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  1. Maura West was absolutely sublime on Friday she will probably score another emmy win next year for this.
  2. Its time for YR to make a new head writer change. Sally has been onscreen almost 6 months and shes faltered.
  3. I will say this Ava/Morgan thing has dragged almost an entire year. Peoples biggest compliant about Jean P and Shelly is they drag stories forever. How would u all critique Jean and Shelly pace?
  4. Soapsuds u are really scatching Jean and Shelly. U know Frank also doesnt have the massive budget Wendy had jn the 90s.
  5. My favorite Nurses Ball was 1996. Wow i rewatched it and started bawling my eyes out. Lucy annoucing Jons passing to HIV, the Robin Speech and then Janis Ian singing When.Angels cry. Do u know this was written by Bob Guza? What was your favorite ball?
  6. Soapsuds so preffered Rons Nurses balls To Jean Ps?
  7. I thought James Patrick Stuart was incredible in his performance as Valentine. I loved his singing to Nina.
  8. I will say Jean P has gotten really mean to GH fans that have criticized her. Ron was more bitchy diva but Jean is like really mean and will delete u/block u.
  9. Interesting Jamey Giddens from DC called GH the best of the four soaps and said Jean/Shelly are actually writing stories. He loved Anna/Alex and said the show has been good.
  10. Some networks dont even pay attention to same day live ratings. It more live plus the DVR. I dont understand why JFP and other former daytime showrunners create a soap on netflix. It could be done in 40 minute 13 episode seasons and then binge watch.
  11. Wait Chit u actually liked Rons GH better?
  12. Soapsuds alot of people dont watch primetime live anymore. I hate to say Netflix is killing everyone. I know so many people that all they do is netflix.
  13. Toups the View is having its highest rated season in 3 years. Is it the Trump effect there?
  14. U know JFP passed Sally up in 2014 and people gave her crap. I am now starting to see Jill was right. I think Ron should be given a chance before DAYS is cancelled. Most likely NBC will probably end days next year pulling a miracle
  15. Why do u think viewers are fleeing from Jean P and Shellys GH? Its been two years almost.