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  1. Hells yes, I loved when Victor put the overgrown frat boy on blast.
  2. I don't remember Miguel's last appearance but there was a mention of Miguel retiring and Nikki sending him a retirement gift.
  3. I remember Lynne's last appearance being a phone call to Paul saying she was staying in Kansas (I think) because of a family situation.
  4. I remember how thirsty so many on this board were for Tyler LOL Wasn't it rumored that Christel Khalil was going to play Tyler's ex Mariah but when Camryn Grimes came back the writers made her Mariah Tyler's ex instead? If Tyler comes back then that makes Jordan redundant. One Shemar clone is enough haha.
  5. From what I remember, Bridget's hair dryer short circuited and that lead to the blackout. To think that was 25 years ago this month. The buildup and the fallout were amazing. Sadly as we all know the momentum didn't last.
  6. Sheila didn't interact with the Newmans in her 1990-1992 and 2005-2006 runs. Pheila kidnapped baby Summer.
  7. 10 years ago today, CBS aired Bob Barker's last episode of The Price is Right. It felt like the end of an era as far as network game shows were concerned. I really thought TPiR would've ended by now but it's still going strong.

    1. AlexElizabeth


      Has it really been 10 years? I still feel like Drew Carey just started.

    2. kalbir


      It took Drew a good 2 to 3 years to get the hang of hosting, but I'd say he's been an adequate replacement.

  8. Maybe it's me, or are Reed and Mattie channeling the original Billy/Mac storyline.
  9. I once read on this board Roger and Holly were described as the anti-supercouple, and that fits them perfectly.
  10. OMG I haven't heard that song in years! I see what you did there Soapsuds LOL.
  11. I won't be tuning into B&B for Sheila round whatever as I felt the character was played out after her 1995-1998 arc. IIRC, Pheila was killed on Y&R. I think Pheila was really Sugar and the real Sheila has been in hiding this whole time.
  12. I graded May Sweeps as D. I still don't love the Newmans hate Victor rehash, but the progress was made with the Abbotts since Dina returned. There's still a lot of garbage time that has to be worked on though.
  13. I'm pretty sure it was the fight for the Chancellor estate storyline that got Jeanne her first Emmy nomination in seven years.
  14. I didn't give the new regime a passing grade for May sweeps. I guess that leaves November sweeps as their third test and when it's three strikes, they should be out.
  15. The fight for the Chancellor estate and the build up to the Newman takeover. Kay Alden had already taken over for Bill Bell at this point, correct?