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  1. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Sweeps spoilers   

    No, no, noooo. Granted Y&R was slightly more watchable two years ago but to one wants to call the stories of Avery's cooking show, Victoria's umpteenth who's the daddy tale, and dropping the ball on the entire Ian Ward caper "smarttv" they may as well need to check into a room at Fairview with Patty and Sharon. 
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  2. soapfan770 added a topic in Discuss The Soaps   

    Y&R May Discussion Thread

    Someone has to be the one to start this disdainful task...
    Nick's attack of the car was over the top. Sharon's lying is nonsensical. Paul and Dylan are soooo bad as cops. 
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  3. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Unpopular Soap Opinions 2016   

    My unpopular opinion? Even if Pratt was to be fired I'd still keep JFP around and just promote Brent Boyd or something before finding the next hack in waiting. 
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  4. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R Actress Out   

    Nah I largely felt indifferent about both Sage and Sullivan. I just didn't like the Nick and Sage pairing at all, it was so vapid and sleep inducing. Sullivan came alive in scenes with Hartley, Egan, and Case and was better as supporting, not leading actress. That said, while I'm glad Sage is out of the picture, I didn't like the manner in which she was killed off just after learning Christian was her son. I'd rather her just leave town at story's end. 
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  5. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Sweeps spoilers   

    LOL, I think I had seen the other day in the April and year to date thread that Jess Walton so far has been in more episodes than Goddard has! He's probably next on the chopping block. 
    Other than that, yeah this show just sucks now. Couldn't the renewal at least bring head writing changes?  
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  6. soapfan770 added a topic in DTS: Spoiler Island   

    Y&R May Sweeps spoilers
    Oh lord here we go again! 
    From Soapdom: 
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  7. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Pratt just should have gone all out since he already was having Sage follow in the footsteps of Anne-Marie Johnson's character on Melrose: 
    As for Sage and Sharon's scenes it was a pretty bad confrontation, it was pretty black and white and made Sharon look more like the sympathetic one than Sage. It would have been better had Sharon and Sage breakdown together or have a strange twist of Sharon being pregnant again for real with Dylan's child but clearly Pratt lacks imagination! 
    I should be sickened by the Max/Abby situation but I could care less. Forget Will on GL, looks like Pratt is recreating Lizzie and Olivia from GL with this crappy story. At least Max is  likeable as opposed to Crystal Hunt's Lizzie, and the little chit chat between Abby and Max discussing being step kids for 30 seconds was a rare moment of warmth on the show. 
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  8. soapfan770 added a post in a topic The Young and the Restless - One Dark Secret   

    I've heard it rumored for a while now but is Sage really going to be offed? Hooray if so! 
    However, I'd rather the full reveal occur so we can get Dylan out of the picture as well. We definitely don't need a Bethany Bryant entering the picture, just getting down to the bare bones of Nick, Chelsea, Adam, and Sharon fighting between themselves over custody of Sully should be the main story. A desperate Nick seems readily easy to forgive Sharon and wants a reunion for them keeping Sully but secretly voices his displeasure to Chelsea while Adam and Sharon find themselves strangely bonding over Sully which rekindles an old twisted flame. 
    Besides, the real irony in the story is Sharon is raising Adam's kid when he once stole a child away from her. They're pretty much even. Maybe Pratt's gunning for a Shadam redux? 
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  9. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R Casting   

    Lindsay Hartley is good but her role on Days flopped largely due to the writing of a crappy character (a saccharine heroine as a former drug dealer/runner...really??)  and the desperation to repair her with Eric Martsolf when the two had no chemistry; she had something good with James Scott they didn't explore it too much like they should/could have. 
    Pratt would probably cast Lindsay as a back from the dead Skye just have it be ironic that she'd be playing Adam's ex. 
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  10. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Who was the last best actor(find) on soaps?   

    There's been some good acting finds in the 2000s and yes even in the 2010s but they are few and far between. Justin Hartley is probably the first that comes to my mind(he was good even on Passions!), but I would also add Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Linsey Godfrey, and Mishael Morgan to that list. 
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  11. soapfan770 added a post in a topic CBS Not Safe for Daytime   

    For something Not Safe for Daytime I found it too tame! Not safe for CBS Daytime would be getting a decent love story and sex scene out of Y&R's Kyle [!@#$%^&*] Fen Baldwin. 
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  12. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Actors who didn't improve or got worse during their time on soaps?   

    Brian Gaskill. He was mediocre and boring on B&B, hilariously bad in a campy kind of way on ATWT, and then downright abysmal on GL. I'm surprised MAB didn't keep the casting trend of him tearing up the CBS soaps with some atrocious performances. 
    For actors through in Ron Moss, Drake Hogestyn, and Frank Dicopoulos of course but their longevity means I tolerated it. Just like Austin Peck, Brandon Beemer, and Kyle Lowder always being shirtless while acting bad. 
    Christel Khalil, Terri Conn, Josh Morrow, Mandy Bruno, and Jake Silbermann all deserve recognition of this as well of those who come immediately to mind. 
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  13. soapfan770 added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    They did actually acknowledge Craig was Dani's former step-father which heightened the ick factor when Dani told Craig "Thanks daddy". 
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  14. soapfan770 added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Like meek and mild Vicki Harper ordering Carolyn Crawford's murder, I think the idea of Debbie Simon and Ned Simon being happy go lucky but become emotionally adrift was supposed to be surprising yet it was bad That being said, the entire Evan/Rosanna/Hutch/Debbie thing was awful. At least Rosanna vs. Edwina was funny. 
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  15. soapfan770 added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Nope it was never mentioned or brought up as far I remembered.  By the time Rosanna woke up from her coma she was mainly involved with the whole disaster of Paul, Craig, and Meg while Carly was stuck between dying and not dying while trying to drive a wedge between Jack and Katie(what a horrendous relationship plot that was!). 
    Reminded me of back in 2004 when they brought back Pilar Domingo for no reason and Mike showed Lily a picture of her when she went missing and Lily, her one-time unfortunate sister-in-law was like "Oh Pilar is back in town?" without any question or reference to previous story. 
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