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  1. Honestly if i were DAYS i would go dark for 2 months if they strike. Reduce it from 6 to 4 months. Then if its a short strike come back. No need to have a ficore writer. Ron already has alot in the can.
  2. Oh no Jean and Shelly gone from GH thats bad news. Do u guys want Gary Tomlin?
  3. Paula Faris needs to exit after this season..she tanked in focus groups thats why she was demoted. On Fridays they should go with just 4 hosts like they would do when Barbara was gone. With ratings up i expect all five to return next season. That would be the first time in years the View would return with same panel unchanged.
  4. Isnt a slap to the WGA writers who are protesting and out of a job? I think fi core writers look selfish to me. They have no respect for their collegues and other workers.
  5. Kind of dissapointed that Kay Alden went fi core isnt that a complete disrepect to your fellow writers on the WGA. Jean is on the board at WGA and she is very staunch about WGA rights. Its important the actors get paid so much why not the writers.
  6. Soapsuds u are ridiculous with your b and b bashing. It makes millions in international.revenue..those ratings are still good higher then some other shows. Brad Bell has been there over 25 years hes not going anywhere. Oh Santa Barbata never had B and B ratings or was an international.smash.
  7. B&B has a huge international.audience. CBS makes big money off of it. Not going anywhere.
  8. Every week Sally/Mal are 500000 viewers less then JFP/Pratt. IMO JFP should be rehired at GH or YR
  9. Jean is very devoted member of WGA..she will never go fi core. Gary Tomlin will head write the show guaranteed or even Josh Griffith could as well.
  10. I dont see Ed Scott coming YR hes happy at B and B. How about Wendy Riche at the helm she is a huge fan of the show.
  11. I bet Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell will step in as GH head writers if a strike happens. Jean and Shelly would be temporaily out and that would suck for GH.
  12. I thought Sally didnt want Phyllis and Billy together. Something tells me someone up above knew the goldmine between those two.actors. Gina and Jason T chemistry is so hot u wonder if there is something going on behind the scenes. Even though u know they are both married in real life. The Villy reunion tanked so bad..i loathed every minute of it and now changed my tune on Amelia i cant stand her as Victoria.
  13. Shelly Altman would be Sallys perfect YR co head writer as knows history and wrote great stuff for YR..the delia death stuff was heartbreaking.
  14. It sucks we have 3 more months of Dena before Ron stuff appears. No wonder she was cut she is horrible.
  15. Thank god Gina and Jason have too much chemistry.
  16. Crazy how high JFP/Pratt ratings were. They had such high ratings.
  17. I honestly think Meg Bennett and Lorraine Broderick as co head writers for YR sounds great.
  18. CBS needs a new head writer ASAP. This show is lacking drama. They need JFP to return immediately she would pump the drama up.
  19. Bernie is not a loser. They were rigged and Hilary got those stupid debate questions. Hilary Clinton was a joke she still couldnt win.
  20. This Ravi crap is awful and poor Eileen is wasted. She is so needed back at days. Its a stupid situation what is this to be comedic writing. Sally is tanking and failing miserably. Worst 4 months in YR history.
  21. They are wasting Ginas talents as window dressing. Nick and Chelsea are another insta romance. Sally is stinking up the joint.
  22. Ugh u like Victoria and Billy insta romance it sucks. I loved phyllis and billy story. Now Gina Tognoni an emmy nominee is criminally wasted.
  23. Well Soapsuds has every right after 4 months to.critique YR. It has zero drama and storylines. Extremely dull and boring. JFP had 500000 to a 1 million more viewers with Pratt. Right now is also spring break so ratings are always lower levels.
  24. Daytime needs JFP to return as EP she knows the secret to high ratings.
  25. Chloe Laniar has major superstar potential. She will be in primetime.