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  1. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    Certainly the dialogue is definitely an allusion but something like like that needs to be so much stronger. Certainly Jill loathes Hilary for her past for being deviant between Cane and Lily and what not, but having a nice, strong, very attractive male figure right at the median age between Jill and Hilary who got involved with the two would definitely allude to Katherine and Jill. Hilary throwing herself to either Jack or Colin is just going to be asinine and embarrassing to watch. Hence I think the Sally-Stephanie route would work better with Jill always looking down on Hilary on the time while Hilary is pushing herself in Jill's business and even giving advice to Jill even if they share a man together both despise each other yet hold a grudging respect for each other and can come together for the holidays would be perfect. 
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  2. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    She was flawless in almost every scene and everything was on point! "Bordello for depressives" was perfect! I actually wish that Jill and Hillary would become frenemies or have a Stephanie Forrester-Sally Spectra type relationship because Hilary definitely needs a type of friend of sorts and going down the road of Stephanie and Sally would be perfect for Hilary and Jill. It would just take some time to due some intelligent writing! 
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  3. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: Character Returns Full Time   

    I thought the same thing too lol. She was alright her first couple of years but then when MAB out of the blue abruptly tried to push a Chloe/Chance/Heather/Ronan quad and then was paired with Kevin it was all over. 
    Early Chloe when she was obsessed with Cane and being nasty to Lily was fun. Chloe running around town mauling Adam with her car and obsessing about her "hazelnut" was not.   
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  4. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R: Character Returns Full Time   

    Damn I was hoping this was going to be Jess Walton after seeing her as Jill today. The last thing this show needs is for that sociopath to show up in town again, especially with Billy so far now removed anything to do with Chloe. I guess they really were desperate to find a reason to keep Kevin on, so we'll end up seeing her "hazelnut" drama play out.  *Vomits*
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  5. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    Kevin should be the next character on Y&R to die. 
    The scenes between Braeden and Hartley were powerful but the overall story remains very rancid and horrendous. 
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  6. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    This entire Victor story now certainly stinks like [!@#$%^&*] to high heaven! I don't even understand the beginning basics of it to say the least. I know Braeden has an ego he likes stoked, but Victor isn't even written as the tragic antihero anymore hasn't been in years. Victor is now evil, unsympathetic, manipulative, and very irritating to watch. If this is the way Braeden wants Victor to be then Braeden has got to have dementia because this is just impossible and implausible to watch. Victor torturing his love of his life and his children out of revenge is horrendous to watch. Only a nasty brain tumor(it's been hinted) or an a very evil doppelganger of Victor could get Victor out of this one. I suppose that when Y&R's series finale will air the last scene will be of a 90 year old Victor keeling over and yelling "Rosebud!" 
    Adam and Chelsea are now officially the most tortured couple in daytime history right ahead of Eden&Cruz and Luis&Sheridan. 
    Summer going to see Victor in jail and then begging for everyone to forgive him really, really, really makes me wish they had simply left her as really being Jack's daughter. 
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  7. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    There was a SOD blind item recently mentioning that "a beloved vet had been dropped from contract to recurring with no future appearances scheduled", I wonder now if that was about Bregman. I knew she had some intense personal drama recently but Bregman was on recurring status for several years beforehand. It's probably best Pratt hasn't written too much for either Lauren and Jill as they would end up being tainted too. 
    Victor and the doctor are putrid to watch. Braeden is 75 years old now his mojo days are wayyyy beyond him. 
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  8. soapfan770 added a post in a topic The 10 worst Y&R actors   

    Umm, this list was utterly pointless and had some strange choices on it. I mean I can understand a few them being quite mediocre and some of it the bad writing to blame. I also couldn't figure out if it was trying to name the worst actors right now or not. Certainly Morrow, Sullivan, and Goddard should be on the list, but NO "Ten Worst Y&R Actors" would be complete without Yvonne Zima being #1 on the list, 
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  9. soapfan770 added a post in a topic ATWT Alum Joins GH   

    I don't watch GH, never have, and I probably never will again from my "taste tests" over the years but seriously this male homosexual I am  who once fantasized about Henry and Mike Collier's Mike Kasnoff being in the ones in that infamous shower scene here was a very surprised to see Trent Dawson is currently married to a woman! 
    I wouldn't had usually replied, but I just had to defend both Trent Dawson and Grayson McCouch.  I never had a problem with Henry or Dawson and felt the Henry character was always entertaining although trying to tie him and his family to that stupid serial killer and then to him being James Stenbeck's son was way too far reaching. I'd rather watch Lucinda, Lisa, and Barbara fight over Henry than see Henry be with Katie or Vienna any minute. 
    As for McCouch although I never saw the original Dusty but after Brian Bloom showed his ass about his time on ATWT and also turned out be a bona fide diva even with voice acting I guess I grew to love Grayson McCouch as Dusty rather be opposed to it. He had great chemistry with Bryne and was fabulous with Jennifer Ferrin and  had something with KMH. I blame it more on the writing for Dusty moreso than on the acting; it's ironic fans preferred someone so very dismissive of ATWT who never successfully achieved fame as opposed to someone who achieved fame and had nothing but respect for ATWT. and soaps but I'm probably biased after meeting McCouch in person that I felt his Dusty was intergral part to ATWT and felt cheated we never got a Dusty and Lily 2.0 aside from teasings here and there. 
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  10. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Jensen Buchanan arrested for a DUI after causing a car crash   

    So bad lol, I thought about it but didn't go there. Although I liked her (and her Marley was quite good too) I never understood how Buchanan became a star diva of the show, even more so than Linda Dano and Victoria Wyndham. Judi Evans Luciano is even a bigger daytime name than Buchanan ever has been! 
    I also didn't realize she has zero acting credits between a guest appearance on Everwood in 2002 and Y&R in 2015. I know breaking contracts can make someone persona non grata(think Kim Basinger) but I had at least figured maybe she had some sort of career between the chaos behind her leaving ATWT and P&G even if I really hadn't seen her since. I just had been to lazy to actually look it up until now. 
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  11. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    That's a great question! Like I said they show dropped Noah, Marisa, and even doofus Kyle faster than a cat on a hot tin roof due to "lack of story" but still found they could work a Mariah/Kevin/Natalie triangle that nobody cares about? 
    I agree this sudden red herring of Adam "murdering" Constance is very, very stupid. What Victor faked and forged a diary of Sage just like Adam had helped Jack doing with Victor back in 2008? This story should be wrapping up yet we still have Sharon, about to confess, decide to keep on lying. That's some James E. Reilly fakeoutness crap there. Seriously, this entire Christian/Sully baby swap/paternity switch story is quite possibly a contender for the WORST story in Y&R's forty-three years history, right up with the Silver Chipmunk, Skye's volcano death, Brad vs. the Nazi's, and Daisy Carter. 
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  12. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    Actually a sleazy, drunken romp between Billy and Nikki does sound juicy and very scandalous(I'd better stop now), the idea of Jack and Victoria is beyond repulsive and would only end up with Victor screaming "I WILL CURSE YOU" and start off some type of gruesome revenge story worse than the Marco caper.
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  13. soapfan770 added a post in a topic DAYS: Villains from the past returning   

    Eh knowing how Days has operated this past year we'll probably get Jan Spears back before Shawn D and Belle exit. 
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  14. soapfan770 added a post in a topic Y&R May Discussion Thread   

    I think it was when Miller was on that Sarah Michelle Gellar show about the twin sisters when we got that ludicrous Billy in Myanmar story.  Of course the worst had to when Michael Graziadei waffled between Y&R and other shows and movies for three years while the character of Daniel did almost nothing but be paired in forgettable romances every three months. 
    Those Billy and Phyllis sex scenes were actually pretty amazing. Only thing missing was the right music for it(remember Nick and Grace or Diego and Sharon?) 
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  15. soapfan770 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Thanks I think I understand now, I'll assume its more similar to Dru and Malcolm high on cough syrup on Y&R than some Hogan Sheffer type of "Was it rape?" story. 
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