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  1. Yes they were revelations because NO ONE (besides Katherine) could prove otherwise. So for Katherine to admit that the crux of their entire relationship was based on the fact that she was ALL the things Jill accused her of being over the years & that Jill richly deserved her spot as GC's Incumbent Matriarch should've been a HUGE game changer but Y&R ruined it (as they have with most things over the past 15 years).
  2. It was during that insane period where Victor married FOUR times in the span of a year and a half. That time period also included Sharon burning down the ranch, Genie Francis humping Jack, Abby running over Tucker, and Skye falling into volcanoes! The whole crux of Katherine & Jill's relationship was Katherine insisting Jill seduced Phillip. For Katherine to acknowledge Phillip's feelings were legitimate and that she treated Jill poorly out of spite was a revelation for anyone who with any real idea of the storied history between the two characters. Yet the entire story was dropped due to Y&R's insistence on pairing Jill & Colin and Jeanne's ongoing health issues.
  3. I don't know why anyone was surprised. Lane fans acted the same way towards Davetta. The only difference is that Khalil herself was personally involved back then vs. later on with Redaric. Y&R dropped Victor & Devon's friendship altogether once Neil & Dru became his foster parents. You're right that they had a nice little bond which the writers SHOULD'VE continued but didn't (and you know exactly why they didn't).
  4. Y&R should have Devon buy the Rec center.
  5. It's not racism if it's not concrete!
  6. Katherine admitted that Phillip loved and wanted to be with Jill (which was what their whole feud was based around) in a throwaway conversation a few years ago. But Y&R totally dropped any fallout from Katherine's confession which should've been a fundamental life changing moment for two legendary characters (especially Jill).
  7. The Music Box debacle was unnecessary because Kay & Jill's relationship had already been resolved prior to Jeanne's death.
  8. Jack's womanizing (stemming from his deep mommy issues) was a crucial aspect of the character from the beginning. Dina was a HUGE part of Jack's life (especially because he was her favorite). Bell ignored all of the characters established history when they hired PB and made John Jack's sole inspiration.
  9. RIP Chuck Berry

    1. DRW50


      I thought he'd passed a few years ago. The true legend.

  10. Jack & Patty were very much like JT & Colleen
  11. +1.