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  1. Good. He deserves to. What a terrible manchild politician.
  2. I wish I believed anything will happen. Alas...I don't.
  3. This thread needs a bit of positivity. So, I offer this: Today, Joe Biden was at Capitol Hill to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of the ACA (how timely). Well, he soon made a friend - a golden retriever puppy also named Biden. Biden met his namesake, and the resulting pictures are adorable. Biden's owner - a DC staffer - named the puppy after Joe because of the great respect she has for him. Remarkable if just for the fact she says this even as she identifies as Republican and does not necessarily agree with him politically. Respect despite ideological differences. Who knew?! A link to the cuteness.
  4. It isn't jarring to me, but then my mother watched AMC religiously, and Charles Keating appeared on there as an evil shrink involved with Silver Kane named Damon Lazarre, and he had short hair for that role... Here's a link to a promo featuring CK as Damon Lazarre...
  5. Mark Valley is a good actor. But he was not Jack Deveraux to me. Still, he made a great career for himself, so leaving Days didn't hurt him any.
  6. Long time, no "see"!
  7. Lane Davies' Mason looked wonderful clean shaven, with the mustache and beard, and with scruff, but the mustache-only look never worked for him, at least IMO!
  8. Thanks for the heads up, @Nothin'ButAttitude. The acting from NLG as Julia was almost always great, but the whole Dash storyline? Complete trash. I actually cheered Julia on when she kidnapped his ass. And it had to be worse for Julia, the not guilty verdict, because she always loved the law, yet it turned on her. But the construct of a he said/she said rape was all wrong for Julia, since she was always so principled. Why would she lie, you know? I do recall one scene with Gina and not-Keith I did like, where Gina, obviously no fan of Julia's, even told Keith how much Julia valued the truth, so if she said she was raped, she was. Gina defending Julia brought out some layers, especially since Gina was herself a victim of rape. But the good in this era was like trying to find a diamond within a pile of fertilizer. BTW, I do recall Eden going to see Julia post verdict, so yeah, they did.
  9. No, the Keith recast was played by an actor named John Novak. (And he was not Keith, try as he might.) The potted plant Julia was with, David Raymond, was played by John Beck, whose character was married to/separated from Angela Raymond, played by Nina Arvesen. Who, of course, went on to battle Cassie for Warren. David just seemed to vanish/leave town once it was clear that Mason and Julia were on the road to reconciliation. And thank God. He sucked. All I recall was he was a judge and there was some story involving Angela's never-seen sister, Marilyn, dying or something.
  10. UGH. Let's just say once A Martinez bolted for L.A. Law, I totally understood why. I think Cruz/Kelly were always sibling like until the Dobsons tried to make ED's (very miscast) version of Kelly work. And it made both look horrible. Frankly, I think the Dobsons were well off their game by the time of their second round. Except for maybe that Capwell Dinner with Pamela. But I recall the Dobsons calling Mason/Julia star-crossed and wanting to redo the Mason/Mary vibe AGAIN with Katrina. Thank God that never happened. I like GT as Mason, but I think it really would have sent him backwards, not to mention he looked like Maria Ellingsen's father. And I think firing Carrington Garland's Kelly was a HUGE mistake. I never got what they had against her. As for Louise Sorel, I recall reading she hated the Augusta/Dash crap. And who could blame her? I read she protested and walked or was fired. But I think it's just as well the show got the ax as I recall the show was headed towards not only Lionel/Sophia having had Channing [Brick Wallace] but that JW's Warren would actually turn out to be CC's with Augusta. So, yeah, mercy killing.
  11. As a viewer of SB from its great to not-so-great years, I didn't like Terri Garber's Suzanne. She was boring as all get out, and I couldn't believe how utterly devoid of brain cells everyone had to be to NOT recognize Eden as fake Suzanne in a bad wig and glasses. But with that said, I think Cruz with freaking Jodie Walker was a billion times worse. We're suddenly supposed to buy this past shared history with Cruz and the newbie hog - and, oh yeah, Cruz! Chip WASN'T the first kid to be sired and not originally raised by you! IT'S A GIRL! Bleah. I loved the show until late '91, then Pam Long stripped it of its very identity until axing the show was a mercy killing.
  12. Even if that's true, nothing else this POS has done has gotten him tossed out, So I doubt this would be any different, although it is a beautiful thought!
  13. IF (I stress that) it's drugs, though, she may not have as much money as some think. Drugs tend to suck up a lot of cash, from all the horror stories I've read.
  14. Ava herself was pointless. Just Dena's be-all, end-all. This kid should be a con and not Steve's kid. Never bought his attraction to her, even as an amnesiac.
  15. As for the Tweet regarding the Trump voter, I love the buyer's remorse from some Trump voters. You SAW what this idiot was about, yet YOU voted him in, anyway. Reap what you sow.