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  1. The other thing I noticed when I watched that one day last week - they're telegraphing what they should have done last year - when do we learn that Nicole can't have any more children? Which will be stupid at this point because they should have done it when she gave birth to Lizzy.
  2. The women's matches have been showing on a channel I have "Bein" Or "Being?" - "BeIN". I have Fios and have practically every channel you can get....they've been showing the women's matches on there.... http://www.beinsports.com/us/ Maybe you can see them online?
  3. Too many of you to quote. But I don't get the Scott/Victor - spy on Abby thing at all. Why would Victor encourage Abby to be a leader at Newman, and then get a rat - Scott - to spy on her? Why would he trust Scott at all, and why on Earth would Scott trust Victor? I guess maybe if he talked to his mother and just out of some kind of respect that Victor put up the cash to save his life...but if you look at any history, you know this old coot always has alternate motives. Ordway - horrible. Abby has zero purpose right now. I didn't get the end of the relationship with Ben/Stitch...because she didn't love him? Honey, are you blind? Summer - same thing....these 2 are weak actresses - should have been gone a long time ago. I actually started watching Y&R again when Marcy Rylan (whatever she is now...Emmie or something? Lizzie from Guiding Light)...I started watching when she came to Y&R and I thought - OK, they're going to do crazy wild stuff with Abby...fun. The swap to Ordway was just - tired. She's not sparky, edgy, and not the actress they needed. Hunter whatever her name is - Summer - sucks the life out of most scenes she's ever in. Juvenile, young - not in a good way. I don't think you can write anything serious for her because she can't handle it. And how old is she - she should have skills by now? If it were the time of Hayden Panettiere - that's who (at the right age) you'd want to play Abby or Summer. These 2 actresses just don't have teeth. At least they've made Heinle/Snore-toria look better recently. She looked like a ragamuffin for so long.
  4. Unless it's a Slam I usually don't pay attention until the really later rounds....but I'm looking back and daily play and Kerber go her butt kicked?? I don't even know the name of the girl who beat her...I don't follow like I used to but Kontaviet??? The women's side is swiss cheese for the seeds left....the quarters - seeds 1,4,5, and 7 were out? Good lord...
  5. Oops you're correct....I looked at the wrong side. Well, repeat the above anyway. Zverev/Isner will be a snooze fest...LOL.
  6. The Thiem / Isner match will be a snooze fest...I've never really understood Isner. Painful to watch...I'm only 5'7 so I've struggled with serve my whole life....so it's especially irritating to see someone that tall ever hit the net on serve. Crack up every time he double faults.
  7. I saw 5 minutes yesterday - (I think) - a scene with Ridge begging Brooke....I mean seriously? Again? Stale. How many times do we do this? Bill is an a** but he's treated Brooke far better than Ridge ever does (he left her at the alter but it was because of Brooke continuing to have feelings for Ridge and I can't blame him for that)...and you look at the two of them, and sorry...Bill wins on looks and body. LOL. And just the whole history of Ridge always screwing her over...like why on Earth would you give him 5 more seconds? And God I'm sick of hearing RJ talk about his Dad like he's the golden man....I really wish someone would just drop the bomb on RJ. Actually, your Mom isn't marrying your Dad because he had the extreme hots for your Grandfather's wife, and got kissy kissy several times. Your Dad is kinda slimey, sweetie. There, now ya know. In general the "secret" with Quinn and Ridge is silly at this point. The "secret" that like 8 people know.
  8. Yes. My Mother said only to speak good of the Dead. Roger Ailes is Dead. Good. And I will be that BIG of a *itch.
  9. He is just so gross. He'd probably think he could land his helecopter on the Parthenon if it had a roof.
  10. Ugh. Acting is not Julie Chen's bag...and it rubbed off on Mishael Morgan - the scenes were really fakey.
  11. Who is this hot piece ? He is smoking hot and way too young for Dinacorpse.
  12. It's what alot of shows have done when budgets are cut. It doesn't suprise me - I mentioned in another thread I would be interested to see what starts to happen given the ratings they're pulling in. Their 18-49 and 18-34 W are horrible numbers...advertisers still pay the best rates for W18-49. About 8-10 years ago - if a show hit 1.0 in the Women 18-49 demo - the networks got very antsy over it...they didn't like that number. There comes a point where there's no more reasoning or explaining it away. The dollars aren't coming in the way they were and the budget will be cut, doesn't matter if you're #1. #1 with lousy 18-49 numbers is still lousy. Next we'll hear who is being moved off contract, and the people will either take pay cuts to stay or they'll be let go. I have a strong suspicion...EB won't be here for much longer....I wondered if he was planning on leaving sometime soon to begin with - given he did his book - I wondered if it was a swan song type of thing. I don't know if anyone read it (I didn't)...but I wondered if there was anything in there about the state of the show, how he felt about his career at this point...etc.
  13. You mean you didn't like the wacky convoluted explanation that Victor pulled the whole Marco swap because he had to protect his familehhhhhh from the that DOMMED Paragonnnnn VIRUSSSSSS!?? When all of that happened LONG after he pulled a swap, had the living hell tortured out of Jack, and Phyllis basically raped repeatedly by a fake? And then Summer later defending Victor every show and grovelling to everyone about how MEAN they were all being to GRANDPA - when her own mother was one of the victims??? Yah I didn't care of it either.
  14. To both posters directly above - thanks for this, because I have sporadically been watching but I was a little confused at all the anger over Dina....I didn't remember such hatred for her and I thought there was a whole forgiveness thing with her. Now all this hate - I didn't get it.
  15. Eeesh. I would say "what's that sound?" Y&R and B&B hitting rock bottom, but I don't think they're near done yet going down. I saw B&B for a total of 10 minutes this week probably...and unfortunately what this will mean is that rather than give story to Nicole, Rick, or someone different, he'll just start jamming Quinn down viewers' throats again 24/7 since that looked like it worked....and probably another Wyatt/Liam triangle with Steffy because she'll realize she really actually loves Wyatt, etc. etc. etc. Quinn will try and break up the marriage to get the girl for Wyatt, etc. etc. With these numbers Rena Sofer secured herself storyline coming up very quickly probably for the next year, as well as Liam/Wyatt/Steffy. What I'm interested in seeing is when are the budget cuts coming in a bad way for Y&R and B&B? That's when things get bad - when the show starts to look horrible and they start cutting corners....and telling the cast they're either getting paycuts or tossed. As is, just this week's news about Caroline not returning any time soon....and for a few months we've seen less of the Avant's parents, Sasha disappeared...it can't be long for the Spectra's....I think this is already showing up when you really think about it. And the cast of B&B typically (when they're on a talk show) always talk about how fun it is to go on remote/travel shoots because no other show does it. Which is sad...location shoots used to be such a ratings grabber and such a big deal back in the heydey of the late 70's to the early 90's...well, B&B's cast can wave goodbye to those location shoots with numbers like these. When viewers leave, they just typically don't come back, and we're seeing it. I don't know that I've ever seen such a rapid decline by a ratings leader and #2....they've deteriorated quick over the past year....they had room to do it and still be safe from any negative changes in paying cast, look of the show,, etc. They're now out of room. Y&R - I'll be interested what happens when we start hearing of the veterans being asked to take pay cuts because the money isn't there...and see who decides to leave, etc. I would guess for pay that Braeden, Bergman, Melody Thomas Scott, Doug Davidson, Eileen Davidson, Tognoni...maybe Bregman? Jess Walton? Kristoff St. John? M. Morgan? Are probably at the top of the pay food chain...I don't know who is on contract or what at this point...maybe not Jess Walton at this point since she's barely on.
  16. I've said the same thing on here RE: Carter. Why would anyone look at Liam or Wyatt, or Ridge, or any other guy on this show with Carter walking around? Are all of the girls on the show completely blind? I tuned in for a bit yesterday and I saw they're back to making Wyatt the snide, nasty attitude weasel again...I wish they'd write some of these people out and bring someone like Caroline BACK. I didn't understand the whole totally 'ending it' thing with Rick and her....everyone else on this show goes back and forth and back and forth and back again...but Rick isn't tempted by ANYONE? Yuck with him and Maya. Wrote them into a corner that they'll never get out of unless they have some kind of protagonist like Caroline back....or they easily could have gone the Rick/Nicole route - another missed opportunity. Instead Brad Bell writes these couples into a totally dull corner...Rick/Maya, Steffy/Liam, Nicole/Zende - all happily married with no temptation and totally utterly boring.
  17. Ugh the whole Mariah/Hillary brawl was bad. And then Hillary goes over to Devon's just to throw a fit - just so she'll get attention and he'll keep noticing her. The only thing I did laugh at was during the brawl - Mariah said something like, "Why haven't you slept with his Father again yet? OH, I forgot, probably because you're not Married!"
  18. The total viewers for all shows - some the Millions more than World Turns, Guiding Light, Life to Live, All My Kids - Total viewers are higher in only some instances 2 - out of 4. All four in demos are below where Guiding Light, World Turns, AMC, OLTL were canceled - total viewers....but - when you look at the 18-34 (HORRIBLE FOR CURRENT SHOWS). 18-49 Women - Guiding Light at it's WORST pulled 500,000 to 580,000 18-49....it was canceled at 610,000 W 18-49 - those were its WORST numbers.... And only 2,000,000 people were watching in total supposedly. What does that tell you? Guiding Light viewers were old 9 years ago - but had more 18-49 viewers than Y&R and B&B and all shows have now. With only 2 Million total viewers - 580,000 were 18-49. Tells me they weren't so old if you'd given them a chance. And now the rest of the soaps are truly at the endda da rope.
  19. Well they almost had a murder - when Quinn shoved Deacon off of the cliff.....but then he swam around for 2 weeks and showed up with seaweed wrapped around his head.
  20. Their hair and makeup probably won an emmy. LOL. Wyatt's hair is a moppy mess. Awful.
  21. I only listened to the Zende portion of the show yesterday because the rest was just rehash from what I heard, so when the show went off, I rewound it and just listened to the parts with Nicole/Maya and Zende and Zende/Thomas/Steffy. I really wish there was someone else there to tell Zende - no it's probably not because you're a Dominguez or whatever, all of the Forresters are backbiting climbers that don't want anyone in their way of possibly being CEO of Forrester. They all do it. Even Maya already revealed her own opinion to Nicole....of course she would say "hope he doesn't get his hopes up". Because she and Rick are the same - they're backbiting snakes. So are the rest of them...none of them want anyone that has possible talent to be in the way of their ascent to the throne. But Rome is an awful actor.
  22. I saw that on the news and just laughed. Honestly I think they should eliminate the Daytime Drama awards - it's fine for the rest of the Daytime programming but when there's only 4 shows left, there's no competition. It makes me mad that a show or an actor/actress will go down in history for anything as "the only person ever to...." "the only show ever to...." win XX or the most emmies. Because that's what's going to happen - and very few of these people nor the shows would have gotten a nomination much less won an emmy back when there were at least 8 or 10 shows on the air. All 4 get nominated for Best Show....??? None of the 4 shows were deserving of "best show", "best writing," etc....Gina Tognoni won while on GL a couple of times in the Supporting category. I could see her getting through the nomination process and possibly winning if 8 or 10 shows were on. Clifton I guess made it through the process for Younger Actor and Supporting....but I don't think he ever would have won if there were other choices. Can you even imagine him being named in a category with David Canary, Maurice Bernard, Tony Geary, Grant Aleksander, Larry Brygmann, Michael Zaslow (back in the day), Charles Keating (back in the day), Roger Howarth, and so on? Not the same company as those people and you can keep naming additional...
  23. I mentioned not so long ago about how trashy it is and someone said, 'well it's always been that way.' To me, when the show first came on the air, the first several years - it was not like this at all. If you look back at old clips - Stephanie confronting the Doctor and "Angela"/Deveny - for hoodwinking her all these years...there were some serious moments. There were campy moments but they also had stories that built to a climax more slowly. More like Y&R was. There is nothing that builds on this show at all and there's no real payoff. Maybe one of the only slower stories that finally built to a climax was maybe Quinn's kidnapping of Liam - and in the end they even made it more ridiculous and there wasn't really a payoff to me at all. Things happen way too fast - Brooke breaks up with Ridge and is engaged to Bill the same day practically. The same tired triangle of Wyatt/Liam/(insert girl's name)....hopping from one girl to another - again practically in the same day. They don't have any relationships develop at all on this show. Even Katie's friendship with Eric - it's believable they would be friends given the history - Eric has slept with or been married to all of her sisters and her Mother...LOL. But we just didn't see a friendship building - it happened over about 2 weeks and then she's living next door. I actually liked the idea of the Spectras but they could have done with a few less of them....and instead of rehash of the same types of characters, what if they'd made Sally actually have talent and pull off a real line of her own, instead of "stealing" the designs like they did 50 times in the 80's and 90's. Because of the ratings I don't think the Spectras will be on for long - and it's kind of not fair. She's a good actress I think and she does have chemistry with Thomas...but they needed to move slower and not be completely gah gah over each other in 2 days.
  24. What are the ramifications of an actor/actress writing a show a week be? They're members of their own Union, but there are actors/actresses that write (Martha Byrne, Victor St. Lawrence I believe also - there are alot)...would they be able to turn in a basic Bible for a month of shows and write 1 script a week....just to keep the show(s) going until the strike is over? Honestly, they'd basically be keeping the show going so that their coworkers and friends have a job when they come back...
  25. Ravi and Ashley, and Phyllis interacting with Ravi (almost being a mentor/coach) is really the only storyline I'm interested in. Victor/Nikki - blah. Today when Victor said something like "how can you turn your back on me?" I threw up in my mouth a little bit and put their scenes on mute. Ashley's reaction to the Jack/Gloria thing was funny. Everything else has been so ho/hum. The back and forth with Hillary first trying to pretend she's 'befriending' Mariah, only to screw her over repeatedly has become stale. And it's odd to me, but since I started watching regularly again about 3 years ago - I don't get the magic of Devon. He's so dull to me - I just don't care.