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  1. Maura West's Tweets Maura West @MauraWest·Aug 18 Replying to @PFossil Jean, you have created more magic in my life and career than I deserve. I'm eternally grateful.
  2. Its two seperate accounts and 2 different people..i have verified my info with Toups. We dont we celebrate how exciting it is to see what Shelly Altman can do at GH. Steve Burton has raved about the material. Shelly wrote for Steve at YR shes knows his strengths.
  3. Jerry and I are not the same person. Btw GH has very steady ratings. We have no clue what Shellys vision sans Jean will be. Give her time and she will do well.
  4. I trust our brilliant head writer our dear Shelly Altman. She knows what she is doing. Her stuff sans Jean starts airing in mid october.
  5. Um hes been here a month. Everything u think is stupid and bad. Maybe u shoukd quit watching soaps.
  6. Steve Burton was very expensive and cost them alot of money. More cuts will most likely happen. U guys keep dissing Hayley Erin who IMO has grown leaps and bounds in 2 and half years on GH. I loathed Kristen A in the role but love Hayley.
  7. He talks about the co head writer change, budig, devry and Steve Burton. ings and goings that will impact the show, and more. Here’s what Frank offered up: How do you feel about Jean Passanante’s decision to leave GH as co-head writer, and retire from writing soaps? Photo Credit: Paley Center For Media FRANK: I feel very, very sad. She sort of explained the circumstances of her life, and the timing for her was right. Her daughter is living in Europe, and she wants to be able to spend more time with her. Jean had worked hard for a really long time, and she wants to spend and have some time for herself. Being the head writer of a soap opera is an insanely demanding job. It’s never ending questions and headaches. You now have promoted Chris Van Etten to co-head writer. What are your thoughts on that move? FRANK: It’s exciting for me, because he used to be my assistant at One Life to Live, and he is very bright, and knows and loves the show. He has been watching GH since he was 12-years-old. He just gets it. He gets GH, which is really exciting. Do you think you have an interesting and intriguing creative balance between Shelly and Chris for the storylines moving forward on GH? FRANK: Shelly is the head writer, and Chris is the co-head, so Shelly is going to sort of take all the stories we have in place now and move them forward. Chris will be there to support and help, and figure out plot-driven stuff and general direction. Then, they will start to write their own stories moving forward. Oh hells yes Frank is paying respects to Jean. He was very sad to.see her leave. Love how he said Shelly is the head writer as this is her soap. Interesting to see what modern ideas Chris has with Shelly. Shelly is a total gem ready for takeoff.
  8. Khan u have no idea what ideas Shelly will bring on her own. U know shes worked 22 years in soaps to get to this point. She is more then qualified to take flight. Jean was the senior head writer so i am sure Shelly followed more of her lead. Now she had fresh ideas brewing from her brain with Chris who appeals to millenials. Honestly they can write GH like a netflix show. Its perfect idea to grab millenials. Shelly sure has the gusto for GH.
  9. .the casting on YR lately is so bad. Who is the casting director? DAYS has far superior castinv with Marnie Saitta.
  10. Great casting shes a very strong actress. Cant wait to see Shellys world come alive. She is so fabulous.
  11. Its no not me already been proven. Ill say this Soaps getting ready for Shelly GH. Ratings are up and her creative juices are flowing
  12. When.does Sally Suckman work ending? Its the worst crap i have ever seen in my life
  13. Mal might bring the show to modern touchs. Apparently Jamey said he pitched a 6 month story bible to CBS and they loved it. Its kind of nice we have a head writer who has a game plan and not just winging or making it up as they go along. Sally was a miserable failure. I just think Mal needs a co exec producer to assist him. Maria Bell actually produced her best stuff with Paul Rauch. When Rauch exited its when she went south.
  14. Jean is in europe now i think with her daughter lol. Shelly Altman is now giving all quotes in the new soap mags. Its official its Shellys soap and Shelly raved about Chris Van Etten saying shes known him since he was an intern at GH. Shelly claimed hes brilliant.
  15. How come my other posts today she didnt follow? Give me a break Toups knows my info. Why dont we talk about your dear Sally tanking YR? She will leave YR with under 4 million
  16. Yep a big reason why Sally is gone from YR. She had the lowest ratings of any head writer in 10 years. Shes been a complete total bore disaster. Pratt had 353000 more and at one point he was almost a million more. When Sally referenced the campy YR she was she referencing Pratt which got huge ratings. I am sure CBS talked to her about it. I hope Mal gives us great story. I think he needs a strong co exec producer. Why not Wendy Riche? GH this is so awesome that Jean/Shelly as a duo are going out on a high note. Wait until u see what Shelly Altman will do its going to be awesome. The cast just loves her spirit. DAYS at least it went up in ratings thank god the preemptions were gone. Hopefully when Ron has everyone comd back. I am liking the improvements. Marci Miller is the next Julianne Moore.
  17. No thats Ms Shelly Altman.
  18. Marci Miller and Billy Flynn have the best chemistry i have ever seen. I will say this right now a star is born in Marci Miller. She has the biggest potential for primetime/movies. The girl has star written all over her.
  19. Omg when Shelly Altman won best writing for YR when she was head writer. Its at the 33 minute mark. Its clear then her writing team adored her. Shes a Super Gem whats cool is IMO while i loved Jean i am sure she dictated alot of story considering her senority. Shelly can launch her brand of modern GH. She will appeal to millenials and thats the focus.
  20. Honestly Jean Passanante is retiring after 25 years and head writing six soaps. What soap was the high and the low of Jean Ps career? The highlight: Her current GH tenure imo has been her best. She came in with Shelly when GH was kind of a mess. She elevated it with character driven stories and riveting storytelling ala Morgans death. She also gave the underused NLG her best material in yons. GH is the only soap telling stories. Shes going out on a high. Her low: All My Children I think was her weakest show. Besides the Bianca coming out there were a few misfires in the Libdizone storyline and the Anna/Alex confusion. Also Gillian was killed off in a way that was controversial. It was clear AMC was not a fit for JP
  21. Juliexis has a huge fanbase. Only couple 50 plus that has major airtime and a big fanbase. Shelly knows how to write for older women she is a feminist in a sense.
  22. I already revealed to Toups where i lived through private messenger. I have already proven we are not the same person. Now lets get back to.whay this post was about cheering the best of Jean P iconic run in daytime.
  23. Nope Jean and Shelly in October will wrap a 2 year run. Since they took over for Ron they boosted ratings, got rid of camp, brought vets back and had the brilliant Morgans death sequence. It was most riveting writing we had seen since 90s. None of the show was decimated or destroyed. The cherry on top is GH won best soap for 2016. Jean has an open door by Frank and Nathan. Any time any place she is bored with retirement. The cast and crew just loved her. Thats smart of ABC they keep GH consistent.
  24. Shelly will do amazing things for GH. She has been in this biz for years. She has had 3 years now co head writing a soap. She is phenomonal is an understatement. Her entire writing team adores her. Chris Van Etten even stressed this is Shellys show i am here to assist.
  25. They had no previous posts until this time so what if someone changed their account name and hacked into it.