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  1. Chloe Laniar has major superstar potential. She will be in primetime.
  2. I thought u loved Sallys YR Kman.
  3. GH is very steady ratings almost hit 1 demos for Jean and Shelly.
  4. Honestly Meg Bennett and Bob Guza would be better then Sally lol.
  5. The demo for YR is tanking. When will CBS ditch Sally?
  6. Lead actress category is sublime all were fantastic last year in their categories.
  7. I bet Thomson will show up on GH totally makes sense.
  8. Its becoming clearer and clearer that Sally Sussman is a total dissapointment nightmare for YR. Its ratings down 500000 viewers and just crashing. Nothing is happening, its dull, Ashley/Ravi are horrid and this Victoria crap is awful. Mal Young is a horrid EP with no vision. Pratt YR was nutso, crazy and alot happening but the ratings were stellar. He blew the roof off the show and everyday was pure excitement. CBS should do.whatever to get Pratt back at YR.
  9. Omg bring Chuck Pratt back to YR these are the lowest ratings YR has had since Maria Bell. Sally is stinking up the joint.
  10. Pratt is a master at goosing up ratings. Would be interested what he would do as exec producer of GH
  11. After one season Chuck Pratt will not return after one season of Star. It got renewed with a new showrunner. I wonder what Pratts next gig is? Could u see him returning to GH?
  12. If i were Frank and ABC u would give Kirsten one more chance but she has to completely sober ready to work and what they hired her for. I dont think ABC can tolerate it if she has one more slip up or relapse. They are a business and the expectation is not coming to work high on drugs. How many more chances can ABC give Kirsten to clean up her act?
  13. Poor Gina Tognoni a fantastic actress just wasted with crap. This whole show is worst thing i have ever seen in my life.
  14. Remember Sean Kanan came to work high on cocaine everyday in the 90s until he was fired. Sean has made ammends and is sober now. He said he was going to.die. i feel so sad actually for Kirsten. I watched these old DAYS episodes of early GH episodes and she was beyond adorable and had so much life in her. Its sad what the drugs are doing to her. If she doesnt stop she is going to die. Forget GH she needs to go to rehab for at least 6 months. Focus on sobriety and getting well. Is anyone kind of sad for her? I just dont know if GH can put up with it much longer i mean they have a business at end of day. Heres a pic of Kristen back like 2004 doesnt she look healthy and sober. Just so sad.
  15. I think she is on drugs. I have said this time and time again. It makes total sense she looks so skinny and then having to take more time off. Anyone agree with me that Kirsten has a drug problem? I really hope she gets well but GH is a business and i am actually for Molly Burnett being the new Maxie. I liked her.