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  1. So did Iris.
  2. I remember when Brad tried to have Eric and Brooke randomly elope back in 2005 it was hilariously bad with Stephanie kicking Eric in the balls. I wouldn't put it past Brad to try it again, I'm surprised (or actually I shouldn't be surprised at all) that Brad didn't try to at least bring back Hunter Tylo for her own daughter's wedding. I guess the 2014 return was that bad? I don't think Tylo even shared scenes with Kaye's Ridge.
  3. Each time I look them up I am finding more and more gems there on Youtube in regards to ATWT and GL it's becoming astounding. I think Marcy did but she still had a huge crush on him and from what I've seen so far was was Elaine Princi's Miranda walking in the middle on Marcy(Thompson, not Breen) basically pouncing on Bob and with Miranda calling it quits to leave town with an ex fiance who of hers who was visiting her. Zsa Zsa would have been proud.
  4. So for something completely different I've tried watching what I have of the Bob/Marcy story but it is so embarrassingly bad but somehow funny in a cosmic, quirky sort of way. It reminds me a lot of Roger Moore and Lynn Holly Johnson in the 007 flick For Your Eyes Only which their scenes were meant for comedy. I think Bob and Marcy were meant for comedy but someone on the writing team at the same time took them too seriously.
  5. They through Emily O'Brien/Jana under the bus royally big time which is where my hatred for Kevin and Chloe comes from big time in addition to the two being an awful couple. I did enjoy Chloe her first year with the marriage to Cane and the nastiness to Lily, and her fling with Billy. However the moment they tried to make Chloe "nicer" it lost my interest completely. Chloe became a C character who was pretty much a sociopath. Why was I suppose to care about her and Ronan or her and Kevin? God, that Chance/Chloe/Ronan/Heather quad was really bad. So was Heather #2. Clearly MAB/Sheffer/Hamner at one of their worst moments of arrogance and bloated egos by pushing their unwarranted insipid pet projects and desires on an already weary, nauseated audience.
  6. I saw those too and was pretty shocked because it sounds terrible but Chloe has been a mess of character for years now. Her entire return has been unnecessary and full of schlock so it actually in a way it's fitting that Chloe has to exit like that. At least the Adam and Bella revelations are finally going to come out from my understanding.
  7. Holden and Lily on ATWT were such an oddity to me because they were presented as the show's hot young supercouple but to me it was a definite no! Always felt Lily did better off with her non-Holden men while Holden always came off as an unwashed dolt. Some folks think that Rattray did a good job early on being a colder Lily but once that facade ended she seemed to try to act more and more like Bryne's Lily and just came across to me as absolutely dreadful. Only Bryne could have gotten away with the amount of whining that HR's Lily was doing by the end of 1992. Having MB back with a sexy husband ready in 1993 was even more of a refreshing change for Lily so I indeed rooted for Lily and Damien. The show never allowed for Lily to grow up and while the Holden/Lily/Damian triangle won out we had to endure the latter end of the gaslight mess and then once Damian and Lily are finally allowed to be happy Damian dies. Lily seeks revenge for Damian's death for the next entire year and just about gets it when Holden pops into her life again and despite a lot of secrets and deception they reunite. Oh Damian is actually alive btw but since he's a Buddhist monk now he happily let's Lily go. What a clusterfuck! Even Y&R did a better tale of explaining Danny/Christine/Paul. It seemed like a giant waste of four years and even more insulting that Damian later was painted as the villain for some asinine insipid stories the show attempted to tell in its final years. I'm still not sure if it was Paolo Seganti's decision to leave or not but at least they could have had Lily mature into something like a Victoria Newman or Sami Brady at the least for ATWT as opposed to still being the same ingenue for just about all of her 1993-2008 tenure. I think MB could have been capable enough but the show never went for it.
  8. NBC had a 90th anniversary special tonight and nobody cared. I did hear the special omitted Cosby and A Different World. 

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      I saw it trending on Twitter last night, but that's it. 

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      So NBC didn't bring up any of the soaps seeing as it was the soaps on all three networks built and funded the networks for the longest?

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Embarrassing. Whenever they did their 75th anniversary, it was the same thing. Shameful.

  9. Lol you know that is the only pairing of AH's Victoria that I actually liked so you know it's bad that her pairing is unbelievable. Billy and Victoria have never been viable as a couple. Thompson is the first Billy I've liked since David Tom minus some of Miller's early work before he got the ego. (I did feel bad for Burgess Jenkins but that is another story.)
  10. They only updated that one twice to have Diamont replace Shemar, have Bashioum deleted, and then discard the entire Christine opening. I was surprised they didn't try to even attempt to keep it fresh and it already had glaring omissions from the get go. The 2003-2012 initially started out fresh from the first few years but by 2007/2008 or so they quit updating it. Traditionally the opening was updated every two years but at least from 1995-1999 the opening was updated every year or in the case of 1997 several times. @YRfan23 I do agree with you about Davidson. My favorite Y&R opening from the '90s is one below with MTS head spin closing it out:
  11. I like it and was almost expecting to see Sandy Dvore type drawings of the characters when I first watched it. So much better than the poor JFP era update to the 2003 opening back in 2012. However I do agree the font looks cheap and maybe they should have been better off trying to copy the 88-99 style than before showing Da Stafford © at the end of the opening unless they'll still paying her off.
  12. IMDB is shutting down their message boards next week, wonder where all the trolls will go?

  13. Still way to early to call for Sussman's firing in my opinion. The first two months of her work, while having some wayward errors and yes Gloria might be on too much but considering to where this show was in the almost deepest pits of hell just six months ago does indeed feel like a refreshing improvement. Pratt's Y&R just six months ago wasted Justin Hartley and Alicia Coppola for no reason at all. At least Sussman's Y&R feels more like natural Y&R as opposed to whatever attempted to be Y&R during the Pratt regime. Although I can feel annoyed at certain times so far under Sussman, I have yet to feel nauseated and trepid about watching a new Y&R ep like I did for most of 2016 with Y&R. It does indeed remind me in way of how Josh Griffin's 2012-2013 run went before Griffin self destructed and caused even further destruction to the show. However I am hopeful that Sussman doesn't go that route. Like Pratt's craziness that did bring in viewers, Sussman also replace JER at Days for better or for worse. However, Sussman, for all her flaws is the last remaining connection to what Y&R use to be. Problem is, I don't know what fellow current Y&R viewers expect Y&R to be like. Y&R was not an ABC/NBC soap and Y&R is not a P&G soap. Y&R is a Bell soap that alone we made Y&R become number one. Realistically Sussman from a historical standpoint isn't going to produce miracles on a daily basis but at least provide viable storytelling. Throughout Y&R's history there has always been a general complaint over very slow story telling and plot advancement, yet everyone remembers the stunning hook of the each story and shocking climaxes that had viewers talking for years. The true problem with Y&R is even though we want our Y&R back to the screen is that brand has been so damaged it does need complete overhaul. Bell overhauled the show himself in 1982 but the ultimate problem is can Y&R survive a similar upheaval and overhaul in 2017?
  14. Thank you so much for sharing! The show that summer was definitely on fire! I hadn't realized Danny left so early in the summer and I don't believe he had proper on-screen exit, it was just mentioned he left town a few weeks later on he was on tour with Daniel in tow. I'd also forgotten about Katherine's old maid being played by Gloria LeRoy.
  15. Fantastic now I have reason/excuse to watch since the Quinn show is a hot mess. Bring back Macy and Ally from the dead and you might have something. We'll see what plays out for the six months before their unceremoniously dumped.