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  1. Do guys think that Michelle Thomas' Callie would have possibly become a permanent fixture on Y&R for years to come? @[email protected]@deedee? I ask just because it was all so promising to start with. I thought Thomas' Callie was wonderful especially coming from a mainly comedy background and was shocked by her sudden passing. Unfortunately the recast and the storyline just really soured after Thomas' passing. By late '99/early '00 it seemed like someone just dug up a Paul story from circa 1983. crossed out Paul's name and just put Malcolm there instead when dealing with Trey, his goon, and a possible femme fatale. Yep in fact Jack was still hurt over the way things had ended when Phyllis had come back to town there. I wish Nelson's Phyllis had been able to stick around but I think Phyllis was temporarily sacrificed for the overhaul the show went through to develop a younger teen set. Of course once Stafford was available again there was no question in bringing Da Stafford© back.
  2. Oh, I had forgotten Olivia's return in 2008 to Y&R. I was so happy to see her back, yet only to see her prop the character utterly ridiculous character Tyra. So bad. After that her and Nate were so improperly used. Nate should have absolutely been "the doctor Leslie met online and had randomly married." Yeah, Nola's return was pretty bad. The first year I don't remember her doing much besides being a busybody to Vanessa and then busybodying into Michelle and J's relationship. The less said about the triangle with Jenna and Buzz the better. Quint's return was nothing to speak of, can't believe they even recast Tylo with Josh Taylor for a moment there! Both of Northrop's returns were bad. His entire 1991-1994 run seems almost pointless in retrospect(aside from the Sami stuff but still) and his 2005 return, all silliness(the only time it was entertaining was with that equally crazy Dr. Lois character in play) aside would have only worked if he was back to replace Josh Taylor in the role.
  3. Hmmm let me see here: ATWT: Anytime that Damian returned to town after being presumed dead in 1996. Also Rosanna's 2007 and 2009 returns. AW: What the heck was up with Cecile's return in '96? Same goes with Michael Hutchinson's return(although I never liked him to begin with). B&B: Sheila's 2003 and 2017 returns. Also I'd say Taylor's return from the dead did the character zero favors. Days: Anyone who returned in the September 2011 reboot. GL: Ben Reade's return. India and Alex's 1998-99 returns were a huge waste on GL. Ed's return in 2002 was squandered. Alan-Michael and Dylan's returns in 2005 and 2007 respectively were also both downright insulting. Y&R: Malcolm's returns except for 2014, Phillip III's return, Sheila's returns, Nina's return overall. I believe it was assumed that Tek had died in the car accident with Lexie but I can't even remember if the show ever actually referenced it or not to be honest. Yeah Billie's returns in 2002 and 2012 with Lisa Rinna were a joke. At least they had found something Julie Pinson's Billie to do.
  4. In this past decade it's hard to say, maybe Shemar Moore's guest stint on Y&R in 2014 just because it was enough to make things right again between Neil and Malcolm and also erase any memory of a certain other Malcolm... I had at least enjoyed the returns of Dinah on GL, Steve & Kayla on Days, Nina on Y&R, and Anna and Calliope on Days as well. However all these were somehow nuked by the time their return concluded.
  5. I'm so glad you we're able to recap this month in full @YRBB!!! Please keep on sharing! LOL I remember several years at another soap board a lot of "Da Stafford©" fans didn't believe me that Jack and Phyllis started while Nelson was in the role nor did they approved on any Sandra Nelson clips from Youtube available either. You know Y&R was excellent when you're only complaint is that Cricket is on too much. I always figured Bell didn't care but recognized it did appease fans enough when Phyllis called Christine "The Bug".
  6. WOW thank you so much for sharing the 1984 episodes!!!!!!! I absolutely loved watching them this morning here. Some fascinating things I noticed: -I wish both Julia and Liz had actually stuck around for the long term they both would have been viable assets even into the '90s and early '00s. I love that we're still at a point Julia can call out Victor's hypocrisy over his investigation of Jamie's paternity and he immediately backs off and smiles in agreement. In the case of Liz she would have been a good and medium talk to character for Jill, Katherine, etc. Wasn't Liz also acting as Victoria's nanny at the time too? Y&R really should have retained it's original matriarch (What, do you really think anyone would actually listen to or take seriously Mary Williams' advice over a cup of coffee and doughnuts?!!?) -I love the complexity of Jill's story as well. It's right before she nearly became Alexis 2.0 but I'm left wondering of her exact motives before throwing herself off the ladder. Did she not want the baby at all or was it just to cover-up her affair with Jack? Ironically nine years later Jill was but desperate to have another baby, especially in light of Phillip's death which I sympathized with. However here I can't recall her exact motive. I suppose Bell decided against doing another Mike Horton paternity story for Y&R? -I really like Jazz Jackson now and I really enjoyed seeing a friendship he had with Boobsie(the late Joy Garrett) that I had no idea about. I've always liked the Jackson brothers every time I have seen them, too bad Bell couldn't sustain story for them into the '90s. Obviously in retrospect they're Malcolm and Neil 1.0 but I find them both very likable and saddened their time on Y&R later became on the absurd side before being dropped. -LOL, loved Gina and Patty throwing shade about Lauren.
  7. It's been so long I almost even forgot Caroline was returning. Not sure why she is Thomas "true love" since 1. Didn't Thomas take advantage of her sort of like a Malcolm/Dru or original Nick/Grace situation and 2. Caroline and Thomas really had no involvement with each other too much after the baby reveal. In fact I recall Thomas was more interested in Sasha by that point. That whole story plus Katie's involvement was really, really dumb. Brad Bell's idiocy never fails to amaze me.
  8. About freaking time James and Sheila are reunited!!!!! See my tagline display, although this is probably going to be rough to watch. Buchanan wasn't all that on Days a few years ago either. James was written out if I recall after his relationship with Stephanie fizzled out in '99. He was reunited with Erica/Mary in 2002 and later came to do therapy for Brooke and Taylor in 2009/2010-ish there.
  9. She got stuck with an awful one-note villainess role on Passions for the longest. It was sad to see Marshall be given such a thnakless role.
  10. It may actually be going on seven years now! She was first hired by Adam to get him out being accused of Skye Lockhart's first initial murder investigation(before Skye's volcano death).
  11. I believe Linder's husband passing might be rather "too soon" to comment Esther being absent but this is also the same show that humiliated Patty Weaver while her husband, a legendary Y&R writer was dying. Forgot to add since it was mentioned about Neil and Abby lol but of couse Angell Conwell needs be back on contract. Conwell has been so loyal to this show for the last six years but the the show has always wasted her talents in the long run. This latest go around proves that Conwell can still viably fit into the show. Conwell should still be a leading actress for the show NOT getting the same treatment that Tatyana Ali got.
  12. Why are Kevin and Chloe still even getting airtime? Other than that, I've been frankly please with Y&R the past few weeks. Someone else mentioned there was a turnaround with the LA shoot and I really do agree. Plus Cane about to get what is coming to him is hopefully going to be great. I like Goddard being a villainous Cane so much more entertaining. I love Morgan and Hilary but the writing is always so wildly inconsistent with her. She has put this whole thing into motion but for her to have some type of "What Would Devon Do?" moment is a little extreme, even if she still has it with Devon. The less said about Devon and Mariah the better. Tessa is mildly interesting but still being paired up with Noah still feels so lost; please still see Eden/Hunter/Adrianna/Zoe/Pornhub Courtney/Marisa for Noah's graveyard of love of interests. Scott and Sharon have been refreshingly different, a little odd the show is still trying to push an Abby/Scott angle when their original potential was inexplicably ruined. Dina has been great with her return I've been really adoring it. The Abbott family drama has really been fascinating because finally, Billy aside it has gone back to family dynamic as opposed to being so business driven for the first time in a very long time.
  13. Thanks so much for sharing the 03/09/95 ep @YRfan23 I had even myself forgotten that Steve and Traci had popped up again, I don't remember them at all appearing in '95 as I had thought there was a gap in appearances between '94 and '96. Their material problems seem so minuscule compared to what Ashley was dealing with at the time lol. In hindsight I wonder why Steve and Traci never had/nor was given a kid of their own. This past Christmas it broke my heart when Traci was excited to see Billy's kids for Christmas yet in a perfect world we'd see Traci with her own grandkids, the offspring of J.T. and Colleen of course. Actually it was notorious of characters appearing in and out within an episode during this time period. A few years ago from the summer of '95 I remember one ep made it before being taken it had something bizarrely in reverse; Jack, Jill and Brad all appeared in the first half of the episode but did not even appear in the second half!! BTW it of course featured my favorite of the 1993-1995 opening sets, the Lauren open. Too many divas in one opening of course!
  14. While I can understand tension between Julius and Maya, please see my post about what the hell was going this past week on B&B. Worst of all is Zende, an adopted child himself, never even raised the possibility of adoption. To top this all off we're suppose to have Sheila lurking in the background? Another B&B PSA gone very very terribly wrong(ie Hope in a hot tub, Massimo's oil tanker OMG), but this time it's even got Melaswen(Days) and Skye in the volcano(Y&R) beat as worst soap opera story beat ever.
  15. Alright it is official in my thirty years of soap watching, whatever flew as the Avant family drama story this past week on B&B is the DUMBEST, MOST ASININE and IMPLAUSIBLE story I have ever seen on a soap. So dumb and nonsensical I can't even describe it words...