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  1. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   


    A little bit thirsty maybe?  Although her gross husband was thirstier.

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  2. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I'm happy for LuAnn. She looks genuinely thrilled! Especially after Heather/Carole etc targeted her last Reunion, at least she has someone in her corner. I'll bet her tag this season will be "I am no longer a Countess, but I will always be a Lady/elegance is just who I am" or something like that.
    I really liked NJ in seasons 1-2 (Danielle "You either love me or hate me. There's no in-between with me"  ). IMO, bringing on thirsty-ass Melissa/Joey/Kathy/GrossSushiMan killed the franchise. Even the Manzos and Lauritas, ever ready to promote their own damn behinds, couldn't give a !@#$%^&*] about the Gorga/Giudice/Wakile (did anybody care about the Wakiles' beef with Tre??) mess.
    Bravo brought in newbies (+ Dina "Namaste, bitch!") last season and IMO it made NJ even worse. Those awful twins, Amber and the husbands were so thirsty they made Melissa look positively refreshed. I hope we never see those dreadful amateur-hour 'actors' again.
    Honestly, NJ was best when it followed the Giudice kids a few months' back while Teresa was in jail (coupled with Melissa whining about why wasn't she invited to visit Tre in the big pokey, lol. She really is just too awful). I actually felt something for Gia and her sisters. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it.
    It might benefit RHoNJ if they expand the pool from just having Italian-American cast members, because they are running those IA stereotypes into the ground. Otherwise get ready for more "We're old skool. We believe in RESPECT" Godfather-style opening tags.
    Damn. Nene just used Cynthia, wrung her out to dry, didn't she? I kind of feel bad for Cyn now that she's thrown all her eggs in Nene's basket again. That #flipflopping hashtag tho. 
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  3. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Thank you for reassuring me. I was worried that Yolanda and her fakery had 'got' Lisa and that she would run all the way to Reunion and beyond with it. How dare you question a sick woman and her sick children... Who are you to spread gossip... Who is Lisa Vanderpump in dis verld?
    I think Lisa will avoid going hard on Yol, tho. For the reasons illustrated above. And I also think Yol did score a victory of sorts by getting Mohammed to come out publicly on IG and say the LVP friendship was over. LVP/Mo really did have a long-time friendship. I also do not doubt for one minute that Mohammed said that to Lisa and he meant it just the way she took it.  Allegedly Gigi Hadid is already telling worried family friends asking her about Bella and Anwar that none of the three kids are sick. Let me repeat that: NONE of them.
    You know what struck me about that apology scene? The fear. Fear in Lipsa's eyes. Yolanda has her scared. Which tells me that she believes Yolanda is making this up and that this is a mental issue. That's why she was bowing and scrapping and couldn't get out of there fast enough. I felt bad for Lips actually. 
    Kyle is just... The jealousy is real (even though I think it has died down a little). Her comment at the end about "BE CAREFUL LISA. Remember what happened the last time you sided with the new girl over me." LOrd. AS IF Kyle has some kind of social power in BH to shut Lisa out of the BH social scene! Girl, the reason Lisa took Brandi's side over yours is because you colluded with Adrienne, Taylor and others and tried to get everybody to turn against LVP at S2 Reunion. And then got your mouth piece Faye to go after Lisa the following year with the same tired "Chess game" mantra! At least Lisa has a sense of humor over it and over the fact that she holds a grudge.
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  4. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Did you catch the demonic light in Yolanda's eyes when Erika told her what Lisa said about Mohammed saying his children don't have Lyme?
    After 3 long seasons of not being able to sink Lisa, she finally GOT her. And it's a BIG one. This has allowed her to drive a wedge between the LVP/Mohammed friendship, because she has now forced Mo to come out publicly on social media in order to 'support' his children -- and by extension the mother of his children. Basically all Yolanda's christmases came at once in yesterday's episode.
    I am so ready for everybody to expose her at Reunion but I have a feeling people will hold back so as not to appear cruel -- or Yolanda will suddenly have to leave because she is 'relapsing.'
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  5. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    This is the slow unravelling of Kenya Moore this season. When she first joined RHoA, she came in guns blazing and everybody was thrown off by that. She went straight for Phaedra's marriage because it was clear that Phakedra is covering up a shitload of shady stuff, but Phaedra was too slippery for her. So she settled on that poor dumb creature, Porsha, which must have been like shooting fish in a barrel.
    It was fun seeing her stir the pot with such relish sometimes, but Kenya has burned so many bridges. Nobody at that Jamaica dinner cared for her and nobody made a move to stop her when she left. I feel bad because it reinforces her inability to trust other women, but at the same time Kenya has brought this on herself with her set-ups and pranks. She tried to come after another easy target, She by Sheree, this season, but Sheree nipped that in the bud. Now she has gone for Kim, thinking Kim is too by-the-book to play the game. Instead, Kim has ended up making Kenya look like the crazy, illogical one.
    I don't think Kenya realizes that to act out and try and pull the chair from under Kim (because shouting at her and trying to drag her into a screaming match didn't work) AFTER she failed to turn up at Cynthia's business meeting makes her look really, really bad. She needs to own up to the fact that she didn't put in the work necessary to pitch for Cynthia's 'ad campaign.' Instead, she is trying to paint it as Cynthia 'choosing' Kim over her. And next week she tries to paint Kim's husband as 'fruity'? It makes her look even worse.
    I know Kenya tries to make things happen on the show and assure her spot in the lineup, but if she keeps going like this, she might turn out to be the Danielle Staub of Atlanta -- nobody will want to film with her (unless you pay Phaedra more $$$ to have her pretend to be your BFF).
    "I've performed in every major city in the United States... and some dump ones, let me tell you."  omg I really love some Erika Girardi. And dressing up for the Moulin Rouge must have been just another 'same sh*t, different day' moment for her.
    Yol: "And why do you think I post those (Instagram pics)?"
    Lips: "To get.......... awareness."
    You know Lipsa was thinking "attention" not "awareness" when she said that, Yolanda's creepy little smile while Lipsa was talking... her denial that she didn't know what Munchausen's syndrome meant... it still rings hollow for me. What turns me off Yolanda's plight most is her condescending, holier-than-thou attitude. All we hear is how she "Turns dee udder cheek" and is focused on connecting with nature/attaining spiritual enlightenment through nutritional detoxification. Yet she spends SOP much time passive-aggressively shading the cast for getting their nails done and going to parties. Take the chronic illnesses *cough*leaking breast implant -- thanks Mohammed for stinting on your wife's fake boobs*cough* out of the equation and Yolanda is no better than Lipsa, Eileen, LVP, Kyle or any of the others. She just happened to marry wealthy -- twice.
    Lipsa's back-peddling though....  Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl you just made Cynthia Bailey look subtle.
    Kathryn is trying too hard. She is an ok fit in BH, I guess, although I enjoy Erika better. Also Kathryn's mere presence kind of cements the need for the morally corrupt Faye Resnick to become a permanent member of the cast if not a HW. Dressed as the ringleader too -- Faye always aims high. But hey, everybody is talking about her and pissed by her. It makes a refreshing break from St. Yolanda's Litany of Physical Sufferings. (Yol couldn't walk for 5 weeks? Your muscles would atrophy and you would probably need physio to relearn to walk).
    I don't know how many times we can see Caftan McSplits keep doing the splits -- I was kind of over it back in Season 2.
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  6. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    I love 4MINUTE. They are hands down my fave girl group in kpop (though Red Velvet come second) and this mini AND the comeback single Hate AND that sick drop beat has me literally booty dropping around my living room. I hope this is a grower and by the end of this week people grow to love this song. I can't get enough of it.
    MUST LISTEN to Winner's new tracks. It's been so long, I have practically forgotten what they sound like.
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  7. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    Cube do not promote 4minute well enough. They have blown the budget on Skrillex producing Hate and, as a result, promotions are going to be lacking. Plus the stylists dressed them well in the mv but in the press conference to introduce the song? Um....


    I don't understand why they don't give them an album, there are at LEAST 2 if not 3 really strong vocalists in 4minute. You can hear it so well in the ballad part of the song.
    Looks like both YG and SM are trying to follow this Big Bang formula of releasing things in drips and drabs in order that fans stay buying. SM want to release something from one of their artists once a week! I feel like that is almost too much. Sometimes you need to miss a group to appreciate them.
    Speaking of Big Bang, I really like that iKON song you linked to but I also think it sounds very BB-ish -- Baeng Baeng Baeng chorus-like. Nothing wrong with that, just saying!
    Hey Cheap, did you ever compile your best of kpop in 2015 list?
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  8. Cat added a post in a topic K-Pop Appeciation Thread   

    Bless this kpop thread.  It has been so long. I missed you!

    4minute released HATE yesterday. It's not as good as Crazy but... I like it? The main beat is kind of farty but catchy.
    90s hep-hap alert!

    Jihyun wow. Looks so good with blonde hair and blue contacts!
    They all looked good actually:


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  9. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    As so often with your posts, DF, I find I agree 100% with your conclusions.
    Your take (and Tamara Tattles') on Yolanda is spot-on, and if she can't take the questions after she made 'Chronic Lyme' THE central SL on RHoBH this season, then she shouldn't be on TV. Period. I used to think her 'health advocate' Daisy was creepily SWF-ing her. Now I wonder if Yolanda is SWF-ing Daisy to burnish her Sickly Saint cfredentials. And I have to wonder how much of this health quackery is an effort to either get her pre-nup to David Foster annulled and/or to land some lifestyle brand show.
    You are so right about LVP. Even as I become somewhat disappointed at her efforts to stir the pot on BH, I still cannot help but love her. I don't want to stan blindly -- I think I can see LVP for what she is, flaws and all -- and maybe that is what is the problem with some of the other ladies re: LVP. They want LVP to be perfect all the time. They want her to be attentive to them all the time. They want validation from her all the time. And if Pinky doesn't want to give it, she won't.
    Kyle's fakery about "Don't talk to me about Kim!!!" when she has spent 6 seasons demanding that she be painted the Poor Little Victim at all times is laughable. Kyle loves the attention. Playing victim is her only, and best, role. She has always resented not having central OG status on the show as she felt was her due. "It's not about YOUUUU, Lisahhhh!"

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  10. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    IA, the picture is awful. I got a chill when I saw the way Yolanda seemed to be looking at her child so... triumphantly. There is something not right about this entire set-up..
    I daresay that after this season even LVP may have had her day. Mohammed has very publicly broken with her and people feel she is stirring the pot with Eileen. I love watching but something about this season feels very End of Days with BH.

    I forgot about this trailer when it was screened earlier this season. OMG! Is Jamaica here yet? That trip looks PACKED with drama!
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  11. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I did catch him, but it felt very brief and in passing. I liked in the Olden Days of ATL how Dwight, Derek and Miss Lawrence flowed through a lot of the episodes. Derek did Kim's wig line, Miss Lawrence recorded a song with Kandi and Dwight lent Greg some money, lol.
    Ooo, I'll be on the lookout for that, thanks!

    OMG Mohammed is so PISSED at Lisa VP right now.
    Honestly, he's doing things the good old BH way -- brush everything under the carpet and pretend everything is fine. Deny, deny, deny.
    I am totally creeped out by this picture. Poor Bella. Yolanda looks like she is gloating over her daughter's physical weakness as Bella gets God knows what IVed into her arm. I am wondering if she really thinks she is sick and as projecting that 'sickness' on the people around her, or if this is just an elaborate ploy for alimony and attention.
    I really hope these people are not really sick with Lyme. 
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  12. Cat added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Agreed. This would be my ideal group on Atlanta. I sort of wish Dwight and Miss Lawrence would come back too.
    I think Cynthia looks absolutely the best out of all of them. I like Nene's boots, too.
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  13. Cat added a post in a topic Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith boycott Oscars   

    For me it was the "Imma e-nun-ci-ate slowly for the dumb people" tone of her delivery -- like she thinks she is bestowing light on those who don't know better. When I'm sure people could tell her plenty about what it means to grow up black in America today. Like I said, her message isn't fundamentally wrong, but her delivery is a little condescending.
    ETA: Aaaaaaaaaand sh!t just got messy(ier):



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  14. Cat added a post in a topic Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith boycott Oscars   

    OG Aunt Viv has beef with Will Smith -- I'm sure she feels her firing under the auspices of 'difficult to work with' prevented her from getting jobs. But that doesn't mean that what she is saying doesn't have a shitload of truth in it.
    I'm not against the basic message of JPS's words, but she does sound a bit pompous and... I don't know... talking from within her rarefied bubble?
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  15. Cat added a post in a topic Alan Rickman, "Potter" And "Die Hard" Star, Dies   

    Like DRW, I missed out on the Harry Potter films, but I remember him from Die Hard, Galaxy Quest and Sense and Sensibility. One of my all time favorite actors, and I had such a huge crush on him. I think it was his voice and sense of humor.
    ' "And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer." Benefits of a classical education.'
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