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  1. ITA! It's not a fair comparison, sure, but just look at the rest of daytime. Even B&B, written by a Bell, is a very sad excuse for a soap. Not as bad as Pratt or Passanante's Y&R, but still quite horrible writing.
  2. I've mainly liked the writing so far; there's still quite a lot of damage to repair. The one thing I can't understand- if you've been systematically destroying Sharon's character for years, why once again put the blame on her? That part is lazy. But maybe we're wrong.
  3. For those wondering (must be 100% of this board), Dylan's
  4. The special worked. Aside from aging it was as if no time has passed. I wish they'd have a throwaway line about the finale being Karen's hallucination.
  5. Roanoke was an improvement over several AHS series. As usual with any Ryan Murphy show, there were things I could've done without, but this is one of those rare seasons where they didn't throw in 30 random scenes or cast members with no purpose. Instead, we got something that was well thought out. If you don't expect much, you might like this season more than you know. Also, Adina Porter (a guest star in 1 episode in Season 1) was the true star of the season. Plus, since it wasn't posted here, AHS was renewed through 2019.
  6. McLaughling worked on Y&R before joining Latham's team. I wonder where his writing partner Valerie Ahern is.
  7. S9 was very lovely! I don't care that most of their money was gone; the story was there from the beginning. The new arrivals (Sable, Monica) fit in well and didn't exactly have enough time to reach their full potential, Monica especially. Not enough Alex, of course, just about enough of Krystle. The standout, of course, was Fallon. Some of the others just stood in place (Jeff, Sammy Jo, Adam) but it wasn't that much of a problem. I didn't miss Steven one bit. I won't get into the 'Reunion' thing much as it was quite disappointing for me, especially after a decent final season.
  8. Absolutely! It was hard watching those scenes with Dylan in that outfit. The lighting was awful also.
  9. I'm giving them a few more weeks to see where they go. The production needs work. Too much light, more background music. Hopefully they read these forums and improve on things that don't work. They've made Steve Burton tolerable, but he can't leave soon enough. It's weird how we haven't had any more exits announced. Maybe a surprise return or something.
  10. Generally there's been a load of complaining (and negativity) on this forum as far as I've seen. I don't think it's that bad, and I don't think it's that good. Mainly, it's miles ahead of anything I've seen from Chuckie. But that's just my opinion.
  11. MCE has appeared in 1 episode out of 10 this month, after that failed (and probably intentionally failed) closeness with Morrow. Elizabeth Hendrickson and Melissa Ordway are also quite low on that list.
  12. Hunter King's final regular appearance was September 13. She started recurring September 19. Sean Carrigan's final regular appearance was November 1. He started recurring November 7.
  13. I also like seeing Gloria back, it's as if a part of old Y&R has returned, even though viewers generally either like her or can't stand her. The entire Lauren storyline is very interesting in itself, and having Lauren, Michael and Gloria back on the screen just feels right. I could do without Kevin, sure. You can tell that Chloe's return is now a problem because the writers don't know what to do with her. I hope Chloe and Kevin break up soon and they find something interesting for Chloe to do. Maybe humanize her more and get her back in Billy's orbit. I'm hoping for a storyline involving Paul and Christine. I wish Heather would be back with either Vail Bloom or a new actress.
  14. The lack of background music is still so jarring to me. The scene where Gloria finds out Lauren is in trouble could have been wonderful with suspenseful music in the background. Instead, there was nothing. Nothing.
  15. Oh wow, it's been 20 years. I wonder what Sunset Beach would have looked like by now if it had survived (in an alternate universe where soap operas aren't a dying genre).