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  1. It's hard to say how Stein voters would have voted with the absence of Stein in the race, but there is a chance that some of them would have voted for Clinton even if they had issues with her, just to stop Trump. Anyway, all that is moot since the damage is done.
  2. Mary Fallin might be a holy roller, but that didn't stop her from being a tramp with her security detail. It's an open secret in the political world. Then there is this photo where she got trolled. I think she was so excited to see a black supporter that she failed to notice right away that he was trolling her
  3. Paul Ryan worships Ayn Rand, who was nothing but a miserable person who promoted being selfish above all other things. Overhauling Medicare will fail, because it's political poison and there will end up being some Republican in both houses who quietly help kill any overhaul. If there is anything that would actually lose control of the House in 2018 for Republicans, it's ruining Medicare.
  4. Florence Henderson, the wholesome actress who went from Broadway star to television icon when she became Carol Brady, the ever-cheerful mom residing over "The Brady Bunch," has died. She was 82. She died surrounded by family and friends, her manager, Kayla Pressman, said in a statement late Thursday. Millions loved, and kept on loving, the innocent sitcom about a blended family. "The Brady Bunch," first aired in 1969, returned to television in various forms again and again, including "The Brady Bunch Hour" in 1977, "The Brady Brides" in 1981 and "The Bradys" in 1990. It was also seen endlessly in reruns.
  5. There is a push for more of them here, but there is also plenty of opposition. The formula can eat up funding from lower performing public schools in low income areas, which doesn't serve those communities well at all.
  6. Yes, all multi-level marketing is. My aunt did it for while about 25+ years ago and ended up with nothing. There are some friends of my family who are still involved with it after 30 some odd years. Amway preys on people who want their own businesses and financial freedom, which is similar to Trump University. Birds of a feather.
  7. Good grief, is he friggin' deceased or something? I guess being hateful takes a toll on your face and makes you look like a corpse.
  8. Gabbard is an opportunist. A lot of Sanders supporters were claiming that she was progressive just because she endorsed Sanders. The only reason she is a Democrat and adopted some progressive positions is because it's difficult to be elected as a conservative Republican in Hawaii.
  9. History dictates that the President's party loses seats in the midterms. With Republicans having total control, I can't see how they don't lose seats. The leadership has to offer something to look forward to in order to keep people engaged. The preparation for the midterm starts right now.
  10. Look at the avatar. Only someone with that idiot in their profile picture would believe that this is actually good news. Questionable taste and judgement all around it seems.
  11. Real infrastructure spending is unfortunately not on the table, even though it is sorely needed. This bill is just a way for Trump to try and acquire inventory for his companies. It's nothing but a scam.
  12. On the AMAs, Nicki Minaj just spread her legs wide open and touched herself. ROFL.

  13. All of this is exactly on the mark. Basically all the people there have done is live on whatever they could get from menial jobs and now cannot adjust to how things have changed.
  14. There were more deaths than births in West Virginia in the last few years, so that is one area that really is not going to recover. The reality is that some places are just finished permanently, yet some people ignore that.