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  1. soapfan770 added a post in a topic BB - August 2016 Discussion Thread   

    BTW the way how do you guys find Thorsten Kaye as Ridge overall? 
    I'm surprised at this point Brad Bell hasn't tried to either bring back or recast Hope to make it a quad again. 
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  2. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    It's probably best to forget but do remember it was only four years ago that Phyllis was shacking up with Ronan and that was a hell of a mess. While I did take issue over Phyllis and Billy sleeping together behind Jack's back because I think they make better scheming partners as opposed to lovers, the Billy/Phyllis affair has been a lot better than some of Y&R's other affairs in recent years including Billy/Victoria. 
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  3. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: June 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Good to hear! I don't know if it's the changes in production and upcoming writing changes but the whole show got placed into a holding pattern this past summer and has suffered as a result with some very stupid stories occurring and attempts to create excitement falling very flat. It's been terrible and there's been no resolution to anything.  
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  4. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    I actually enjoyed Wednesday's episode and found it to be one of the more inoffensive shows in the last two months although certainly Phyllis' fantasy was an oddball stretch. As for Neil's family past it could be of interest, unless of course we find out Neil's mother is really Jewish and they are being hunted down by Nazis. 
    Y&R is indeed suffering bad ratings losses this past summer and a lot of people are citing the Adam prison mess as the reason why. I don't blame them it's probably been the most frustrating stupid story in Y&R history since Skye's volcano death(also involving Victor). With Hartley leaving, the show had plenty of time to resolve the Sully mess and even have Adam be haunted by Chloe's return. Adam could have gone into hiding over the fallout of being revealed as Sully's father while hiding from Chloe using a Chelsea 2.0 business venture as his cover and excuse while's he's out of town with Chelsea still in contact until the show decided to recast. Instead we've dealt with this prison mess instead. 
    BTW the Sully thing hasn't even been brought up again since Faith told the Sheila story at the campfire. A story that should have never been written in the first place with two key players already dead and who knows maybe Sully will die of SIDS before the truth will actually come out. What a clusterfuck. 
    I'm wondering if at this point since it's probably quite his contract this fall isn't going to be renewed that Pratt is going to sabatoge Y&R. He certainly did a number on his show The Lying Game...
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  5. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: June 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Only a desperate sadomasochist could enjoy the month of June of Y&R, and July was almost as bad. Good luck struggling through it although at least Jess Walton was nice.  
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  6. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    Pretty much they could have at least resolved a lot of loose ends before Hartley instead of the shitty murder frame up story. 
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  7. soapfan770 added a topic in DTS: Spoiler Island   

    Y&R Late Summer spoilers
    Oh geez. Someone really needs to fire showkiller Pratt ASAP. From Soapdom: 
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  8. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    I can't believe Kevin is a modern day Christine between Natalie, Mariah, and Chloe
    I don't have a problem with Mal's production values so far and it's great we've got Jill back, even in the opening credits! However the continuing problem is that I feel the show is still stuck on stupid with Pratt's two albatrosses he's created--Sully's true paternity/maternity and Sage's missing diary pages. Neither story had to happen and really I feel the last three months of watching are a WASTE OF MY TIME! Surely instead of waiting for Pratt's contract to up this fall they can find some type of loophole to fire on grounds for writing such idiocracy. 
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  9. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: Eileen Davidson interview   

    I think it started back when Latham fired Davidson because she didn't understand the character of Ashley at all. I actually liked Ashley and the Dr. Neville pairing but the entire back story behind was pretty preposterous. Writing for Ashley shouldn't be difficult at all but apparently it's difficult to write for a heroine with backbone thus they like to exploit her crazy and needy side when they do write for Ashley. 
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  10. soapfan770 added a post in a topic BB - August 2016 Discussion Thread   

    It really has. Location shoots for B&B use to be a huge deal, dating as far back to the 1989 shoot on board the Queen Mary and all the lovely chaos that occured. The more recent Amsterdam shoot had killed that notion it seems. Steffy slapping Quinn was fun but it definitely isn't even close to the impact of Stephanie pushing Sally into Lake Como. 
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  11. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    Go back to the July thread and see my prediction of how this story will end lol. At the very least we'll probably see Billy and Jill learn the truth and swipe Bella away from Chloe who's gets trapped into staying mum for Victor's sake. Couldn't happen to a nicer sociopath. 
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  12. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: August 2016 Discussion thread   

    She might have said Bella at some point but I just remember Chloe whining about her Hazelnut as well. Hendrickson is alright this go around however Chloe is already sabotaged in a corner again at the moment. It's hard to even get involved with a story that is pretty stupid. 
    Faith's story about Sheila was funny but it's a reminder of how stupid the Sharon story is. She already had the same hilarious awkward hypocrite moment two months ago before Adam and Chelsea. Abby and Stitch together continue to make no sense. As does Luca and Summer whenever Luca brought up his daughter with Marisa. The Luca/Marisa story was such a wasted opportunity it's sad. 
    By the way, it has been confirmed that
    Makes me wonder if Pratt is going to try and give us some resolutions finally to end these stupid stories or just leaves us dangling until a recast is in place or he comes back. It's what you get from trying to stretch out utterly ridiculous stories.  
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  13. soapfan770 added a post in a topic BB - August 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Is Monte Carlo possibly B&B's worst location shoot ever? I almost didn't believe they are actually in Monte Carlo for this mess. 
    It's almost hard to believe it's been a year since we had Oliver, Ivy, and Aly taking up airtime with that mess of a storyline. 
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  14. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: July 2016 Thread   

    That's an big understatement Dee! It was good to see Jess Walton back in the opening credits today and she is the one bright spot on the show. She makes every scene just come alive, and her flashback with Katherine's last scene yesterday was superb. 
    The rest of the show is ABSURD. Chloe is back and it really feels like she is a dead woman walking already. Future murder mystery with Billy, Chelsea, Kevin, Mariah, Natalie, and Sharon(they'll find a way to make it happen) as suspects perhaps?
     It would have made more sense for Adam to skip town again with Chloe back in town due to his guilt and wanting to spare anyone pain than this "Tell Chelsea I am in solitary" lie. Don't even get me started on the other Newmans either, it was painful to watch. I noticed someone tried to write rational dialogue today but it still failed miserably.
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  15. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Who would be a good replacement for Bradley Bell as HW for B&B?   

    Yeah, the show right now is a lot more interesting that it was there what 2007-2009? Oh boy it was so bad I quit watching between Brooke's back to back date rapes (one setup by Stephanie!), sperm egg switcheroos, Phoebe's death, Betty White's death on the beach, Taylor married a horse etc, the character that was Constantine etc. It was really awful. I've just started back watching regularly after just being an occasional viewer for a few years but the show has gotten a lot better it was at its worst. It took Brad to freshen the show up back in late 2011 but as always B&B is a very bipolar show. When a story is good the show its edge of your seat must see TV when a story is bad it's completely insufferable, unbearable, change the channel time
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