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  1. I know, I don't understand why they are cutting down on the specially composed background music for the show. I always knew by the music who was going to be on screen even before they appeared. I remember Kim Z got some farty sounding music that weirdly fit her perfectly. I also love the final music they play at the end of BH and OC each season when they are going through what each woman has 'learnt' from the season. I find that music lowkey moving actually.
  2. Oh, I admit -- I love ragging on her! She'd sell her sister down the river if it meant a step up the social-climbing ladder and acceptance by the Rich Girls. Plus when she gets to play victim, it's her big 'This isn't about YOU, LEEE-SA! This is about ME!" spotlight moment. Kyle is extremely transparent. RHoA: Is anybody buying Phaedra's Phoundation? She is piggy-backing on Black Lives Matter in order to clean up her tarnished reputation. I can't believe security was so lax at the DNC that she and Poorsha were able to sneak in! I did feel bad about the bomb threat, but I have to ask what Phaedra may or may not have done to incite bomb threats? Is this what happens when you hang with dodgy types and get involved with scams? Mama Joyce is fun (in small doses) but referring to her daughter's hoo-ha as a "rusty pipe"? TMI. Mama Joyce is better off giving shade rather than being Kandi's sex therapist. I'm also not sure I needed to see allllll of that scene between Kandi and Todd but, hey, it's not like we get to see a ton of AA love scenes on TV as it is. Kairo is literally the spitting image of Bob Whitfield. I have to admit I liked the discussion Bob and Sheree had with him. I used to be virulently anti-drugs, including pot, growing up. But after hearing about its medicinal purposes in recent years, especially for chemo patients and people with high anxiety, I have to wonder if we are penalizing the wrong kinds of drug use. I'm not sure Kairo was so ready to lay off the recreational pot use with his friends though. Seeing Cynthia's new lake house was a nice change of pace, and felt fun and light-hearted. Atlanta is still in its early episodes so it's not really reached its full momentum. I also feel like it is experimenting with a different feel (certainly the background music has felt different in these few episodes) and maybe more producer involvement in the show. So much of it feels scripted at the moment.
  3. Since we were talking about Kyle this w/e -- a little something to whet your appetites for tonight:
  4. Here I am! I thought nothing could beat Lisa's amazing "Throw me to the wolves, and I shall return leading the pack" tag from Season 6, but this one is pretty close! I was getting tired of the diamonds and rosé stuff because I think we are all aware that LVP is a master operator bts and on screen. The others are ok. Could have been worse. Erika's is clever. IA with everybody who finds Kyle's uninspired. But then again, without her sister drama, what else is there to talk about with Kyle? Her tags have always been some variation of "I'm from BH; I know what's real and what's fake; I am also the luckiest girl in this town!" One of these days, they are going to run out of lucky/fake/BH puns and start referencing the hair ("My hair may be long -- ooo! -- but, like me, it's 99% real!"). I am rewatching S7 in anticipation; it's not quite as bad as I initially remembered. My love for both LVP and Eileen took such a blow last year, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to enjoy watching them again. I still think Yol should have stayed to face the music this season but perhaps the one I'm most disappointed about leaving is Kathryn. She wasn't that bad, guys! In fact, she was nice, normal, a tomboy, and desperate for the other women's friendship. I think she added a different vibe that wasn't all about toxicity and manipulating the audience but lol I know I'm alone in thinking that.
  5. As usual, we had a big old episode of 'Blaming Sharon.' It is Sharon's Fault that Nick wants a restraining order. It is Sharon's Fault that Dylan lost visitation rights. When you are treading water in anticipation of the new regime coming in, you can always rely on this standard trope which has been in place over the last 10 years! I haven't really watched regularly since early 2014 -- everytime I have tuned in, Amelia Heinle has been on, and everytime she sucks the screen dry with her astoundingly bland acting choices. This Travis person can go too. I also for some reason have a real pet peeve about the way Elizabeth Hendrickson says "Chrishun." As usual, MTS lifts any and every material she gets given. Don't put that out there!
  6. Julie and her husband feels like a business arrangement, similar to the way Edith Wharton described British aristos marrying wealthy American heiresses at the turn of the 20th century in The Buccaneers. By contrast, seeing Matt burst into tears after the baby was born and asking after Marissa, it is clear they have a love match. Caroline Stanbury is still a cold bitch but she has never pretended otherwise. The love I had for her last season is seeping away, though. Sophie Stanbury is a natural fit for the show (jury is still out on this Adela newbie). Speaking of Sophie, seems like her ex was tomcatting around and couldn't stay off the hard stuff, if you read between the lines of what she was saying. Poor Sophie. On the upside, her hair is the most fabulous of all the Bravo shows. Caroline Fleming is still as fake and pretentious as ever! And so is that twit, Juliet. She jumped right in to the Julie-Caroline fight in order to kiss Caroline S's ass. Every word she was spewing about Julie "preying on the weak" was a direct quote from Kyle Richards back in S5 when she told Brandi that LVP preys on weakness. If ever an original thought were to cross Juliet's mind, she would literally faint from shock. I noticed she didn't get any individual/home scenes this episode. Perhaps the house in Clapham is not considered as glamorous as the other women's palatial walk-in closets?? A comment on Reality Tea put it very succinctly: "She's like a Walmart shopper amidst the Harrods group." Excuse me about ranting about Juliet again lol
  7. Aargh I want to see this so bad but have to wait
  8. BTW, for anyone who watches, Ladies of London is on tonight! (sorry, I know it's not a RH franchise in name, but I feel like it is in every other way).
  9. For real. Poor Ace looks like he has been put in the Kitchen Aid!
  10. Again, what 'high stakes ratings boost' ?? Do you even know what you are saying? JFP came to Y&R, and under her tenure the ratings DECLINED. Even during Sweeps! And she was fired for it. Fired for falling ratings, and fired for wasting money on revamped sets (which looked ugly and cheap) and unpopular, expensive new hires. This glorified asset-stripper is the last thing Days needs rn.
  11. JFP needs to retire. Her aesthetic is still stuck in the 90s, circa Ally McBeal set design era. She is always hired to cut costs and bring up ratings and while she does a great job of firing people, she actually raises costs by hiring newbies (her friends) and unnecessary re-dos of the sets. This plus falling ratings are her M.O., and the show always ends up having to fire her. She has no successes to her name, none. GL? By the time she left, that show was set on the path to cancellation. AW? Ditto. GH? Totally hallowed out. Y&R? Ditto.
  12. She would be, though I still want her with Leon! Better him than a wife collector like David Foster or Mo Hadid's next GF. And you are right -- in terms of hair, style and making an entrance, 'frugal' Cynthia would be outshining the other HWs who think drowning in labels means getting dressed for an event. Maybe she could also help Eileen out in the fashion stakes. Speaking of that poor-ass ex cast member, Brandi tweeted the following but later pulled it down: I'm not a regular churchgoer but I was raised as catholic and do find it offensive. It's a free country I know but... was this necessary? So glad this trashbox is no longer on BH.
  13. Nobody talking about Cynthia and Leon? I was all about those scenes in LA with the launch of Cargo etc. Cynthia was so confident steering press and media Noelle's way and working the room. Noelle will never be the model her mom is, but I liked seeing them work together (as spoiled as Noelle is). Best of all were the scenes with Cynthia & Leon. I feel like Leon still loves her and would get back with her if he could. Maybe I am projecting, but I really loved the way he was talking to her and the way she was leaning in to him. LOL spoke too soon! Yeah, I wondered about that too. It would make me sad because I think Cynthia is an oasis of relative calm in the RHoA vortex. But I would totally support her need to put her business and her family and new life first. I also support her joining BH, even though she is probably not as rich or as bling-bling as LVP, Erika Girardi etc. Uninterested in the fake Sheree/Bob stuff, or the taser scenes. The funniest thing was seeing Phaedra ALL in fluorescent white and running around like a potato with legs in the perma-darkness. LOL @ Mama Joyce talking while Ace was being rocked in that weird AF machine behind her. Kandi going OFF on Bloick was absolutely deserved. What a POS he is, using his daughter like that. I hope his ass gets dragged to hell and back. Next week's previews and what Kenya says about Matt are... concerning.
  14. I feel bad about posting this here -- Cheap, you must hate me for doing it. I mention it in case you feel like talking about it. Anyway, YG announced that 2NE1 have officially disbanded, Bom did not re-sign her contract with YG. And Nam Taehyun of Winner has been forced out of the group permanently. Honestly, 2016 has been a sh!tfest.
  15. RHoA: I feel trepidatious watching Kenya's SL. OTOH, I like Kenya and Matt together. Driving in the car, he seems a nice fit for her and (his sister aside) his family seems to love her. She seems to adore his family. Tamra Tattles indicated that Kenya must be also very much attracted to a united family that wants her and accepts her, unlike her own mom. I am just nervous watching K&M because I know this is going to implode and Matt is gong to reveal his anger issues soon. I don't buy this Sheree & Bob... thing. Bob is almost as thirsty as Peter for a peach! Speaking of thirsty... who was that chick who rolled in on Kandi at her place of work all mic-ed up and pretending to be mending the rift between Riley and her deadbeat dad?? That girl was desperate for some camera time and her 'concern' about Block's non-existent relationship with his daughter was disingenuous. Somebody wants a role on RHoA! And Block is trash. "If she don't urge my daughter to call me" -- Turd, that's why it's up to YOU to call your daughter and arrange time with her! What a spineless famewhore he is too. Making Kandi ku-ku-ku-cry in her signature shaky way! Porsha looking for a sperm donor... NEXT! Can't she just poke a hole in the condom of the old geezer she is bedding for luxury goods? That's how proper gold diggers do it! Phaedra really has no SL this season huh.