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  1. ` I'd say because you had that one stations like KDKA not airing ATWT for several years in favor of a local talk show, KXTV and later KOVR not airing GL, WUSA not having TPIR, KVII not airing AMC, WDTN not airing General Hospital etc. Sure it may be just one or two stations but if the station is in a bigger market, it wasn't going to be considered 100%. The Bells had campaigned for B&B to get full clearance and Lee Phillip Bell even visited herself several stations not airing B&B. I believe it was by 1995 they finally succeeded. The local affiliates use to wield a ton of power in programming their own schedules to fit their own needs-ie soaps airing out of order or a day behind, shows being preempted for local shows and what not. Those practices and a lot of stations airing local programming pretty much died out the Telecom Act of '96 and by the late 90s I believe the networks were requiring full carriage of network programming and made examples of dropping stations that pre-empted network programs in favor of local programs.
  2. Noah's mentioned Marisa a couple of times since SSM took over and since I don't think Pernas' pilots worked out I'm surprised the show didn't reach out to her again since its implied they're still dating.(Or maybe they did and she declined who knows?) It be nice to see the two of them again in a steady relationship talking about making their own business as opposed to Noah just being on the supportive front or being thrown in another black hole with a short term forgettable romance with Eden/Hunter/Adriana/Zoe/Porn star Courtney type of story. I'm neutral on AAL's Faith but I do sense her Faith is written towards more lighthearted humor and laughs as opposed to CG's Cassie, Darcy Rose Byrnes' Abby or Bryant Jones' Nate. Probably something more in common with Hunter Allan's Noah I believe Mckenna Grace's Faith would have fared better but hey she's already on prime-time TV now. Come to think about it, too bad Brooke Marie Bridges decided against coming back as Lily as well. I was surprised to see Sara Bibel coming to back to Y&R. I knew she wrote for Y&R for several years until Latham fired her and next thing you know she had that soap blog before going off to write stuff for more mainstream stuff for Zap2it and more recently IMDB. I remember posting a status update about new IMDB job and @DRW50 was like "Remember when she was going to be the savior of the industry?" It's amazing how Dylan's become viable in his last two months under different writing. The show could have recast as opposed to this silly exit.
  3. Thanks I found Pratt's last six months extremely insufferable beyond belief that overall Sussman's first month here has been a huge breath of fresh air overall for myself in spite of its own flaws. I've enjoyed it and I don't think it's boring although it could be more exciting like the Fenmore's story having higher stakes loaded for it. I can understand someone comparing it JG's 2012-2013 tenure but I am still hopeful that Sussman doesn't drop the ball like JG did(or literally lose her sanity like he did). I know many here are not fans of RA's Noah but it's been nice he's been brought back a lot recently for family scenes.
  4. I have been able to post much lately. However am I the only one on the net who is at least enjoying Y&R on a day to day basis other than the hokey Dylan/Sharon stuff and Gloria being on too much again.
  5. Eh I actually liked him as Chase and felt the whole story was stupid. So even if he's dumb and unprofessional at least I can sympathize with his criticism. At this point who even cares anymore and didn't Vivian Jovanni just get fired?
  6. Nine of Y&R's most disappointing moments and none of this was included?
  7. Lol it's hard to believe it's been ten years since the [!@#$%^&*]-Boof mess happened! Lord even [!@#$%^&*] is censored![!@#$%^&*]-boof-writer-and-internet-persona.html
  8. Thanks for sharing its funny as I thought at the time that Y&R was going to have a good 2006 but by June of that year Victor started having seizures, Nazi's became involved, and there was a very dramatic business scene with Victoria scene walking out of NE in angst and both my mother and grandmother saying "the old Victoria would have been better for this!" I did like Daniel and Lily as couple actually. While Davetta Sherwood will remain the best Lily for myself personally at least CK Lily and Graz Daniel proved they still had in Chemistry when Daniel and Lily hooked up again in 2011 and the runaway beach scenes between Daniel and Lily still stand out. Goddard and Khalil have no chemistry and have always done their best work away from each other so the decision the Cane and Lily be together has got be an act of sabotage.
  9. I believe the website was indeed SONY haha as I also saved at one point all the Restless Style covers from that site. I remember finding the site in 2007 just thanks to a random advertisement on Y&R along with visit "" and I was huh that's new. Prior to that all CBS soap online ads always referred to the specific CBS Daytime Page and not an individual soap page like that. But compared to P&G's attempts to give GL and ATWT official webpages and "official" discussion boards in the early '00's the Y&R site did feel lot more authoritative as opposed to the P&G sites catering and caving into fan bases.
  10. I so meant to share this back on New Year's but here was the daily synopsis from Usenet for 12-30-93: Mindy's- Tangie tells Mindy the dress she's wearing is beautifuyl. Mindy says they'll have a good time at the Tower's Club casino for New Years. She says Josh will help Tangie get out of the mess she's in. Billy's- Bill talks to some guy. He says he has enough money to pay for what he ordered. The guy makes a comment about rich kids. Billy asks Josh how big trouble Tangie is in. Josh asks him to tell him if somebody looks funny at Tangie. Van tells Dylan some girl he knows is home from college. Dylan says he's taking Bridget to the party. Ed's- Michelle asks Bridget if she'll play backgammon with her tonight. Bridget says she has plans. Holly's- Holly says she can't wait anymore, she has to call for help. Roger says there's no one to trust. Holly says she can trust Ed and she's calling him. Ed's- Ed says he and Eve don't have any plans. Bridget offers to come home early so they can slip out together. He says Eve needs a rest. Bridget says she needs a tune up. Eve comes in and asks Ed why the locks on her lab were changed. He says he didn't tell her because he didn't want to ruin her holiday. Ed says Holly's been pretty reasonable about the whole thing. She asks why don't they convict her publicly instead of privately. She says she'll fight to the end. Holly's- Roger says not to call Ed, he can't be trusted. Holly says he can't stand Ed helping him. She says it's not fair for him to be childish when people who love him want him to stick around. Blake comes in the house. Billy's- Billy says Tangie isn't his business. Van says she was upset that Dylan didn't tell her Hart is the father. He says it was Bridget's place to tell. Billy overhears her saying she doesn't know how she can tell Billy that Peter is Roger's grandson. Holly's- Holly asks Blake if the door was unlocked. Blake says she used her key. Blake says she needed to see Holly before the party. Holly says she's not going. Blake says she won't argue because she's happy. She shows Holly her engagement ring. Holly asks if Ross knows. She says he asked her. Holly says she'd better get going. Blake asks why she's trying to get rid of her. She thinks Holly is upset that they're engaged. Holly says she'll explain and she brings Blake in to see Roger. Holly tells Roger she had to show Blake he was here. Mindy's- Tangie asks Mindy what she wants in '94. Mindy says she can do with more stuff like Roger getting shot and Alex getting arrested. Tangie asks if she thinks Alex shot him. She says who knows. Tangie says her resolution is to stay alive and not to get caught. They look for her shoes. Mindy's- Somebody's at the door. They get scared and almost attack Bill with their umbrellas. Mindy asks what he was doing, that they were scared. Bill says he's sorry, he just came to bring the picture to Tangie now that he knows her mom isn't an artist. He says the cab outside is his. Josh tells Bill not to tell Marah how much allowance he gets. Mindy says he has a crush on Tangie- isn't it cute. Tangie says he is cute and very rich. Holly's- Blake says she believed Roger was ok because he's a survivor. She asks where he was. He says he was hiding at Holly's and that Holly didn't know until now. She says Jenna's living at Mallet and Harley's. She asks if the baby is his. He says yes. He says he heard about her and Ross being engaged. He asks if they're doing it because they thought he was dead. She says she's doing it because she loves him. Blake goes to get Roger some medicine. Holly calls Ed's and asks Bridget where he is. Ed's- Ed says Eve doesn't need a lawsuit. Eve says the rumor mill will get going. Ed asks why she didn't think about that first. He says he's sorry, that he knows how hard this is. Eve says spare her- she's not going to let it go that easy. She asks why he left her with nothing. Ed says it's not what he wanted- he wanted to spend the holidays with her. He says he misses her. Eve says she thought she was the only one who felt like that. Bridget tells Ed Holly's on the phone and it's urgent. Eve says perfect as he leaves. Billy's- Billy hears Dylan and Van talking. Van asks what's going on w/ Bridget. He says he's helping her redo the boarding house and she's going to go to college. Dylan says there's nothing between them- they're just setting each other up. Van tells him to have fun. Dylan leaves. Billy comes in and stares at Van. Holly's- Ed comes in and asks what happened. Holly says she doesn't want him to be alarmed but to please not tell anyone. He thinks Eve did something but she tells him it's not Eve and to bring his medical bag. Mindy's- Tangie comments that Mindy's house is far for Bill to come. Josh and Mindy talk about Bill having a crush on Tangie. Tangie asks Josh if Bill was here the day the money disappeared. They talk about how rich he's become giving expensive presents to girls. Mindy leaves a memo on the machine for Nick. They go to the party. Sneaky guy (the one who bugged Mindy at Cross Creek) comes to the window. Holly's- Ed looks at Roger. Roger says Ed hates finding Roger alive and in Holly's bed. Ed says the arm is ok and the bullet might kill him. He gives Roger a prescription. Roger says Ed owes him for saving his life and not to tell anyone. Ed says he just saved Roger's life and they're even. Ed says Roger will make it if he follows instructions. Holly says she promised not to tell. Ed says Roger is wanted by the police and he should be in a hospital. She tells him to forget that it's Roger. He says he can't- it always comes down to the three of them. Billy's- Billy is taking pictures of Van and Peter. He says Van loves Peter more than anyone knows. Billy says he hopes the pictures come out- a good way to remember the end of the year. Mary shows up and Van tells her to take good care of Peter and Mary tells them to have a good time. Van asks where Bill is. She comments on him liking Michelle and says she wouldn't be a teenager again for all the world. She says she'll go pick him up. Van almost tells Billy about Peter's dad, but doesn't. Ed's- Eve sees Dylan. She says his car's in her way. he says he'll move it. Bridget comes out and apologizes to Eve for her comment earlier. She says Eve looks good and to have a good night. Eve tells her to have a good night and leaves. Dylan comes backs and sees Bridget. She asks if he likes her hair (it's cut short). He says he loves it but the high heels she's wearing need work. She says she won't wear practical shoes with her dress. He says she won't be able to walk with those shoes. She says she is trying to look taller. He says she looks like a short person in stilts. She says his aftershave is too strong. She says he'll be too much for the girls she's going to introduce him to. She says she'll go change her shoes. They go in the house. Michelle is outside. Bill drives up in a golf cart. She asks what it is. He says it's her Christmas present a little late- Happy New Year. She smiles. Ed's- Michelle asks where it came from. He says he got it for her. She asks why. He says it's because he really likes her. Van comes in and asks Bill how he got the golf cart. Party- Josh and Mindy and Tangie show up. Eve congratulates Mindy on her engagement. Mindy goes to find Nick. Bridget and Dylan show up. Dylan says Tangie looks like a million bucks. She says not anymore. Mindy's- Sneaky guy breaks in and tears the place up. Billy's- Billy gives Peter to Mary. She takes him upstairs. He goes outside then goes back in and takes a drink from the liquor cabinet. Holly's- Blake thanks Ed for seeing Roger. Ed says he has to report Roger. Blake goes into the room and Roger is gone. She tells Holly he's gone and goes outside and looks for him. THE END (until Monday)
  11. Thanks for sharing @AMARIB91! Would you guys be interested in my sharing the yearly summaries I saved off of the defunct site? I know there was a lot of inaccuracy on them (like saying Victor came to in 1979) and some broad generalizations but at least they gave you an general idea of the main storylines for that year and even touched on minor details like Andy Richards' ex wife Karen.
  12. Actually that would have been Lorie Brooks herself coming home from a party lifestyle in Europe but contrast that to manicurist Jill who specifically was trying to get a very wealthy woman to become a regular client for money just so her family could pay for electric bills. I wish the classism difference issues that Bell so wonderfully addressed in the '70's remained present til the present day.
  13. I remember the long defunct Soap Opera Question Corner message board I use to lurk in back then questioning why Ashley was still even a character and if the show was planning on getting rid of her while I think it was either SOD or SOU(or both!) gave it a thumbs down, the reveal and scenes were THAT BAD. Davidson and Epperson at least kept Ashley viable enough to be at times the #2 heroine at least behind Nikki or least being among the top five leading women but with Shattuck's Ashley I think one would have even rated her behind Lynne it was that bad. The first half of 1997 was pretty bad with confusing multiple recasts and tiresome stories but the second half of 1997 made up for it with Danny vs. Phyllis and the return of Michael, "Sarah" the maid, propositioning Jack and Jill, Nina's suicide attempt, and Nikki's decision to meddle in Victor and Diane's marriage at least provided building blocks for Y&R's bronze era.
  14. I do indeed have a couple 1995 eps from early August '95! The one tape I know is my home VHS collection in my basement is the 8/4/95 ep where Brad and Nikki return to Genoa City after their time away at the cabin only to face the music (Nikki learns that Nick is in jail and is frantic for info and Brad finds out that Jack finished Brad's deal and acquisition in Brad's absence with Victor's blessing.)
  15. 80-year old Eric Forrestor telling his granddaughter that she needs to be with her husband until the divorce is over is just nuts especially given this show's history.