacquainted with soap more than once a week. Edgy! Luann's new penthouse is a marvel. I fear we will be seeing another divorce in a few years with her, but I'm happy she's happy. Sonja is still... Sonja. Dorinda is fabulous, gives me life, I love her and she can do no wrong in my eyes. I don't care if she's a roaring drunk or face-deep in a mountain of Colombian marching powder. I swear when I hear her utter those words "I tell you how I'm doin -- NOT WELL, B!TCH" I am going to get goosebumps up and down my spine.
  21. This post is GLORY. I just watched RHoBH and IA with everything. Rinna got too big for her boots. After last season, she figured she had managed to take down LVP, after taking down Kim & Brandi the season before, and that she is indispensable to BH. It all went to her head, and her accusations have become more and more wild. She throws any old crap against the wall to see what sticks. This season cemented my gut feeling about last season. While it is no secret LVP stirs the pot from the side, exposing Yolanda's lyme fakery was Rinna's doing... until she second-guessed the audience reaction and decided to pin the blame on somebody else. Rinna is completely without credibility in my eyes; every word she utters is suspect, and I cannot take a damn thing she says seriously. Her nasty comments about LVP in her VTs -- while trying to kiss her ass to her face -- underline how cowardly she is about actually confronting people, unless her back is against the wall. There is so much I WANT to love about Erika. She has a nice, drawling line in self-deprecation, and sells an image of her HW self as sassy, fab, smart and strong. What's not to love? However, there is something so very calculated and contrived about everything she does. Erika takes herself very seriously, and she is hyper-aware of her wealth and status in this group, and of her burgeoning popularity with Bravo and BH fans. I feel like she and her PR people have worked overtime strategizing about how Erika would appear this season (and I don't just mean what she was going to wear). She was going to be queenly (for this is the season Erika would snap up that much talked-about crown!), above the fray, showing a bit of her softer side, playing the hurt party, and finally going in for the kill in a cathartic showdown with her detractors. Cap all that with a Dancing With the Stars appearance and it's Long Live the New Queen! But she over-reached. Somewhere in Hong Kong, when she went in for the kill, she ended up looking arrogant, snooty and humorless. Moreover, I think she expected Dorit to crumble, and she didn't. In some ways, I appreciate an Erika who has stumbled as it actually makes her more human. I need her to unclench that iron control over her image just a little bit. Her scenes with LVP in this episode were funny and warm, actually Eden. Bye. A final bid for relevancy with that Rinna blowup, but unfortunately for her, no-one cares. Arguably one of the worst HWs in RH history alongside Carlton and Cindy Barshop. Dorit has a backbone I appreciated, but I'm not really into her or PK tbh. Seeing Kyle and Mauricio escort Erikla to the party reminded me how often Kyle makes a beeline for the rich, popular girls in a bid to ride their coat-tails. Eileen redeemed herself in my eyes but she is still Rinna's attack dog and probably as strategic as anybody else on this show. That's the problem: when Eileen and Rinna set themselves up on pedestals as purveyors of truth, their fall to earth is that much more bumpy. I feel for Eileen re: Erika. She so badly wants to be her BFF but even the closing credits made it clear that while Erika is happy to indulge Eileen for that Y&R walk-on part, that offer is absolutely not reciprocated. This is no two-way street 'friendship.' LVP stayed out of most of the trouble, as we knew she would. I'm not sure her charitable concerns make for riveting TV, and I also feel that by acknowledging 'the crown' she may be seeing it disappear. But this season has taught me never to count LVP out. She remains the lynchpin of this franchise, just as Nene was with RHoA and Vicki with OC.
  22. Thank you for saving my life! This looks like it is going to pay dust to Kenya and Porsha's altercation! First of all, everybody looks good her (with the possible exception of Cynthia's wig). Kenya's hair looks drop-dead gorgeous! I just want to say how much I LOVE Kandi. She has shown her life, for better or for worse, and taken a lot of potshots for it. She is authentic a HW as I have ever seen. Andy asks her straight out about women, whether there were one or many, and she just straight-up answers him. I love that she wasn't coy about the whole thing. I am ready for her to do the tremble-voice cry, then DRAAAAAG Frick and Frack by their weaves. I am so ready to see that arrogant pea-brain Porsha smacked down, and for shady Phae-Phae to get EXPOSED. And by exposed, I mean EVERYTHING coming out about her! She is in it up to her eyeballs! I am pleased Kandi called out Andy at one point. In some ways, he is complicit for letting people like Phaedra get away with the worst. So true. Nene hated openly and, in a way, honestly. She was jealous of Kim Z and told her to close her legs to married men (which was TRUTH), but never actively tried to destroy her reputation (what little was left of it) or spread lies that she had committed a felony. Phaedra always knew not to piss Nene off though. I wonder why she pissed Kandi off,when Kandi is like Nene: when she gets angry about an injustice done to herself or someone else, there is no stopping her, she is is like a dog with a bone exposing hypocrisy.
  23. Yep. This is when you know BH is the cream of the franchises. They brought it this year, just to remind everyone that THIS is the wealth & glitz RH show. Everyone looked glamorous!
  24. Jacqueline is not my fave but at least she's honest about why the producers don't want her back again. It must be hard to face up to the fact that you aren't the star of this franchise like you thought you were meant to be. In any case, I feel like no matter how often they reboot NJ, this shows feels dead. Dead in its soul.
  25. Dushku was off the show for entire seasons though. BTW is the actor who played Xander missing?