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  1. I don't think that will ever happen. So many posters here were thirsty for Tyler but not as many have been for Jordan.
  2. I don't remember that at all.
  3. It was in the last 30 seconds of today's episode. It wasn't off the charts heat generating or anything like that. Besides, Jordan doesn't appeal to me anyway.
  4. It took 15 years but Lily finally kissed a Black man.
  5. I can't see Dina as a gangsta grandma LOL.
  6. Victor's kicking Frat Boy off the ranch, haha love it.
  7. So Italy skipped most of 1986, all of 1987 and 1988, most of 1989, all of 1994 through 1997, and most of 1998? You were spared the focus on Cricket in the late 1980s, the focus on Nick/Sharon in the mid-1990s, and that lull period of Fall 1996 through the first half of 1997, but you missed a few good storylines as well.
  8. Sounds like more garbage time. Yuck.
  9. Whoa, so Y&R is actually going there w/ Tessa and Mariah?
  10. What was the last storyline that aired before cancellation? If the ending was 2005 or earlier episodes, then you were spared LML, MAB, JFP, Pratt. Maybe it's me but I always got the impression that B&B is a bigger draw in most of Europe than Y&R.
  11. Are you enjoying the 2014 episodes FrenchFan? If any international Y&R viewers are posting here, what's happening on Y&R in your country?
  12. YRfan23, thank you for the link. I remember the 2008 Paris remote was done to coincide w/ the 20th anniversary of Y&R first being broadcast in France. So if they started w/ 1986 episodes in 1989 as per the episode guide, France would be watching 2014 episodes now. One of the French language channels in Canada airs Y&R but the episodes are from 2009.
  13. YRfan23, do you have an episode guide saved somewhere? You're really good w/ original air dates Ugh, tying Cricket to the Abbotts allowed her to eat the show even more. I remember Soap Opera Digest named Cricket as Most Overexposed Character in one of the best/worst issues in the late 1980s. I believe Chase was gone sometime in spring 1990 but I don't recall how he was written off.
  14. I always thought it was hilarious that little Victoria's real name was Ashley Nicole. She would be about 35 now.
  15. Did anyone like Victor and Cassandra as a couple? It wasn't long after the 1990 episode yrfan1983 recapped that Victor would take little Victoria to Switzerland, and was gone for a few weeks. I pinpoint this departure to coincide with Eric Braeden taking time off for his role in the miniseries Lucky Chances (based on the Jackie Collins novels).