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  1. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    I wanted to thank SON for having someone in the ballroom streaming the Daytime Emmys from their phone. While it wasn't "perfect" I was glad we had something live. 
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  2. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Lapsed Viewers: What Would Lure You Back In?   

    With the MyNetworkTV shows, they did an omnibus, so I watched that. I didn't view it every night as no enough time, and the flashbacks. The omnibus wasn't as frustrating. 
    Getting back lapsed viewers is very difficult. People move on and that's that. I think most people who leave a soap do so gradually and not just for one event.
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  3. ~bl~ added a post in a topic CBS Not Safe for Daytime   

    They also posted a video of Steve Burton and Josh Morrow playing a game where one of them was wearing earphones while the other spoke. They had to guess what the other was saying. That is such a party game, how is that NSFD? 
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  4. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH Casts New Nurse   

    Amy was on the tribute wall during the GH 51st anniversary episode with all the dead Qs and other hospital characters from the past like Tony Jones and the Dr. Steve Hardy.
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  5. ~bl~ added a post in a topic DAYS: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Ciara is an uncommon enough first name that just saying Ciara or your cousin Ciara should be enough. 
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  6. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Neighbours: Discussion Thread   

    OK! had the 2 minute clip using the Adele song. http://www.ok.co.uk/tv/524412/neighbours-fans-blast-adele-for-ruining-death-scene 
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  7. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    While I agree with her that a lot of other programming is so much better, I don't think it is a golden age. I prefer the peak tv term, which denotes how much there is to watch that no one can see everything. Since Marland died it is possible the character was never created or in some unused show bible the audience never saw.
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  8. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Interview with Six Soap Hunks from the 80s   

    This was much later. CBS was experimenting and then the Super Bowl happened with Janet and Justin, so they stopped. 
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  9. ~bl~ added a post in a topic 10 Greatest Soap Super Couples of All Time   

    Ausiello loves Santa Barbara and has admitted that for years. For a long time, he would comment about how he wished that program would come back from the dead. When it comes to couples from the first 30 years of daytime or before there are actually videos available beyond episodes in museums, you're basically limiting the responders to people over a certain age as they'd be the only ones who would have been able to see more than a few episodes of classic couples like ATWT's Jeff and Penny.  (Honestly I prefer if TVLine had said the greatest super couples in the "modern" aka post-soap opera episodes being scrubbed from existence, that would be more accurate or in the 35 or so years.) 
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  10. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Which soap actor that made it big surprised you?   

    I recall people who liked Taye Diggs in Rent wondering why on earth he had such a bad role on GL. People who saw him on Broadway loved him completely, so I understood why he became popular.
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  11. ~bl~ added a post in a topic B&B/Y&R Actress Joins GH   

    I'd root for fluid. It would be great if a soap in the US would actually tell a story where the person is allowed to be attracted to people not solely based on gender.
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  12. ~bl~ added a post in a topic Neighbours: Discussion Thread   

    Is it just me or is strange that NZ is a week behind with Neighbours considering now the UK gets it within 24 hours of the original Australian broadcast.
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  13. ~bl~ added a post in a topic B&B: January 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Thanks I missed the lines about the boarding pass was flipping between B&B and Days. 
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  14. ~bl~ added a post in a topic B&B: January 2016 Discussion Thread   

    If Eric had arranged a private jet for Ivy through the company, perhaps what happened with Liam would be possible. Though due to the current laws, this happening on a commercial flight is impossible and improbable. 
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  15. ~bl~ added a post in a topic GH - December 2015 Discussion   

    The Robin and Jason bridge scenes rewrote Jason and Robin's history. Sonny wasn't why Robin and Jason broke up, but Robin telling the truth about Michael's paternity. This is why Carly hates Robin's guts as Robin tore Carly's life to shreds once that information was revealed. (Robin and Sonny's friendship only went bad years later.)
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