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  1. Those two are frauds. He paid her out of campaign funds on more during more than one campaign and their standard of living is far above what he would like people to believe.
  2. That photo is clearly retouched and it was overdone, because you can't even see lines that aren't from aging.
  3. Handel has stalled at 47-48%, whereas Ossoff has consistently stayed at 50%.
  4. The note was clearly fake judging from the exaggerated language in it. She just seems like the type that send herself fake letters, because she's desperate to be in elected office.
  5. Sanders rhetoric during the primary campaign was very concerning. Calling for revolution can spark the wrong thoughts in some people.
  6. Katie is coming off as crazier than Sheila.
  7. Considering that RNC speech for Trump, perhaps the producers thought that she has really gone crazy and could add more of crazy touch to the portrayal of Sheila.
  8. In this Lifetime movie that's on right now, this woman stalking a man used his toothbrush. Lifetime never fails to come up with some crazy stuff for these movies.

  9. Theresa May goofed by calling the snap election, so it's unlikely that she will continue on as leader and there is no reason why she should want to since the Conservative Party has to cobble together some sort of coalition.
  10. This was on television earlier and I saw it in passing. Didn't realize that Katie was now a psycho.
  11. She must have been seen as exceptional, because she had speaking part in the commercial and most Ross commercials don't have speaking parts. Lol.
  12. True O'Brien (former Paige, Days Of Our Lives) is in a Ross commercial.
  13. Trump looks really unprofessional next to all of these leaders. It's not likely that it will help him considering that he was already struggling in the final stretch. A last minute assault before the polls open is a devastating blow to a candidate that wasn't on solid ground. The county sheriff in the county the assault occurred in donated to his campaign, which explains why he wasn't arrested.
  14. Violence from a Republican candidate
  15. Fallon looks interesting and seems to be kept close to the earlier version of the character in the original series (minus the ambition for the company).