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  1. The Daytime Emmys stopped being relevant once Susan Lucci's streak was over. I haven't watched the Daytime Emmys in full since the last CBS broadcast. Honestly, I don't miss them. They've fallen from a glamorous and exciting prime time broadcast to something put together at the last minute on the cheap. There's such a small pool of actors now that the awards are essentially participation ribbons at this point.
  2. This year is also Jess Walton's 30th year on Y&R. She should be back to mark that milestone.
  3. Heads up to those who get GSN. If my calculations are correct, Tuesday's episode of $25000 Pyramid will be the start of the week of June 27-July 1,1983, with celebrity guests Terry Lester and Deborah Adair.
  4. Brenda Dickson sounds like she still has beef with some Y&R cast/crew members, and it's been nearly 30 years since she left the show.
  5. I believe Kassie DePaiva left GL on her own choice. She was part of a cast purge in early 1991 that also saw the departures of Grant Aleksander, Beth Chamberlin, Robert Newman, and Michael O'Leary.
  6. That was why I asked earlier if Robert Calhoun left GL on his own choice or if P&G terminated him. In hindsight, if it was a termination, that was a stupid move on P&G's part. Add to the producer coasting list Laurence Caso (off of Robert Calhoun and Douglas Marland), and to a lesser extent Edward Scott (off of H. Wesley Kenney).
  7. I gave up B&B in spring 1999 after the Jabot/Newman/Forrester storyline wrapped up. Since then I've caught episodes here and there but nothing has drawn me back to daily watching.
  8. Y&R never got a People collector's issue for any of their milestone anniversaries. Out of 30 years of B&B, the first 12 are worth watching. The rest, not so much.
  9. Nobody answered me earlier re Robert Calhoun. From what I've either watched when it originally aired, or rewatched online years later, it seems to me that Robert Calhoun laid all the groundwork but Jill Farren Phelps got all the credit. The 1991/1992 brief ratings rise was under her watch if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Y&R's 25th anniversary year was excellent. The momentum was back after the show went off track in late 1996 through the first half of 1997.
  11. For those who are counting down, we're two weeks away from the annual March Madness break LOL. Mark your calendars, March 16 and 17 (Canadians, March 15 and 16).
  12. Well I'm sure Amelia Heinle got a good amount of spousal support and child support when her marriage to Michael Weatherly ended. Their son is an adult now, about 20 or 21 I think. Billy Miller is no prize catch. Besides, isn't he with Kelly Monaco or was that just a rumor?
  13. Great interview, thanks for the link.
  14. Not sure how true this is, but I read on another site around fall 2009 that Y&R was going to recast Cole with Grant Aleksander. The storyline would have had Cole return to Genoa City as a lawyer instead of an author. Fall 2009 was MAB, right? She had a thing with casting former All My Children actors and primetime sitcom actors if I'm not mistaken.
  15. Maybe that's why the photographer guy was brought on for Lily.