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  1. Good Gawd the dialogue. "Mom, this could be your BIG BREAK! Isn't that what they call it in Hollywood, 'your big Break?" What the hel*????
  2. I'm so tired of MIAMISHEALMISCHAL Morgan running around being the secret HAG hack with secrets. I hate Hillary. We're TIRED OF THE PLOT DEVICE PEOPLE. You have made her a JOKE. I think she's actually a decent actress STOP MAKING HER A JOKE. You watch 5 minutes and it's Hillary running around sabbotaging people and it's been going on for MONTHS. (Hillary: Look evil - look evil sideways, then Grin : from the Director). Give a bad disk/hard drive from Mariah. Have Mariah and Devon THANK YOU for TAKING A DELIVERY TO SOMEONE ELSE! Wow. That wouldn't be suspect. Wow, WOWSA Hillary...you'd really take my USB DRIVE to LILLY for ME???! WOW! THANKS GIRL! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! Good lord.
  3. I haven't been watching every day - is today the first day that Lily's kids have become almost her age?? Isn't she just like 30 years old? These kids look like they're 15 or 16 years old....good Lord. I know you have to age people sometimes but this one is ridic.
  4. Has eitherrrrr Nicole or Maya asked where their sister Sasha is? Anyone sent out a search party? I only watch about 10 minutes a week so I probably missed it. But no one asks about Sasha, and Nicole and Maya don't even talk about the parents...are they still living in that Motel room? Weird that Maya would be married to Rick - a Forrester. And your wife's parents are living at the Motel 6/Super8
  5. It cracked me up when Maya said something to Nicole and Zende like - she would have a Nanny in place as well and she hoped she wasn't infringing on them for this trip and them taking care of Lizzie. *itch you borrowed her womb for 9 months and then asked AGAIN for it after THAT....what do you mean you're hoping you're not infringing????!
  6. The other thing I noticed when I watched that one day last week - they're telegraphing what they should have done last year - when do we learn that Nicole can't have any more children? Which will be stupid at this point because they should have done it when she gave birth to Lizzy.
  7. The women's matches have been showing on a channel I have "Bein" Or "Being?" - "BeIN". I have Fios and have practically every channel you can get....they've been showing the women's matches on there.... http://www.beinsports.com/us/ Maybe you can see them online?
  8. Too many of you to quote. But I don't get the Scott/Victor - spy on Abby thing at all. Why would Victor encourage Abby to be a leader at Newman, and then get a rat - Scott - to spy on her? Why would he trust Scott at all, and why on Earth would Scott trust Victor? I guess maybe if he talked to his mother and just out of some kind of respect that Victor put up the cash to save his life...but if you look at any history, you know this old coot always has alternate motives. Ordway - horrible. Abby has zero purpose right now. I didn't get the end of the relationship with Ben/Stitch...because she didn't love him? Honey, are you blind? Summer - same thing....these 2 are weak actresses - should have been gone a long time ago. I actually started watching Y&R again when Marcy Rylan (whatever she is now...Emmie or something? Lizzie from Guiding Light)...I started watching when she came to Y&R and I thought - OK, they're going to do crazy wild stuff with Abby...fun. The swap to Ordway was just - tired. She's not sparky, edgy, and not the actress they needed. Hunter whatever her name is - Summer - sucks the life out of most scenes she's ever in. Juvenile, young - not in a good way. I don't think you can write anything serious for her because she can't handle it. And how old is she - she should have skills by now? If it were the time of Hayden Panettiere - that's who (at the right age) you'd want to play Abby or Summer. These 2 actresses just don't have teeth. At least they've made Heinle/Snore-toria look better recently. She looked like a ragamuffin for so long.
  9. Unless it's a Slam I usually don't pay attention until the really later rounds....but I'm looking back and daily play and Kerber go her butt kicked?? I don't even know the name of the girl who beat her...I don't follow like I used to but Kontaviet??? The women's side is swiss cheese for the seeds left....the quarters - seeds 1,4,5, and 7 were out? Good lord...
  10. Oops you're correct....I looked at the wrong side. Well, repeat the above anyway. Zverev/Isner will be a snooze fest...LOL.
  11. The Thiem / Isner match will be a snooze fest...I've never really understood Isner. Painful to watch...I'm only 5'7 so I've struggled with serve my whole life....so it's especially irritating to see someone that tall ever hit the net on serve. Crack up every time he double faults.
  12. I saw 5 minutes yesterday - (I think) - a scene with Ridge begging Brooke....I mean seriously? Again? Stale. How many times do we do this? Bill is an a** but he's treated Brooke far better than Ridge ever does (he left her at the alter but it was because of Brooke continuing to have feelings for Ridge and I can't blame him for that)...and you look at the two of them, and sorry...Bill wins on looks and body. LOL. And just the whole history of Ridge always screwing her over...like why on Earth would you give him 5 more seconds? And God I'm sick of hearing RJ talk about his Dad like he's the golden man....I really wish someone would just drop the bomb on RJ. Actually, your Mom isn't marrying your Dad because he had the extreme hots for your Grandfather's wife, and got kissy kissy several times. Your Dad is kinda slimey, sweetie. There, now ya know. In general the "secret" with Quinn and Ridge is silly at this point. The "secret" that like 8 people know.
  13. Yes. My Mother said only to speak good of the Dead. Roger Ailes is Dead. Good. And I will be that BIG of a *itch.
  14. He is just so gross. He'd probably think he could land his helecopter on the Parthenon if it had a roof.
  15. Ugh. Acting is not Julie Chen's bag...and it rubbed off on Mishael Morgan - the scenes were really fakey.