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  1. I dont see JFP back at GH. She was far too expensive in her production . I dont think she could produce GH the way she would want on a smaller budget.
  2. Jamey Giddens responded to rumors about Chuck Pratt joining GH the rumors are not true. He said Shelly Altman has renewed her contract as GH head writer. Maybe ABC is maybe letting her fly solo at GH.
  3. Jill was offering Steve alot more money then Frank could. Steve wasnt cheap. U all can bash Frank but GH was supposed to be cancelled in 2012. It was on the plans to be done and Frank didnt have the dough to keep Steve from Jill. I guarantee had JFP still been at YR he would have renewed.
  4. Not true Chit at all. Burton was going to YR no matter what. JFP offered him a sweet deal at YR and he wanted to work with Jill again. Didnt matter what Frank threw in his face he was following Jill.
  5. How do u all think Shelly Altman would write a 2 Jasons storyline?
  6. Oh Soapsuds with the positivity. I think Budig is a good actress i just felt Hayden missed the mark a bit. Dont worry Budigs hubby is a multi.millionaire she will be fine.
  7. The thing about Jill is she can either be your best friend or be the biggest bitch u encountered. Michelle was friends with McDaniel they kept the door open and wouldnt recast. Then when Staff went to GH Jill pushed the recast thing she wanted to when Staff left. Jill thought Staff was overated.
  8. Listen Morgan was a great diva on the City and she is that diva Ron loves. Give her a chance. I think Ron tweaks are starting to show up. He did tweak last weeks of Denas material.
  9. Budig is too old for MacKenzie. An interesting fact she was offered YR after AMC ended and declined she waa living on east coast. Budigs hubby is loaded and used ro be an exec at abc
  10. I heard she and BM left on not horrible terms. She and Michelle Stafford thougg i heard that waa bad. Michelle hated Jill.
  11. I think JFP would be great at DAYS but more as a creative consultant. The best thing is she would bring her great ratings to show. CBS has lost a ton of money since they let her go as EP.
  12. I actually think Budig would be good as Victoria Newman. I am loathing Amelia victoria now. Whats interesting is Frank cut ties with Budigs character but he has kept Michelle Stafford Nina on for three years.
  13. We havent seen what she can do post Jean P. Maybe she has a list of fresh ideas for the show. We should give her an opportunity to see what she can do.
  14. Rebecca was very popular on AMC but the character of Greenlee was such a great one. Hayden was actually better concieved under Ron as a troublemaker sleeping with Nikolas..she had grear chemistry with TC.
  15. I think BM left on good terms with JFP. Stafford loves being on GH and loves Frank. I dont see them dropping Gina Tognoni as she just won the best actreaa emmy. If Michelle were available i see Ron trying to get her on DAYS he loves Michelle.
  16. Jean P best thing waa her Leo/Greenlee coupling she did
  17. I think this was in the works prior to Jeans retirement. Jean did retire as she is still there until August. Nathan Varni wished Jean a happy birthday. Shes beloved by cast and crew. I like Rebecca Budig but i feel.the character of Hayden has fizzled. Honestly i think its time for her to go. She doesnt fit in with Shellys contemporary plans for GH.
  18. Morgan is Rons diva and thats okay he loves a homage to 80s divas.
  19. Lets see what road Shelly Altman will take us. When she is heading the ship without jean it will allow her to explore. She has been co head writing for three years now. More experience has beeb gained she is a very smart women
  20. Well we can blame trump and more preemptions. Lets give faith to Shelly Altman at GH she will have some cutting edge plans for GH.
  21. I loved the scenes with Sonny and Carly its this kind of writing Jean does that i am going to miss this character driven storytelling. Jean reassured us on twitter that Shelly Altman isnt going anywhere and will continue to give us great stories. We are lucky to have Shelly helm the ship.
  22. Her ratings are terrible. Shes had lower ratings then the end of Maria Bell.
  23. I thought Sally was much better head writing at DAYS. She did the killing pool and Samis execution. She is just terrible and i agree its zero stories. The art of the umbrella storytelling is gone.
  24. This is what happens in Ron Carlivatis first show which is July 19. I am.really interested in what happens to Marlena. Putting Marlena as a focus is so smart. I just want a new head writer that lives up to hype. Sally was such a dud at YR that i am.hoping Ron has more success.
  25. Since JFP has been gone the casting has been awful. She always had an eye for good talent.