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  1. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    That's how I felt about last week's NY episode. It was badly needed 'calm after the storm,' but other than liking what Bethenny was saying about Luann being mad at Carole and Heather because they were hoping to find her in an embarrassing situation, warming to Heather, Carole and Kristen just being normal, and liking Dorinda and Carole's conversation about their first husbands... I got nothing.

    Still have to catch up on OC last week and yesterday's epi.

    ETA: I just realize OC is on tonight (US time). My bad.
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  2. Cat added a post in a topic GH: Exclusive Exit Interview: Anthony Geary Leaves With All Guns Blazing   

    I support starting such a thread. I have some contenders.

    I remember one of the first posts I remember reading on SON was about Michael Easton on OLTL and the words were: "He looks like he smells of ass."
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  3. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Oh gosh wow. Her poor family. May she RIP.

    And I know she was struggling with a terminal illness but she looked good on OC to the point where I thought there was a chance she could beat this. Honestly, it makes me so sad to see cancer claim peoples lives.
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  4. Cat added a post in a topic GH: Exclusive Exit Interview: Anthony Geary Leaves With All Guns Blazing   

    Chapter, book and verse. That was amazing!

    He definitely did influence soap actors after him -- the anti-hero became the main lead on many a soap. He and GH even influenced out-and-out entire shows (Santa Barbara springs to mind -- something about the quality of the acting, the ethos, suggested it was trying to do its own form of GH with its stars and action/romantic tension).

    There was one thing I didn't like about Geary's interview was the assertion before he came along, soaps were apparently filled with crappy actors and boring plots. I would disagree. For some soaps, the 1970s was a golden age (AW springs to mind) and I would rate the quality of the acting as good as any Broadway theatre. Even a small show like The Doctors -- what clips I have seen of it -- had actors who dazzled with talent and star power. Not just Elizabeth Hendricksen, Kathleen Turner and Alec Baldwin (although they were standouts) but somebody like Meg Mundy who played Mona Aldrich.

    It's ironic because he's bitching about the quality of actors on soaps now. I do agree with him about Jane Eliott. She should be the Susan Flannery of GH tbh -- the tentpole character.
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  5. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    Well I'll wait to hear what this album of Tao's sounds like but it's hard for me to believe that it wasn't in the works before he departed EXO...

    OMG that Beast song Gotta Go to Work is hilarious. That is called "making the most of a tiny mv budget" ! I love Dujun leaping over the turnstiles.

    I think with Super Junior, one of them is doing his military service, hence why they are only 9.
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  6. Cat added a post in a topic GH: Exclusive Exit Interview: Anthony Geary Leaves With All Guns Blazing   

    There lots of things I didn't like about TG's interpretation of Luke in his years of decline, but this interview ain't it.

    No [!@#$%^&*] to give, and telling it like it is about the state of soaps today and 'the writer.' That stuff about the scripts was gold.
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  7. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Oh have fun at Pride! It will be an even bigger blast this year, I'm sure! And yeah, I know how it is with work. I caught up on 3 episodes of RHonY and 2 of OC just this past weekend.

    LuAnn's speech was epic. And back in NY she really called Heather and Carole out on the way she felt they were LOOKING to catch her in the act (when it was Ramona Singer's ONS all along, not hers!).
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  8. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Reading your post, I think Heather is making the right decision, too. For her business, also, of which she is not just the face but the CEO. She has gotten the bitch edit this season and is not always coming across in a flattering light, so I'm sure she and her advisors realized that this would be a good time to step back. Heather is one of those rare HWs where her business was there before RHoNY, it is her full-time job and it is her priority over the show.

    Having said that... I think she didn't come out smelling of roses in this week's episode.

    As usual, DF, so concise and the shade is so perfectly thrown!

    RHoNY is one of those few franchises where you can often see both sides of any issue or squabble. As a female, I can understand Heather's concerns about bringing home strange men and not knowing who the hell they are or what their motives might be.

    OTOH Heather milked this drama, poured herself a glass and churned the rest into butter. Let me put it this way. If Carole brought home a one night stand, do you think there would be all this whooping and hollering? No of course there wouldn't.

    It really illustrates the divide between the OG's and the 'new' girls. Aviva was always the most vocal in accusing Ramona, Sonja and Luann of being classless and trashy. Just because Aviva was the loudest and craziest (and had a vile, repellant father) doesn't mean that Heather, Carole and Kristen did not disagree with her original premise. They have always looked down on the OGs and considered themselves above the "reality show is my job" fray. LuAnn finally realized it She thought she was one with the Heather, Kristen, Carole posse; now she's starting to wonder if they are just friends with her so that they can catch her out when she's being a little drunk and naughty and point fingers at her and snigger. In a way, it is a form of Mean Girlism although Heather probably hand-on-heart does not see it that way. As Dorinda says, she's here to teach and impart her wisdom on everyone.

    Ugh. Not her finest VT moment.

    Carole OTOH... oh boy. I used to love Carole so much, but now it's so clear how slippery she is, running between different sides, playing one person against the other. She did it with Bethenny & Kristen and with Heather & LuAnn in this week's episode. I absolutely believe LuAnn when she said Carole came to smooth things over and stay on her good side. I think it's very interesting that when [!@#$%^&*] blows up when Bethenny is not around, Carole is her only relay of what is going on.

    Pinot-mona was being shady about dropping LuAnn in it with NakedManGate. LuAnn OTOH decimated everyone with her "Don't be, like, uncool" speech, in dark shades and flashing that AMAZING body. She's not here to be judged about what she, a grown adult, does with her life. I also appreciated that she called out everybody upfront. But now that she's accused Carole of being shifty, I see in the previews that Carole is out for blood now.

    Dorinda is looking for screentime with this ridiculous 'fight' with Heather. C'mon now. Why is she eroding my goodwill for her??

    Kristen thanks she is so gangster with Bethenny but the fact is she just wants to be acknowledged by the HBIC. And she got caught out on badmouthing Bethenny to the PRESS. [!@#$%^&*] dumb as a box of rocks.

    P.S.: Sorry for this long-ass post. I know your eyes must have glazed over when you zipped over this.
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  9. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    CL... you look different. I know she has a new make-up artist called Pony who is completely amazing so hopefully that isn't a new nose she's sporting but just some artful shading.
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  10. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    YAWN. These girl groups concepts bore me to tears! I'm already mad that girl groups the most boring choreography and songs at the best of time. Now we have the opening credits to 90210 as the theme? Bye. Although I hear Vanity Fair gave SNSD's Party song of the summer status on its website. Um. OK.

    Junho is always doing his thing. And yes I saw about the Beast comeback. Hope it slays!

    In other comeback news, remember Super Junior? Sexy Siwon? Mamacita? They have a new song out. It's called Devil:

    It sounds fun and they obviously put some money in the mv. But it ended kind of abruptly for me lol

    And her is TVXQ's Spellbound. It came out in 2014 but I wasn't listening to kpop then. Still, I thought I would post it because I really like the song and the mv. The long-haired female backup dancer is so fun to watch, she should actually become part of the group.

    P.S.: Changmin is the name of the hot dark-haired one.

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  11. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Wow. Heather is out. I'm surprised to be honest.
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  12. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Lol I haven't seen this week's episode yet. It looked a hot mess in the previews.
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  13. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I would agree with many of you guys and say that RHoA was the show that really galvanized a lot of talk around here. And that this last season was lacklustre compared with the previous one and that cooled everybody's momentum a little bit. Also it is summer and I guess people are outside more and watching the shows less. I certainly have been busy and have been catching up with OC and NY in recent days.


    Bethenny is the lynchpin of this entire show and if Andy Cohen cannot entice her to continue next season, I have to wonder if it will continue. Her reactions in Turks & Caicos have been stellar because she is manic, as Ramona says, and carries you along with her quickfire reactions.

    Ramonja are ofc [!@#$%^&*] nuts but in a way they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Heather, Carole and their posse egg them along to be their most extreme just for their own amusement, so they can point a figure and laugh at how drunk they are, how slutty they are. Although Ramona trying to wedge that patio door shut in her Hawaiian Tropic banana bikini and stripper heels [ © Bethenny ] was so amazing, I pray somebody has done a gif of that so it is preserved forever.

    Dorinda is kinda nuts and looking for a fight when she drinks but there was a moment in her fight with Heather where Heather turned extremely condescending and patronizing, and I get why some of the women are fed up with her holier than thou attitude. Watching her lapdogs Carole and Kristen pull their "Ew ermahgurd so tacky" faces of disdain really summed up what kind of mean girls they are masquerading as the voices of reason on this show. Although it looks like Carole is already laying the groundwork for jumping ship so she can be Bethenny's new BFF and extricate herself from her best friends should the producers decide to dump the 'new' girls next season. Ugh.

    Looks like Kristen is not so smart and trying to act gangster with Bethenny in the previews. Girl whatever. Bethenny is hardly worried about you bringing down her empire, you dolt.

    On a superficial level, Bethenny, Carole and Kristen have the asses of 18 year old supermodels. Does Yoga give you an ass like that? If so, I need to drop my "Yoga is just pretentious stretching" attitude and hop on the Namaste train.

    Ugh PLEASE no more Meghan. If I were Bravo she would be the first I would cut. She's awful. Lol!

    I agree about cutting Alexis and Gretchen though. I haven't missed them a second.
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  14. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    So BtoB wins Album of the Year for you, huh? I understand your logic -- SHINee had some great songs but also songs you don't really care about, while BtoB is consistently solid all the way through. Although when SHINee gets a song right, imo they get it REALLY right. Kind of like EXO for me -- Exodus is not perfect and not as good as XOXO imo, but I listen again and again to a couple of songs (What If, My Answer, Call Me Baby) and they are perfection for me. Lady Luck otoh I don't care if I never hear again.

    And I hope BtoB get some more music show and chart wins under their belt. Right now it seems to be Attack of the Girl Groups with all the Girl's Day, Miss A's and SNSD's having their comebacks. I'm still not as enamoured with kpop girl groups as with the boy bands tbh.

    In Scandal News, Tao has definitively (well as definitively as possible since SM still won't officially acknowledge it) cut ties with EXO, releasing a new album next week and unfriending all the EXO guys on social media. Baekhyun was the last to unfriend him. The rapid timing suggests that a Chinese entertainment company was likely waiting in the wings to snap him up because goodness, that was quick.

    Scandal #2 involves my beloved Song Mino of Winner. As you may know, Mino is currently participating in Show Me the Money, a TV rapping contest. He says he is doing this to prove to YG and the fans that he has what it takes, and the street cred etc. I personally figured he already had it after his solo song and the collaboration with Epik High but whatever. Seems like YG has pitted Winner against iKON and blatantly favours the latter group, especially Bobby, iKON's Face and Lead Rapper who has been featured in a bunch of other collaborations. So maybe Mino feels pressure as the Face of Winner to match up to Bobby. Anyhoo, all this to say that on one of the shows, he rapped out some mess about wanting to be some woman's gynecologist or something and the Korean gynecologocal association got involved and Mino had to apologize. I can't even explain this mess adequately so here's perhaps a link that might shed better light on all this:

    And yeah speaking of YG I don't know wtf is going on over there. 2NE1 are NOWHERE to be seen (Minzy's IG doesn't even mention the group by name anymore), Bom has been missing in action since mid-2014, lord knows where YG buried her, Daria is... around, I guess, and CL is in the US, tied to that awful Diplo and making shitty songs about Dr. Pepper. I guess Big Bang are touring? Meanwhile IKON are nowhere to be seen and Winner are grounded. I don't even know what is up but Boss Man YG needs to get off the crack pipe and start figuring out some kind of strategy for his company.

    You know things are bad for YG when its biggest rival SM -- which is hopeless in managing its artists, losing all its major Chinese stars (and some Korean ones) in steady succession -- is still releasing back-to-back comebacks and its (remaining) artists are scoring high in sales and wins. In fact, SM has a new boy band it is getting ready to debut later this year, as yet unnamed, but they sure are leaking their dance practice videos and interview segments. Probably because they know IKON is going to be tough competition, and probably because they can see that YG is dropping the ball. Here are two short videos featuring the new group's dance skills:

    There are other sandals out there featuring groups you probably don't follow (and neither do I), so I will leave it at that.

    Thank goodness BEAST are relatively unproblematic and letting the material speak for itseld! I really like Dongwoon's songs, and To Become a Star is especially good. LOL at that picture though. Hyunseung looks possessed!
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  15. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    So wait is this a case of Kim being a lazy ass or Nene thinking she's too good for Bravo?

    ETA: went to, can see that this was all Nene. Dammit Nene! Why are you being such a stubborn old bitch?


    After last week's emotional meltdown, this episode felt more sad/cathartic. Vicki, for all her faults, continues to be utterly real in her emotions and reactions. 10 seasons in, and she remains one of the most watchable people on this franchise, if not THE most watchable. Not sure how I feel about roping in her brother and having the medium conjure up her mom next week, though.

    David and Shannon Bedor's marriage continues to tremble like a tiny little palm tree in 100 mph hurricane winds. When David had to shut the door on the cameras just to give himself some breathing time, I actually felt for him for the first time. It can't be easy to do penance so publicly. Though Shannon talking about her fears and mistrust of him is heart-wrenching, right down to her not wanting to go to the restaurants where he might have taken his affair. I really feel this marriage is going to implode at any second, if it hasn't already.

    Heather was so real last week reacting to Vicki's heartbreak and calling Terry about it. I much prefer this Heather to the one constantly itemizing her ridiculous spending of that ridiculous house she is having built.

    Didn't really care about Tamra's story, though I see Ryan hitting his mom up for "help" to move back to the OC now that the granddaughter has been born and Tamra is momentarily a soft touch.

    Saving the worst for last: Meghan. This shark-eyed opportunist. She must be the most unlikeable newbie of any RH franchise. I can't with her endless self-promotion, this week at the expense of her husband's ex-wife and children. Talking about Vicki to teenage Hayley while that poor kid's own mother appears headed for terminal illness was the most horrendous thing. That fake-ass bitch sniffling and whining about Vicki's devastation and how it made her (Meghan's) inconsequential ass feel SO SAD because she was seeing what Hayley was going to experience in a few months... what the !@#$%^&*], you insensitive cow? That poor teenager was literally battling tears while we cut to Meghan's smug VT about how she is the only one Hayley can communicate with -- unlike Hayley's own mom -- because Meghan knows about stuff like Twitter and SNS? Really?? I can't with this smug ho's piss-poor attempts to pretend she is some kind of saint. I am so ready for someone to serve her up her just desserts. Shannon, it's all on you now.
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