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  1. Hey, then Jack could offer Hilary a job at Jabot to be in charge of relaunching a men's line forcing Jill to counterattack with a men's line for Brash and Sassy.
  2. Oh dang lol I thought I was in the spoiler forum. The problem of having two tabs open at once.
  3. I was wondering if the show was going to actually recast Dylan as they did put out a casting call that sounded suspiciously like Dylan (although others said it was going to be Adam or even Chance coming back). That said, I wouldn't mind Dylan sticking around if a much stronger actor was in the role. I've never actually felt one way or another about Burton, who isn't terrible but is definitely bland.
  4. Well, here's our first non-Pratt month! From Soapdom: Christian suffers a major medical crisis under the care of an unaware Nick! The consequences may be enough for Nick, Sharon, and Dylan to come to a truce regarding visitation of the child. Dylan overall wishes for reconciliation with Sharon, but Sharon is pressed by Nikki for seperation! Michael is blind to the fact that Lauren is hiding from him that Fenmore's is in deep financial trouble! What will it mean for the couple as they celebrate their anniversary and can Fenmore's be saved from the brink of bankruptcy? Traci schemes to get the Abbott siblings reunited but seems to backfire every time she tries. Can she be persistent enough to reunite the Abbotts in time for Christmas? Devon has had enough of Hilary's indecent interviews for GC Buzz and fires her! It may be enough for Hilary to strike back with the threat of a nasty divorce ahead! Cane worries about his and Lily's future as his pains seem to worsen. Will Cane's ongoing affliction take him to a darker place? Phyllis, Victoria, and Chelsea all wonder about their future as a new year dawns upon them. Old acquaintance will not be forgot this holiday season!
  5. So I've been rewatching a lot of summer 1991 lately and just have to say: -I'm sorry Donna didn't get full revenge on Stacey, but at least it was enough to drive Stacey out of town. Unfortunately she'd end up coming over to Springfield the next year. I hadn't been a fan of Michael since late 1989 so I was happy to see him on the losing end too even if Donna didn't entirely get her way. -It was amazing to see Tom Eplin and Judi Evans have instant chemistry. The 7/22/91 episode where Jake tried to propose to Paulina in front of Rachel, Sam, Amanda, and Jamie was hilarious. -Speaking of which, Amanda/Sam 3.0/Olivia was tiresome and by September Dennis Wheeler had been thrown into the mix for heaven knows why. At least we had Carl stalking Amanda which made it somewhat interesting. -I skip over a lot of the Taylor Benson mess as I didn't like the conclusion of the story-line at all. Same with Cass/Kathleen getting jealous of Frankie/Ryan. Really? -Iris is so criminally underused and underdeveloped it's sad but at least Carmen Duncan can save the day on that.
  6. It's interesting to see that too. The Corringtons were having a success at the time too with SFT and it shows. Meanwhile ATWT and the NBC soaps were sinking pretty fast. Y&R would sputter in the ratings for a while after this with the show's expansion to an hour and time slot change plus the show being in a big transitional phase. The 1980-1981 lineup for CBS did damage to Y&R, ATWT, and SFT as they faced onslaught from ABC's domination.
  7. Thanks that's wonderful to see some hard data like that! I had wondered about that after seeing Y&R at #2 one week so close to #1AW in 1975 but would have not expected it to have been the infamous 1979 but I should have known since Y&R's dime novels in the late '80s featured the Suzanne Lynch story. Unfortunately other than reading the dime novels and listening to audio recordings I have yet to visually see some of those stories, although I'd LOVE to see the scene where an alive and Katherine smashed into the terrace in front of a terrified Jill during a thunderstorm.
  8. I was a fan of Diego Serrano from his AW and liked him on Y&R until he got shafted for the Charmed castoff Greg Vaughan got the part(I didn't mind Vaughan later on Days but still). Still can't believe that MAB wasted and humiliated Raul's character in 2009 either for a Billy/Mac pairing that went nowhere.
  9. I remember it use to be real nice to catch up on the soaps online when CBS first started doing it but now there seems to be more ads on their now than commercials on TV.
  10. Rewatching Sunset Beach from start to finish I'm wondering why it seems so much better now than I remember. 

    1. JellicleCat


      Maybe it's because now you're comparing it to the current shows, which, at the moment, are far worse than Sunset Beach ever was.

    2. beebs


      Exactly. Our standards are just that much lower now. Haha.

    3. soapfan770


      Well even at the time I thought Sunset Beach was at least fun to watch as opposed to watching my beloved ATWT and GL have some pretty insufferable days. 

  11. Did Y&R ever hit #1 in the 70s?
  12. Thanks! I may rewatch just to see Justin Hartley and Lee Phillip Bell again but overall I found it to be a horrendous episode. I have to believe that was a major error on the part of TPTB. The show should have gone ahead and recast Adam. While Nick was helping out Chelsea with Connor Adam could have smelled and passed out from a gas leak and the house explodes but Chloe arrives lets go of her differences and saves Adam but he needs plastic surgery. Adam gets off when the guard exonerates him(like he did in October) and Chloe has a fresh start. Boom! Adam being around would have made the Christian reveal a whole lot more interesting as he could have spoke up for Sharon while arguing with Chelsea over whether or not to reveal he was the real father. Heck even if they were trying to wait to see what happened with Hartley at least the could have sent him to a Buddhist monastery to find peace or something. Instead we have Adam alive but presumed dead while Chloe remains a sociopath snake in the grass as Chelsea and Victor continuing to keep secrets. Thanks for nothing Pratt!
  13. The weird thing about Susan Walters was Y&R brought her back in 2010 right after Jack and Patty/Emily's wedding and brought Kyle along for a surprise visit and a brief run in with Phyllis. Walters was clearly available yet later that year we ended up with West in the role at it was a huge disaster and disrespect to the regal character that Alex Donnelley had made Diane to be. Okay let me go out on a limb here and just blurt it out as I've been holding it in....Another favorite character of mine until an actress, who still kind of is a favorite of mine ruined it for me, and without being a recast: Hunter Tylo as Taylor on B&B. I blame mostly the writing but everything I saw of Taylor 2005-2014 just wasn't the Taylor I loved and rooted for 1990-2002. Yet Tylo easily fell into the camp in a very bad way and apparently dictated some stories herself(Phoebe's death).
  14. In actuality the play level of the rivalry was actually a lot more fair and Victor would actually lose. It started with Jack sleeping with Nikki and Victor in turn having an affair with Ashley. Jack wins by writing Ruthess. Victor wins and Jack loses when Victor does his takeover of Jabot. Jack wins when Victor loses Nikki to him. Victor wins Ashley back. Jack leaves Victor for dead. Jack loses his child. Victor loses all respect of the town and realizes everyone would rather have him stay dead. Victor but comes back and fires Jack but is eventually forced to rehire him back. The rivalry subsided as Victor was with Hope and Jack was reuniting with Luan by that point, I'd say it wasn't until the Alden years that Braeden probably voiced his ego to her since Bell had personally shut down the Braeden/Bergman feud himself. Hence why when I think of the 1994-early 1998 period of Y&R I think Danny, Phyllis, Christine, Paul, Neil, Dru, Malcolm, Olivia, Ryan, Nina, Cole, Victoria, Nick and Sharon as being the leaders of that time period as opposed to the usual stalwarts of Y&R reduced to supporting( Victor, Nikki, Jack, Jill) non-existent(Katherine, Lauren, John) or still leading just stuck with some bad stories/bad recast(Ashley).
  15. It's hard to pick a golden era for Y&R but if I had to pick an absolute golden, diamond or platinum age for Y&R it would definitely be 1986-1993 starting from Lauren being buried alive and Jill's shooting all the way up Victor's coming back from the dead. Those seven years certainly outshined Y&R 1973-1981 with a exceptions and saw Y&R reach unsubstantiated growth and so much memorable storylines are still etched in the minds of Y&R viewers to this day, even amongst with viewers who didn't get a chance to see them til later or just heard/read about them and fell in love with it. Yeah I was watching a 1991 episode where Jill, while gloating about going out on a date with John is seriously worried that Katherine is depressed and fears she might slip back to drinking again because she's been lonely(Rex having a night out on the town with Leanna) while Katherine putting up a nasty front was actually worried that Jill was setting herself up to fail with going too fast with John and didn't want Jill to suffer heartbreak over her fantasies. Granted the exchange wasn't nice at all but it was quite clear they cared about each other. I'd seen a 1984 episode where Brenda Dickson's Jill was absolutely horrified and sad to see Katherine drinking again but as Jill became a total bitch we ended up getting the classic scene of Dickson's Jill just asking as Katherine opened up the door "And what took you so long, polishing off another bottle?"