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  1. It's Pratt's last hurrah unfortunately at least as the spoilers fortell most of Pratt's mess mess wraps up next month thankfully. Remember when MAB did her last hurrah and brought back Daisy randomly as Sharon's roommate in Fairview after being killed off? Same situation with Natalie.
  2. Flo being in a Jill promo makes me wonder exactly how close did we ever get to a Ryan/Jill one night stand back then? Certainly Nina and Victoria were at each other's throats while Jill was the quiet snake. I'd rewatched Dec '95 awhile back where for a couple episodes Victoria was yammering about Ryan working "too close" to Jill, questioning Jill's intent and wondering if something was going on between to the two of them. Not to mention I feel it could have been easily intertwined with the buildup to Victor's shooting. The fallout would have been amazing, a missed opportunity perhaps?
  3. Thanks so much again @YRfan23!!!! Watching those Scott and Lauren dinner scenes made me wonder why Lauren settled for third place at the time(after Brad and Paul).
  4. I actually enjoyed some of the Carly/Caleb/Julie story that played out before Caleb and Julie were shipped out I was fairly sad when they were. 1995 was a pretty solid year for ATWT and I enjoyed right up until early '96 when the plane crash happened after that it went to hell literally.
  5. Has it been mentioned here yet that Anthony Addabbo passed away over the weekend? I remember being quite sexy on B&B and enjoyed him at GL as well. 

    1. Cheap21
    2. soapfan770


      Ah thanks I found it now! 

  6. The long suffering Connie has retired and now we have noxious Natalie randomly back as Victor's secretary? What foolery is this is mess?
  7. Thanks for the new 1993 episodes! Can't wait to get started watching them! BTW Jess Walton shared this pic on her Facebook of her and Michael Corbett apperantly both of them are still good friends to this day:
  8. Who was Laurie Heineman's Mary Jackson character? A young relative of David's first wife Betty Jackson?
  9. At least this is pretty much the last Pratt hurrah. After this reveal the show is pretty much a clean slate perfect for Sussman Morina and Alden's arrival.
  10. The show looks fantastic, now when does this Pratt nonsense finally come to an end? The show had completely waste it's young male cast it is definitely time to rebuild them. BTW does it get to 82 in Wisconsin in October? The TV weather forecast was a weird scene considering Mariah and Ashley's outfits! Abby and Stitch are zzzzzzz……not sure why we never got Luca and Abby.
  11. So looking at the prime time TV ratings for the last week is it just common TV shows can't get double digits anymore? Most of the shows would be in cancellation territory even a decade ago.

    1. Gray Bunny

      Gray Bunny

      It's amazing what the new normal is nowadays. Seeing shows on FOX under 2 million and still getting renewed. "Hit shows" only getting 7-8 million. Surprisingly, CBS's entire Friday night lineup cracked 10 million last week, proving yet again that golden aged peeps stay home on Friday nights. 

    2. soapfan770


      I was shocked to see the season premiere of How to Get Away with a Murder only a 5.15 and evety

      I was shocked to see How to Get Away with Murder only had a 5.15 yet its premiere was considered a reasonable success this after two years ago the series premiere garnered a 16. 

  12. They actually almost didn't. Esser was fired Latham but rehired by MAB.
  13. Latham idiotically fired him.
  14. Remember when it use to be exciting for ratings to come out? I just can't with Days' ratings I don't think I'd see the day they get worse ratings than Sunset Beach on a bad week....
  15. Thanks for doing this Jason! I remember doing one for CBS stations in 2006 for stations I had compiled with odd schedules I just might have to repost. Use to be very common for a lot of stations to air Days in the mornings back in the late 90s/early 00's out west but I see that's not the case anymore. KWWL use to air Days at 4. It was weird because they had Passions at 10am and didn't air Days til 4.