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  1. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    Speaking of JT, I miss Thad Luckinbill!  
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  2. juniorz1 added a post in a topic The Loved and the Loathed   

    Kirk/Eden/Cruz/Santana quad, Santa Barbara

    Eden/Cruz/Victoria triangle/KatieTimmons' death, Santa Barbara

    Gina and the Tape  (Gina blackmails the Capwells with the proof that Kelly only accidentally killed Dylan), Santa Barbara

    Marlena/John/Kristen, DAYS
    The Plane Crash on Stefano's Island, DAYS

    The Salem Slasher, DAYS
    Who Shot Jake McKinnon?, AW

    The Cory Publishing Takeover, AW
    Frankie/Cass/Kathleen, AW
    Victor's "Death"/Meeting Hope in Kansas, Y&R
    Who Shot Victor? (90s version), Y&R
    Kay vs Jill- especially the controversy over Philip's  will in the 90s, Y&R
    Adam Causes the Plane Crash, AMC
    Arlene/Alec/Hayley/Mateo, AMC
    The Gwen/Jennifer Baby Switch, ATWT
    Rose's Introduction/Katie's Comeuppance, ATWT
    Barbara & Henry's Love Story, ATWT
    Brooke & BeLief, B&B
    Brooke & Thorne's Love Story, B&B
    Marty's Gang Rape and The Trial, OLTL
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  3. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Santa Barbara Discussion Thread   

    That has actually always been the story, part of it anyway.   JFP got them 2-3 episodes working together, which A & Marcy had been requesting.  It was a sequence where they got locked in a room together.   However, Marcy Walker wrote their backstory herself, their breakup on the Orient Express, etc...   It was a collaboration and JFP championed them.  In the original bible, it was intended to pair Cruz with Santana and Eden with Warren.
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  4. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Who was the last best actor(find) on soaps?   

    I'm going to do this by soap and on the basis of great, not just good.

    AMC- Josh Duhamel, Olivia Birkelund
    AW- Alicia Coppola
    ATWT- Eric Sheffer Stevens, Maura West, Jen Landon
    B&B- Jennifer Finnigan
    DAYS- Casey Moss
    OLTL- Susan Haskell
    Y&R- Ashley Bashioum, David Tom
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  5. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Hey, lay off Miami!  Lea Black is always relevant!!   Besides, Miami season 2 provided what was, IMO, the most entertaining 2 part episode in franchise history- Lisa's Lingerie Party!!!   If nothing else, we got to see Big Brother Beau get tossed into a pool!   In all seriousness, that party was EPIC!
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  6. juniorz1 added a post in a topic 43rd Daytime Emmys Final list   

    Yup.   Pretty much.  They may as well just rotate the Lead Actress award between Maura & Finola at this point.  Nobody else touches them.  Sad that Casey Moss wasn't nommed
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  7. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Y&R casts AW Alum   

    No, she hasn't.  
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  8. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Being that I often lurk in this thread and I caught up on Beverly Hills marathon-style, I thought I'd throw in my two cents on the current goings on.
    Lisa Rinna- This chick is all over the place this season.   I don't understand her outrage at Yolanda hanging out with Brandi & Kim in the least.  It wasn't her event, Yolanda has always been friendly with Brandi, and Erika gave zero f#cks that LemonLyme (I LOVE that name) didn't make it.  She didn't have a dog in that fight, so why confront Yolanda on it?   Makes no sense.   She was either egged on or took it as a personal dig/line in the sand that Yolanda hung out with Kim instead of her.  Either way, it rubbed me the wrong way, as does much of her wishy-washiness throughout the season.
    Eileen- Maybe I'm in the minority, but I am on Eileen's side in this fight with Lisa Vanderpump.  It's plain as day that Lisa knew exactly what she was doing when she inquired (on camera) about the affair that started Eileen & Vince's marriage.  Her lack of an apology to Eileen isn't the issue.   It's the lack of accountability that's bothersome.   Lisa is an intelligent woman-  she knows what she did was wrong.  It rings false to me that she doesn't believe that Eileen has any right to be upset- she wanted to rattle her cage (for whatever reason) and accomplished her goal.  However, by holding onto it and continuously bringing it up, I do  believe that Eileen is playing right into Lisa's hands.  While I do believe she should let it drop, I do understand that feeling that it just festers there without any resolution, which is driving Eileen mad.  On the flip side, Lisa sees this and it makes her even less likely to give her any.  What Lisa doesn't see is it is actually making her look bad as well.   Lisa is facing much worthier opponents than she has in past seasons and they are savvy enough to illuminate Lisa's flaws as well.  So just who is playing who here?

    Erika-  I love this bitch, I really do.  The only moment that I haven't enjoyed her is when she didn't admit from jump that she tattled to LemonLyme about Pump & Kyle.   Other than that, she is pretty flawless.   She is BY FAR the worthiest opponent Lisa has ever had and Lisa knows it.  I do hope that they do eventually become friends because I think they could learn from one another,  yet in some ways I enjoy watching them square off.  I like that Erika isn't totally anti-Lisa and vice versa, but they're clearly sizing one another up.   Beverly Hills finally cast a rival for Lisa that is fascinating to watch- their relationship (and lack thereof) could drive story for years to come so long as they continue filming together.    BRAVO PRODUCERS!!!   One little peeve though- I  would like to see some vulnerability with Erika and I do hope that's to come, whether it be this season or next.   I'd like to see what makes her tick, what makes her feel.   But she is my fave housewife casting in quite some time.
    Lisa Vanderpump- It may sound like I don't enjoy Lisa anymore, but that's  not the case.  I still love her and find her more fascinating than ever,   This is a side of Lisa we haven't seen yet- on the defensive, scrambling a bit.  Though she's trying not to show it, her cage is  rattled, ESPECIALLY by Erika who she can't manipulate nor get a handle on.   It's old school soap watching her keep her composure but when you pay close attention, especially in the Erika confrontation at Wally's, you can see that she's been thrown for a loop by this chick and I, for one, am LOVING it.   Looking forward to watching it all unfold.
    Kyle- Mauricio is still hot.   Ok, ok, there is one other thing I can say about her and it's that you can see how ELATED she is at being Lisa's sidekick again.   It's a role that she's quite comfortable in.
    Katherine- Donnie is hot.  I don't find her very interesting.  She's rather transparent and has clearly drank the Vanderpump kool aid.  I wouldn't mind her as much if a genuine friendship was developing, but she obviously idolizes Lisa and Lisa is only going to use that to her advantage.   Tattling on Erika only amplified what I already knew- she's going to be blindly faithful to "Pumpy."  Even her confrontation with Faye was Meh, which sums up Katherine on this show.

    YoLemonLyme-   I just don't care enough anymore to write anything.   Her tired tagline says it all.
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  9. juniorz1 added a post in a topic All Time Favorite Soap Characters?!   

    LOL thanks!  I still visit and lurk, but am bored with the soaps right now.   My mom and I have been watching old SB episodes on You Tube for a year now.  She's more hooked than me lately!
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  10. juniorz1 added a post in a topic All Time Favorite Soap Characters?!   

    AMC- Brooke, Liza, Stuart, Alec, Arlene, Mary Smythe
    AW- Donna, Vicky (EW & AH), Cecile, Felicia, Kathleen, Mitch, Iris, Lila, Cass, Jake
    ATWT- Meg, Carly, Jack, Mike, SUSAN, Lucinda, Katie
    B&B- Brooke, Thorne, Stephanie
    DAYS- Anna, Kristen, Marlena, Liz, Calliope, Bo (RKK), Maggie, Nicholas, Debra Adair's Kate
    LOV- Trisha, Trucker, Ava, Ann Alden, Gwyn, Jack, Lily
    OLTL- Dorian, Blair, Troy, David, Joey (NF), Cord, Tina (KW), Max, Renee
    SB- Cruz, Eden, Julia, Mason, Augusta, Mary, Kelly (CG), Keith, Gina, Kirk, Robert, Angela, Ted (MB)
    SUN- Annie, Tim, Ricardo, Cole, Olivia
    Y&R- Jill, Nina, Ashley (BE), Brad, Drucilla, Sharon, Hope, Lauren, Sheila, Diane (AD & MW), Nicholas
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  11. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Santa Barbara Discussion Thread   

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  12. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Frontburner to Footnote   

    How funny that you posted this back in June and just this past week, Julie talked about her on the show.  Who'd have thought they'd ever mention Susan again?   And she was a MAJOR character for the first 10 or so years of DAYS's run, not to mention that 45+ years later, she's still (arguably) Denise Alexander's signature role!
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  13. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Episodes Of Soaps You Wish Would Surface On Youtube ?   

    The other sequence I've waited my whole life to see.
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  14. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Episodes Of Soaps You Wish Would Surface On Youtube ?   

    OMG YES YES YES 1000x yes! I've wanted to see this episode since birth!
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  15. juniorz1 added a post in a topic Which characters could you not stop watching no matter how bad their storyline?   

    AMC- MW Liza, Mary Smythe, Brooke, RM Janet

    AW- AS Donna, AH Vicky, EW Marley, CD Iris, Liz, Cecile, Lila, Kathleen, KL MJ, Larry, Jake, CT Paulina, AC Lorna

    ATWT- Carly, SC and MC Mike, Susan, Barbara, Lucinda, MW Meg, Jack, Katie, Simon, Rose, CM Rosanna, Henry

    BAB- Brooke, WH Thorne, Sheila, Stephanie, Sly, Dylan, Connor

    DAYS- Marlena, Kristen, Liz, Neil, Julie, Doug, Maggie, Anna, Calliope, LR Billie, Peter, DA Kate, VW Nicholas, Victor, Gwen Davies, Stefano, Alex Marshall, Melissa, Nicole, PM Austin

    LOV- Gwen, Ann, Ava, Kate, Trisha, Trucker, Steve, Ned, PS Jack

    OLTL- Max, Blair, KW and AE Tina, Cord, Dorian, NF Joey, David, SH Marty, Troy/Colin

    SB-Cruz, Eden, Kirk, RW and CG Kelly, Julia, JD Keith, Augusta, Gina, Sophia, JA CC, Angela, MB Ted, Lionel, LD and GT Mason, Pamela, Robert, Ric, Rosa

    SUN- Annie, Gabi, Tim, Ricardo, Cole, Olivia, Bette, Francesca

    YAR- Jill, Brad, Sharon, Drucilla, Sheila, JT, Nikki, BE and ED Ashley, AB Mac, HT Victoria, Nina, Ryan, Tricia, Meggie (Dunno why but loved me some Meggie), CE Adam, Hope, AD and MW Diane
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