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  1. I dont see Sally McDonald being EP. When u have Wendy Riche a seasoned vet who loves YR it would be a good fit. Also maybe Lisa DaCazotte who used to be EP of Passions and DAYS. There are talented EPs out there. Mal has no vision is problem. The lighting was terrible and production values went down when JFP left. Any good dramatic moment under Mal was old JFP material. Maybe if Sally had a strong co head writer and a new EP the show would be a whole thought better.
  2. I totally agree about this. I honestly think a new exec producer is needed first at YR.
  3. K Ponds enjoy the show my prediction it dips under 4 million. Ready to hit record lows under salug
  4. Sally has made YR horribly dull, boring and a cure for insomnia. Her ratings are sinking. Rehire JFP she will goose the ratings back up. All is forgiven Jill.
  5. YR is sinking to new low under Mal/Sally. Remember how sky high Pratt/JFP were. Pratt is now showrunner of star that got renewed. JFP needs to be rehired ASAP shes probably laughing right now. She had 2 emmys and 9 year highs.
  6. YR should fire Sally and install Tracey Thomson as interim head writer.
  7. I am sorry Soapsuds but your DT defending. I liked him in the late 90s with Mac when he was young but he just was a terrible fit returning. He was on oltl in like 2004 and was dreadful. David Tom has been a one hit wonder. Jason Thompson was a huge leading star on GH. The Scrubs storyline was a mass supercouple. JT slipped into role very well and he is so damn good looking. Love his chemistry with Jess and he flat out sizzled with Gina. Sally is the worst writer she swept it under the rug. JT also much improved from Burgess who looked way too old for the part.
  8. David Tom was awful as Billy and looked awful in his return. Jason Thompson is much better looking and a way better actor. He sizzles with Gina Tognoni. Problem is this rushed Villy reunion is terrible. Amelia and Jason have no chemistry. She had great chemistry with Billy miller but this terrible rushed and stupid. Btw Gina Tognoni is very wasted right now. Sally give her better stuff then this crap.
  9. I bet Ken and Greg pushed Ron as helping save GH. This is nothing new for Ron and IMO DAYS is perfect show for him.
  10. This is awesome news and it has to do with Ron Carlivati being named head wtiter. Lets remember Ron came to GH really in 2012 to wrap up and he brought ratings gains. I read Ken Corday interview i think he was forced to fire Dena from NBC and Greg Meng. This is great news.
  11. John why were her ratings so much higher?
  12. Its becoming more and more clear that Mal Young has zero vision for YR and is not working. They need a seasoned vet at the helm of YR and I am thinking a Wendy Riche could help execute Sally/Kay vision better. My vote is Wendy Riche and shes a fan of the show.
  13. Steve Kent should rehire Jill Farren Phelps she had that knack for goosing ratings up. Honestly Sally is faltering but i am starting to think mal is a weak EP. Hes not doing anything to drive any story out of the hell did Sally have gall to diss Lynn Latham when her stuff is worse.
  14. Chelsea and Nick are horrible forced no chemistry. Another epic fail from SLUG Yuckman.
  15. Its funny if u hate the new YR u get bashed. Its the worst soap i have ever seen. Dreadful is an understatememt.