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  1. Perhaps there is hope for our country down the line: Eighth graders refuse to be photographed with Paul Ryan.
  2. The Russian fungus now extends to Mitch McConnell! Surprised? Yeah, me neither.
  3. I continue to feel little to no pity for these folks. Probably not nice of me, but hey... Maybe listen when an ass tells you...he plans to continue to be an ass if elected? As Maya Angelou said, when someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them. Now, though? To his voters, you broke it, you buy it. Have fun!
  4. It's uncanny just how much Marcy Walker and Carrington Garland resembled each other. They really did look like sisters.
  5. The shade is real here. (See above Twitter post.)
  6. I know this board tends to lean more towards pop, but I loved this music. And he had such a voice. Another grunge mainstay is no more. This was one of my favorite songs by him, solo-wise, from the Singles soundtrack:
  7. You know what I think is going to happen? Not. One. Thing. Unfortunately.
  8. Jason Gerhardt (who I knew as Cooper Barrett on GH and GH: Night Shi(f)t, S1) was always pretty. :-) Big mistake, killing Coop, but Y&R's gain if he is a new hire. And now Y&R will have two ex-Jasons from GH in the cast. (Thompson/Gerhardt).
  9. These town hall folks ain't playing! But they need to put it to the best use - at the midterm elections in the voting booths.
  10. The Senate must get an independent counsel to investigate Russia going any further or this country is officially f-u-c-k-e-d. I can totally see Trump losing his s-h-i-t and trying to implement Martial Law.
  11. How I wish this were so, but this administration is oily and manages to slip out of almost every skirmish thus far.
  12. Proof that the WH staffers are as dumb as Trump himself. How could they NOT foresee the explosion?
  13. Cascadia (i.e. mainly blue states that secede from the US to form their own nation) looks like a wonderful idea to me right about now!
  14. Only way that is ever happening is if Dems regain seats. If the GOP remains in power, they'll cover. This isn't the GOP of 1972.
  15. Oh, there's been a few Twitter posts from Trump supporters that make me think they're not up on government processes. One had a GIF of a tombstone with Obamacare's "death" dated today. Naturally, as a concerned citizen I had to inform them that was premature and it still needs to pass the Senate. Hee.