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  1. I have finally caught up on LoL. I really love this show! Not that I live their lifestyle, but the locations mean a lot to me because I live here, too. I walk past Caroline Fleming's townhouse in Chelsea almost every evening home from work (it is gorgeous with a HUGE glossy black front door and literally a beautiful jungle of ivy and plants outside her front window). Their friendships are fairly authentic; as Caroline Stanbury said, she's known most of the group excluding Julie for about 20 years. It's not as if we didn't already know that Juliet is an awful person. I used to joke that if you open the dictionary at 'mediocre,' Juliet's picture would illustrate the entry. But the last few episodes we can see what a truly jealous, vile person she is too. I can only imagine that Juliet's innate mediocreness has finally caught up with her. She now realizes that next to the other women, she is completely lacking brains, sparkle, character, looks, home, money, and connections (as snobby as it sounds). She has nothing to offer except as Stanbury's lapdog and even then Caroline looks like she is over it. Seeing her go after a post-partum-depressed Marissa was a new low even for this dumb-dumb, and a producer must have eventually clued her in to how badly she was coming across, because she spent the rest of the episode trying to make it up to her. I love Sophie (and her gorgeous hair) but she is too much of a people-pleaser. IA with all of you about Caroline Fleming. IMO she is the most watchable lady this season. I love her kookiness, humor, no-nonsense attitude and boho-aristo demeanour. And her wardrobe! Having the husbands join them in Scotland made for a nice ending to the episode. It was nice to see and hear Cem, and I finally understood why he and Caroline S are a couple. They seem a good fit, and he calms her.
  2. You're right. Apart from Nene back in the day, none of the women are tight with Marlo. They enjoy her on a superficial level but always keep her at arms length. Every one of them views her as a rival and/or trouble. She would def need an ally/allies.
  3. lol I do think when she is asked to bring drama, Marlo more than steps up to the plate! I would personally love if some of the other women would 'discuss' where Marlo's wealth comes from. But yeah, probably Sheree and Phaedra are the only ones who would film with her outside of the cast trips. For now. Unless Kenya and Nene fall out with each other again.
  4. That entire WWHL interview was the BEST Nene has been in the past 3-4 years. Gone was the major grumpy attitude; Nene was invested in answering the questions and in RHoA. And that says to me that she really REALLY wants her job back. Because, IRS. I think she should return, as Sheree and some of the SLs are not really cutting it for me. I kind of wish she could still show up for the rest of this season. If I were Carlos King/Andy Cohen, and Nene was begging me to be reinstated, I would kick out Porsha and Phaedra to make room for Nene and Marlo. Marlo is clearly thirsting for a fight with both Nene and Kenya. Sheree can be a FOH. Unfortunately, Phaedra is probably not going anywhere, as Carlos King seems to be pinning his hopes on the Feds eventually indicting Phaedra and the Bravo cameras being there to capture the fallout.
  5. Wow. LW is always a pro when talking about her colleagues, including the ones she may not always be close with BTS. Her shade is a thing of beauty, and if he pissed Wright off, he must have REALLY annoyed the sh*t out of MB, FV and others. Also the added shade of Soaphub using the ugliest, zittiest picture of him that they could find of him.
  6. It's a good interview, and I like the questions. I also appreciated the honest answers.
  7. This episode of RHoBH was the first one this season where I felt excited about what I was watching. The interactions felt real, and fun. First Dorit. I'm not a fan. But she won me over this week. Everything from her multiple talks with Eileen (because Rottweiler cannot let a damn thing go) to full-out coming onto Eden (if Eden had said yes, you know Dorit would have). Dorit expressed herself well and clearly and I could, finally, understand her POV and not dismiss her as LVP's mouthpiece. I especially loved her at Game Night -- on her own, Dorit must be fun to hang with, a bit of a gossip, too. Kim. Now, I cannot stand Kim. Season's 4 and 5, she was particularly heinous, but I think it's when I read that she got high/drunk at Brooke's wedding celebration in Mexico and started screaming at her daughter and son-in-law and totally ruined her daughter's big day. Because nobody is allowed to be happy if the ageing child-star isn't! Strike two was after moving her other daughter Kimberly into college for the Bravo cameras in season 4, she pulled her out of school a few months later so that Kimberly could be at her mother's beck-and-call fulltime. Her daughter was 18 and already expected to be her mom's caregiver/sober companion. I find that selfishness of the highest order. This lizard has never taken accountability for a damn thing, and the obfuscation by Kyle, Kathy and the rest of the family only allows Kim to keep falling back into a pit of alcohol and 'anxiety medication.' Having said that, I truly think if anybody can guilt Kim into keeping it together, it might be her grandbaby. She misses the cuddles and having babies be utterly dependent on her for a change. I also thought she handled Lipsa well this episode and that it wasn't an incoherent screaming match, thankfully. She also was the lone voice of reason about pantygate. Like, who cares?? Erika did amazingly considering the ice princess has no real sense of humor about herself sometimes. She kept quiet and I can't fault her for wanting people to just stop yapping about her snatch. I go back and forth on Erika. I adore her, but she is as strategic as LVP. Eileen def wants her girl crush Erika to notice her, but Erika is ever so slightly edging away from the absolutist Eileen. Looks like next week Erika is trying to win over Kyle by taking her to Mykkonos (smart move, given that Kyle is an EP of RHOBH!). Eileen came across very badly this ep, trying to start trouble where there really was none. Camille had her pegged exactly right. The dismissive way she talked to Kim in front of everybody was not a good look. Lipsa and Rottweiler do more than just 'bounce off each other.' They full-out strategize and plot to bring up sh*t. Of course that was pretty evident last season but it's clear as day in this episode. That eyeroll they shared was pretty high school too, and there was really no reason for it when everybody else was getting along so well. Maybe that was the trouble -- people were getting along too well for Eileen's liking. I *LOVE* Eden so far. Sorry. I over-wrote again.
  8. lol I said 'used to.' USED TO think he looked like a goblin! Eventually I got sucked into the Tom Eplin aura. He dominated AW for well over a decade as THE show's leading male sex symbol, with good reason. He had a twinkle in his eye, and always had crazy chemistry with his on-screen partners. He exuded a lot of sexy swagger. What can I say, I was a young, dumb kid once
  9. Ugh, I forgot that other soap killa also helmed this show, and during its last year too. I felt like every time I tuned in, Paulina & Joe were on lol. Yeah, AW had hot guys... more importantly, the show had actors who committed to the love stories and the love scenes. By that I mean they didn't only have beefcake just showing up because, y'know, MUSCLES. The romance could be very swoony and sensual on AW. I used to think Tom Eplin looked like a goblin, but even I can't deny his topless/love scenes with Judi Evans were excellent. Then there was Paul Michael Valley and Anne Heche who used to light a fire by just looking at each other. Perhaps Jill Farren Goutman should have promoted that sexual chemistry instead of a promo which looks like the most brightly-lit gay bar in the world.
  10. OMG this entire promo has JFP's fingerprints all over it! A generic rip-off of 'current popular music trends' ? Check. That 90s styling, the pinnacle of Jill's Signature Style? Check. A studio set stolen from In Living Color? Check. A promo featuring ALL MEN because female characters suck? CHECK. I wonder if Tom Eplin and Stephen Schnetzer were dying a little inside when they shot this?
  11. IA! I loved her as a FOH last season trying to shade Kenya (and saying she'd get her house finished within 8 months ). I also liked that came to all the parties and even showed up at Reunion at the end of the couch to whisper to Kandi! But she has nothing going on and even as a sh*t-stirrer she's not that interesting... she's more a SL-driver at the behest of the producers and less about really stirring the pot.
  12. I want to give Kenya the benefit of the doubt because over the past couple of years, Kenya has been manhandled by two other men -- there was the Pillow Party where that guy charged her (blocked by Brandon before he was beat up by Apollo Nida) and then last season when that high-as-a-kite athlete got physically threatening and ended up punching the lights out of his 'aunt' Tammy. Both times, members of the cast said that Kenya provoked the situation and had it coming. I feel the opposite for many reasons. Even Kandi said at last season's Reunion that Kenya does a lot of crazy stuff, but that guy's actions were unacceptable and if it had been any other woman, the HWs would have been up in arms. You can say that there is no smoke without fire, and that each time a violent incident occurs, Kenya is usually the common denominator. I don't think Kenya is some innocent flower either -- she is shady and manipulative. Her first season on ATL, she was playing Apollo & Phaedra's marriage and it was SO WRONG. However, many men can smell the manipulations, and can and should walk away without a word. Matt keeps coming back and keeps losing his cool and smashing stuff. It reminds me of what Jimmy Edmonds on the OC said about how when a man gets in your face, you (as a man) can hit them, but if it's a woman you just have to go "whatever" and leave it be. I think Matt should take that advice. He has issues to be upset about, sure, namely what he is willing for Bravo to film. But there is a way to deal with this, and he is acting out and it is not good. Walter dealt with it better imo. I do agree that Kenya needs to cut ties with him. From what I heard, Matt smashed her garage a second time in August (which is shown on next week's show) but they were still together at Thanksgiving which they spent as a couple with Kandi & Todd. Maybe ChitHappens is right and this entire story/relationship is all for show. If so, I would be disappointed in Kenya, especially after she was targeted by violent people three times on this show, and in incidents which were 100% real. All this reminds me how much I liked Brandon and wish he was back on the show! Heh I'd argue she maybe shouldn't have been given a peach this season. I still feel she has nothing to offer. At least in the early seasons we got Who gonna check me boo? and the increasingly wild delusions of She By Sheree and Chateau Sheree. Nowadays, Sheree is so indebted, and her poor reputation when it comes to payment precedes her, so she is forced to rely on Bob Whitfield for any kind of SL (if you can call working out a SL). Everybody knows that the 'Chateau' is nowhere near habitable. There is no heating or air con. There is a serious water ingress problem which contractors cannot fix (or Sheree simply hasn't called any because, agina, money). The house was given a quick paint job and some borrowed furnishings by Bravo in order to have the season finale party which Production wanted so badly. There was a not-so-blind item on TT yesterday where landscapers who did her yard for the party are now suing for payment, along with half of Atlanta. Sheree has no income other than RHoA and somehow that paycheck is meant to cover her huge debts, get-rich-quick schemes and her crazy over-spending! #EverybodyKnows
  13. This whole Johnnie Files A Lawsuit story feels SO contrived, from Kandi's smiley 'acting' when she fired him, to him showing up at Phaedra's rented space office. Atlanta used to be a lot better at hiding the seams of its fabricated stuff but this year, not so much. I really am trying to support Kandi for exposing Teflon Phaedra but it's a little hard when the fake stuff is so obvious and her hangers-on (Don Juan, Todd, Mama Joyce) are so vile. Gotta give it to Phaedra, the way she sweet-talked her way out of any involvement in those talking heads was a thing of beauty. Porsha's audition as a porn actress (not to mention that egg string hanging out of her coochie last week -- giving me Brandi Glanville tampon flashbacks), and Sheree & Bob's workout = more fake scripted contrivance. The only thing that was real was Bob sweating buckets. Everytime I see that poor guy, he is literally overheating. I can dig Sheree as a trashy author tho. And omg I *LIVED* for that Dwight flashback! I really miss Dwight and Miss Lawrence and even Derek the Hair Hobbit. Cynthia looked a MILLION DOLLARS walking into Club One, and Peter thinking he had a remote chance of hitting that one last time just underscores how delusional he is. He lost the best chick he will probably ever have, looks and otherwise. You know what? I buy that Matt is a rageaholic. No guy, no matter how much Kenya paid him, would let themselves be portrayed this way on national TV. That man has deep insecurities, a controlling nature and bad anger issues. Don't think he wasn't imagining Kenya's face when he punched that driver through the window. I like Kenya a lot and don't think she deserves this.
  14. I can't believe I am going to say this but... I would be ok with Jill Zarin coming back, along with Aviva. Both were toxic and desperately needed a break from the show. I would hope Aviva doesn't run her mouth off again trying to ruin people's RL jobs (otherwise she may get served) -- but GOD wouldn't her appearance piss off Carole so badly! And Bethenny would lose her mind! I only ask that Kelly Bensimon stay far, far away. What an awful human being. Nene is desperately needed on RHoA, but Kim Zolciak isn't. I doubt she'd return anyway. Don't Be Tardy makes her money and suits her lazy ass from a scheduling perspective. While we are on the subject of HW returns, I honestly wouldn't mind TayShanna and Kathryn back as a FOH (both were fired too soon IMO -- Yolanda forced TayShanna out after season 3) and -- deep breath -- Brandi. Yes, I said it. Brandi would piss everybody off. Kim Richards can stay away, tho. I find her a spoiled, entitled, vicious person. Her pitting Kathy against Kyle as a way of keeping Kyle 'in line' re: Kim's non-existent sobriety was unconscionable.