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  1. Oh well. You'll get over it.
  2. Don Swaby looks like somebody's grandfather.
  3. Funny how Lily had two chances to cheat on Cane yet ONLY slept with Joe.
  4. +1. That was the point I made from the beginning. AS is a typical hunk...when allowed to be himself. He's sweet, charming and quite handsome in RL. The problem was Y&R shoving him into television's usual cookie cutter mode of what constitutes a "nerd/geek" which meant making him look, and act like, Kunal Nayyar from BBT when he should've been hanging out with Devon, Noah, Mariah, Tessa, Abby & Scotty.
  5. Is this SON or Nightmare On Elm Street?
  6. Y&R has issues building a viable group of 20-30 year old characters. The show has no problem forming teen scenes each summer and having the vets play musical beds every couple of years but when it comes to generations x and y the writers have no clue what to do.
  7. I just hope Y&R handles them better than the rest of their LGBT experiments.
  8. +1. All of those characters are much needed and could easily be utilized if the writers weren't lazy. Nina could be filling Jill's role while Jess is dealing with her RL family stuff and SON has discussed potential stories for Traci (especially with Dina around) for years, so the writers have no excuses. If Gloria can play crucial parts in several different stories and a bunch of mediocre younger actors can receive copious amounts of airtime then Y&R can learn how to balance an extended ensemble cast.
  9. SSM cares as much about Traci as she does Lauren.
  10. You haven't been accused of being Joshua Morrow yet so you've got nothing to complain about.
  11. So Jill's role now is to show up every 3-4 months, yell through a handful of scenes in a week's worth of episodes then disappear again? What a waste of Jess Walton's talents.
  12. Neil & Ashley would be a better match now. Especially with all the drama that's happening with Brash N Sassy.
  13. They were all (along with Cricket, Nina & Danny to an extent) part of a group until behind the scenes drama drastically altered stories.
  14. Those complaints are ALWAYS hilarious. Because whenever 'generic black hunks' are actually cast in Daytime (Y&R in particular) those same fans ALWAYS complain they can't act and have NO problem when those same actors are abruptly marginalized and fired six months after their debut. Everybody was fine with it when it was Kevin.
  15. MTS needs a haircut.