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  1. OMG, I can't believe I am saying this as an LVP fan but so much WORD to everything you said! Especially the bolded. I sense LVP is kind of tired. Kyle lives and breathes her sister as a SL, don't let all the dramatic tears and "Stop talking about my SISTERRRRR!" fool you. Erika is fun but at her core she is still cold as ice. People accuse LVP of chess-playing, but there is something pre-plotted and calculated about everything Erika says or does on this show. Oh, and I can't stand Mikey, her 'creative director.' Eileen is.. sigh. A huge disappointment. I love aspects of her personality, the self-deprecating aspects, but there is something very controlling and resentful and humorless about her sometimes. Dorit is sweet but inconsequential. Rinna... sigh. Rinna is digging such a deep hole for herself. You know, she wasn't wrong about Kim being not sober back in the day, and she may not be wrong now. I don't think Kyle is an enabler, like running to the nearest liquor store to fill up Kim's fridge, but when she attacks others into sweeping it under the carpet, she is essentially giving her sister a free pass to abuse on the quiet. Rinna also wasn't wrong about Yolanda and Munchausen's (imo). When you are taking malaria pills for lyme disease, something is not right. I think Yolanda was going through those leaky implants + the worst of menopause + deep depression as she realised My Love would rather fly around the world raising money for charity than stay and look after her. No, where Rinna goes tragically wrong is when she backpedals because she is so afraid of making the audience/HWs angry at her. So she deflects, says whatever 'for the show!", brings other people into it or, when her back is really against the wall, she whips out that 12-year old Romanian gymnast body and starts gyrating it into PK's leering, sweaty face. I fear this is what we will think of from here on in whenever we think of Rinna and the Real Housewives.
  2. Ugh I forgot all about that! Dumb ho. Idiot just parrots whatever she hears. If she was an undercover lesbian during her Chrisshun/re-virginated years, sometimes the ones most in denial are the loudest antis. I don't think Kandi denied her claims, she pretty much said "I am very open about sex" on The Talk but denied that she and Porsha ever did it. Which is consistent with what she is saying on the show. However, I do think Porsha's allegations have Kandi's back against the wall to a certain extent. The fact is, Kandi IS open about sex and sex toys and the like. But she's kept her private arrangements quiet. I don't recall her talking about threesomes and female partners until this season tbh. The rumors were there before, but she and Todd never directly acknowledged them. Which I can understand as it is their private bedroom business and they don't have to explain themselves. But Porsha has brought that out onto the show now. And while Kandi is smarter than Porsha and has the upper hand in their back-and-forths, Porsha (and Phaedra's) tea spilling has put her on the defensive. She was defensive on Sunday's episode, and judging by the previews she is going to be even more defensive in the next episode. Porsha's claims have upset her.
  3. Me watching RHoA episode like Did anybody catch Cynthia's comment about Porsha and lines though?? Kandi wasn't the only one spilling tea. Cynthia's talking heads and reactions were the enjoyable parts of this episode. I did NOT need to see her vadge rejuvenation, however. I also felt so bad for Riley having to go through that cringeworthy recording. It wasn't even Kim Zolciak-recording-Tardy-for-the-Party enjoyable. While most of us already knew about this gossip, IA that it has made the show dark and murky with these threats to 'destroy' each other's reputations/marriage etc. Both Kandi and Porsha are Going There and as a result it's about to get nastier. Especially at Reunion. I don't think Porsha has quite lost herself that HW's paycheck, though. Not after this episode. Also because Carlos King... ahem, thinks she's great for the show. It's sad to think that Porsha was presented as a borderline debutante/Christian wife/civil rights royalty, and now she is (allegedly) a busy hooker with a nose for blow. Or maybe the deb/Christian wife was just a cover, as Kandi suggests, in which case, that is even sadder. As for Kandi, I doubt she was thrilled about the 'Marvin' revelations.
  4. It is a cold world. A lot of these footballers are trainees when they are 15. Then at 18 or 19, they might make the first team. Suddenly they get a couple thousand a week. These boys, mostly white or black, usually come from working class or very poor backgrounds. Football is the way out. They are making more in a week than their parents made in a month. And some haven't been taught how to save & spend. So they spend it on the Footballer Lifestyle. Payments on a Porsche, a mortgage on a designer pad, and brand-name clothes. Money on parties and ladies. Because you want to be taken seriously by your fellow players and the press. They are reading about Cristiano Ronaldo who lives large and gets over $500,000 a week. A WEEK. That is crazy money. They think all they need is a lucky break and Man United will snap them right up and give them that salary. But 99.9% don't get snapped up like that. Most will play in the mid- and low-table teams, and it's a hard slog to avoid relegation. Moreover, they've just met their girlfriend, and she likely comes from the same background they do. She wants better than what she grew up with, too. She wants the house that looks like a Disney castle, and the boob job and Maloof Hoofs (think Tanya). She wants to keep up with the other footballers' wives. So that means more money spent and an even bigger mortgage. As long as that weekly salary remains in 4 digits, everything should be ok. But suddenly, you hit 35 and nobody wants to sign you. You become a civilian again. You have to downsize your lifestyle. You hope to get into coaching, but maybe you don't have the skills (most coaches now have degrees in sports education). You hope to get into TV punditry (like Lineker). But just as foreign players in the Premiership got the biggest salaries, so too do they get the most offers to appear on TV. Because they were bought over as already-big names. TV would rather a world-famous Dutchman who speaks English perfectly than a grunt from Sunderland FC. So these ex footballers go a different direction, maybe flipping houses or a landscaping business. But you have to have some savings and be wiley with your money. It's easy for ex players addicted to the old lifestyle to get caught out. I think Ashley Ward got caught out. And he got caught out because once Dawn got the TV job, they figured the lavish lifestyle could continue unabated. Sorry, that was a really long essay, but the economics of footballer life is a fascinating thing here. Being a footballer is considered a dream job. But this is also a country that looks down on people because of class, and football has always been considered strictly lower class. Because that's the background of most of the players. Yeah, I would say that Ampika is definitely somebody who needs to be in complete control of her finances. Even though she has a nice lifestyle and (probably) a nice alimony, she has a business and she never wants to feel worried about money. I think she's probably OCD about it. It's probably why Dawn would never ask her for money. Leanne, though, was Dawn's BFF and viewed her like a sister, and that's why she agreed to the loan. Unfortunately, just like money is the #1 cause of marriages breaking up, so too can it cause friendship breakups. This is amazing. And Shamea's face at the end when Porsha lamely claims she's got a lot of info about Kandi is a PICTURE.
  5. I can't take the credit. I am only a casual viewer of RHoCh. In fact, I am rewatching the first ever episode right now. I think it was DaytimeFan and possible Cheap who linked to stories about the Wards. It was never me. Sorry! Speaking from what I know of Dawn Ward via the tabloids and the first season, it seems clear to me that she and her husband were mortgaged to the back teeth. For an EX footballer (unless they are top-tier walking brand like David Beckham) to afford an 11-bedroom grand manor like that, outright? Not possible They wouldn't have the savings. Two live-in maids and a butler? Who is paying those salaries? That fully-staffed interior design company looked like a loss-maker too. I'm not surprised the Wards are in heavy debt, but their credit must be particularly poor because instead of going to the bank (where they probably already owe money), they went to friends to borrow money. That's worrying. I also wondered whether Lauren's husband was losing money and that's why he hated her OTT shopping. IA with NBA -- I think Magali could ask to come back to the show and the producers would snap her up. The rivalry between those two alpha females Dawn and Magali has never been topped (and it's pretty much why I haven't kept up with later seasons of RHoCh). The irony is that Magali was probably the one who lived the most frugally and within her family's means on that show (a beautiful but regular family home, no outsized McMansions and crazy cosmetic surgeries for her) but she is the one who walked away from the TV money first.
  6. It's John Waters' conservative twin brother.
  7. I thought they mentioned he was a nice Jewish boy from Mexico City. He was born and spent part of his childhood there before his family moved to CA. I'm assuming he has dual (or even tri-) nationality. Rinna played dumb and it was a bad mistake, especially as she and Eileen made it their mission to destroy LVP over something similar and even more innocuous last season. I get that Eileen is ride-or-die for her girl. But Rinna just needs to OWN that she is an incorrigible gossip. It keeps BH's wheels turning after all and it's not the worst character flaw in the world. When she backtracks or pretends like she doesn't know, it makes things 1000% times worse. The cover-up can be worse than the crime! ETA: Eileen is defending Rinna on her blog and saying "It's complicated/she didn't mean it." After the way she went after LVP last season like a rottweiler for apparently 'forcing' Rinna to mention the M word about StalinYolanda, I really can't forgive her attitude now. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, Nagleen!
  8. I'd want her back. She'd be a shot in the arm for the show.
  9. Ooo interesting theory. You're probably right, especially as didn't Sheree bring Porsha to Kenya's housewarming to stir up drama? Or maybe that was Phaedra. And I wouldn't put it past Wig trying to keep herself in contention for Season 10. She looks like she is trying to do the most in that clip.
  10. As I recall (and I think this was discussed on SON back in the day), you are right that Greg Vaughan as Diego was not a factor in HT being pushed aside (other than the fact that Diego wasn't as popular a character as his brother Raul). My recollection (and I'm sure Deee will correct me where I'm wrong) was that Jack Smith had a major writer boner for Sharon Case, and Nick & Sharon as a couple. When contract time came, he wanted her to remain on the show at all costs, so a favourable deal was worked out, and after a short hiatus, she came back to the show and to the terminally boring Cameron Kristen SL. Heather Tom, meanwhile, was not considered as viable a romantic lead, which was the way Jack Smith/Y&R would have preferred writing her, I think. In renegotiations, Tom's pay and appearance guarantee was cut and as a result she walked and OLTL snapped her up. But yeah, Sharon & Nick were popular and majorly promoted, and when Phyllis got involved in that pairing, yikes. The affair was an exciting story, but under LML especially, Phick ate the show whole.
  11. Agreed. Headless Woman Walking, as we probably all know, is Michelle Stafford back when the producers thought she was the end-all and be-all of the show. Since she was excised from Y&R in less-than-amicable circumstances (after she threw a tantrum over screen partners and JFP), they should have nixed these 3 seconds from the opening and just shown the YR paint stroke being drawn in. Love the background paint effects, though, and while the lighting may not be fabulous, I think these shots are MILES better than the boring ABC ones JFP had done. I will never get over the way JFP tried to generify Y&R into some sub-ABC bland mess.
  12. Not to give Dr. Phil more views but... the apple does not fall far from the tree. What can we blame this on? Decades-long chronic undereducation? Our unending worship of fame and money at any cost? Special snowflake syndrome? A mom as rapacious and fame-hungry as the kid? All these factors have been a BOON to Dr. Phil and every reality show on the air, really.
  13. Why is Kenya going after Wig in that clip? I get that Kenya considers herself queen of RHOA. I get that she creates drama like nobody else. I get that she watched the show before appearing, may have met Kim briefly and heard allll about her from three other HWs. But Kenya cannot change history. She was not on the show during seasons 1 to 5 or whenever it was that Lazy Ass quit. She hasn't got the direct history that Sheree, Kandi, Phaedra, Nene and even Cynthia have with Kim. Kenya did not try to pull off her wig or give her the name Wig or tell her to CLOSE YOUR LEGS TO MARRIED MEN. Much as she wishes she had. I feel like she should have stayed in her lane and let Sheree or Kandi do the snarking. She did the same thing when Sheree came back and she went after her about 'Chateau Shebroke' like they have a history together.
  14. Word on the street [(c) Aviva, (c) Carole saying "There is no word, there is no SHTREET"] is that the RHoDallas ladies are not getting paid anything, and that's why season 2 is actually happening. Because Bravo were able to keep salary costs to a minimum and the HWs are betting on a season 3 and a paycheck. This may explain why Tiffany has opted not to be part of the cast (so far it is Stephanie, Brandy, Cary and Crazy-Eyes). I'm guessing Keith Suburban's music career isn't bringing in the $$$. I still say they should have gone for Miami again with Lea, Adriana, Alexia, Marysol and Lisa
  15. Bulimia Jaw in that RHOT clip is clearly angling to be another Jody. I like the Hamlin girls for the very reason DF mentioned: they are completely normal and relatable. However, neither are model material and should not be encouraged as such. That is the road to bad plastic surgery (Brielle Zolciak *cough*), empty, broken dreams and ruin.