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  1. ~bl~ added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    The move happened in the fall of 1995. The reason I think the time slot move of GL in certain markets influenced ATWT goes back to how many people turn on the television (or back then with VCRs) go to the station early. The GL fans, while waiting for GL to start, would potentially see at least a bit of ATWT. If the show was strong, they may decide to start watching that too and vice versa if an ATWT fan kept the station on, and what they are seeing is appealing they may get into the next show. The potential crossover of new and/or casual viewers was altered in those places. It is sort of like how GH benefited from Oprah being on ABC in many places after GH, people would turn on ABC early for Ms. Winfrey and get hooked on the soap.
    Doug Marland's death IMO was a huge factor in the decline of ATWT's long term quality. That being said ATWT didn't have major cast shake ups during that part of the 90s that needed to be factored in while discussing what happened. 
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  2. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    ditto about Graz and Camryn Grimes that would have been interesting. 
    Sully's paternity issues matter less if Adam is the Dad and not available. All it would do is pull apart Sharon and Dylan, right now unless they used it as a way to write someone else off the show.
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  3. ~bl~ added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    The splitting up of ATWT and GL in the afternoon was a major thing IMO that hurt the shows in the long run. That only happened after OJ, and I partly blame that mess on how KCBS out of LA moved GL to the morning so they could show OJ material. It was "temporary", but well since one local CBS could move GL for something else, well why shouldn't others. 
    bl (who hasn't listened to the podcast, but wishes that part of the story would be recalled...)
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  4. ~bl~ added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: Another New Low For Y&R in W18-49 Viewers   

    I wonder how many people were watching the daytime coverage of the Olympics whether online or on television. This would be a reason for the lower ratings as some of the events like gymnastics were streamed live in the afternoon.
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  5. ~bl~ added a post in a topic The Plan to Save DAYS: 2016 Edition   

    If Corday wanted to restore the family legacy he would convince Sony to allow us to see classic Days somehow depending on how well stored they were. I know they kept the episodes from the beginning, but there is no guarantee that some of the tapes weren't damaged in the decades they've been in storage gathering the proverbial dust.
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  6. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Guiding Light discussion thread   

    Michael O'Leary reached out to Watros via social media (Facebook). In the 1-act version of the play, Beth Chamberlin played that role. When they got the offer to put on the play elsewhere outside of NYC (making it not feasible for Beth C) and at a longer size, MOL saw Cynthia was online and contacted. He shared the play, she liked what he wrote and they worked it out. This is why Grant was in LA at the time of the Days of Our Lives 13,000 episode party because he was visiting Cynthia as the play's director. It is discussed in one of the interviews. The show that Cynthia was on "Finding Carter" was cancelled, so she was available. Nearly all of the MTV scripted series are going away as the channel is changing direction again.
    The other show isn't directly related to GL, but the person behind it knows Stephanie Gaschet as she is shown in the video.
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  7. ~bl~ added a post in a topic R.I.P. Actor Barry Jenner   

    Slick Jones, where did you get the info about him being on GL? There is nothing on IMDB or wiki, so can you share additional info...TIA.

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  8. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    I had to google this as I had no idea since I don't watch Corrie. I did see a little of when Chris Fountain when he was on Hollyoaks, but I didn't know his real name, as he was part of the cast during the short time it was on BBCAmerica.
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  9. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    Do they have "morals clauses" on UK soaps? Decades ago some US daytime soap stars had to deal with that. My feeling is if this kind of behavior would get a person in trouble at a regular job, then it is fair game for them to get sanctioned while working on a television show.  If Parry's actions are serious enough and the show is worried about him then they should do something.
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  10. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    It seems like Natalie may be out, the actress isn't on contract and she said she doesn't want to just be friends with Kevin. Mariah has worth if one cares about Sharon even if she isn't dating Kevin. If they make Billy the child via sperm donation of Chloe's kid Bella, that would be pretty pointless as we saw her take "his sperm", it would be potentially more interesting if she ended taking up someone else's and they were the Dad. 
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  11. ~bl~ added a post in a topic DOOL: August 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Considering Days won't be on for two weeks this month, it would be funny if it went that long.
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  12. ~bl~ added a post in a topic NBC figures out why we're not watching new shows   

    I actually like starting in the middle of some shows, if I know I'll eventually be able to see the whole program. (This comes from years of watching things that were syndicated.) If I have a choice though, I tend not to watch things like "Columbo" or "Murder, She Wrote", and the shows tend to cut out portions in reruns making them unintelligible. A&E destroyed "Murder, She Wrote", and honestly I barely have any memory of it when it originally aired even though my family viewed it regularly. If I want a mystery fix, I tend to read a book instead of watch a television show.  I find them both too slow and I'd rather spend my time doing something I can invest in on an emotional level. If I just want something to watch without thinking too hard or "caring", I'll watch a game show or something of that nature.
    With reruns, I think lightly serialized shows do better, than the ones that are so specific that if you miss an episode you're completely lost. With re-watching I think that completely depends on the person. Some people love doing that, others view once and move on, it depends on how you are. There have been times I've loved to watch things numerous times, and others that I just replay the best bits in my mind. I know some people who do view things again and again, and for the most part I only do that if it is something I like and then happen to see on television when flipping around. I don't go around watching the same television scene on YouTube numerous times unless I get nostalgic. (This happens sometimes, but since there are so many options, I tend to watch more new and/or new to me material instead.) If I miss a show, and don't get a reference, I don't see it as a big deal, as even if I did watch something again I still may not see it. 
    When it comes to the style of watching, I like to binge and have for ages (even when VHS was the only format). That's part of why I like limited series that tend not to be solely American, because they can be viewed easily over a weekend. I like being able to watch a show that is only 5-10 episodes and tells a complete story. 
    Speaking about my issues with NBC, I think I'd watch more if the quality of their programming was better and if their on demand service would improve. I understand the need for advertising, but if I'm viewing something that is 2-3 months old there is *no need* to make the person watch a barely 40 minute program for 55 minutes. Not a Nielsen home, so no one gets money, all it causes is annoyance. I'll choose something else before I have to suffer through that many ads, and if I fall asleep while watching well I'm out of luck and have to start again from the beginning. The amount of ads and the inability to fast forward segments that recap previous episodes, action scenes and the like are annoying. If I don't like something/someone and they have too much focus on a show, I'll give it up eventually. I did watch Blindspot on NBC this year, because they actually did the smart thing and had a marathon on USA before it came back for the second half of its season in January. Between Hulu and USA I was able to see the entire show, which granted was a little bit crazy, but due to the weather it wasn't as if I was going anywhere.
    The other thing I do agree with about waiting until a show has been renewed. I don't like watching things unless I know it will be either limited or not. If it is DOA unless there is someone/something about it I'm interested to see, I'm not going to take the time. That said if it is DOA, and has a sufficient ending, I may take the time out of curiosity to figure out why it didn't work. Sometimes watching shows that are "failures" can be fun and you can be surprised what you can learn from them. Of course, some are just so dull that you can't even make it through a half season.
    bl (who is done rambling, sorry...this is something I'm interested in generally, which is why I've written so much.)
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  13. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread   

    Faith was the younger sister and insecure when it came to her older sister Jill. The attractiveness thing doesn't make sense as that wasn't part of the story in years. (That said I'd never have written a story about that triangle as the SoapNet episodes ended before it got to that point, so I can't really comment as I haven't seen enough of it elsewhere.) 
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  14. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH Return -- Ugh!!!   

    If this was to get Sabrina off canvas, okay. Otherwise again, why. Honestly the only reason I can see them bringing him back again and again is because they are obsessed with Mad Men and want to use him to meet someone involved with that show. That at least would be a cause I'd understand. 
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  15. ~bl~ added a post in a topic DAYS: Actress Return Confirmed   

    No i don't consider that a firing if it was agreed upon that a person is going to be only on for 2-3 months and it ends at that point.
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