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  1. Why oh why does Noah always continually get horrible love interests? Well Marisa wasn't too bad and was much better with Luca, but really Tessa is just another incarnation of the whole Eden/Hunter/Adrianna model they have pushed on Noah with any of his love interests. The only thing she's got going for her is that she isn't the porn star cop Noah tried to marry a couple years ago.
  2. LOL! I was a big fan of JH's Adam and MCE's Chelsea and told so many that Adam and Chelsea's story should have neatly wrapped up last summer or at least dictated Chelsea's exit. However so many, including several posters on this board who are now clamoring for Chelsea to get lost or are asking why is she still on disagreed with me last summer by saying Chelsea still had purpose. Forgive me if I feel smug now especially after hearing some spoiler news lately. Look overall 2017 Y&R isn't great but at least however my head hasn't exploded like it did in 2015 and 2016 so far at least. But I am at the point of giving up of complaining about Y&R because I just want to attempt to enjoy while I still can. I just have an a very ominous vibe that our last beloved show won't be on too much longer.
  3. That would be a shocking full circle closure! It would never happen though realistically but would make sense since Kevin has never been fully redeemed. @DeeeDee @YRBB @YRfan23 I did think the original sinister version of Kevin was fascinating. The obsession with Lily, JT, and Colleen and then the creepy friendship he had with Lauren. There was a lot of potential and I had assumed that a redemption story would have left Kevin at the very least seen recurring in a psychiatric facility dealing with his issues after his prison beating for a long term arc. Of course that never happened as we had some idiotic botched staged elevator fight. It was the Smith regime, the same regime that had Paul raping Christine and the Christine getting engaged to Michael right afterward. No wonder Linden Ashby was bothered.
  4. The redemption story was originally interesting but ended up weak and ultimately even more self-destructive to the character which I agree with. However I mentioned 2009 because at least the character was still somewhat tolerable until we had that lovely scene in which Colleen told Gina that Kevin shouldn't be held accountable for his actions. In that, Kevin had become a complete massive sanctimonious hypocrite and his entire story with Chloe was unwatchable from day one.
  5. Kevin really has been a waste of space ever since the chipmunk mess and when Jana was killed off and then for him to become the male Cricket last year with Mariah, Natalie, and Chloe all wanting him was absurd. Pointless and expendable since 2009 really. Best of luck to Rikaart though.
  6. The Scott plot point was just terrible! Really stole a page out of the MAB/Sheffer/Hamner era for sure..."secret agent" you mean like how Ronan and Chance were or what Daniel became during their horrendous, catastrophic stolen art fiasco.
  7. The Dollar Bill crap was awful. I'm so sick of the Quinn mess and anytime that Bill is involved. I use to like Katie, now I'm at the point I never want her on screen again.
  8. In spite of the mundane. insipidness, and mediocrity of both Y&R and B&B I'm still trying savor them as I feel their end is near soon. 

  9. Been busy with a new position as a state investigator(more on that later...) but was just wondering what the overall feeling on current Y&R is under SSM. For me its a mixed bag and really does remind of the 2012-2014 era under first Griffin and then Altman/Passanante. It is ultimately more to the level of "mildly enjoyable banality"(and that is putting it nicely!) as far opposed to than "Damn, that's good TV!" I was glad the MCE and CH surprisingly saved the Chloe reveal from being a complete embarrassing debacle.
  10. Sony: "As a result of the writers' strike we have brought back previous fi-core writer Maria Arena Bell back to write the show in the meantime."
  11. I tried to argue this point that Chelsea should have departed with Adam back then because the story had been so tight that Chelsea would lose her entire purpose afterward. However so many on this board and others told me that I was being insensitive towards Egan and her career I couldn't win. Yet since the show has refused both Adam and Dylan recasts I do feel that choosing not to recast just complicates matters even worse especially when the show can't even produce viable stories in their absence. I can understand an Adam recast was going to be a rough one, but Dylan should have been stream-less. We're left with a throwaway scene that Pratt left that we think Adam is most likely still alive and with Dylan we know is in the witness protection program. Both stories are about as trashy as Skye's volcano death and it annoys me for both stories ignored a lot of already continuity between the characters. Whoever thought Chloe should come back should be fired.
  12. So did Iris.
  13. I remember when Brad tried to have Eric and Brooke randomly elope back in 2005 it was hilariously bad with Stephanie kicking Eric in the balls. I wouldn't put it past Brad to try it again, I'm surprised (or actually I shouldn't be surprised at all) that Brad didn't try to at least bring back Hunter Tylo for her own daughter's wedding. I guess the 2014 return was that bad? I don't think Tylo even shared scenes with Kaye's Ridge.
  14. Each time I look them up I am finding more and more gems there on Youtube in regards to ATWT and GL it's becoming astounding. I think Marcy did but she still had a huge crush on him and from what I've seen so far was was Elaine Princi's Miranda walking in the middle on Marcy(Thompson, not Breen) basically pouncing on Bob and with Miranda calling it quits to leave town with an ex fiance who of hers who was visiting her. Zsa Zsa would have been proud.
  15. So for something completely different I've tried watching what I have of the Bob/Marcy story but it is so embarrassingly bad but somehow funny in a cosmic, quirky sort of way. It reminds me a lot of Roger Moore and Lynn Holly Johnson in the 007 flick For Your Eyes Only which their scenes were meant for comedy. I think Bob and Marcy were meant for comedy but someone on the writing team at the same time took them too seriously.