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  1. There was a time when I felt that the show was trying really hard to replace the Viki/Dorian feud with Nora/Lindsay
  2. My ideal way for Kevin to be written out would be to die in a fire saving Lily's daughter.
  3. Backstage drama. Politics. Would it be crazy to think that Dina is married to Graham? I am sure the show didn't expect people to like this story so much. I am also thinking that TPTB might want to pair Victor and Ashley and Jack with Nikki down the line. I am not that crazy about all the Newman/Abbott pairings.
  4. Yes it is very obvious that I want to pick a fight with the SON Board Police because I choose the topics I want to discuss. If you see my previous statement as an excuse to pick a fight, your problems are far more serious than the real-life struggles of Drucilla Barber. Try to realise that this is a board for soap opera discussion not your living room. Trying to act like a bully on a soap opera board makes me think that the writing on Y&R is the least of your problems and trust me, I don't find your constant "anger" fun at all. You think people ignore you because they are afraid of your persona, the truth is that your "drama" is very boring. You know.. "politics"
  5. Right now Y&R has the B&S story where we have all kinds of races involved. They seem to be working on a Reed/Mattie pairing. Lily has always been involved in big storylines outside the black group and people are mad about that as well. The show has brought back Leslie as part of an interesting umbrella storyline and when I say that I want to see more of her, people say forget it. They would never do that.
  6. So, lets just say someone said a few months back: "I want Marla Adams back as Dina." People would say no, there is no reason for Dina to return. This would end up being a mess. I don't want to see Dina ever again, I want to have my memories from the eighties and the nineties. So far I haven't seen something that would make me think that TPTB wouldn't even bother with Leslie.
  7. AC is amazing as Leslie. And no, I don't agree with the theory that she shouldn't get a contract because the writing for her would not be good. The show is very good these days with the B&S scandal and the Dina mystery bringing so many characters back to life.
  8. Both shows were very popular in Greece. People were obsessed with B&B in the late eighties and several actors visited our country. KKL did a tv perfume commercial and presented the Miss Europe Contest along with Dan McVicar who portrayed a priest on our cult 90s daytime drama The Shining.
  9. Both shows set in sunny California, focused on a rich scandalous family, star-crossed lovers and appealled to international audiences as they were serving a daily dose of Dynasty during the eighties. Capitol, Santa Barbara, B&B, Sunset Beach belong to the same soap family as far as I am concerned. B&B transformed into a silly telenovela-like show with silly characters within the years while Santa Barbara was cancelled before turning into a joke.
  10. Maya should be like Y&R Hilary. Can you imagine MM playing the part? In scenes with Brooke or the Forresters? I don't find Sheila's return interesting at all. She has no real reason to be here. The show really needs a new headwriter. It should be daytime's guilty pleasure.
  11. I don't remember how Rex and Cassie left, but it can have been worse than their introduction. Was Cassie's murder reversed? Did she end up on the island with the others?
  12. Blake was Roger and Holly's daughter, she was raised as a Bauer, had three kids with Ross Marler and she had been married to the Spaulding brothers. She should have been the show's leading lady. Do you think that casting Liz Keifer ruined that chance? Would someone like Michelle Stafford, Jamie Luner or Sarah Brown fit the part better? Of course with Kim Zimmer and her crazy Reva stories dominating GL's last decade, would there really be room for Blake working at Spaulding Enterprises, raising three teenagers, feuding with Beth and Dinah, flirting with Alan-Michael... etc...
  13. I understand what you are saying about Scott. I would expect someone with a "softer look". A nice clean-cut guy. I would rather see this actor as Phillip IV as I have said a number of times. I wouldn't expect Graham to become the new Brad or Victor, but at this point Ashley could benefit from a more normal, quiet relationship with a secondary character. No need for a big story with another soap veteran like Peter Reckell or Robert Newman that would flop in a few months, as far as I am concerned.
  14. I loved Cruz and Julia's friendship. Do you think that Cruz/Julia/Mason (dare I add Gina or Santana to the mix?) would have been a better idea than Cruz/Kelly once MW left?
  15. Would it be crazy to make Anne Logan the mother? BTW Robert Newman is my ideal Dr Jeff Webber recast.