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  1. I'm the person who a long time ago said something about the amount of videos (and long magazine scans as well though those can be placed behind spoiler space, which is good if someone is responding so I don't have to see the same article numerous times.) I have a Mac, and I think it is an Apple issue, the board and embedded videos don't play well together. It has gotten better for me, but it still sometimes acts up, which is rather annoying. I do prefer if there is a caption as to what is being posted, as sometimes that causes discussion or if in the future the video disappears at least I know what people were chatting about. (More than once I've gone back into a thread, looking for something and it disappeared, but there isn't much that can be done to avoid that.) I'm rambled enough hope I haven't upset anyone.
  2. Eric called Ridge a Marone during the confrontation in the living room after he found out what happened between Ridge and Quinn.
  3. The character doesn't live in Port Charles anymore, which is probably why they do this. (I prefer this announcing to characters just showing up on recurring after not being seen for three months or more if I like them or hate them as it is either advanced good news or a warning.)
  4. Victor/Ashley and Jack and Nikki again...oh no
  5. Awwww they still have the all guy events. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Holly and Fletcher worked together at the Springfield Journal as Holly needed to get away from WSPR so she bought into the newspaper. One night after a fight with Roger, Holly came into the office and they ended up having sex on the desk. This was in late 1994, prior to McTavish. Fletcher and Holly went public with their relationship in Feb/Mar of 95, again prior to McTavish. The wedding of Fletcher and Holly and Meg fell under Laibson and McTavish. (I had a video tape of their wedding, with credits, as I converted it to DVD, but now it is misfiled, so no easy way to check, if the wedding was one, or both.) I just recall the switchover happening in the summer of 1995.
  7. Considering the pole spins by itself.... Anyway, I like that MTS thinks that Victor and Nikki shouldn't be together anymore. That said, I hope she didn't give the show the idea to make Nikki a pimp.
  8. There was a Battle of the Network Stars episode with just soap opera people. I've been looking for it as a video since I read about it in a soap magazine from the 1980s. I wonder does anyone know anything about that.
  9. In the early 90s, GL had money, and Sherry was willing (plus they weren't paying Liz K per old info she talked about how she was in NY for weeks without starting and not getting a salary yet.) Actually I wonder if part of the reason they asked Sherry to stay longer was how well the story was going, and due to how Kim Simms left the show, they didn't want someone new to take up that much airtime. I don't think GL understood who Blake was after they made her kid obsessed, and well that was McTavish, compounded by Zaz's illness/departure (putting it nicely) were things that made it harder. Blake due to being legacy made it harder for the writers or at least seemingly so, as there was history to draw upon. McTavish did the paranoia with Amanda (totally miscast due to age, when played in that story) and Rick as well. The whole plot was something that McTavish and her writing partner heard about before getting GL, and they thought it was a good plot, so it was stunt not character based from the start. (Especially due to Rick and Blake being "siblings" as small kids…) The only other time I saw Marland be a little mean was what he said about Liz Hubbard at "The Doctors", but that got patched up obviously as he did write for her at "As the World Turns".
  10. The show knew that Sherry Stringfield planned to leave the show before Blake decided to go after Ross to get revenge on Holly. She stayed for weeks beyond the end of her contract leaving Keifer to wait in the wings literally to start. Soap Opera Digest wrote about this years ago. I wonder if the looks issue was just an excuse with Mart Hulswit. I recall reading something about him being involved with the union, (I wish I could find the article...was it posted here?) and if that was a factor.
  11. Ed and Lillian happens in 1992, their first kiss was during the blackout. Maureen hates Holly because Holly and Ed did have an affair and their marriage nearly ended.
  12. I hope the show isn't too frustrating in 74 and isn't just about Alan and Margo or Nick and Ann. I wonder why they put Ann in Nick's orbit, but perhaps they needed someone for him, and she was the "lucky" one as they decided not to revisit Nick and Althea. (Why they didn't is anyone's guess.)
  13. Until they hired him, there was no hunk factor on this show. I'm not joking or being mean, but it felt like they cast more for personality than the factor of taking off ones' shirt on screen.
  14. Channel 9 out of Secaucus, New Jersey used to show reruns of "The Saint" in the 90s. So that was my first real exposure to Roger Moore, as we didn't go see the James Bond movies. (Yes since then I've seen some of them, but not growing up.) I agree with all of you in regards to his sense of fun.
  15. Part of the reason (supposedly) that Justin and Adrienne were so rushed was because Mary Beth Evans got pregnant in real life, and stories had to be changed for Kayla. The show already planned the big Greece remote and the rest is history. Hopefully this won't be a a schtick situation with Anjelica returning. The character is not that.