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  1. Photos from Nick & Sharon's wedding via The TV Watercooler: *React*
  2. CBS has released some photos of his return:
  3. Not sure how long this will stay up (due to copyright with the music), but here's the FINAL scene.
  4. Exit interview with Anick. She talks about being blindsided by her eviction, the Mean Girls clique and her Love Revolution:
  5. Glad you guys enjoyed the interview!
  6. Merry Christmas, Another World fans! Here's a new interview with Stephen Schnetzer: Discusses the cancellation (NBC/P&G's issues), Cass' friendship with Felicia, romance with Frankie.
  7. Okay no. Jen Lilley will not be playing Kirsten Storms' daughter. LOL
  8. Maybe they'll explain that Lucy had a psychotic break from 2001-2003 where she thought she was a vampire anything that happened to GH-related characters on PC during that time can be toyed around with. Ex: Karen can still be alive. Lucy/Kevin still together.
  9. MSN caught with them while they were in Toronto for Kate's high tea. Here's the interview with Kate: http://entertainment...nder-gives-back (Discusses her time on the soap, Jeanne naming Esther, they're doing a new cast photo) Christian/Liz/Jeff: http://entertainment...nd-jeff-branson (Christian on Josh/Jill, bullying story; Liz on Chilly, Chloe/Kevin and Jeff on leaving and not working as much with Tricia Cast)
  10. They discuss the regime change, throughts about MAB, JFP...
  11. UGH LOL I really hope Heather kills her and I hope everyone taunts that cartoon of an actress on Twitter. Follow/Unfollow that, homegirl.
  12. Blakemore was actually away filming the new Star Trek movie.
  13. New interview with Daniel Goddard (Cane) where he discusses the daytime soap genre, speculates if Cane's sister could be alive and why Cane/Lily are popular. Also a bit on the new opening credits (it's just an update, not really "new").
  14. Talks about her thoughts on Eileen Davidson's exit, her own exit last year, Bill Bell Sr., Victor/Sharon and the mess that is the Daytime Emmys.
  15. Looks like Fen could be pulled into the Daisy mess: