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  1. Until they hired him, there was no hunk factor on this show. I'm not joking or being mean, but it felt like they cast more for personality than the factor of taking off ones' shirt on screen.
  2. Channel 9 out of Secaucus, New Jersey used to show reruns of "The Saint" in the 90s. So that was my first real exposure to Roger Moore, as we didn't go see the James Bond movies. (Yes since then I've seen some of them, but not growing up.) I agree with all of you in regards to his sense of fun.
  3. Part of the reason (supposedly) that Justin and Adrienne were so rushed was because Mary Beth Evans got pregnant in real life, and stories had to be changed for Kayla. The show already planned the big Greece remote and the rest is history. Hopefully this won't be a a schtick situation with Anjelica returning. The character is not that.
  4. Ali will never be the Bev McKinsey of Days, as Sami will never be a broken spoiled rich woman with class. Sami is a lot more downmarket than Alex Spaulding or Iris Wheeler.
  5. Even though the audience knows that Liesl lied about Nathan's paternity, Kristina and everyone in Port Charles thinks he is a relative. Did people not think of that before deciding to ship them or they want a story about Nathan's paternity?
  6. Because soaps now cast for looks and not talent and with the insane shooting schedule the younger actors can't hack it. There is no way they can improve since they don't have the time to learn on the job. If the shows even got some younger actors for 2-3 years it usually doesn't work as the people don't have the time to mesh as a unit.
  7. I hope they let him leave with little Bella and that's the end of his story if only because I don't want to see devastation from his family members.
  8. I find it hard to watch anyone from The Doctors from time frames later than what we're seeing except for Liz Hubbard (since my mental picture of her is much more current.) The video of Jim Pritchett a year after The Doctors ended makes me think about how old he looks, but then I realize that I see him as 10 years younger than that advertisement. The change to no longer having silent regular cast or "people" is an adjustment, but it seems more contemporary to have the action and then the title screen.
  9. Yes EB talks about MM without giving his name savagely in his book. (Basically MM would take his parking space and other things.) He doesn't say crap about Bergman, beyond that the particular incident has a NDA so he can't go into details and other things were going on to make it happen. Otherwise he basically says that he and Bergman work differently, but can be professional with one another even if won't be friends.
  10. Chad Duell (Michael) and Chloe Lanier (Nelle) he is wearing a dark blue with dots suit coat, with black pants, she is wearing a brown gown that is low cut, and sandals that are bronze.
  11. This is the longer version to the TVGuide article with Jane. https://www.tvinsider.com/173624/general-hospital-jane-elliot-tracy-quartermaine-abc/
  12. Just jumping in on the DVD topic, yes DVD sales are lower because you have people not buying, but also due to what is available. Kate Hall is Peter and Courtney's daughter. She was 12 in the early 90s.
  13. There is another reason why he may not like Keemo, it makes Jack a set age as any child Jack would have had during the war would be well over 40. Edited to add: so in this case he may be more vain than racist, though we'll never know.
  14. I enjoy the little bits we get online from various people. That being said the vintage stuff can be fun, but due to not being around for most of it sometimes it makes me want to bang my head in frustration reading about things that sound so interesting that there is no possibility of ever seeing.
  15. When Chris got hurt and was eventually better, I wept. I was surprised how much I cared about that character at least he got a happyish ending even if we don't know if he got a new love as the people he was closest to are all off the show.
  16. I think you'd like the stuck in the display story, that was awhile a go, but about the stripper.
  17. I wish they made the old DVDs available in a format that would be viewable in all regions. I would spend the money out of curiosity. The problem is these episodes get pulled when posted, as you can buy them. At least Neighbours has a yearly hiatus, unlike US shows so it is a bit less to view. Wish a service would pick up the older episodes anything, actually.
  18. If they don't mention it I'll be so annoyed also. If it is all about someone who never worked with Peter Hansen, I'll be more upset then if they just had a card at the end of an episode.
  19. I think having Phyllis with Scotty is less objectionable than it could have been if he was written or seemed younger. He isn't barely out of his teens and Phyllis wan't his godmother, now that would be scandalous.
  20. Yes Duncan was Scottish or at least he was supposed to be as the actor was acting it, and it was a fake accent. The actress who played Beatrice was the adoptive mother of Claire on "Heroes".
  21. I'd love to see the CBS Daytime Wheel of Fortune, as I never saw it with soap stars. I just ordered the "Writing for Soaps" book from the 80s, there is a later version from the 90s called "Writing for Daytime Drama" that I read years back, but never saw the older edition.
  22. I would have liked it if Zende was Coco's mentor, because Zende's adoptive father Tony worked at Spectra. Of course at times like this I miss Thorne, he wouldn't instantly hate Coco due to her family, as that would make zero sense.
  23. Black and Decker, ha ha I feel like ATWT had more building blocks and had burned less things to the ground than GL. So it would have been easier to see it continue, as while ATWT's focus was slightly off its axis for me, what TPTB saw at GL as important were even more cockeyed. That though is for another thread.
  24. Marcy Walker did too, during her first run on All My Children. I would hope TD protected Meg Mundy from the worst of the hate mail. The you are a good actress, though I hate your character for being a lying manipulator are fine, but the burn in a fire ones are not. Glad to hear off screen, she wasn't like her character except that she looked the same (natch).
  25. The ratings were you talking in Australia or in the UK?