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  1. I said the same thing on the Politics thread and people got mad awhile back. Whatever hearings were going on and I said - if I want to watch them there are 80 other stations to watch the hearings on. There is no commentary from reporters really it's just questions and answers in front of whatever committee or congress. Nothing is added by ABC, NBC, or CBS for me to specifically want to watch THAT network for a HEARING. We tune into our programs, not CBS because they have the same hearing on as 80 other stations. I thought the same thing about this stupid OJ mess - I didn't watch 5 minutes of his trial the first time around. But I stopped tuning into soaps and whoever said - you're right - it was never the same after that. I got out of the habit. I did eventually go back but it wasn't the same. I've also never heard this but I've wondered why - another factor especially for Guiding Light and As the World Turns was Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans and the surrounding area - up until the late 90's and early 2000's - Guiding Light and As the World Turns were around #2 and #3 - Guiding Light used to be #1 in that viewership area....but up until the early 2000s was the last time I saw regional ratings reports, and in New Orleans they were still around #2 and #3 each week, sometimes #1. That is likely thousands upon thousands of people who never went back to watching their shows....some people left and never came back, and when people did come back they had other things to worry about. I thought of that again when GL did their community service thing during the "Find Your Light" campaign and went to New Orleans for rebuilding projects. I remember thinking - yeah, that's not a coincidence either....maybe they would have done it anyway, but they knew that area was also a stronghold for them in ratings and they were likely never coming back.
  2. Saw part of today - Nikki crying over Victor and it really is over this time (yawn, for the 1,000,000,000 time). I wish someone would tell the coot you're a miserable human being who is bored to tears unless you're wrecking and destroying other people's lives and you'll never change, so don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya hun. He has the nerve to say he's paid for his deeds (what, 2 months in jail for setting up repeated rape)?? Instead, Nikki who had showed a little spunk in the episode earlier, stumbles to the piano looking longingly. It's so tiring. It's why I split time between this and The Real now.
  3. Bill - God I swear. So silly sticking his nose in where it really doesn't belong. And his reasoning. Yes, it's his niece, but she chose to leave. And railing Thomas about keeping the family together? They always go Pot, Kettle, Black with him. You mean the way you ditched Katie and your son to go mount your Mare?
  4. Maureen, GL. Stunk that they did it but the week or so leading up to it...Ellen Parker killed it. It was just great writing and acting by the cast involved in that story, and it was raw. I watch it on Youtube every now and then and the scene where Lillian shows up at the Bauers and it's just her and Maureen is chilling. She can tell Maureen knows something, and tries to cover by saying she stopped by because she thought she left her scarf, I thought maybe you found it? Maureen says, "Nope. No scarf." The tension was through the roof.
  5. It'll be "all she did Shteffy ish try and kill your mother....that was yearsh ago - she'sh paid her price, and she'sh changshed." LOL
  6. I keep hearing Old Man River in his Sean Connery's voice....for months. "She'sh Chshanged. People can chshange and Quinn has chshanged..." Now in one week he'll be married to Sheila and saying the same thing to everyone. "Shelia'sh changshed- she'sh changshed."
  7. This. Living in a Seedy Hotel. Honestly I remember Stephanie being Homeless while the Forresters were basically the Kardashians. World famous. No one noticed she was in a Homeless Shelter in LA. Kind of like no one ever notices any of them - but they go to Monaco or Australia and are world famous there. Why doesn't Wyatt's amazeballs social media work in his own hometown? Works great in Paris, Australia, Monaco. Nothing happens in communication or social media in LA.
  8. For the last 30 years women have still been having sex with Eric Braeden/Victor Newman. He's got to be nearing 80 years old but frequently catches the attention of women 40 years younger than he is.
  9. Yes. I don't understand the lack of physical confrontation with women other than "catfights" or a slap. I can't stand Steffy. But honestly when Sheila/OLD WOMAN is up in my face telling me to get OUT of a hotel room - when is my family? punch her in the damned FACE. I so want Eric to die. LOL. I really do. He's such an idiot at this point - give him dementia and let Sheila kill him. I don't care.
  10. I don't want Cilic. I think he's a hothead. Strangely I didn't like Roger years ago. Now, He's old guard. It's kind of like - I would always root for Martina or Chris over anyone younger. Even when the torch should be passed - nah. I want my girls.
  11. Brad Gilbert - so funny. RE: Federer he said something like, everyone all up in arms, "oh no he's not playing his best, he's not playing well for him, oh my he's got a runny nose! Well, he won in straight sets in a grand slam semi. He's doing horribly." LOLLL
  12. So contrived. Flipped over from Wimbledon - so she who always bullied everyone around and was smarter than everyone....didn't think to just follow Shelia? Knowing she was going back to Eric, LOLLLL???? So stupid. She who could run down Liam and Ivy on a scooter flying across Paris...didn't just follow Sheila??? Oh, forgot....I guess the Forresters don't own a car.
  13. I don't know if I mentioned before but I'm in DC. Brett Haber was a local sports anchor here and I still have no idea why he made it to where he is. He was not impressive to me at all as a sports anchor and then he left and started popping up like Dandelions on TV...
  14. Both Semis were a snoozer...
  15. Old Man River/Bad Santa in a cheap looking Hotel Room in LA? Instead of his cabin at Big Bear? (Maybe that burned down or they sold it because they're poor and never bought any other property). The rich rich Forresters only had the house and Big Bear Cabin....and don't have anything else???? They're World Famous, and have nothing else. Steffy has Millions of Likes and Followers on Social Media according to Wyatt - but they actually only own 1 or 2 properties in LA. They've been around longer than the Kardashians were even 1 thought, but they're actually poor. Eric -- Runs into Sheila at the same seedy Hotel and she only needed $1000 from Charlie to pay her rent/fee to stay at that hotel....WHAT????? LOL. I'm not rich but I've paid $300 a night and she wanted $1000 for the week or a month to stay there? Where did she get her money anyway to even be able to pay one night???! And Santa/Old Man River sends her to his house to get meds and a razor? Gives her the KEY to his house? They should have made him have Dementia like 3 years ago. He's NUTS. And I read posts on the ratings threads about how they're burning up the ratings. Climbing the charts. No they're not. This is a disaster. The only good thing will be seeing Kimberlin Brown EAT this show alive. Hopefully she'll kill off mostly everyone.