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  1. David Duke has been saying that Trump is the best for white supremacy since the campaign and that says a lot since the white supremacists usually do not see any Republican as being sympathetic enough to their cause. With that said, Trump's weak condemnation of these protests has made Duke angry, because he tweeted out what essentially was that white supremacists put Trump in office and he owes them. If Trump loses them, he's vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2020.
  2. He's not even being charged with terrorism, yet this same sort of attack is called terrorism when it happens in Europe. This is yet another case of white supremacy turning into terrorism, but the media will tell a different story.
  3. Here comes the troll again. It doesn't matter if he supported Sanders, he's still a Republican and attacked a group of people protesting racists. Sanders drew in a number of fringe people who ended up supporting Trump.
  4. The driver of the car is registered Republican.
  5. It's not him, he's just someone the alt-right chose to blame. Stop lying.
  6. Rest in peace, June Foray.

  7. I think this person actually is Marcy Walker desperately seeking attention. Probably not, but it's a funny theory.
  8. As strange as R. Kelly having a cult is, it's not surprising. He has serious issues.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Why the F are people still entrusting their teenage daughters to R.Kelly though?

    3. ReddFoxx


      Sexual predators are mentally depraved, which is what I meant by issues. As for why people are entrusting their daughters to him; Money. That's probably why Aaliyah's parents didn't press the issue.

    4. DramatistDreamer


      Well, Aaliyah's family were perhaps blindsided and I wonder whether they were reluctant to go after him because they were afraid of how it would impact Aaliyah's career (I still would've had him prosecuted) but these recent families?  

      Certainly after the peeing trials, people could no longer claim ignorance.

  9. That was a continuous train wreck.
  10. New Edition shut it down at the BET Awards.

  11. Those two are frauds. He paid her out of campaign funds on more during more than one campaign and their standard of living is far above what he would like people to believe.
  12. That photo is clearly retouched and it was overdone, because you can't even see lines that aren't from aging.
  13. Handel has stalled at 47-48%, whereas Ossoff has consistently stayed at 50%.
  14. The note was clearly fake judging from the exaggerated language in it. She just seems like the type that send herself fake letters, because she's desperate to be in elected office.
  15. Sanders rhetoric during the primary campaign was very concerning. Calling for revolution can spark the wrong thoughts in some people.