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  1. Two Jasons on GH! MY GOD! One might be the REAL JASON, and one MIGHT BE SOMEONE ELSE! Kind of like JOHN BLACK AND ROMAN on DAYS!! Or....It could be Jack and YACK/Mario on Y&R! MY GOD! IT COULD BE KATHERINE AND MARGE on Y&R!!! JESUS how creative. SO INVENTIVE!!! It's like every other Doppelganger/twin story that has ever been told. I never watched GH, and this wouldn't make me watch and God knows I don't want to watch Y&R or B&B so this is Shelly's big deal???? LORD honey. You'd think someone with talent would come along. Wait....isn't DAYS doing a Twin Marlena story??? Right now???? And they wrote it about 7 months ago...??? Lord Daytime is bad right now.
  2. Shocking. Not really. There's no one even likeable on Y&R...and when I think back it's why I stopped watching in the early 90's. There never really was anyone lovable on Y&R other than maybe Tracy. There just never was. B&B is the same. You don't really love anyone on the show. Victor will end up strutting around again, ordering everyone around or something or running the lives of his children, he'll continue to be an awful actor and some people watch, some people stop. I stopped 15 years ago, came back part-time 5 years ago, and I've stopped again. None of this surprises me. It's not even about the writers - who everyone wants to blame. They're awful - they really are awful - but will someone just admit that Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, Thorsten Kay, Don Diamont...these people and I can keep naming them - are NOT GOOD ACTORS. It's ridiculous. Maybe you need to get away from it for awhile, come back and see it for what it is. It's God Awful. They need to be very very thankful they have jobs. Because this is their only hope. They won't work elsewhere. Eric Braeden's accent gets worse and worse over the years - you look back to 1980 and it wasn't this thick. Now you hear him and it's like he just got off an airplane or boat from Austria. Horrible.
  3. For me it's just redneckish. 'Necks. LOL. Because he's gonna bang his former step-Mom? He can be his brother's Daddy? Reminds me (I grew up in a very rural area --- ahem)....we used to say things like "My Wife's mah sister!" "My brother'z mah Daddeh!" whenever we'd see or hear of something incestuous.
  4. Pissy's high is the retirement. I am so looking forward to it - It's going to be great, hope she stays there. Love her now.
  5. I agree also. There were certain days when I saw a Sara Bibel? sp? listed as writing Y&R that day and it seemed better on those days. But I've been down to 2 to 3 partial days a week for a few months... Some of the other decent writers just kind of aged out. I would have loved to have seen Stephen Demorest writing again and have Nancy Curlee out of retirement. I remember Millee Taggart being the last good writer Guiding Light had.
  6. Why didn't the DEMONIC LAUGHING REEL you in? At the end of the show. Both Old Man River and Whiney beggy Quinn make up kissy kissy....and DEMONIC laughing by SHEILA! I'm almost sad that Charlie will end up dead. Pathetic.
  7. Other storylines: for Wyatt: I'm gonna bang my former stepmom - and I'll be my half brother's Daddy! I'm my brother's Daddy! For Katie: Gonna bang my former Stepson! My son will now be his brother and Wyatt will be my Baby Daddy! Dollar Bill: *itch about people not being a Dad and if you're not there for your kid, you're not a Dad. You need to stay with the Mom! Be a man and keep the family together! Meanwhile - ditches Katie and Will (his son) in favor of Brooke, his wife's sister. Does a great job of being a Man. Thomas is grated by Bill for not being a Man and the "secret" is that Caroline is not dying. It's become so bad - that I see articles about Heather Tom and Rena Sofer tweeting about the losers that *itch on social media and boards about storylines and how we're haters? You know what? We're ALL you have left. You should be attacking your WRITERS AND EMPLOYERS rather than what we're saying. You look RIDICULOUS. I'm done on the Y&R and I think I'm short on B&B as well. It's pathetic. Actors and Actresses - the writing is pathetic and the story is ridiculous. Please correct me if anything above I have said is incorrect. Someone said a week ago - and I agree. I watch because it's so bad. Which is so pathetic. I watch The Chew and The Real because it's bad. But it's not this bad.
  8. Sheila is blackmailing Charlie with nothing. That's why Charlie shows up. Because he's the fall-guy and stupid character that will fall for anything. Today he sticks around as weird Shaman woman shows up in the hotel room to cast a spell on Quinn. No one cares. Sheila threatens that she will tell PAM that Charlie knew something. There's no blackmail there. It's laughable.
  9. Yes. And it's not random. Tom and Martha were friendly/friends for awhile. I met them about 5 to 7 years ago. So it's not that random. Martha either wrote a few episodes or directed at B&B around then. But I won't bore you with my negativity. I really really promise. Best of luck to you. I think about it, and when I look back at old clips I think I'm going to be disappointed because maybe Daytime was always this bad. But when I look at old clips on YouTube I see that it really was good years ago. And it's not now. So it's time to go, and that's why talent and actors, actresses, writers, producers, directors - they leave. I see it's time to go, and as sad as it is for me to say - I said goodbye years ago to soaps when the greats - Guiding Light, World Turns, Another World, and on occasion I would watch All My Children. It really was over then, but the hanging on, I've really just done out of missing the genre as I knew it. I keep expecting some old clips I see to age really badly, but they don't. I honestly think, if they're all cancelled - wait about 5 years and then re-introduce a soap, and the kiddies will think they're seeing something brand new and never seen before. I truly apologize if I seem really negative and adversarial, but it's just how I feel. Much luck and love.
  10. Please. And I have sense and have met Tom. And Martha Byrne. When the ratings are in the basement, writers will be canned. And you're right - and I'm not the only one....when I think about it - why bother watching? There isn't anything here. A few months ago you said something like...WHY watch if you don't like it?! You're right. I won't from now on, and I'm not the only one who isn't watching. Look at the ratings. And yes, I can learn some things on The Chew and enjoy watching The Real. There's nothing to like about Y&R now. So peace my sweets. Fan since I was 6 in 1976. One sister no longer watches either and one asked me the other day what was going on, because she isn't watching regularly either. Instead of bashing the haters, maybe people should notice that people are tuning out. But they won't. Best of luck.
  11. When you've got someone in your signature line that wrote for WWE? His longest writing stint??? OK.
  12. We should start a pool on how long it is before we're at war with North Korea. It's the Right's only choice at this point - they have to get the flags waving and the Bibles thumping
  13. The way things have gone thus far - I think Kelly is tough, but will try to save face as long as he can. Won't want to be a quitter. But, I think if his advice isn't being heeded (it won't, because Dump isn't smart enough to listen to anyone) - I think I give it...2 months. But - It depends on whether there's a war or not - there probably will be. If there's a war, he'll be there for - I say the tenure of the Presidency.
  14. GH, but I've never watched it. All of the spy stuff and mystery missing statue of the Summer I'm sure was appealing.
  15. I have barely watched in the last couple of months because there are no stories on this "story". Hillary pulls a stunt. Gloria bugs her eyes out. Nikki stumbles around. I saw a couple of days where Snore-toria is stumbling around. Victor pretends to be a victim. Billy is....Billy. Phyllis has nothing to do. Deana returns and has a boy toy. Devon continues to be Devon and bores us all to death. Mariah could be interesting but falls victim to Hillary repeatedly. Jill returns and wants Billy with Victoria. Then Jill disappears again. Jack plays bitter-betty and I'm not sure why. Cane cheated I guess. Their kids aged overnight. Tess sings and lives with Nikki. Noah wanders. Chloe is aided by Victor, escapes her deeds repeatedly. Kevin left (finally). That's about it from what I've seen. Thank god for The Chew and Who wants to be a Millionaire, and a day-old The Real. I say roll the dice and try something because when you're at all-time lows every other week you can't expect to last. I think he's done a good job as Executive Producer - the show looks great, but you do have to notice the uptick in scenes and happenings at the Athletic Club. That's what happens when the budget belt tightens - like happened on Guiding Light where everyone suddenly lived at The Beacon and they started limiting whose houses they showed. Hasn't gotten there yet with Y&R but it's starting.