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  1. Look back when I first reported this thread.
  2. Did you even see my previous post?I asked for the thread to be closed. I wanted to deny the homophobes a platform for their hatred. But YOU kept it open, and YOU let THEM express even more of their hate. this is the thread that they had to look for but was supposedly "Shoved down their throats" Yeah, sometimes "having an opinion" makes a person a bigot. especially when they go looking for it, which they did. No one forced either one of them onto a gay themed thread yet both said it was forced on them. And I have an opinion too. My "opinion" is that they are both bigots. They've had their say about gay people. Is my opinion worth less than theirs?
  3. Did HITLER have a right to be a bigot? Sorry but you are WRONG. When anyone compromises my civil rights, I have a right to speak up, or are Q Steph's rights more important because she's a veteran SON bigot?
  4. Straight people get married, they broadcast it every moment of their lives. Society is about straight people. They don't need a symbol on their cars.
  5. I think Vee will do pretty well at whatever newspaper job comes her way, but I'm hoping for the editing job.
  6. I feel quite insulted, but you're not gay, and you don't like having it "shoved down your throat"
  7. Please close it
  8. You're absoluitely right, and when they're finished conming after the gays and lesbians like me (I am also a racial minoity) they will come after you. Ask Don Imus. That's how hate works. What I don't understand is your problem with proclaiming a sexual preference. You don't have to do it. It's there. It's a given. I have to do it every time I turn a nice straight man down for a date. I understand that as a racial minority this is YOUR first concern, please allow me my first concern as a lesbian. At least as a racial minority, but heterosexual, you went home to people of your own race (maybe you didn't but most do) Gay people don't have that convenience. We grow up in hetersoexual homes regardless of our race. Stand by your assertions alll you want. I still believe you are wrong, or at least unfair. Homosexuality is never shoved down anyone's throats, not unless you are a bigot who has a problem with it. It isn't a lifestyle, it's how God made me. There is no choice involved. and who does it hurt? Answer me that? How does it hurt anyone? Is it hurting you because it challenges your bigotry? Too effin bad then. Do you realize that the Supreme Court of the USA went against public opinion in grantng equal rights to non-caucasians?
  9. My late Dad used to talk about what he thought was the scariest rollercoster in the world, in Crystal Beach near Buffalo NY. Never saw it myself, and I can only assume it's rather tame by today's standards. He'd be about 55 now. anyone?
  10. But they still have to put the republican BS in there (and paste a republican character onto a democrat like JFK). Done with it. Lousy show anyway.
  11. Keep the celebrating to a Glorious Maximum! Enjoy your youth. One day , before you know it, you'lll be 29 like me. and then... THIRTY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  12. My Dad took us to so many. Which was the big one in Cincy? Was that King's Island?
  13. I read Mateo's comment as Paradise Boy
  14. Except you just told us now and honestly you didn't have to. It's a given unless you say otherwise. When it comes to celebrities, they broadcast, loud and clear, their heterosexuality every time a spouse of the opposite sex is mentioned. If anything, heterosexuality is rammed down our throats. FDor the small percentage of us who are gay and lesbian, what does it say? It says lie and try to be straight. I'm really sick of straight people making comments like yours. I don't blame you for it, you are the majority, I'd probably be the same way. You don't have to broadcast your sexuality at all, ever, it's a given. Our whole society is heterosexual. You might feel a litle differently if it took an act of congress to allow you to decide the fate of your sick spouse. But YOU don't have to worry about that. Try a little fairness. Who does it hurt?
  15. I'm sorry but the apology isn't anything more than "I'm a celebrity who is no longer relevant" She spent her whole careeer centered on women's issues, housewife issues basically, and I've always applauded her for that. But who does she expect to stand up for gay rights? Clearly she doesn't anymore, if she ever did. We're what? 10% of the population? at the very most? If we don't stand up for your rights who will? If we can't be bothered why should our straight friends? What she doesn't say is that many gay & lesbian people are minimum wage earners, the working poor, and as they fight for workers' rights, they fight for gay rights as well, because no one else will. She seems to have forgotten that one can be fired for even being gay; that the two are tied together. I love her but she should never have said it. Not sure if I can forgive her. And shame on any of you for agreeng with her. At least she had the grace to apologize.