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  1. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread   

    Faith was the younger sister and insecure when it came to her older sister Jill. The attractiveness thing doesn't make sense as that wasn't part of the story in years. (That said I'd never have written a story about that triangle as the SoapNet episodes ended before it got to that point, so I can't really comment as I haven't seen enough of it elsewhere.) 
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  2. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH Return -- Ugh!!!   

    If this was to get Sabrina off canvas, okay. Otherwise again, why. Honestly the only reason I can see them bringing him back again and again is because they are obsessed with Mad Men and want to use him to meet someone involved with that show. That at least would be a cause I'd understand. 
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  3. ~bl~ added a post in a topic DAYS: Actress Return Confirmed   

    No i don't consider that a firing if it was agreed upon that a person is going to be only on for 2-3 months and it ends at that point.
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  4. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Y&R - Two Actors Tweet They're OUT   

    Due to how the character of Travis was written this week it seemed like he was already out. With Alicia, once the prison stuff ends, there is really no place unless they put her with Jack, but again it would be with the left behind of Victor. 
    For me Victoria and Billy don't need to be back together again. I don't get it. 
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  5. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I have no problem and know that ABC pre-empted GH for this memorial service, but unlike what happened in Charleston, this was not a full national pre-emption with a broadcast at a later date. Canada saw the full episode, and if someone pays for Hulu they can view it as it has been posted. I was wondering if anyone on the board, saw the full episode or if they didn't if they had seen the end as only the 2 pm ET GH time slot lost the end of the episode, the 3 pm ET GH time slot lost the beginning. 
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  6. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH: Actress Returns in New Role   

    Joey probably doesn't meet the handsome standard or something inane like that. That said I agree it would have made a lot more since for Nelle to be Serena, Susan or even Lucy's adopted daughter Kristina (though we can't call her that...)
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  7. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    What happened during the second half of the show? It isn't showing up on my on demand yet, so I can't watch it. What was Anna's write off?
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  8. ~bl~ added a post in a topic B&B July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    What a mistake, they should have edited that out, as Quinn is Steffy's mother-in-law, unless Quinn and Ridge are married (I know they aren't.)
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  9. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Bree Williamson Interview with Fairman   

    They make the actors sound too perfect. That being said I was amused by Bree wanting to meet Jane Elliot, I wonder why? I mean did she ever watch Jane act?
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  10. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    Do you all watch for the same reasons?
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  11. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Y&R: July 2016 Thread   

    Having Nikki accept everything Victor has done now doesn't work for me. I just want it to end somehow.
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  12. ~bl~ added a post in a topic ALL: What were the worst handled firings of an actor?   

    Zas had to decline as he was technically still tied to GL even if they had put him on leave and wouldn't let him back on the program. If he went on OLTL, he would have to forfeit. 
    Yes it had to do with how someone with his health issues not being able to play the part.
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  13. ~bl~ added a post in a topic OWN: Greenleaf   

    I only saw the first four, I still like it, but due to the pacing since the pilot it is better to binge. I think nowadays some shows are written to be watched in one sitting or within a short amount of time instead of week to week.
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  14. ~bl~ added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Back in those days they had the books like they do for the primetime Emmys (now online instead of a book), with just the actors name, character, show and a picture. So basically nominations were based on name recognition and certain shows were more likely to get acting nominations than others. Over the years, the show bias changed, and part of how you got chosen for people to see your reels was based on how well known you were in the acting community in general. There are some actors who took many years to finally get one nomination or they never did. It just was how it was, now it seems like nearly every actor who lasts long enough in the genre gets nominated. So I find it a lot less meaningful, even if in the past some actors were unfortunately overlooked like many members of the cast of ATWT or actors who were on shows that's ratings were lower by the time acting nominations started for soap performances.
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  15. ~bl~ added a post in a topic When was the last time a soap had a good storyline?   

    Reruns of "The Doctors", we're in 1971 now, but I guess that doesn't count even if it is new to me.
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