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  1. You guys, watch this music video. I relate the words of the refrain (and the constant images of the blue eyed blondes) to the climax of the Lisa/Eden storyline, on the cliff. Note the stock footage used for the water in the video.
  2. I watched it as a child. The violence of the rape was somewhat traumatic (I had to look away at times). Marcy rose to every challenge they threw at her. It's why I miss her so. Marilyn was killed in a drunk driving accident. I believe we were led to wonder whether it was Angela or David that was driving. If I'm not mistaken, it turned out that it was indeed Angela behind the wheel. I believe Cassandra is the one who found out the truth. In a word, no. She actually plotted some of the best stories the show ever did. IMO, she was the strongest head writer the show ever had.
  3. Zimmah. The thing that ate Santa Barbara. I think Augusta was trying to, in the end, goad Dash into attempting to date rape her.
  4. I've always felt that the Augusta/Dash storyline was misunderstood by everyone involved. Misunderstood was a recurring theme in Dash's character. Poor Eileen. She was put in a terrible position by production.
  5. So I found this set of scenes from 18 years ago, but it's the scene between Ric and Kelly that I've remembered all these years. Carrington Garland was new and still a little green here. Peter Love, who played Ric, I believe had some experience from either Ryan's Hope or Capitol. But this shows you what I mean about Carrington having chemistry with her scene partners. This was her very first romantic pairing on her very first soap and she's a natural!!!
  6. It's quite odd because she was popular on SB, the fans missed her (and Marcy) and some may have even followed her to another show, what with the dip in quality of SB in its final year. I have to say I'm watching a taped fan event with A & Marcy right now from 1991. Tom Eplin is also there and at one point, he talks about how they used to watch SB on the monitors at AW (Linda Dano has also spoken on this- she loved A & Marcy and SB). He says that the producers would look at the scenes and tell them, on a higher rated show, to watch how A was doing something and ask them to emulate it. I just thought that was a real nice thing to say. I've always been fond of Tom Eplin and thought he had chops. Jake was a great character in his own right, probably my favorite, most complicated male character on Another World. Anyhow, I've completed the split personality storyline and I'm happy to say it's so much better than I remember it. Marcy was very lucky that Bridget and Jerry came back to right the ship at that point- otherwise, God knows where that story would have gone. Marcy was always one of Bridget & Jerry's supporters and can be seen on her feet, along with Nic Coster, when Bridget gave her infamous Emmy speech. You notice how In spell Bridget Dobson's name- well guys, that's how it used to appear in the credits, I've convinced myself! No matter how she spells it now, she'll always be Bridget to me.
  7. I think you're dead on with both of those assessments. I don't think they meant for Kimberly to be long-term either, just to continue the story. As for Carrington on Y&R, I remember reading that she auditioned a few times for them. Too bad nobody ever snapped her up. I could see Carrington not being the best auditioner but she was such a hard worker and always had chemistry with her scene partners, especially her romantic ones (Peter Love, Roscoe Born, John Callahan).
  8. I never heard the Leann Hunley thing but that wouldn't have worked. The only actress I've ever seen that I could picture as a recast Eden is Brenda Epperson, who ironically took over for Eileen Davidson on Y&R. Augusta was THE BEST. I totally minded. I disagree about Carrington. She wasn't Robin's Kelly but she certainly made Kelly her own and I actually prefer her Kelly to all the others. I totally see what you mean about ED's Kelly and Katrina, but I hated both of those characters. ED's Kelly was just wrong, Wrong, WRONG! They should have just created an entirely new character for her or cast her as Suzanne. For me, she was never Kelly. Never. Cruz's last scenes and her histrionics on the airport runway were a low point in the show's entire run for me. As I said, thank God for Nina Arvesen. She was the only heroine besides Julia I really enjoyed during that time. The Kimberly recast was too soon and they wanted her to still be Robin's Kelly, which she couldn't because she wasn't Robin. Kimberly actually wasn't that bad but she didn't have the playfulness that Robin Wright had and therefore came off more cold. Same with ED. Carrington was allowed to be different from Robin. Still Kelly, but different. After what Kelly had been through with Joe and Jeffrey and Pamela, it made sense. Plus she looked like Marcy, their mannerisms were similar, as were some of their acting choices. It was so uncanny that you believed they could be sisters in real life. So the jealousy stuff coming to the surface, which is such a sisterly story but never would have happened with Robin, made sense. Kelly was always in Eden's shadow, especially when it came to the love of their father and that of their older siblings. I mean, think about how much was done with the Mason/Eden relationship and how little was done with Mason/Kelly. Kelly was always closer to Ted & Eden, and Ted was absent during Carrington's entire run. Perhaps that was why her jealousy came out more- the one person in the family that looked up to Kelly wasn't there.
  9. Please keep posting in here Elsa!! I love reading your thoughts, as you seem to be one of the few who saw the same time period in the 80s that I did. It makes me sad that Loving never developed a following- it was always the lowest rated soap, no critical praise, no cult following. I've always found it to be a solid half hour soap, far more balanced than B&B.
  10. If I'm being honest, I think the Dobsons were trying to replace Marcy Walker without recasting Eden. It didn't work. One thing that sticks out in the Dobsons' interviews is that they have always said they write and create for themselves and not the audience. They claimed at the time that they felt with Kelly having had 3 marriages under her belt, they felt it should show more on her face (i.e. she was too young). It simply wasn't true and doesn't ring true. Carrington was our 2nd Marcy- they already had a MW replacement and instead they didn't trust her. Obviously they hadn't watched 1990 because Carrington was actually featured more prominently than Marcy that year- it was Kelly carrying the show on her shoulders, not Eden. (MW filmed a pilot and would have left had it been picked up but it wasn't- the writers and producers were preparing for that) For my money, the best thing the Dobsons did when Marcy left was bringing in Nina Arvesen's Angela. Had they not done that, I may have stopped watching, losing Marcy, Louise Sorel and Carrington within a month of each other. I'm glad I didn't. I do wish the Dobsons had written the show til the end and Pam Long and Kim Zimmer were never brought on. I really think they were on a path to restoring the show to its former glory and had they continued, they'd have made more headway.
  11. TRUTH! A Martinez always used a Roscoe Born quote to describe Marcy Walker. Here's the quote- "A colleague of mine, Roscoe Born, always says that working with Marcy Walker isn't work. You just look at her and wait for her to get to you and she does." Man, there's so much truth in that. I think there was a genuine love between those 3 actors like in no other storyline. Also, I have to say, Carrington Garland always said that when they put her in story with Roscoe Born was when she got her best acting training. Or something along those lines. But it's true. She came alive in that story. Her scenes with Marcy Walker were among the best in the show's run during that storyline and it made such sent that Kelly's resentments toward Eden would finally come to the surface in that situation.
  12. I'm going to touch on a couple that I really enjoyed- Loving is that soap where nothing sticks out as my absolute favorite. The first one that comes to mind is the initial story that was airing when I began watching, which was Cecelia/Steve/Trisha. Trisha had that strength, sometimes quiet other times confronatational, that I often admired in female soap characters back in the day. She also loved Steve with everything she had. I don't remember a lot of detail about it because I was only 7 & 8 and Loving was my 2nd new soap (Santa Barbara being my first) and nobody in my family had an history with it (my paternal Grandmother started watching in when Search went off the air- I watched with her). But I remember Steve and Trisha's wedding, and Steve being shot dead. It was heartbreaking. They had been made to suffer for so long all for him just to die? Difficult to deal with. His death was so sad and effected me as much as Mary's death had on SB. It was similar in its level of tragedy. And I'd be remiss not to mention that Colleen Dion's best role was that of Cecelia. She was perfectly cast. The next that comes to mind, or rather the other one that entered my mind, was Stacey/Jack/Lily. Britt Helfer (Robert Newman's wife) played Lily to the hilt and she had tons of chemistry with Perry Stephens. I love how they involved Ann, Jack's mother, as Callan White was always a favorite of mine on Loving. She was involved with Harry Sowolski at the time, who was Steve's dad. Jack eventually did the noble thing and went back to Stacey, keeping in his character, but he was always tempted by Lily even when he shouldn't have been. I thought that should have been a throughline in his character, but that trait didn't show up again until the affair with Dinahlee. Others that come to mind are the Alex Masters/Ava/Clay Alden story, everything with Egypt, and the Jeff Hartman/Trisha/Trucker storyline. All of those were very good. But if I'm going for the best, it's not a storyline but rather, everyday scenes between Nada Rowland's Kate (I remember her name finally!!!) and Roya Megnott's Ava. I just adored their relationship, especially when it was shown against the much different (but still compelling) Gwen/Trisha relationship. The mother/daughter relationships were the most interesting ones on Loving and for me, a theme for the show. Those two contrasting relationships were the throughlines for the Roya years and weren't the same when Lisa Peluso and Elizabeth Savage came on the scene.
  13. I can't speak to the Dane Hammond story as I wasn't able to watch it because Loving didn't air in St. Louis. But Isabelle I can and will. Let me start by saying first and foremost, Augusta Dabney was and is Isabelle. She was the quiet but strong presence that balanced out Wesley Addy's very "CC Capwell"-like Cabot. She was reserved, beautiful, and had a delicate way of handling Cabot. She was stern when she needed to be but always soft. Celeste Holm is a PHENOMENAL actress who was miscast as Isabelle. She made her strong and her features, even if they were married in real-life, were too masculine for her to look right with Wesley Addy onscreen. Gone was the delicacy and softness and delicacy we had with Dabney. Patricia Barry was an improvement. She looked better with Addy but she was too fiery for the part. Again, she wasn't soft enough. Better than Holm, but not even close to Augusta Dabney. Obviously the producers agreed because in the end, Dabney was brought back.
  14. The Alex/Clay twist was jarring and confusing for me as a viewer that started watching in 87- Randy Mantooth was the only Clay I ever knew and I'm not sure I quite understood why that did it. At first anyway. I then realized it was to test Ava's love for Alex and provided her with a compelling dilemma- love or money and power. She chose wrong, at first. I think it also gave Lisa Peluso some great material to sink her teeth into and get the viewers to accept her as Ava. That's one story where I can't picture Roya- I just don't think she would have gelled with James Horan. Peluso had chemistry with both Horan and Mantooth- totally different energies though. Here chemistry with Horan was sexual and intense, while with Mantooth it was playful and fun. There was a sparkle in her eye with Alex that wasn't there with Clay. Egypt I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED! What a hoot of an original character!! She wasn't your typical ex- wife- she was smart and crafty, but kind of out in left field. The way that character went about doing things was so different from the norm and certainly far left of other characters in daytime. People compare her with Opal which I guess I see but I found her more cunning and eccentric than Opal. Linda Cook was a gem and it makes me sad when I think that both she and Roya are no longer with us. I don't remember Todd so I doubt he had very much impact. I do remember Minnie Madden though- she was exactly the kind of friend you'd expect a character like Egypt to have. They were peas in a pod- two eccentric, kindred spirits who found trust and comfort being with one another. One thing about that friendship- while they may have disagreed internally at times, they would never EVER go against each other around or with other people. Just a lovely and fun to watch female buddy team.
  15. Ok you guys- so I private messaged A Martinez the other night and told him that I was re-watching the split personality storyline and enjoying it. Here is our conversation- juniorz- Just wanted to share that I was watching Marcy Walker's exit story yesterday- the split personality- and you are all so good in it. What a giving, generous group of actors you all were/are. God I've missed that show. Glad I don't have to miss it anymore. Just thought I'd share. A Martinez- Thanks for those good words, Greg. It was among the hardest stories we were tasked with in the whole run- I actually second-guessed myself at one point for not quitting in protest- but it was our job to find a way through it. And I think you hit on the key thing, which is that the esprit de corps, if high enough, can carry everyone over the abyss sometimes. Very much appreciate you sharing this with me tonight, brother....I miss that show, too. juniorz- If you're talking about Cruz not recognizing Eden when she wore a Brown wig and glasses then yeah, I can't blame you. Don't worry. The audience was savvy enough to not buy that part. But the part where you recognize that Lisa was pretending to be Eden was so poignant. As a viewer, I could see Marcy would do something very subtle with her eyes when she was Lisa. I picked it up right away too and it was nice to see Cruz was smart enough to see it too. I mean if I saw it, he had to. A Martinez- You make a good point. And yes, I was talking about the wig and glasses moment, and the dancing...... (he goes on to address something I posted on my personal FB page)....... juniorz- I just wanted you to k now that I was gifted the responsibility of being an actor from the moment I could speak. I studied you all as a child when I watched SB- every story was a master class in acting, even where the writing my have fallen short. The discipline and love of your fellow actor that it takes to commit to material that you sometimes don't believe yourself is so rare. Even more rare is having the luck and good fortune of working with a company of actors who have that same gift and discipline. What it is and was is magic. Marcy's Emmy speech always stood with me- to be aware that what you're doing is magic in the moment that it's happening is not only rare, it's once in a lifetime. Thanks for listening and responding. That means a lot. A Martinez- A pleasure. Hope you had a fine weekend.