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  1. Anna was one of my favorites and I still miss this character. Another weird thing that I enjoyed that I shouldn't have was the problems with the closing credits. When they were updated after Liz Hubbard returned and Campbell and O'Brien were promoted to make it a group of six, the text didn't line up and it wasn't just at the end of one episode but many. Eventually they got it right, but it made me laugh though feel bad because obviously in those days it was done by hand, which was more difficult. And then you have the behind the scenes people, and the tie-in between Dark Shadows' sets being inherited by Ryan's Hope, which is a whole other game. I adore geeky stuff like that. What gets bad eventually with TD in 1970 is that things start to drag with many many flashbacks, which will save time, but are annoying. (They didn't plan it well when Liz went on maternity leave, as we had Althea flashbacks, and it was frustrating, like they didn't know she was going to have a baby and not be available. They could have done something with the other characters in that story during the interim like have them practice medicine, and have Althea out of town visiting Penny.)
  2. LOL TimWil about Geri being critical of writers and not producers. I can comment a bit on the GL material with Marland, but have not seen any of his TD stuff. Sometimes I wonder why people can't do more comedy, but that's the nature of the genre typically. I think I have to watch The Adams Chronicles before the rest gets pulled, but knowing myself I'll spend too much time laughing instead of paying attention. Getting back to Martha, more recently I've been happier with the character, but when she was all OMG Nick and Althea are going to get married, when Althea wasn't divorced I was rather annoyed. She is smarter than that. I wonder if it isn't because at work sometimes Carolee is called Simpson by Matt. Althea never changed her last name even if at times, she was married to people that weren't Dave Davis.
  3. B&B is very popular in Australia, and who knows if they got some money for going there.
  4. These days winning based on scenes instead of story is normal. I'd rather the person with the best reel win instead of the person who was a lead, picks the wrong thing and gets it based on nothing beyond recognition.
  5. I just wish that Martha wasn't so doting on Nick. He isn't perfect and she shouldn't always be on his side. I wonder how this happened with casting that he didn't have chemistry with whom they paired him with, did they test them with other actors instead, which is why it didn't work? I understood why they got rid of Rico at that time, even if I liked Richard Niles. There wasn't anyone on canvas for him to interact that was near his age and having him work at the hospital didn't exactly fit. If Penny had been slightly older and on screen, I would have thought they would have put Penny with Rico.
  6. They could say it was 30 years since Belief LOL actually no that doesn't work either. If it was John and KKL that would be fine, but not Eric and Brooke.
  7. It sounds like she has an outside friendship with one of the actors, how interesting.
  8. I enjoyed Liz on the ledge, actually I really enjoyed Liz Liz (trademark Jody Lee Bronson) even if not all the stories were too my liking. Monika you heard from CC Courtney that's fun, hope he is doing well.
  9. Your avatar of Nick from The Doctors. Thanks for the giggle.

  10. TimWil thanks for posting all of that here. Did your friend Geri ever share how she came to get on Guiding Light? I'm asking as Allen Potter hired her for TD and then years later she ended up as Amanda's mother on GL. I'm hoping they had a good relationship or else that wouldn't have happened. Is the Adams Chronicles available anywhere? I'm wondering because it would be fun to see.
  11. Thanks vetsoapfan, that is a huge error. So the story was mentioned, but the characters names were completely wrong, yikes. I'm guessing this was the most glaring error. If the actors knew the character's name was Diana on GH, why didn't they correct it themselves. In the Monty era, people did ad lib, right?
  12. I have my copy on order from Amazon and they have the release date listed as March 21. It hasn't shipped yet, and since I don't have prime it will take time for me to receive it. When it comes to the OLTL story, I think they were confused as I thought that Carla was passing as white, and people in the audience freaked believing she was hooking up with someone who was not. Is that what was meant, but it was edited badly?
  13. Doesn't she have the potluck show with Snoop on VH1? People actually watch that I thought, but 10s of fans is hilarious.
  14. DRW50, wow you have some avarice towards Tim Gibbs. (No idea what he did, so please explain since off topic can you share at least when it happened.) Individual episodes of Santa Barbara were extremely well written it was just the stories on whole that were offensive. I agree that soaps shouldn't focus on one person or else they can get screwed. With Santa Barbara, they did have other people with story that weren't Marcy, but those actors ended up getting bogged down with recasts, making things not as strong.
  15. I liked how the actor who played Eli after being on Y&R saw his work and went to acting class. I think he's improved, and well the crazy schedule makes it hard to be a "natural" performer.