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  1. How has Daniel Goddard managed to be employed for over 10 years?
  2. Between Nia Long, Eva Longoria, and Vivica A Fox, last night's show was an embarrassment of bitches LOL
  3. Although some elements of 1970s Y&R were still there, B&B had really come into it's own by 1990.
  4. One of Melina Kanakaredes early episodes. Around the time these episodes aired, Melina was also part of a Family Feud soap opera special so we knew the accent wasn't real.
  5. That would've been during Dina's 1996 return if I'm not mistaken. After that she came back in 2008 to attend Katherine's "funeral" but that was it. Halfway through May Sweeps and there's still so much garbage time.
  6. Maybe the inconsistent SORASing of characters is why we don't see viable sets of high school aged, college aged, early career, etc.
  7. First week of May Sweeps and nothing has changed.
  8. Leah is one gangster grandma haha. Why is nobody talking about last night's show? Cookie calling Diana "fake ass Claire Huxtable" LOL
  9. CBS Daytime had the best promos back in the day.
  10. Maybe this is the start of the long awaited for cast purge.
  11. What a treat it is to see Nia Long's first episodes. Seeing these alongside her current arc on Empire, holy difference LOL.
  12. Someone has to start it LOL. May sweeps will be the second test of the new regime.
  13. It was more exciting to follow this thread than to watch the actual awards LOL.
  14. EB goes into a good amount of detail in his book about said actor and their beef.
  15. The writers have tried so many times to make Jack/Nikki a couple and it has never worked. Can't wait to see Victor blow up on Monday. I finished EB's book this week and it is really good.