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  1. For me the thing with Ben and Piper, is I could see them being together when they are older. I like the idea of a younger character being in a relationship that isn't toxic, and isn't fated forever.
  2. Thanks for the photo and the year, it is a bit sad I watch the old episodes from 1973 and there are so few people I recognize in the picture half of them are kids. I love that Lydia and Jim are in the center as they should be, but am not fan of the mustache. How long did Jim have it?
  3. I like them well enough, do I think they should be together for decades like Karl and Susan, certainly not, but they are a bit of fluff and conflict.
  4. Angus is the guy in Edward Skylover's avatar, yes he is gone. He was on an Aussie talent show as a singer. Yes Nate was Aaron's boyfriend. I would like it if they went there with Dee. I like Terese, but not this story with Piper.
  5. They gave GL the award later on, they wrote about it in the New York Times.
  6. The death of Rachel was planned from the start, so that didn't bother me. With Nathan I wonder if it was the he's been on a year, and that's it. James tried to tell Nathan, and he didn't believe it. Too bad people still don't know. I actually found Mac and Lisa entertaining and loved the part with Cameron. The problem was that they should have had Lisa discover everything that Mac has done wrong, and then destroy him. That would have returned her to HBIC instead of just weak.
  7. Maybe HBS needs some union credits for insurance it has been a bit since OLTL online aired. I thought GH only really had Diane and Scotty as Alexis can't practice and Rick Lansing is gone (Rick Hearst moved to Atlanta).
  8. Interesting news, but of course this annoys me as they killed Aly. I want the Spectras and relations we know not just a new family.
  9. I'm not surprised that Peter Capaldi is leaving. I am glad though they allowed him to announce it before rumours of a successor began.
  10. Lucci is pictured on the cover with Agnes. I think having someone who loved Agnes Nixon's writing doing the forward is fine because Carol Burnett legitimately loved her work.
  11. Talk Soup is gone, but this would totally be an appropriate clip for them.
  12. NBA did you see the Ed and Anna story? When it comes to stories on TD I wish they would all be deeper, but perhaps that's just me.
  13. No you aren't dreaming, it was a scene with Mike. He was bouncing a ball, and said how he was from Madison.
  14. I was okay with Jade dying because of how she died. It wasn't a silly car crash or something of that nature. Celine's death was horrid, Cameron is an awful human being and needs to be stopped already. Yes Nico is finally toast, but Cameron needs to go too. Joanne is also away, and considering the corner she was written into there was nowhere else to go. Made me happy to see OB in the credits for a guest visit.
  15. Trudy, would have been the only Bauer that they could have brought back and created new family etc around her, as she disappeared decades earlier. Some imaginary Bauer would be annoying.