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  1. Random HW thoughts: - It was so funny watching Dallas Leeanne act like Brandi was her best friend, what a psycho. The praying, the way she talked to Stephanie, returning to the event in order to fight with the hostess, pretending to be normal during therapy. - Bethenny is ruining NY for me. And so is Carole. They are mean, jealous, do everything they accuse the others of doing and they are trying so hard to act like the coolest girls in school. Ramona is Ramona, she is gorgeous, but she is so sad after her divorce. I don't believe that she is dating. She is a real-life ATWT Lisa in my eyes for some reason and I believe that she is still a broken little girl inside. I love her. And team Countess Luann all the way, while the others where yelling to her she was living her life. Let's not pretend that her marriage to Tom was a worse idea than the Jason Hoppy mess. - I think that BH would be a mess without LVP and Kyle. The Erika persona is a sad joke she takes way too seriously and Lisa Rinna is a toxic version of Brandi. Dorit is ok, but it is the other two who need to be replaced.
  2. They run out of ideas for Katie in 1988. If another actress was playing the part, she would be gone years ago.
  3. Um, can you imagine Marcy with her long hair crying after her character was brutally raped? Make it happen Jean!
  4. This is a Viki/Nikki Smith situation. A SON first! A poster with multiple personalities! And they all adore Jean! Could it be that the Queen Marcy Walker person is the third personality?
  5. Yes please. We can have fabulous Dina instead of a sad story.
  6. To be interesting or consistent for once? She should be gone by now. Even Queen Marcy didn't stay this long on GL as Tangie Hill. They have tried everything, it is time for her to leave.
  7. There was no reason for Phyllis to wake up from her coma. GT could have played everybody from Grace Turner to Jennifer Foster.
  8. I never cared for the Fisher Baldwin family dynamics. Michael would be ok as a sleazy version of John Silva, but I see no point in building a family around him. Mother, brother, father, stepfather, sister, son !!?? I'd rather see Leslie or Greg Foster as the resident lawyer. And Kevin is not needed at all as a friend for the lesbians, they should find some new friends.
  9. We have said that about many writers, but the next one always found a way to make things worse. Sally is leaving and Sharon is a normal person again, the Abbotts are a family and have their mother back (I hate the Alzheimer's idea though), Cane and Lily -whom I hated for years- are involved in a very interesting story for once among others. Within six months another writer might have brought Dylan's presumed dead first wife whose brother is a mobster and part of a WTD with Billy and Victoria, killed off Jill and made Ashley a serial killer.
  10. I think it was a horrible idea that ruined an epic story that was similar to a greek tragedy. The deaths of Phillip II and Phillip III made Kay and Jill the women they were. And you ruin this for what? So that TB can play gay for two scenes? How about Phillip II faking his death as well in order to live his life as a woman? Can you imagine Linda Evans playing the part and joining the show in order to bicker with Jill? This is how bad the Phillip III MAB story was to me. My fantasy for every single show. What would Douglas Marland do? With Days, AW, Search etc. Now as far as this interview is concerned. Part of me thinks that Sally "had" to say some of these things for whatever reason. Damage control? For whom? I have no idea. However she took responsibility for e v e r y t h i n g. She made it very clear that it was all Sally. Maybe too clear. If everything was so perfect, I don't think she and KA would have "retired" on the same day. Perhaps it was MY's plan all along to keep them around for a few months or he thought that he would be able to dictate story and they would deliver "Bell-style"? The show was way too inconsistent for it to be one woman's project. The sudden changes in Scott, Kevin and Victor say something different. I guess many of our questions will be answered when Mal Young & the Restless premieres . Let's hope he is good.
  11. I always thought that she would have been amazing as Danny's teacher on Dynasty, the one who hooked up with Steven for two episodes. Kimberly Beck (ex-Julie, Capitol) played the part. I think her name was Claire. With Queen Marcy playing the part, Teacher Claire would have become a very prominent character for years and years.
  12. If another writer had introduced someone like Graham in 1979 people would be like this on the cancelled soaps thread: "Then the writer had the brilliant idea to bring back the long gone matriarch of the aristocratic family with a much younger man by her side. Viewers were considered smart enough to decide themselves if this man was a gigolo, a gay pet, an abuser, a caretaker or a long lost son. These days a soap would have this guy turn out to be a mobster, the brother of Cane, involved in a WTD storyline with Victoria and Billy and have Ashley and Phyllis fight over him within a few months. This is considered story these days."
  13. I love GT and enjoy her every scene, but she shouldn't be Phyllis. She is too young. And too likeable. But she is the best thing that could happen to the character, if that makes sense. MS's Phyllis should have been written out many years ago. The triangle with Jack and Diane would be better with Lauren and the affair with Nick ruined everyone involved in the story.
  14. Early 2018. This is crazy. By the time he shows up Chloe will have returned five more times. So it's a new character.