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  1. My soap rival GH is tanking and I LOVE it! GH always gets higher HH points than DAYS, so DAYS will easily be fourth in overall viewers since they are tied in HH. I can't wait to see all the details, finally DAYS is getting some well deserved recognition. With John's return could DAYS actually get back into 3rd place and stay there. I won't hold my breath though considering DAYS ratings flucuate(sp?) more than Oprah's weight. Um Neo, who the heck are you? I don't really talk to Jen but she has every right to say why she feels regarding GH, since from my viewpoint thats her all time favorite soap. She hates what GH has become the last 3-5 years and is tired of all the shitty writing and stories GH dishes out these past few years. All I have to say to Jen is keeping on preaching.
  2. Since you can't be a man about it and actually say my name I will go ahead and assume you are talking about me, big surprise. First off if anyone talks about my friends I speak up, its simple as that and thats why it does concern me. There are some things I have been told by not just one particular person about you but people I actually trust. Why can't you just admit you lied, is it that hard to admit you were actually in the wrong? Who hasn't messed up in their life, just be a man and admit you lied. If I am an [!@#$%^&*] for taking up for someone I consider a friend, then so be it.
  3. I have never seen this much praise for one eppy, so I know it will be one of the best DAYS I will get to witness. I won't be able to see it until 5 or so and the anticiaption is KILLING me.
  4. I have been putting Drake down for years, but I must admit he blew me away in today's show and was also impressed.
  5. WOW! Where do I start as everyone had superb performances, even ali Sweeney who is usually a terrible weeper. That last scene was perfection, pure soap perfection. The acting, writing, direction, lighting were all top notch. I had to rewatch it 5 or 6 times. Dee and especially Drake broke my heart something I didn't think was going to happen. I wish the ending would have been different(as others have said), but other than that I loved the eppy from beginning to end even the Jeremy/Nick scenes. I must admit I almost lost it when Bo was talking to John and after he left his room to show his grief in private. Peter Reckell is very underrated if you ask me. The entire cast was great though, but so far Martha and Peter have been the best. I did shed one small tear because of Bryan Datillo! He made Lucas look so hurt before signing his name on the anullment papers. I was saying to myself now that is the BD I know that can act. He has been sub par until very recently. I guess Ed Scott has something to do with BD different acting choices. I have always felt BD plays the softer, quieter pain better than almost anyone. I adore Suzanne Rogers so when I saw her on screen I got all giddy, although I wish she would have left from a phone call learning about John's accident. I am just glad Suzanne was on my screen again. I just want to say it loud and proud, lol, but DAYS is the BEST soap right now and hope others are witnessing it firsthand. Tomorrow sounds to be even better, if that is possible. I have one question for those who have watched DAYS for awhile, is this one of DAYS best overall weeks or maybe even one of DAYS overall best months in over a decade. I loved the SSK which had some awesome weeks, but IMO DAYS hasn't had this good of a week or month in EONS.
  6. Glad to see you around Shane, lookin' good!
  7. That last segment made me teary eyed, especially Martha who IMO is rocking this material. Dee and Ali have been good, but not on Martha's level, at least not yet. I can't give enough credit to Ed Scott and the 2 directors from Y&R who have made the show look so much more realistic. The look and feel of the show is top notch in daytime now. King, I don't find it silly at all what you said about the real police and ambulance making the scenes better. These minor details go a long way for me. I really hope we get scenes where Marlena is calling people to tell them about John. That to me would be so hard to do in real life, so I hope I get to see some of that on the show. I also hope Brady is mentioned, but there is no way he wouldn't make it back for his own dad's funeral. Iwish DAYS could get Lowder back for a few eppies, B&B does still owe DAYS. Tomorrow's eppy can't get here fast enough.....
  8. No Shawn it's painfully obvious.
  9. I may be wrong, but I believe the ratings will be delayed because of a ridiculous holiday I never get off for...Columbus Day.
  10. DAYS is on FIRE! I am used to deleting the eppies after I am done watching them, but since last Wednesday I have saved every single one. I can't believe how good DAYS has gotten in such a short period. My only explanation is bringing over ES and two fabulous directors from Y&R. The lighting, sets, and direction have been top notch and with the acting and writing improving immensely DAYS has fast become must see tv for me. I always watch DAYS regardless, but right now the second I get home from work instead of a nap or listening to the radio I hurry to flip on DAYS. Of course DAYS isn't perfect right now, but its thisclose to being awesome. With some better balance, featuring other characters, and better continuity I think DAYS like Roman said could be the best soap/show on TV no one is watching. On to the eppies(Monday and Tuesday).... I am one of Lauren Koslow's biggest fans, so I am thrilled to see her get some meaty material for once. She as usual ran with what she got, she was just heartwrenching to watch. I felt for Kate, even though she has done nothing but cause Lucas pain for the last 8-10 years. I have always enjoyed Joe Mascalo, but damn is he good. Last month Joe shined when Stefano saw Santo as a dream, something I didn't think Joe would beat. Well I was wrong, Joe has shined all week and should easily be in the running for an Emmy. He plays hurt better than just about anyone, I am so glad DAYS got him back. I think Stephen Nichols is the best actor DAYS has, or at least is right up there with JM, TP, JR, and PR. I am loving seeing him get so much airtime and hope Benji gets a funeral. I just wish Kayla would have been shown by now, but I am sure she will be told soon enough. I could go on and on, so I am gonna stop here and just try and get everyone to go spoiler free. Just try it for one week, if you think the show is good knowing all the spoilers its almost twice as good not knowing any spoilers.
  11. I would love to hear her talk about the current ratings in all of daytime and ask her if she hears anything about what the execs of all the shows feel about the pitiful ratings. Are they worried, trying to find other ways to promote their own soap, or does she hear anything about some soaps being in some serious trouble of being cancelled because of the piss poor ratings. I would really aprreciate Ryan!
  12. What kind of car is it Lee? Congrats!
  13. I feel bad for Pats fans, but I have never liked there [!@#$%^&*] of a coach. I am a diehard Tiatns fan and this week I am going to the game against the Colts. I can't wait until Sunday.....