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  1. ACA is becoming more and more untouchable like Social Security and Medicare. The longer it is in place, the harder it is to repeal it. The public response to the bill was overwhelmingly negative and that's why some moderate Republicans opposed the bill.
  2. ACA repeal is done. Paul Ryan said Obamacare is the law of the land and sounded like he was conceded earlier. It may cost him his Speaker's job.
  3. Repeal is finished.
  4. I seriously need to get an agent and work my way onto a soap, because it would be easy to get an Emmy nomination. There are only four soaps left, but the awards could be a little more discerning about who they nominate.
  5. None of these people seem to realize that their well being is not of concern to the person that they voted for.
  6. There is a line in "A Christmas Carol" where Scrooge remarks that the poor would be better off dead. This is exactly what a lot of conservatives think.
  7. Food programs struggle enough as it is even without cuts like this. At the local level, seniors and the disabled are really going to suffer, which is a shame.
  8. Not that I'm saying that Snoop Dogg should have made a video of shooting Trump, but it was not as bad as Trump trying to incite someone to shoot Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail (he did it twice).
  9. If returns are leaked that show there were years that he didn't pay any taxes it would be hard for anyone to ignore. Had MSNBC sat on this story, someone would have found out and it really would have supported Trump's paranoia about the media being out to get him. There really was no choice but to report this. That said, nothing really damning is going to be released so far away from an election. If someone does have the goods, they won't spill it too early.
  10. A fairly tame tax return being released lends legitimacy to Trump detractors, because it lessens the chances of Republicans being able to claim that possible leaks in the future are not legitimate. This leaves very little room for anyone to claim unfairness towards Trump and that is what the opposition needs, an image of being a strong opposition, but one based in reality. Had more right-leaning sources been able to frame this out of the gate, it would have benefited Trump. We all want Trump to be held accountable, but to get to that point everything has to be done on the level.
  11. This is exactly right.
  12. Steve King has been the most racist member of Congress for years. He is truly terrible. Kellyanne Conway throws out a lot of conspiracy nonsense that the core base of the far-right will buy.
  13. That person looks like a gay caterer that shows up at the party making smart remarks about the guests.
  14. The fine was part of the mandate that made eliminating pre-existing conditions as a barrier for insurance possible. Without it, there was no way to force insurance companies to stop denying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.
  15. What's he going to do? Throw anyone who disagrees with him down the lane into the pins like a bowling ball?