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  1. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    You sure did! RHoOC is currently being repeated where I am. Currently we are on Season 7 which is when Vicki started dating Brooks, when Tamra pretended to be BFFs with Gretchen, when Heather joined, and when Alexis was the most annoying HW ever. I was never a fan of Wretched because I felt she was shady with her 'truth-telling.' I also couldn't stand Slade being the Peter of the OC franchise and felt both try-hards pulled down the franchise (if that's possible). However, she was also pretty human. I wouldn't necessarily be against her replacing Meghan, which would piss Tamra off. Tamra has been such a puppet-master all season, stirring the pot via her mini-me MegVile while pretending to be Vicki's closest friend.
    Damn. Anwar is HOT. Maybe this was what Mohammed looked like before he got paunchy and started doing the comb-over!
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  2. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Honestly, seeing that photo makes me... kind of want Nene on RHoBH? (Don't kill me). If Brandi is going to be a 'Friend Of,' there will be plenty of room for Nene to drag her. Especially because Kyle HAAAAATES Brandi and Nene & Kyle are tight. Plus I would be intrigued to see the LVP/Nene dynamic. I also think she would read Shanna's fake ass (God I wish "Twenny-Five THOUZIND" and Alison Dubois would show up too) but try and kiss up to Lisa Rinna and Eileen (for the job connections).
    Nene is nowhere near wealthy like Empress Lisa, Yolanda, Camille or Adrienne, but she still has some standing in that she actually did do legit acting jobs and clearly wants her career to progress further. She is currently on TV (as a talking head). Brandi didn't even have that, and she was a HW for a good 3 seasons.
    OK episode, considering. Shannon, I thought you had reached TMI zone with the affair revelation but clearly I was wrong! 
    Vicki gave an interview on the Periscope app ( --- btw I don't quite know what that is either). She said that she was in the Hot Seat at Reunion as far as being the hated housewife, but that she tried to keep her cool and answer the questions. She said that she and Shannon were not friends currently but she did feel they would find their way back to each other. She was non-commital about Tamra and that she was moving on from Brooks (one can only hope). Apparently Brooks had a one=on-one interview with Andy that was screened at Reunion and that Vicki was "disappointed" by Brooks decision to do it. Oooo wonder if she was scared Brooks would throw her under the bus for this cancer SL? 
    She also said that she was back in contact with GRETCHEN ROSSI and that when comparing her to Meghan, at least Gretch had a heart. Sounds to me like Vicki is hoping Gretch will come back and replace Meghan King Edmonds! And if it pisses Tamra off, all the better!
    She didn't indicate whether or not Meghan got dragged at Reunion for her shenanigans. That disappointed me. I was hoping that shark would be called out on her nasty crusade "for Justice" but it seems like Tamra and Heather have her ass protected. God I am so ready for this awful bore to be fired.
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  3. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I feel bad for Kim Fields. She has no clue in that trailer just how vicious and desperate it can get. The thirst is real, Kim! Am I the only one who thinks that Kim F and Kandi might actually get along as the lone somewhat-sane ones? 
    November feels a long ways away right now. ONly OC is holding the fort and I cannot bring myself to watch the latest episode. I cannot believe it is still more "Is Brooks cancerous?" and "David cheated." Who greenlit this awful waste of a 10th season? This should have been an awesome season and yet it is the worst it has ever been (and yes I remember Tammy Knickerbocker and her waste-of-space daughters). Vicki has already done the cancer SL, with Briana. The difference then was that the issue was sensitively handled, thanks in part to Briana's basically upbeat and matter-of-fact nature. They made it real without being morbid and without trivialising the subject. Here it is morbid and heavy -- and yet the issue of cancer has been totally trivialized and rendered meaningless.
    Regardless of whether Brooks/Vicki are lying, Meghan needs to be fired like yesterday. She is a shark-eyed excuse for a human being. It occurred to me that over the past few seasons, RHoOC had some pretty watchable housewives: Peggy Tanous, Lydia and especially Lizzie come to mind. They were, give or take some personal quirks, actually relatable human beings. However, I never fully understood how toxic the environment was until these ladies started getting run off the show. (Heather is resilient and a friend of Andy's so she has survived). Peggy got stampeded by that waste of good botox, Alexis. Lydia by the altercation between Ryan and her mother (and the producers probably put pressure on her not to make a big deal of it). Lizzie by Tamra's general awfulness. Now the OC has someone sordid and as opportunistic as Tamra, but dumber. I can't watch it. I need a better balance of personalities. If Meghan is there just to make Tamra look good by default, well, that's not enough.
    Sorry for the rant. LOL I guess I just needed to let that out. 
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  4. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Thanks! Wow Tootie's hair....  By contrast Kandi looks on point this season.
    That boat altercation looks very Pillow Talk Nightesque, and it better not let Rickshaw [(c) Cheap] off the hook in terms of her part in provoking it. She's trying so hard in that trailer to come at the women and 'bring it,' but she is making Phaedra look classy and that is some achievement.
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  5. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Ugh I can't watch the trailer wear I am. Damn you Bravo! It's only a trailer!
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  6. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Miss Lawrence also talked about why (s)he peaced out of RHoA recently:
    It's a classy way of putting it and can't say I really blame him. 
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  7. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Thank you for reminding me. This asswipe. The way he was bitching and moaning about that (very decent) house. Eddie looked like he wanted to kill him. Tamra clearly told Eddie that she would use her money and this was a non-negotiable, but the best thing she could do for Ryan is to let him fend for himself and his new family. He is so spineless too -- now that he impregnated his z-list starfucker babymama, he wants to cut and run. Tamra is obviously funding his home so he doesn't look like a complete creep and abandon this family (including her own granddaughter). What a [!@#$%^&*] mess. Ryan has always caused major trouble for Tamra and her relationships. On top of being dumb as a box of rocks and useless, he is an emotional manipulator. Probably because he is deeply insecure about his stature.
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  8. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    IA. It was another episode of cancer talk. I appreciate that Heather came out and talked to Vicki woman to woman about the whole situation, but the whole SL is a depressing mess. Even Meghan could not refrain from bringing up her cancer 'expertise' (and throwing that poor mother Leanne under the bus AGAIN) in the segment when buying her stepdaughter a new prom dress. This is a terrible idea for a single story and Meghan needs to be fired after she is raked over the coals at Reunion. Regardless of whether Brooks is lying or not. The only good bit was Lisa Rinna showing up to talk about HSN with Heather. Thank goodness for that ray of sunshine. Even her hair looked fab.
    I finally caught up on the NY 100th episode special which was a real treat. I truly love this show and the people currently involved. Even Kristen was funny and erudite. Ramona looks like she had a face lift and Aviva's hair is fabulous. You could tell Andy is emotionally invested in the women and this particular franchise. It struck me that as enjoyable as it was to see early clips of the show, I never want to see Jill Zarin, Kelly, Cindy and Alex on this show again. IMO the latest mix of women is a perfect balance and I love how NY has evolved as a franchise. I am sure I am alone in that view but after seeing the toxicity of OC, this was a welcome, fun, witty relief. 
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  9. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    TBH I think Ikon was so hyped because they and Winner were finalists on a hugely popular Xfactor type show, and even though the public went with Winner as the winning group, the head of YG never hid his preference for the other group he called Ikon. So YG released Winner quite quickly and they became a big hit, but he wanted to wait to release Ikon in the hopes they would eclipse Winner. You could argue that, even with this sub-standard pre-debut release, it has hit #1 on the Melon chart and will likely be huge for YG, They want Ikon to be the next Big Bang because Big Bang members will probably be heading to military service soon (SOB! TOP!). However, like you, Matt, I am hugely underwhelmed by this single.
    I guess I am spoiled because my bias boy group, EXO, released a pre-debut single too, called What is Love, and honestly it is one of my favorite songs of theirs ever. It might not be your thing because it is a ballad, but I just love the whole slow jam of it.
    I actually prefer the Chinese version, weirdly.
    Cheap, I think maybe it's time to get into Junho. I keep hearing great things but I've never been taken in by his stuff. Also, I love that black & white image of him on the album (kpop has the best album covers sometimes).
    YASS Cheap let Dumb Dumb grow on you! I also like the choreo to it.
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  10. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    I hear that SEVENTEEN are producing another batch of their albums because demand has outpaced supply! They really are the rookie kings right now.
    Taking a page out of EXO's Growl playbook with this school uniform/dance formations mv! I like that the female character actually has some spunk and isn't just some blushing doll as she is in MANY other boy band mvs. I also like their choreo. 

    I didn't know about the plagiarism, but the song and the mv has grown on me. IA tho that the album is not as good as Ice Cream Cake (Automatic! Something Kinda Crazy!) but there are some cool songs in it.
    Am I the only one disappointed by IKON's debut song? I found it and the video pretty basic. All that hype... I hope their proper debut single is more punchy.
    HyunA is honestly the sexiest bae in kpop right now. Her body is incredible and I am fully envious. Last year I wasn't sure about that monkey mv Red and HyunA twerking like a little awkward robot in red heels, but she seems much more comfortable in this Run and Run mv. It seems more her, and she is sexy without forcing it. I really like the mv, actually, and the 'home video/behind the scenes' style of it. I also love the song. Have you heard her other single Roll Deep, Cheap?
    That 4minute photoshoot looks really good. 
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  11. Cat added a post in a topic GH: Nancy Lee Grahn acts a fool, makes Buzzfeed   

    Nancy needs a vacation from Twitter and all social media for a little bit. She sounds like she is drunk tweeting and that is nagl.
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  12. Cat added a post in a topic RIP Jackie Collins   

    Omg poor Joan. And RIP Jackie. It wasn't so much your BLOCKBUSTER books I loved  [(c) Lucky Bitches -- French and Saunders] (though they were page-turners), it was what a great interviewer and wit and raconteur you were.
    She totally made it on her own, and she did it while gaining friends and admirers, not losing them. They don't make dames like her anymore. Her or Lauren Bacall ot Joan Rivers, I mean. :`(
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  13. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Thanks for your take on the Dubrow skincare line. I would have thought sunscreen would be a standard in the anti-aging day products and it always stuns me when I see major brands like Chanel or YSL push anti-aging creams with no SPF attached. I know they're trying to fix the line at a (slightly) more affordable price point but sometimes it just seems better to get some natural product like coconut oil and smear it on your face for hydration purposes!
    I have been watching Season 2 of Real Housewives of Melbourne, which I never caught up on! I've watched everything right up to the last episode (not including the Reunion episodes). My thoughts:
    -This franchise is glitzy, tacky, gloriously OTT, contrived at times, bitchy, but so, so fun. And at the end of the day, a lot of these women are true blue Australian sheilas in the best sense.
    - I was all ready to love Pettifleur and dislike Gamble at the beginning of the show. What a switcheroo as the show progressed. Gamble is funny, self-deprecating and winningly upfront. Pettifleur is mean, a poseur and a big-ass fake. The only point I actually warmed to her was when she danced her birthday tango at her winter wonderland party. LMAO as she wrapped her leg around that poor dancer's shoulder.
    - I still like Jackie but I worry that she will get too caught up in being what she thinks a Real Housewife should be and will lose the rock in her life -- her adorable husband.
    - I know people hate Lydia here and think she is a bore... well, I love to hate her. She's like Kyle in a lot of ways -- pretentious, condescending, dumb as a box of rocks, thinks she is hysterically funny -- but the difference is that I can't stand Kyle most of the time. Lydia in a lot of ways is hideous, and talks horribly about Gina especially in her VTs. She obviously thinks she is the second coming of Samantha Jones sometimes. And yet... I can't stop watching her. Ugh, I have such ratchet taste in HWs lol. 
    - Gina is... where to start? The eye of the hurricane. I love the fragile/strong woman she shows herself to be -- tough barrister but vulnerable when it comes to relationships. I liked her burgeoning friendship with Gamble. At the same time, she can just be so vicious in her put-downs. She is fundamentally insecure, as insecure as that vile Andrea in S1. I wish she wouldn't burn so many bridges on this show, or get caught talking out of turn about the few friends she has left. At the same time, the other women are so ready to pounce on her every word or action and twist it against her. 
    - Janet is a big gossip but she owns it and I love her for that. I was LMAO at her reaction to Gina's shoe-line. Chyka (who I also love) had a good point about not being asked to use their names for shoes, but the Janet had the truest reaction. "I don't care about that! All I care about is that I got the ugly nana shoe!"
    Bring on Season 3!
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  14. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Oh! P.s.: Did anybody catch Meghan and Jim walking into the Goat party, and Meghan waving like she was the Queen of England and Jim saying "Why are you waving at no one?"

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  15. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Preach. I cannot stand that Meghan is making me defend Brooks of all people, but her Crusade for Knowledge, Justice and the Truth via the bottom-feeding blogs of the internet is wack. This vile person will literally say and do anything to remain 'relevant' on this show, including inferring someone is faking their cancer while simultaneously throwing an actual cancer sufferer (now deceased) under the bus for not parenting correctly. I thought Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi were bad but seriously, Miss Know-It-All needs to get gone. She is hideous. Seeing her husband Jim realize it with every passing second she opens her mouth is the only thing even vaguely entertaining.
    Tamra is so ratchet. And so is her layabout son. No wonder Eddie doesn't want to work his ass off to prop up that free-loader.
    I don't know what to think about Heather and Shannon at the moment tbh. This show is depressing at the moment. Only one storyline and it's all about cancer. It's not as bad as Season 4 RHoBH but it's up there.
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