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  1. Trump looks really unprofessional next to all of these leaders. It's not likely that it will help him considering that he was already struggling in the final stretch. A last minute assault before the polls open is a devastating blow to a candidate that wasn't on solid ground. The county sheriff in the county the assault occurred in donated to his campaign, which explains why he wasn't arrested.
  2. Violence from a Republican candidate
  3. Fallon looks interesting and seems to be kept close to the earlier version of the character in the original series (minus the ambition for the company).
  4. If Russia wanted Trump, they were going to get Trump regardless of who he was running against. In 2016 their maneuver was leaking information, but it 2020 it will be actually tampering with the votes. They might actually do that in 2018 and that's something that people should be aware of. It's pretty easy to lose ballot boxes and tamper with the books at polling places, because poll workers can be easily bought off.
  5. Are we going to have fun with this here are SON or what?
  6. Antonio Sabato Jr. has formed a committee to run for Congress in the district I live in. I really hope that I get to the chance to throw some shade at him.

    1. DRW50


      I'm waiting for the Kimberlin Brown campaign. Oddly enough I could actually see her winning. 

    2. Soapsuds


      She'd probably use her remember me promos from Y&R in her campaign....LOL

      The only thing I recall from Antonio is his video in Janet Jackson's video...Love Will Never Do.....I forget he was a soap actor at one point in his short career.

    3. MissLlanviewPA


      At least it sounds like your district is solidly Democratic enough that he has no real chance at winning. I know, I know, don't assume anything. But it helps a little. 

  7. France has a lot more sense than the United States, that is for sure. A bigot gets crushed 65-35 there, yet one here received 46% of the vote and the presidency.
  8. There were a lot of gerrymandered seats that fell in 2006. Granted, that map was less gerrymandered, there were still plenty of surprise wins in places no one would have ever expected. There are 7 Republicans holding districts that Clinton won in California and picking up all of those will be a top priority. Overall, there are 24 Republicans in Clinton districts across the country and one has already declared retirement.
  9. That stupid ***** is from North Alabama which is hardly the epitome of good health or affordability. Republicans in Congress are always willing to vote against the their constituents best interests.
  10. It's an issue of rhetoric. Hillary's platform was better for the white working class than Trump's, but it wasn't the substance that mattered. Most people didn't bother to look at the platforms, but judged by the rhetoric and Trump's angry, blaming tone resonating with a lot of people. Obama was the reverse of Trump, but he was still an outsider who could appeal to people with rhetoric.
  11. That definitely would have been used against Sanders had he been the Democratic nominee and he would have lost by even more than Hillary did. Another reason the tax returns were never released was because Sanders tried to portray himself as destitute to bolster his image as outside the establishment. After the election, they purchased a $600,000 lakefront house. Per FEC rules, it's illegal to use campaign money for personal reasons, but he was paying his wife and family for "consulting" reasons and probably found a way to funnel those $27 donations into his pocket.
  12. He slept with a 17 year old? What a pervert. With all the mess out there about him, he needs to keep his mouth glued shut.
  13. It's sad that a person over 50 is still bitter over being dumped some 30 years ago. No wonder he supports Trump, both of them are petty and mean.
  14. He was trying to get attention with he comments. That isn't to say he's not actually being a jerk, but he had an ulterior motive for commenting.
  15. What I should say is that you can't win as a Democrat using that logic.
  16. That message isn't getting through, because plenty of people vote against their best interests because of social issues and that isn't going to change. Believe it or not, there are poor people who vote Republican because they prioritize abortion over their own financial circumstances. Income inequality can be talked about all day, but no one really cares about that more than they do their own personal biases on social issues. You can't win by pretending that only straight, white men are the only people in this country.
  17. Sanders and a lot of his people have racial bias that they don't want to admit. They want to open up the party to white men who blame minorities and women for their problems, despite the fact that those men are not anywhere close to being liberal or progressive. Blacks, Hispanics and educated Whites are part of the future of the Democratic Party, yet some "progressives" want to ignore that. There are working class and rural whites that are part of the coalition, but they aren't the only path to winning the presidency.
  18. That re-branding won't do much good now that it's public. This just goes to show how dishonest these people are.
  19. Some people are Twitter are tweeting "why not Chachi?". That's obviously not very nice, but it wasn't surprising.
  20. Has anyone else received that crazy spam email from a Tracey Brumann? It is insane even for a spammer.

    1. DRW50


      I had no idea he was part of Main Ingredient, one of the best '70s R&B/soul groups. RIP. 

    2. DramatistDreamer


      I read that he wasn't in the original lineup but he is known for singing one of, if not their best known song Everybody Plays the Fool.

  21. Days will be saved by it's advanced taping schedule, which has already been mentioned. B&B is probably safe because it's international reach helps it stay stable and Y&R could go either way. ABC would scrap GH and turn the hour back over to the local stations.
  22. Y&R: Peter Bergman - Over-enunciates and overacts. When he isn't doing either of those, he's just boring. Terrible overall.
  23. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigned today over an affair. If the soaps aren't doing it for you, read up on this story. His texts to his mistress are so thirsty and his wife found them, then turned them over to authorities. Better than all four of the soaps put together.

  24. Judging from the response on Twitter, his insane fan base is angry with him over this.