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  1. No I haven't but omg this scene sounds spectacular. You can't really go wrong with a fight featuring Shannon representing the fat-shamed, and Kelly representing the ganged-up-on-by-mean-girls! From the episode previews, it also looks like a manager at the restaurant comes over to try and get Shannon to stop making a scene lol I hear that Kelly did eventually make up with Tamra and Shannon though. I wish I could find a gif of Kelly saying "Why don't you start shaving that friggin chin hair?" during the bus ride from hell. The soapy reaction shots from everybody were Shannon will never forgive her for that one. And this is why I've always despised Kim since S1. That stank, better-than-you attitude wafting off this lazy-ass hoe. Glad she'll only be a FOH.
  2. Um... I don't know how you want me to answer those questions which are pretty random tbh. I was just expressing my memories of a show I watched as a kid.
  3. I wondered if Lydia was pot-stirring, but I also appreciate that Lydia has done the show before, knows the main players, and was anxious to get past introductions and into "friendship whisperer" mode. She was polite and friendly with Shannon at first, introducing her to her mom and husband. Shannon was not quite YELLING as she does next week to Kelly, but she did get agitated very quickly and raised her voice in a polite setting (kid's birthday party). Then she went to Tamra to bitch out Lydia so that Tamra could summon Lydia back for a SECOND dressing down from Shannon. When Lydia did not defer to Her Highness, that's when Shannon ran out of there in a tantrum. And all because Lydia said she and Vicki were a lot alike! All three are SO alike! All 3 consider themselves the true queen of this franchise. All 3 cannot abide when somebody speaks truth to their power or expresses an opinion different from theirs. It's like "BETRAYAL!" All 3 are desperate to be viewed as blameless, beloved heroines by the audience (our ongoing preoccupation with good vs bad absolutes! Vanderpump suffers from this, too) and love to sweep the nastier things they have done under the carpet. Tamra is possibly more inclined to fess up to her evilness every now and then, but even the Chrisshun Conversion by her Pasture suggests she prefers playing a goody-two shoes role nowadays. And the very things that make them so similar are precisely what they hate about each other. Kelly hasn't made an impression thus far, but just seeing her boldfaced cheeriness as she shows up to dinner is glorious to me! She knows she just has to breathe in Shannon's direction for Shannon to turn apoplectic.
  4. RHOC: Agree with a lot of @DaytimeFan thoughts. The one I possibly disagree on is the Briana-Tamra friendship. I liked because it harked back to the early days of the show when the HWs were part of the same community. I didn't even mind Briana kvetching to Tamra -- she needed an outlet because Brooks was literally an evil scourge upon her family. He damn near killed Vicki's TV and insurance careers with that cancer scam. Vicki is my girl from way back, but Brooks was a terrible mistake and she needs to own up to it, including the fact that she chose her gross conman boyfriend over her daughter for 4 years. OK, I'm glad I got that off my chest lol. Peggy looks like those uber-wealthy women from Dubai who go to their plastic surgeons clutching a picture of Kim Kardashian's face. I like her story so far -- and THANK GOODNESS Bravo is bringing in a wealthy Armenian-Lebanese family! Sometimes I wonder if Ryan isn't a functioning prescription pill abuser. Little Ava crying as soon as her parents started to argue was painful to watch. Shannon's weight gain is obviously a manifestation of her deep unhappiness with herself and her marriage. She wants to feel loved and desired, and clearly David (who calls her "dear" as if they were both 85 year old meemaws) is not giving her that. So she eats her emotions/punishes herself with food. I hope her 'holistic' trainer buddy isn't a scammer and can help her feel more confident. The problem with Shannon is that after her first season on the show, she let allllllll the hype go to her head. She thought she was #1. She is also a control freak who MUST control the narrative in every situation. If someone offers another viewpoint, she pounds them into submission because THEY ARE WRONG. It's fascinating to watch her delusions and neuroses, but it is not winning her any fans. Her resentment that Vicki is still on the show is plain to see. LOVE that Lydia read her so quickly and refused to kowtow to Shannon's shouting.
  5. I was one of the few who was stoked by the reboot in S5 and pleasantly surprised by the season. S5 NY rediscovered its S1/S2 lightness and humor without forgetting the drama. I was relieved that Kelly, Cindy and Jill were no longer on the show. Jill Zarin had become exhaustingly mean, like a rottweiler who just won't.Let.GO of a child's leg. Maybe the problem with NY has been the fact that Andy is a little too invested in this franchise. A franchise like the OC is kind of left to its own devices and is all the better for it, imo. Andy has two BFFs on NY (Bethenny, Carole). It is clear that he could not tolerate Jill anymore, and that is why she was fired. Given that she once wore a wire in order to trap him into saying something incriminating, I can see why he and Bravo let her go. No company wants to deal with a walking liability like that! Having said that, I think enough time has passed that Thirsty Jill could return. The problem is: would Andy want her return? Maybe. He's had Jill on WWHL a couple of times already. But would Bethenny? She clearly has power behind the scenes -- and that's another problem, because it is killing dramatic impetus on the show. Everybody but Ramona is too scared to go up against the de facto Exec Producer/Star. And that is probably a big reason why I am Team Ramona this season, as vile and crazy as some of her outbursts have been.
  6. Cue one of my favourite memes! Re: Season 6, I think there were money issues with Luann, Ramona and Sonja demanding higher salaries. Bravo refused, and went ahead with the start of shooting (hence probably the Aviva vs Carole showdown early on in the season). Sonja caved because she needed the money, Ramona followed and probably promised to film with Aviva who was being iced out by Heather and Carole. Luann ended up getting punished for the salary demands (probably as a lesson to the others!) by filming a lot but not getting full housewife status. Yes S6 had the Montana trip and about 20 solid minutes devoted to Tomboy Heather peer-pressuring Kristen to absail down a cliff face. Thrilling! I also remember the Berkshires (where Ramona threw a glass at Kristen's face) was the one where Ramona hated every second of her stay and even Amazon-ordered a giant electric fan for her and Sonja's bedroom at Heather's house, lol. Aviva was in the credits because of this but apart from that, I could have done without her and her gross father. She was kind of like Lisa Rinna in the sense that she was looking for any reason to pick a fight, even if it meant throwing unsubstantiated gossip that was incredibly damaging. I'm not a Carole fan, but writing IS her livelihood!
  7. Are you kidding?? I LOVE season 5! (Season 6 was the duff season imo. Even S4 is better than S6 which was only saved by Aviva's leg on the floor). "You're both white trash, quite frankly." "TAAAAAAAAKE A XANAAAAAAAX!" Never forget Luann's Pirate lol.
  8. The other women in the steakhouse giggling, hugging and teasing each other was fun to watch -- even Carole was enjoying herself. Then an angry dark cloud walks in, and it's Bethenny. Carole came across well this episode. She's trying to give Tinsley a helping hand without knocking her or tearing her down. I am on of the few who enjoyed the Tinsley-Scott date; Tinsley came into her own and was a lot of fun to watch. The new boyfriend is cute and a great match for her.. And even Adam/Man-Bun was tolerable! Even though Ramona and Luann have hated each other in the past, Luann is there for Ramona when she's being iced out of the group. There is a clip on Bravo's website for next week, and Lu and Ramona are sitting outside on the steps of the villa at night and kind of chewing the fat. It's a good moment between the two of them. Luann dipping into her drawer of statement necklaces and grabbing a fistful to take with her to Mejico was
  9. I'm not disappointed the 4th wall was blown -- I think it reflects a frustration Ramona is trying to express to Bethenny and the audience (but can't because, crazy Pinot). I am hesitant to keep bashing Bethenny here because I know I must seem virulently anti-Beth to you guys, and it's boring to read that same rant. I really liked Bethenny back in the day when RHoNY gave equal coverage to B, Ramona, Jill, Luann and Silex. Those days are gone, and now it feels like The Bethenny Show, with everyone else in supporting. Every friendship traces back to Bethenny. Every event is shot through the prism of Bethenny's mocking. Bethenny is the only one with business interests. Bethenny is the only one who suffers divorce. Bethenny is the only one allowed to be vulnerable because she ain't got time for that weakling sh!t from the other women. Ramona is pissed that B is calling the shots in front of camera and BTS. Last year, she was Bethenny's loyal handmaid but obviously B hasn't acknowledged Ramona's loyalty to Ramona's liking. And Ramona probably feels she is in a tailspin after her crushing divorce, and all that is being glossed over to focus on Bethenny's divorce issues. Ramona wants to remind B and the audience she still exists and ALSO HAS ISSUES, and that's why she is acting out. When she told Bethenny that it is a group trip (another trip Bethenny is taking credit for AND using for SkinnyGirl promotion), she was wielding what little leverage she has to warn her that this is one of the few production-mandated events over which B has little say. Ramona is battling for her place on NY because sure as hell Bethenny wants her gone. I'm glad ALL the women are going on the trip. Honestly, it wouldn't be half as fun a tropical vacation without Ramona, Luann or Sonja. Auckland was fabulous! Wealth, variety -- variety of ethnicities, ages, crazy and cunning. It was also a perfect length. Bravo could learn something from it.
  10. Except for last season, Luann often gets seated at the end of the couch. Maybe Andy is not a fan of Mrs. D'Agostino.
  11. Going by my past viewing of RH shows, and the fact that Shannon and David sold their AMAZING house quickly and at a possible loss -- I'm going to say financial difficulties is the reason they are renting. Shannon is heir to an I Magnin fortune and her father is a major donor at USC, but maybe business hasn't been good to David in recent years. Which could explain why there is further tension in the marriage.
  12. The (rainbow) voice of reason will strike next week! I love seeing Shannon put in her uppity place by Lydia! Shannon simply cannot take someone standing up to her and speaking truth to her. The fact is, Shannon and Vicki are identical. In reaction, temper, neediness, and delusions. Delusions of grandeur on this show (both feel they are the queen), and delusions in terms of the men in their lives (or not, in Vicki's case, sigh). Shannon running off screaming "I'M FUCKIN DONE!" by the bouncy castle full of young kids (and that deadbeat Ryan if you are eagle-eyed) was , but I wish she didn't resort to the dramatic walk-off all the time. She really cannot take a word of dissent from anyone. Having said that,Shannon is the most watchable HW on the OC; she really puts her problems out there, and they are compelling and sometimes relatable to watch. In that sense, she is the most dynamic driver of story on the show.
  13. Hmmm... do I want to give Dallas another chance? They are def trying with this trailer. But I feel it might add up to a whole lot of poop again. The only vaguely Texan moment is when they trotted out that girl's mother barking in Texan about "the bizniss." Other than that, this could be set in any medium-sized city in America. Also Leeann Locken bothers the everlasting sh*t out of me. I'm not even surprised she's gone for a flesh-eating illness SL this season. Victimhood, thy name is Leeann. Interesting that they don't show Brandy's husband. Last season it seemed clear he was ready to bolt. I guess I might watch if they don't stretch the season out to 24 episodes.
  14. RHoOC: I'm so glad this show is back, as lowkey as the opener was. In a way, it is too bad Heather and Terry are gone, if only to see their new house and see her get her long-awaited comeuppance. Kelly Dodd was on E! News (or whatever they call it -- FYI, it's not really news, lol) and said that Heather was asked back in a FOH capacity and she got offended and walked. Since then, she and her former BFFs have distanced themselves from one another. Shannon has definitely... gained some poundage. She is also clearly transferring her issues with David onto Vicki. Looks to me like David is once again disinterested in his wife. Shannon is so unhappy, and it is not because of what Vicki said last year. Her SL is the most watchable right now, though. Also, her new house is not as great as the one with the basketball court, which was SPECTACULAR. Tamra is quick to repeat certain self-help/I'm-Chrishun-yall stock phrases, including the ever useful "God has a plan for me" which can be inserted into almost any conversation! However, apart from that, I... liked Tamra this episode? Voice of reason, especially with regards to her friendship with Shannon and calling out the truth. I also liked Tamra on WWHL afterwards. She answers any question, seems like a good sport about her face-lift, which along with her haircut looks great! BTW, I would never have recognised her in those flashback shots from her prom/knocked-up years. She looked like her mom in a permed wig. That is a lot of plastic surgery Simon paid for! Yikes, I need a Tamra intervention, @Nothin'ButAttitude ! Vicki is going to lose me damn quick with this "I'm still in love with Brooks" nonsense. That "bad boy" is not James Dean on a motorcycle, Vicki. I just do not understand why she is still thirsting after that tubby, balding, slimey turd. Also did Vicki say she was 54?? She is younger than I thought. The fact that Meghan is on her THIRD season with this show is mind-blowing to me. Now that there is no Heather to call out on her hypocrisy, what role is there left for Meghan? I did melt when I saw her adorable baby, though. And I've always had a soft spot for Jazz Hands, so seeing Jimmy coo over his little girl was sweet, too.
  15. It is sad, and it def brings up memories for me in my 20s falling for somebody. Robyn is acting like that girl in her 20s. She is so grateful that she landed someone as hot as him (and honestly, Juan is nothing special), and her self-esteem is so low that she believes if he goes, nobody else will want her. And that she'll never be able to forget the way he made her feeeeeeeeeeel. She'll be shocked in hindsight at how quickly the idea of him being her One and Only will fade, but right now she can't see the wood for the trees. I felt like that moment was ever so slightly premeditated on Robyn's part, to make sure she is cashing that Bravo cheque next season. I know this sounds kind of fake-woke, but I sometimes wonder if Bravo accepts threats of physical intimidation on certain shows because... they involve black people. Robyn may have been playing to Bravo execs' preconceived notions. I do have confidence that Ashley will nip that BS in the bud, though.
  16. MTS is an awesome interview. I can't wait for her book to come out.
  17. Oh man. How many ways can Juan say "I'm not that into you" ?? Robyn sitting there staring down Andy like Nothing to see here! Girl, please have some self-respect and leave this man who no longer loves you and start again! You are a good-looking lady, you can def get suitors. I get that the main reason they stay together is that starting over separately is just not feasible financially. I understand financial concerns taking precedence but... it must be so hard to live with someone who doesn't care for you. I wish Robyn would realize that you can eventually move on after loving somebody. I assume Robyn is afraid that she'll never be over him, or that the process of grieving a break-up is too painful a cure.
  18. @Nothin'ButAttitude Thanks for the heads up! I'm actually shocked that Sony didn't encourage her to keep doing BH. Eileen created buzz for Y&R and Days by extension. But Eileen is in demand in the soap world, and for a 56 year old that is no mean feat nowadays in that industry. I admire her accomplishments even if I fell out of love with her on BH. Yeah I felt the same way. Part of it was also the fact that Y&R was being ABCified in the worst possible way by JFP and Pratt. But I didn't enjoy watching ED on the show and couldn't look at Ashley the same way. I feel sad for the wasted potential that was Eileen... her first season she was down to earth, voice of reason, funny and self deprecating. Second season she took LVP's little jabs and blew them way out of proportion. The cynical part of me wonders if she chose to support Yolanda because it was a no-brainer that a sick woman is the victim. Now of course we realise that Yolanda may have been playing them and us all. Or maybe ED just needed a SL. The moment that shocked me with Eileen was at that reunion when she said to LVP: "I don't trust you and I don't like you." The latter was an especially hard, cold statement. Eileen came across as dismissive and judgmental. This was reinforced last season in Hong Kong when she, Rinna and Erika went in hard on Dorit. I think she has lovely sides to her personality actually, but all we saw in the end was this inflexible, humorless attack dog, with an agenda. The question now is: what on earth is Rinna going to do now that her ride or die girl is gone? Eileen had her back no matter what. I see in the picture posted of the women in Vegas that she is GLUED to Erika's side. Lmao. She burned her bridges with LVP, Dorit and Kyle. Agreed... Dorit won me over with her logic, her calm, and her smarts in Hong Kong. She didn't let the three witchez belittle her -- and they were really beating her up, one by one! I loathe PK and couldn't warm to her at the beginning of the season, but I appreciate her much more now. I think there is something about Dorit which is very happy, joyous, life-embracing. She doesn't seem to be a whiner or complainer, and that's so much more fun to watch than a HW who is perpetually dissatisfied and looking to project blame on others (*cough* naming no names, of course).
  19. Oh, for sure there is a place reserved for Tamra down there after she hid behind Crishuns and Pastures to rehabilitate her terrible image! I just meant I liked her delivery. Why am I not surprised that Porsha and Nene were somehow involved in this melée? Especially ThugThot. IA that there are enjoyable moments (Dorinda in the Bronx!! The AS chat in this week's episode) and the NY HWs crack me up. Absolutely it is a thousand times better than NJ which is unwatchable. I love these HWs, and Dorinda in particular is saving the season. However, I can only express how I feel. First of all, I cannot with Bethenny. She went so far last year with trying to destroy Luann. And all because Luann beat her to the punch with her engagement? This year, we are told that the 'old' Bethenny is back. Bethenny's a victim, you guys!! It is Dorinda's-house-in-the-Berkshires fault that she keeps tearing a strip off someone! It's Jason Hoppy's fault that she routinely belittles everybody! I can't buy what she is selling anymore. Secondly, Ramona and Sonja. These two used to bring joy to any HW vacation, lol. This year, they are clearly going through some emotional transitions. Ramona is spiralling out of control, and Sonja seems to have finally crumbled under the weight of her own problems and (relatively harmless) delusions. Truthfully, I welcome the fact we are seeing these women at difficult turning points in their lives; the problem is their unwillingness to acknowledge them. I, for one, would find Sonja more compelling if she expressed needing to downsize while struggling to maintain her 'Lady Morgan' persona. After all, Sonja's personality is so big. Seeing her acting petty with Tinsley (talk about a dud of a SL!) makes her look... small. LOL re: Shannon's tagline, at least she wasn't hooting "I'm fat!!! Are you KIDDING me??" I don't mind that she looks like hell -- most of us ladies know it is a struggle sometimes. We have our thin day clothes and our fat day clothes hanging in the closet. I appreciate that Shannon puts it out there; obviously the problem is Shannon blaming somebody else for this latest 'drama.' What's more hilarious is that Vicki doesn't care about Shannon's opinion of her. She cares about Tamra's and possibly Heather's. But whenever Shannon tried to come at her last year with "Let me tell. You. Something, VI KEY," Vicki's eyes were already glazing over. And totes agree about the pantsuit. Even a tailored skirt and top (to highlight a waist) + some spanx would have left Shannon looking very presentable. Maybe she wanted a dress that emphasized her predicament, though. Hmmm. I can't even remember what this Peggy looks like. A bit like Lilly Ghalichi?
  20. I agree. I enjoy lots of little moments, but overall I am finding this season a bit of a chore to get through. Maybe the NY HWs themselves are, too. It's like they are going through the motions. Woo hoo!!! I just rewatched Season 8 OC (with Lydia the first time) -- arguably my favourite season, and with a lot of drama, but in some ways the least toxic. Lydia's latest tagline is ACK and Shannon's is a snore. I'm surprised she didn't screech "I'm fat!!!! It's all Vicki's fault!!!!" I can't even remember Kelly's. I kind of like Tamra's? The New Peggy's tagline I have heard somewhere before (Kelly Bensimon, RHoNY, Season 4!). Vicki's is FAB. "Either go big or go home. And I'm NOT going home!" Get off my show, Shannon! LOL. Truthfully, I'm glad Shannon is back, if only for the drama factor.
  21. Yep, they had to offload the Potomac house mighty quick! She's lucky this came out AFTER the Reunion because Charrisse and the others would have been all over this. She is unlucky in that this is a pretty sizeable double-lien and if they can't pay it off... well, the IRS has thrown Real Housewives into the slammer before. Don't eff with the IRS! As for Kelly Dodd, the dude was trying to steal her drinks, sunglasses and PURSE. Then he punched her in the stomach?? wtf? He's lucky she didn't kick his ass. BTW in that video there is some obnoxious male onlooker miming some BJ motion while Kelly is yelling at the alleged thief -- SO nasty. If that man did try to snatch her belongings, she is well within her rights to scream at him and call the cops!
  22. This is.... wow The sound quality is on a par with an office bathroom's. It's not so much that the content is terrible -- I watch plenty of trash TV -- but that it all looks like a soap actor doing an at-home filmed-on-their-iphone parody in their spare time. The red-haired rival, tho (who looks like an old Emma Stone). Can't imagine who they based her on.
  23. Welp. This is shocking. Karen and TheBlackBillGates owe a good $4.5 million to the IRS. Tamara Tattles is reporting it from an article in the Washington Post. From WaPo: “The government has a $1.468 million lien against Ray Huger, 70, a former IBM executive who founded software and consulting company Paradigm Solutions in 1991, according to an April 26 filing in Fairfax County Circuit Court. Paradigm Solutions, where Huger is the president and chief executive, also has a $3.06 million lien against it, Montgomery County Circuit Court records show.” Cue my fave shocked gif.
  24. This is basically my story too. IA about all the recasts and revolving door of producers and writers which made what appeared onscreen impermanent and therefore more difficult to invest in after a while. But Mason & Julia were FIRE! And tbh I thought it was better than GH at the time. As far as comparing SB and B&B, both were/are products of their time. Glossy 80s soaps meant to echo the era's hugely popular nighttime soaps about obscenely wealthy, dysfunctional families and their dark secrets. A blind man could trace a direct line from Dynasty to Santa Barbara and B&B. I am disappointed at how repetitive B&B has been since the mid-90s. Funny how SB was desperately crying out for long-term stability -- B&B is the opposite case, atrophying under a bored, longtime EP and HW who endlessly recycles the same plot(s), often with the same group of actors, lol. I know it's a case of being careful what you wish for (Y&R never recovered after CBS/SONY edged out the Bells), but I wish we could get different EPs and HWs for B&B without diminishing the Bell control over that show. They could promote from within, as B&B often does, to its credit. Someone who knows the history, but who has talent and freshness. Someone who is not Brad Bell, lol.