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  1. She does, and don't forget how competitive she gets with LVP! One thing I will say for both Adrienne and Paul (I have a soft spot for Paul Massif!) -- when TayShana was dealing with abusive Russell and he was threatening to sue Camille, A&P took a stand at the white party. IMO it was the right stand, because it forced TayShana to finally seek a divorce, for her own and her daughter's safety. IA that it hasn't been the same since Carlton/Joyce season. The production values took a real fall that season, and everything looked and felt cheap and tacky. When Yolanda tried to pretend that Ken laid hands on her, that was a real low. Brandi especially brought the season down throughout. I guess this answers my question about whether she should come back! lol lol sorry! I was just thinking out loud. I am avoiding CBB because I can't bear to hear her defensive gutter mouth so I guess that speaks volumes. After s10?? I wouldn't mind if Bethenny doesn't come back after this season! It might bring Jill and Aviva back sooner! And I say this after having watched the first part of reunion. Bethenny seemed much better, calmer, more compassionate. I liked the overall feeling of the reunion thus far: it was non-toxic (the LuTom carnage apart) and I like the way these women enjoy and relate to each other. I read some comments on Reality Tea calling for Ramona to be fired. However, I really liked her this episode. I thought she was true to herself but also owned up to her faults (though I side-eyed the abuse excuse). Ramona and Bethenny are different sides of the same coin, which is why it seems so off for Skeletor to be attacking Ramona for the very things she does herself (says awful things to people, uses her bad childhood to deflect criticism, etc). The outfits were all over the place this reunion, but I do think Ramona and Skeletor have had fabulous facelifts, and Luann's face also looks sensational. Best hair has to go to Bethenny and Carole. Tinsley's look is awful, and Sonja looks a sloppy mess. I am so ready to FFed this 'insincere party' accusation from Sonja next week.
  2. The lady who had to bring into work her copy of a business degree for a white coworker to "examine" ... The humiliation, the denigration! All so an insecure white dude can feel 'bigger' than her.
  3. It's a general refusal of personal responsibility and accountability which seems to characterise these people. It's always somebody else's fault that their life is in the shitter and they beat their kids. Mexican illegals! Black peoples! Big Government! Never their own actions. I remember an analyst saying that the reason those same folks would go after Michelle Obama is because they would claim that her efforts to combat obesity with Let's Move! were targeted and aimed at 'humiliating' them. And they hated that this black female was telling them to take a walk and not shovel cancer-causing foods into their pie-hole. The horror! They are getting defensive because they know that their silent acceptance of this destructive regime gives it oxygen to live. It is exactly as Martin Luther King described almost 50 years ago:
  4. "The problem is the PEOPLE." And we all know how Nazi Germany dealt with people who were 'problematic.' She totally outed herself before this point, but the mention of "choose to be straight" (by implication, others 'choose' to be gay!) tells me everything I need to know about this highly defensive person.
  5. And @Nothin'ButAttitude ! Who is a longtime BH watcher. My thoughts? I am not sure Camille has it in her to be a total thoughtless bitch again. Or at the very least roll out Alison Dubois for another Dinner Party! So as usual, we will be relying on rumor-mongerer and proven liar Lisa Rinna to provide the fireworks. I feel like the current cast may be past their sell-by date. Just like many NY fans are baying for Ramona and/or Sonja to be cut from the show, so I wonder if LVP and Kyle should sign off. I love LVP and Kyle's family drama is the stuff dirty Hollywood secrets are made of, but I think LVP has lost her lustre since season 6, and Kyle should stick to nurturing her family. But hey, I'll still be watching. These women always surprise me somehow! This is random, but I would like to see Dorit and Erika to develop a friendship and both let their guards down. Is Brandi Glanville ready for a comeback on BH? Hmmm. Another random thought: Yolanda should have returned, if only to be exposed for her duplicity. She was a scheming piece of work. The more I think about her illness, the quickie divorce payout, the way she manages her two model girls (for what kind of life, I don't know)... something in the buttermilk ain't clean. David Foster brought her legitimacy, but she no longer has that to cover herself with. I would LOVE Kathryn back! Truly lovely, open person with a legit OJ Hollywood background. Gone too soon, sigh. I wonder if Erika and Eileen ousted her, because LVP and Kyle seemed to like her. Obviously I 100% agree with your words about Bethenny. This has been my bugbear with her the past two seasons. She has too much power, Andy abides by her every dictate, and this is no longer an ensemble. I crave the balance of seeing all these women equally and both their good and bad sides. Remember how we were allowed to make up our own minds about Jill? Silex? Ramona? Luann and the count? Instead, I feel like I'm being FORCED by production to love Bethenny (the so-called 'funny abrasive voice of reason b!tch') and hate Ramona (who has always been crazy, drunk, borderline Aspergers, and an affront to civilised behaviour -- why is this a shock only now?). This makes me stubbornly want to do the opposite actually. Plus, if they do get rid of Ramonja, who will be left? Bethenny going after Luann like Cujo? Dorinda trying to drunkenly mediate? Tinsley and Carole doing f*ck all? Don't get me wrong, I love that Tinsley found a genuinely wonderful man, and that Carole set her up with him. Carole did something kind because she actually likes Tinsley. Sadly, neither are remotely interesting enough for 19 episodes. (P.S.: However, getting rid of that whey-faced, mumble-mouthed, hipster manbun was a good move by Carole. She only dated him because he was young and this made her feel validated. I can understand, but honestly he wasn't all that and a bag of gluten-free vegan chips).
  6. Who ya calling height challenged?? Don't mess with the chihuahua; you'll get the claws.
  7. Is he serious about launching a music career? Or is this just a 'gift to mah fans' ? He reminds me of a yodelling bear.
  8. Omg... They banned you for that??? I don't even understand how your very reasonable suggestion is a bannable offense! Actually, Lily & Adam would have been a great idea. I also remember there was this dream sequence where Victor went to an alternate reality GC, and Lily was married to Nick Newman and living the trophy wife lifestyle. They had some good chemistry, too.
  9. OK, I enjoyed the S2 opener -- and I previously vowed never to watch this show again! S1 Dallas was such an odd bird. It didn't seem to fit in the RH pantheon with the farting and dog sh!t stuff. And LeeAnne played up to camera way too much for my liking. Everybody else was just obliterated by her outsize personality. What I liked about this episode is it LOOKS like a RH show. It LOOKS expensive. Seeing the real estate porn, especially Kameron's house, reminded me of the good old days of BH with the swivelling camerawork of gorgeous interiors and walk-in closets. IA D'Andra and Kameron are good additions. I liked Kameron a bit more than I did in the teaser. but I hope this pink dog food story doesn't run the whole season. I'm not interested. D'Andra and her hot hubbie and FABULOUSSSSSSS mother who is seriously channeling some Tammy Faye Bakker are a WIN for me. As someone with a strong mother, I can recognise the dynamics, and it is interesting to watch -- if a little painful at times (like the way D'Andra suddenly turns on her lovely husband and his way of buttering his toast when she sees her mother side-eye it). Brandi's face looks like it is melting off and revealing the Cabbage Patch Doll underneath. When her highly disinterested husband Bryan showed up to bed and she was lying there like she'd just woken up in full coal-black eyeshadow and fake lashes, I was like . Last season, Bryan HATED her, and I find his newfound 'love' for her totally fake. I remember reading somewhere a theory that Bryan last season was in love with Travis (Stephanie's husband) and that's why he couldn't stand to touch his wife. Travis was oblivious to this. It makes me view the dynamic between the two couples in a whole new way lol. I would be for Brandi in this Stephanie-Brandi fight, except that she won't even tell Stephanie what the issue is?? That says to me that she doesn't want to repair the friendship but would rather drag out the fight for the cameras. BYE! I have always secretly liked Cary for being a full-blown beyotch who BJed her way to being a plastic surgeon's wife when he was already married. She is a shark-eyed gold-digger, but she is also sometimes the voice of reason on this show. I'm not sure if I miss Tiffany as a full HW, but I did 100% buy her friendship with LeeAnne was ride-or-die.
  10. As someone who is currently watching Knot's Landing for the first time ever (I am on the season where Paige has shown up, Olivia is getting into cocaine and Evil Peter is making the moves on her!), I really hope OC builds and builds into some good interactions! Maybe I'm just being too mean and picky today. Sometimes as a soap fan I fall into a trap of being cynical about everything.
  11. omg I remember those times on SON! MuichaelMuhneyFan? Wasn't that the posting name?? What a time to be alive. And when the Hunter King news slipped out, this board went BONZO. I think the thread went on for like 40 pages. It was crazy and it was nuts and there was mucho rejoicing. Except, possibly, for sad MuhneyFan. Of course Hunter King was the reason for his eventual dismissal, and I believe Hunter's parents got involved, and that's when CBS sent him packing. Not before he'd posted some nearly-nude pics on his Twitter, though. However, HK (and the character of Summer) seems to have moved on from the show, and since then, I've seen ominous calls for Michael Muhney's return. Since Greg Rikaart returned, we know that a handful of fans and loyal friends behind the scenes can bring unwanted actors back onto the show, especially when a relatively new EP is helming things. I was stating that even with MM 'fans' begging for his return, Eric Braeden would likely put the kabosh on that.
  12. I can't either! It's not that I enjoy the fake, toxic stuff where they are thrown together all the time. IMO that was a problem with NYC this season. I do enjoy the organic stuff where they do their own thing. In fact, RHOC under Scott Dunlop's production excelled at this in the first six seasons of the show. We saw all the ladies dealing with work and families, and these were running stories through the season. Tamra and Simon Barney even screamed "DIVORCE!" on camera in the back of a limo! By contrast, this and the last episode felt like strictly filler for me. Vicki moving office is hardly scintillating. Is this the way it is going to be all the way through to episode 16 when they are finally forced together on a cast trip? Isolated and yet unable to do anything organically except incessantly b!tch about each other? Peggy, bless her, looks so confused because she barely knows these women and they barely care about getting to know her. It is all about V vs S/T.
  13. @Nothin'ButAttitude OK, you are making me want to watch Dallas more than OC! OC is a chore. All the good stuff appears to be happening off camera (like Tamra's fight with Sidney, or that BJ allegation). The problem is also Vicki and Shannon/Tamra's refusal to film with one another. This leaves anyone not called "Shannon," "Tamra" or "Victoria" running between the two sides like minions. In fact, that is Kelly Dodd's actual job description this year. I'm not that keen on Vicki either at the moment. And of course Tamra is trash, but all she has to do is bring up her Chrishun Pasture and her chirrun, and she will have a certain segment of the audience eating out of her hand. Religion + motherhood = the great white-washer! I have no clue what Lydia and Peggy are supposed to be doing in all this. I've seen rocks act more excitingly. Not to agree with Shannon, but I sort of wish Heather was back instead of those two. Speaking of Shannon when you spoke about 'Meganeck,' for one awful second, I thought you were talking about Batgirl (above) ! I am over Meghan who has reverted back to her S10 "Scrappy Doo lectures everybody about charity and family and cancer" persona. She stays trying to bait and is hopelessly arrogant -- hopelessly because what has she got to be arrogant about? Yes, her baby is adorable, but Jimmy clearly cannot stand her flat ass.
  14. I assume that as long as Eric Braeden is on this show, Michael Muhney will not be returning. Also, Justin Hartley was liked and embraced by a lot of the audience. It might be a leap of faith too far to introduce yet another Adam recast. Will he have had plastic surgery again?? He ain't needed. I kind of wish AH would also go tbh. She is like a little damp cloud sucking all the air out of every scene she is in.