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  1. That's a good comparison.
  2. Kellyanne Conway looked like a court jester in that outfit. Only a complete idiot would walk around like that.
  3. It will probably be a staff run account, but it's hard to tell what will happen under this administration.
  4. Obama took all 13 million followers from the POTUS account with him to POTUS44, leaving Trump to start from scratch on the official POTUS account.
  5. Oh, an old case of ANNA (Ain't No Niggers Allowed).
  6. The President attacking the arts over criticizing or mocking him is really un-presidential behavior. Every President in modern times has been parodied or criticized, but you none of them went on deranged rants about it. George W. Bush got more mocked and criticized than anyone, yet he never ranted about it. In dictatorships, the arts are often the target of political retribution.
  7. Problem is, most of what Sanders promised was not going to be accomplished even if he became President. He did the same thing as Trump, which was making guarantees without plans to back them up. Free tuition and everything else sounds great, but nigh impossible to accomplish. That aside, Sanders bought a nice house some months after the primary, which I felt was interesting. I can't not believe that some of that huge campaign account didn't end up in his personal account.
  8. Low performing schools are in low income areas, which is why so many parents choose to send their kids to higher performing schools outside of their own neighborhoods. A lot of the schools in wealthier areas perform so well because of good PTA organizations that can raise enormous amounts of money for programs, so interestingly enough, good performance can't always be credited to the school district. Something else that seems to slowly gaining support among teachers is eliminating homework and focusing more on classroom learning.
  9. He like a white, male Victoria Rowell, lol. Seriously, this is so direct it's like he doesn't even care about any repercussions.
  10. I do agree with you about the irrational hatred, but there are still plenty of opportunistic Republicans in both houses that will put the squeeze on repeal. The projections are showing huge negatives if repeal goes through. I do think ACA will survive when the GOP decides to let repeal fade into the background.
  11. Thousands of people were doing that pre-ACA. The hospital lobby does not want to see ACA repealed precisely because of that. ACA is not going to be repealed at the end of the day, because the costs are unbelievably high and would cause the insurance market as a whole to collapse.
  12. And called it "good business".
  13. Calling members of Congress really does help. The more opposition, the better. They will back off if enough people make a fuss, because they are all about keeping their seats. No one wants to lose a huge salary plus benefits, which is what members of Congress get and plenty of them need it badly.
  14. And it's also important to note that a lot of people with market rate coverage pre-ACA saw rate increases, but that was only because the insurance companies were offering discount coverage plans that were crappy and once ACA came around those companies had to offer people better overall coverage that ended up being more expensive.
  15. There is no fix all, perfect solution for healthcare, but the ACA got a lot of people insured that would have never otherwise received coverage. With all due respect, it's not an issue of "me, me, me", it's about getting as many people as possible covered. With that said, the insurance market is at risk of collapse if ACA is pulled, which means people who have no connection to ACA could lose their health insurance (including wealthier people).