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  1. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    I hope that movie is a parody, but OMG. It was so bad, in a good way that I want the MST3K gang to do a riff on it. 
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  2. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Neighbours: Discussion Thread   

    I didn't realize there were webisodes. Do we have to watch them to get the characters? I have no opinion yet.
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  3. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    Seriously they are holding Class until DW comes back in the US. That's ludicrous. I wonder if Canada will have to wait that long or if it is just BBCAmerica being idiotic. 
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  4. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Neighbours: Discussion Thread   

    What seriously, cool! Don't want to say anything else.
    Anyway, glad that the Ari stuff is done. What happened in the boxing ring was surprising. The stuff with the pigeon was out of a sitcom.
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  5. ~bl~ added a post in a topic How about a new soap on Netflix?   

    Hulu dropped carrying new soaps from outside the US before it went to pay only. So they aren't a reliable carrier, people got very upset over it understandably. I wish Netflix would carry more shows like Red Rock. 
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  6. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Soaps That Could Have Been More Relevant Now, Had They Been Created Today   

    Why? What is the premise of Where the Heart Is?
    I think any soap that has a situational and not a family set up is easier to translate like mystery/police related serial, medical, political, etc. These type of stories appear and reappear in television and movies. 
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  7. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Which actors have shamed their time on soaps?   

    If it is an interview where they prep the person and then go in another direction I can understand why they would not react well. Some actors hate seeing themselves act, and showing them some random scene from many years earlier may just set them off. 
    For me it depends on how the person speaks about soaps. If a person was on a show during a "bad period", and later becomes famous or the character didn't work or their costar was a jerk to them I can understand it. They probably aren't going to explain why.
    I recall Michelle Forbes who was on GL as Sonni/Solita making some not all that positive comments about her time. While her performance was good, the story was a mess and made little sense due to the writers strike. I saw that as an extenuating factor which would cloud her opinion. John deLancie (Eugene on Days) also has made not as positive comments, but eventually explained how they only used him as comic relief and that he appreciated those viewers who enjoyed his work, but what he was given. 
    The thing that bothers me the most though is when actors who are famous make patronizing  comments about the actors who spent years in the genre. Yes there are some poor long term performers, but if no one can act on a particular show you were on what sort of training would you be getting. So just the term training ground bothers me without explaining why. If someone uses that term and says it is due to how soaps is how they learned how to memorize a lot of material quickly or since they were trained in theater learned how to do camera work I'd understand as even people who were on soaps for years have admitted that one.
    I like when actors speak about the positives and the negatives without being mean about it, like when Parker Posey was asked on NPR's Fresh Air about ATWT. (Have no idea if the audio is posted somewhere in the long ATWT thread as it was in 2006.) 
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  8. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Y&R September Discussion   

    I realized that Sharon was with them because of her daughter Mariah's friendship with Kevin. 
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  9. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Y&R September Discussion   

    He's gone as Luca is going to prison. 
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  10. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    That song which was played on the show today at the beginning, does anyone know what it is?
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  11. ~bl~ added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Part of the reason that Hubbard ended up out at "The Doctors" was Marland was moving it away from a workplace show to a "family" based one, and Liz's character of Althea had no family or love interest in town at that point. (She had long term friends and a goddaughter who was still a child, but no hope for relationships with anyone she had been with as they were part of the "families".) He created a new family, and built around the two couples/families that already existed. With ATWT's Lucinda, Marland created a family for the character with her daughters. She had Lily, Sierra, Bianca, and later the grandkids and the various exes.
    More OT: with Bill Bell according to Jeanne Cooper they only wanted to dump Bergman after the fight and Cooper was like that's crazy either both should get into trouble or neither as it takes two for such a conflict. 
    I can't really comment on Frank Runyeon on ATWT, but did watch him on Santa Barbara. I liked him on that show, but the character was supposed to be the interloper between Mason and Julia, which was a set up for failure in the 80s soap opera couple era.
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  12. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Neighbours: Discussion Thread   

    I watch it, the story with Steph though doesn't make sense. Why is that guy obsessed with her? (Since I haven't been watching for years, I'm utterly confused.)
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  13. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Fun Thread! Favorite Soap Couples Ever?   

    I'm more interested in the whys of people's favorites instead of seeing a list of favorites with no reasoning behind why they like whomever even if it is I like couple A because I found them hot, I liked couple B because I found them funny, and couple C would make me cry.  (I don't know if I'm explaining what I mean, but that's just my preference.)
    Most of my favorite couples I enjoy because I get emotional feelings in a lot of different ways and not just liking them for heat.
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  14. ~bl~ added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    The move happened in the fall of 1995. The reason I think the time slot move of GL in certain markets influenced ATWT goes back to how many people turn on the television (or back then with VCRs) go to the station early. The GL fans, while waiting for GL to start, would potentially see at least a bit of ATWT. If the show was strong, they may decide to start watching that too and vice versa if an ATWT fan kept the station on, and what they are seeing is appealing they may get into the next show. The potential crossover of new and/or casual viewers was altered in those places. It is sort of like how GH benefited from Oprah being on ABC in many places after GH, people would turn on ABC early for Ms. Winfrey and get hooked on the soap.
    Doug Marland's death IMO was a huge factor in the decline of ATWT's long term quality. That being said ATWT didn't have major cast shake ups during that part of the 90s that needed to be factored in while discussing what happened. 
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  15. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    ditto about Graz and Camryn Grimes that would have been interesting. 
    Sully's paternity issues matter less if Adam is the Dad and not available. All it would do is pull apart Sharon and Dylan, right now unless they used it as a way to write someone else off the show.
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