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  1. It's like what Kyle said -- Mauricio really would not be thrilled if Kyle went out without underwear and somebody else's husband started boasting publicly about having seen her hoo-ha. Same with Tom. He's old school. He probably feels this reflects badly on both of them. In a way I feel bad for Erika after typing that! Interesting what you say about producer-pushed. Erika is so controlled, her image and media strategy so contrived, that maybe this was contrived and orchestrated, too, to illustrate Erika's sensitive side. What is even more interesting to me is the backlash to it. It's been a slow build over 12 hours as viewers let the scenes sink in and try to make sense of them. IMO? Erika and Rinna overplayed their respective hand. Rinna went by last season's playbook, which is to deflect blame for her big mouth onto somebody else, preferably on the cast trip. It worked then but is clearly a one-hit wonder this season. Erika, as I said before, let the adulation go to her head. I think she honestly thought that a big reveal of vulnerability would be a win. That her calling out Dorit would be accompanied by audience cheers of "YASS KWEEN" and "READ" and a few finger-snaps. It hasn't quite panned out that way. I knew it! I knew Eileen would dry her sniffles, put on a brave face and wax poetic about wonderful Erika and how she totally understands where she's coming from. Eileen adores Erika. She has a serious girl crush. She would love nothing more than to be allowed to be Erika's BFF. Did you guys not see after the boat ride the way she tried to hold and hug her on the sofa? Erika ain't there yet. But I'm sure she's grateful Eileen has her back and came to DWTS to cheer her on. Rinna leaving her actual true friend Eileen (who was trying to hold back tears, so shocked was she by Erika's reaction) to crawl over to Erika and rub her back while Erika sobbed "You don't know... what I go night" was not surprising either. Rinna goes where she thinks the audience love resides.
  2. I didn't realise she was getting dragged on Twitter! By her own fans. On TT, Erika is pretty much loved, and Rinna is getting most of the criticism. She did go on WWHL, where she had an adoring audience, interviewer and fellow guest. But yeah, Erika's ascension to the BH throne is not 100% guaranteed. lol shady you calling Yols Erika's former boss! I remember when Erika and Eileen were Yolanda's heavies to keep everybody in line re: her Lyme disease. Now it appears she has made a miraculous recovery, in time for this new show encouraging more Momagers to pimp out their kids! Her recovery is especially amazing considering Lyme disease still has no known cure. I guess Yolanda couldn't stay out of the lymelight long. And yes, that typo stays.
  3. Thanks for posting again on this was a sad day in my city, so it was a relief to read this and talk about something light. Awww I've been feeling disillusioned with kpop too. And waiting for some good comebacks. They will always be Beast to me! As long as they release some good music and keep enjoying their work, I will support. I am going to call them HighBeast! Their new song sounds like a rookie song -- in a good way. It's catchy and I like it! Hyuseung later denied it, didn't he? Who knows what Cube are thinking. Cube really are the worst (and in kpop that is saying something). SHINee will be in the US very soon for their North America tour, are you going? I am falling in loove with old Shinee stuff at the momwnt (although I really liked their Japanese album and last comeback). I love 'Love Sick' from their Odd album (that album as a whole I really liked).
  4. For you guys, I watched on the way to work! @Nothin'ButAttitude, @DaytimeFan, @Taoboi, I agree with all your assessments. And I don't even really like Dorit! Dorit held her own. I would have crumbled tbh. I don't think Dorit is RHoBH material, I can't stand PK, I'm tired of her constant prodding of Erika for relevancy. But Erika and Rinna just wanted to cut their teeth on her that night. They were looking to target her. Erika was doing the MOSTEST. Look, it's clear LVP's star is on the wane on BH and Erika's is on the rise, and I have to accept that to an extent. But the constant adoration by her (paid) cheer squad, by Andy Cohen, by a growing segment of the audience who think she is the 'NEW KWEEN' of BH... all this has gone to her head. She cannot take an ounce of criticism (both on this show and DWTS). She luxuriates in her grudges (like somebody else we know, cough) in order to lord it over others. Something struck me when the HWs went to see the Big Buddha -- they were on an escalator, all the ladies where bunched together in groups of 2 or 3 -- except for Erika who was at the head of the escalator, alone. Not a lonely, forlorn figure, but because she feels too good for these women. That was patently clear in the way she tore into her minion, Eileen, after failing to break Dorit. I get that her son's welfare is a real worry. But it went on and on, even after Eileen (who worships Erika's every puss-pat) was quietly crying at the table. She shat all over Eileen's attempt to make things better. This was kicking someone for the sake of kicking them. And she knows she can because Eileen idolizes and will forgive her. I felt truly bad for Eileen. I wonder if she views Erika differently now. Lisa Rinna is... insufferable. Like DaytimeFan said, she jumped the shark in waterskis and a leather jacket. She lobs any accusation her pea-brain can think up. She has become Brandi Glanville. When she squawked "You have to OWN YOUR sh*t DOREEET and tell the truuuuth!" and tore her a new one for forgetting what she said, I was about done. Hypocritical blabbermouth. Then there were the coke allegations. She is shark-eyed and untrustworthy -- everything she has accused Kim, Brandi and LVP of being. On top of that, she is spineless. I'm stunned she still has fans. Her cowardly ass has been well and truly exposed this season. ^^ I was amused by some of this at the time... I cringe when I see it now.
  5. Wow -- shocking news. I hear Kim D and her family went out of town after hearing the news, possibly for their own protection. I wonder if the FBI will take over part of the investigation since it seems like organised crime (or somebody who wanted to make it look like that). Very disturbing. I like her too -- she's a bit of a gossip, and she blurts out all kinds of stuff, and that's just who she is. She's a talker. She's a people person. Sometimes her instincts are not wrong at all (like with Kim and Yolanda, who has now made a miraculous recovery, it seems). The problem is, she caves under pressure and then deflects massively. I'm hoping Reunion prompts her to go away for a while and quietly rethink her approach. Her problem IMO is not what she initially said, as there is always a kernel of truth there. The problem is that she tried to deny and deflect what she said. It shoots down any credibility in her words. I'm hoping she understands that her issue with the audience is not the gossiping, it's her cowardice when she gets caught gossiping. She just needs to OWN her words/opinion, and pre-emptively rein it in if something she says is blatantly untrue or seriously, nastily contentious.
  6. Rinna looks ridiculous and foolish. She over-exaggerates in her gossip and then, when caught, doesn't stand by her words, instead over-exaggerating the cover-up/apology. It's all done for drama and attention. She's become a cartoon. Now that the tables are turned on her and she is the subject of some light gossip, she's like the boy who cried wolf. I can't take her faux outrage seriously. Agree about Erika. She was all "IT SOUNDED LIKE YOU MEANT TO SAY Rinna is on drugs." Dorit was like "I didn't say that so stop putting words in my mouth" and Erika was forced to backtrack and admit Dorit never actually uttered them. I thought her attack came pretty much out of nowhere for somebody who claims to stay out of the fray and is above the petty drama. Good for them! However it still surprises me when people like Sheeran who claim to be the James Taylor to Swifty's Carly Simon (i.e. authentic types slaving together over lyrics and music for days on end) actually turn out to have the help of different songwriters and fancy producers.
  7. All of this is pretty shocking actually. Except for the 'Phaedra is shady' part of course.
  8. IA about Dorit. When she first came on, she wasn't my cup of tea, but little by little I see that she means no real harm. This episode was billed as Dorit getting her ass handed back to her, but I thought she handled herself. Rinna boohoo-ed that Dorit was purposely spreading lies when she was the one who joined in the joke initially. Erika tried to imply it was something more too but even she had to concede that Dorit never said that Rinna was really on drugs. I think BH needs the cleanup too, but if it does, who will be left? Erika, possibly Rinna, possibly Eileen? I'm not sure they have the larger-than-life magic to carry 20 episodes a year. Back in the day, BH was tense, explosive and funny, dripping with jewels and Hollywood gossip and secrets. It had the original (and best) Dinner Party From Hell! Lisa, Kyle, Kim, Camille, Adrienne and TayShanna the original grifter all had the perfect love-hate chemistry and backstory. After seeing the newbies this season (Dorit, Eden), this is the best Bravo can come up with? They are a bit lacklustre compared with the OGs.
  9. I was just thinking the exact same thing -- stick RHoA between 9-11pm on the next two Sundays so we can get to the Reunion episodes before Tax Day! I'm not surprised Rinna got targeted. We all knew that if Kim was invited, she'd go in on Rinna like Kingsley on one of the Umansky offspring. Rinna has been caught on camera saying one thing to people's faces and then talking behind their backs. She will suck it up and apologize. But she will feel humiliated and will try and deflect onto Eden and Dorit because they are the weak links. Hence why she and Erika tagteamed Dorit in the most recent episode. They singled out the annoying newbie, LVP's minion to boot, and tried to nail her with something similar to what got Rinna in trouble. Dorit/Erika are not meant to be. Especially after having seen PK licking his chops over Erika's ladybits. Watched the Hong Kong episode and I enjoyed ALL the women in that episode -- for the first time this season. I want LVP and Eileen to make up now! Appreciated that Eileen made a gesture of reconciliation.
  10. Thanks bae! That's still weeks away but I'm pretty sure we will have a three-parter as a result of this.
  11. Um and when exactly does this Reunion air? I don't know if I can wait 4-5 weeks for this!
  12. ok so now I'm excited! And ready to speculate on what that bombshell might be. Porsha's hooking? Word on the street [(c) Mama Joyce] is that everybody already knew about that. I wonder if Kandi didn't drop something about Phaedra's um less legal activities. Now that would truly be shocking. It's likely Sheree talking about her marriage with Bob imo.
  13. I loved Erika in this clip -- even though I usually can't stand her YASS B*TCH YASS stylist.
  14. Looking forward to watching BH soon! I visited Hong Kong once (for work) and unexpectedly fell in love with the place. It is very dynamic, fascinating city, and Victoria Peak looking over the city is spectacular. Sounds to me like Rinna is already losing a lot of credibility. As I said before, sometimes it's not the crime itself, but the cover-up that bites you in the ass. Eden is thirsty as F and a straight-up loony tunes who thinks she is responsible for this season's 'success.' I take her far less seriously than I do even Rinna. Oh Kyle's been kissing up to Erika for a while now, and Erika's doing the same with her. It is completely strategic: Kyle recognises a new wannabe 'Queen' and LVP replacement, while Erika has one eye firmly on Kyle's producing credit on BH. The way she rolled out the red carpet for Kyle at Mykonos spoke volumes. RHoA: Shocking Bob-Sheree revelation, and one I believe. Sheree's on-the-spot reaction to Bob's words was too spontaneous to be acting. Anyway, Sheree is a terrible actress. It's a shame she tried to discredit Kenya later in the episode when Kenya had her back, but on the whole, this is the first time I connected to Sheree as a human being. The last scene in the jewellery store... wow, Bob looked so bad. Not so much the laughing which seems like a nervous tick more than anything, but wanting to buy jewellery as a way of smoothing things over. Porsha is such trash, and as we all suspected, she finally admitted that she lied about the drug allegations. The way she shrugged it off and was like "You made me do it, when you start talking about my business, I will unleash" was a non-apology. She is awful. This should be her last season, surely? Also, look at her smug face here: Also wtf was this dental floss Phaedra was wearing?? The way she kept picking at her wedgie in front of Porsha's dude was nast. I'm not sure why Cynthia dipped her toe back in Peter's pond. I feel like she is playing with his feelings a bit.