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  1. I never thought Kristen was that bad either, just a little dull. When you got a boring season (like season 6, aka the fake-leg-throwing season), Kristen's SL draaaaagggged. But her reaction to Aviva's leg-throwing was spot-on! I also wish she had stayed on in S8 so we could have seen the Ashley Madison fallout in her marriage, but I don't think Josh would EVER have agreed to that. Since then, NY has scrounged around for additional HWs and it's been hard-going. Hmmm, IMO they were both intimidated of each other. I think Heather was intimidated right off the bat, because Bethenny essentially iced her out. Then she tried to understand the vulnerabilities that drove Bethenny (which I think shows Heather's heart tbh), but Bethenny pushed her away at the Berkshires when she came on too strong. Unlike Heather, Bethenny never cared to find out what made Heather tick, what she was like as a person. Bethenny is profoundly incurious about anything that doesn't involve herself. Also unlike Heather, Bethenny just CANNOT support the other women's endeavours or work. She has to piss on them constantly, like she's the only one allowed to have a successful business. She couldn't openly piss on Yummy Tummy because it is a legit brand that sells, but she always would try to 'advise' Heather on what to market next lol. Bethenny was so insecure, but we didn't see it at the time. We see it now that she's shilling Skinny Girl Cured Meats on Instagram. That hair omg. I preferred it long but I think it's been thinning, hence why she chopped it.
  2. She got very preachy in her last season on NY (arguably THE best season of the show alongside seasons 2 and 3). She'd try and tell Bethenny how Bethenny was feeling and you knew that sh*t was never going to fly with B. She also sold Luann down the river in the Turks & Caicos by trying to slut-shame her, then turned on her for the sake of her BFF Carole. I also remember at Reunion, when the Ashley Madison thing was brought up, Heather immediately backed up Josh with that good ole throwaway line "Oh that's just Josh!" Having said that, I really liked and respected Heather! She was very necessary for the show. She was smart, grounded, a REAL businesswoman, legitimately wealthy, no BS, and she could laugh at herself. She was strong and emotionally honest. And she was the only one who could really handle Ramona and Sonja. There is heart and soul missing from the show now that she's gone. Yes, there is Dorinda, but D plays up to the cameras sometimes. Carole used to be the voice of the audience, but now she's stuck-up and soulless, having gone to the Dark Side with Beth Vader. It's so hard to get the dynamic between the HWs right, but IMO Season 7 had the magic line-up. They've stacked the deck in favor of Bethenny ever since, and as a result it feels off.
  3. I am in an OC frame of mind and ready for the show to return! NY is a little slow atm (dare I say it is missing a dynamic presence like Heather), so I'm in the mood to watch some uber-blonde ladies indulging in Survivor-style alliance tactics. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I even sort of miss Shannon emasculating David and screeching about how she can never forgive Vicki, are you kidding meeeeeeee??? Hopefully we will get a Mexico/Hawaii resort vacation where everybody gets drunk and shi*t gets EXTRA. Tamra's comeuppance is a decade in coming. I'd even tolerate Gretchen and Alexis showing up to witness it, much as I despise those two fake-asses. They were so betrayed and bullied by Tamra that they deserve to be there when it goes down. Two things I have to give Tamra: (1) she does speak the truth sometimes when it comes to Brooks or the Alexis/Jim Bellino and Gretchen/Slade fakery, and (2) she has wriggled out of some bad stuff before (naked wasted!!!). I think she will hold her own and not fold like Phaedra did.
  4. @DaytimeFan Avery is truly the only person that makes Ramona human. Contrary to what Bravo believes, that is actually the Ramona I prefer watching. Pinot McCrazyeyes is OK in doses (or on vacation) but this viciousness is pure acting out. Ramona is not happy deep-down, and I would guess it's because she is aging and can't stop it.
  5. RHoNY: Def a filler episode, where the cameras just follow the women to American Cut/Beautique. Tinsley making out with what looks like an 18-year old dressed for a family event was . Most of us have made out with a guy at a bar and lived to regret it after our accompanying friends ribbed us for it. However, that was in our 20s, in the days before Snapchat and Bravo recorded those moments for posterity. Tinsley was very thirstily kissing him at the bowling alley. I'm not sure if Tinsley is very naive when it comes to reality TV or if this is for the cameras, but feel like this may prevent a hoped-for reunion with her ex-husband and his family. Sonja bitching about Tinsley turning on the heat and daring to date, and the plant leaf in that gross brown water..... barf! Sonja's townhouse = Grey Gardens. This SL makes Sonja look like a prim spoilsport, which makes zero sense. She's always been open and happy about dating and sex. So why act like this? Prob because she's incredibly jealous of Tinsley. Bethenny's charity seems close to her heart, and I have to wonder how much of her personal experiences with Jason Hoppy influenced her decision to support it. Carole back to her old tricks bitching about Luann and her engagement behind her back. Just leave her alone and focus on pushing away your grungy hipster toyboy. Lately I can't seem to process Ramona being on my screen. Like she's there and talking nonstop and all I'm getting from her is "Whump whump."
  6. Sorry my post wasn't clear. I didn't mean 'set her up' in the sense that Porsha did something bad but wanted Phaedra to take the fall for it. Phaedra is nobody's pawn, least of all that nitwit Porsha's. I meant there was a particular moment when Porsha 'accidentally' revealed that Phaedra was the one who told her about the drugging lies. It was the moment everybody gasped and camera panned to all the faces lol. It came across as almost accidental on Porsha's part, especially after she had been defending her BFF all Reunion and basically sitting on this secret all season. It just came across to me as 'why now?' After protecting Phaedra's ass all season, why reveal it now, Porsha? As you say, who can blame Porsha for throwing herself a lifeline when things got hot for her? Perhaps she believed wholeheartedly what Phaedra was telling her up until that moment. Or perhaps she wanted to believe in such an awful lie because it hurt Kandi. Or perhaps Porsha knew it was a lie all along and spread it anyway? I think it's the latter. Wouldn't be the first time. But don't misunderstand me, Phaedra was the brains and instigator behind all this, and she deserves to get caught out and punished for it, ofc.
  7. The article suggests Fallon's ratings have stabilized lower rather than fallen down a dark well, but yeah Colbert is beating him by 0.3 million viewers now. I guess that's the driving motivation behind this boohoo 'I never care about the metrics' interview. He's still the face of the show.
  8. Crying all the way to the bank.
  9. Totally. And I believe both Teresa and Dina posted about Dina being in town on their social media, so maybe that's how the assailants knew when and where to strike, i.e. which evening Dina and her boyfriend would be out of the house. So now that BH and ATL are over, which shows will be replacing them? I know Potomac and NYC are currently airing... will it be OC? NJ? And now that we've had a week to digest the most fateful Reunion of all time (BTW Andy Cohen confirmed yesterday at NBC Universal upfronts that Phaedra will NOT be returning to S10 of RHoA), can we talk about how Porsha knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she threw her BFF under the bus? Obvs Phaedra is hardly blameless in this entire mess, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if Porsha rehearsed this "Phaedra told me" slip-up so she would be let off the hook for the drug-rape allegation.
  10. Damn. I'm old. I remember watching 1989 and 1990 B&B. Definitely a golden era. The writing was on FIYAH. This was the year they laid the groundwork for Brooke eventually gaining control of Forrester Creations via her marriage to Eric (and Sheila coming onto the canvas ofc). Love that it was Sally's first year on the show. On a sad note, too bad Joanna Johnson left the show and Lauren Koslow was sidelined. Margo Lynley was one of my fave characters.
  11. That is horrifying. One of the scariest things on earth is to walk into your home and realise that a stranger is there. Dina was apparently punched in the face several times?? I cannot imagine the trauma. Her BF was hit in the face with a baseball bat! I hope they are recovering ok and their injuries not too serious.
  12. Another person with a drug-exacerbated mental issue. What is going on with people these days?? It feels like a collective loss of minds lately. Papa Smurf held his own. Matt was the aggressor. That poor woman trying to keep Matt calm and then having to drag him off Peter. I would have been petrified -- Matt is built like a brickhouse. Kenya needs to cut all communication to him, put out a restraining order and hire security. He is another Conrad Hilton basically.
  13. I am beyond annoyed, too. Bethenny was a BITCH last season and basically tried to crush Luann and get her kicked off the show -- all because Luann got engaged and stole Bethenny's thunder. But I am Team Bethenny when it comes to Ramona. Ramona is f*cking nuts. What was that gibberish? Is she trying to pick a fight because she knows Bethenny is no longer popular with the audience? It's all so random and contrived. She's always been borderline with her utter lack of social skills, but now she looks full-blown high. I wondered if that was what Dorinda referred to when she said Ramona was "emotionally heightened." Also, I don't know whether it's her eyeshadow or botched eyelid surgery, but those Crazy Eyes look a mess. I didn't love the Brenda Walsh choker digging into the thickness of her neck either. Really liked Tinsley this episode, especially when she talked about getting married at school. Next week looks fun with her makeout session caught on camera! I feel like Tinsley is still emotionally and in her head 17 years old. Carole needs to burn that brokedown sofa. I don't care if Lee Radziwill gave it to her (and I love LR). Oh, I def believe there was something going on. Dorit's non-denial denial and the look on her face when Rinna first mentioned it belied that. In these circles, both on BH and NY, coke and other things must be rampant. Those ladies are media stars and get so much stuff for free -- including illegal sh*t. HOWEVER. I don't think Dorit is a raging cokehead. Just because some dude had coke on his nose at this party doesn't mean Dorit should get blamed for it. And the whole point for Rinna to blurt it out was to destabilize Dorit after she held her own against Erika. It was the equivalent of Rinna pinning Dorit's arms back while Erika and Eileen take turns hitting her. Even if it is 100% true, I think Rinna is a miserable, hungry old cow for trying to get her in trouble with the authorities. It's like Cynthia said. At what point do these housewives stop making up increasingly nasty rumors? When do they start showing receipts to back up their allegations? When do they start showing remorse? I don't think I have seen Rinna show one iota of remorse. And she will keep throwing mud at anybody in order to keep her job, even as she fails to realize how much it harms her on the show. The audience can no longer trust what she says.
  14. Judging from the courtroom video, Conrad Hilton is struggling with serious mental illness. I'm stunned that Kathy Hilton has not sought major treatment for him until now --- the focus seems to have been on sweeping this under the carpet. Sound familiar? He's been apparently stalking his ex-girlfriend (who is only 21) for over two years -- a fact I only learned of this week. This is incredibly sad, for her who is forced to live her youth in fear and under protection. This affliction of hidden addiction seems to be a running theme in the Richards family. IA @DaytimeFan Kyle and Mauricio seem to have provided a real childhood and home for their kids. By all accounts, Kyle's eldest daughter from her first marriage is also very well-adjusted and works as a realtor with Mauricio. I've not always been Kyle's biggest fan, but as far as providing a nuturing family environment, Kyle is untouchable imo. She really thought about what kind of life she wanted to give them. I wonder if Kim and Kathy's obvious disdain of Kyle is actually resentment and jealousy that she carved out a happy family life for herself.
  15. lol I'm not saying I agree with it, just saying Eileen would probably nominate herself as Voice of Reason of BH, even as she attacks Dorit and Eden in order to deflect from Rinna. Speaking tangentially of Kyle, in another example of Great Parenting, one of Kathy Hilton's spoiled, entitled crotchfruit got his ass arrested trying to break into his girlfriend's mom's home and steal her Bentley. TMZ has the video of him screeching gay slurs at the police, then he tells one of them "I’m Conrad motherF*CKING Hilton, and don’t you forget it.” Robert Shapiro is going to defend his ass in court. #OJMemories #SixDegreesofSeparationRHOBH