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  1. I know it's a soap, and it was even made fun of during the time Sonny Sprocket had control over Mason, but...I always found it kind of oogy that Mason's half brother was married to Mason's half sister, even if Kelly and Jeffrey shared no blood relationship! But then, as I said, soaps. And Days had the same dynamic going on when John thought he was Roman and was involved with Isabella, half sister to Bo, and Roman also being a half brother to Bo. (But I loved RoJohn/Isabella, so I overlooked that then. LOL! I admit my hypocrisy!)
  2. This whole "debate" deal is smoke and mirrors. Does anyone believe McConnell will allow the Democrats to get involved? This will come down to the same players, trying to ram a bill through so Baby Oompa Loompa gets a win. And so what if millions of poor/disabled/elderly/war veteran Americans die to do it?
  3. In other news, water is wet.
  4. McCain is a hypocrite. I won't wish death but he can go to hell. He has awesome health insurance. He KNOWS how valuable it is, but he still votes yes to encourage chatting up taking insurance away from his fellow Americans - and many of them veterans, as he is. Trump now hails him as a hero. Tells me all I need to know. And to add to my disgust, the little mic slip discussion with Sen. Collins and another Democratic senator knowing Trump is unfit to lead - and yet doing NOTHING about it - is just appalling.
  5. Trump floats the possibility of replacing Jeff Sessions with Rudy Giuliani Ghouliani! Me, I say let him try. The fallout would be vastly entertaining.
  6. Whoops, forgot Chik-Fil-A was all Bible thumpers. MR WOULD like that. So...make her eat KFC, instead.
  7. Sorry to those that hate him, but this would be one good thing Ron does, having Jack/MA back! Like others, I'd prefer alive, but this is better than nothing. Jack also makes Jennifer likable/tolerable.
  8. Can't say. But I'm not so sure. I mean, she was still to be a part of the story, but as interloper to Mason/Tori as originally envisioned, until TPTB took note of the chemistry between NLG/LD. I recall reading somewhere that Julia was eventually supposed to be paired with Robert Thaler's Pearl. I liked the guy, he was offbeat. But it seems like all of Julia's dalliances pre-Mason seemed firmly B-level, sidekick level. I think her pairing with Mason definitely helped her to break into the "big leagues", so to speak.
  9. Ah, I LOVED the Mason/Julia Baby Contract and the sloooooooow burn with Mason and Julia. Soaps have no idea how to do that anymore. People fall in "love" now in the span of a day.
  10. Looks like the story was removed. But, as consolation, here. The Alt-Right shows their utter "decency" at proclaiming McCain's brain cancer as punishment for going against Trump. Scumbags.
  11. Never have I been so glad an actress has found Jesus and is no longer acting.
  12. Orange Foolius got one thing right: He could murder someone on 5th Avenue in NYC and his brain-dead cult would excuse his criminal ass.
  13. If you get the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel [separate from the regular channel] and have insomnia or a DVR, there is an episode airing at 3:00 a.m. ET called "Blue and Broken Harted" from 1982 - meaning, before Santa Barbara - that lists both Nicolas Coster and Louise Sorel as part of the guest cast. Cool!
  14. And spiteful Orange Turd begins the ACA sabotage.