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  1. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Thanks NBA! IA with Cheap. I like Eileen a lot but last season she looked bitter and angry and like she was doing YolErika's handywork. FOH is probably best for her. Maybe she and Faye could switch places.
    Carole looks contrived af. Proof money can't buy you cla-asss. She looks like a down-and-out wicked witch.
    Everybody else looks spectacular, especially Bethenny, Ramona and Jules.
    Finally watched last week's episode, Carole and Bethenny are such mean girls. I can't.
    I can understand Bethenny's fear of getting to close to somebody with an eating disorder, but the way she dismissed Jules' very genuine defense of herself was mean. I still say B and Carole are lowkey gunning for another Jules relapse, for some morbid amusement of their own.
    The Countess stays boss, as usual. I loved her scene with Ramona at the end, as they strolled through the Upper East Side arm in arm. Bethenny was so mad that Lu got engaged in Vail -- I bet she was hoping for LuAnn would do it in front of the cameras, so that she could accuse her of opportunism and making it 'all about her.' As opposed to, you know, All About Bethenny.
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  2. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Get that prime NY real estate next to Andy, LuAnn! Also: Dorinda hopefully backing up Lu. Dorinda is love.
    I hope Bethenny and Carole are thoroughly called out on their mean antics at Reunion. I haven't watched the latest episode yet but apparently they also went after Jules in the epi and forced her to admit that she purged recently. It sounded ugly on their part.
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  3. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I know! It made me really mad the way she reached out to say hi to Meghan on the beach -- Meghan who was basically driving the train last season to railroad Vicki! BTW, I still can't believe Meghan was given another season. Not only is she hugely unpopular, but watching her inject herself for 3 minutes and bitch about her phobia of needles is also deeply boring. Jim looks as checked out of that marriage as David did two years ago.
    Shannon just will not let go of her resentment of Vicki, she basically treats her just like her husband. IA that David is incredibly relaxed and happy-looking at the moment. I don't know whether it is because he is about to leave his wife or whether he is now cool with being hen-pecked. But sometimes I worry that Shannon will wake up in the middle of the night with David standing over her with a pillow.
    Tamra's transparent Jesus talk makes me think that she must be desperate to stay on the show and ingratiate herself with church-going Middle America. In the past three seasons, people have really been gunning for her to be fired.
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  4. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    That's probably what made me most uncomfortable about the episode -- the hint of S5-7. I still get hives from those seasons. You best believe that Jaq is going to play victim and seek out a feud with Tre in order to stay relevant on this show (how else is she going to pay for the face lift??). 'On Display' also knows that victim-playing with Teresa is the way to go now that her music career is dead and buried. Lord knows Melissa has some kind of saint complex, so best believe we will be seeing her suffering nobly and keepin it tugethuh for the sake of da fambly.
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  5. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    RHoNJ: Dolores and Siggy seem to be a good fit so far. Siggy especially is too fabulous. The two people I can't stand are Jaqueline and Melissa. Jaq must be the most self-absorbed woman in NJ -- everything is about HER HER HER. She and Chris (still hot btw) are in dodgy financial straits but she's planning her next face-lift? Ok. The way she belittled Teresa's note makes her still seem emotionally stuck in high school.
    And Melissa is fake as usual. Totally unconvinced by her 'heartwarming' family scenes, especially with Gorga Senior who looks like he can barely stand to look at her. Also I don't really need to see that much of Joe Gorga. Ever.
    I cried when Tre came home, walked into the kitchen and gave Juicy a hug. Then her girls came running and jumped on her. It felt truly real compared with the Gorga stuff and all the contrived sh*t from season's past. As crim as the Giudices are, I will always love watching their family the best. I have a fondness for Juicy. I think he loves his daughters a lot even when shouting at them or snarking with Gia. Meanwhile, Gia is amazing and as young as she is, I admire the way she became another mother for her sisters while Tre was in jail.
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  6. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    LuAnn is so spectacular this season, I can't even. I love that she called them out, and the way she called them out was so genuine. She was clearly hurt, but at the same time has enough belief in herself that she can walk away and say 'I don't need people like you poisoning my life.' I really love her this season. The past few seasons in fact. Yes, even during the Pirates of the Caribbean mess.

    London, I would LOVE it if Cynthia and Leon reconnected. I remember a few seasons back, Leon was invited to some fashion show she was doing in NY Fashion Week; the way he looked at her walk the runaway, it was like there were stars in his eyes. He was appreciating this womanly Cynthia doing her thing while Peter was busy whining about her fibroids and 'weight gain' being a dampener on their sex life. All I could think was 'Run, Cynthia! Go hang out with this guy who seems to take you seriously and loves spending time with Noelle!' Btw, I don't know if you read Tamara Tattles but a few months back she posted the following Blind Item which sounds a lot like it was about Cynthia and Leon. One can only hope!

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  7. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    I like Curious too with the guitar as main musical instrument!
    Lives have started. This is today's from Music Bank. I like Ribbon better live (though the Little Lord Faunteleroy shirt Yoseob and others were wearing....  ):

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  8. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    Wow! This song gives me definite 12.30 vibes, like it was written by the same songwriters and producers. The end part was unexpected. Just when I thought it was about to finish, they come back with that little... segment, lol. 
    In some ways, I don't blame them for going back to the style and sound of one of their bigger hits. 12.30 was a great song, and this def sounds like BEAST. I also get that Beast want this cb to be a success, especially after Hyunseung left and Cube dismantled 4Minute. My only concern is that the audience may view this kind of song as outdated. That is a shame because I am already exhausted by the 1,001 girl groups dressed as cutesy schoolgirls. I am also exhausted by SM's embrace of EDM as the only musical genre in the world. Apart from Monster and Sistar's I Like That, kpop is releasing some boring songs right now.
    When is Beast's first live stage? I hope they win some of the music shows. I also want to see what the choreography looks like in a live setting.
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  9. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Tamra is a nasty piece of work (as we all know). And Ryan is cut from the same cloth. He hasn't changed since he was a teen. Always playing Tamra against her husband du jour. The only difference with Tamra is, he is chronically lazy. Fatal combination.
    What a boo boo Terry and Heather made about Terry operating on 3 hours' sleep. That's like asking for a lawsuit in an industry where medical malpractice suits are career-killing.
    Jury's still out on Kelly. Obviously she's watched the show and knows Vicki is the person to ally yourself with. I'm not sure how genuine an image she is presenting.
    Shannon has made a grave error and that is (1) buying into her own popularity hype, and (2) taking everything personally to the nth degree on a quasi-scripted show like RH. She will be left out in the cold when Tamra and Heather pull the rug from under her and get back with Vicki.
    Meghan who? What is this giraffe nobody doing on my screen?
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  10. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    This is the first time I've been excited about RHONJ in, like, 5 years. It is giving me old school vibes. I'm so glad those awful twins and that other one with the thug husband were sent packing.

    LOL as soon as they launched into the blood chat, I swear I could FEEL every male, gay or straight, (and a couple of females) switch channels.
    I thought the way Bethenny and Carole treated Jules was disgusting. Look, it's clear something is going on. Jules's marriage is self-destructing, she probably has zero appetite and is super stressed. She is also very, very intimidated by Bethenny. I feel that these Two Bitches prodding Jules about her food issues might trigger a falling off of the wagon for Jules. A mean part of me thinks B&C would love that, just so they could be 'proved right' about her anorexia. Another mean part of me thinks that B&C are extremely competitive with Jules about her thinness and food issues in a weird way. Both are pretty twiglike themselves.
    Dorinda makes me love her so much this episode. She was such a good friend to both Jules and Sonja (not to mention Bethenny last episode). This is why Dorinda is such a good addition to the franchise. Messiness aside (and who isn't messy on RHoNY?), Dorinda has lived a great life and she is kind. She is a mother hen to these women, and that warmth is very much needed on a show where the relationships can be very sharp and caustic.
    Luann is so boss in another great suit and her statement necklace. I can't wait for next week when she shades them all. Honestly, do B&C have any fans left? They are coming across awfully this season.
    Oh, and Bethenny handing her blood-stained pillow to her sweet chauffeur for 'cleaning' was BARF INDUCING.  I would rather burn the damn thing than ever show a period-stained pillow to anybody! She's rich enough to just get rid of the thing!
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  11. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    @Cheap21 Those charts make me sad because it feels like SM are trying to push Lay further away from being important to EXO and more on his individual commitments. He deserves to have as many lines as Chen in the M version of the album -- after all, he is the only native Mandarin speaker left in the group!
    BTW @Cheap21 BEAST dropped their new mv Butterfly! It's a ballad like I've heard them sing before, but the whole group looks so pretty. I feel like it's almost acknowledging the loss of Hyunseung to fans, but that it is also time of moving on in terms of the sad feel of the ballad. It also ends a bit suddenly for me lol. Still, it is only the pre-release and may not be the main single released to promote the album.
    And hey, they even gave the pretty one some lines to sing.
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  12. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I lost 42 minutes of my life watching a fake-ass doggy wedding promoted by Cawole?? And why wasn't ugly-ass Adam there to serve vegan treats to the doggies?
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  13. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I saw. Those blind items were giving me LIFE last night (although I believe Bubbles = Sonja, not LuAnn, and the Girardis may be offering her legal advice!). I swear, don't trifle with Erika Jayne , bitches. She does not play. Bethenny has been so mean and arrogant lately that it is kind of fun to see somebody about as rich as her putting her in her place, because God knows nobody on RHoNY is.

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  14. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Holy sh!t Nene! She looks like a completely different person!
    If you squint she looks like Lil Kim @ 5 surgeries ago.
    One thing I will say, her eyes look really pretty in those screen shots. I don't know if that is due to surgery or great make-up.
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  15. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    @Cheap21 Same, I thought they were solid too but it looks like Cube just wanted Hyuna to stay and the others to go.
    The rumor is that CEO Hong of Cube who put together Beast and 4Minute among other groups (and who wanted 4minute to always have a strong girl group concept) got sick two years ago and stepped down from their duties. A management company stepped in and cut costs and basically tried to run Cube like it was a low-cost, high-profit organisation. It's basically why Beast took it upon themselves to record and produce their own stuff because the copmpany wasn't offering them any help for promotions. 
    4Minute killed their Crazy comeback in 2015, but Act 3/Hate underperformed in 2016. So, because of one disappointing comeback, the management company decided 4minute was unprofitable. They decided to kill the group and only offer Hyuna a solo contract because she still makes them money, not just in terms of selling albums but also with her endorsements. The other 4 members were pushed out, basically. they have also unfollowed Hyuna on their respective Instagrams.  
    It makes me so sad because apparently if CEO Hong was still there, he would never have let 4minute disband and would probably have promoted Hate differently too (i.e. made it a summer release). I also wish Hyuna would have gone with the rest of the members and maybe 4minute could have joined another entertainment company like JYP (even though that company has a ton of girl groups already).
    IMO 4minute were one of the better gg out there vocally, visually, dance-wise and I always liked their strong bond and concepts which were never cutesy or boring.
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