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  2. Trump is practically giving Pence the keys to the Oval. Pence knows that this is the only way that he can be President, so you can bet that he's maneuvering for a possible resignation or removal.
  3. This entire week has been horrifying. At this rate the executive branch is going to collapse before the end of the year.
  4. I agree. The last thing that we need is another Iraq.
  5. That's exactly the right question, how deep does all of this go? There is no telling who was caught up in this and who was aware of what was happening. There is potential for the government to be thrown into flux and we are 21 months out from regularly scheduled elections. Anyone who is outraged about this mess needs to stay outraged for all those months, because that is the quickest opportunity that we have to create change.
  6. Election tampering is very serious and that's what Russia is accused of. If Trump colluded with Russia to tamper with the results, then there could be a strong enough case in court to hold fresh elections in the event of a conviction. Congress is not going to do it, but a court could and if this goes deep enough, I could see that happening.
  7. If the evidence is strong, impeachment will be unavoidable. There isn't precedent for new elections, but that power would definitely lie with Congress as well.
  8. The interesting thing to ponder is who would talk if they were forced out. That might keep some people on the payroll if they wanted to stay. Too many people know too much at this point.
  9. Trump pimps her out or at least attempts to. She attended a meeting that Trump had with Al Gore for no good reason. I'm sure her and Melania have been made to turn numerous tricks in order to secure business deals.
  10. Trump needs to be impeached for compromising classified information.
  11. This is actually tremendously good. You don't see decent opening credit sequences anymore.
  12. Articles about that law seem to have come back up with the recent issues about immigration. It is good to discuss because it shows just how dependent agriculture is on undocumented workers.
  13. That law passed way back in 2011 and was an almost instant failure. It was invalidated by courts.
  14. Probably not, but qualifications no longer matter.
  15. The legislature in California did a good thing when they passed the vaccination law. Anyone wants to enroll their children in public school has to vaccinate them and per doctor's guidelines. Interestingly enough, the anti-vaccine theories are more left-leaning in origin, but the right-wing has picked up on the theories as well due to their general paranoia.