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  1. ~bl~ added a post in a topic DAYS: Major Bo News   

    Maybe Bo visits everyone as a ghost before Peter Reckell went back to his home outside of California. It may be something as simple as that.
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  2. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    I wonder if part of why you felt that way marceline is how many times character have "died" on Doctor Who, but not really? Did you just not care about Clara or is it show fatigue?
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  3. ~bl~ added a post in a topic B&B: Actor leaving...for good??   

    I agree that the only reason we see Bill and Katie is the actors. They are popular even with the lack of airtime. Maybe Winsor got another job or won't be anywhere near LA, I hope we don't get Thorne's death at Christmas. 
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  4. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Nathan Varni on Jelly's take on Jason Reveal   

    Varni works in a high level position at ABC.
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  5. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Dool: Actor Returning   

    Jason posted pictures on his Facebook page.
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  6. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Subjects that are taboo in soaps?   

    Laura who was adopted by Brooke was a victim of abuse as a child on All My Children. Kim Brady was molested by her Uncle Eric on Days, this happened off screen as we only met her as an adult. (Of course, the fact that Eric Brady is named after an abuser is problematic.) 
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  7. ~bl~ added a post in a topic B&B - November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Ivy is only a blood cousin to Eric's biological children and grandchildren, which Steffy and Thomas are not. The fact that they were raised as Forresters isn't enough for Thomas to stay away from Ivy. 
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  8. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    Is this Fred Thompson's last role it seems so. That makes it interesting from that perspective. 
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  9. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    The second season of "Satisfaction" or the first?
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  10. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Days: October 2015 Discussion thread   

    Justin and Adrienne were never as big as the other 80s couples even if they had the amazing Greece remote to wed. I wonder if part of it is how for so many viewers the actors are well-known and/or loved for other parts that aren't these characters. 
    Having Adrienne go to Kayla, and then have no line from Kayla stating that we'll have to check my kids too would have made sense since Patch went out of town. And that eventually this info has to get to Abby and JJ as they're Jo's grandchildren. The idea that only Adrienne knows about Jo is weird.
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  11. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Oregon school shooting - at least 7-10 dead, 20 injured   

    There is one person who ran towards the shooter in Oregon, but he had been in the military. He knew what he was doing in a war zone. Some people may go into shock and cannot move, that has to be a possible behavior some exhibit.
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  12. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH: Character returning?   

    GH and DAYS tape that way. B&B tapes two episodes in a day as it is a 30 minute show, Y&R I have no idea how they do taping anymore.
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  13. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH: Character returning?   

    It says Airdates, so it is possible they are filming things for various episodes on one day. I'm curious too who will be playing Kevin.
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  14. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    I think that HO was smart not to go with John Paul and Harry because of the past story with Finn. It was way too soon, though with HO doing politically incorrect things is a regular occurrence.
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  15. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Days: September 2015 Discussion thread   

    It would make more sense if it was Jennifer, but I figure it is for drama reasons also. I could understand if Jennifer and Hope had a scene together, and Jennifer had to decline because of the mess with her resigning from the Horton Center. Since Hope is a cop, having a family member who has been rumored to be involved in drugs standing up for her could be seen as problematic professionally. Then the choice of Kayla would make more sense. I figure it has to do with Bo being missing or Steve returning etc.
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