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  1. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Dear lord, Bethenny and Carol's mean-girl shtick is SO tired. I can't believe they spent an entire party pointedly sitting apart from and walking around 'avoiding' people. They were even worse at Jules' shindig. Like, how old are you two? Bethenny's voice literally exhausts me after watching this episode. I feel like she just gave me laryngitis.
    Carole is an instigator. I cannot stand her immature ass. She talks and acts like a 16 year old. LuAnn walks into Bethenny's birthday cookout with, God forbid, a GIFT... and we cut to Carole bitching about LuAnn trying to make the party all about her. Girl, SIT DOWN. Were not enough people kissing your Radziwill-by-marriage butt that day? The fact that LuAnn kept on smiling and having a good time really made her sour. Now that she and Bethenny are a little clique, she seems to be hoping to turn Bethenny against Lu and have Bethenny fight her battles for her -- just like she had Heather do for her the past two seasons.
    John needs to GO. He is worse than Peachter in term of thirsty.
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  2. Cat added a post in a topic The Young and the Restless - One Dark Secret   

    I must have been one of the few who thought Sharon and Brad were hot af back in the day. After Sharon got shafted by Nick and Phyllis's affair (which turned into the Great Love Story Which Ate Y&R For 10 Years), she deserved to have a little lovin' and get her groove back! DD was no mega thespian but, by god, he was FINE.
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  3. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    LOL agree with so much of this! Lisa Rinna was running around like a squawking chicken with her head cut off at Reunion! You know, I almost bought into TT's essay about LVP being the mastermind behind all this 'Is Yolanda sick?' stuff, given that she and Yol really dislike each other and each think they should be top of the heap on BH. But then, tonight, I caught the episode where Yolanda has ze Lyme Gala and the ladies fly out to Dubai on TV here (the UK is only 4 episodes behind the US, possibly because LVP is popular here!). It's clear the Gala is a turning point. Kyle oohs and aahs at the big stars at the Gala (and Gigi + Joe Jonas!) and weeps in Yolanda's arms about finally understanding Yolanda's Journey. In her VT she talks about how uncomfortable she was about Rinna saying the M word and Rinna shouldn't have foisted her opinions on everybody. Cut to Dubai and Rinna hearing all about the Gala and Kyle's epiphany. Her face goes white under the bronzer. Suddenly she realizes that everybody is making up with Yol and she is left out in the cold looking like the nasty gossip. Even Eileen is throwing her under the bus for it. That's when Rinna realizes she has to backpedal somehow so that she isn't given the Bad Guy edit. Eileen is happy to help. Hence what transpired. 
    Interesting that when Yolanda lectured Eileen and Rinna at Reunion about being sensitive to Kim's struggle, Eileen snapped back at her "Are you going to let me talk?!" The sympathy for a sick woman only goes so far, I guess!

    The minion snaps back!
    IA about the mid-season entry for LVP. I have no doubt Rinna will go apeshit over Yolanda's miraculous recovery. Neither woman like each other at all. And Yol will send Erika in to do her snarling and biting. Since Eileen hero-worships Erika so much, this will force her to take sides. 
    And then LVP, Shiva and Lea Black (yes, I want her on BH! NOT Joanna Krupka's mangy ass tho!) sweep in at some big party to size up the mess.
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  4. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    N.B.: Lisa Vanderpump posted her blog... but on Facebook, not on Bravo. I don't know what that means (i.e.: whether she is done with Bravo or just did not want her blog edited), but here is the link. Anybody can view it:
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  5. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    RHoBH:The argument between Eileen and LVP about DA AFFAIRRRRRRR --- I can't anymore. Both hate each other and any apology that LVP gives her will be dismissed because Eileen doesn't trust her, as she said.
    Rinna and Eileen were a veritable tag team tonight. Eileen is smarter than Rinna and defends herself better. Rinna looks like ridiculous flip-flopping like a seal (as NBA said, she is WEAK). Especially when Eileen told Kim that she was supportive of her recovery and Rinna had to pipe up "Me too! Me too!" The side-eye LVP gave them was priceless. 

    (That wasn't the exact side-eye to Soapy & Sudsy but unbelievably nobody has gifed it yet  )
    By the same token, as soon as Kim pushes for an apology, Rinna gets defensive and aggressive. Now, I don't think Rinna should apologize to Kim for calling her out on her sh*t. I don't think Rinna should apologize for bringing it up in public either -- sweeping it under the rug has allowed Kim to continue drinking and using, unbothered, FOR DECADES -- and allowed her to attack people who accuse her of using. But she could have amended her tone a little. In any case, I think she came across badly this Reunion, and I bet she couldn't believe her ears when Andy pressed her on her tendency to blow things out of proportion. Nice try trying to get on next season with the promise of 'a real BBQ.' 
    Kyle continues to quietly relish in LVP being put in the hotseat, and in her sister's SL making her look the saint/heroine/victim. I am so over her boobs in that dress at this point.
    Yolanda is... sigh. Exhausting. Her need to be center of attention and treated like a Queen all the time is exhausting. She is suffering from something, but given that her current 'doctors,' her creepy 'health advocate' and the CLD she has self-diagnosed have all been thoroughly debunked by the medical world, anything she says is questionable. One thing I do believe is that she is out to get LVP (her glee when she talked about Mohamed and Lisa's friendship being over) and that she considers herself to be above the other ladies. The way she snapped at Rinna last week to 'Sit Down' (and Rinna obeyed like a chastened child!) illustrates everything about Yolanda's disdainful attitude. She truly feels she is too good for the show.
    Erika. Cold as ice. Her face was so hard and emotionless when she was 'comforting' Yolanda in the dressing room. She is emotionally closed-off in so many ways. She would rather pay for gay minions to surround her than reach out and make a real connection with anybody.
    Kathryn is wonderful and real, and I cannot say enough how much I like a presence like hers on this increasingly toxic show. Actually, she would make a great friend for Erika if Erika could get past DA BETRAYAL. Like NBA said, maybe she is too nice at heart for this nest of vipers. But she is badly needed.
    LVP is better off leaving to do Vanderpump Rules or a spin-off and let the rest of the women scratch it out. They are obviously trying to alienate her, and clearly she won't film with Rinna, Eileen and Erika next season, nor they with her. The break in relations is real -- at this point, Yolanda is more likely to film with Lisa that RinnIkaLeen. Best to let Rinna turn her OTT outrage on somebody else -- or at least die trying. You know Yol is going to punish her for Munchausen. And Bravo will probably bring back Brandi and Kim to go up against Soapy and Sudsy. LVP can come back at next season's finale in a gorgeous dress to survey the ratings carnage.
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  6. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    They've started going a bit back and forth directly at each other on Twitter rather than indirectly or via their followers.
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  7. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    LOL as soon as I saw it, I had to put it in my sig! Even if each annoy me sometimes (for different reasons), I love both for what they uniquely bring to RHoNY.
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  8. Cat added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    Such a smart power move. She talked about being allowed to be part of the conversation, about respect in the workplace, and basically made Disney look like a bunch of good ole boys making decisions in their high glass towers with another good ole boy (Strahan) with no consideration for the 'lil lady' who represents the show. She highlighted how far women still need to come in order to be taken seriously in the workplace -- while at the same time she showed the PTB that when it comes to public support, she is the one with marketable power. I was surprised at how smart she came across. She turned it all around from a few days before when the media was bitching about her being a spoiled diva and not knowing her place.
    Having said that, I still wonder if Disney will renege and cancel the show to make way for an extra hour of GMA, just to show Ripa who is boss. 
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  9. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Lydia is.... delusional. Fake. So, SO dumb. She cannot even lie convincingly. It was obvious when the ladies asked her if she'd spoken to Chyka that she was lying through her teeth. And the way she turned on Pettifleur and started swearing at her -- I don't even like Pettifleur's delulu ass, and even I felt sorry for her. Lydia showed her true colors (kind of like she showed her true colors in S1 when she rolled her eyes at Gina on the phone telling her about her cancer scare). Lydia is more than just a gossip -- she is a spoiled princess and a mean girl. She is so jealous of the other women and their success and happiness and wealth. She has to be the one who has it BETTER than anybody else. It must kill her that Chyka is so successful and happy and married to a hot, fun-loving guy like Bruce. It must kill her that Gina is considered the breakout star of this show. No wonder she warmed to Pettifleur: that's a 'friend' she can look down upon and disdain whenever she wants. She would die if she was booted off this show and that's why she lies about everything, NBA. She feels like she needs to in order to maintain a facade. But she's so stupid that she doesn't realize everybody saw through that fakery a long time ago! The scenes with her mother and brother and poor Joanna were so contrived and meant to burnish her image, but she's so condescending and dumb that the show doesn't even need to give her the bitch edit.
    Also: I have always thought of Lydia as very attractive in a 1950s Italian starlet kind of way, and I still do. However, if her face gets any bigger, it is going to rival the moon.
    Jackie... well, I can't hate on her for bringing to light all the awful gossip Lydia has spread about everybody. She is nosy and a busybody. In some ways, though, I think she fronts a bit like Lydia sometimes. Not so much about the psychic stuff, but the marriage. I noticed at the doctor's office she was tapping her husband's arm so that he would take her hand on camera. I also didn't need the references to her 'helping him out' with his sperm sample, lol. I guess this is all heading towards a 'surprise' pregnancy announcement either at the finale or Reunion.
    I also cannot wait until Reunion. I hope Alex 'Pissed Off' Perry hosts again. I am ready to see Lydia get her comeuppance. I hope we don't see Gina vs Gamble as I love their friendship and was sad to see it had cooled slightly over the course of this season.
    Susie really has no real reason to be on this show, huh.
    Wasn't expecting Janet and Brian to make the decision they made tbh.
    Finally caught up with it. John is just awful. Dorinda needs to boot his ass out of her life, but now that Bethenny has barked at her to do so, Dorinda can't. It would be like showing she was meek and doing Bethenny's bidding. I still really like and sympathize with Dorinda -- feels like the women are just taking potshots at her.
    Jules makes Kristen look smart and savvy. At least she's a tad less blah than Mount Rushmore Face, but I don't know how long she can sustain the skinny SL.
    Carole is mean, vicious, jealous and looking for relevancy. As usual she has made herself BFFs with the Queen Bee of the show so she can hide behind her when things get too hot.
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  10. Cat added a post in a topic TMZ & CNN reporting death at Prince's Home.   

    omg. Shocked. He was so young!
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  11. Cat added a post in a topic Actors who didn't improve or got worse during their time on soaps?   

    I love Vanessa too but I would definitely agree with that. And that Nurse's Ball return then made me wish she would come back all over again! The light in her and MB's eyes...
    I never saw the hype about TG. I know that is blasphemy to say, but he acted like he had just rolled out of bed 5 minutes before and strolled into the studio and "Oh hey, yeah, let's do this sh*t." His attitude was so bad. I entirely don't blame him as a lot of the material GH has had in the last 15 years has been excrement, but even the material HE wanted and suggested was played like he couldn't give two f*cks.
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  12. Cat added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    Honestly, if they could get Anderson Cooper to co-host with Kelly alongside his usual CNN show (and with outs for when he goes on location with CNN), that would be amazing. People would be saying "Michael who?" Anderson is funny, a great host, but never comes across as cruel in his jokes or alienating to his audience. And this is why Live works. It's not a 'mean' show. It is an upbeat one.
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  13. Cat added a post in a topic Actors who didn't improve or got worse during their time on soaps?   

    These two OWN this thread. Because they started off fairly decently but have been coasting for a thousand years ever since.

    I give Ronn Moss and Drake Hogestyn a pass. They know what they were hired for, and that was for some egregious (and shirtless) smell-the-fart acting.

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  14. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    I loved Troublemaker too (he and Hyuna were a really good combo!) and I liked one of his solo songs that he did (I think you posted the link to the mv when I first got into kpop). I think he was ready to go and not feeling being a part of the group anymore, so maybe it's for the best that he pursue a solo career. I do like the 5 members of Beast that are left and am not worried about their ability to carry the group forward.
    I also read something on Omona that Hyunseung might be ready to do his military service, and that's maybe why he called it quits -- better to get the military done with and then come back as part of a new agency and new musical set-up.
    I know, 2016 has been a tough start. I'm still bummed about Minzy. I'm still bummed that 4minute's Act 7 mini-album didn't sell all that much in Korea this year! I thought it was awesome.
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  15. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Maybe not a misread -- I don't know for sure, I just really love them together! He seems to think Chyka is the bee's knees, and what woman wouldn't love a hot someone in their lives who thinks they are fab?
    Oh Lydia is totally projecting. The close-ups on her face during the dinner were quite something -- the bitter downward droop of her mouth. She is so hard and fake all the time. And the hoe-ing around rumors about her are pretty real, too.
    Reunion will hopefully be EPIC. I wasn't crazy about last Reunion, though, mainly because Pettifleur was such a spoilsport when anybody tried to imply she was less than perfect, and stormed off the set like a prima ballerina with a hole in her tights. I fear we might see more of that this time around. 
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