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  1. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: Return   

    Brown I think had been approached to reprise the role of Sheila in 2010 but turned it down and did, what a daypart role on AMC? Hence they came up with thattterly ridiculous Sarah story. 
    I think Daisy Carter as a character could have worked in the long run, but the character was so one-note, never fully developed and the actress was painfully annoying and monotonous. Not to mention making them the kids of Tom Fisher was impossible. 
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  2. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: Old Articles   

    Thanks for sharing these 2005 vids, I've been catching up with them all. Even though the show wasn't in the best state at the time and was making terrible mistakes left and right the nostalgia is still there. Plus it is nice to see classic Y&R staff credited as opposed to what we have now. Daniel & Lily on the run remains a surprise highlight from that summer. 
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  3. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: Return   

    Haiduk is talented, but the character of Patty was completely ruined and put into a corner a long time ago. The less we see of or complete absence of coma-inducing Emily Peterson the better. 
    How long before Yvonne Zima gets rehired? 
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  4. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2015 Discussion thread   

    I definitely have to say Tognoni knocked out of the park today and I'm looking forward to all her upcoming scenes with Victor and Nikki this coming week. Hopefully those will be satisfying as well. 
    I was hoping to see more of Neil's revenge story it's pretty out of line but also rather mildly entertaining. 
    The rest of the  show? Zzzzzz........
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  5. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R JULY 2015   

    Anita is a mostly harmless MAB leftover from a time when MAB was obsessed with hiring faded B-list stars for publicity purposes. Of course she's certainly more interesting than most of the cast at the moment.

    Jack not telling Phyllis the truth about everything pronto is embarrassingly bad. It was a huge issue back in the 90s for Ashley after learning about the truth about the Blade/Rick switch but it seems so minimized at the moment as an afterthought.
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  6. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R August spoilers   

    The Soapdom spoilers are always colorful atrociously bad especially back during the MAB era in which she claimed she wrote them herself at one point.
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  7. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R JULY 2015   

    Phick was never a viable couple and hasn't been a couple since 2012. Has Tognoni acutually shared any actual scenes with Nick outside of her inital return to town to announce the truth about Summer? Shick has been dead in the water since last fall. Neither are relevant to today's Y&R. The Sharon/Phyllis rivalry was okay but frequently just didn't quite work well aside from a few great moments in 2009("I hate myself" in the mirror was Stafford's best post-2005 moment) but that was once in the last decade.

    I'm just surprised no one has yet thought of Phyllis sleeping with Grambo yet.

    Kevin has been a waste of space since Jana was sacrificed for the insufferable insipid pairing with Chloe. Noah has never been given a decent love interest(Eden, Hunter, Adrianna, Courtney anyone?) and Marisa seems to be the most promising yet. I had the idea that Noah should really be marrying a Caroline Spencer type heiress but so far Noah keeps being paired with nobodies.
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  8. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R August spoilers   

    "Something silly is amok"

    I'm still wondering what the heck this is suppose to imply. I get the "screws loosened" part but is "something silly" suppose to mean the story is seen as comical? Is MAB still writing the spoilers?
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  9. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R JULY 2015   

    I think it was another of those after the fact on something that happened off-screen reveals or in reference to Jack and Adam trying scamming Victor a while back in the fall of 2013.
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  10. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R August spoilers   

    A thousand apologies to the board's TPTB I didn't realize I had posted this in the general discussion I thought I had posted in the Spoilers section.

    But yes, there really needs to be another change at the helm of Y&R but it needs to be a change for the BETTER.
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  11. soapfan770 added a topic in DTS: Spoiler Island   

    Y&R August spoilers
    From Soapdom:

    Such hogwash.
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  12. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R JULY 2015   

    Like the rest of the Cabin mystery, the final reveal was so anti-climatic and uninteresting. Where is Fen at anyways?

    Those Jack/Victor scenes have got to be rock bottom. It's beyond past time to put that rivalry to rest.
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  13. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Best & Worst "Back from the Dead" storylines   

    Usually Bell's "back from the dead" stories involved the audience knowing the character was still alive(Katherine, Victor, Sheila, Paul etc.) Although I think Bell was partially or indirectly responsible for Days' Brook Hamilton/Stephanie Woodruff's back from the dead story in which the character burnt their own fingerprints off.
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  14. soapfan770 added a post in a topic The Young and The Restless - Reignited Rivalry   

    In the mid-90s for a few years when Jack was Victor's #2 until Jack bungled some important business deals, namely getting Nick involved in acquisition of a very troubled company that overlooked.
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  15. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Best & Worst "Back from the Dead" storylines   

    Hmmm, best ones in my opinion?

    Roger on GL, Victor's 93 story on Y&R, Hope on Days and I'd go with Sheila on Y&R/B&B.

    Worst ones?

    Phillip III on Y&R(faked his death because he was gay!), Damian on ATWT, and Melaswen on Days although I was at least happy they were alive.
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