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  1. Wasn't it rumored that Jenna was killed off because Fiona Hutchinson spoke out about the poor handling of Michael Zaslow? I remember hearing about that.
  2. Very intriguing episode. It was great to have a companion that doesn't have some odd mystery attached to her. Bill reminds me alot of the more grounded Davies years. And I have generally liked the Moffat years, but I can admit that he can get too convoluted. And what could be in the vault under the school? The door looked suspiciously Gallifrean.
  3. To be honest, I'm not sure. But these are the Emmys. Sometimes shouty works (see Kim Zimmer, Jordi Vilisuso(sp?), Tom Pelphrey, etc.).
  4. I don't know if I was just desperate for Holly to be featured, but I was really glad that she was a Red herring in the stalker story. And it all led to Ed and Holly being a couple again. The story of Reva's stalker was the odd Reva's story that began quite well but ended terribly (what reason would Alex have to stalk Reva's in the first place?). Usually it was the other way around. I think my biggest disappointment with GL was that the end of 2002/beginning of 2003 didn't lead to bigger and better things. 2002 wasn't perfect, but Millee Taggart had started to position the show into a stronger direction. And early 2003 was really quite good. And then... Ellen Weston happened and squandered all the good will. I don't think my GL viewing ever really recovered from that.
  5. David Kriezman. Never mind. I couldn't even get through those two words without laughing to myself. I think the best overall writing team was the Curlee-led staff of the early 90s. The plots were decent and the scripts crackled with wit and intelligent banter, particularly with a Mulchahey script. In terms of the best actual headwriters, probably Agnes Nixon or the Dobsons.
  6. Wasn't she playing Harley-lite Taylor on AMC at the time? I was pissed that Brian Frons wouldn't let JvD come over for a day or two. Can't remember if they even tried, but remember that it would have been a non-starter with ABC.
  7. It probably was a last ditch effort, although I do recall that they were trying to get him back post whodunit story and he refused (I don't blame him). I will give them credit in that, killing Grady aside, they did redeem the character somewhat and gave him a happy ending (at least as happy as he can be with Beth Chamberlain's Beth, but whatever). He was no longer the Psycho he was in 2004. Still a pompous Jerk though, but a generally good person.
  8. I barely watched either, but when they brought back Grant Aleksander, I had to see how they were going to do it. I think killing Grady (I think) was one of his first acts when he came back and then they forgot it ever happened. That was probably for the best.
  9. Harley Cooper. Loved her back in the day. She was such a great, well-written character. Even loved early Harley and Gus. Then, the writing got poor and the entire Cooper family became a bunch of sanctimonious, whiney jerks. That led to Beth Elhers having more off camera shenanigans and acting like she couldn't be less interested in actually making the character palatable. Of course, that wasn't confined to Harley. I'm pretty certain that Coop's death was the only time Justin Deas actually acted during the show's last 5 years. And the fact that Frank Cooper survived so many cast purges boggles my mind.
  10. Yes I did. I have the first general collection they put out and the Bauer family one. Would have like to have seen some story edits or CBS putting episodes on Pop to go along with B&B and Y&R, but our luck, they'll start with some crappy year. Canceling the show on April 1st was in bad taste, but really, the show was a really bad joke anyway by that time. I still remember the scene when Cyrus' brother (?) got pushed off that cliff and it was clearly a dummy. I think I watched that scene over and over again.
  11. I'm always around lurking, mostly in the GL thread in the canceled soaps forum. My soap watching is limited these days to watching old clips on YouTube.
  12. I really don't understand the BBC's plan to Class. It was handled badly from the start. What were they expecting from a web series in the first place?
  13. Just dropping in from my perpetual lurking status to ask a question. Correct me if I'm wrong everyone, but wasn't GL canceled on April 1st? I seem to remember that, but it's been a few years. Also, is it sad that my second thought was, "Please don't resurrect my favorite soap! Let is rest in peace." I mean Peapack was enough of an insult to that show's memory for a lifetime.
  14. I feel like this story was a victim of the writer transition between interim writers Michael Conforti and Victor Miller and E&B, not to mention the behind the scene issues with Zas. It really seemed like they were trying to go in another direction at the start of the story when Roger visited Vanessa in Switzerland.
  15. I don't know how popular this opinion is going to be, but with only four soaps, it's time to shrink the soap categories and let the rest of daytime take the lead. NATAS must think we are still stuck in 2000 with ten shows. Do we really need supporting and younger actor categories? Shrink the remaining non-craft awards down to actor, actress and Outstanding Drama. I'd almost mix writing and directing into the main category as well. But that's just me.