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  1. Most days I have been tuning in at the end to see the flashbacks - I agree. It's easy to forget how young KKL and John McCook really were....you start to do the math and you're like...wow, and I remember him as Lance on Y&R...KKL had to have been early to mid 20's, John 40?
  2. The day I tuned in was pretty awesome. Looked like the people from Los ANGO-Les were in Australia for the first time. None of them have any money to get to Australia to see their brother or cousins, even though they have a Private Jet (unless something happened to it). Ivy said something about - this is the Opera House...so no one knew the Sydney Opera house. Nice Fashion House - worldwide known. My Lord this was bad stuff. I also did see Brooke bitching at Katie about her love for Ridge and whatever. I wish the plane had crashed with all of them onboard and there's a flashback by someone....Capitol, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light are still on the air. All of this was an AWFUL DREAM.
  3. Hope he goes right to GH. He'll be great. New Head Writer. Zackkkkkly what they need. Wonderful.
  4. Is that even a question? The Quinn Show began at least 3 or 4 years ago when I started re-watching. I quit pretty much completely 5 months ago. She shoves people off of bridges. Kidnaps people. Fakes people out. Has showers built for millionaires who can certainly afford an outdoor shower. *ucks with everyone in LA. It's the Quinn show, y'all. And the same people that like Quinn wonder why Rick and Maya and other characters don't have any story. LOLLLLL. And I'll say this - I'm shocked at the 30 year anniversary clips. B&B was never really very good compared to other soaps. But to see these 30th anniversary clips - shows you how GOOD it ACTUALLY WAS. LOLLL. They competed against great shows on their own Network. They don't have competition on their own network now and they still stink. These old clips - had no idea how decent the show really was.
  5. Not surprising - but I had only been watching Y&R somewhat regularly until a few weeks ago...I was at least catching maybe 1/2 hour of it a day. B&B I only watch a couple minutes a day...the show is horrible. Y&R there's just nothing to watch...show looks good, the actors do what they can but I just feel like there's nothing going on...there's virtually no stories going on at all. Lauren's angst over a missing son - what I saw was bad...Colin selling a ring he found that Katherine left for Jill (another surprise from the grave from Katherine)...I can't name anything else that was going on. Some interaction between Ashley and Phyllis and the new guy. There are no "stories" on this story anymore.
  6. Thanks! I'll have to see later in the week if I have it on, if it's still happening. Only B&B has done this when I have it on...
  7. Just check it and see if you would. On Friday I didn't even think about it because I only heard it as background noise - and didn't think about it until I heard it on again today. The best way I can describe it is someone talking into a box fan...broken/wavy voices. I have the TV on during the day because i work from home and just need some "noise"....but no other CBS show did it...nothing happened on Price is Right, local news, Y&R, or the Squwalk when that comes on after B&B. Local news tonight is fine...
  8. The 80's to early/mid-90's were the best years of soaps IMO....As the World Turns definitely dipped when Doug Marland passed away. But the early 90's were a rennaissance for Guiding Light...I only watched CBS but even from reading opinions of others, I think most would agree. Possibly Another World fans might argue that the 70's to early 80's were that show's best. Edge of Night I watched some and the 70's were definitely its best of what I saw, but I was born in 1970. I never watched GH - but my one sister did - she loved and watched it from the late 70's throughout to the early 90's, when she switched to Guiding Light during that timeslot. All of us watched Y&R though. I think the late 70's throughout the 80's to possibly part of the early to mid 90's were Y&Rs best. B&B I've never thought was a great show by any means...nothing like I felt for any of the CBS shows like Y&R, ATWT, and Guiding Light.
  9. Sound issues...has anyone else noticed the sound on the show or is it my provider (I have Verizon Fios)....I had it on - on Friday and the sound was wavy/broken...like someone talking into a fan. I only had it on for about 2 or 3 minutes, and today I noticed it again. It's only B&B - not any of the other shows that have been on....same on Friday.
  10. GH - WOW!!! Highest ratings EVER!!! Just ask Donald Trump. They ARE HYUGE! YOOOGE! Biggest World Record EVER!!!! People are HAPPY! EVERYONE is HAPPY! Their RATINGS ARE HYOOOOOOGE!. They are BEATING the YOUNG AND RESTLESS! They're BEATING JUDGE JUDY!. THEY'RE BEATING EVERYONE!!!! ----Donald Trump.
  11. I can't believe this is cover-worthy for any magazine. And then they chose the wrong people. Good Lord. You didn't see World Turns or Guiding Light on People magazine covers for their 50th. Jesus. Oh wait. Is this fake news?
  12. I truly am barely watching, the ratings are showing it. Is everyone a housewife still...or are the people working from home (I am working from home). Y&R is now below Guiding Light and World Turns Levels for 18-49 Women, but they're doing really really awesome. They're fine. They're GREAT. If people post and it's negative, maybe they should listen. Hell, I'm old and know nothing. So ignore me. You've got MILLIONS of 11 to 18 year old girls tuning in every day. (SARCASM)
  13. I was on vacation for alot of the week last week, and only saw a few minutes between Monday and today. Colin finds a ring (another surprise from Katherine I guess?)...and will just double cross Jill again. ?? Yawn. Lauren traipsing from house to house beggin' for money - and I saw today screetching at Victor (who will never be redeemed to me)....about how to handle getting Scott back...? Screetching at the person that is putting up the money? I saw Lily in scanty clothes with Cain again....and turned it off. What is going on - on this show? I'm a writer for a company but it's Marketing...and I could do better than this. Hell, I think any of us could give it a better whirl than this. It's one thing to spend a little time getting characters back to stability, a little quieting down, but it's time for something to happen. There hasn't been anything really building at all for a story on this show. The ratings are reflecting it. I'm not the only one who is back to barely watching after re-joining 3 and a half or 4 years ago. The positive is that they had some room to lose some viewers compared to other shows and every other show is pretty much biting it far worse than Y&R is (save B&B but even that's dropped recently - I'm at the same stage with that show - 5 minutes here or there). The negative is that they're taking every opportunity they can to lose more viewers. I was shocked to read DAYS got another year extension...it's sad to watch the remaining 4 go down in flames whether I ever watched 2 of them or not.
  14. I just saw part of yesterday - why would the Forresters hire a Spectra, knowing their history? I don't get it....but that's probably my 5 minutes a week watching...coming through so there's probably a reason.
  15. I just got Sirius in my car and I love it. In the DC area several years ago 99 HFS shut down, and it was our only Alternative Music station. Alternative Music often becomes mainstream in a year or 2 years. I'm listening to (she will not be mainstream) - K. Flay "Blood in the Cut". "Black Wave". Anything K. Flay but it's tough. But I absolutely love Cage the Elephant "Cold Cold Cold". Anything by the "Revivalists"....song I wish I knew you when I was young...they are a REAL band. And I love that they have a Sax. "The 1975" - they're AWESOME. Watch anything they do in this cabin (Revivalists):
  16. I got trashed a couple of times, but I'll say this. Maybe they're correct. I said my opinion, but I know nothing. I only watched in the 70's 80's and up to around 96. I stopped for years, then tuned in again about 3 years ago. I've said that. But - clearly I know nothing. Common element in what I'm seeing - zero Chemistry on this show. Among most/all actors. I have no idea if it's the writing, acting, or lack of interest or what it is. There is NO chemistry among most actors/actresses on this show. It's like none of them want to be there. I don't even know how to explain it. But what I'll say is this - when this post gets trashed - trust me, I have NO idea what I'm talking about. I only watched in the 70's, 80's, and to the mid 90's. The show is pulling the lowest ratings ---- EVER. Lower than when it AIRED the first day. So if we *itch and Gripe - we have NO IDEA what we're talking about. SADLY every other show is in the same boat. But I don't think I'm nuts for pointing this out. And when people *ITCH that I'm *ITCHING....maybe you should think about the days/weeks etc. when we STOP POSTING. THEN you'll realize....no ONE IS WATCHING.
  17. Honest to God - how much has Lauralee Bell hauled in - in Salary over like - 30 or 35 years??? I remember her on the show in around - 1984 or 85? She has to be the longest running actress on the show other than maybe 3 or 4 other females on this show.
  18. Why is Cricket/Christine here? Get rid of her...does anyone LOVE this character? No one Ever HAS. It's like CANE. He's just there for 15 years. Cricket's been here for like 40 freakin years. Kill her. That'll give Paul a storyline for 3 days rather than running into rooms giving people bad news about how South Beach is calling...PO PO callin' from South Beach. DYLAN is in DANGER! HE's IN DANGER!!!! Po PO calling from the State Department. LAUREN! SCOTT COULD be DEAD! Wait. No - he could be missing! But they CAN'T SAY whether it's one or the OTHER! Terry Lester (Fevuh) is rising from the grave and speaking because honestly - Cricket is the big mystery of Daytime to me.
  19. Well and here - I don't even know the character of Scott. I didn't watch for around 8 to 10 years, but started again 3 years ago. But if he's been a character on the show, I've not seen him. And I don't think he's been on recently so that all adds up to - I don't really care if he's alive or dead....there's no emotional investment because I've not seen him. It would be another thing if it was a character we know that went on vacation to Mexico and were taken hostage or disappeared because then I'd care. But this....drama happening over some phone calls just falls flat.
  20. Thanks....I was wondering if I missed something...it felt like I was....I guess not. LOL. How are you supposed to care about any of this when it just....happens?
  21. I missed alot last week....but what is this trash with insta-drama with Scott somehow missing....and Paul the bearer of great news (sarcasm) again....just awful.
  22. Why are you people even thinking about this show? At this rate GH or DAYS might have a shot at being on the air longer. DAYS actually has a chance because NBC Daytime stinks so badly. GH - major danger because someone from the View or the Chew could get a breakout show. I hope Sofer/Quinn gets a storyline. It's an empty show without her. She makes every other actor and actress better. (Seen on these boards before - when you throw DARTS...it's not me).
  23. This is exactly what began killing soaps - nail in the coffin. OJ - started there. NO ONE says....My GOD the President is ON. I need to TURN ON CBS!!! Said no one ever. People might want to see Spicey Baby, or Cheeto Baby, but they DON'T say - My GOD I need to turn on CBS to see this! There's no news person covering it really - it's a press conference and it's on every damned channel and it all looks the SAME. Because it's ALL the same....there's no TALENT that you're looking at. CBS is choosing to pre-empt and so is every other network just like they did with OJ, and they're killing the shows that got them where they are. When this mess isn't happening - and again - are their ratings going UP because they're pre-empting? I doubt it. Even if they are, that's not getting them their Ad Dollars/money year round. No soap has been not-miss TV for years now...but just because his Cheeto-ness hits the airwaves doesn't meant everyone is like..."MY GOD! Y&R ISn'T ON! TURN ON CBS STAT!"
  24. I have to say - unpopular opinion I'm sure....but Jill's yelling and screaming - changed channel. I guess I haven't been paying attention, but when has Colin even been on? Or been trustworthy? Why would she be surprised?? It's just pathetic to watch. So bad I turned on CNN to see what #45 had to say.
  25. This is going to sound silly most likely - but can we please get rid of the name/line "Brash N' SASSY!"??? I just thought it was stupid from the beginning and now it seems like it's been decades. I don't know of a teenage girl or college girl that would buy cosmetics named Brash N' Sassy. I didn't then, and I don't know. I can't believe it's still around. But, I was a Marketing major...I remember choking the first time they said it years ago...