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  1. Scott was born on screen in March 1991. Daniel was born off screen in summer 1994. Daniel was SORASed to high school aged in 2004. Scott was SORASed to graduate school aged in 2005.
  2. Oh great, another "let's have the Newman's hate Victor" rehash. I wonder if this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, so to speak, meaning forcing EB off the show to save $$$.
  3. May Sweeps is a few weeks away and that will be the second test for the new regime. If they don't pass that, then some changes should be made. I'm still waiting for a cast purge.
  4. Do you think Bill Bell created Victor as Y&R's version of Roger? I'm sure Y&R had villains before Victor, but I can't figure out which of the 1973-79 male characters could be considered a villain from what I've read about that era of Y&R online. So the end is gonna come before the 50th anniversary in 2023 then?
  5. Oh OK, I didn't know that. Goes to show I wasn't really paying attention to the credits when I watched live LOL. Maureen Garrett was one of the most beautiful women on daytime in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I was surprised to find out that she was 40 when she returned to GL (according to IMDb, her birthdate is August 18, 1948).
  6. I agree, Calhoun/Curlee/Demorest would have been amazing. He really laid all the ground work but sadly it's Jill Farren Phelps that got all the credit for it and as we all know, eventually undid everything. From what I've seen, Robert Calhoun was EP from June 1989 to sometime in the first half of 1991, so only two years at the most. Had we gotten a Calhoun/Curlee/Demorest dream team so to speak, I think Beverlee McKinsey might not have walked in Summer 1992 and Maureen Bauer wouldn't have been killed off in early 1993.
  7. I think it's music more often than not that causes videos to get deleted. I've seen clips that were muted because of songs used in the background of the scene.
  8. Speaking of Wheel of Fortune, the CBS daytime version had a soap special week in the fall of 1989 with stars from all four shows. I know GL actors appeared on Family Feud in 1990-1992 and a few of those episodes are online.
  9. Basically 90% of the actors that Y&R has cast in the last 15 years LOL.
  10. Hahaha. Joshua Morrow is no prize catch.
  11. IIRC it was LML that created Chloe Mitchell but MAB that retconned her to Kate Valentine. AFAIK I don't think the original intention was for Chloe to be Kate.
  12. I did too LOL It's kind of sad that she's only one of two Black actresses to win a Daytime Emmy and her win wasn't a tie.
  13. It's hard to believe that Joshua Morrow will be the next Y&R cast member to reach the 25 year mark. That is, if Y&R is still on in April 2019. He was nominated 5 consecutive years (1996-2000) in the Younger Actor category at the Daytime Emmys but never won and has yet to be nominated in either the supporting or lead categories.
  14. The Daytime Emmys stopped being relevant once Susan Lucci's streak was over. I haven't watched the Daytime Emmys in full since the last CBS broadcast. Honestly, I don't miss them. They've fallen from a glamorous and exciting prime time broadcast to something put together at the last minute on the cheap. There's such a small pool of actors now that the awards are essentially participation ribbons at this point.
  15. This year is also Jess Walton's 30th year on Y&R. She should be back to mark that milestone.