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  1. Honestly i loved the lightness and comedy. Reilly brought that to DAYS. The show was so dark and dismal under Griffith and Higley. DAYS is a larger then life show he can get away with this stuff with this show. Honestly always thought DAYS was perfect fit for him. Also i give props to Marci Miller she is going to be a big star. She reminds me of Jennifer Ferrin from ATWT. Anyone see the similarities between Marci and Ferrin?
  2. Oh wait u guys criticize Ron on one day and Sally Sussman has plunged YR to 10 year lows and stinking up the joint. Give me a break. Dena left this show in way worse condition then Pratt left YR.
  3. Ron just freaking started and u guys are complaining. Its a double standard i say Sally Sussman YR stinks to high heaven almost 8 months later and u guys get defensive. Lets give Ron a chance especially after Dena hell
  4. Oh god Cassadine. Its too bad YR cant use Shelly Altman.shes an.awesome co head writer but shes about to fly solo.
  5. I think these were Sallys highest numbers since she started. Honestly i think Sally needs a co head writer. Show is improved but better pace in stories.
  6. Well lets just say Ken didnt hire Carlivati. It was do or die here. Ron even mentioned this could have been a six week gig he was hired to write the ending of DAYS. He wants the show to be in great shape where NBC will want to renew it. GH was only supposed to be 6 month gig that was almost 6 years ago and now its lived on. Ron sputtered out last 6 months of GH. He actually said they were rocky times but he said he loved his time there. It will be interesting with Ron without Valentini under him. Ron said Sheri and Ryan Quan have been awesome. I am praying Ron saves DAYS. I mean anything would be better then what Higley did. She almost cancelled this show. Higley said she would never be back. Bye BITCH Btw Ron has a strong team at DAYS he has both the Cullitons, Lorraine Broderick and Fran Myers.
  7. Soapsuds instead of your daily negativity maybe lets say lets hope he can save DAYS
  8. Interesting Ron states DAYS was harder to write then GH or OLTL because its a show he didnt grow up with. He also stated in SOD that he was told GH was a six month job that would be it and it was cancelled. He never imagined it would have been three and half years. He said when he got hired at days it hadnt been renewed yet. I am.excited i think DAYS is a perfect fit for him. He also changed the deimos murder story. It was supposed to be revealed quickly under Dena. He decided to change the killer and prolong it and make it more exciting
  9. Victoria once Shelly flys solo the soap will be cutting edge in its delivery of stories
  10. I know but Nicolle Wallace has moved on successfully. U can see her on the today show and she has her own show on msnbc. She is doing very well. Paula they should drop her next season. If Whoopi isnt there on Fridays just have Joy, Sunny, Sara and Jed or i kind of like having a man every friday. Paula was a bad choice and dull. She tanked in focus groups.
  11. Michael reviewing 2000 ratings from Toups and OLTL hit number 1 demos. It was the number 1 soap in 18 to 49. No wonder she got the GH promotion. The woman knows how to spike those numbers up. This was the OLTL primetime episode 19 years ago. OMG this was so JFP to a tee. So much stuff going on when Rachel confessed to killing Georgie.
  12. We should all thank Shelly Altman for writing this tribute and making it happen.
  13. Cassadine i mean doesnt every network want to make big money and revenue. Thats the point of any business. Thats whats keep the shows on air. YR is tanking in viewers. Sally has had the lowest ratings in a decade even lower then MAB. Her contract will not be renewed.
  14. Sep 2-6, 1996 HH 1. Y&R 7.0/27 2. DAYS 5.8/20 3. AMC 4.9/18 4. B&B 4.8/17 5. GH 4.6/16 6. ATWT 4.1/16 7. OLTL 4.0/16 8. GL 3.5/13 9. AW 3.3/12 10. CITY 2.1/8 Women 18-49 1. DAYS 4.5/27 2. Y&R 4.1/27 2. AMC 4.1/27 4. GH 3.8/24 5. OLTL 3.4/22 6. AW 2.6/16 7. B&B 2.4/15 8. ATWT 2.2/15 9. GL 2.1/14 10. CITY 1.5/12 37 Sep 9-13, 1996 HH 1. Y&R 7.2/29 2. DAYS 6.0/22 3. AMC 4.9/18 4. GH 4.8/18 5. B&B 4.6/17 6. OLTL 4.3/17 7. ATWT 3.9/16 8. AW 3.5/14 9. GL 3.3/13 10. CITY 2.1/9 38 Sep 16-20, 1996 HH 1. Y&R 7.1/28 2. DAYS 5.9/21 3. AMC 5.0/18 4. GH 4.9/18 5. B&B 4.8/17 6. OLTL 4.4/17 7. ATWT 4.0/16 8. AW 3.4/13 8. GL 3.4/13 10. CITY 2.3/9 Women 18-49 1. DAYS 5.2/31 2. GH 4.4/29 2. AMC 4.4/27 4. Y&R 4.2/29 5. OLTL 3.9/26 6. AW 2.8/19 7. B&B 2.6/16 8. ATWT 2.3/15 9. GL 2.0/13 10. CITY 1.8/13 39 Sep 23-27, 1996 HH 1. Y&R 7.3/29 2. DAYS 5.9/21 3. B&B 4.8/18 4. AMC 4.7/18 4. GH 4.7/17 6. OLTL 4.2/17 6. ATWT 4.2/17 8. GL 3.7/14 9. AW 3.4/14 10. CITY 1.9/8 Women 18-49 1. DAYS 4.8/31 2. Y&R 4.2/30 3. GH 4.0/27 4. AMC 3.9/25 5. OLTL 3.5/24 6. AW 2.8/19 7. B&B 2.3/15 8. GL 2.2/15 9. ATWT 2.1/15 10. CITY 1.5/11 Toups credit goes to your 1996 ratings archive. Michael read this and weep my friend. JFP was killing GL in the demos. She also was beating ATWT and B&B. AW might have stayed on air if they allowed Jill to continue her NYPD blue vision. They wanted it to be Reilly part 2 and it flopped. God Jill is a ratings getter
  15. Oh dragon 8 years ago when ratings for everything was much higher. U are comparing numbers to pre hula, netflix and amazon. Sally will probably exit in September it makes sense. Her ratings have been the worst YR ratings in 10 years. As far as Frank exiting GH. I do know he signed a multi year contract last year. He won the emmy. The only way i see JFP returning is if Burton insisted on it