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  1. I had no idea Brad Bell had so much money. To pay actors, actresses and and entire company of production, hair, makeup, etc....for them not to air in the United States but just keep the ship going to air overseas. I didn't know they had that much money. Interesting. When CBS is done with this show, the show will be done.
  2. To some of you - B&B and Santa Barbara and the situation is really similar in my opinion. Santa Barbara was always very popular overseas, compared to their ratings in the U.S. B&B has done well here, but the popularity here is going down the tubes, but it's still doing well overseas. No one here though is going to continue to produce this show if the ratings in the U.S. go down the tubes. We're not going to produce this show for airing overseas just because it's doing well elsewhere. Santa Barbara - and I never watched it, but here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Barbara_(TV_series Of the soaps that aired here in the U.S. at the time, it was the "flashy" one. B&B counts and depends on being flashy. You might want to see what Santa Barbara did overseas and it still bit it. I do have beef with B&B to be honest - because Capitol was always sandwiched between ATWT and Guiding Light. B&B has always followed either Y&R or Local News in some markets. B&B has been given awesome fabulous Lead-In ratings since their beginning...and they lost lead-in ratings unlike any show ever. If it had been a Primetime show - it would have been cancelled or moved to another timeslot given what lead-in they have ALWAYS lost. B&B has been EXTREMELY fortunate over the years, given their older skewing Demos from the beginning. So I guess good for them. But it's comin' to roost now.
  3. Santa Barbara was "known" to have a HYOOOOGE international audience as well.
  4. Yes, a soap writer...most of them don't do anything else or have little success elsewhere.
  5. B&B I'm kind of surprised because the general reaction on here at least was that most liked the Spectra fashion show. Yet as the week built to the show, Thursday and Friday are the lowest for the week. To me it's too bad because I think Sally is a good actress but unfortunately this won't bode well for any Spectras because it's not showing in the ratings. At least they were something new - I was back to catching 5 to 10 minutes here and there. Overall - scary how B&B has a million more viewers than GH but practically the same Women Demos. Y&R 2 million more viewers but only 100,000 more Women 18-49. B&B always skewed way older but not this bad - Y&R not so much. The only people watching are older than 50? DAYS is lucky they were already renewed - this has to be it for them. Unless NBC is just too lazy to try and air something/anything that would do at least the same for far less money. GH can't feel that safe either given that ABC has had some success in the past 20 years in adding other daytime talk shows - something will work for less money and the same results. If I'm a writer I don't think it's in my interest to strike this time. The days of management caring are thin and there won't be a job to return to because at least 2 of these shows are in high likelihood cancelled...
  6. I was going to say it the other day but resisted...so thanks for this! hahahaha. I actually have enjoyed some of it the past couple of days....nosy Katie works for me. Finally if they make Quinn have some comeuppance after all the ridiculous things she's pulled...and even if not...if someone else finally tortures the living 8888 out of her it's due time.
  7. Sorry but Jesus. A WGA strike could actually SAVE soaps. For some shows when it happened in the 80's it turned out decently for them. Right now, what else would these writers WRITE for? I'm all for Unions and fighting for your rights but right now...they won't work again anyway. So why would they strike? If they strike - I actually wish there was no Ficore or whatever it's called...maybe then we'd get some new blood up in here. I'm not going to overestimate any of you but I bet most of you could do better than we're seeing. So bring on a STRIKE.
  8. I like Ravi - and normally (we all have preferences and I don't have a "type" really), but I typically don't find Indian men attractive...but I'd love it if he jumped my bones.
  9. I've mentioned it before but it's also so weird how over the years his accent has gotten heavier and heavier. From that clip they showed - from the early 80's, he had an accent but it's nothing like it is now. I thought he was doing it as part of the character, but his accent during the interview was far heavier - so it's it's not part of the character....it's just gotten much heavier over the years.
  10. When Newman Tower was the Inferno and Victor has a Helipad...but no Helicopter. He's got a private Jet but no Helicopter. There was only ONE Helicopter from the GCPD....and it kept making its "Last Trip" before the building might collapse. But Victor/Newman didn't have a Helicopter yet has a Helipad, skyscraper, and we know a private jet and his own private airport...but no Helicopter. Makes total sense.
  11. Although Faith has kind of taken up the missing hole...at least we don't have Summer uttering every other scene "why is everyone being so MEAN to GRAND-PAHHHHHH?" "Why aren't we SUPPORTING - GRAND-PAHHHHHH?!!" Wonder where she's been (Y&R - please don't make me sorry that I asked).
  12. It's become a snooze fest - I have it on in the background and was reading comments above....I agree. Nikki for the millionth time is 'done' with Victor. Yawn. I see Hillary pulls another *itchy stunt - yawnnn. Stale, done to death. Once again I see we have to keep Victor's secret or everyone 'goes down'. I missed Chole's actual escape - did she take the kid with her? Is the actress really leaving or is she just on vacay for awhile? This return was so miserable. And I know to watch a soap you have to suspend disbelief...or belief whichever. But the whole thing with Victor not knowing where his own plane is GOING? LOLLL. The pilot has to file a flight plan no matter what....private jet or not. Then he couldn't get in touch with the pilot??? It's sooooo bad. Like he's just going to fly somewhere, drop her off and then leave again with no flight plan and no contact with the ground tower when he lands???? So stupid...I can't believe this is Y&R.
  13. This show won't recover at this point...I'm pretty sure of it. I saw pieces of today and just nothing made sense. Sympathetic Victor acting like he's sad that he lost a son - who he conspired against. Victor will never be redeemed to me, but people have selective memories. He was never truly the good guy or partially likeable. He was never any Roger/Guiding Light which is what they tried desperately to make him. And the show is a maze of a mess. You don't love any character on this show. When that happens, it's the nail in the coffin for a show - as plotty as shows want to be, DAYS, GH, and other shows have proven what happens when you go after plot only. And on this show, they tried to plot, but the characters have fallen apart and the repair would take way too long now. Given that the head writer can't do either. I'm not even sure they have the acting company to pull anything off now, to sell bad writing or to sell the fact nothing is happening. It's just not good right now. It will be the last one standing, but I give Soap Opera about 3 to 4 years tops now. People laughed at World Turns, Another World, Guiding Light, All My Children, One Life to Live - when they were cancelled. None were as bad as what I see right now. It's showing.
  14. I missed most of last week and tuned in today...I'm totally lost. Why would Nick care about a brother he always hated for the most part? He's all caught up in figuring out whether Chloe flew off without being arrested...whether Adam was murdered...and Victor is there I guess helping Chloe? I honestly don't even remember why Victor and Chloe conspired to take care of Adam/kidnap/kill - his own son. Diary pages from Sage...missing or there, discovered, then not. I have no idea. This show has been a meandering mess for so long I just can't even figure it out now. The production looks great, but there is no way to weave the bad writing and storylines together that have been the past 1.5 years. I feel badly for Sussman/Alden, but honestly - I don't even know that I would have even tried to address any of that mess...I may have just trashed it and moved on somehow. And does anyone even care that Sully/Christian is like....NO ONE'S baby? LOL. That will be the weak weak angle they throw to Victor/Eric Braeden. I can hear it now. "I did ALLLLL OF THEEEEES FOR YOUUUUUUUUU! DO YOUUUUU NOT SEEEEE???" And he'll use both of their hate for Adam to save his own skin. "MY BOOYYYYYYYY? THAT BOY WAS NOT YAWWWWWS! IT WAS NOT SHARRRRONNNNNS! LOOK AT WHAT SHARRONNNN DID TO YOUUUUUU! SHE LIED TO YOU AND CALLED HIM SULLLLLLY! I HAVE TO PROTECT MAH FAMILEHHHHHH! I did THEES to PROTECT YOUUUUUU!" (Direct Eric to bellow as usual). They'll throw in some more dialogue about "IT WAS THE DOM PARAGONNNN VIRUS!!!!" Eh, awful.
  15. I have to agree with that....I've actually been tuning in for about 5 minutes a day to B&B the past 2 weeks....I had been down to skipping most of it daily and watching the last half of The Chew. Even if you don't see it onscreen, I at least think - well - Eric was Katie's brother-in-law for the time her slut sister was married to him. So I get they must have history and they're basically family.
  16. Well you stopped short. I said it hasn't been executed well but her venom toward Quinn isn't weird to me at all. And it's not to me. And it shouldn't be to most people that have remotely paid attention. I still wish Capitol was on, because this show has always been terrible. BUT - How many scenes did Quinn share with the rest of the characters before she just goes nuts and gets away with it? I could also go on and on. You said: "How often did Katie seek Eric's counsel when it came to business." What does any of this storyline have to do with business??? The few minutes I watch per week - I've seen at least SOME kind of interaction between Katie and Eric/friendship. That's enough to be of concern for Katie -
  17. I don't see it that way. It's not been executed great, but they did at least spend a little time on Eric and Katie's friendship. She has been on the show since the beginning (the character, not the actress) - but it's not unusual to me at all that Katie would feel protective of Eric - he should seem like a father figure to her, but they'll probably eventually go the romance route (ew). What they should be playing is Katie calling Quinn out on the fact she has a habit of going after the Man and then his Son. Katie would have sympathy for Liam - he's Bill's Son. Kidnap Liam, maniputlate, and try and steal his life for her son? And Quinn had Bill, then did the redux again, selfie pic in bed with him, tried to wreck Brooke's life - then decided she had to have a piece of Liam. Now Quinn has Eric but wants a piece of his son. It hasn't been executed well but her venom toward Quinn isn't weird to me at all.
  18. Interesting because Katie and the Spectras are about the only thing I've been able to watch. Quinn needs to die. I said about a year ago - why don't they give Katie some kind of backbone...HT is the best actress on the show. Today I laughed as she pushed Quinn around a little bit...and QUINN DIDN'T KILL HER AND DRAG HER OFF TO DIE!!! FINALLY please let the character of Quinn stop EATING the show. Someone isn't being manipulated by the character of Quinn. Quinn - not standing up for Eric. Ridge, not standing up for Eric. Brooke, keeping a secret that doesn't need to be kept - betraying Eric. It's Katie's business because at least they did really make an effort to build a little bit of a friendship between Katie and Eric. She's really the ONLY one on this show who hasn't hoodwinked or betrayed Eric, so this is ONE thing that has made sense to me. And instead of it being so completely overt - I loved how the writing....had Katie say something like...I'll take a whole pot of tea....Chamomile...or Mint. Maybe the Mint. I'll take a POT of MINT tea...so that maybe we and Eric can share some later if he would like some. To me, that part was perfect.....already cutting Quinn off at the pass for the poison she would put in any cup of tea she "made" for Katie. Maybe I'm reading too much into the writing, but I caught that right away. Headed *itch off at the pass. Make a whole pot so we can all SHARE it. LOL.
  19. They're probably going to go down again for Y&R and B&B when this weeks' ratings come up (April 3 - April 7). In the DC area today they're airing the opening day for the Washington Nationals (baseball). I wonder how many other cities are pre-empting for baseball opening day(s) in major TV markets? Here they billed it as "Make Excuses Monday" - to go to the game in DC, and then the NCAA Basketball Finals are tonight, so there's all the lead-up to that...I wonder if CBS will be able to "Make Excuses" when their daytime soaps keep tanking...??
  20. The Spectras and whoever is playing Sally the grandaughter is the only thing I'm interested in recently even though ratings are DOWN. I think she's like a young Gina Tognoni. What's not interesting - the fact that Ridge has never been clean-shaven in 3 or 4 years or whatever now. And on top of that, he's had no chemistry with anyone on this show other than maybe Caroline? She's not a character now so it doesn't matter. But Ridge doesn't matter now. I feel nothing other than that, although the other Ridge lasted for like 25 years and didn't do anything other than look like a piece of paper. But for this Ridge - as a Company - give him a trip to the Spa as a gift...a shave, haircut and a bath. That would be awesome. 2 or 3 years ago it became the Quinn Show - and it's too late now for correction - sick to death of Quinn/THOT. Clearly they LOVE Rena Sofer. Great for her, bad for the longevity of this show. At least they've limited Wyatt, but Quinn will live on for the tenure now - they can't do without the character of Quinn.
  21. And every time Katie tries to tell her something she's completely dismissive. I saw bits and pieces of that and I really just wanted Katie to slap her. Like, has no one been paying attention? Ridge and Quinn just suddenly get along after a two-some trip by themselves....come home and they suddenly like each other? Katie not only saw Quinn naked in the shower with Ridge standing there having a convo with her....but other stuff also. I saw parts of that day - but then today - the 10 minutes I saw - Ridge said something to Brooke..."don't disappoint RJ...there's no need to disappoint RJ." What a total HOLE. Like, if Brooke doesn't marry him, she's disappointing RJ??? Ridge is a HOLE. Maybe his son needs to know what a HOLE his Dad is. As awful as alot of the show that I've seen has been, today was a little bit OK. KKL delivered with sow's ear writing. The problem with the show is the same with Y&R. You have a mustache twirling "villain" who manipulates everything and everyone and nothing ever happens to him/her. Magically Quinn gets everything she wanted...no matter what awful things she does. Victor=Quinn....they're the same. And then for some reason they want the viewers to see redemption and feel bad for them or something. It's why if the shows are cancelled I wouldn't really care...they waited too long to try and stop having these characters eat the whole show. The ratings show it....it can't be just me.
  22. If only the travel ban had applied to Hungary maybe the show would have a chance. Maybe if the Russians could take out their Internet/Email. He wouldn't have been able to write remotely. But...he hasn't remotely written in years either.
  23. Ugh....I tuned in today to try and watch a whole show. Now just waiting for Quinn to go tackle or attack/drown Brooke by accident. You know it's probably coming.
  24. Most days I have been tuning in at the end to see the flashbacks - I agree. It's easy to forget how young KKL and John McCook really were....you start to do the math and you're like...wow, and I remember him as Lance on Y&R...KKL had to have been early to mid 20's, John 40?