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  1. I still liked Morgan Fairchild as Nora Bing, Chandler's mom, on Friends. Still, yeah, that was long ago. But Kathleen Turner as her transvestite gay ex-husband, was inspired.
  2. Oh! Not that it matters, but I recalled why Tori was going to jump: She had just discovered she was knocked up by Cruz (when Tori sexed him up - while he had a head injury and thought she was Eden - at the time, she was still hung up on Cruz, her ex,. [I call that rape]).
  3. Probably me. But I recall the Dobsons talking up their plans in either SOD or the defunct SOW (which never really came to pass in Round 2 which seemed for the best as time seemed to stop for them with regard to the characters after 1987, when they got locked out by NBC) and they mentioned Mason/Katrina and the whole Mary business while remarking that Mason/Julia were "star crossed" or whatever. I think they left/were fired again not long after that interview, IIRC. Considering Mason met Tori on the rooftop of the Capwell Hotel (I believe Tori was contemplating jumping, although I can't recall why), the same spot Mary met her demise, I think you can guess the answer there!
  4. If I remember right, Julia was actually supposed to be the spoiler for Mason/Tori. The Baby Contract would have been the stumbling block as Mason bonded with and fell for Tori. The story goes, Mason/Julia gained traction, the audience liked them, so Tori became the spoiler instead.
  5. Cloud DVR is an extra $5 a month. Sign in to the Sling TV site and your account and you can add it.
  6. As I said, I have Sling TV (Orange) with the Cloud DVR and I absolutely love it. Plenty of storage and no physical DVR to clutter things up!
  7. I have Sling TV and the new Cloud DVR. And I LOVE it. Especially since I don't have a physical DVR, but this works just as well. And they are generous with 50 hours of storage.
  8. CBS just cut in. I was in another room, but I think it said under orders from a**hole, missiles HAVE BEEN fired?!
  9. If only this laughingstock of an administration would self destruct! Yet, for all of the failures, all the dirtbags - including Head Cheeto - are like Teflon and continue to trash the nation for another day.
  10. Yep. Agreed. And that says a lot that Matt Ashford is still, by and large, considered the definitive Jack Deveraux since he was the third actor in the role himself. But the other two before him, James Acheson and Joseph Adams, were a blink and Ashford got the good writing, so it makes sense.
  11. This is nice that the Dems are fighting Gorsuch, but it all feels like a waste since the Rethuglicans will just go nuclear. But their whining about Dems obstructing the process is RICH. At Lindsey Graham's town hall, another with a BUNCH of pissed-off constituents, they kept yelling Merrick Garland at him, as he stood there and complained that Trump should be allowed to pick the candidate he wanted.
  12. Confused about Trump, his cronies, and the who, what, where of what's going on? Fear not! The Washington Post breaks it down for you with both an article - and a picture chart!
  13. Or, more pessimistically (thanks to Comey's past actions), just dragging its feet for whatever reason. I basically trust no one until some results start happening.
  14. And the article date at the very top marked my 5th birthday. God, I'm old!
  15. I get the mistrust of the media since it was that that helped give us this a*****e in office to begin with. But using Twitter as any sort of sampling pool for political discourse seems useless, to me. Sure, it's cool to feel more unified in Trump scorn, but anything beyond that just seems fruitless.