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  1. Hillary's biggest mistake at the end was using "when THEY GO LOW!? WE GO HIGH!". Stupid. You gotta go lower sometimes to beat the lowest. People are listening to shi* so - unfortunately you have to go crappier. The Obamas couldn't go higher or lower because they were leaving. Hillary likely was never going to win unless she appealed to the stupid people, and honestly, I'm not sorry that she didn't. Let them find out in 15 years that they're dying and have no health care. I get what I want faster that way.
  2. I've been watching Queen of the South on USA and it's been really good. It got renewed for a 2nd season and if you haven't seen it, I think it's worth watching. Acting and story has been excellent - it's based on a book from around 2002 or 2004. Not sure how many episodes there are going to be in a season but we're up to #13 and I think it's going to be wrapping up soon...would be easy enough for people to catch up.
  3. Would have been great for Sasha to have used this as her "in" with one sister again....have her sympathize with one of them to 'find a friend'. LOL. This really could be fabulous if Nicole takes that baby back, and then gets pregnant right away. !!!!! Keep both leaving Maya with nothin'. Today with her and Rick and discussing what's fair or not fair and to think they asked Nicole for her womb TWICE! Having Nicole take the baby and get pregnant too....years of possibilities...
  4. Wow - a day I watched most of it. Finally we get to see what some other actors on this show can do other than Quinn. The Nicole gonna-take-my-baby-back/Maya/BullyBrattyRick might be the best thing that's been on this show in years - my opinion only but today was maybe the best I've seen in years. I hope they move forward with it because (God knows Brad Bell won't get it right) - but this could amount to years of story. Finally Saint Maya has something bad happen to her and doesn't get her way....now if they'd kept Sasha and if they'd developed her as an actual character other than THOT she could have picked a side and caused more angst.
  5. And I keep meaning to ask this of everyone....out of the Grand Slams which are your favorite(s) in order? Mine has always been the French Open because I like watching the longer points, then the U.S. Open, then the Australian, then Wimbledon. Probably not a popular opinion but I never really loved Wimbledon, and the grass season is so short, shorter points, etc. I have the Australian above it because I'm always looking forward to it because it's the first Slam and we haven't had a Slam since the U.S. Open at that point - it sucks to try and watch the matches Live and I'm dead tired every day from staying up in the middle of the night to see them Live, but it's first and I like it. French was always my favorite because I was a huge Chris Evert fan, and became a fan of Seles afterward. U.S. Open I have second because it's our Slam, and the night matches are so exciting and different than any other...and it's fun to see our crowds sometimes get behind players from other countries when one of our own isn't playing.
  6. LOLLL Count Dracula. I laughed too when Wyatt said that - I said outloud, "Oh God shut up weasel."
  7. I was watching the Ricoh Semifinals....Kontaviet (sp?) is in the semi's? Isn't she the qualifier from another tournment that took alot of people out?
  8. Ugh, I see I can start turning over to The Chew again. Today was 3 words - "Quinn Barf Fest". Thank GOD you're OK, Quinn! I'm so SORRY that I left you Quinn! Ridge is the HERO of Quinn, you saved her LIFE! Thank God you got help for Quinn, Katie! Quinn and Ridge will forever be Linked! The dialogue was atrocious...
  9. She was totally cheesy. I yawned at the "I'm OK now that you're here...just hold me" - or whatever she said. All plot device for the Quidge eventual pairing. Quinn would never be redeemed for me after multiple murder attempts, and nothing ever happens to her. She's a cartoon character to me. And I agree with whoever said - with Sheila - it really is silly. The Ted Bundy comparison is so true.
  10. Yes, I thought the same thing - I saw the last 15 minutes. I was thinking...this is so stupid....Deacon wasn't even that mad at her after he showed up with seaweed around his head. Why would he get mad about it AFTER he left? So sloppy. And yes with the Katie thing...where was Deacon shooting from? LOL. Yesterday at questioning there was another stupid moment - the Police asked about Sheila breaking and entering....and Katie said, well, I did leave the backdoor unlocked. ??????????????!!! Oh, OK, so it's OK to just walk into someone else's house because a window or door were open. So you can do that. LOLLLL
  11. I had a professor that was a Harvard grad and doctorate and he was certifiable. It took me a whole semester to figure out - he's not just making mistakes in lectures, just to see if someone notices and dares to correct him...he's really screwing up. I had gotten 2 A's on exams during the Semester, and then on the Final I "failed", and I got a C in the class. Many of the questions were the same as on the 2 smaller exams, and I answered them the same way - on the Final he wrecked me on everything. I went to the department chair and got it overturned. Someone told me - he favors the students who he's an advisor to - if he's not your advisor he will ensure the best you get will be a C or lucky - a B. That proved to me - crazy is out there and so is unfairness.
  12. Glad it was a white guy and not a black guy or Muslim.
  13. It's sad but it's going to take someone being successful many many times before they change. The NRA has too much power over the Republican party. As I was watching this morning I said out loud - yep, if you'd only had a ton of guns you could have protected yourselves, right? You need more guns, more AK47s, more of everything. And let 8 year olds buy them too....that's what you need. Less regulation, no background checks, all of it. More more more. Bring on more guns and see what it gets you. I'm sorry to be so callous but - there was not a ton of outcry when it was Gabby Giffords. All you heard from them was that gun regulation isn't the answer. It's never the answer to them. So it's awful that it happened, but I never understand the argument that - if we just teach people the right way to own guns and to be responsible, none of this would happen. Well - the Sandy Hook shooter knew how to use a gun. So did this guy. Educating crazy people isn't the answer - keeping the guns out of their hands is. And that party doesn't really want anything to do with that, so you're right - they reap what they sew. On message boards I read posts like, "of course it's crazy Liberals!" Well that's interesting considering we're the ones that want more regulation...now you're upset that one used a gun?
  14. Either would have been fine. I voted Northam. Having grown up in this Commonwealth I truly hope we've turned a corner and don't go back anytime soon. 15-20 years ago someone said to me - you're the South. You're the Capitol of the South, you're Virginia! You'll always be Republican! I said *uck you. We're also the most Southern State closest in proximity to the North. You have no idea what we are capable of. Go Virginia!
  15. It's interesting to me that people think Pam Long did awful work on One Life to Live when the show hit #1 when she was writing. People didn't like the Rappaports (sp?) but she wrote it and the show hit #1 that Summer.
  16. I voted. But YEP. BIG YEP! I am done. I will look for the rest of my life for a "D" on the ballot. Not that I didn't before, but there were rare occasions in my town where I voted Republican. That will no longer happen. I was young, gay and stupid when I did that. They are the ones who busy themselves with driving issues between people. Roe Vs. Wade shouldn't even be a DISCUSSION. IT'S LAWFUL. They constantly insert themselves into other people's lives when it's convenient for them. I'm so TIRED OF IT. By the way - Baron wears a T-Shirt that says "Expert" on it. LOLLLLLL. It sells out. Expert of what? Being rich and entitled? Ivanka on Fox says - being in DC has been enlightening, she never knew people were viscious. *ITCH SERIOUSLY? You didn't listen to your own FATHER tell people to "THROW HER IN JAIL?" DID YOU NOT KNOW DC IS A LIBERAL TOWN? BORDERS ON MARYLAND AND NORTHERN VIRGINIA? YOU DIDN'T KNOW THINGS MIGHT NOT BE REALLY SHELTERED FOR YOU???? GOD they are STUPID.
  17. I just have zero faith now - I will be stunned if anything comes out of it.
  18. I'm in Northern VA, voted Northam but I had to force myself to go honestly because I know I'll be looking for the "D" on the ballot when the election comes no matter who wins the primary. The ads here have been interesting with the Republican candidate running weird pro-Trump messaging. I laughed when I heard it. And then said he was the only one who could "beat the Democrats".
  19. We get this to look forward to for 4 years. I could care less about the Sessions stuff - nothing is going to come out of this - and this administration will be 4 years of a Reality TV show with breaking news every single day. It's like watching a scripted TV program. Off topic board I know - and we know soaps won't last forever, but this will be the end of Daytime TV as we know it. And I don't understand why when something like this is going on - why every single network has to cover it...I tuned in to see Ellen, not this testimony. If I want to watch it I can find it on like - CNN, MSNBC or 6 other stations. I'm not watching NBC, CBS, or ABC one over the other for coverage like this especially when it's just testimony....there are no "hosts" or "anchors" while it's going on for me to care which network I'm watching.
  20. I was kind of excited but now if that's all they do - have Sheila come in and order everyone around and run roughshod over everyone - Eh. Seen that before, and it won't hold my interest. When she ordered Katie to "Put IT DOWN KATIE!" I was hoping Katie would knock her upside the head. You broke into MY house, you're supposed to be DEAD, and now you're basically threatening me? Whop! Take that, *itch! LOL
  21. I loved Jean (SP?) Carole - Nadine. I remember back when they had the SOD Awards (Guiding Light and World Turns fans pretty much never got our way because we just weren't rabid enough to go buy up every magazine and mail in 100 ballots each) - but Jean Carole one year won "Favorite New Character" or "Favorite New Actress" or something. It was very odd for Guiding Light have someone win a popularity contest/voting contest...was a huge mistake to kill her off. Of course everyone knows the worst kill-off in Daytime ever is probably Maureen. But this show went on a penchant for killing off beloved characters....they did it with Nadine and then Jenna also.
  22. Her tenure on World Turns was a low for me. There was one worse though for World Turns - whoever was writing when the Kasnoff family was first introduced and there was an awful model-character Zoey, friends of "Sarah" Kasnoff....it was a brutally bad time on the show. But I just remember seeing JP's name as head writer during alot of her time and it was just so sad for me. It was nothing like World Turns had been in the mid 80's and early 90's.
  23. I'm right there too. This little snowflake is done. I said in another post - open up all the coal mines, let them die of black lung because they get a paycheck and no healthcare. We get what we want faster that way. I'm tired of being caring, thoughtful, and empathetic. I'm of the attitude right now - let them get everything they wanted, and my back will be turned when it doesn't work out.
  24. OK, I have been under a rock, and have crawled out from down under....I knew Margaret Court said some crazy *hit but I had no idea. I am just catching up on news articles...that make me VERY HAPPY. Google Maps apparently - the arena now says Evonne Goolagong Arena on Google Maps? GOOD. She is one wack *itch. And guess what about her record? Serena will come back and she and Venus will win MULTIPLE Doubles titles even if Serena doesn't win another Singles Grand Slam title - but I think she will. I hope she comes back and eclipses the *itch. One article I read....Martina had made a comment about Margaret and Margaret said something like...Martina should focus on the problems in her own country. Reminds me of a Designing Women episode...you know what? We ain't all crazy here. But you know what we do with our crazy people? We don't hide them upstairs, we bring them right down here and let them talk to you. In the South we say it's not a matter of whether you HAVE crazy people in your family - it's just a matter of which side of the family they're on. ("which side of the family are yours on?") - Julia: "BOTH".
  25. Ivy will pop in and "VEEEDEEEEYO" Katie pushing Quinn over the balcony. "But it's NAWT what the VEEDEEEYO SHOWS, KATIE!".